The Blood of Heroes (1989) Movie Script

No one remembers more | Age of Gold 20 century
or its technology, | or the war that followed.
Nobody knows | when the game began,
or why the Players | use a skull of a dog.
Players arrive.
Players arrive.
I've seen!
...The Players | The Players arrive!
They're coming. | They're coming!
One hundred stones three times.
- Finish it, finish it. | - Go ahead, cover me.
the Cover. | Cover the rider.
Cover me!
Cover me!
Move your pick!
No, no, protect it!
Take it.
The skull! ramne it!
Stand relve now!
Watch that t'en as, Dog Boy.
He has a tattoo! | From the League!
Show them where you come from. | And where you go.
Show them where you go, Dog Boy.
That's it! | Grab it, Dog Boy!
Go, go!
Hold on.
Hold it, Dog Boy!
Do not let it go.
98... Hang on, Dog Boy!
There is... 100 rocks!
100 stones, it's done!
I said,
these were supposed to be easy.
You play as the elderly.
You think you can take | another 15 or 20 stone?
Not if the boy | is not using his chains.
I tripped.
It is supposed to protect me.
I lost balance.
You'd better t'y recover.
I do not want | to play with these guys.
Too hard.
Especially the Amost,
with the tattoo on his forehead.
It is really good.
He must have played in the League.
You referred to his injury, | and you away from my path.
I can not bring down.
I'll do, | you, you sit on it.
It's stupid. It should be | now drinking and kissing.
20 stone, no more.
They have a new rider.
It's your leg? | It hurts?
I'll t'arracher the tits, bitch.
I'll hurt. | I'll break your leg.
- Cim quickly! | - I'm coming!
- Cim, come-Amost. | - Stay awake.
Sallow, grab it.
Take it, Dog Boy. | Ramne it, Dog Boy!
If you move a little faster,
t'aurais all these seams.
Soon you will no longer be | that thread to sew.
If it was white...
Why are you doing this, Kidd?
They made you hurt.
I do not care. | I also hurts.
For you more... | kicked.
It is the League that I had.
One of the city proper.
I could be as good.
I'll go, Mama.
Life is hard everywhere.
I'm good. I can win.
Win what?
Your rider...
it is finished.
He can not move forward.
I'm fast, I run fast.
I could be your rider.
It will heal. | It's always like that.
This is a good rider... | Dog Boy.
He hit the small Gorman | very strong,
to the head, so that the rider | make a good race.
But this poor rider | was still so stunned,
given by the coup Quincy,
he took the skull
and his entire race | to the wrong peg.
Another, even better | with this guy Amost.
fighter bet on a competitor, | a big bet.
And a gamble really crazy...
I do not stand up.
Sallow, we will make a stretcher...
No door Dog Boy.
Give me just to eat, Gandhi.
And let me water.
Give him his share.
Poor feint. | T'ont Your eyes betrayed.
The rider needs a friend.
You do not protges your rider.
You play head bare.
She too. | T'inquite Do not for me.
not happen to pass an old man?
I had not seen.
You have to locate | the whole world in every moment.
And if I can not?
They t'craseront.
Libre it!
- Get back! | - Look to the left!
If it was in the League,
why is there | in the hole now?
That was a long time
Sallow was very young.
How is she?
It's nothing.
- You need training. | - I brought the skull, right?
Did you have | a lot of time on the floor.
For rolling on the floor.
Tu vas te taire | and let me sew?
I can help | I want this feast.
No, no. | They need it.
Want sewing | her arms together or what?
She moves pretty well,
has some good courses,
is not bad at all.
She needs to play, that's all.
You are correct.
This is not what he said.
This is what he meant.
He left the League | in case of a woman?
- A woman particulicr. | - Particulicr?
A real lady.
Sallow with a real lady?
A real lady | would not want him.
You do not understand.
It's different in the League
In the League, | you're almost one of them.
You eat like them.
You have beautiful clothes,
A fabric Healthcare, | like the wind on your cheek.
You have your own room.
They treat you like one of them.
But they banned | R because of the girl.
Everybody knew. | It was not discreet.
He insulted a Lord.
Sallow was very young.
Tell me more about silk.
Attention to my neck!
T'essayes more...
I told you,
Two players can not kiss | after a party.
It does not
unless you rub, | injury against injury.
These kids on the spot air | had not eaten for 6 months.
This is probably true,
but it is no more | than most people.
Tell us about the League.
What say?
They are really good?
Better than what you imagine.
How do you know if you're good enough?
You know that.
And if you do not know?
You think.
There are other things | like silk?
You can play with one eye,
if you move your head well.
With one eye, | it must run continuously.
We should stop | go to the North.
The more you go to the North | more parties are difficult.
Recouds it well,
that the dust does not make it.
If we returned to the village?
We're going north.
Gar said we could play | against a team from the League.
Do not be silly.
He said everyone | could launch a challenge.
That's how we are locating. | In the challenges.
That's how they found | New Players.
With the challenges.
It's not just me
Gar also wants to be out | by the League.
- No. | - Why?
They do not challenge relveront. | Now shut up.
Because of you? | From what you have done?
Sallow! Sallow!
Sallow, Dundee is in the north, | along the coast.
You're wrong road.
Do not be stupid, Sallow. | You can not go to Red City.
They will not accept the challenge.
I'm not going.
Me neither, Sallow.
They will break our head.
They break bones, | and we will get to its knees.
This is not the first time.
- Shut up. | - It is good.
What do you know of the League?
If you comment League,
we need a younger team.
You not coming?
And you?
You can not do without them.
For a blocker and a arrire | in a village.
You come too?
They do not break my bones. | This is another village.
Come on. | It's in five days of walking.
It's crazy.
He has only one eye valid.
Gandhi said
that the elite team | has never been beaten in a challenge.
You think you can get there?
For what?
For win.
Or at least to keep | center stones three times.
That would be both... | 300 stones... Tie.
You have given how many stones, | when you started your challenge?
26 stones?
That's all, 26 stones?
And you noticed the League?
We were the only | to be held so long.
We were both still standing.
A good part...
It was very well played.
You descend deep?
Very deep.
You can not win, then | R Red City?
That's impossible?
We must try.
You want to make me afraid.
This is possible?
I'm not afraid.
They can also | do not accept the challenge.
Sallow, I'm hungry.
will look for something to eat.
Six pies, here.
Where are you?
- Five. | - Where is he?
It will see the players, huh?
I'm going with him.
No, I ordered four. | Four, not six.
This is a mistake. | Four.
I do not see anything.
The voil.
- Red City! | - Well done.
Nice combinations.
Well done.
Well done.
You were at the top.
Gonzo "the scar"... bravo.
Who called?
You could win by 20.
You're one of these appetizers.
I have not seen again griffeur.
He broke his neck.
You're busy with him?
The League? Morris takes | care of us, you know.
I want to launch a challenge.
Here's my rider.
I will never accept, | not with you.
It always remembers me.
Red Leaves City.
The old wounds do not heal | not new.
I thought it was the same age, | you and me.
In the time.
How long | as you do not cross a mirror.
You have only one eye | and both legs in good condition.
It's hard enough Amost above, | to the surface...
but not with dconne Nine Cities.
Maybe I was wrong.
For what?
Want to draw attention | of the League.
But this is not it.
Go get the others.
Your friend was right.
With your eye...
you can not play against them.
Do what I tell you.
I do not want the League | me remark. Not now.
But I do.
We will study this | before we decide.
They t'ont recognized...
and they have not accepted the challenge.
If it was not for him...
What an idiot.
He played in the League. | It had everything.
What idiot... | All for a woman.
He was young, very young.
He was an idiot!
A lot of players.
A new team, | you like it?
You were right for the level.
I never imagined that we | can play as fast and hard.
I was a member.
When I said that I was afraid,
It did not say | that I could not play.
I know.
Do not take one.
We share.
You do save money.
Thank you.
This is Amost you sleep | when you were in the League?
That's what I thought.
You slept...
in silk.
With the women without scars.
It should be soft,
skin without scar.
Like silk.
I like scars.
Nice performance today.
Thank you, Excellency.
The stratagme to the 36me stone.
Thank you, Excellency.
But we should finish | stones in 20, not 36.
Tomorrow it will be faster.
Tomorrow, Your Excellency?
Oh... challenges.
I will leave it to younger, | Excellence.
I'm too old to | learn something.
Tomorrow will be different.
I play against challenger?
against your old friend, Sallow.
He launched a challenge.
And it was accepted?
On my insistence.
I see.
I suppose it is not | as good as before,
Now he has only one eye.
C'est vrai?
"r one eye of darkness", as they say.
We could lose the other eye.
This is a sport so brutal.
Jigsaw also legs, | while you are there.
You want I esquinte, | voluntarily?
My chre. | You know Gonzo...
The biggest balafreur | Nine Cities met.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Kidd, | they accepted!
They accepted the challenge!
This is displayed!
They accept!
That's ridiculous, | nobody comes to see that.
There is not even fighting.
However, | they can be brutal.
Much more than for | the games of the League.
I do not like the brutality. | I like the hrosme.
I like the blood of heroes.
"The blood of heroes?
Be patient.
What are you doing Amost | It's just a challenge.
You see that Amost with his scar?
I put it to earth, | and you nailed the guards to the ground.
A detention | A challenge?
Do what I tell you. | I will fall in two.
- Why can not I play? | - Do what I tell you.
It is good or what?
Not anymore.
I've never been so scared.
I never lose.
I have always believed in the victory, | even when I lose.
So wins.
Is not...?
You want a kiss, ma petite?
Yeah, come and embrace me, | asshole.
Cent rocks!
Three times!
- number two. | - Number two!
- number four. | - Number four!
- Wait. | - Tighten it.
- I take the right one. | - Beware of the hook.
Band motherfucker!
Behind you!
They clouent ground?
They stopped Sallow.
Gonzo has stopped | for protection.
Take it easy, man. | It will be finished soon.
r right!
Forget it.
- Two more stones. | - Fuck you.
Twenty! | Come on, it is hot!
- Shit. | - What is it?
Ton is a good rider.
It will attract the attention of the League.
Come on, | we are moving.
Come Amost pile of shit in silk!
Kidd, I'm just behind you.
That's ridiculous.
60 stones!
It's a challenge!
60 stones!
60 stones!
A challenge. | They still play!
Come on, hit it.
Hold tight!
- 94... | - Now.
Go! | Go!
Cent stones... | once.
Not bad, man.
One hundred fucking rocks!
It is no longer standing.
His leg is broken.
T'as l'air en forme.
I wanted to win.
It's not over.
They replacements.
There are only four.
We are five.
I want you to do a fake.
- Who? | - He who sat on me.
Mbulu, you regrowth.
You've protected | dirty asshole.
Lord Vile, | Player I broke in two,
broken bones...
and left the ground behind me | covered in brains.
I would do anything to win.
But I have never injured person,
if it is to hang | skull dog
on a peg.
And I will never do.
You have not hung | this bloody skull on the stake.
No challenge has never | 26me passed the stone.
It will not take 26 more.
Cent rocks!
Ten stones, Sallow. | Not one more.
For you to play, Sallow.