We're Not Dressing (1934) Movie Script

We've sailed to every shore
from here to Singapore
But we've never, never
never seen a mermaid
We've sailed the Seven Seas
Seen a million different shes
But we've never, never
never seen a mermaid
It's a lie
It's a lie
Ship ahoy, ship ahey
ship ahigh
We dream while we're asleep
that we're 80 fathoms deep
But we've never, never
never seen a mermaid
A sailor can't be true
to any one gal
He's a cheatin'
son of the sea
A sailor can't be true
to any one gal
A sailor man
must have variety
[n every port you leave
behind a heartache inside
And always give 'em somethin'
to remember you by
But I'm a man that
could be true to one gal
If she's
the right gal for me
It's a lie
It's a lie
Ship ahoy, ship ahey
ship ahigh
We've sailed to Timbuktu
Valparaiso and Peru
But we've never, never
never seen a mermaid
I've been a sea dog
since I was in me prime.
- A seafaring man since B.C.
- B.C.?
Yeah, B.C. Before
''Come up and see me sometime.''
It's a lie
It's a lie
Ship ahoy, ship ahey
ship ahigh
We dream while we're asleep
that we're 80 fathoms deep
But we've never, never
- Come on, Doris! You're in the next hand.
Oh, here's a cocktail we've
never tried. A Yellow Parrot.
Ship ahoy, ship ahey
ship ahigh Who wants one?
We dream while we're asleep that we're
80 fathoms deep Hmm. A Yellow Parrot.
But we've never, never
never seen a mermaid
A Yellow Parrot.
Let's see.
Gin, orangejuice,
cointreau, cherries.
Hmm. Gin.
Well, I don't think I'll
trouble with the orange juice.
There's very little to be
gained from orange juice.
It says brandy here.
This is confusing.
Well... brandy.
What on Earth are you cooking? Ha-ha!
It's too weak.
Nights in Havana
are warm and delicious
They make trusting hearts
a bit too ambitious
The sway of the palms
makes a girl so pernicious
A tra-la-la
The men are all sheiks
and they use a new system
So, girlies, be careful
and learn to resist 'em
They'll fill you with bull
and after you've kissed 'em
They'll leave you flat on the
spot Ah-ha-ha, but for what
Ahh, for tra-la-la
la-la-la-la-la, ohh
If some caballero
takes off his sombrero
You better take care-o
watch out and beware-o
For it's just
a new Spanish custom
If some sweet bambino
says you are his queen-o
Then in some casino
he fills you with vino
Oh, it's just
a new Spanish custom
If he starts acting
too haughty-o
Ah,just kick him
right in the patio
If he starts to pet-o
I warn you no let-o
If he sings ''I love you''
he's singing falsetto
For it's just
a new Spanish custom
If you're so interested
in that sailor,
why don't you have him up here
and take him apart? What sailor?
Oh, not the one
you stare at, of course.
I do not stare at him.
I've hardly noticed him.
Then, uh, why have you been
picking on him the whole voyage?
Come along, Doris. I've cut
for you, and we're partners.
- Oh, Michael, would you mind getting me a highball?
- Oh, certainly.
Isn't he gorgeous?
In fact, they're both gorgeous. Yeah.
I don't wonder you have so much
trouble choosing between them.
What are you butting into
this for? Me butting in?
Hmph! I like that. I
found her first, didn't I?
Didn't she ask me to get her this drink?
You don't do as well with women as I do.
You've always got your cut, haven't
you? I proposed to her first.
You're making a big mistake. Lay off.
We three could be
very happy together.
I wish you'd hurry up and take.
I'm simply dithering with envy.
But why, darling? Because I'm gonna
take the one that's left, that's why.
You are? Are you sure
you can afford it?
I do hope I haven't
made it too strong.
Why, Michael,
how can you say that?
Whatever touches
those lips turns to honey.
Aren't they divine?
They're positively sinful.
Sinful is right. They're
positively a crime against nature.
Here's your baby, nursemaid.
She's cryin' for ya.
Oh, hello, Droopy.
She probably wants her
whiskers combed. Sing to her.
Come on, Steve.
Sing something.
Oh, no, not me. You know
how funny she is about music.
Oh, come on! That's all
right. I'll hold her for ya.
I'll sing about
the birds and bees
The pretty flowers
and the trees
The moon, the sun
the summery breeze
I'll even go to town
With ''London Bridge
Is Falling Down''
But I positively
refuse to sing
Don't know why
There's no sun
up in the sky
Stormy weather
Since my gal and I
ain't together
['ll sing about
the night we met
And about to remember
or forget
The grass is green
The dew is wet and say
I'll yodel
Night and day
''On the Road to Mandalay''
But I positively
refuse to sing
Who's Afraid of
the Big Bad Wolf-a
''When Annie Doesn't
Live Here Anymore''
I'll take
a heartbreak
I'll even end my song with
a ''hey-hey'' or a ''Yeah, man''
I'll sing about
the cabin door
The fields of corn
The Swanee shore
Let it rain
Let it pour
What's more
A cottage
warm and cozy
Or a
But I positively
refuse to sing
''['m Headin'for
That Last Roundup''
Get along, little doggie
Get along
Good night
lovely little lady
I must say adieu
To you
And your loveliness
The owner wants to see
you on the upper deck.
Who, me?
At once.
Evening, ma'am.
Good evening.
When I chose you
to take care of Droopy,
I did so because I believed you were
a steady and trustworthy young man.
Yes, ma'am? But when I see you wrestling the
poor creature all over the deck, I believe-
I wasn't wrestling with her.
Why, I saw you.
She was wrestling with me.
Are you being impertinent?
No, no, ma'am. You see,
Droopy only likes one song,
and whenever I sing anything else,
she just naturally ups and throws me.
What's your name?
Stephen, ma'am.
Stephen what?
Just call me Stephen.
I suppose you have a
second name. Oh, yes, ma'am.
Where did you learn to sing?
Oh, I-I just sort of sing.
You sing quite well.
Thank you.
Will you sing
something for us?
Well, if you don't mind,
['d rather not.
We could tie Droopy up.
Just the same,
I- I don't think-
We don't expect you to amuse us for
nothing, my man. He doesn't want your money.
Come on, sailor. Well, I don't know. I-
Of course he will.
Pardon me, darling.
Why does my heart
pound like a hammer
Why do I start
to stutter and stammer
When I'm near
the one I adore
The girl I love
Why is it I'm
the silliest person
Spend all my time
and keep on rehearsin'
A love song
She knows nothing of
[f [ were sure that
[ meant anything to her
I'd be brave
And here's the song
I'd bring to her
I'd sing to her
May I
Be the only one
to say I
Really fell in love
the day I
First set eyes on you
May I
With your
very kind permissin
Tell you that
my one ambition
Is to share a love
affair with you
Here I wait
Do give me my chance
Do tell me my fate
What is your answer
May I
Hold you to my heart
and pray I
Will be there beside you
when they groom and bride you
May [ hear you say
I do
Oh, may I
Be the only one
to say I
Really fell in love
the day I
Oh, the day that
I set eyes on you
May I
With your
very kind permissin
Tell you that
my one ambition
Is to share
Oh, to share that
love affair with you
Here [ wait
Do give me my chance
Do tell me my fate
What is your answer
May I
Hold you to my heart
and pray I
Will be there beside you
when they groom and bride you
May I hear you say
I do
Good night,
lovely little lady
I believe you taught her
that trick yourself.
Yes, ma'am.
Anyhow I think you better give Droopy
some exercise. She looks stuffy.
Yes, ma'am.
Uh, Doris, ['m not sure the sailor and the
bear should be allowed to parade this deck.
Why not, when you think of the
other things that parade this deck.
Ha! We're playing bridge.
Uncle Hubert,
couldn't you manage...
to be a little less rude to Prince
Michael and Prince Alexander?
I don't like 'em. They're
really very nice boys.
I know. I know. They dance beautifully,
probably knit beautifully too.
But I don't like 'em.
You better had. They want
to marry me. Both of them?
Yes. That's what makes it so
difficult; I can only marry one.
Well, don't stint yourself. You
know you can afford both of them.
Now, Uncle Hubert, don't be unkind.
The Siamese twins married one girl.
They're not Siamese. Well, I
could paste 'em together for you.
Even then,
you wouldn't have a man.
Ah! Well, you know, I'm very
fond of that animal. Aren't you?
Who, me? Oh, yes,
I'm very attached to her.
Say, what would you
think about giving her...
a little more scope
when you exercise her?
How do you mean?
Well, uh-
Wait just a minute. Just
a minute. Right here.
Well, how about these?
I hardly think the owner would
want me to go skating about, sir.
Oh, no, no, not for you.
Let's put 'em on Droopy.
Droopy? Yes. Then she'll
get twice the exercise.
Don't you see?
Yes, sir. Yeah. Come
on, Droopy, old girl.
Come on.
All right, get her up.
There you are.
Look out!
Look out!
- Hello. Oh, I-I-
- I'll murder that sailor!
He should be put in irons!
And fed on bread and water.
Look out.!
Look out.!
The lad is teaching that bear too
fast. But can you imagine that?
Fancy skating lessons the first
time out. Hold her, sailor.
This is insufferable! The
man must be out of his mind.
- Anybody get hurt?
- I did, but not where it shows.
In my country, the man would be
taught a lesson he'd never forget.
The lad meant no harm.
Put Droopy to bed and come back
here and wait for me. Yes, ma'am.
I should report you to the
Captain to be disciplined,
but I prefer to deal with
you myself. Yes, ma'am.
He's the freshest sailor
I've ever seen.
Ah, but he's cute.
If you'd only give me
the right to protect you.
Oh, Doris, if I were your husband, such
things as this would never happen to you.
Well, anyway,
who wants to walk?
Hubert, I want one.
You want one?
I want a prince.
I want a drink,
a great big drink.
She walks like you
She talks like you
Says pretty little things
just the way you do
So I fell in love with her
Because she
reminds me of you
She doubts like you
She pouts like you
Always keeps on telling me
that I'm untrue
So I fell in love with her
Because she
reminds me of you
Now time and time
I've called her by your name
And our love
I never have denied
But she said if I loved her
half as much as I love you
She'd be more than satisfied
She sighs like you
She cries like you
Always keeps on telling me
that I'm untrue
But I fell in love with her
Because she
reminds me of you
Angry, Hubert? No, I'm
not angry. I'm just hurt.
I had a vague idea
we were engaged to be married.
I'm perfectly willing to marry you,
but first I want you to buy me a prince.
What are you gonna do
with it, have it stuffed?
No, I wanna marry it.
I- What?
Then when I'm a princess,
I'll divorce him and marry you.
Well? You asked me to come back.
Haven't you anything to say
about your extraordinary behavior?
I'm sorry it happened, and I said
so. What made you do such a thing?
The reason one does things
isn't always clear.
It's perfectly clear to me.
You did it because you're fresh,
irresponsible, indifferent to the decorum
of my ship and safety of my guests.
Isn't that true?
Answer me!
Well, I-I wouldn't say that. A full grown
man who should be doing something useful...
like trying to rise
in your professin,
making yourself fit to command
a ship of your own someday.
But you haven't anything on your mind but
singing songs or playing games with bears.
I also scrub decks.
You are being impertinent.
I haven't said anything
disrespectful... yet.
You annoy me so,
I could slap your face.
Well, if it would make
you feel any better.
Ohh! Is there anything else, ma'am?
Get below and never put
your foot on this deck again!
The next port we touch, you're
dismissed! Yes, ma'am. Good night.
Fog lifting any? No sign of it yet, sir.
[f some sweet bambino
says you are his queen-o
Then in some casino
he fills you with vino
The charts!
They're overboard!
Charts. Don't be silly. Christopher
Columbus never had any charts.
It's more sporting,
more exciting...
to sail out
into the unknown.
Now see what you've done now. Take
the wheel. I'll call the skipper.
No, no, no, don't bother.
Don't bother.
I'll steer this ship like the ancient Phoenicians
- by the stars.
This is serious, sir.
Oh, calm yourself.
Men nowadays use too many
gadgets. There's the North Star.
The North Star is there.
That's the North Star. I'll
show you. Just a minute.
We're on a reef!.
Close all watertight doors!
Three feet of water
in the port hold, sir.
Everybody on deck, and put
on your life preservers!
We're sinking!
The owner and passengers will
leave in Mr.Johnson's boat.
Everything is okay now,
my darling.
Captain said to shove
off at once. Right.
Are you coming?
One minute.
Don't worry, Edith.
I'll save you.
She's filling up fast, sir.
Stand by the pumps.
Where you goin'?
I forgot Droopy, sir.
Hurry up, Doris!
We're sinking!
- Soon as I get my clothes on!
- A life preserver's more important.
I haven't got one!
We'll save you!
I'm practically
in the water now.
There goes our sea skate!
Look, Droopy!
Good night
Lovely little lady
[ must say adieu to you
And your loveliness
Good night
Lovely little lady
How it makes me grieve
to leave
The charms you possess
For when you are gone
my dear
How lonely it seems
But we'll meet again
my dear
On a pillow of love
'neath a blanket of green
So good night
lovely little lady
Oh, let us kiss again
And then good night
Many brave hearts
Are asleep
in the deep
Well, good night
Lovely little lady
I must say adieu to you
And your loveliness
[s that you, sailor?
Hey, sailor!
Yell in English!
- Well, where are ya?
- Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean!
Well, keep on yellin'!
We'll get together!
Ah, there you are. Well, how ya
doin'? Let go of that poor animal.
I can't. I haven't got
any life preserver.
No, you wouldn't have. That's
what's the matter with my yacht-
sailors who haven't sense enough to wear
a life preserver when the ship's sinking.
I should fire you. Ah, but
you did. Don't you remember?
You're still fired.
Okay, okay. Pay me off.
Hmph! Think you're funny?
I'll talk as much as I
- Shut up! I think I hear land.
You hear land? Do I have to
duck you to keep you quiet?
You wouldn't dare.
Oh! With the whole Pacific Ocean to
swim in, I'd have to bump into you!
Get along little Droopy Get along
Work for the night
is coming
Work through
the morning hours
Work while-
This is beginning
to depress me.
We're still on our first day,
so you better keep your chin up.
My chin is fine. The trouble is with
my chassis. Come on. It's your turn.
All right. What's the
idea of the scotch?
Oh, I brought it along
in case. [n case. Get it?
I bet the answer's funny.
Work for the night
is coming
Work through
the morning hours
Work while
the dew is sparkling
If you'd kept out of it, I might have
married her before the yacht crashed.
Yeah. Then you'd have had her
money. Well, now nobody's got it.
Look! We're in!
Put me down! Oh, I can't let you drown.
Put me down, sailor! Don't be any
more annoying than you can help.
You put me down, all right!
Looks like a nice little island.
Looks pretty lonesome. Did
everybody else get off on lifeboats?
I don't know. Oh, the boys were
getting me a life preserver.
One of them did. Do you know
which one? No, you wouldn't.
Well, you might tell me what
you think happened to 'em.
Well, there's a chance
they might have drowned.
Why, with this sun,
we ought to be dry in no time.
I can't stand these wet
clothes a minute longer.
Then you better get
up there and take 'em off.
wring that out for me.
It hurts me to tell you this,
but you'll have to get along...
without a lady's man
for a time.
I hate to tell you this, but I'm
gonna bounce this rock on your head...
as soon as [ get dressed.
Ah-ah. Remember what happened
when you just slapped me.
Well, don't be unsociable, sailor.
Let's try and get along.
Well, look.
At what?
The boys.
The boys!
Well, don't stand there.
Go help them. Do something.
Right this way.
Hey, sailor,
pull us ashore!
Yes, sir!
Come on.!
You're safe. That's the important
thing. All those hours thinking you lost.
Which one of you saved me? Well, I, uh-
Well, don't be modest
about it. Tell me. Doris.!
Darling! Ohh!
Well, Doris! Oh, Uncle Hubert!
Thank heavens you're safe!
Da- Ohh.
The shipwreck hasn't turned
out as well as I'd hoped.
Oh, hello, sailor. I
wish we could dry out.
Sailor, build a fire.
Hurry up. I'm hungry.
Breakfast. That's an idea.
Where are we gonna get it?
- There must be things to eat.
- This is an island, probably uninhabited.
Well, the first thing is
a fire. Have you matches?
Can you cook?
- Swell. Then we can have some breakfast.
- Not anything that takes long.
I'm famished. Something simple
- a fish, for example.
We'll leave the menu to you. I think
maybe we better get one thing straight.
We're on an island in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean.
There's nobody here to fetch and
carry for you. Well, what's he mean?
I fired him. This seems
to be a devil of a time-
You'll be well-paid for any- You can cut
that. We're off the gold standard here.
What do you expect us to do? The last
thing that you'd ever think of. Work.
See, I'm willing to do all I can,
but you got to help yourselves.
Gather driftwood, dig clams, pack water,
build a shelter. What are you gonna do?
Well, I'll show you how if you wish.
You mean you're gonna run things?
Well, it looks as though I'd
have to. You seem to forget-
You can take it or leave it.
Naturally, we don't take it.
Can't take it, you mean.
''Don't take it,'' I said.
Okay. I didn't suggest it.
You got hungry.
Well, now don't you think
you were a little hasty, dear?
We'll probably starve.
Oh, we'll look after you.
Just leave everything to
us. Now I know we'll starve.
Oh! Ohhh!
My lingerie. It's a
blessing you're not in them.
Gracie, you've lost something. Yeah
- Oh.
Aw. Oh, thanks, George.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for what?
For my panties.
I know better than to ask you, but
what are you talking about? My panties.
It was sweet of you to buy them
for me, and such a surprise too.
Listen, we're in the middle of
the ocean on an uninhabited island.
We are here collecting species of flora
and fauna. What station are they on?
What station are they on?
They're not on the radio. Yes.
Flora are plants and fauna are animals.
Flora and Fauna will be on the radio...
because that combination sounds as good
as Amos and Andy, don't you think so?
I think so.
Listen, what I'm trying to say to you is
that there are no stores on the island.
Where would I buy panties?
Well, I give up, George,
but why don't you buy 'em in
the same place you bought these?
Yes, well
- Stop it. Stop it. You're getting daffy.
George, another surprise. Am I getting
a one-pound box or a two-pound box?
I love daffy. That's my favorite
candy. Stop it. You're getting nuts.
If it's just the same to you,
could I have daffy without nuts?
I've had it with nuts. Listen, try
to understand what I'm talking about.
You're just plain daffy. Now that's what I want
- just plain daffy.
I'm crazy about just
plain daffy. You're crazy.
My map! My map of the island! This
is the result of two months surveying!
What is all this? What are these
little marks? Those are my inventions.
That's my moose trap.
Moose trap?
You probably mean a mousetrap. Oh,
no. This is for more than one mouse.
You see, two mouse
make a mice.
And two mice make a moose.
And two mice make a moose?
How is this silly invention of yours
gonna catch moose? Well, it doesn't.
It catches lions and
tigers. Lions and tigers?
Well, sure. You see,
it has a sign on the trap.
It says, ''Keep out. For moose
only.'' That explains it, I guess.
And the lions and tigers
can't read,
So they go in and get caught.
so they go in and get caught.
I wanna show you my invention. You couldn't
invent something that would make you disappear.
Well, I'm working
on that. Come on.
Look. Footprints.
Where do they come from?
What are they doing here?
Well, that's part of my trap.
Animals always follow
footprints, you know. I-
What are you doing? I'm picking up the
footprints so the animals won't follow us.
''So the animals won't follow us''? Yes.
It's part of your invention. That
came right out of my own head.
I'd have it stuffed. Your head. My head?
Oh, I have brains.
My shaving mirror.
I've been looking for it for days.
Well, that's part
of my invention also.
You see, the lion sees himself in the
mirror and thinks it's another lion.
So he, the real lion, snatches the piece
of meat so the other lion won't get it.
I'll see you later. Don't go,
George. I haven't finished yet.
Now, look. You be the lion and
pull the string. Pull the string.
Moose trap.
There you are.
Come on, George.
Well... who is that?
Well, that's Uncle Fred.
He frightens the lions. No,
he really doesn't do anything.
Ya see, he was always very kind to animals,
so I just put him there out of sentiment.
Come on, George.
And this-This is a barrel. I'm glad
you told me because for a minute,
I thought that was a barrel.
There ya go.
Quiet. Quiet.
George, kick the coconut.
Kick? I'll be glad to.
Oh, this next one
will get ya.
Clever. Don't you think so? I think so.
Did you notice the camera? Yes.
In case the lion gets away, then
we always have a picture of it.
And the music soothes the savage
beast. Soothes the savage beast.
Is that gun loaded? Oh, sure. If
you pull on the rope, it goes boom.
It goes boom?
Oh, yeah.
Let me out of here! I'd like to, but
I have to wait until it gets dark.
Good and dark? Well, sure
because if I let you out now,
the animals might see me, and
then they'll know how to get out.
Well, good-bye, George.
I'll see ya sometime tonight.
Good-bye, George.
Gracie! Gracie! Good-bye.!
Good-bye, George.!
Never treat others
with scorn
We're only here
'cause we're born
Although you're way up
You may not stay up
Stop tootin' your horn
Why boast of the wealth you possess
High on the hill
of success
On friendship
you never should frown
You'll need
the same friends
On the weary way down
So love thy neighbor
Walk up and say
how be ya
Gee, but I'm glad
to see ya, pal
How's tricks
What's new
Love thy neighbor
Offer to share
his burden
Tell him
to say the word 'n'
You will
see him through
if there should be
A beautiful girl
next door
Say to that girl
next door
Now don't
think ['m bold
But my mother told me
to love thy neighbor
And you will find
your labor
A great deal easier
Life will be breezier
If you love thy neighbor
How will we live? What'll
we do? What'll we eat?
We'll live on the milk of human
kindness and coconuts to you.
I could live here forever.
It's wonderful. It's grand.
Especially when a charming
neighbor lends such a helping hand.
Oh, let's be domestic
happy and love nest-ic
Let's begin to turn this
into an island of joy
You'll be the papa
and I'll be the mama
We'll be
a hubby and spouse
You wash the dishes
I'll look at Ballyhoo
Let's play house
Own your own home,
the acme of perfection.
And the customer is always
right. We're open for inspection.
Inquire on the premises. If
nothing suits you, we will alter.
For when a home is built
on the foundation of love,
it's as strong as
the rocks of''Gibraltinter.''
Uh, Gi-Gi-Gibraltar. There
it stands, yawning invitingly.
Into its fold
let's creep.
It was yawnin', Massa.
It was yawnin',
but it's rolled over
and done gone to sleep.
should there be
A beautiful girl
next door
I will say to that
girl next door
Now don't think I'm bold
My mama told me
to love thy neighbor
And you will find
your labor
A great deal easier
Life will be breezier
If you love
thy neighbor
I'll never go on another
uninhabited island.
I don't care
who lives there.
Could we help you
in a nice way?
I'll set the table and
wash the dishes afterwards.
If you want anything to eat,
you'll have to go dig some clams.
Maybe if I made a noise like a female
clam, they'd come out by themselves.
Come on, dear.
Maybe the sailor has a match. No!
Well, not so gently.
Hit it hard.
I was only trying to act like a
lady. Why, with all your talents?
Oh, it's no use.
That's what I thought.
I think maybe I'll go borrow
a light from the sailor.
I think maybe
I'll go with you.
All right. If that's
what you want to do.
Could we be of any
assistance to you?
Go up there and gather
some wood... both of you.
Anybody care to drink
a little dessert?
Did you ever see
anyone so stubborn?
Well, sir, everything a man
needs to live is right here...
ready to take.
Why, with a hammer and saw,
I could build a city.
What you could do with tools.
Are you gonna let me starve?
Say, if you wanna eat,
you gotta work...
just like the rest of us.
Papa spank.
Thank you.
That's just the same
as stealing.
Oh, I ought to slap your face. If
it would make you feel any better.
Gracie, what's the
matter? I can't sleep.
Why don't you try counting
sheep? Shh! I did. Look.
News flash: The oil tanker
Good Hope reports by radio...
they have rescued the crew
of the palatial yacht Doris,
which was owned by Miss Doris Worthington,
heiress of the Worthington millions.
The owner and her party
are believed lost.
Did you hear that? Isn't that
awful? I should say that is.
Sure. They woke up my sheep.
Gracie, why don't
you go to sleep?
I can't go to sleep. I've got insomnia. George,
frighten me, and that will cure my insomnia.
All right,
I'll frighten ya.
Close your eyes and count from
one to 20, and I'll frighten ya.
Yeah, all right.
Now no peekin'.
1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 5,
6, 7, 14,
15, 16, 17,
B-19, 20!
Here I come!
Ready or not! Here-Aw!
George! George!
George, where are you?
That's a good disguise, George, but
it doesn't frighten me. Try again.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Ready or not,
here I come.
Here I- George?
Georgie Porgie?
Oh, that's much better, George, but
your baby-blue eyes gave you away.
I don't know, but I think you look better
in that than you do in your street clothes.
I'm getting tired.
Let's stop playing and carry me
home piggyback. Whee! Here I go!
Now, George,
not too fast.
Oh, George! You know
bears can't climb trees!
Now George Martin, take me
down this instant. Gracie!
Who are you?
Who am I?
If this is you up here,
then who are you down there?
Gracie, this is me. That's a
real bear up there. Come on down.
Come on, Gracie!
May [
Be the only one
to say [
Really fell in love
the day [
First set eyes
on you
May I
With your
very kind permissin
Tell you that
my one ambition
Is to share
a love affair with you
Here I wait
Do give me
my chance
Do tell me my fate
What is your answer
May [
Hold you to my heart
and pray [
Will be there beside you
when they groom and bride you
May I hear you say
I do
Gracie, my gun! A bird! What?
A bird! A bird! All right,
wait a minute.! Here.
Not a duck. My gun! How
could you shoot with a duck?
Well, my father used to shoot ducks,
but maybe that duck wasn't loaded.
I'd like to bet that your father
was. If he was, then why did...
the duck shoot my father because I always say
- Quiet! Quiet!
Well, I missed him. He's gone, and that was
a stratosphere duck, and they're very rare.
I'm glad you missed him. I don't like
rare duck. I like my ducks well-done.
Now take my uncle.
You take your uncle.
They did.
They did?
My uncle's a hunter. Well,
I'd rather not hear about it.
My uncle always goes
out duck hunting.
Now Monday he takes four dogs,
and Tuesday he takes three dogs.
Gracie, Gracie, why does he take four
dogs Monday and three dogs Tuesday?
Because that other dog won't
follow him on Tuesday. Why?
he shot him Monday.
Nice work. He aims at little
innocent birds and shoots dogs.
Yeah, all except one dog. His
favorite dog. His name is Scram.
Your uncle's name is Scram? Oh,
stop. No, the dog's name is Scram.
You see, that saves my uncle a
lot of money calling him Scram.
Because the dog's name is Scram,
that saves your uncle a lot of money?
Sure. When he calls the dog to feed
him, he hollers, ''Scram! Scram!''
And the dog runs away. I get the
whole thing. And the dog runs away.
I mean, the whole-
Gracie, the stratosphere
duck! My gun!
George, hit him! Hit
him hard! Hit him hard!
Gracie! Gracie!
I missed him.
I missed him!
George, you missed him with your gun,
but you didn't miss him with your head.
I think you shoot straighter with your
head than with your gun. You think so?
I think so. Let me tell ya
somethin'. There is nothing up here.
Yeah, I know.
What was that? The moose trap.
Something's caught in my moose trap.
Moose trap.
Me know you.
Gracie, what's the matter?
We just caught Tarzan's mate.
Tarzan is a character in a
book. Well, maybe he got out.
Would you mind helping me
out of this hole?
Well, who are you?
Where did you
come from?
We were shipwrecked on the other
side of the island. Do you live here?
Well, temporarily. We're Mr. and
Mrs. George Martin. Naturalists.
Our camp-
I'm Miss Doris Worthington.
Oh. Oh, Gracie, this
is the missing heiress.
Hello. Maybe she knows where my missing brother
is. Do you know where my missing brother-
Gracie. Instead of shooting a bird,
I should have shot a little idiot.
If you gotta shoot an idiot, shoot a big
one. We're gonna have company for dinner.
We heard about your
shipwreck on the radio.
Ships are searching all the
islands for you. Oh, how nice.
Our boat is coming next month. In the meantime,
we could make you comfortable at our camp.
Thank you. But for the present,
could you just lend us some clothes?
Oh, certainly.
Why, certainly.
And a kit of tools?
Yes, a tool kit,
if you'll be so kind.
Playing boats?
Tools! This is luck!
A gift from heaven. Now you can build
that city you were talking about.
This feels like a blanket. That's to
sleep on after you've built your city.
Clothes! Ohh! Now where do
you suppose they came from?
Maybe they
were washed ashore.
Carry some of these.
Come on.
Well, sir, it's a good thing somebody
around here keeps his eyes open.
Sailor, I don't know how we'd
ever get along without you.
Hey, look, Robinson Crusoe. Why do
we have to do everything in one day?
Is our lease up tonight? Oh, stop
crabbin'. The work is good for your liver.
My liver never did
anything for me.
Anyhow you'll all
sleep well tonight.
See, a little work
won't hurt you... for once.
Oh, I don't mind work now and then.
But I don't want it to become a habit.
Don't say that, Uncle Hubert. He
worked harder himself than any of us.
He certainly did.
Why, we've only begun to work.
Tomorrow we'll get
an early start, about 6:00.
What? And waste
the whole morning?
Stop grumbling. The least you
can do is obey orders cheerfully.
Without the sailor to lead us,
where would we be now? Asleep.
We'd probably be dead of starvation
and exposure. Oh, now don't exaggerate.
I'm gonna hit the hay.
Call me October 8.
How can you think of sleep
on a night like this?
Smell the breeze. It's perfume.
Smell it yourself. It's your idea.
Aw, let's go out in the
jungle and pick some orchids.
No, I'm tired. Let 'em
come out here and pick us.
Now you draw two hearts
with an arrow joining them.
Then you put the initials inside
the hearts. Oh, I didn't see you.
That's what annoyed me. I'm just
trying to figure out a simple method...
of bringing fresh water
into the camp. See-
Sailor, look at the moon.
Now look at me.
Now tell me
what you're thinking about.
Uh, this, uh-
this diagram. I-
Sailors aren't what they used to be.
No, sir. Gimme the good old sailors.
If I could get this
figured out tonight,
I think we could have it in
operation in three or four days.
How long do you expect to be here?
Well, your guess is as good as mine.
Maybe better. You know you're
just like that butler in the play,
the one that was marooned
with his lady?
What was his name?
Crichton, isn't it?
Crichton. That's right.
The Admirable Crichton.
Only he was dressed in skins,
showing his chest.
Am I gonna get to see
your chest, sailor?
Everything's funny
to you, isn't it?
The lady fell in love with
him. I remember that part.
But it didn't turn out very
happily. He had to give her up.
[ remember that part. It must
have been fun while it lasted.
Oh, she was
a selfish little prig.
How could he fall in love
with a selfish little prig?
I did.
Who is she?
Wouldn't it be better if you ran along
and let me figure out the water supply?
No. It's after
working hours.
Who is the little pig you
fell in love with? Prig.
Who is she?
I fell in love with you the day
you walked up that gangplank.
You kept it pretty quiet. What's
the matter with me, too much money?
No. Nobody has too
much money. What then?
Don't you think you
better... go to bed?
Look, sailor. Why didn't you
tell me you're in love with me?
A man hasn't a right to keep
a thing like that to himself.
I didn't want to.
Why not?
Because I have a fairly
clear idea about my life-
what I want and what
I have to do. Such as?
When we get off this island, I'd like to
continue around the worid. I'm an architect.
At least, that's what
they told me at college.
I've been offered
a job in New York.
Is that so important?
No, but it's better than
letting a wife support you.
You mean that, sailor?
I wish I didn't.
I never thought
about it that way before.
But, you see, it hurts because I saw
you too when I came up the gangplank.
You had a smudge of grease
on your nose.
Well... what are
we gonna do about it?
Nothing. Then why are
you making love to me?
I'm not making love to
you. Yes, you are, sailor.
Really, you are.
And I want you to,
though I don't know why.
Once in a blue moon
Someone like you
happens along
Out of a clear blue sky
Here are you
Here am I
Once in a blue moon
Life will become
a beautiful song
Though we were
worids apart
Here we are
heart to heart
That used to be
strange souls
Now are sharing
A dream so divine
That used to be
strange lips
Are declaring
I love you
Will you be mine
Say you'll be mine
Once in a blue moon
Someone like you
happens along
A blessing from heaven
Here are you
Here am I
This is love
Miss Worthington.!
Miss Worthington.!
Miss Worthington! Do you know
where Miss Worthington is?
This is
Miss Worthington herself.
[ came to tell you that you're
rescued, and the captain's-
Two boats arrived searching for you
over in the cove by our camp now.
We thought we'd better come fetch
you. You could spend the night...
at our camp and be ready for an early
start. George would like his tools.
Come on.
Well, no, wait a minute.
[ mean, the tools and the clothes that
we leant her to play thatjoke on somebody.
Yes, thank you.
You can take the rest across.
We'll follow in a few minutes. Come on.
Ye- Oh, oh.
Don't be angry.
Why don't you go? You've had
your fun. Don't take it like that.
Go on back to your friends. A lot
of people laughing makes it funnier.
Stephen- You can tell
them the rest of it-
how I made love to you and told you
my life's history and everything.
They'll die laughing.
I kissed you.
Now that meant a lot to
you, didn't it? Doris.!
Oh, Doris!
Here [ am, Michael.!
- You gave us an awful scare, Doris.
- We thought you got lost.
She's not alone.
Well, practically
alone. Come along, Doris.
The others started over long
ago. Miss Worthington isn't going.
She's staying here.
What's he talking about?
Thank heaven we don't have to
take any more of his insolence.
Come along, Doris. On your way,
before I break both your necks.
See here. The man's crazy. I've been
wanting to do this for a long time.
That was a very stupid
thing to do.
Why? Can't we all play games?
I like to play rough.
Will you tell me what on Earth
- You'll find out.
I suppose a fate
worse than death awaits me.
How do you know it's worse than death?
You never been dead, have ya?
Let me go!
I will not!
Let me outta here! This is
not exactly a perfumed boudoir,
but after all, Adam and Eve got
along all right. You wouldn't dare!
Why wouldn't I? Tomorrow you'll
be back in your own worid...
spoiled and petted and
sheltered and out of my reach.
In all my life, I'll probably
never see you again.
But tonight you're mine,
just as you pretended to be.
Remember this, will you?
And remember it always.
Remember there was a man you led on
and laughed at. A man who could have-
Well, he didn't...
because you're
not worth it.
Doris. Are you all right?
Are we in time?
Yes, you're in time.
Doris, I feel you ought to know that it
was Michael who gave you his life preserver.
Alexander, you shouldn't have
told her. I asked you not to.
Michael is so modest. It was
very nice of you, Michael.
I'll see that you get a
Carnegie medal or something.
Miss Worthington.
You know
- Gracie, do you miss these people so much?
No, they don't mean anything in
my life. Then why are you crying?
Oh, this thing keeps
pinchin' my stomach.
Mr., Mrs., Mrs., Mrs.,
Mrs., Mrs., Miss.
Say, look at this.
''Miss Lucille Van Epps O'Rourk,
Park Avenue, New York.''
If you're drinking scotch-a
and feeling quite reckless
And some sweet muchacha
says ''buy me a necklace''
It's just an old
Spanish custom
Ah, my Adonis,
so handsome, so fair.
Smoke gets in your eyes,
but you gets in my hair.
Go to your royal princes.
We're finished. We're through.
Princes now
are quite taboo
All I crave is Y-O-U
Can't you see, woof-woof
It's the animal in me
Skipper wants to see
you on the bridge. Right.
- I changed ships.
- Why?
On account of Droopy.
She needs a father.
Now what did
you come here for?
For better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer.
No, really, Stephen. I want
to study architecture too.
Haven't you had
enough fun with me?
I've never been so serious in
all my life. Please believe me.
No. Oh, I'm sorry for what I did to you.
I'll be good, Stephen, really I will.
I'll do everything you tell me to.
Say, do I have to slap your
face to make you kiss me?
['ll be there beside you
when they groom and bride you
May [ hear
you say [ do
Hey, Captain. Can you sing ''Good
Night, Lovely Little Lady''?
- Yes.
- Then sing it loud and clear.
Good night
Lovely little lady
Lovely little lady
Dearest one you are
A blessing
from heaven above
Here are you
Here am I
This is love