Sugarland Express, The (1974) Movie Script

- Haven't seen you here before.
- I ain't been here before. It's my first time.
- Who'd y'all come to see?
- Clovis Poplin. I'm his wife, Lou Jean.
Poplin. Let's see.
- He just came from the penitentiary.
- Here we go. So he did. It's on my flimsy.
Let's see what we got here, honey.
Some nice goodies in here?
Oh, let's see. What's this?
That's Texas Gold Stamps
from the market. Gimme.
OK, there's some more.
OK. What we got in this one?
All right, Mrs. Poplin. Have yourself a real
nice visit. I think the JCs have lemonade.
- I didn't come for the drinkin'.
- Course not.
You are permitted a display of
familial affection, including bodily contact,
as long as it doesn't outrage
the public decency.
- Does that mean we can kiss?
- If you so desire.
All right, then.
(# "Living Together Alone")
# I can't believe the life we live
# Or the love that
we can't give to each other
# I only know my dreams are gone
# And that you've been carrying on
with another
# That won't let us stop it
# We're too blind...
Oh, Lou!
Ain't you somethin'?
- Clovis.
- Ain't you somethin'?
Ain't you somethin'?
- Clovis.
- Ain't you somethin'?
Aren't you somethin'?
- What's the matter? Goin' shy on me?
- I come with the bad news I'm leavin' you.
- What junk are you talkin'?
- We are no longer man and wife.
- I'm leaving you.
- That's why you brought your lunch?
This don't mean nothin'.
I'm already on my way.
(baby crying)
Don't you notice nothin'?
Don't you notice anything?
You've gone blonde.
You've gone blonde before.
Clovis Poplin,
have you forgotten your own son?
No, I ain't. Why didn't you bring him?
There's kids allowed.
They got candy for 'em and pop.
I'm not behind bars in despair.
You can bring him every week.
That's what I come to tell ya. Welfare's
come and taken Baby Langston forever.
They'll keep him in that foster home!
- What for? Why are they doin' that?
- How am I supposed to know?
I got out of women's facility
three weeks ago.
I went down to Welfare to get him back,
and that child board made up some story.
They had me fill out
a statement of propriety
and take it to the county courthouse,
but it was closed.
A man said to me I should take it
to the hall of records,
which I did, but nobody knew
what I was talkin' about.
Then I remembered what you said
about the telephone.
So I called the man up, got him on the
line, and that didn't do no good neither
because he said the man at the first place
should've sent it to my address.
But that didn't do no good
cos I'd already moved by that time.
(baby crying)
I want my baby back.
Now, are you gonna help me or not?
Where's he now?
Over in Sugarland.
But now that they got him,
I bet those Methodists
are gettin' ready to move out of state.
I wanna know if you're gonna help.
Well, sure I am. Sure I am.
Sure I am.
Two for us
and half-fare for Baby Langston.
I spent $65. We're goin' to Los Angeles
so's you can go white collar.
- Bus tickets?
- A workin' father is what that boy needs.
Lou Jean, who ever gave you $65?
I got to go to the bathroom.
Lou Jean. Lou Jean?
Honey, you gotta go next door.
This here's the men's room.
Prove it.
You saved $65 all on your own?
Oh, Clovis.
Oh, Lord, how I've missed you.
- I can't wait no longer.
- You waited a whole year.
- Can't you wait another four months?
- I can't. This is an emergency.
- Say, isn't this my shirt?
- When I leave, you're comin' with me.
- You got two pairs of pants on!
- I know.
I got it all planned out.
You're leavin' today.
- I love you so much.
- I can't. I only got four more months.
No, you're leavin' today.
- I can't.
- I love you. Yes, you are.
- I love you too.
- You're leavin' today.
- I can't.
- Yes, baby. Please.
- I can't.
- Come today. Today.
- I love you.
- No!
If you don't,
this is our last time.
- Jesus Christ, have you lost your brains?
- Hubie, you're gonna screw me up.
Nobody breaks out of pre-release!
That's just stupid!
If I don't, she's gonna run off.
- You said your old lady's in the jute mill.
- She did her time. She's out on her own.
I'm gonna call a guard
for your own good.
- This is stupid!
- Hubie! Hubie!
(whispers) You don't understand.
They took my boy, Baby Langston.
What the hell are you talkin' about, boy?
Ain't nobody gonna fuss
over four little old months.
Bye, honey.
We won't see him for another week.
I sure am gonna miss him.
You might,
but I'm not gonna miss him any.
Oh, Pa, don't talk like that.
- Scoot on in, Mama.
- Pardon me.
- You Hubie's mom?
- Yes, I am.
And still proud of it, no matter
what his circumstances may be now.
He's a caution, which is why
we came to see him. Isn't it, honey?
- Where y'all headed?
- New Frankfurt.
That's where we're goin'!
We lost our ride. Do you mind awfully?
- You're a friend of Hubie's?
- Sure am.
- That boy ain't no damn good. Never was.
- Pa, stop talkin' like that!
And I don't think
he ever will be any good.
I tried my best to make a man out of him
but it look like I failed somewhere.
Scoot in the seat back there.
ndale, ndale, young fella. ndale.
Yes, sir.
(motor chugs)
- No smokin'.
- Officer, I think you're a mean man.
Buster, haven't I seen you
somewhere before?
You probably have.
I think I picked peas with you
out on the pea farm one time,
before you got that hogleg on.
- No, I think I drove you in before.
- Sure do.
- I think I took you in DWI before.
- Aw, you never done.
I never was drunk in my life.
- What?
- I never was drunk in my life!
What are you tryin' to do,
make a liar out of me?
(cars honking)
You son of a bitch!
- Ever do some time in prison, son?
- Sir?
- You heard me.
- Well, just a little. Yes, I did.
It's all right by me.
You served your time.
- What was it you went up for?
- I think they said it was larceny.
- Say, sir, is this car runnin' right?
- She run pretty nice.
(impatient honking)
You look like a pea picker to me anyway.
To tell you the truth,
you look like a pea picker to me.
- Is your name Buster Danials?
- It was, before I married.
(impatient honking)
- What kind of larceny?
- Bustin' coin boxes in the washaterias.
It's awful hot. Could you go faster
so's to cool the car off?
As long as you squared yourself
with the authorities.
- Yes, sir.
- That all right with you, Mama?
(motor chugging)
(police siren)
- Pa, you've bought it.
- I can see it.
Man, you got yourself
a real violator, huh?
You ain't gonna be
sick in the car, are you?
Why, no!
You know I'm not, man.
Good. Don't let me
find that seat wet, neither.
Well, thank you, sir.
Mr. Nocker, sir, you were goin' less than
25 miles an hour on the open highway.
Not only is that a violation, but you could
be a dangerous hazard to other drivers.
I'm just amused.
I've been an upright, irresponsible citizen
all my life, and I've been drivin' all my life.
I'm not gonna cite you, sir,
but I am gonna give you a written warnin'.
That'll be OK.
That'll be just fine.
I'd like to take a look
at your safety sticker.
Sure. It's plastered on
the inside of that windshield.
- Didn't I tell you, Pa?
- (Clovis) He's comin' over.
- Honey, I gotta get out, give myself up.
- No, it's too late!
- They'll be mad.
- I'll get another year.
- Baby, you willin' to go to the end?
- What you talkin' about?
- Do you love me?
- Oh, baby, we're in real trouble!
Oh, shit! Our car's stole.
You folks stay put.
(motor chugging)
No, no, no. Uh-uh.
OK, let me drive.
Lou Jean, let me drive!
- 2311, Houston.
- Come in.
- Got a 10-80 headin' west on 90.
- I'm just an old farm boy.
- I haven't done anything wrong.
- Green Buick, 1956 Texas license.
Boy Ocean William
four zero four.
Let me drive, right now!
Let me drive!
Let me out of here!
I'll walk to jail!
Please let me out of here.
You know how it is.
Watch it!
Lou Jean, to the right!
Hey, Officer.
You know it's illegal to make a turn
right in the middle of the highway?
You violated the law.
- Jesus!
- Hey!
- Keep to the right of the truck.
- (truck honks)
Keep to the right...
Open your eyes!
Keep to the right of the truck! Open your...
Goddamn it!
God bless me, my wife,
my son John, his wife...
(Danials) God bless me, my Lord.
No more.
Oh, my Lord, my Lord.
- 2311, Houston.
- Houston, 2311.
OK. Pursued vehicle done 10-50 major.
Wrecked in woods.
Need an ambulance and a wrecker
on Airline Road three miles north of 90.
Ten-four, 2311. Received. Getting 6580.
- Just shut up and sit where you are.
- I'm all here.
- Lady?
- Help me out of here.
Can you move
your toes and fingers, lady?
Am I bleedin'?
- Do you have double vision?
- I don't know.
Does it hurt when you...
All right.
You let me know if it hurts
and I'll stop.
There. OK?
I never shot a man.
Friend, you wanna give that back?
You got no idea
what's gonna happen to you.
- What do we do now?
- I don't know.
If y'all don't give that back voluntarily,
you've committed a felony.
Now, all right.
Now, stick 'em...
Reach for your... Get...
Just get your goddamn hands in the air.
(police radio announcement)
(dogs barking and howling)
(police radio announcement)
I never gave you no lip.
Get on outta here!
God bless you!
Now stop. Stop!
Now get in that car.
(police radio announcement)
Now, you listen, mister.
So far, it's grand theft auto,
drivin' to endanger,
you've got resistin' arrest,
threatenin' an officer,
hinderin' an officer
in the performance of his duty,
illegal possession of firearms,
and assault.
But if I get in that car,
you got kidnappin'. That's federal.
Now, Jean, get in the back seat.
Come on. Come on.
- Come on, move it or lose it.
- You arrogant piece of shit!
Turn them lights off!
All right, now let's go.
That's better.
You know we are kidnappers?
And he's a state trooper.
I don't know what you're yellin' at.
I got it all worked out.
You're gonna take us to Sugarland.
Yes, ma'am.
Take the 59 through Rosenberg,
where the intersection Y's off.
- 98 goes to the left.
- I'm in big trouble and I don't care if I die.
- So drive or I'll shoot you.
- Shut up!
(siren in distance)
Then we're goin' to Rodrigo.
Where that bus broke down.
- We're almost there.
- (siren)
Then we goin' to Honda,
then to Sugarland and the Rio Grande.
We're in real trouble.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
Now just get down.
Attention: Ambulance and wreckers.
I need one ambulance and one wrecker.
No shit, Lucky. I was rollin'
with a patrolman when the call came in.
- I was here from the start.
- Hey, you fellas flip for it.
Ernest, now I have seen it all. Looks like
2311's in the ambulance business.
- What's your trouble?
- I'm first on the scene, got no victims.
I'd say your man owes me $40.
- Billy, what's happened, buddy?
- Hi, Ernest. How ya doin', fella?
We don't know where they are
but we know who they are.
- What you got?
- Run a S&W on this.
Come back to Alvin T Nocker,
RFD 4, New Frankfurt.
- Can I have this?
- Yes.
- I'll get on the horn to Bastrop County.
- Good idea.
I figure this old dude's been here all day.
Don't you, Ernest?
Motor's still warm.
- 2322, Houston.
- Houston. 2322, go ahead.
You got any word on what hospital
2311 is transportin' his 10-50s to?
We have a 10-50, no confirmation.
Are you on the scene?
Yeah, I'm here, Lamar.
Look, call the hospitals, will ya,
and see if he's on his way.
- I'll check out the area north and south.
- Ten-four.
Every time we start somewhere,
you pick something to fuss about.
Hush, Pa.
I'm tired of listenin' to you.
My feet hurt
and I'm tired of standing here.
- You can sit and rest your feet.
- What will I sit on?
You think I'm gonna
sit on this bag?
Then sit on your fist
and lean back on your thumb.
- What's the story?
- We just had our car taken by an ex-con.
- Claimed he was a workin' man.
- Was it a green Buick?
- Seafoam green, 1956.
- Roadmaster, BOW 404.
- Stole!
- Are you Alvin Nocker of New Frankfurt?
- Yes, sir. Now you're talkin'.
- You just stay put.
2311, this is Houston.
2311, this is Houston.
2311, this is Houston.
Give me a ten-four.
You got a confirmation for me?
2311, this is Houston. 2311.
- Houston. Pierce?
- This is Pierce. Go ahead, Houston.
- Pierce, can you attempt to raise 2311?
- Ten-four.
- I'm gonna smash that radio.
- Hey, wait.
I'd rather you held back on that.
They'll dock my pay.
Kick it, Clo.
I hate that goddamn thing.
Please, mister, don't smash my radio.
I can shut it off.
- Turn that sucker off, then!
- All right. I'm shuttin' it off.
(radio off)
Airline Road,
three miles north...
Just lay back.
We're not gonna hurt you.
You get us to Sugarland
and everything'll be fine.
(police car honking)
You get on outta here!
On the day in question how long had your
man here been with the highway patrol?
It was three years,
unless I'm mistaken.
Had it ever come to your attention that
he was having difficulty with his vision?
No, sir.
Don't highway patrolmen have to have
regular physical examinations
- and examinations of your eyes?
- Yes, sir.
All highway patrol personnel undergo a
thorough medical examination every year.
Excuse me a moment, gentlemen.
- Captain Tanner.
- Yes, sir.
If you would, Your Honor.
Gentlemen, we have an emergency.
May I see counsel in chambers?
We stand adjourned.
All rise!
Your Honor, may I have the court's
attention? May it please the court...
Your Honor?
2590 to Houston.
This is Captain Tanner.
Believe our man is hijacked.
Repeat: Hijacked.
Have all units stay off the A channel
as much as possible.
No need them knowin'
what we're talkin' about.
I want a roadblock on 90 Alternate
at the Lavaca County line.
The name of the patrolman
is Maxwell Slide.
He's been in uniform nine months,
but he's a good boy.
We can't count on him
to act in his own best interest.
So, in the event of a face-off,
I want you to keep your shirts on.
(woman)... are armed.
Do not attempt to act with force.
I see lights. A whole bunch!
Put that shotgun on this officer here
so's he knows where you're at.
(Slide) That's my captain.
Don't shoot! That's Captain Tanner. You'll
get us killed. I'll put you on the radio.
(Lou Jean) Tell him to get out of here.
We never hurt nobody.
2311 to 2590.
Go ahead, 2311.
We got a 10-32 in here.
Says drop off or he'll shoot.
They hurt you any, Maxwell?
I'm sorry about this, Captain.
I had no idea they were 96s.
What you talkin', 32, 96?
You tryin' to code me out?
No, sir. It is a verbal shorthand.
10-32 is a man with a gun.
10-96 is your mental subject.
- How do you work this?
- To talk, press the button.
We ain't no mental subjects!
I've done some dumb things,
but I ain't a goddamn mental subject!
What's your name, son?
My name's Clovis Poplin,
and this here's my old lady, Lou Jean.
What are you doin'
with our man in there?
He's just takin' us to Sugarland
to get my boy Langston.
You sure got a strange notion
on how to hitchhike.
Y'all stay back, no need to worry.
Now get your cars back.
Quit followin' us!
I've got a job to do.
I can't have old boys
commandeerin' my patrol cars.
What would the taxpayers say?
Get on back
or I'll shoot him in the head!
Take it easy
and think about what you're doin'.
No one's gonna get hurt.
Do you hear me?
We'll get you out of this, Maxwell.
We've got a bad hombre here.
We're gonna have to lift that roadblock.
Houston, let 'em all know to back off
and let that boy through.
Here they come.
Get that car out of the hole!
Hit it, boys! Hit it!
I couldn't see a damn thing!
We'd better phone it in.
Here, Doggie.
Doggie want more?
Be sick.
I'll be sick.
Baby? Baby Langston?
- Let's go inside and play.
- Mommy! Mommy!
- Please, baby. Mommy'll get you.
- Mommy! (crying)
(engine stalls)
- You're lyin'!
- I'm awful sorry, sir.
- You had the whole thing planned.
- No, sir. I sure as hell never.
Don't tell me you didn't!
I can see you had it planned!
- You're wrong.
- Don't say you didn't!
- You get us goin'!
- Ma'am, we're out of gas.
There's no fillin' station
anywhere nears here.
Now, why don't you surrender yourselves
and this thing'll end peaceable.
(echoes) Captain Tanner? This is...
You're on the outside speaker.
Captain Tanner, this is Clovis Poplin
speakin'. I wanna talk to you.
(bell rings)
(# "You're Letting Me Go")
- Oh, they give Gold Stamps. I want some.
- Lou Jean, you don't need no stamps.
- Fill 'er up?
- Ethyl.
That oil needs checkin'.
- Honey? Honey?
- What?
If you wanna run do somethin',
now'll be the time.
No, not me.
I know you. Run and do what you have to.
I don't have anything to do!
Shall we go, if you please?
All right.
How are y'all today?
You want me to check that oil?
Oil's OK.
(Lou Jean whispers)
Tell him I want Gold Stamps.
(Clovis) He's comin'. Be quiet.
That'll be $7.90, please, sir.
What in the world
is going on around here?
- I'm sorry, we can't accept these here.
- Better talk to the captain.
Captain who? The captain?
Wait! Come back here!
Hold it!
Hold it, hold it!
Hold on just a minute!
This ain't no contract station.
We can't accept your Green Card.
- Talk to the captain.
- You the captain?
We can't accept
them credit cards here.
Hey, are you the captain? And if you ain't,
would you please tell me where he is?
- Your name, sir.
- Oh, uh...
Fred Mengers. Fred Mengers.
I own this station right here.
Do you know you just served gas
to an escaped felon?
- Oh, you mean in that police car?
- Yes, sir.
I sure did, yes, sir.
I'm from right here in Killdeer,
and I seen the whole thing happen.
(tires squeal)
- There.
- (news) The fugitives have been identified
as Clovis Michael Poplin,
25, a convict from Crowley,
and Lou Jean Sparrow Poplin, 25,
an unemployed beautician from Sayers.
The patrolman's name
has not been released
pending notification of next of kin.
The hijackers stated
to Captain Harlin Tanner
that their purpose was to protest
the action of the Child Welfare Board
which last week refused to return custody
of their son to Mrs. Poplin,
who has a criminal record.
The boy has been living
with foster parents in Sugarland.
The KKOK mobile command unit
is on its way for a live report.
This has been a KKOK news KO.
(commercial) This is the big country.
It's great country.
But sometimes it can get
mighty hot and dry.
Out here, men grow
the mightiest thirsts on earth,
and it takes a lot to cut it.
That's why Lone Star
is one of the world's finest...
What they're saying is I'm an unfit mother.
- You broke out of pre-release?
- Shut up and mind your own business!
You broke your husband
out of pre-release?
You're assuming a lot for a man your size.
"Unemployed beautician"?
You been takin' money from Donny Hyatt?
- No, I quit.
- You got $65. You ain't never seen work.
- What you been doin'? Runnin' around?
- I have not!
- You're lyin'.
- I am not!
- Don't lie to me!
- Don't call me no liar!
Donny Hyatt and Bill Fails ain't
runnin' around. They's just beerin'.
Suspicions of marital infidelity
are often groundless,
but the ensuin' disputes are destructive.
- What do you know?
- Yeah, why'd you have to come along?
- This whole thing's your fault.
- It's your fault!
If you were half as good-lookin' as Donny
I still wouldn't quit no job for you.
- Not after this mess you got me in.
- I've been trained to stop marital disputes.
- We don't just chase speeders all day.
- Mind your own goddamn business.
What you wanna hang around
Donny and Bill for? They're idiots.
They'll call you promiscuous and unfit.
In the three years we've been married,
I haven't even had the urge.
And I am not promiscuous
and I am not unfit, neither!
Pull over. I wanna talk to that man.
Well, I'll be doggoned.
(radio) A spokesman for
the highway patrol in neighboring Texas
admitted earlier this afternoon
that their roadblock has been licked.
Your bayou- country newshounds found
that the hijackers, a man and his wife...
Admire it while you got it. Cos next time
around it's propane and super-slow.
(radio)... especially equipped
to give officers a run for their money.
Texas patrol vehicles, like ours
in Louisiana, boast high-performance...
Hey, Pete, these things ready to roll?
They're ready when you are.
Say, you been followin' the fun?
Texas highway patrols
got their hijacker on the radio.
- The hell you say.
- It's no lie!
- I believe they'll talk him out of it.
- Where'd they be about this time?
Outside of Killdeer, Texas, goin' west.
- What say we just poke on up there?
- That's over three hours away.
Just about the break-in period.
"Has 3-D animal pets.
Featherweight, plastic."
"Nod-Away standard crib. Four positions,
adjustable spring, teething rail."
"16 and a quarter books."
Honey, we could get that.
And "Happy Hoppers push toy
encourages walkin' activity. 1-3 years."
"Colored disc moves, makes poppin'...
s-n-d." What does that mean?
And we've got..."Animal Shop crib
mobile, one and a quarter books."
And, um...
Nod-Away play yard, for one book.
We've got... Honey?
I got somethin' to tell ya.
Promise you won't be mad?
I got to go pee-pee.
"All-around bumper pad,
one and a half books."
I gotta pee! Shit!
We gotta have ourselves
a little talk.
We gotta quit runnin' around
and start runnin'.
You want me to pee in the back seat?
All this stoppin' and startin'.
We're never gonna get Langston.
- Everything's gonna be fine. Just fine.
- We're in real trouble.
Lou Jean Sparrow Poplin
has two shopliftings
and a conviction on petty larceny,
for which she did eight months.
Clovis Michael Poplin
has four petty larcenies,
two illegal entries
and a conviction on burglary.
He has four months left
on a one-year sentence.
- There's no armed robbery or assault?
- No, sir.
- Did they ever make use of firearms?
- Sure didn't.
Shoot. They're nothin'
but a couple of kids.
Hold it!
You! You in the cab there!
Unhook that thing, get out of here.
Sit down! Sit down!
Come on!
Drive away with her pants down? Nice try.
You're not dealing with a blind man.
Will you turn around and sit down?
Sit down!
Hold it! Hold it!
Now, I just might see what happens
if I shoot a load of buckshot
in that commode!
I said, I just might see what happens
if I put another hole in that thing!
It's only me.
You gonna let him
get away with that, Captain?
Well, I don't know.
They thought their way out of a toilet.
- This old boy's some doer.
- They sure are messin' all over us.
- You got any better ideas?
- Yes, sir. I sure in hell do.
- Hello.
- (all) Howdy, ma'am.
Of course, I know why you're here,
but I have nothing to say.
We'd just like to see the child, Mrs. Looby.
Well, of course, the child board says
that the child is ours to keep now,
and we love him very much,
and I'm his mother.
We understand that.
How old is the little boy?
Oh, he was two in January.
We sure would like to interview him.
Oh, well...
Langston, you know where your papa is?
Could you wave goodbye
to your real mama and papa?
Are you happy?
He's our boy now.
We give him a good home.
And he has all the love
that he'll ever need right here.
All the love, Baby Langston.
- (baby wails)
- Oh, no, no, baby.
Back! Back up!
Get closer to this thing.
I can't reach over there.
Now, move over here.
Get closer to this thing.
I can't reach it.
All right, stop!
We're the Poplins.
Anybody home?
- Captain?
- Yeah.
- This is Mark Fenno.
- Hi, Captain.
- That's Logan Waters.
- Howdy, Captain.
They're Rangers.
They think they can drop that old boy.
What've you got there?
A 7mm Magnum, four-power scope,
Mauser action.
I'll be shootin' a 148-grain bullet.
At 300 yards, hit a dime.
- Can you guarantee Slide won't be hit?
- At this distance? Absolutely.
- How will I know they'll be killed outright?
- If you're worried about a spasm shot,
I figure to hit the boy in the brain
in the medulla and cut his motors.
- What about the girl?
- Same thing, Captain.
She'll be dead
before the sound gets there.
Sure you don't want none?
(# "When My Blue Moon
Turns To Gold Again")
Well, maybe just one piece.
A small piece. I'm not that hungry.
- Give the man a breast, Lou.
- Clovis!
Could I have more honey, please?
- Want another napkin?
- I just wanna tell you I love you.
This ain't too bad.
Hey, he's got a wishbone!
Come on, Lou.
Come on.
- I won.
- The kid.
I don't know.
I can't tell the boy from a doorpost.
And we've lost our light.
How you gonna score through that glass?
Captain, the glass will be no problem.
- Don't put that on me. Give me a number.
- I'd say it's better than 90%.
I'm gonna have to say no to you boys.
That's a pretty good number. We won't get
a lot of chances as good as this one.
It's not good enough.
It's a long way from here to Sugarland.
There's possibles we haven't tried yet.
I've been on the force 18 years,
and it's been my good fortune
not to have killed anyone in that time.
That's the way I'd like to keep it.
Wouldn't you know it?
How do you like it?
(man on radio)
Got me a flat spot between 85 and 90.
Not me.
- How far to Binney?
- About five or 10 minutes. I don't know.
We didn't pass that cutoff, now, did we?
I don't think so.
# Oh, Louisiana gals,
come and listen to my noise
# Don't ever marry them Texican boys
# If you do, your rations'll be
# Johnny cake and devil's food
and sassafras tea
# Johnny cake and devil's food
and sassafras tea
(singing continues)
(tires screech)
Gonna tell me what you got in mind?
Hold your butter.
I'm gonna 76 'em like you never saw.
That's a great idea, just terrific!
Think you can do it without me?
(Tanner) You know my mind on
the matter. At least you ought to by now.
If your butt ain't sore,
I don't mind tellin' you, mine is!
Aren't you tired?
No, I ain't.
I don't see why we can't
reach some understanding.
Do you trust me?
I'm not sayin' I do
and I'm not sayin' I don't.
You talkin' about not chargin' me?
That I can't do, Clovis. But what I can do
is make it easier on Mrs. Poplin.
If she's worried about her baby,
I can arrange a hearing
with the Department of Public Welfare
so she can tell her side of the story.
I appreciate that, Captain. You're a man
of honor, and you're tryin' your best.
Don't think I don't see that.
But we got other plans.
Well, what are your other plans?
I'd like to know.
(Clovis) We got a secret plan.
Look out!
Keep after 'em! Come on!
Hubert, get after 'em!
What's in the road?
(woman) Houston, can you release
those units? We need them back at home.
You crazy son of a bitch!
You tried to rack us up!
I goddamn didn't! I been to drivin' school.
The proof is you're livin' and squawkin'.
They're gonna be so mad.
So? Gimme some gum
and I'll drive all night.
- Don't stop for nothin'.
- Don't call me no son of a bitch!
Clovis, it don't do no good
runnin' from a tornado.
- Who else is out there?
- The Lord only knows, Captain.
Call 'em all in. All except
highway patrol out of Region 2.
If I can't call him by his first name,
I don't want him.
Yes, sir.
I want a helicopter.
A helicopter with a searchlight.
And I want some kind of a spot
to hem these old boys up.
Come on now. Move on down here.
That's it. Good. Real fine.
(car honks)
(more cars honking)
Where the hell they all comin' from?
(cars honking)
- We heard anything from our unit?
- No, sir.
- They are still out there?
- Yes, sir.
In fact, the whole state of Texas
is on APB alert.
The whole state of Texas is here.
We got lawmen from Dallas,
up from Austin.
If they was all dentists,
we could call this a damn convention.
Has the chopper got anything yet?
Nothin'. Just kids hole-punchin'
back of the schoolyard.
- Have you located this old boy's folks?
- Both mother and father dead.
- Do we know the girl's maiden name?
- Sparrow.
(helicopter approaches)
(Slide) Help!
Clovis Poplin!
Somebody help me!
I don't believe it.
Man, these cuffs hurt!
Are you Mr. Sparrow?
OK. This way.
That's some ride, huh?
Mr. Sparrow, your influence
might persuade your daughter
and her husband to give themselves up.
Otherwise, I fear
not only for the safety of our man
but, frankly, for their lives as well.
- You understand why I have to say that?
- Yes, sir.
All right, sir.
Whenever you're ready, you just press
this black button down here.
And talk in a normal tone of voice.
When you're ready, just...
- talk in a normal tone of voice.
- Yes, and press...
Press this button
and talk in a normal tone of voice.
- That's right.
- You want me to go ahead?
Yes, sir.
Just say whatever you think's right.
Lou Jean? Lou Jean?
Lou Jean!
This is your daddy. They brought me
down here in a helicopter
that I might say a word,
and I'm gonna.
It's a good thing your poor mother is
not alive to see what has become of you.
Lou Jean, you're no good!
And I always knew... (static)
If this man gave me a gun,
I'd go down there and shoot you
and shoot that trash you married.
God'll get you. (static)
Hi, there.
Here, take this.
Put this around ya.
It'll make you feel better.
You tired? I sure am.
It's not every day I hitch a ride like this.
(static on radio)
You're not altogether bad-lookin'.
- You married?
- No.
- Got a girl?
- Of course I do.
I bet she's nice.
- Well, good night.
- Lou Jean...
Could you turn off the police radio?
- Why, sure.
- Great.
- Lou Jean...
- Yeah?
I know you're all right
and a good woman at heart,
even though you might have
took a wrong turn in life.
Well, thank you, I'm sure.
Prison made a woman out of me.
Got a gas stove.
(Clovis chuckles)
(Lou Jean chuckles)
Hey, we got a free movie next door.
Oh, Lou, honey.
If Baby Langston was here,
we'd be a real family.
What if we don't get the baby?
Of course we're gonna get him!
That's why you stole
that old police car, ain't it?
- I guess it is.
- You guess it is?
- I guess you're right.
- Come here.
- Did you miss me?
- Every day.
I like to hear you tell me that.
I missed all that sweet talk.
I wish we could get drunk.
We always used to get drunk together.
You're fun drunk.
Except when you're throwin' up
in the back of Bill Fails' Chevelle.
Jean, I mean every word of this.
You're my wife and I love you,
even if we don't get the baby.
Wish we had sound.
I'll be your sound. Come on.
- Meep meep! Pshhhhw!
- (Lou Jean giggles)
(does cartoon sound effects)
- Meep meep!
- (Lou Jean laughs)
Meep meep!
Oh, boy, that kid!
How many times have I told him!
What are you doin' in that outfit?
We're not goin' to the mountains.
Just a precaution. See and be seen.
There'll be a lot of clowns out there
with firearms and itchy fingers.
I don't want to get shot.
Patty, gonna be a reserve officer
like your old man?
- No, I want it full time.
- You'll make it.
- Did you bring the coffee?
- Black and hot.
Did you do that?
I had to.
You're in real trouble.
- Thank you.
- Jean, you decent?
Propane. Nice.
Y'all decent?
I'm gonna go pick one out.
Don't you guys get to dawdlin'.
(water running)
Does that old razor belong to you?
Sure do. Wanna use it?
Yeah, when you're done.
How much money you make
on the highway patrol?
Not a whole lot, let me tell ya.
- How much is that?
- $620 a month.
- But I take home a lot less.
- (electric razor)
I didn't mean what I said.
What was that?
About callin' you a son of a bitch.
I didn't mean that.
And you ain't no mental subject, neither.
I've been thinkin' about
gettin' on the highway patrol.
They won't take a man with a record.
I think it's a state law.
(Lou Jean) Honey, I found one!
Blue-colored. I love it!
Just supposin' that I were to tell you
that this is the end of the line.
Just supposin' I told you
I wasn't gonna go no further.
- What?
- Just supposin'!
Now, you may kill me,
but if you don't come to your senses
and throw it down,
they're gonna kill you.
Well, supposin' I was worried about that.
Which I'm not!
And supposin' I was to give myself up.
How many years'd I get for breakin' out?
I couldn't tell you but it might go real easy
bein' as how you're a regular fella.
Well, I am a regular fella!
I never shot a man.
There you go!
That's a major point with the law.
Make you mighty happy, I bet ya.
Hell, yes.
It'd make everybody happy!
Well, where are you two?
It's already sunup.
Not Lou Jean.
It wouldn't make her happy.
Man, they'd lock me up
from now to Moses.
Take away my boy for good.
They'll change his name.
All right, stand up.
Stand up!
Nobody move. I made up my mind.
We're gonna take this one.
It's the best one on the lot.
Don't let that squelch fool you.
We're not the only ones out here.
- Maybe they already caught 'em.
- No way.
I had my home set on all night.
Wasn't anything on the APB about it.
You all know what I think
about the airborne.
Dad, they're in Big John's!
After you scrape off the insulation, bring it
from your hot line to your coil over here.
Make sure you don't get
your fingers on the metal.
I need somethin' to short over the starter.
- What about your badge?
- Yeah, that'll work.
You got water in the gas line.
You run lights and appliances all night?
- (Lou Jean) No.
- (Clovis) Yeah.
Battery's outside.
- Which one do you want?
- I'll take that redhead.
(Lou Jean screams)
Come back!
There! There!
Come back!
Come back here!
Come back here!
That must be them, all right.
Hold it!
Maxwell, come back!
Wait! Come back!
Wait a minute!
You son of a bitch!
Make 'em stop!
Hold your fire! This is Patrolman Slide,
Texas Department of Public Safety.
How do you work this goddamn thing?
(Slide) No, Lou Jean, turn it around!
Captain Tanner! Captain Tanner!
They're shootin' at us!
This is Captain Tanner.
Where are you located?
We got 'em! Big John's used car lot,
Military Drive!
Hey, we got 'em! They're at Big John's,
Military and San Pedro!
(helicopter engine)
Hit anything yet?
- Boy, wait till they see what we found.
- Drop those weapons!
- Move a finger and I'll blow it off.
- But we've captured the fugitives.
- Keep 'em here, Jessup.
- Yes, sir.
(Clovis) Captain Tanner!
Captain Tanner!
You're gonna kill your man!
I'll pull my trigger and shoot his head.
It's him or my baby. That's my deal.
- Clovis, I see you.
- That's my deal.
What kind of a deal are you talkin' about?
We keep right on to Sugarland,
no roadblocks,
and no snipers, and no nothin'.
Once we get my baby,
I'll let your man go.
Are you listenin'?
Cos he's gonna tell you somethin'.
This is Patrolman Maxwell Slide.
I suppose y'all might want
to end it right here and now.
If that's your thinkin', sir, it's fine by me.
Y'all come on in.
Just tell everyone I told you that.
Let's all back off a step or two, men.
No need for hasty talk around here.
All right, Clovis.
You got yourself a deal.
Sounds like a fair proposition to me
and I'm gonna abide by it.
But no more runnin' off,
no more speedin', and no more guns.
- What do you say to that?
- I want your personal word of honor.
Do I got it?
Yeah, you got it.
Did you hear that, honey?
We're gonna get the baby.
Captain Tanner,
I do believe you're a good man.
You ain't really gonna let 'em
take that baby, are you?
I don't see how we can.
Do you want me to go somewheres?
Go find those two old boys
that was with you.
What's their names?
Fenno and Waters.
Yeah, Fenno and Waters.
Find them, take the chopper,
and get on over to the foster home.
Yes, sir.
I'm real sorry, Captain.
Don't let me see you around here again.
- But, Captain...
- Shut up!
These boys ain't reserves. They ain't been
on the active list for more than a year.
Is that right?
Take that with you!
- Arrest 'em, Jessup.
- Yes, sir!
(baby talk)
(knocking at door)
- You're not taking him away, are you?
- No. Just gonna make sure he'll be safe.
# When my blue moon turns to gold again
# When the rainbow turns the clouds away
# When my blue moon turns to gold again
# I'll be back within your arms again
- I'm sittin' too far from the wheel.
- No, that's the way it's supposed to be.
Simply place your hands
at 10 and 2 o'clock.
- Like this?
- That's just about OK.
Now, when negotiatin' a turn,
shuffle the wheel through your fingers
rather than to go across hand over hand.
That way you got both hands
on the wheel at all times.
(singing with abandon)
(Clovis) That's pretty neat.
Hey, have you ever seen
a picture of Baby Langston?
- Ain't he sweet?
- Yeah. Fine-lookin' boy.
- I took that picture.
- It's a fine-lookin' picture.
This here's my ma and pa,
Horace and Mavorene Slide.
Hey, you got your pa's eyes.
- Who's that they're standin' next to?
- My bull. I was in the FFA.
- Who's that, your girlfriend?
- No, my old girlfriend. I still got the cycle.
- What's that?
- No, no. Gimme that! That's mine!
What's that? Is that you? Is that you?
- Yeah.
- (Lou Jean squeals)
Looks just like you.
I bet you'll get a big promotion
when this thing's over.
- You're gonna be Lieutenant Slide.
- That'll be the day.
(cars honking)
Hey, looky up there!
(Clovis) Now, what do you think of that?
(honking continues)
(crowd cheering and clapping)
Could I have that?
Could you bring that here to me?
- You got to count to 10.
- One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Eww! God!
- Let me see.
- Nuh-uh.
- Could you do me a favor?
- Anything you want, child.
Could you get me some hair spray
and a set of rollers?
You wait right here.
Just wait right here.
And could you bring some pins
and other junk?
- You just wait.
- And some lipstick, pink, frosted?
You wait now.
Here you go.
- There's my picture.
- That's an old mug shot of me.
- I look like shit.
- You look more like a convict than I do.
Patrol Academy. It's worse than jail.
It's your baby. Don't let no one
take him away from you.
I'm not gonna. Thank you for everything
you've done. I appreciate it.
Y'all take care now.
- Bye!
- (crowd) Bye!
There's another town
between here and Sugarland.
I don't want any more rubberneckin'.
You go around to Rodrigo and make sure
the local man's got the streets cleared.
If he tells you it's the 4th of July,
you advise him otherwise.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
(cars honking)
- Wanna set up some sandbags?
- We won't need 'em.
We're gonna need
a little more room in here.
Get that chair out just a little bit.
Can you gimme some braces?
Ma'am, are you expecting a delivery of
diapers, milk, newspapers or anything?
Are there any neighbors or kinfolk who
might get it into their minds to pay a visit?
We better plan to shoot
on this side of that post.
- OK, let me check.
- Take a heart shot right at the top.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- That looks all right.
- That's gonna work.
- It'll work.
You all right, sir?
Officer, I know you're not gonna
let me shoot the son of a bitch,
but at least you can use my rifle.
I don't know how this is gonna look.
You should always wash it first.
- Could I ask y'all some questions?
- Hey, y'all be careful.
- How they treatin' you, Mr. Slide?
- They've been all right.
When you gonna make your escape?
I'm not gonna escape.
I'm too busy talkin' the man out of it.
- He's talkin', but I ain't listenin'.
- I've practically got him rehabilitated.
I wouldn't go that far.
I'm just being reasonable.
(Tanner) You in the rig there.
You've got one second to get out of there.
I wanna say
I appreciate what Captain Tanner's done...
What would you two charge for
an exclusive interview with my station?
- Cash money?
- Don't nobody want to ask me nothin'?
OK. Now, we're not gonna talk to any
more reporters till we decide on our deal.
Right. Whatever you think's fair.
(Tanner) I've been advised
we got innocent civilians
all over the streets of Rodrigo.
I can't let you go on in.
I want you to pull over and stop
so's we don't have an accident or worse.
Pull over and sit
while I find a way around that town.
What's he thinkin' of?
So what if there's people?
I wanna see the people!
I like the people.
And I bet ya $10
the people are gonna wanna see us.
Let's take a vote.
Whoever wants to go through say "aye".
Raise your hand. I raise my hand. Aye.
- Y'all go on in if you have a mind to.
- Come on!
If you're in favor,
raise your hand and say "aye".
- Captain Tanner, this is 2311.
- Go ahead.
We all decided to go on through.
Thank y'all for makin' it unanimous.
(# band plays
"I've Been Working on the Railroad")
Honey, look at all these people. Hi!
- Hi, Lou Jean.
- Hi. Hi, everybody!
Here's my wallet with money.
God bless you.
- (Lou Jean) Look at all these people.
- Get off!
Hi! How are ya?
How are ya?
Look at this old thing! Hey!
- Officer Slide, we're with you.
- I appreciate that. I appreciate it.
What's this for my baby? Diapers?
Oh, my God!
You can have him now for a pet.
Oh, my baby!
- Quit that!
- Thank you, honey.
(fairground music)
Do you believe in God, brother?
Yes, ma'am. I sure do.
Courtesy of Schleicher's Hardware.
Take care of that boy.
I know you love him.
And this is from my daughter.
Oh, thank you!
Honey, when we pick up Baby Langston,
we'll settle down just like real folks.
(squeals) He's peeing on me!
He's peeing on me!
Can you believe that?
Y'all take this thing, OK?
(honks horn continuously)
- 84, 85...
- 185...
- 186...
- 88,
89, 90,
- 194, 195,
- 95, 97, 198,
- 99, 100.
- No, 200.
201, 202, 203, 204,
205, 206, 207...
(cameras clicking)
Out of the way, folks, please.
Take off!
OK, folks. That's it. Let's go home.
Where are they taking them?
For safety, we're taking them
to the courthouse to make the transfer.
- Transfer'll be made at the courthouse?
- That's right. Right out front.
Harvey, what you doin' over here
from Houston?
Well, if you're gonna stick around,
you might as well do it inside.
I knew it.
They done Terrible Ted the same way.
(police radio communications)
(band music, pop music, car horns)
- Remember back in the car lot...
- We're keeping this newspaper.
Could you sign somethin' real nice
right there?
Listen, this here's my card.
Maxwell Slide, phone and address.
I sure would like my car back after all this.
Honey, come on. Let's go.
Well, Captain, looks like
we made it in one piece.
Looks that way, son.
You still want your baby?
You still want your patrolman?
Listen to me, Clovis.
We've come a long way together
and you know my intentions
have never been other than decent.
Whether you realize it or not,
I know what's best for you.
So I'm asking you, please
get out of that car and get into mine
and let me take you home.
I know I gave you my word and all,
but I'm still a duly constituted
peace officer of the state of Texas.
What he's saying is,
he might not be able to keep his word.
I'm happy with the deal we made.
All right. Your child, Langston Poplin,
is in the foster home of his foster parents.
You just go on over there
and they'll give him to you.
(Lou Jean) I know where it is! Let's go!
OK, now, hold on a minute.
We gotta get somethin' straight, Captain.
Go ahead.
I want 15 minutes
while I go in and get my boy.
You got it.
And I wanna go in private.
Y'all hang right back here.
All right. We're not movin'.
I'll just park here so no one gets by me.
That's real fine.
There's nothin' else I can think of.
I guess it's goodbye.
Come on, Jean.
Clovis, if you don't mind my asking,
what's your plans after
you pick up Baby Langston?
I guess I can tell you now.
We're only a few miles from Mexico.
Jean's got a cousin in Mexico City.
We're all gonna go down and live with her.
- (Lou Jean) There it is! There it is!
- Yeah, I see it.
- I see it.
- Don't stop!
Hey, that was it!
What are you doin'?!
That was it! Do you hear me?
(insistent honking)
Stop that car!
It's all wrong!
Just look round you, for Christ's sake.
You heard what the captain said.
I'm beggin' ya, hand me back my gun,
and in the name of God, let's quit.
Now you open your door
and you step out real easy.
Then we'll go get my boy.
Clovis... he's not in there.
Ain't no way in the world
I'm goin' up that path.
Oh, God.
It's true. He ain't in there.
Baby Langston! Baby Langston!
- (Slide) We need to get outta here.
- Baby Langston!
Baby Langston!
- (Clovis) They took him away, baby.
- I hear him. He's cryin' for his mama.
Sit down. Just sit down!
- Jean... Jean, honey, they took him away.
- What's the matter with you?
You get out there! You go get him!
- You lied to me. Go get him!
- I can't do that!
- You promised!
- I can't...
Get out there and get him!
- I'm gonna get him.
- No!
- Yes!
- No!
Lou Jean, get down.
I'll take the girl.
Get down. Get yourself down!
- Damn that banister.
- Goddamn. The tree's in the way, Fenno.
- No, he's goin' back.
- He's goin' back?
Yeah. I can get him easy
but it won't be clean.
Take that goddamn window out!
Don't hit Slide!
(baby squeals)
- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm all OK.
- Why'd they pull a stunt like that?
- Y'all better pull over. Pull over.
Pull over and let me look at you.
How about all them crazy kids?
Do you have a match?
Take me home now.
(cries out)
(Lou Jean screams)
Do you have a match?
My wife's so loud.
(Lou Jean continues screaming)
(siren approaching)
(engine hissing)
I suppose you'll be wantin' that.
He took my gun
but he wasn't gonna use it.