Small Town Girl (1936) Movie Script

And Harvard's glory shall be our aim
Through the ages, we'll hail its name
When together we sing its name
Harvard! Harvard!
How about those grapefruit, Kay?
Mrs. Johnson's in a hurry.
Oh, yes. Just a minute.
Wish they'd fix up that detour
Or stop that basketball
Or whatever that game is
They play every saturday.
The noise just drives me crazy.
But they're having
such fun, Mrs. Johnson.
Well, it's beyond me.
Now, pick me out
A couple of nice ones, George.
Right, Mrs. Johnson.
These that are soft on the stem spot
Are the best.
Uh, Kay, bring in some of that celery.
Don't forget to tell your
mother that the club meets
With Mrs. Whitehall this afternoon.
Hey, don't kick about this detour.
Hey! They tell me
This town is loaded with
beautiful and understanding women.
Come and see Harvard
Kick Yale over its own
fence. We'll bring you back.
I haven't got a ticket.
Oh, that's all right.
You can sit on my lap.
I want to breathe down
your swanlike neck.
As a matter of fact, seeing you,
I don't think I'll
go to the game at all.
Hey, come back in, Vince.
Allow me to introduce the Yale bulldog,
Only they forgot to clip his ears.
He fell out of a tree back there.
Then he must be very hungry.
Ah, in return, let me present you
With Dr. Picard's original
stratosphere blimp.
And use it.
You're too cute to have
both feet on the ground.
Hey, Kay, how about that celery?
I said apples, not onions, Kay.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. Pruitt.
Here, you go on, and one
of us will drop them by.
And 3 pounds. Now, be sure, Kay.
I've got to have them for dinner.
Yes, Mrs. Pruitt.
Why don't you take your
rolls-Royce and go to the game?
You can see we're not busy around here.
Oh, George, I was just
having a little fun.
They're so silly.
Well, Agnes, how's Fred today?
Better. Thanks, Florence,
But that boil will not come to a head
On his neck here.
Mmm. Right on his neck.
You know, if you take a bottle
And fill it with scalding water
And the empty it suddenly-
Yes, I know.
Draws it right out with a plop,
But Fred's so touchy.
Well, yes, Mrs. Bradshaw. Just a moment.
Get me a pencil, sis.
You don't need it.
I can give you her order,
The same for the last 5 years-
A nice fat fryer, a bottle of olives-
Shh! Hello.
Oh, yes. Mr. Dean brought in
Some very nice fryers, Mrs. Bradshaw.
Cranberries? Yes.
Of course, they tell me
That bacon rinds is as good as anything,
But it does dirty up the shirt collar.
Olives? Yes.
Oh, Fred wouldn't stand for that.
Remind her the celery.
Yes. A pound of butter.
Florence, let's go over to Seaver's.
I want to look at some ribbons.
Come along, darling.
Good-Bye, Kay.
Good-Bye, Mrs. Haynes.
Good-Bye, Kay.
Good-Bye, Mrs. Martin.
Yes, Mrs. Bradshaw. Thank you.
Well, let's weigh out some potatoes.
We've got a minute now,
And everybody will want them
Over the weekend.
We can be sure of that, can't we?
Every weekend.
Penny for your thoughts.
Come on. Start filling.
My thoughts would cost
a lot more than a penny.
What do you get out of life, em?
Why, lots. Oh, say, Tommy,
Don't forget to deliver
That Jurgen's corned
beef the first thing.
You bet.
No, really, em. What?
What what?
What do you get out of life?
George and the baby
And the store here and all our friends.
Why, what else is there, silly?
Oh, nothing I guess...
in carvel.
Now, look here, honey.
If you're going to start getting moody
On a busy saturday-
Oh, but, em, didn't you want
To get away from here once?
And you could have taken
that job in Boston, too.
It wasn't like it is now
When I don't even get a reply
To a single ad I answer.
You know you felt like I do.
Well, perhaps I did once,
But then suddenly George
took the place of all that.
That's the way it hits you, Kay.
But just to be planted here
In this same
- For the rest of your life
When you know there's so much more.
Here, Kay.
You're so all-Fired anxious
To get out in that circus.
Take these letters down and mail them
At the post office.
Oh, very nice.
All right.
Thank you.
Hi, Kay!
Hey, hold your horses.
I'm heading that way myself.
Oh, I can't wait, Elmer.
I've got to mail these letters
And then get on back to the store.
No, no, wait a minute.
I want to talk to you.
Kay, how are you? You
keeping your chin up?
Keeping your chin up?
Ha ha! How'd you know
I was gonna say that?
Oh, I don't know.
Just because you always do, I guess.
Well, then I'll stop saying it.
I mean, if you don't like it,
If you don't want me to.
I want you to do anything
you feel like doing.
Well, do you mean that?
Oh, Elmer, stop.
My, some of these cars
Are pretty colors, aren't they?
Ah, they're all right if you
like them gaudy, I suppose.
Gee, it was funny back there
on the pole a while ago.
I sort of got some dust in my throat,
And without thinking, I let
fly right down on a girl's hat.
Oh, Elmer, you didn't.
That's disgusting.
Well, I couldn't help it.
Too late to yell to her to duck.
Well, all right, but you
needn't laugh about it.
I'm sorry.
What, did you snitch that off a car?
No. This is Dr. Picard's
Original stratosphere blimp,
And it was given to me because...
because I have a pretty neck.
Now, what the heck
are you talking about?
Oh, nothing.
Well, you say the
darnedest things sometimes.
Hi, herb.
You keeping your chin up?
Sure am, Elmer.
Get going.
Kay, what are you doing tonight?
Well, I think I'll have
to help at the store.
Oh, I thought we might take a drive
Out toward Winsted.
That is, if you want to.
Oh, it's too cold.
Well, uh, if you're
gonna be home tonight,
I thought I'd drop around after supper.
That is, if you want me to.
Oh, of course, Elmer. Any time.
You're not company.
Well, I've got to mail these letters.
Now, wait a minute, Kay.
You know I want to be more than that.
Every-Every time I look at you,
My heart just goes
- Just goes pop!
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I'll see you tonight.
I, uh, didn't think what I was doing.
Oh, it's all right, Elmer.
I'll see you after supper.
All right.
Another potato, Wilbur?
I said-
Another potato.
No, thanks.
Better put George's plate in the oven.
It will get cold.
Come, sweet. Eat some potato for mama.
Make baby grow.
You and I've seen enough
potatoes for one day,
Haven't we, sweetie?
Kay doesn't seem like herself tonight.
She didn't eat a thing.
I suppose it's hard on
her seeing all those kids
Having so much fun.
June's getting to look
more like George every day.
Kay thinks she looks like me.
Bring in the pudding, Kay.
I say, bring in the pudding.
Now, come, sweet,
Nice bread and gravy.
Eat it for mama.
Oh, sweetness, June.
When all together we cheer her name
When we cheer her with heart and soul
Your father's ready
for his pudding, Kay.
I say, your father's
ready for his pudding.
I'm coming.
June's getting more
like George every day.
Do you think so, papa?
Kay thinks she looks like me.
What is the pudding, mama.
Maybe the baby can have some.
Where have you been all these years?
Saturday, rice pudding.
Sunday, snow pudding.
Monday, raisin pudding.
Oh, there's George. I'll get his dinner.
No, never mind. I'll get it.
Here, pop.
Well, for the life of me,
I can't see what folks see in football,
Riding 3 hours on a cold day,
Sitting on a cold plank,
Watching them kick a ball around.
Not my idea of fun.
Well, how's my little angel?
No, Junie, eat your pudding.
It's good for little girl.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
She's more like you every day, George.
Kay says she looks like Emily.
Here's your dinner.
Elmer will be right over.
He's at the barber shop
getting all fixed up.
I think I'll help you
at the store tonight.
No, you run along someplace with Elmer.
I'll manage.
Take a ride in his new ford.
I say, take a ride in his car.
Well, I can't see it,
Riding 3 hours both ways on a cold day,
Sitting on a cold plank...
just to watch a ball kicked around.
Not me.
One more bite, Junie.
Grow a big girl for papa.
Now, baseball, yes.
There's a game for you-Baseball.
Well, you can sit in
your shirtsleeves...
on a nice summer's afternoon,
Sip a coca-Cola.
Get my paper, Kay.
I wouldn't ride 3 hours on a cold
day to see the president play!
Come on, Junie,
One teeny-weeny bite.
Junie darling!
Don't. You can't do that.
You've got to start minding mama, dear.
Here, pop.
Let me help you take your shoes off.
What's gotten into you, Kay?
You usually raise the dickens
When I take my shoes off.
Well, we don't want things
any different around here.
We want to have them just the same,
Day in and day out,
And you don't see what
the president's about,
And mother declares she'd just as soon
Not look at a paper,
there's so many murders,
And George guesses this
country can get along
Without anybody's help.
Anybody home?
There's Elmer, Kay.
Come in, Elmer.
I said, come in!
And if Elmer Clampitt says
"Keep your chin up" once more,
I'll scream!
Well, hello, everybody.
Can I come in?
Oh, hi, Mr. Brannan.
You keeping your chin up these days?
Ha ha! Sit down, Elmer.
Uh, Kay is busy right now.
Won't you have some of my rice pudding?
we will.
Hi, June.
You know, she's getting to look
more like you every day, George.
Kay's as nervous as a cat tonight,
Dropping things.
I said, dropping things.
Yeah, I understand.
Whoa, there.
Did I touch you?
No, no.
It's all right.
Well, if I scared you to death,
I'll find a pair of angel's wings
And fly up an apology.
Only, I doubt if I
could crash the gates.
Why, I'm all right, thank you.
That's good.
Maybe you're right enough
To tell me how to get out of this.
How do you mean?
Well, if I don't get out
of this thundering herd,
I gonna have to grow a beard
And shoot from the saddle.
It is a kind of a jam, I guess.
Yeah. Look, where and
how far is Tait's tavern?
Tait's tavern? Why,
uh, it's about 4 miles
Down the main road,
the way you were going.
Yeah, but I mean,
isn't there a shortcut?
Why, uh, yes, I guess so.
Um, you've got to get
through the traffic
And take that street by the church.
Go left for 3 blocks
Till you come to a gas
station on your right,
Then turn right,
And that will take you right to...
I see.
Now, keep going for two blocks-
No, 3. 3 blocks. Then what?
Then a gas station on your right.
Turn right.
Ah, let's skip all that.
You leap in and show me the way.
Oh, no, really, it's easy.
Just 3 blocks-
Yeah, but I'm a blockhead for blocks.
Come on. You were going
that way, weren't you?
Why, no. Well, come on, then.
I'll drop you whenever you want.
All right.
Goodness? What's the matter, goodness?
Just the way you did that.
Ha ha! Impatient sort of fellow, me.
Hate to be hemmed in by things.
I'd be a terrible failure in jail.
That's my trouble, they tell me.
Did you come from the game?
That wasn't any game, goodness.
That was a blue parade.
Harvard couldn't even get off
Its 5-Foot bookshelf.
You're only about 5 feet
yourself, aren't you?
You live here?
This sleepy, little town?
You don't look very sleepy.
Well, I guess I'm not... very.
Oh, wait a minute. We turn here.
Now, right to your right
About 4 miles straight on,
And then you'll come to the tavern.
So you're not sleepy, huh?
What are you gonna do?
Just walk around.
Whom with, goodness?
By myself.
With yourself? What's the matter
With the boys in this town?
Do they all wear gimps or something?
They just all keep their chin up.
Well, that's perfect, then.
Close the door. Come on
over to Tait's with me.
Oh, no, really, I couldn't.
Thanks very much.
Why not?
Well, I just couldn't.
Oh, of course you can.
I'll bring you back whenever you want.
You've been there, haven't you?
Once in the daytime
when it caught on fire.
We followed the engine.
I don't think it's burning now,
But that doesn't stop it from being fun.
Come on.
Aw, come on.
There'll be a big crowd
there from the game.
We'll put vine leaves in our hair,
Crush a gallon of grapes,
Hang them over our ears,
And then I'll bring you back
Before you change into a pumpkin.
How about it?
I don't know all you're saying, but-
But what?
But I will.
That's all.
Yonder lies Canaan, goodness.
The seas have opened before us.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
Forgot to dump the brake.
Behold the cadaver,
The stiff, the corpse.
What's the matter with him?
Well, he lost his coat
in the third quarter
To the man in back of us.
Kind of complained of the heat and died,
So I put him on ice so
that he wouldn't spoil.
Hey, come on out of your
diving bell, Mr. Page.
You've hit a reef.
I want that you should meet a
little dairymaid that I found.
Found her riding behind her
spanking brace of Holstein.
Pleased to meet you.
Come on, goodness.
Honest to john.
When we roughhouse poor old Harvard
They will holler boola boo
When all together we cheer her name
When we cheer her with heart and soul...
Dr. Dakin, my friend.
Taity, my nemesis.
Look, have you got a nice
table for 21/2 people?
Like sardines we are,
But always room for you.
Johnny, table for Dr.
Dakin in the corner.
Right this way, please.
Hiya, Bob. Great game, wasn't it?
Hello, Bob.
Hello, Bob.
Are you ready to order?
Certainly. Always ready to order.
Let's sit in this cloister
And meditate, goodness,
And don't let the stillness
out here frighten you.
How about some champagne
For me to drink out of your slipper?
Champagne? Why, I don't know.
I've nev-
Yes. I think that
Would be very nice.
Good, only not out of your slipper.
Much too little.
Two bottles
Of extra dry imported french champagne,
You know, that the Mexicans make
Just south of Sacramento.
Yeah. They bottle it
after the salmon leave.
Hey. Hey, there's tom.
Hey, tom!
Step right up.
Come right in here.
Take that table there.
There's enough chairs.
Sit right there.
Hey, pat, what's all this about?
Well, doc, I won.
Yeah, I lost my shirt,
but that doesn't-
No. I bet Felicia if
we won, she'd marry me
And if Yale won, I'd marry her.
So we both lost, and so we got married.
Why, you couple of compound fractures.
When? Where?
Over at Minton Green.
Yeah, you see, there's an old J.P.
With a charming gold tooth
And false whiskers, too.
County law, license
right on the premises.
Pat, you old Turk. Congratulations.
Felicia, darling, now
that you've done it,
I hope he makes a better
husband than he looks.
Oh, say, doctor,
Maybe you better take him aside
For a quiet chat.
Oh, tom, now, don't be a boor.
Old-Fashioned type, huh?
Come on, Bob. Why don't
you and chick join us?
Chair here, please, boy. One more here.
Come on, dear. We're
going to a party. Oh, but-
Oh, come on, come on. No argument.
We're going. We're invited. Come on.
He we are, waiter.
Just bring it right over there.
Folks, folks, I want
you to know goodness,
The nicest girl for miles around.
Don't give them your real name, darling.
These pixies know how to spell.
Hello, hello.
How do you do?
Well, now we'll settle down
To a little serious drinking, huh?
Hear! Hear!
Yes, yes, we're here.
May the happy couple give
the medical profession
The inspiration and the opportunity
That it receives in Canada.
They put people under
observation for things like that.
Hey, down that, goodness.
It's good for that old tired feeling,
And that old tired feeling
is good for nothing.
Small town girl
Sweet as the flowers in may
Small town girl
You're longing to fly away
When the cars go by, you smile and...
I think we ought to hear
another cork pop, goodness.
The stillness of the
night still frightens me.
Oh, I don't think I
could drink any more.
Do you got sleigh bells in your ears?
No. It's a nice funny felling, but-
Mm-Hmm. You know what, goodness?
We're hemmed in again.
I got claustrophobia.
There's only one prescription for that.
Come on.
Small town girl
You're happy where you are...
give us our clothes, will you?
We want to leave this gilded palace.
Where are we going?
Oh, who knows? Denver, salt lake,
Addis Ababa, Cincinnati,
Anywhere where we can
get away from ourselves.
Small town girl...
I guess you better take me home.
Nonsense. We've got to go lots of places
And do absolutely nothing.
But my family.
Maybe we better telephone them.
The telephone is a marvelous invention,
But you should never use one
While standing in a bathtub.
We're going to Boston.
Oh, no, we
- What for?
It's too far.
An hour there and an hour back.
You ever been to Boston?
Yes. Not like this.
Well, this is the best way to go.
We'll see the old north
church by moonlight.
One if by moonlight,
two if the hard way.
I'll show you where Paul revere
kissed his horse on the commons
And then rode him into the harbor
Dressed as an Indian.
That sounds crazy... and fun.
That's right, goodness.
There you are. Thank you.
Don't shoot till you see
The red veins in their eyes.
Godfrey, on to Boston!
Now what? W-W-Which way?
I don't know. I thought
you knew where we were-
Oh, we're hemmed in again, goodness.
That's another way of
saying that we're lost.
Look over there.
- No, no.
"Minton green. "
That's where pat and
Felicia got married.
Another way of saying
Where they were lost.
Say, we'll go to Minton Green
And wake up that old J.P.
With the gold tooth and the whiskers.
Tell us where we are.
I don't think he'll like it.
I don't know why he shouldn't.
He's probably a very lonely fellow,
Wants conversation.
Oh, look, and it's
almost morning already.
Dawn begins to thumb
its rosy nose at us.
Oh, I've got to get back home.
I've nev-My family
will be scared to death.
Oh, you'll scare them worse
If you come back this way.
You've been out all night, goodness.
Oh, please, let's get back.
Well, no. No, no,
you'll scare them silly.
Why, it's a question of your
maidenly honor, goodness.
You've been out all night with a man.
Their eyebrows will jump
right up into their scalps.
You can't do that.
Oh, I'll tell them
- Oh, I don't care. Please.
No. It's a question of my honor, too-
The Dakin honor.
Never been smirched
since they dunked grandpa
In the Salem witch pond.
You got to do something
about that, goodness.
Oh, please, let's go back.
It will be an hour before-
Yes, sir. Got to clean
and press the Dakin honor.
Say, do you know how we'll do that?
Two birds with one body blow.
We'll wake up old whiskers
And have him marry us.
M-M-Marry us?
Sure. "Do you take?" "I do. "
"Ditto. " "She do. "
It's all over, and the anesthetic
Comes 20 years later.
You don't know what you're saying.
Oh, I always know what I'm saying.
Me and the old mother tongue,
We're just like that.
That's me right there.
Know every little syllable,
Even before I was born.
Lock the chariot. "Lock" for wedlock.
We're gonna take down our curly locks
And wade right into wedlock.
Oh, you must be crazy.
You can't do a thing like this.
I've wanted to get married all my life,
And so have you.
Everybody wants to get married.
Normal, happy people,
All married and having fun.
Stop. We're it.
Oh, wait a minute.
Please don't.
Shh! Got to approach
this thing carefully.
Don't want to frighten old whiskers.
He's liable to have a stroke.
Who's there?
Customers, your honor.
Well, you came to the
right place, young man.
You wait there,
And I'll be right down in a jiffy.
... when all together we cheer her name
When we cheer her with heart and soul
I said apples, not onions, Kay.
Yes, Mrs. Bradshaw.
Hi, Kay. Keeping your chin up?
You know, I think she's getting
To look like me more and more every day.
Come right in, folks.
My daughter will be down soon
as she slips something on.
Come on in, goodness.
Come on, goodness.
We'll build a stairway to paradise.
Oh, you almost-
We nearly-
40 not 50.
You said if the touchdown...
fourth quarter.
Oh, wait a minute.
Please don't.
Oh, wake up!
You got mud on your chin.
So have you, on your cheek.
Can you see what I see? Is that water?
Well, did it run into
us, or did we run into it?
We ran into it.
Who's we?
I know who I am.
That's fine. Who am I?
Don't you know?
Well, I have a faint suspicion
That I'm Dr. Dakin's little boy Bobby.
That's the name you gave.
That's the name you gave.
Oh, that's nice of me.
I usually give another one.
Well, wake me up in a couple of
hours, I'll start to function.
Oh, wake up. It's after 7:00.
Say, I'm due at the
clinic sometime today.
Who did you say you were?
Don't you remember?
No, my dear lady.
I'm the greatest little
forgetter in your memory book.
Oh, wait a minute. Hold
it. Hold everything.
I see the game.
The dance in Anthony's,
Priscilla and I had a battle-
Sensational battle-
Then driving back,
Then the girl without a-
- I showed you the way to Tait's tavern.
And went there with me. Yes.
What then?
Well, we-
Oh, don't get flustered.
Looks like we nearly nestled
behind the eight ball here,
But I guess we're all in one piece.
Who are you again, and where are we?
I'm Kay Brannon.
Morning, Kay.
Good morning.
Well, proceed, please.
Did I drive a team of
horses into a drugstore
Or swallow live goldfish?
Slander has that I do all
sorts of strange things.
I asked you to take me back to carvel,
But we-
But you wouldn't.
Wait a minute.
You're goodness.
You started to drive me to Boston,
And we got lost near Minton Green.
You remember now, don't you?
Minton green...
and an elderly gent with a beaver.
Was that it?
And we waked up the gentleman,
And he...
married us, right?
And they lived happily ever after.
Well, I must say, I
never do anything halfway.
How about you?
I gather this is your first experience.
You mean being married?
Yes, of course.
Well, you don't look like
you made a habit of it.
Anyway, I guess I couldn't
have been much of a bargain.
Hey, you must have been
in a fine state, yourself.
Well, it's all so hazy,
And you kept on insisting,
And, oh, I had lots
of champagne, I guess.
Poor kid.
Uh, Kay, is it?
Kay Brannon.
Well, don't worry, Kay.
Looks like I've dropped
us into a major operation,
But maybe I've still got sense
enough to get us out of it.
First thing we got to do is get
this sled out of the old Wabash.
What are we going to do?
Don't get scared. Kay? Is that right?
I'll take you back to
carvel, wherever it is,
And, see, you can tell
them we had an accident.
The motor broke down, and it
was all night in the garage, and-
But we're married.
Nobody needs to know about it.
I've got a lawyer pal in town
who can fix the world series
In the middle of a
detectives convention.
He can get us an annulment
someplace in the backwoods-
What about the newspaper?
I tell you, this lawyer
pal of mine is a Houdini.
This is one little Dakin highlight
that won't shine in the tabloids.
I think the newspapers
know about it already.
What makes you think that?
Oh, well, old whiskers, as you call him,
Seemed to know about your name
And said he got a dollar for every
report he turned in like that,
And you gave him $5.00
And told him to "shoot the works. "
He was calling the Boston
papers when we left.
I must leave my body to research.
Well, on to Boston and face the music.
Looks like it's going
to be loud and long-
And full of lilies.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Childers.
The family up yet?
Yes, sir. They're at breakfast.
They were asking for you, sir.
Oh, they were, huh?
They were afraid that
you might have forgotten
Your appointment at the clinic.
Uh, have there been any reporters
Or anything like that around here?
Not yet, sir.
Uh-Huh. We're in luck.
You'll tip me off when
they come, won't you?
Yes, sir.
Now come on and let me do the talking.
I've handled tougher things than this.
Was that Bob's voice?
Morning, mother.
Good morning, son.
It's a grand day, isn't it?
Just having breakfast? Hmm.
Oh, yes. I forgot. This is sunday.
Sorry I was late last night.
I was going to telephone you,
But when I got to a
phone, it was too late.
Good morning, dad.
I, uh, brought a guest with me.
This is miss, uh...
Yes. Miss Brannon.
How do you do?
Uh, Kay was a little scared
of dropping in like this,
Not knowing you all.
Well, uh...
well, uh...
Bob always has some sort
of a surprise for us,
But not usually such a pleasant one.
Oh, dad.
Uh, perhaps I shouldn't
have mentioned that.
Won't you have some breakfast?
Well, I-
Why, of course she will.
We're always glad to
have any of Bob's friends.
Now, what did I tell you?
You had nothing to be scared of.
Well, did you hear the
game yesterday, dad?
Yes. Yes, yes. Very exciting. Mm-Hmm.
We, uh, dropped into Tait's afterwards,
One of those all-Night
things, you know?
And you expect to assist Dr. Fabre
In an important operation this morning?
Why, yes.
Where's Priscilla?
Wasn't she with you?
Well, Priscilla and I had a big battle.
I left her in new haven.
Are you a friend of
Priscilla's, miss, uh...
Miss Brannon?
No. I don't think I met her.
Why, she's Bob's fiance.
Dr. Robert.
Yes, Childers?
Telephone for you, sir.
I'll take it in the library.
Excuse me?
I'll be right back.
I didn't know he was
engaged to be married.
Didn't he tell you?
They're to be married in two weeks.
Isn't that nice?
What is it
- Newspaper?
It's miss Priscilla, sir.
Hello, Pris.
How are you?
I'm sorry about yesterday.
Will you forgive me?
Oh, you're a darling, and I love you.
Forgive you?
Why, you're not in
another mess, are you?
The one thing I love
about you, darling-
Never a dull moment.
What is it? Tell me.
Uh-Uh. I can't wait. No. No.
I'll be right over.
They've come, sir. The reporters.
Well, hold them off, Childers,
And plug up that bell, will you?
No, thank you.
Oh, but you must eat something.
Oh, yes, yes.
You need it, not having had any sleep.
No, thank you.
You're very...
Oh, here, here, here now.
Oh, I-
I've got to tell you.
Your son and I
Were married last night.
Oh, I don't know what ever possessed me,
But when he came along
and asked the direction
And we started talking
and he seemed so nice,
I thought-
Oh, I'm so ashamed.
I told you, I'd handle this.
I don't know what there is to handle.
But, dad, you don't understand.
The fact that you'd been drinking
ceases to be a good enough excuse.
I hold you entirely responsible.
The idea-
You engaged to be married to
one girl, making love to another.
Oh, he didn't make love to me.
Then I don't understand.
Had you been drinking, too?
Yes, but-
But I knew what I was doing.
You told me-
Oh, I know I did, but I lied.
Well, if you knew what you were
doing, why did you go through with it?
Well, I wanted to get out of carvel.
Sure it isn't because I had money?
Oh. Easy, Bob. Easy.
Easy? I've been the easiest
chump in the business.
You're the most hateful
man I've ever known.
Oh, please, please.
Oh, I'm sorry,
But he gets me so mad.
I think before we talk any more,
You should have some rest.
Come with me.
If we could only keep this thing quiet,
But the reporters are here now.
Oh, you can do something, dad.
You can get me out of this.
We'll have it annulled.
An annulment at this time
Would paint the picture
exactly as it is.
What if it does?
A thing like this ending like this?
That would be the end of
your work at the clinic,
The end of your career.
That's not the stuff great
surgeons are made of, son.
But there must be some way out of it.
All your life, I've tried
to help you out of things,
Out of yourself.
I've done everything for you,
given you every advantage.
I've helped you out
of scrape after scrape,
But this is one thing you'll
have to handle yourself.
I tell you, I won't stay married
to that addle headed little-
A man must stand by what he does, Bob,
So whatever you decide to do,
I assure you that I'll
continue to stand by you,
But I don't have to tell
you that right now...
your mother and I find our job
Pretty miserable.
I, uh...
I'm sorry if I was rude, but
this thing's got me crazy.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Well, it hasn't been so
pleasant for me, either.
We've simply got to make the
best of a bad bargain, that's all.
Now, uh,
This is my idea.
We stay married.
Now wait a minute. Wait
a minute. Let me finish.
We pretend to stay married.
It'll just be for appearance's sake.
We'll have a honeymoon and everything,
Pretend to be a happy married couple.
Oh, I can't do it.
I can't.
Now, listen.
If I can do it, you can do it.
Remember, it's harder
for me than it is for you.
I'm in love with a
girl, going to marry her.
Heaven knows what she'll do
when she hears about this.
Oh. Oh, is that so?
Well, you're not the only one. Oh?
I have someone, too. Really?
A lovely boy in carvel named Elmer.
Yeah. Well, it's a little
late now to think about Elmer.
I'm thinking about my father and mother.
Of course, I realize it's up to you.
I can't do anything unless you'll help.
So how about it?
Will you go through with it?
For how long?
Well, we'll say for 6 months.
Well, then what happens after 6 months?
We can separate then
and get a quiet divorce.
All right.
Oh, I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing it for your family
because they're so nice.
Don't worry. They'll
make it worth your while.
oh, by the way, you
better go out with mother
And get yourself some things,
A trousseau or whatever you call it,
But be sure to let mother
choose the clothes, will you?
The reporters are very insistent, sir.
All right. I'll talk with them.
Dr. Dakin, will you give us a statement?
My outfit will make a
deal on an exclusive.
Where did you meet your wife?
Yeah. Pretty sudden, wasn't it?
I'm afraid you boys
haven't been keeping up
With my life as you should have.
I've known my wife
- Miss Brannon,
Katherine Brannon of
carvel, Connecticut-
For several months.
What about miss Hyde?
Yeah. I thought you were engaged to her.
Yeah. When was that broken off?
You're a little late
with your news, boys.
Miss Hyde broke off our
engagement several months ago,
In July, as a matter of fa-
Is that so? We didn't hear about it.
Isn't this nice of you,
Coming to congratulate the bride.
She's right inside.
No, no, no.
I've got to go, boys.
Bob, you really haven't
told us a thing yet.
Now, now, gentlemen.
Fair thing, gentlemen. Fair thing.
Is this true?
I can explain it, Pris.
Oh. Now, wait a minute.
You're not going out there.
You've got to listen
to me. Come over here.
I never saw this girl before in my life.
She doesn't mean a thing to me.
I didn't make love to her.
I didn't even know I was married
Till I woke up on the bank
of a river this morning.
Well, why did you tell
the reporters all that rot?
Why don't you have it annulled?
Oh, let me explain, will you?
Childers, bring us some drinks.
You'll have to do a lot
of talking to explain this.
Oh, I tell you, I've got to go
through with this thing, Pris.
Well, I don't see why that has
to include a honeymoon on a yacht.
Oh, you know how much of a
honeymoon it's going to be.
It's just to get away, keep
out of sight for a while
Until the scandal blows over,
And we'll look respectable
when we get back,
And after a few months-
What's she like?
What do I care what she's like?
I didn't even take a look. Huh.
You don't expect me to
believe that, do you?
Now, listen. You don't want to
be the cause of a murder, do you?
Because that's what I'm going
to do to that round-Eyed, little-
I thought you said you didn't look.
Well, all right.
Round-Eyed, slant-Eyed,
cross-Eyed, I don't know.
I know she's got me in a spot.
She could hold us up for a couple
of hundred grand if she wants to.
Oh, Bob.
Don't let's talk about it.
I don't want to hear about her.
I don't want to see her. I-
Oh, Pris.
Ah, Pris,
Don't let's ever fight again.
6 months.
It's gonna be the longest
6 months of my life.
Well, I'm going abroad and enjoy myself.
Now, now, Pris. Wait a minute.
Why shouldn't I?
I'm just afraid you'll fall
in love with someone else.
Promise me you won't, huh?
I guess I couldn't if I wanted to.
Oh, you darling.
Looks mighty funny to me.
Oh, why, she'll be a rich girl.
That beats me.
Our Kay.
She's phoning me again this afternoon.
She's known him for a long time, Wilbur.
I said, she's known him for a long time.
That's Kay. She does
the darnedest things.
They say they're big shots.
Imagine her keeping him
a secret all this time.
Well, they ought to be
here any minute now, skips.
Not him.
He's never been anywhere
on time in his life.
What you got there, so-So?
Oh, I see.
Put it in the galley.
Mr. Doctor-He say he
want it at his cabin.
All right. Put it in his cabin.
Yes, sir.
Looks like another one of those trips.
I don't know why we
bother to leave the wharf.
He'd never know the difference.
Oh, well, this time, it might be
different, him on his honeymoon.
It'll be worse.
She'll be up there
around the wheelhouse,
Falling in the scuppers,
And asking enough silly
questions to drive us crazy.
Here they come. Here they come.
Not looking forward to this.
Oh, my goodness, look at it!
Congratulation, Mr. Doctor.
Thanks. This is so-So, darling.
Mrs. Dakin, so-So.
Congratulation, Mrs. Doctor.
Here, so-So. Take these.
I wish you a very pleasant trip, sir.
Thank you, tom.
Now, remember, we're a
happily married couple.
Hello, Mack.
Hello, doctor. Congratulations, doctor.
Thank you. Yes. Congratulations.
This is captain Mack, darling.
How do you do? How do you do?
And Mr. Donaldson.
How do you do? How do you do?
This is Mrs. Dakin.
Well, we'll shove off as
soon as you're ready, Mack.
Uh, no one coming to see you off?
No. This is a sneak.
Isn't this sweet?
I've never seen anything
so clean and shiny.
Are you the one that
shined all the brasses?
I must say, you're a
wonderful housekeeper.
And, captain, I have
always wanted to know-
Uh, yeah. The doctor, uh-
Oh. Oh.
Were you speaking to me, dear?
Heh heh. Yes, darling.
Shall we go inside?
Why, yes, of course.
I've never been on a
boat before, you know,
And so I'll be asking lots of questions.
Shove off before she wants to
know where the barnacles are.
See? I fix your room nice.
Oh, it's sweet.
Well, I'm glad you like it...
Ahem... darling.
Uh, so-So, I'm going
to take that cabin.
You can move my bags in there.
Put them in the other cabin.
Yes, Mr. Doctor.
And then go out on
deck. They may need you.
Yes, Mr. Doctor.
For heaven's sake, you might help.
Don't leave it all to me.
Didn't even answer when
I spoke to you out there.
How'd I know who you meant
When you said "darling"?
Who'd you think I meant, the captain?
I've been doing all the work.
My face is sore from smiling.
Why don't you sit down
and rest your face?
No one's looking.
I'll rest in my own cabin, thanks.
Get some things out of
here, if you don't mind.
Oh, I hope my dresses aren't crushed.
I'd die if anything happened to them.
I'm gonna have a good time on this boat.
Hope you don't mind.
You know, I may never get
another chance to be on a yacht.
Oh, go right ahead.
Don't expect too much out of me, though.
I got a lot of work to do.
Oh, I won't bother you.
Thank goodness they're all right.
Oh, your mother bought
me such lovely things.
You know, I've never had more
than one new dress at a time.
Now I have 10 all at once.
Oh, look. Isn't it lovely?
Beautiful, beautiful.
Mmm, but wait till you see my negligee.
Oh, I've dreamed of having
one like this all my life.
Isn't it sweet?
Mmm, but this next one,
I almost think this is
the loveliest of all.
Just wait till you see it.
That really is the prettiest,
Don't you think so?
There's no doubt about it.
All right.
You don't have to look at them.
This is one trousseau that
wasn't bought to please a husband.
Thank goodness I don't have to worry
Whether you like it or not.
Well, I'm looking. What is it?
None of your business.
Hey, for the love of-
What is it?
It's Priscilla.
Is Dr. Dakin on board?
Uh, yes, ma'am. He's in his cabin.
Pris, you shouldn't have come here.
I know, I know.
You're giving people an
awful opening to talk.
I can't help it. I had to come.
I wanted to see what she was like.
Oh, don't ever be jealous of her.
Kay, this is miss Hyde.
How do you do?
How are you?
Of course I realize you didn't
want anyone to see you off,
But I just had to
come and say good-Bye.
Why, Mack sounds impatient.
I think I'd better be going.
I'll go on deck with you.
It might look better.
I imagine you and Bob
have things to say.
I'll wait for you out here.
You're not jealous now, are you?
She's not your type.
Miss Hyde.
I wanted a chance to talk to you.
I wanted to tell you how sorry I am.
I don't see why you should be sorry.
You've done very well for
yourself, it seems to me.
No. I mean, what I've done to you,
Coming between you and-
Oh, don't worry about that.
You haven't come between Bob and me.
Why, you couldn't.
So if you have any idea
like that in your mind,
Please forget it.
And, uh, what's that funny thing, Mack?
That's a compass.
Oh, really?
That tells you the
direction we're going, huh?
Uh, not "direction. "
You use "course" on a boat.
Well, uh, what direction
are we going now?
North by northeast.
Cy, bring that chart over.
Yes, sir.
See, I lay my course out on this chart.
I, uh...
know the speed of my...
engine, and...
well, I just hold her on a course
Till we reach that point there.
That'll be, uh, off Portsmouth tonight.
Oh, imagine being able to do that.
You had to study a
long time, didn't you?
It isn't as easy as you might think.
Oh, I think it's fascinating to be able
To find your way all
over the world like that.
Well, you think you'd
like to be a sailor, ma'am?
Oh, yes.
You'll teach me how to
steer the boat, won't you?
See, I've never been on one before,
And well-
Well, come on. Take the wheel.
now what do I do?
I'm afraid it was my fault.
I was steering.
What were you trying
to do, wreck the boat?
If I thought it was gonna
be as bad as all this,
I'd have-
No peace, no nothing.
Oh, let me help you, darling.
Ah, never mind.
You run along.
Are you gonna read
all these books, honey?
Gonna try to.
Oh, please let me help you, dearest.
Now, what's the idea? What?
All this business.
You said I wasn't doing my
share, and you were right.
I said, before the servants.
I might forget.
The best thing is for
me to do it all the time.
Oh, here's your cap.
That's better.
Now, listen.
You're trying to annoy me.
Hello, so-So.
Wing-He want to speak to Mrs. Doctor.
Well, come on in, wing.
No flower on boat,
So me make them.
All the same good.
You made them?
Me make them from Callots and Ladishes.
Callots and Ladishes?
You must excuse him.
He don't speak good.
He means Callots and Ladishes.
Ohh, carrots and radishes.
That's it. Yes.
Look. Isn't that sweet?
Thank you so much.
Uh, wing, uh...
why don't you show Mrs.
Dakin through your galley?
You like a look-See?
Oh, yes. Yes, she'd love it.
Sure you don't mind my leaving you?
Now, don't you give me
another thought, dear.
You just run right along.
This way, Mrs. Doctor.
What is it now?
May I come in?
What do you want?
Would you do me up?
I didn't want to ask so-So.
Oh, isn't this nice?
This is the only room I haven't seen.
What did you say you wanted done?
Those little hooks at the back.
Wait till you see what we're
gonna have for dinner tonight.
Caviar and terrapin.
Caviar and terrapin?
I've never had any of those things.
Well, you'll be ill if you eat them.
I'm never ill.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
All right, then. You
can take care of me.
What am I married to a doctor for?
Oh, and-
And I forgot-
Baked Alaska.
I've always read about that.
How about a little gorgonzola
cheese to top off with, huh?
Well, I've never had that.
Grand idea.
There. That's finished.
You ready?
Thank you.
Dinner's served, Mrs. Doctor.
Oh, thank you, so-So.
It's getting a little rough, isn't it?
Makes you feel sort of funny.
You'll feel better after dinner.
Why, that's your baked Alaska.
I know.
Aren't you going to eat it?
I don't think so.
Oh, and you haven't had
any gorgonzola, either.
Oh, I know...
But I think I... better go.
Surprise, surprise.
Well, it's beautiful, wing.
Wait. You taste.
Uh, don't you think
we ought to put it away
And keep it for a souvenir?
No, no. You can eat all,
Even bride and little groomy.
All good.
Here you are, dear.
Here, so-So. I'll take that.
My, my, my, wing.
This really looks delicious.
Here you are, darling.
I'll eat it...
Drink for sick of sea
- Champagne.
No, thank you.
I don't want any champagne.
No. I'm not sick of sea
Or seasick or-
Uh, you seasick green.
Well, I'm not green.
Leave it, so-So.
I'll drink it later.
I just want to lie down a little.
Better drink now.
I'm all right, I said.
I call Mr. Doctor.
Oh, please go away.
So-So? Will you get my wife up on deck?
Yeah. Fresh air.
Now see what you've done.
Are you going or not?
Yes. I go.
I go.
Oh, so-So!
Do you have any sense at all?
That's a sure way to get sick.
I didn't call for you.
"Dr. Ben's home remedy. "
Please go away. I'll be all right.
Yeah. That's what you think.
You look like somebody
who's been carried
From a pyramid right now.
Then you needn't look at me!
Come on. On deck for you.
Oh, I can manage.
Well, then, come on. Manage.
Oh. My-My robe.
Yeah. Yeah. You can manage.
Come on.
You needn't be so smart.
Somebody has to be.
Oh! Oh!
If you had listened to
me in the first place,
This wouldn't have happened.
Breathe deeply, and you'll be all right.
I'll be all right if
you would just go away
And leave me alone.
Don't worry. I'm going.
You might at least get my slippers
So I won't catch cold.
All right. Here.
Oh, I don't want those. I want my own.
Listen. You'll take these or nothing.
When I get back to bed,
I'm gonna stay there.
Oh, I hope you stay there
For the rest of the trip.
That's a good idea.
I'm in the mood for love
Heaven is in your eyes
Bright as the stars-
Excuse me. I thought I was all alone.
I was just taking a
turn around the deck.
Oh, that's all right, Mack.
Uh, you feeling better, ma'am?
Oh, yes. Thank you.
You look a little cold, doc.
No, no, no. I'm all right, Mack.
Well, I guess, uh-
I guess when you're in love,
You don't notice those things, huh?
Nice here, isn't it?
Mmm. Lovely.
It's a lovely night, and the moon
And the stars and the dipper.
Kind of-Kind of does something to you.
Well, I guess when I get back to port,
I'll dig up the wife.
good night, doctor.
Good night, Mack.
Good night.
Ooh, my feet are freezing.
Oh, here. Take these.
I can't walk in them anyway.
I'm sorry.
Oh! Don't you dare!
Quiet. You want the
whole boat to hear you?
What are you going to do?
I'm gonna take you to your cabin.
I'll walk there.
I won't let you carry me.
You'll be carried and like it.
Oh, let go of that. Come on. Let go.
Let go. Ooh! Ouch!
Oh! Ooh!
There. It serves you right.
I hope you broke it.
Your breakfast, Mr. Dakin. Coffee good.
No, you ape.
Can't you see that I'm ill?
Get me some brandy.
Ah, you catch a cold, huh?
You carry missy doctor up one deck
Without coat, huh?
Oh, I don't want any of
your brilliant conversation.
Get me some brandy.
Oh. Bad here in chest.
Hey. It really sounds
terrible, doesn't it?
Cough again.
Oh, bad. You bad.
Well, I would be a good Samaritan.
Close that port and bring
me some brandy. Quick!
Call missy doctor?
No! Don't call missy doctor!
Don't. Don't call missy doctor.
So-So, get me some lemons
and grapefruit and hot water-
Plenty of it.
I no think he like a lemon water.
Get it. Please.
Yes. I go. I go.
Missy doctor send.
That's nice of her.
I'll have the brandy.
She say she send more.
Delightful. We'll open a fountain.
Put it down there.
Pudding down there?
Put it down there!
Oh, put it down there.
He sent me to tell you no more.
That's too bad.
Just leave it in his room.
He say he no want a woman's touch.
That's too bad.
Yes. That's too bad.
Put it down?
Listen. Take that carvel remedy and-
I go!
I think I'll go, too.
Eh, I'm licked.
I'll drink it.
I'm tired of being a grouch, aren't you?
I never was,
But I was getting to be.
Forgive me?
Of course.
Our doctor at home
always makes us take this.
Well, he knows his business.
I could probably sweat
this out of me by morning.
How do you feel?
Oh, much better, thanks.
Yep, Kay, as long as
we got to put on a show,
We might as well be
comfortable doing it,
And this boat isn't big enough
For a cat-And-Dog
fight, is it?
No, it isn't.
I'm glad you're not angry anymore.
I'm glad you're not angry anymore.
Eh, you're all right, Kay.
Yes, uh, you take your troubles
Like a gentleman and a scholar.
You're all right.
Pris and I drink to you.
You better finish this.
Better finish it.
Don't put the steaks on till we
get back, so-So. About half an hour.
All right.
Whoop. Steady as you go.
Still feel the motion of the boat, huh?
I guess I do.
Well, we'll get the
kinks out of our sea legs.
Say, this isn't hard to take, is it?
You have no idea how much-
Hey, what's that?
It's a deer.
Oh, it's caught on the wire.
Oh! Stomach's cut.
Stop wailing. That won't do any good.
Take it easy, young fella.
Run back and tell so-So to get my kit
From the boat, will you?
All right. So-So!
Now, mister,
Looks like we're gonna have
to do a little patchwork.
Shouldn't you have given
him ether or chloroform?
He doesn't feel a thing
with the Novocain.
Ether would've made
him groggy for 24 hours.
Some dog could've run him down.
Oh, he's so brave.
He hasn't made a sound.
Yeah. Wild things take their troubles
With a little dignity.
It's only civilized folk
that put up a squawk.
Hand me that retractor, will you?
That thing over there that
looks like a baby pusher,
Only you use it in reverse.
I'll make a surgery
nurse out of you yet.
Well, this is a little different
From our last operation.
What was that?
A young kid at the clinic.
He'd been fooling with his dad's gun,
Blew off part of his skull.
Ooh. And you mean he lived?
Sure. Yeah, we replaced the
bone with a silver plate,
Grafted some skin.
He'll be going back to
school in a few months.
But it's almost like magic.
One of my more dependable
moments, I assure you.
I'll be darned interested to see
How young jimmy's getting along
When I get back.
Now, a little iodine to grow on.
A nice big beauty mark
That'll probably itch like the devil
When the hair starts to
grow in underneath it,
Which you'll probably scratch off
On the first log you come to.
All right.
Off the table.
Oh, he's fine.
Sure he is. Case discharged.
As a matter of fact, the
entire digestive tract
Could be taken out of a person,
And he could still live
by being fed intravenously.
How do you mean, uh, intra
- What is it?
Intravenously. Food injected
into the bloodstream.
It doesn't seem possible...
you can do things like that.
Well, that's nothing
to what will be done,
What's being studied now.
See, modern medicine and surgery
Is the youngest of the sciences-
Only just begun.
You see, uh-
What's the matter?
I've been sitting here
blowing my own horn
For the last two hours.
Please go on talking.
I love to hear about those things.
I think you're a very clever girl
Or a funny little kid.
I don't know which.
No. But just the thought
Of feeling you're able
to take poor, sick bodies
And put them together
And have them put all their trust in you
When they're scared
and clinging to life.
That's a marvelous thing.
I guess you're just a funny little kid.
That's the nicest thing
you've ever said to me.
Wind's died down, hasn't it?
and even with the pounding of the waves,
It-It seems quiet and nice, doesn't it?
Good night.
I had an awfully nice time.
Well, that's good.
It was fun, wasn't it?
Good night.
Oh, hello, Mack.
The glass looks nice for tomorrow.
Shall we head on up the coast?
Oh, I don't know.
I thought we might get smooth sailing
For a day or two and-
No. Take her right out now
And head back for Boston.
Oh, really, sir?
We're provisioned for a week more.
I thought that maybe-
No. I've got to get back to Boston.
Boston it is, sir.
Hey, Donaldson.
You can discontinue the bromides.
I'll change the dressing
in a couple of days.
Yes, sir.
Well, you feel pretty
cocky now, don't you, jimmy?
Now that your top
knot's part solid silver.
Oh, go on.
I'll bet it isn't silver.
Sure, it is.
You can let the fellas feel it
When you get back to school.
That'll make you kind
of a big shot, won't it?
The class wrote me a letter,
And mom said, "none of
the bunch will believe it,"
But they'll have to, won't they?
You're darn right they will.
Well, I'll drop in
tomorrow and bring you
That airplane book I promised you.
Oh, gee, thanks, doc.
Ok, jimmy. Good-Bye.
So long.
Young jimmy's condition
is amazing, Dr. Fabre,
Even if I say so myself.
There seems to be absolutely
no pressure around-
He's not well yet.
Always danger of an abscess,
Oral suppuration.
Yes, sir.
Come back here.
I didn't have time to
tell you this morning.
You're looking pretty good.
Thank you, sir.
But there's still room for improvement.
Why, Dr. Dakin,
We heard you were back. Oh, hello.
You sneaked out without
letting us congratulate you.
Doesn't he look marvelous, sally?
He always does.
Look how happy, I mean.
Oh, you know what I mean.
Thank you.
If you have any night calls,
I'll be at Kenmore 3665.
Kenmore? What-
Oh, but of course,
You have moved, haven't you?
You know, young man, you
surprised us all so around here,
But I could tell from the look of you
That you had it up your
sleeve all the time.
The new address is 45 beacon hill.
Good night, miss Collins.
You like the apartment, don't you, Bob?
Yes. What I've seen of it.
Well, I think it's lovely.
How long do we have it for, mother?
The Terrell's come
back the middle of may.
How long is that?
5 months and a half.
That'll be just right.
you're a good sport.
Uh, I'll get the bridge table.
No, no. We must be running along.
Do you have to go?
We promised the Wendell's we'd stop by.
I'm terribly sorry.
I didn't realize.
I thought you'd be busy getting settled.
Oh, you haven't told me about jimmy.
How is he?
He's all right. He should be getting out
In a day or two.
Fine work, son.
I'm a little worried, though.
I don't know what his
home conditions are like.
Well, the outpatient department
Will keep an eye on him.
They're pretty impersonal.
Oh, do you think I could do it?
I have so much time and-
Of course, if you think I shouldn't.
Well, uh, thanks, but I suppose
I'm foolish to worry about it.
He-He'll be all right. He's just a kid.
Well, we really must go.
My things are in your
room, aren't they, dear?
I'll get them.
I'll go with you.
I'll get your coat.
Of course, we're going
to miss you at home, son,
But perhaps this arrangement is best.
Well, it looks better.
We owe a lot to Kay.
Not many girls would
put up such a good front.
Well, the only one I feel any
obligation to is Priscilla.
She's had the rotten end of all this.
Oh, you think of Priscilla
As an obligation, huh?
Well, uh...
Good night, dear.
Good night.
Good night, son.
Good night, mother.
Good night, my child,
And thanks for a charming time.
Good night, Dr. Dakin.
Remember, dear,
Whenever you feel lonely,
Come by and see me.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
You do like the apartment, don't you?
Yes. Very much.
I, uh, put all your books in your room.
There's a good reading light there.
Well, thank you.
Sorry about the bridge tonight.
I know how you like to play.
I remember reading about, uh,
Some kind of bridge for two people.
Now, what did they call it?
Honeymoon bridge.
Uh, as a matter of fact,
I really should go back
to the clinic tonight.
You see, Underwood
asked me to relieve him,
And, you know, as
much as dad and mother-
Well, of course. You go ahead.
Don't plan on me much from now on.
I'm going to be pretty busy.
I've taken over some
more work at the clinic.
Then I suppose I'd better
refuse those invitations.
Some of your friends wrote-
No, no. You can go.
Thanks. It's you they want to see.
Uh, my hat and coat, please.
Yes, sir.
About, uh-
About that jimmy business,
I'd, uh-
I would be grateful if you'd drop in
And have a look at him once in a while.
Why, I'd love it.
You see, there's really
nothing for me to do,
What with two servants and everything.
Well, uh, don't wait up for me
Because I really don't
know when I'll be in,
So I'll just say good night now.
Good night.
Good night.
Is there anything more, madam?
No, thank you.
Hasn't Dr. Dakin gone yet?
Not yet, madam.
Oh, good morning.
Just some coffee, please.
I'll get it.
Well, I indulged myself this morning.
Slept an extra hour.
You certainly deserved it
After the way you've been working.
Uh, two?
No. One.
Eh, cream?
No, thanks.
Well, how are you? Everything all right?
Fine. Uh, no cream.
Oh, yes.
Have you seen jimmy lately?
Yes. I was down there yesterday.
Getting along nicely.
Of course, it's hard on him
Seeing all the other boys
having such a good time.
It's gonna be tough trying to
keep him in a day like this.
The kids have built a slide
Right outside his window.
They're so excited about it.
Sort of pathetic.
Oh, when I think of what
we used to have in carvel.
We had a hill about a mile long.
Nothing to stop us, and we'd
go down there lickety-split.
That sounds grand.
Oh, it was grand.
Cable for you, sir.
Will you excuse me?
I want to do my ordering.
Can I speak to you?
Come in.
I, uh...
I wanted to tell you that
Priscilla is coming back.
Oh, really?
Yes. She, uh... gets in next week.
Isn't that nice?
It's sooner than you expected, isn't it?
Yeah. I can't understand it.
She said in her last letter
That she was going on to Budapest,
And, uh...
well, I just wanted to say that it's-
She's going to be right here in town.
It's going to be pretty
difficult, you know-
You'll want to see her.
Of course I understand.
It's all right with me.
That's fine.
She says here thursday.
That'd be, uh...
did you do this?
Like a prisoner
Checking off a jail sentence, huh?
Yes, it is.
Isn't it?
Well, it won't be long now.
Oh, chick. Hi.
Well, if it isn't my
ex-fianc and his bride.
Hi, Bob.
Decide to come out of your cave?
Hi there, Bob. How have
you been treating yourself?
You all remember Kay, of course.
Say, we haven't seen
you for a long time.
Why, hello.
I've known you much
too little, I'm afraid.
It's nice to see you again.
It's nice to be here.
Since my return, I've taken an apartment
In Plymouth manor,
Or perhaps Bob has told you.
He must bring you up
for cocktails sometime.
There's always a crowd
up till about 7:00.
I'd like to come.
Shall we dance?
Shall we dance, chick?
You still as good a dancer
As I remember you to be?
There's only one way to find out.
That's right.
Allow me, please.
You got me.
Oh, uh, be a dear
And cut in on Bob's wife
And see that she gets
to know a few people,
Will you?
Oh, that's no torture.
You're wanted over in the chief's office
For questioning.
Oh, they're through
with you so soon, huh?
Say, you two are a couple of hermits.
You don't like each other's company
Or anything like that, do you?
Well, Bob's been working awfully hard.
Mm-Hmm. You been cracking
the old whip over him, huh?
No, he's been studying.
He's concentrating on
brain surgery, you know.
Well, I hope he never
cracks open my skull,
Or else he'd find out what's on my mind.
Oh! What's on your mind?
You. You don't mind
living in a vacuum, do you?
What the devil does a pretty girl
Like your wife see in you?
Well, hello, Dr. Fabre.
What are you doing here?
Not dancing, I assure you.
Who's in charge downtown?
Uh, well, Dr. Underwood.
I, uh, I took over for
him two nights last week.
He's going far-
Why, hello, Dr. Dakin.
What are you doing here?
Well, hello.
Will you excuse us?
Surely. Thanks, Pris.
Too bad you couldn't
drop by this afternoon.
Well, I was glued to my profession.
Instead of your eyes,
I was looking into a
very red pair of tonsils.
Will it be that way even
with the second Mrs. Dakin?
Awful, isn't it?
The first Mrs. Dakin
looks very fetching.
Which reminds me-
How has your conduct been lately?
Oh, for heaven's sakes, Pris,
I told you how I felt about all that.
Mm-Hmm. I know my Bobby.
Well, I know my Priscilla.
Ocean voyages, south americans in Paris,
And all that sort of thing?
But nothing I saw could top my memories.
Let's have a drink, shall we?
Why, of course.
Two, please.
How do you like my sackcloth and ashes?
I thought of you when I bought it.
Glad I'm home?
What do you think?
Thought's a very beautiful thing.
I think I could use another one.
Another glass, please.
What? No more for little Bobby?
The evening's young yet.
marriage is reforming the young man.
Well, how's your golf game, Ned?
Well, my stroke is not so good.
At least I can keep my eye on the ball.
Uh, have some more coffee.
No, thanks.
I'm dropping in at the clinic
And have a tour about before I turn in.
Ah, I envy you young fellas.
Maybe I retired too soon.
Speaking of games,
That darn fool son of yours
Has a brilliant stroke.
Is he finally learning to
keep his eye on the ball?
Well, Ned, I...
or isn't he?
Good night.
Good night, Ned.
No, I'm still up.
Well, I-I know, but
do you think it wise?
Well, I don't see why not.
Oh, please, darling.
I'll let you home before
the milkman arrives.
Why, we haven't seen
each other for so long.
Well, she's not a child.
She'll understand.
All right. Right away.
Are you asleep?
Well, um...
the clinic just called.
I've got to get down there right away.
Oh. All right.
I may be pretty late,
So you can move breakfast
up an hour if you like.
All right.
Good night.
There must be somebody there.
No, this is Mrs. Dakin.
Why, he left for there over an hour ago.
I'm sorry, but he
isn't here, Mrs. Dakin.
This is Dr. Underwood.
It's an emergency.
That little boy
jimmy- You know-
They just brought him in from his home.
Dr. Fabre asked me to-
Oh, we've got to get him.
It's funny, he told me he was going-
Can you wait half an hour?
All right. I can reach
him and have him there
In half an hour.
Hello, Plymouth manor?
Miss Hyde's apartment, please.
Hello, miss Hyde?
This is Kay
- Well, Mrs. Dakin.
Is Bob there?
Oh, I'm afraid he is, my dear.
Didn't you know?
He's out in the kitchen getting some ice
At the moment.
Is there anything I can tell him?
Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear.
Well, I think you'd better call
the clinic and make an excuse.
He's not quite in condition to-
He must do it.
Just tell him it's jimmy.
Dr. Fabre sent word that-
Now, you listen to me.
You get him on the phone.
Please don't be so idiotically heroic.
Call the clinic and make an excuse
Like any sensible person would.
I've done it several times.
I'll be right out.
Which is miss Hyde's apartment?
Who shall I say is here?
I'm calling for Dr. Dakin.
Which is her apartment?
Apartment b, second floor.
If you'll just wait till I announce-
I'll announce myself.
Madam, come back. You can't do that.
It's strictly against the rules.
But, madam, I-
I'll answer it, Bob.
She wouldn't wait.
Won't you come in?
They want you at the clinic right away.
What's the matter?
It's jimmy
- A brain abscess.
Dr. Fabre's busy, and
he said to call you.
Good lord.
Tell him to get my car out, will you?
I have a taxi waiting.
Bob, you're in no condition to-
Now, don't worry about me,
Pris. I'll be all right.
It looks like Fabre's gonna
let me handle this one alone.
I'll call you afterwards.
Couldn't this have been handled
A little less dramatically?
From now on, you can handle everything.
You can either make a
great surgeon out of him
Or the greatest
good-For-Nothing in the world.
But whatever you do,
Really love him,
Will you?
Is he almost under?
Just started.
Hello, doc.
Hello, jimmy.
I'm-I'm gonna be all right,
Aren't I, doc?
You betcha, jimmy.
but you won't have to
take the silver out,
Will you, doc?
No, you'll still have the silver, jimmy.
Guess everything will be all hunky-Dory
If you do it.
Take over. What?
Take over, quick. I'll stand by.
Right there.
Remember, bill,
This is it.
He's not operating.
Seems so, doesn't it?
Why did they change?
Because he didn't have
his eye on the ball.
At least he knew that.
thanks for coming to get me, and...
well, good night.
Can I... get you anything?
You might get me a position
As a not-Very-Reliable
veterinary somewhere.
Oh, what a flop.
Oh, you mustn't talk like that.
The boy's all right.
He was saved.
by bill Underwood.
Well, he's a nice fellow-Bill.
Deserves it.
Yes, but...
it was honorable and unselfish of you
To give way when you weren't sure.
Surgeons aren't made to give way.
Supposing Underwood hadn't been there?
Oh, but-
No. Let's not talk about it.
What are you doing?
Well, I- I thought
perhaps you ought to-
No, no, no, never mind.
After all, there's still some work
I can do for myself.
Oh, Bob,
Can't I?
Won't you let me?
Dr. Dakin speaking.
Oh, hello, Pris.
Oh, a sensational failure, my dear.
Yeah. I'm afraid I'm
definitely not cut out
To make medical history.
I guess it doesn't do
any good to talk about it.
well, uh...
Yeah. Yeah, all right.
I'll pick you up around 5:00, huh?
Good night.
Well, well, well.
This is a nice early morning surprise.
I wanted to talk to you, Dr. Dakin.
Let's sit down, my dear. Sit down.
Well, how are you?
You know, you were much
too popular last night.
We could only catch glimpses of you.
It was a nice party, wasn't it?
Very gay.
A little too much for
mother, I'm afraid.
She's still in bed.
Well, I don't want to disturb her.
I just wanted to tell you that...
I'm going back to carvel.
Well, have you and Bob discussed this?
No. He's still asleep.
He operated at the clinic last night
After the party
- Most of the night.
And why are you going
back to carvel, Kay?
Well, I don't think people
will think anything, and...
Bob seems more settled, and...
why, I'm sure he'll feel freer
And more comfortable without me around.
You think so, huh?
Why, has he been
inconsiderate or unkind?
Oh, no, no. He-
Well, he's been marvelous.
That's just the trouble.
You're sure there
isn't some other reason
Why you're going home, Kay?
Isn't there?
Hmm. I thought so.
Dear little Kay.
It's just being near
him all the time, and-
And knowing how he feels
about somebody else,
And he looks at her
The way you want him to look at you.
I know. I know.
I've had my cry,
And I swore I wouldn't,
But you can just tell Bob that,
Well, I-I went home to see my family.
You don't need to tell
him much of anything,
I guess.
I want to say this, Kay-
That since we first saw you,
Bob's mother and I had hoped
this would turn out differently.
Oh, you're sweet to say that.
But we can't untie the strings
From a man's heart, can we?
I tried.
I must admit that.
But you will let us hear from you?
If there's anything you ever want,
Anything you need, just let us know,
And we'll do everything
we can to help you.
In the meantime, well,
You can be our daughter ex officio.
Why, I don't know what that means,
But if you said it,
I'm... sure it's... sweet.
Oh, now, now, now.
You don't want to go back home in tears.
Good-Bye, father Dakin.
Good-Bye, Kay.
Junie, eat some spinach for mother.
It makes babies grow.
I don't like spinach.
Now come on.
Junie, come on now. Mind your mother.
Here. Let me try.
You'll eat some for aunt Kay, won't you?
There's a good girl.
Ok. Sort of sloppy. Yeah.
You'll eat it. There.
I declare, every day, that child
Grows to look more and more like Emily.
I said, like Emily.
Go on. She's the image of George.
Sure. Kay knows what
she's talking about.
How's my little angel?
Well, did you see where Hartford
joined the international league?
Is that so? Yep.
Well, I'm finished.
Where's my paper, Kay?
Oh, I'll get it, pa.
Boy, my feet are tired.
Come, Junie.
Eat some spinach for mother. Makes-
I don't like spinach.
I said, I don't like spinach.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Getting more like you every day, ma.
Thank you, daughter.
Well, aren't you going
to have some pie, Kay?
I say, aren't you gonna have some-
No, mother.
Now, what could have made-
She's bound to feel
blue once in a while.
I think she's been mighty brave
About the whole thing. Mm-Hmm.
Well, listen to this!
Hi, Kay.
I was just driving by-
Hello, Elmer.
Where you going?
Oh, just taking a walk.
Mind if I go along with?
Of course not.
I read about your husband
in tonight's paper, Kay.
Ah, that's all right.
You can keep your chin up.
Thanks, Elmer.
Oh, listen. Guess what?
I got a raise.
30 bucks per, and now they
made me a line foreman.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Oh, well, it's...
it's something.
Look, Kay...
I know it's sort of early to,
I mean, talk about it.
Of course, I know I couldn't
give you the sort of life
That you had in- I mean,
with him in Boston, but-
Oh, it isn't where you are, Elmer.
I found that out.
It's-It's who's around you
And what you do with what you've got,
What you're meant to have.
I'd do anything for you, Kay,
All my life.
I know that, Elmer,
And I'd like to keep the
thought of it very close,
All my life.
Couldn't I just sort of
stick around for a while, Kay?
I mean, anything you
want, anything at all,
I'll try.
Hello, goodness.
Will you get in, goodness?
I've lost my way to Reno,
And I'll never want to find it again.
Good-Bye, Elmer.
So long, Kay.
Keep your chin up, huh?
Hear what he said?