Amityville: Mt Misery Road (2018) Movie Script

Old man with his
hair hanging down
For old John Brown
Came in and tried
to take the town
The first but not the
last to go to town
Screamin' freedom,
screamin' freedom
Gonna be breakin'
these chains
I am finally free, yeah
Freedom, screamin' freedom
And I'll never stop
Until I am free
Screamin' freedom
Screamin' freedom
Hey, Buzi.
BUZI: Yeah, babe?
Come here, check this out.
What's up?
Check these pictures out.
Aren't they wild?
Oh my god.
Oh my god, what's this?
They're orbs.
yeah, it's spooky.
Look at these little
things over here,
it looks like medallions
with spooky faces on it.
- They do.
They look like
a ghost, you know?
They look like spooky
faces, don't they?
BUZI: Yeah.
Look at this, look like
an ugly little person
inside that little circle.
They're orbs.
They're floating orbs.
They actually look like ghosts.
- They look like...
- God, look at that one.
- Look at that one.
- That's freaky, man.
They really look like ghosts.
Oh, there's so many of 'em,
there's thousands of 'em.
- Yeah.
- Look at that one, wow.
Where did you get them from?
Joey from Long Island
sent me these pictures,
I just got the letter today.
That's pretty scary.
I can't believe we are
going tomorrow, babe.
We're gonna be walking
around in these woods.
Oh my god, I don't
know, I don't know.
Hopefully we'll be able to
get some of these pictures.
I'm excited, I can't wait.
BUZI: I can't wait either.
Hold on, babe.
Hey, Mike.
How's it going?
I'm doing fine, I'm doing
fine, thanks for asking.
Yes, we're looking
forward to seeing you.
We're gonna be up on the 15th.
12 o'clock's a good time, Mike,
that's a perfect time for us.
I'm coming with my
girlfriend, Buzi.
Yes, Buzi's her name.
Yeah, she's looking
forward to meeting you.
The weather's
beautiful here today,
it's so sunny and awesome.
The Huntington Diner?
I'm sure we'll find it, Mike.
We have GPS, yes.
Perfect, perfect.
Yes, we look forward
to meeting you as well.
And I'll call you
when we get in.
Thanks, Mike,
thanks for calling.
Okay, okay.
Bye, bye for now, okay.
Thank you, Mike, bye bye.
Who was that, Babe?
That's that guy,
Mike Gallagher.
Oh, I remember, that's the
historian you told me about.
That's the dude that knows
all about Mount Misery Road.
Yeah, yeah, oh my
god, that's cool.
CHARLIE: I know, it's
very exciting, I can't wait.
So you set an appointment
for tomorrow, yeah?
CHARLIE: Yeah, we're gonna
have some lunch with him.
Yeah, that's
really cool, babe.
But why don't you
come over here?
I have so many articles
online that I found
and maybe you can
take a look at that?
It just looks like
it's one after another,
everything is
about Mount Misery.
- Look at that.
- Look at that.
Haunted road trip?
One of Long Island
creepiest places?
Oh my god.
And here?
Ghost, Crazy Mary?
Who is that, the woman in white?
- Look at this.
- Check this one out.
New York's dangerous
dead end road.
Oh shit, this is scary.
- Oh my god.
- What's this one?
Folklore, tales, legends,
Huntington's own spirits
that still roam the old hill.
Oh my god, that is a
lot of things over here.
Check that out, oh my
god, check these pictures.
Oh my god, that's spooky.
That's scary, babe.
That creature's what
was scary, though.
BUZI: Look at that.
- Look at this one.
Oh my god, that's creepy.
It looks like a beast,
like a black creature
with the red eyes
glowing, look at that.
That's the Mothman beast
that supposedly
lives in the woods.
BUZI: Oh my god, it's ugly.
Ugly motherfucker, oh my
god, it's creepy looking.
Oh my god, I'm so excited!
Look at those pictures
of this guy's eyes, man.
Look at this.
CHARLIE: Look at
those ugly red eyes.
Wow, it looks like, it
looks like it's gonna be
a lot of ghosts on
Mount Misery Road.
I don't want to run
into any of them.
Babe, you know
I'm gonna be filming
you in the woods
and me in the woods,
we're gonna be looking
at orbs and ghosts
and I'm gonna try to
document everything.
Yeah I know, I know, I know.
Are you up for that, or what?
Well, I let you do whatever
you want with your camera,
I know, it's okay.
You're gonna be my
little ghost hunter.
Are you ready for that, or what?
- I guess.
- It's gonna be a lot of fun.
I guess.
Hey, but you wanna
celebrate now?
You wanna go with me and
check out some lunch places
in town?
Yeah, why don't we go
have a drink somewhere?
Yeah, yeah, okay.
- Is that all right?
- Yes.
Give me a kiss.
I said shake
that booty, girl
You're shakin' your booty
Baby, shake your
booty for me
Shake that booty,
girl, shake that booty
Baby, shake that
booty for me
Shake that booty,
baby, shake your booty
Shake your booty,
shake it for me
Shake that booty, go
on, shake that booty
Shake that booty for me
I saw you on the stage
and on that floor
Dancing for me
Lookin' good,
dancing so sweet
You came off the stage
and you came over to me
And you held my hand
and you said to me
Oh baby, do you
like that thing
Oh shake that booty,
girl, shake your booty
Baby shake your booty for me
Ooh, shake that booty,
girl, shake your booty
Shake that booty for me
Shake that booty,
girl, shake your booty
Baby shake your booty for me
Baby, shake that booty,
girl, shake that booty
Shake that booty for me
Ooh, shake that booty,
baby, shake your booty
Baby shake that booty for me
Ooh, shake that booty,
oh shake that booty
Girl, shake that booty
Ooh, shake that
booty, yeah yeah
Ooh, shake that booty
Shake that, girl, shake that
Shake that, baby, for me
you're so sexy.
I love dancing for you, babe.
CHARLIE: I love when you
dance for me, it's awesome.
I know.
CHARLIE: Are you
excited that we're going
to Mount Misery Road tomorrow?
BUZI: So excited.
I'm so excited.
I can't wait for that.
CHARLIE: We're gonna
have a great time.
- Yeah.
- That's awesome.
You wanna sit down
and get some food?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's
have something, I'm hungry.
- I'm starving.
- All right.
So yeah, they have great
specials here, babe.
I come here many years ago,
it's the first time I've
been back here in a while.
They've got the shrimp
on Tuesday nights,
- they've got Monday night...
- Excuse me.
I didn't wanna be rude but
I thought I overheard you
talking about Mount Misery Road.
That's on Long Island,
that's where I'm from.
- Huntington.
- Really?
what a coincidence.
We're actually going
up there tomorrow.
We've been planning
our trip for months now
and we have this thing
about ghosts and orbs.
We're looking to see
if we can find some
in the woods over there
on Mount Misery Road.
- Why don't you sit down?
- Sure.
- I'm Charlie.
- I'm Curt.
CHARLIE: This is Buzi.
- Hi Buzi.
- Hi, hi Curt.
So, I'm interested,
what can you tell me
about Mount Misery Road?
Well, Mount Misery
Road got its name
from the settlers
that were trying to,
you know, take their
wagons up the slopes
and on the rocky road.
That's why they named
it Mount Misery Road.
- Interesting.
Tell me more.
There were rumors of
strange lights in the sky
and sightings in the sky also.
There's a sighting
of a hell hound
or a man beast creature
that roams those hills
with red, glowing eyes.
- You believe this, Buzi?
- Really.
Yeah, that's creepy.
definitely creepy.
CURT: Yeah, it is.
CHARLIE: What else, Curt?
Then, in the 1840s,
there was an asylum built
on the top of the hill
for the insane, they kept
the insane in the asylum
because that was the
only way they could
treat them back then.
There was a patient named Mary.
Somehow she started
a fire in her room
and the fire burned
down the asylum,
killing all the workers
and all the patients.
- No way!
- Yes.
crazy bitch, my god.
And then 10 years later,
they built another
asylum on the same spot.
But three months later after
that asylum was finished,
it burned to the ground also.
- You kidding me?
- No.
Not kidding.
CHARLIE: That's the
legend of that area?
That's the legend.
a coincidence, wow,
that's very fascinating.
And it's been said
that they can still
smell the burning building,
hear the screams of the
victims in the woods.
believe that, Buzi?
That's scary.
CURT: It is creepy.
CHARLIE: Go on, tell us more.
There has been many
instances of mutilated bodies
and slaughtered animals
found in those woods.
The local residents
think that it's the work
of the man beast,
the hell hound that roams
those woods to this day.
CHARLIE: That beast with
those red, glowing eyes?
Red, glowing eyes.
babe, that's the beast
- that we saw on that computer.
- Ew.
CHARLIE: My god,
that thing's ugly.
So that thing's still in
the woods, you think, today?
That's what they say.
CHARLIE: Really,
how do you know this?
Well, I read the
reports about this
when I researched
Mount Misery Road.
And that was mentioned about
the man beast creature,
the hell hound.
Well, from all
that I've told you,
my suggestion would be to stay
away from Mount Misery Road.
It's considered one of the
most haunted places in America.
There's been people that
have gone into the woods
and that they never
saw them again.
My god.
CHARLIE: You know, we're
going up there tomorrow
and we're really, really
excited about this trip.
With all the shit
that's been going on there
that I've told you about,
the white lady with the robe
and the mutilated bodies
and the slaughtered animals,
it's not a safe place.
You have no business
going there.
What are you going there for?
The reason why
we're going up there
is that we are
ghost enthusiasts.
We like going to haunted places
to see if we can
find orbs and ghosts.
We like ghosts.
Well, I'm warning you, stay
away from Mount Misery Road.
That land is cursed.
You and your girlfriend
can go into those woods
and never be seen again.
It's haunted.
Why would you and
your girlfriend
wanna be in there?
Okay, Curt, I really appreciate
what you're telling us.
You know, we've been
planning this trip for months
and it's taken us a
while to get this trip
and the money together to do it.
So, you know, we're even
meeting with a local historian
named Mike Gallagher, the
guy's well known in that area.
We've already confirmed the
appointment, he called us today.
So we can't back out now.
There's just too much
time invested in this,
too much money invested in this.
We're gonna go.
We're looking forward
to seeing if we can find
some orbs and, you know,
ghosts in the woods.
I can't wait either.
She's excited, I'm excited.
So we're really
not gonna back out.
We're not gonna cancel our trip.
You should listen
to what I'm saying,
to stay away from there.
You don't need to go there
because it's a
very haunted place.
I'm warning you, stay away
from Mount Misery Road.
That's cursed land.
You and your girlfriend could
go up there to those woods
and go in and never
be seen again.
So I would say stay away.
Stay away from
Mount Misery Road.
You have no business
being there.
It's cursed land.
Hey, babe.
Hey, babe.
Hey, babe, what
do you think about
that guy in the bar tonight?
Was he for real?
Trying to scare
us and spook us.
Before we even went
into those woods.
He actually pissed me off.
Telling us that land is cursed.
He's full of shit!
Yeah, that fool was drunk.
I think he was out of his mind.
And I think he wanted
to scare us on purpose
and make us paranoid
so we cancel our trip.
Why, are you scared, baby?
- Are you scared?
- No.
Are you sure?
I'm not scared.
Actually, I can't wait to
go in those woods tomorrow,
babe, and see some ghosts.
Me too, we're gonna
have a great time.
Babe, let's go to bed now.
It's getting late.
All right.
We have a busy day tomorrow.
We gotta get up early.
I know.
Sounds good.
CHARLIE: Morning, babe.
BUZI: Hey.
Oh, my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Yes, my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Oh my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Yeah, everybody knows
what your name is, yeah
I was walking the streets
I had a feeling
that we had to meet
You turned around to say hi
That's when I knew
I was your guy, yeah
Oh my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Yes, my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Ooh, my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Yeah, everybody knows
what your name is
Everybody knows
what your name is
You're my Buzi
Buzi has a nice booty
My Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Yeah, my Buzi girl
Buzi has a nice booty
Yeah, everybody knows
what your name is
Everybody knows
what your name is
Everybody knows
what your name is
Everybody knows
what your name is
Yeah, my Buzi girl
Oh, my Buzi girl
Ooh, my Buzi girl
Everybody knows
what your name is
Yeah, yeah, everybody
knows what your name is
Yeah, everybody knows
what your name is
Yeah, everybody knows
what your name is
Yeah, everybody knows
what your name is
Everybody knows
- Buzi?
- What?
Oh my god, what a
night on the planes.
All those delayed flights to
get to to here, to New York.
Oh my god.
BUZI: Hey.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
CHARLIE: Good morning, Buzi.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Are you filming me?
We have a beautiful day today.
Mount Misery Road, here we come.
Oh, yeah, today, oh my god.
- Are you excited?
- I'm so excited!
I can't wait.
I can't wait.
CHARLIE: So why don't
you get up and take a shower
so we can get ready?
Yeah, yeah, I better get up.
CHARLIE: Buzi, you ready?
In a minute, babe.
Babe, you know, I was thinking
what you told me yesterday,
that you're gonna film me?
And the whole trip.
And I think I decided that
I'm gonna assist in that.
And I'm gonna be our
new ghost hunter.
CHARLIE: Really?
That's awesome, babe.
It's gonna be so exciting.
Let's go.
Great weather, right?
CHARLIE: It's amazing.
Hey, babe?
CHARLIE: Yeah, Buzi?
I'm so excited, I can't wait
to meet that historian guy
that you told me about.
Like, it's gonna
be great meeting.
Mike is a great guy,
very knowledgeable about
the Mount Misery Road area.
- Yeah.
- He's a great historian
and he's gonna probably
educate us a lot today.
We're gonna have so
much fun, oh my god.
CHARLIE: I know, it's gonna
be awesome, I can't wait.
BUZI: Let's go.
Mike, I'm Charlie.
Hey, how you doing?
This is my girlfriend, Buzi.
BUZI: Hey.
And I just want you to know,
it's freezing outside,
very cold up here.
We just came in from
Florida, as you know,
and I just want to thank
you for meeting us.
And I came up to see if
I could pick your brain
apart a little bit about
a book that you did
back in the 80s about
Mount Misery Road.
You can ask me a few questions
but I'm gonna tell
you right off the bat
that I don't do these
interviews anymore.
The only reason I
came here today,
I just felt responsible
to tell you that you
need to stay away.
This is an incredibly
dangerous place.
There have been people
who've disappeared,
probably died in those
woods over the last,
And I,
I just feel you should
just find another place
to take your vacation.
We were going to go
there during the day
and basically see if we
could find some orbs.
Some pictures of
maybe some ghosts.
I heard that the Mothman's
in there, jumping from trees.
There's been sightings
of this Mothman.
In your book you've
written about the asylum
and we're trying to see if we
can find the foundation there
of the old asylum.
Maybe we can see Mary
floating through the woods
during the day.
Do you know how many
times I've talked to people
about these things
over the years?
Seriously, you are
wasting my time
getting me up here on a
freezing Saturday morning.
These things,
whether they exist or not,
I don't know.
I've spent decades of my
life chasing these things,
these things you're
talking about,
these moth men and Mary.
There are all kinds of accounts.
The only thing, the only
thing that's factual is
a statistically high
number of people
have died or disappeared, I
don't even know if they've died,
I just know they're gone.
I'm here to tell you that I
wanna wash my hands of this,
I don't wanna talk to
people about this anymore,
I don't wanna draw
people to this area.
I don't want any
more people to die.
Okay, Mike, I really appreciate
what you're telling us
and I really respect that.
I was curious about the
asylum, Mary in the woods,
the old asylum that
burned down many years.
We've heard stories
of a hell hound
with these red, glowing eyes
that lives in the woods.
Just don't go
into those woods.
what you're saying,
it's a very dangerous
place to go.
It's extremely
dangerous, in my opinion,
extremely dangerous.
You have to be a
certain level of stupid
to walk in there at this point,
after everything I've told you.
Don't do it.
CHARLIE: What can happen
if we go in there at night?
You never know
who's gonna come after you.
Oh, it's cold out there.
BUZI: Yeah.
So what are you thinking?
I don't know, he
was very negative
on us going down
to Mount Misery.
BUZI: I know.
That wasn't really
a good meeting,
I thought it was
gonna be better.
BUZI: I know, it's
kind of scary, I mean,
I don't feel good
about it any more.
What are we doing?
Well, we came all
the way from Florida,
so we might as well go down
there and check it out.
We're here.
BUZI: Are you sure?
Yeah, I think we should do it,
we came all the way
from Florida to do this
so let's make it happen.
BUZI: All right,
all right then.
Well, I wanna see
some ghosts anyway.
what we came here for.
Babe, as we drive
through these woods...
You know this is the highest
point on Long Island?
And all these houses that are
built by these people today,
these houses are basically
built on cursed land
and the people probably
don't even know it.
Somewhere around here
is this old inn.
This is it.
Wow, I can't
believe we found it.
This place looks spooky.
Look at the windows,
they're very creepy looking.
Wow, this place looks
very, very spooky.
I read about this story though
about these two children,
supposedly they went missing
and the townspeople
would actually come here
and sit around the fireplace,
talking how they're
gonna have a search
to find these children.
As the weeks went by,
they went searching
through the woods over here
at Mount Misery
and they finally
found the children,
they found them mutilated,
body parts scattered all
throughout the hills.
They actually buried the
kids in the old cemetery
downtown on Main
Street in Huntington.
Wow, look at the windows.
If they could only speak.
This is the back to
Mount Misery Road.
There's an old timer on a horse.
BUZI: I see that.
Wow, that's cool.
that cool, Buzi?
BUZI: That's very cool.
- Hey, Charlie.
- Hey, Buzi.
- Hey, babe.
- You believe that we're here?
- I can't believe we are here.
- Mount Misery Road,
I can't believe we're here.
BUZI: So we gonna search
for this mental hospital today?
CHARLIE: Yes, we're
gonna try to find
the house, hospital,
that was built
in the 1700s for
the crazy, insane.
BUZI: That's gonna
be adventure today.
CHARLIE: Yeah, we're
gonna get through the woods
and see if we can get a
chance to see the old asylum.
See if we can find
the foundation.
BUZI: Wow, this
is Mount Misery?
Yeah, this is where
the road starts.
Right over here
is where the road
starts where the wooded areas,
past this tree over here.
BUZI: Yeah?
Babe, this is the
Mount Misery Road
that we finally came to.
- I know, babe.
- We finally are here!
I'm blown away.
From Florida to New
York to Long Island
to Mount Misery Road,
we've been waiting
for this for months.
You know, Mothman has
been seen in these woods,
during the day,
Mothman has been seen,
there's been sightings.
People that were just
walking their dogs
had seen Mothman
jumping from trees.
Just amazing.
So hopefully today
we'll get a chance
to see if we can see Mothman.
And at night, people
have seen the hell hound.
People have found that dog,
they had seen that dog
with those glowing eyes.
It's just amazing
that we're here.
So today what we're
gonna do, babe,
is we're gonna see if
we can find the asylum.
We're gonna see if we can
find the old remnants,
the old foundation
and see if we can
see where it was.
Supposedly there's Mary
in the woods somewhere.
BUZI: Well, I
don't wanna see that.
Ah, that would be great
if we finally see her,
that would be awesome.
- No.
- Are you sure?
- No, I don't wanna see that.
- Come on!
It'll be fun, we're gonna
take a lot of pictures today
- and we're gonna see...
- That's crazy.
Get a chance to
see some ghosts
and maybe later
when it gets dark
we'll see if we
can find some orbs.
- You're crazy.
- Come on, babe, let's go.
There's snow here.
Oh my god.
Can you believe that?
CHARLIE: Wow, we don't have
snow like this in Florida.
No, we don't, no.
Oh my god, that's pretty cool.
CHARLIE: I've never
seen snow, it's amazing.
No, I've seen snow.
But it's really cold.
CHARLIE: Okay, so let's see
if we can find the remnants
of the asylum.
Been a lot of sightings
around here and everything.
BUZI: That's haunted.
believe this, we're here.
We came all the way from
Florida to see this.
Wow, this is the
top of the mountain.
- This is it.
- Wow.
It's amazing.
Oh my god, I'm so happy.
It seems like there's
nobody but us here.
CHARLIE: I know,
the place looks empty.
I guess we're the
only people here.
BUZI: Yeah, there is not
even one person walking.
Babe, give me the camera,
I want to film you now.
check that ravine out.
BUZI: Oh my god.
this out over here.
Look at this.
BUZI: Oh my
god, it goes down.
CHARLIE: This is why they
call it Mount Misery Road,
look at this ravine.
BUZI: Wow.
get a wagon train
coming up this valley
here, forget it.
- That's spooky.
- It's very spooky.
- Hey babe.
- Hey Buzi.
- Hey babe.
- Hey babe.
- Hey.
- Cold.
- I know!
- It's cold here today.
BUZI: I know, I know.
CHARLIE: Let's go up this
road over here, babe, come on.
BUZI: Oh my god, babe, look!
CHARLIE: Look, a cross.
BUZI: Oh shit!
Wow, a black
cross in the woods.
BUZI: Oh shit, oh my god.
That's creepy.
definitely creepy, man.
Maybe that's a warning?
BUZI: That's creepy.
- Let's get outta here, babe.
- Okay.
Babe, babe, come
here, come here!
Babe, come over here, oh my god.
Look at this.
- What is that?
- Wow.
BUZI: Oh my
god, what is that?
Is this a part of that
hospital, you think?
CHARLIE: Yes, it could
be part of the asylum.
- Yes.
- Like one of the posts.
- The wood posts.
- Look here!
- Look here.
- It's amazing.
BUZI: It's all,
like, you know?
CHARLIE: Oh, it's
cool that you found that.
Wow, yeah.
Let's go find some more stuff.
Come on, babe.
CHARLIE: I'm right
behind you, Buzi.
Buzi, it's gotta be
here in these woods.
BUZI: Yeah, I know.
Because we were walking
for like two hours
by now and nothing.
CHARLIE: The maps
say it's in this area.
I can't believe
we can't find it.
BUZI: I hope we're
gonna find something today.
CHARLIE: It's gotta
be around here somewhere.
- Be careful!
- Yeah.
Oh my god, babe, what's this?
Do you see this?
Holy shit.
CHARLIE: Whoa whoa, that
looks like an outcropping
of foundation stones.
BUZI: Wow!
CHARLIE: Oh my god.
BUZI: Oh my god.
Oh my god, look at that!
CHARLIE: It looks like it
could be pieces of the asylum.
Oh my god.
That's the foundation
of the hospital.
I'm sure!
Oh wow!
That's so cool!
CHARLIE: That's gotta
be pieces of the asylum.
Wow, god.
It looks like the
foundation of the hospital.
CHARLIE: You know, that's
exactly what I think it is.
- It's gotta be.
- Look at that over there!
CHARLIE: Look, there's
more of it over there.
BUZI: Oh my
god, let's go look.
CHARLIE: It looks like the
front entrance of something.
It was here.
Look at this.
Look, it looks like a,
like a burn.
Is there some markings?
CHARLIE: There's a
marking over there as well.
BUZI: Yes.
- In the cement.
- Here?
BUZI: Look, look, I'm
sure it means something.
can't believe this.
That's amazing.
BUZI: What is that,
is that dirt or a burn?
like it's burnt.
BUZI: It's burned, right?
- Huh.
- Wow.
That's awesome, babe!
CHARLIE: That looks
like a burnt mark.
BUZI: This is what we were
looking for all this time.
CHARLIE: Let's see
what else we can find.
BUZI: Okay.
Babe, I'm getting tired.
Do you have reception
on your phone?
CHARLIE: No, the
reception doesn't work here.
I just checked it a second
ago and it doesn't work.
BUZI: Shit.
I hope you know the way back.
I don't wanna get lost.
CHARLIE: Well, I'm
sure we'll be able
to get outta here somehow.
Hey, Charlie?
CHARLIE: Yeah, Buzi?
Can I ask you something?
CHARLIE: Yeah, what's up?
I have a question
because I heard
that in these woods, you know,
when there was a fire in
that hospital building?
There was some woman and
she was really depressed
and obsessed and I don't know
what's going on
with that woman but
do you know anything about it?
Like what was her
name, anything?
her name was Mary.
- Mary was the psycho.
- Okay.
was the crazy girl,
supposedly, that she burned
all the people in the hospital.
- Oh my god.
- 25 patients burned with her,
or supposedly she got
out and she survived.
But the whole thing
behind Mount Misery
is that she is seen
in the woods, walking.
- This is from, you know...
- No!
CHARLIE: Two, three
hundred years ago.
She's seen in the
woods still walking?
CHARLIE: Supposedly she
wears a white hospital robe.
- And she has this...
- Oh my god.
CHARLIE: Ghostly appearance
and she hovers or
lurks in the woods.
Are you serious?
- Oh my god.
- And there's been screams
and howls and moans
from other patients
that walk the woods
and supposedly...
- Oh my god.
- People have seen them
- around the area here.
- I can't hear it anymore.
Are you serious about it?
She's like walking around
like that, like a ghost,
like a real ghost?
Oh my god, I wanna
get out of here, babe.
I mean, let's get out of here.
I'm really,
I'm really scared.
CHARLIE: I've gotta remember
where we are though, first.
I don't know where we are.
I don't know, let's
just go, let's just go.
CHARLIE: All right,
hold, all right?
We've gotta get our
bearings straight here
because I don't
know where we are,
we're gonna get lost now.
We're deep into the woods here.
Walk behind me, okay?
CHARLIE: I don't
know if we're going
the right way though, babe.
I think, this doesn't
look familiar.
Let's go.
Babe, come on.
CHARLIE: Slow down,
where are you going?
Come on, let's go, let's
go, I wanna get out of here.
- Let's go.
- Everything's okay.
Babe, hurry up,
Charlie, come on!
CHARLIE: Buzi, relax.
BUZI: I don't want
to be here anymore.
CHARLIE: I think
we're getting lost
but I think, let's see if
we can find our way back.
Walk behind me, okay?
- I'm following you.
- Okay.
Don't leave me here.
Hey, babe?
- Babe?
- Yeah, babe, what's up?
I need to go to the bathroom.
- No, really?
- Yes!
I'm gonna see you in
like five minutes.
CHARLIE: All right,
I'll just stay here.
I'm gonna look around
with the camera.
- All right, okay.
- And just see around,
- take a look.
- Okay.
CHARLIE: Just try to go
behind the tree over there
- if you can.
- Okay, I will.
CHARLIE: All right,
I'll be right here.
BUZI: Okay.
is just amazing.
I feel like somebody's
looking at me, watching me.
Why am I getting this feeling?
What's going on here?
Something's happening.
The woods, something's
going on in these woods.
Let me see what's
happening over here.
Just so weird.
Hey, babe, where are you?
Charlie, where are you?
Charlie, come on.
Come on, stop playing games.
Charlie, where are you?
Oh my god!
Oh my god, where are you?
You said you're not
gonna leave me here.
Oh my god.
What am I gonna do right now?
Oh my god.
Okay, okay, I'm gonna
get it together.
Calm down, okay, calm down.
Calm down, it's gonna be okay.
We're just gonna go
through these woods.
Okay, I'm gonna just go and
it's gonna be all right.
I'll find a way out.
Okay, okay, let's go.
Okay, I'm going.
Oh my god!
Oh god.
Oh god.
It's okay.
Ah, shit!
Okay, I'm gonna go this way.
Where did you go?
Anybody here?
Oh god.
Where'd he go?
He didn't go somewhere far.
He must be somewhere here.
What am I gonna do now?
What am I gonna do now?
I don't even know
where to go, fuck.
It's okay, that
was just the wind.
It was just the wind.
I can't walk like that anymore.
I wanna be home, I
just wanna go home.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Okay, okay.
Where's that fucking road?
Where did you go?
Where the fuck did you go?
It's getting late, I can't,
I can't be here any more.
It's crazy, it's crazy.
The fucking phone doesn't work.
Where is the way out,
where is the way out?
Oh my god,
it's okay, it's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Let's try the phone,
let's try the phone.
Let's try it again.
Fucking no signal.
There's no signal.
Let's try from here.
It's okay, it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Try it here.
Oh my god, come on.
Come on.
Come on!
You told me you're not
gonna leave me here.
You told me...
Oh my god.
I wanna go home.
I wanna go home.
That's crazy.
That's fucking crazy, I
can't believe I did that.
I can't believe I
fucking came here.
Why the fuck I came here?
This is not happening,
this is all wrong.
This is not happening.
This is not happening,
this is, this is just so wrong!
I just wanna go home, please,
please let me get out of here.
I wanna go home.
Oh my god, oh my god.
I feel like something,
I feel like something...
Something is watching,
something is watching me.
Oh my god.
No, why?
Why have I fucking done this?
Why the fuck I've done this?
Oh my god.
It's dark.
There is no way out.
There is no fucking way out.
Where I'm gonna go out?
Where is the way out?
Where is the way out?
What was that?
What was that?
Oh my god, okay.
I just wanna get out of here!
I just wanna get out of here!
Where is everybody?
Where is Charlie?
Where are you, babe?
Babe, please help me.
Please help me!
Anybody, help me.
What the fuck I've done?
I have to get out, I have to,
I have to get out.
There's someone, there
is somebody watching me.
I feel there is
somebody behind my back.
There is somebody
behind my back, oh god.
My god.
Oh my god.
I can't breathe,
oh my god, I can't.
I can't breathe.
I've gotta calm down.
Just calm down, just calm down.
I've gotta wait here.
There is nothing I can do.
Oh my god!
What was that, what was that?
Who is that?
Somebody here?
WOMAN: We're coming for you.
Oh my god, there is
someone watching me.
There is someone watching me.
I can feel it.
Get the fuck out of me!
Get the fuck away!
Get the fuck away,
don't follow me!
What was that, what was that?
Get the fuck away!
Oh my god.
Oh my god, who is that?
Who is that, who is that?
Who is this?
Who's that?
Who is that, somebody here?
Oh my god!
Get away from me!
Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
HISTORIAN: Okay, so what's
important about this map
is that it shows you all
the Native American tribes
that lived in the area.
It was not always
called Mount Misery.
To find that out, we're
gonna have to spend
days in here.
This is the dominant records.
Again, this is
records, you know,
from the different departments.
Yeah, this is
Department of Records
of the town of Huntington.
What we have in here
is from 1664, 1653.