Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) Movie Script

Command station,
this is ST-321.
Code clearance blue.
We're starting our approach.
Deactivate the security shield.
The security deflector shield
will be deactivated...
when we have confirmation
of your code transmission.
Stand by.
You are clear to proceed.
We're starting our approach.
Inform the commander...
that Lord Vader's
shuttle has arrived.
Lord Vader, this is
an unexpected pleasure.
We're honored by your presence.
You may dispense
with the pleasantries, Commander.
I'm here to put you
back on schedule.
I assure you,
Lord Vader...
my men are working
as fast as they can.
Perhaps I can find
new ways to motivate them.
I tell you this station
will be operational, as planned.
The emperor
does not share...
your optimistic appraisal
of the situation.
But he asks the impossible.
I need more men.
Then perhaps you can tell him
when he arrives.
The emperor's
coming here?
That is correct, Commander...
and he is most displeased...
with your apparent
lack of progress.
We shall
double our efforts.
I hope so, Commander,
for your sake.
The emperor is not
as forgiving as I am.
[Whistle Whistle Beep]
Of course I'm worried.
And you should be, too.
Lando Calrissian
and poor Chewbacca...
never returned
from this awful place.
[Beep Beep Whistle]
Don't be so sure.
If I told you half the things I've heard
about this Jabba the Hutt...
you'd probably
[Whistle Whistle]
[Beep Whistle]
R2, are you sure
this is the right place?
[Whistle Beep Beep]
I'd better knock,
I suppose.
There doesn't seem
to be anyone here.
Let's go back
and tell Master Luke.
[Beep Beep]
[Speaking Huttese]
Goodness gracious me!
[Speaking Huttese]
R2-Dee Toa.
[Whistle Beep]
[Whistle Beep]
[Speaking Huttese]
[Whistle Beep Whistle]
[Speaking Huttese]
C- 3POA.
Ay tuta mishka
Jabba du Hutt?
Kuja wanki mitby cosa.
Ha ha ha!
I don't think they're
going to let us in, R2.
We'd better go.
[Beep Whistle Beep]
R2, wait!
Oh, dear!
R2, I really don't think we should
rush into all this.
[Beep Beep]
Oh! R2!
R2, wait for me!
[Whistle Beep]
[Beep Beep]
Just you deliver
Master Luke's message...
and get us out of here.
Oh, my!
Oh, no.
[Speaking Huttese]
Day wonna wonga?
Oh, my!
Dee wonna wygo.
We bring a message...
to your master
Jabba the Hutt.
DayJabba wonga?
[Beep Beep]
And a gift.
Gift? What gift?
[Beep Whistle]
NeJabba no barta.
Eezai ohkto.
[Whistle Whistle]
Izzi kata
o mohkti?
[Beep Beep]
Ne charda so dehdi.
[Whistle Beep]
He says
that our instructions...
are to give it only
toJabba himself.
[Whistle Whistle]
I'm terribly sorry.
I'm afraid he's ever so stubborn
about these sort of things.
Noht cha!
R2, I have
a bad feeling about this.
Arf! Arf!
Arf! Arf!
Cava notayce,
my lord.
Good morning.
Ohnt bat chuay
dehr attat.
The message, R2,
the message.
Oohh shoodah.
[Whistle Whistle Beep]
Greetings, Exalted One.
Allow me
to introduce myself.
I am Luke Skywalker...
Jedi knight
and friend to Captain Solo.
I know that you
are powerful, mightyJabba...
and that your anger
with Solo...
must be equally powerful.
I seek an audience
with Your Greatness...
to bargain
for Solo's life.
Ha ha ha!
With your wisdom...
I'm sure that we can
work out an arrangement...
which will be
mutually beneficial...
and enable us to avoid any
unpleasant confrontation.
As a token of my goodwill,
I present to you a gift...
these two droids.
What did he say?
Both are hardworking
and will serve you well.
This can't be!
R2, you're playing
the wrong message.
Ha ha!
Ah ha ha ha!
Master, bargonay
tua knight?
He's noJedi.
[Speaking Huttese]
There will be no bargain.
We're doomed.
[Speaking Huttese]
I will not give up my favorite decoration.
I like Captain Solo where he is.
R2, look...
Captain Solo.
And he's still
frozen in carbonite.
Ah ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
What could possibly
have come over Master Luke?
Was it something I did?
He never expressed
any unhappiness with my work.
Ohh! How horrid!
[Whistle Whistle]
Ah ah ah!
Ah ah ha!
Ah, good.
New acquisitions.
You are
a protocol droid...
are you not?
I am C-3PO...
Yes or no
will do.
Oh. Well, yes.
How many languages
do you speak?
I am fluent...
in over six million forms
of communication and can...
Splendid. We have been
without an interpreter...
since our master got angry
with our last protocol droid...
and disintegrated him.
This protocol droid
might be useful.
Fit him with
a restraining bolt...
and take him back up to His Excellency's
main audience chamber.
R2, don't leave me!
[Whistle Beep Bleep]
You're a feisty
little one...
but you'll soon learn
some respect.
I have need for you on
the master's sail barge...
and I think
you'll fill in nicely.
No! No! No!
[Singing In Huttese]
[Speaking Huttese]
Ah! Do that again!
[Singing In Huttese]
[Singing In Huttese]
Ho ho!
Whoops! Uh-oh!
- Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
[Beast Growls]
[Speaking Huttese]
[Speaking Ubese]
I have come for the bounty on this Wookiee.
Oh, no. Chewbacca!
[Speaking Huttese]
At last we have the mighty Chewbacca.
Kanji ta, droid.
Yes, I am here,
Your Worshipfulness.
[Speaking Huttese]
The illustrious Jabba
bids you welcome...
and will gladly pay you...
the reward of 25,000.
[Speaking Ubese]
I want 50,000. No less.
50,000. No less.
Wah! Aah!
[Speaking Huttese]
What... What did I say?
[Speaking Huttese]
The mightyJabba asks
why he must pay 50,000.
[Speaking Ubese]
Because he's holding
a thermal detonator!
Ho ho ho ho ho ho!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
[Speaking Huttese]
This bounty hunter is my kind of scum...
fearless and inventive.
[Speaking Huttese]
Jabba offers
the sum of 35...
and I do suggest
you take it.
[Speaking Ubese]
He agrees!
[Playing Festive Tune]
[Speaking Huttese]
[Speaking Ubese]
[Clink Clink]
Just relax
for a moment.
You're free
of the carbonite.
Shh. You have
hibernation sickness.
I can't see.
Your eyesight
will return in time.
Where am I?
Jabba's palace.
Who are you?
who loves you.
I got to get you
out of here.
Ho ho ho ho ho!
What's that?
Ho ho ho ho ho!
I know that laugh.
[Speaking Huttese]
Hey, Jabba...
Look, Jabba...
I was just on my way
to pay you back...
and I got a little
It's not my fault.
[Speaking Huttese]
It's too late for that, Solo.
You may have been a good smuggler...
but now you're Bantha fodder.
Ah ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha!
Take him away.
Jabba, I'll pay you triple.
You're throwing
away a fortune!
Don't be a fool!
[Jabba Speaking Huttese]
Bring her to me.
We have
powerful friends.
You're going
to regret this.
I'm sure.
Oh, I can't bear
to watch.
Oh! Ah ha ha ha!
is that you?
I can't see, pal.
What's going on?
Ar grr arr.
Luke? Luke's crazy.
He can't even take
care of himself...
much less
rescue anybody.
Arrr rarrr.
AJedi knight?
I'm out of it
for a little while...
everybody gets
delusions of grandeur.
I'm all right, pal.
I'm all right.
Yo macka chipowan
Jabba mo botowa tu.
I must speak
with Jabba.
Es tosit.
Jabba no tusen
di hunka bi.
No bargain.
You will take me
toJabba now.
Ataka bu Jabba now.
You serve
your master well.
Ay sota vanlocha.
And you will
be rewarded.
A chunoh ayo ahtot.
At last! Master Luke's
come to rescue me.
Gabba nopez Luke Skywalker,
Jedi knight.
[Speaking Huttese]
I told you not to admit him.
I must be allowed
to speak.
[Speaking Huttese]
He must be allowed to speak.
You weak-minded fool!
Eee! Ah!
He's using an old Jedi mind trick.
You will bring Captain Solo
and the Wookiee to me.
Ho ho ho ho ho!
[Speaking Huttese]
Your mind powers will not work on me, boy.
I'm taking Captain Solo
and his friends.
You can either
profit by this...
or be destroyed.
It's your choice...
but I warn you not to
underestimate my powers.
Master Luke,
you're standing on...
There will be no bargain, young Jedi.
I shall enjoy watching you die.
Ho ho ho!
Oh, no! The rancor!
Ha ha ha!
Ya! Ha!
Ah ha ha!
[Speaking Huttese]
[Speaking Huttese]
[Speaking Huttese]
[Speaking Huttese]
Bring me Solo and the Wookiee.
They will all suffer for this outrage.
Are you all right?
Together again, huh?
Wouldn't miss it.
How are we doing?
Same as always.
That bad, huh?
Where's Leia?
I'm here.
[Speaking Huttese]
Oh, dear.
His High Exaltedness,
the greatJabba the Hutt...
has decreed that you are to
be terminated immediately.
I hate long waits.
Oh ah ha ha ha ha!
You will therefore
be taken to the Dune Sea...
and cast into
the Pit of Carkoon...
the nesting place
of the all-powerful Sarlacc.
Doesn't sound so bad.
In his belly,
you will find...
a new definition
of pain and suffering...
as you are slowly digested
over 1,000 years.
On second thought,
let's pass on that.
You should have
[Speaking Huttese]
That's the last mistake
you'll ever make.
Ho ho ho ho ho!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
[Band Playing Festive Tune]
I think my eyes
are getting better.
Instead of a big dark blur,
I see a big light blur.
There's nothing to see.
I used to live here,
you know.
You're going to die here,
you know.
Just stick close
to Chewie and Lando.
I've taken care
of everything.
Oh. Great.
[Speaking Huttese]
Soon you will learn to appreciate me.
[Beep Whistle]
I'm terribly sorry.
R2, what are you
doing here?
[Bleep Beep]
Well, I can see
you're serving drinks...
but this place
is dangerous.
They're going to
execute Master Luke...
and, if we're not
careful, us, too.
[Beep Beep]
Hmmph! I wish I had
your confidence.
[Speaking Huttese]
Victims of the almighty Sarlacc...
His Excellency hopes
that you will die honorably.
But should any of you
wish to beg for mercy...
the greatJabba the Hutt...
will now listen
to your pleas.
[Beep Beep Whistle]
3PO, you tell
that slimy piece...
of worm-ridden filth...
he'll get no such
pleasure from us!
this is
your last chance.
Free us or die.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
[Speaking Huttese]
Move him into position.
[Beep Beep]
Put him in.
Easy, Chewie.
Chewie, you're hit?
Where is it?
Han! Chewie!
Boba Fett?
Boba Fett? Where?
Lando, grab it!
Lower it!
I'm trying!
[Death Rattle]
- Grab me, Chewie.
- I'm slipping!
Grab it! Almost...
You almost got it.
Gently, now.
All right. Easy, easy.
Hold me, Chewie.
give me the gun.
Don't move, Lando.
Wait! I thought
you were blind!
It's all right!
I can see a lot better!
Don't move!
A little higher!
Just a little higher!
Chewie, pull us up.
Up, Chewie. Up.
Come on. We gotta
get out of here.
Not my eyes! R2, help!
Quickly, R2!
Eh heh. Boo ba daba da!
Get the gun!
Point it at the deck!
Point it at the deck!
R2, where are we going?
I couldn't possibly go...
Come on!
Let's go.
And don't forget
the droids.
We're on our way.
[Beep Whistle Whistle]
I'll meet you
back at the fleet.
The Alliance should
be assembled by now.
I will.
Hey, Luke, thanks.
Thanks for coming
after me.
Now I owe you one.
[Whistle Beep]
That's right, R2.
We're going
to the Dagobah system.
I have a promise to keep...
to an old friend.
Rise, my friend.
The Death Star will be
completed on schedule.
You've done well,
Lord Vader.
And now I sense
you wish to continue...
your search for
young Skywalker.
Yes, my master.
Patience, my friend.
In time,
he will seek you out.
And when he does...
you must bring him
before me.
He has grown strong.
Only together
can we turn him...
to the dark side
of the Force.
As you wish.
Everything is proceeding
as I have foreseen.
Ha ha ha ha!
[Beep Whistle]
That face
you make...
Look I so old
to young eyes?
No, of course not.
I do.
Yes, I do.
Sick have I become.
Old and weak.
When 900 years old
you reach...
Iook as good
you will not, hmm?
Heh heh heh.
Soon will I rest.
Forever sleep.
Earned it I have.
Master Yoda,
you can't die.
Strong am I
with the Force...
but not that strong.
Twilight is upon me,
and soon night must fall.
That is the way of things...
the way of the Force.
But I need your help.
I've come back to
complete the training.
No more training
do you require.
Already know you
that which you need.
Then I am a Jedi.
[Laughs, Coughs]
Not yet.
One thing remains...
You must confront Vader.
Then, only then,
a Jedi will you be.
And confront him
you will.
Master Yoda...
is Darth Vader
my father?
Rest I need.
Yoda, I must know.
Your father he is.
Told you, did he?
Unexpected this is.
And unfortunate.
Unfortunate that
I know the truth?
Unfortunate that you
rushed to face him...
that incomplete
was your training...
that not ready for
the burden were you.
I'm sorry.
a Jedi's strength
flows from the Force.
But beware...
Anger, fear...
the dark side are they.
Once you start
down the dark path...
forever will it
dominate your destiny.
do not...
do not underestimate
the powers of the emperor...
or suffer your
father's fate you will.
when gone am I...
the last of theJedi
will you be.
the Force runs strong
in your family.
Pass on what
you have learned.
there is...
Sky... walker.
[Beep Beep]
I can't do it, R2.
[Beep Whistle]
I can't go on alone.
Yoda will always
be with you.
Why didn't you
tell me?
You told me Vader...
betrayed and murdered my father.
Your father was seduced by
the dark side of the Force.
He ceased to be
Anakin Skywalker...
and became Darth Vader.
When that happened...
the good man who was
your father was destroyed.
So what I told you
was true...
from a certain
point of view.
A certain
point of view?
Luke, you're
going to find...
that many of the truths
we cling to...
depend greatly
on our own point of view.
Anakin was
a good friend.
When I first knew him...
your father was
already a great pilot...
but I was amazed how strongly
the Force was with him.
I took it upon myself
to train him as a Jedi.
I thought that I could instruct him
just as well as Yoda.
I was wrong.
There is still
good in him.
He's more machine now
than man...
twisted and evil.
I can't do it, Ben.
You cannot escape
your destiny.
You must face
Darth Vader again.
I can't kill
my own father.
Then the emperor
has already won.
You were our only hope.
Yoda spoke of another.
The other he spoke of
is your twin sister.
But I have no sister.
To protect you both
from the emperor...
you were hidden from your father
when you were born.
The emperor knew,
as I did...
if Anakin were
to have any offspring...
they would be
a threat to him.
That is the reason...
why your sister remains
safely anonymous.
Leia's my sister.
Your insight
serves you well.
Bury your feelings
deep down, Luke.
They do you credit...
but they could be made
to serve the emperor.
Well, look at you...
a general, huh?
Someone must have told them
about my little maneuver...
at the Battle ofTanaab.
Well, don't look at me, pal.
I just said
you were a fair pilot.
I didn't know they were
looking for somebody...
to lead
this crazy attack.
I'm surprised they didn't
ask you to do it.
Who says they didn't?
But I ain't crazy.
You're the respectable
one, remember?
The emperor's
made a critical error...
and the time for our attack
has come.
The data brought to us
by the Bothan spies...
pinpoint the exact location...
of the emperor's
new battle station.
We also know that the weapon systems
of this Death Star...
are not yet operational.
With the imperial fleet...
spread throughout
the galaxy...
in a vain effort
to engage us...
it is relatively
But most important of all...
we've learned
that the emperor himself...
is personally overseeing
the final stages...
of the construction
of this Death Star.
Many Bothans died
to bring us this information.
Admiral Ackbar, please.
You can see here
the Death Star...
orbiting the forest moon
of Endor.
Although the weapon systems
on this Death Star...
are not yet operational...
the Death Star does have
a strong defense mechanism.
It is protected
by an energy shield...
which is generated...
from the nearby forest moon
of Endor.
The shield
must be deactivated...
if any attack
is to be attempted.
Once the shield is down...
our cruisers
will create a perimeter...
while the fighters fly
into the superstructure...
and attempt to knock out
the main reactor.
General Calrissian has volunteered
to lead the fighter attack.
Good luck.
You're going
to need it.
General Madine.
We have stolen
a small imperial shuttle.
Disguised as a cargo ship...
and using
a secret imperial code...
a strike team
will land on the moon...
and deactivate
the shield generator.
Sounds dangerous.
I wonder who they found
to pull that off.
General Solo,
is your strike team assembled?
Uh, my team's ready.
I don't have a command crew
for the shuttle.
It's going to be rough, pal.
I didn't wanna speak for you.
That's one.
count me in.
I'm with you, too.
What is it?
Ask me again sometime.
Hi, Han, Chewie.
"Exciting" is hardly
the word I would choose.
Look, I want you
to take her.
I mean it. Take her.
You need all the help
you can get.
She's the fastest
ship in the fleet.
All right, old buddy.
I know what
she means to you.
I'll take
good care of her.
She won't
get a scratch.
All right?
I got your promise.
Not a scratch.
Would you get going,
you pirate?
Good luck.
You, too.
Got her warmed?
She's coming up.
Yeah, well, I don't think
the Empire had Wookiees in mind...
when they designed her,
Hey, you awake?
Yeah. I just got
a funny feeling...
like I'm not
gonna see her again.
Come on, General,
let's move.
Right. Chewie, let's see what
this piece of junk can do.
Ready, everybody?
All set.
Here we go again.
All right, hang on.
What is thy bidding,
my master?
Send the fleet
to the far side of Endor.
There it will stay
until called for.
What of the reports of the rebel fleet
massing near Sullust?
It is of no concern.
Soon the rebellion
will be crushed...
and young Skywalker
will be one of us.
Your work here is finished,
my friend.
Go out to the command ship
and await my orders.
Yes, my master.
If they don't
go for this...
we're gonna have to get out
of here pretty quick, Chewie.
We have you on our screen now.
Please identify.
Shuttle Tydirium
requesting deactivation...
of the deflector shield.
Shuttle Tydirium...
transmit the clearance code
for shield passage.
Transmission commencing.
Now we find out if that code
is worth the price we paid.
It'll work. It'll work.
Vader's on that ship.
Now, don't
get jittery, Luke.
There are a lot
of command ships.
Keep your distance,
though, Chewie...
but don't look like you're trying
to keep your distance.
I don't know.
Fly casual.
Where is
that shuttle going?
Shuttle Tydirium, what is
your cargo and destination?
Parts and technical crew
for the forest moon.
Do they have
a code clearance?
It's an older code, sir,
but it checks out.
I was about to clear them.
I'm endangering
the mission.
I shouldn't have come.
It's your imagination, kid.
Let's keep a little
optimism here.
Shall I hold them?
Leave them to me.
I will deal
with them myself.
As you wish, my lord.
Carry on.
They're not going
for it, Chewie.
Shuttle Tydirium...
deactivation of the shield
will commence immediately.
Follow your present course.
O.K. I told you
it was going to work.
No problem.
Oh, I told you
it was dangerous here!
Should we try
and go around?
It'll take time.
This whole party will be
for nothing if they see us.
Chewie and I will take care of this.
You stay here.
Quietly. There might be
more of them out there.
Hey, it's me.
Go for help! Go!
Great. Come on!
Over there!
Two more of them.
I see them.
Wait, Leia!
Hey, wait!
Jam their comlink!
Center switch!
Move closer!
Get alongside that one!
Keep on that one!
I'll take these two!
[Whistle Beep Beep]
General Solo,
somebody's coming.
Where's Leia?
She didn't come back?
I thought she was
with you.
We got separated.
We better go look for her.
Take the squad ahead.
We'll meet at the shield
generator at 0300.
[Luke] Come on, R2,
we'll need your scanners.
Don't worry,
Master Luke.
We know what to do.
And you said
it was pretty here.
Cut it out!
[Speaking Ewokese]
Arrr. Arrr.
I'm not
going to hurt you.
[Speaking Ewokese]
Well, looks like
I'm stuck here.
Trouble is,
I don't know where here is.
Maybe you can help me.
Come on. Sit down.
I promise I won't hurt you.
Now come here.
All right. You want
something to eat?
[Speaking Ewokese]
That's right.
- Come on.
- [Speaking Ewokese]
[Sniff Sniff]
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Ya! Yee!
[Speaking Ewokese]
Look. It's a hat.
It's not going
to hurt you. Look.
[Speaking Ewokese]
You're a jittery
little thing, aren't you?
[Sniff Sniff]
What is it?
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Sniff Sniff Sniff]
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Come on, get up!
Go get your ride.
Take her back to base.
Yes, sir.
What the...
[Speaking Ewokese]
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
[Speaking Ewokese]
I told you to remain
on the command ship.
A small rebel force...
has penetrated
the shield...
and landed on Endor.
Yes, I know.
My son is with them.
Are you sure?
I have felt him,
my master.
Strange that I have not.
I wonder if your feelings
on this matter are clear...
Lord Vader.
They are clear,
my master.
Then you must go to the sanctuary moon
and wait for him.
He will come to me?
I have foreseen it.
His compassion for you
will be his undoing.
He will come to you...
and then you will
bring him before me.
As you wish.
Luke! Luke!
Oh, Master Luke.
There's two more
wrecked speeders back there.
And I found this.
I'm afraid
that R2's sensors...
can find no trace
of Princess Leia.
I hope she's all right.
What, Chewie?
What, Chewie?
I don't get it.
It's just a dead animal, Chewie.
Chewie, wait!
Nice work.
Great, Chewie.
Great. Always thinking
with your stomach.
Take it easy.
Let's just figure a way...
to get out
of this thing.
Han, can you reach
my lightsaber?
Yeah. Sure.
[Whistle Beep Beep]
R2, I'm not sure
that's such a good idea.
It's a very long drop!
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Hey! Point that thing
someplace else.
[Arguing In Ewokese]
Han, don't.
It'll be all right.
[Speaking Ewokese]
Chewie, give them
your crossbow.
Oh, my head!
[Speaking Ewokese]
Oh, my goodness.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Chanting In Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Do you understand
anything they're saying?
Oh, yes, Master Luke.
Remember that I am fluent
in over six million forms...
What are you
telling them?
Hello, I think.
I could be mistaken.
They're using a very
primitive dialect.
I do believe they think
I am some sort of god.
[Beep Beep]
Why don't you use
your divine influence...
and get us out of this?
I beg your pardon, General Solo,
but that just wouldn't be proper.
It's against
my programming...
to impersonate a deity.
Why, you...
[Ewoks Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
My mistake.
He's an old friend
of mine.
Jabba jabba jabba.
I have a really bad
feeling about this.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
What did he say?
I'm rather embarrassed,
General Solo...
but it appears you are to be
the main course...
at a banquet in my honor.
[Singing In Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Your Royal Highness.
But these are my friends.
[Singing In Ewokese]
3PO, tell them
they must be set free.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Eee! Ya! Ya! Ya!
Somehow I got the feeling
that didn't help us very much.
3PO, tell them if they
don't do as you wish...
you'll become angry
and use your magic.
But, Master Luke, what magic?
I couldn't possibly.
Just tell them.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
You see, Master Luke?
They didn't believe me...
just as I said
they wouldn't.
Wait, wait.
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Put me down!
Help! Somebody!
Somebody, help!
Master Luke!
R2, R2, quickly!
Oh! Oh!
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Beep Beep Whistle]
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
Thank goodness.
[Whistle Beep]
Thanks, 3PO.
I never knew
I had it in me.
Woochana makawartas,
woochana makawartas.
Nervrenda bootootoo Tatooine.
Faraway, mana quitoo.
Princess Leia wasay wapa R2.
Oos batata rundi Darth Vader!
[Darth Vader's Breathing]
Un Chenko baskimo quertonto
Death Star.
[Roar Of Spaceship]
Wos michi un Jedi,
Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Ee manu machi Vader konyono.
[Hum Of Lightsaber]
[Whistle Whistle
Beep Beep]
Yes, R2,
I was just coming to that.
Torron togosh.
[Feet Stomping]
Master Luke ahchiminie choodoo.
[Roar Of Spaceship]
Uta Millennium Falcon
ahchiminie Cloud City.
[Roar Of Spaceship]
Oos nooch Vader.
[Darth Vader's Breathing]
Han Solo.
Tiklo carbon!
Un dekochna gooboo Sarlacc.
[Lightsaber Crackling]
Haonna keenie
chetoo toomoo maneta.
[Speaking Ewokese]
What's going on?
I don't know.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
We are now a part of the tribe.
Just what
I always wanted.
[Beep Beep Beep]
Short help's better
than no help at all.
He says the scouts
are going to show us...
the quickest way
to the shield generator.
How far is it?
Ask him.
We need some
fresh supplies, too.
[Speaking Ewokese]
Try and get
our weapons back.
[Speaking Ewokese]
Hurry up, will you?
I haven't got all day.
Luke, what's wrong?
Leia, do you remember
your mother...
your real mother?
Just a little bit.
She died when
I was very young.
What do you remember?
Just images, really. Feelings.
Tell me.
She was...
very beautiful.
Kind... but sad.
Why are you
asking me this?
I have no memory
of my mother.
I never knew her.
Luke, tell me...
what's troubling you?
Vader is here.
Now. On this moon.
How do you know?
I felt his presence.
He's come for me.
He can feel when I'm near.
That's why I have to go.
As long as I stay...
I'm endangering the group
and our mission here.
I have to face him.
He's my father.
Your father?
There's more.
It won't be easy for you to hear it,
but you must.
If I don't make it back...
you're the only hope
for the Alliance.
Don't talk that way.
You have a power
I don't understand...
and could never have.
You're wrong, Leia.
You have
that power, too.
In time, you'll learn
to use it as I have.
The Force is strong
in my family.
My father has it.
I have it.
my sister has it.
It's you, Leia.
I know.
I've always known.
Then you know why
I have to face him.
No! Luke, run away.
Far away.
If he can feel
your presence...
then leave this place.
I wish I could go with you.
No, you don't.
You've always
been strong.
But why must you
confront him?
there is good in him.
I've felt it.
He won't turn me over
to the emperor.
I can save him.
I can turn him back
to the good side.
I have to try.
Hey, what's going on?
I just want to be alone
for a little while.
Come on, tell me.
What's going on?
I can't tell you.
Could you tell Luke?
Is that
who you could tell?
I'm sorry.
Hold me.
This is the rebel
that surrendered to us.
Although he denies it, I believe
there may be more of them...
and I request permission
to conduct a further search of the area.
He was armed
only with this.
Good work, Commander.
Leave us.
Conduct your search...
and bring
his companions to me.
Yes, my lord.
The emperor
has been expecting you.
I know, Father.
So, you have accepted the truth.
I've accepted the truth...
that you were once
Anakin Skywalker, my father.
That name no longer
has any meaning for me.
It is the name of your true self.
You've only forgotten.
I know there is good
in you.
The emperor hasn't
driven it from you fully.
That was why you
couldn't destroy me.
That's why you won't bring me
to your emperor now.
I see you have constructed
a new lightsaber.
Your skills are complete.
Indeed you are powerful...
as the emperor has foreseen.
Come with me.
Obi-Wan once thought
as you do.
You don't know the power
of the dark side.
I must obey my master.
I will not turn...
and you'll be forced to kill me.
If that is your destiny.
Search your feelings, Father.
You can't do this.
I feel the conflict within you.
Let go of your hate.
It is too late for me, son.
The emperor will show you...
the true nature of the Force.
He is your master now.
Then my father is truly dead.
The main entrance
to the control bunker...
is on the far side
of that landing platform.
This isn't going
to be easy.
Hey, don't worry.
Chewie and me got into
a lot of places...
more heavily guarded
than this.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
What's he saying?
He says
there's a secret entrance...
on the other side
of the ridge.
Admiral, we're in position.
All fighters accounted for.
Proceed with the countdown.
All groups
assume attack coordinates.
[Speaking Alien Language]
Don't worry.
My friend's down there.
He'll have that shield down on time.
[Speaking Alien Language]
Or this will be
the shortest offensive of all time.
All craft, prepare to jump
into hyperspace on my mark.
All right. Stand by.
[Speaking Ewokese]
Back door, huh?
Good idea.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
It's only
a few guards.
This shouldn't be
too much trouble.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
It only takes one
to sound the alarm.
Then we'll do it
real quiet like.
Oh, my!
Princess Leia!
I'm afraid
our furry companion...
has gone and done
something rather rash.
Oh, no.
[Han] There goes our
surprise attack.
[Starts Engine]
Look, over there!
Stop him!
Not bad for
a little furball.
There's only one left.
You stay here.
We'll take care of this.
I have decided...
that we shall
stay here.
Whoo whoo!
Wa ha ha ha!
Wa ha ha ha!
Welcome, young Skywalker.
I have been expecting you.
You'll no longer need those.
Guards, leave us.
I'm looking forward
to completing your training.
In time,
you will call me master.
You're gravely mistaken.
You won't convert me
as you did my father.
Oh, no, my young Jedi.
You will find that
it is you who are mistaken...
about a great many things.
His lightsaber.
Ah, yes. AJedi's weapon.
Much like your father's.
By now you must know...
your father
can never be turned...
from the dark side.
So will it be with you.
You're wrong.
Soon I'll be dead,
and you with me.
Ha ha ha ha!
Perhaps you refer
to the imminent attack...
of your rebel fleet.
I assure you...
we are quite safe
from your friends here.
Your overconfidence
is your weakness.
Your faith
in your friends is yours.
It is pointless to resist, my son.
Everything that has transpired...
has done so
according to my design.
Your friends up there
on the sanctuary moon...
are walking into a trap,
as is your rebel fleet.
It was I
who allowed the Alliance...
to know the location
of the shield generator.
It is quite safe
from your pitiful little band.
An entire legion
of my best troops awaits them.
I'm afraid
the deflector shield...
will be quite operational
when your friends arrive.
All right, up!
Move! Come on.
Quickly. Quickly.
Han, hurry!
The fleet will
be here any moment.
Come on, come on!
Oh, my!
They'll be captured!
[Speaking Ewokese]
Wait! Wait!
Come back!
[Speaking Ewokese]
R2, stay with me.
You rebel scum.
Uhh waahh!
Ahh yaa!
All wings report in.
Red Leader standing by.
Gray Leader
standing by.
Green Leader standing by.
Lock S-foils
in attack positions.
May the Force be with us.
[Speaking Alien Language]
We've got to
get a reading...
on that shield.
[Speaking Alien Language]
How could they
be jamming us...
if they don't know...
if we're coming.
Break off the attack!
The shield is still up.
I get no reading.
You sure?
Pull up!
All craft pull up!
Take evasive action.
Green Group,
stick to Holding Sector MV-7.
Admiral, we have
enemy ships in Sector 47.
It's a trap!
Fighters coming in!
There's too many of them!
to attack speed.
Draw their fire away
from the cruisers.
Copy, Gold Leader.
Come, boy.
See for yourself.
From here,
you will witness...
the final destruction
of the Alliance...
and the end
of your insignificant rebellion.
You want this...
don't you?
The hate is swelling in you now.
Take yourJedi weapon.
Use it.
I am unarmed.
Strike me down with it.
Give in to your anger.
With each passing moment...
you make yourself
more my servant.
It is unavoidable.
It is your destiny.
You, like your father...
are now...
All right, move it!
Keep moving.
Come on.
I say, over there!
Were you looking
for me?
Bring those two
down here.
Well, they're
on their way.
R2, are you sure
this was a good idea?
Don't move!
We surrender.
- Aiyee!
- Haa!
Whoo! Whoo!
- Aiyee!
- Yaah!
- Aiyee!
- Haa!
The code's changed.
We need R2.
Here's the terminal.
R2, where are you? We need you
at the bunker right away.
What do you mean,
you're going?
[Bleep Boop]
Going where, R2?
No, wait!
This is no time for heroics!
Come back!
Watch yourself, Wedge.
Three from above.
Red 3, Red 2, pull in.
Got it.
Three of them coming in,
20 degrees.
Cut to the left.
I'll take the leader.
They're heading
for the medical frigate.
Pressure steady.
Only the fighters
are attacking.
I wonder what those
Stardestroyers are waiting for.
We're in attack position, sir.
Hold here.
We're not going to attack?
I have my orders
from the emperor himself.
He has something special
planned for them.
We only need to
keep them from escaping.
As you can see,
my young apprentice...
your friends have failed.
Now witness the firepower...
of this fully armed
and operational battle station.
Fire at will, Commander.
That blast came
from the Death Star.
That thing's operational!
Home 1, this is Gold Leader.
All craft prepare to retreat.
You won't get
another chance at this, Admiral.
We have no choice,
General Calrissian.
Our cruisers can't repel
firepower of that magnitude.
Han will have
that shield down.
We've got to give him more time.
We're coming!
Come on, come on!
Oh, R2, hurry!
Oh, my goodness!
[Blip Blip Beep Beep]
Why did you
have to be so brave?
Well, I suppose I could
hot-wire this thing.
I'll cover you.
[Speaking Ewokese]
[Speaking Ewokese]
Yes, I said closer.
Move as close as you can
and engage those Stardestroyers...
at point-blank range!
At that close range,
we won't last long...
against those Stardestroyers.
We'll last longer than
we will against that Death Star!
And we might just
take a few of them with us.
She's going to blow!
I'm hit!
Your fleet is lost...
and your friends
on the Endor moon...
will not survive.
There is no escape...
my young apprentice.
The Alliance will die...
as will your friends.
I can feel your anger.
I am defenseless.
Take your weapon.
Strike me down
with all of your hatred...
and your journey
towards the dark side...
will be complete!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Speaking Ewokese]
Ah... eeyaheeyah...
Get him
off of there!
Yeeha! Yaaa!
I think I got it.
I got it!
Princess Leia,
are you all right?
Let's see.
It's not bad.
- Freeze!
- Oh, dear.
Don't move!
I love you.
I know.
Hands up!
Stand up!
Stay back.
Get down here!
She's wounded!
No, wait!
I got an idea.
Use your aggressive
feelings, boy.
Let the hate
flow through you.
Obi-Wan has
taught you well.
I will not fight you, Father.
You are unwise
to lower your defenses.
Your thoughts
betray you, Father.
I feel the good in you,
the conflict.
There is no conflict.
You couldn't bring yourself
to kill me before.
I don't believe
you'll destroy me now.
You underestimate...
the power of the dark side.
If you will not fight...
then you will meet
your destiny.
Good. Good.
Watch out!
Squad at.06.
I'm on it,
Gold Leader.
Good shot, Red 2.
We're sure in the middle
of it now.
Come on, Han, old buddy,
don't let me down.
It's over, Commander.
The rebels have been routed.
They're fleeing into the woods.
We need reinforcements
to continue the pursuit.
Send three squads to help.
Open the back door.
Throw me another charge.
You cannot
hide forever, Luke.
I will not fight you.
Give yourself
to the dark side.
It is the only way
you can save your friends.
Your thoughts betray you.
Your feelings
for them are strong...
especially for...
you have a twin sister.
Your feelings have
now betrayed her, too.
Obi-Wan was wise
to hide her from me.
Now his failure is complete.
If you will not turn
to the dark side...
then perhaps she will.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Your hate
has made you powerful.
fulfill your destiny...
and take your father's place
at my side.
I'll never turn
to the dark side.
You've failed, Your Highness.
I am a Jedi...
like my father before me.
So be it...
The shield is down!
Commence attack
on the Death Star's main reactor!
We're on our way.
Red Group, Gold Group,
all fighters follow me.
I told you they'd do it!
If you will not be turned...
you will be destroyed.
Young fool.
Only now, at the end...
do you understand.
Your feeble skills
are no match...
for the power
of the dark side.
You have paid the price
for your lack of vision.
Father, please!
Ow! Aaah!
Help me!
Now, young Skywalker...
you will die.
Ow! Aaah!
[Labored Breathing]
I'm going in.
Here goes nothing.
Now lock onto
the strongest power source.
It should be
the power generator.
Form up. Stay alert.
We could run out
of space real fast.
Split up and head back
to the surface.
See if you can get a few
of those TI E fighters to follow you.
Copy, Gold Leader.
That was too close.
We've got to give
those fighters more time.
Concentrate all fire
on that Super Stardestroyer.
Sir, we've lost our
bridge deflector shields.
the forward batteries.
I don't want anything
to get through!
Intensify forward firepower!
Too late!
[Cheering And Applause]
Help me take
this mask off.
But you'll die.
Nothing can stop that now.
Just for once...
let me look on you
with my own eyes.
go, my son.
Leave me.
No. You're coming with me.
I'll not leave you here.
I've got to save you.
You already have, Luke.
You were right.
You were right about me.
Tell your sister...
you were right.
I won't leave you.
There it is.
All right, Wedge, go for
the power regulator on the north tower.
Copy, Gold Leader.
I'm already on my way out.
Move the fleet
away from the Death Star.
- Yaaa!
- Ya!
[Beep! Beep! Beep!]
They did it!
I'm sure Luke wasn't on that thing
when it blew.
He wasn't.
I can feel it.
You love him.
Don't you?
All right.
I understand.
When he comes back...
I won't get in the way.
It's not like that at all.
He's my brother.
[Speaking Ewokese]
Wesa free!
[Singing In Ewokese]