Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s05e22 Episode Script

The End

1 Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" Voss: That was the last time anyone saw Daisy Johnson alive.
- Daisy: And then? - 12.
8 on the Richter scale, and the world cracked like an egg.
There's untapped deposits of Gravitonium - under the Earth's surface.
- And you want to get it out - and power yourself up more.
- Coulson.
Simmons: He is not going to die not yet, at least.
The Centipede serum was the key to curing Coulson.
What about Talbot? You find a way to stop him? Yeah, we think so.
If we can combine the Odium with another dose of the Centipede serum, it should be able to penetrate his cells.
That's not possible.
There is no more Centipede serum.
- So we either save Coulson - Or we save the world.
5x22 - The End [Monitor beeping] Daisy: He's out of time.
- Mack: There has to be another way.
- Simmons: I'm telling you, the implant only contains enough for one dose.
- Either it's medicine or a weapon.
- Davis said there's no change.
Yo-Yo: Why are we still discussing this?! - The scale has tipped to one side.
- Daisy: This isn't numbers, it's Coulson.
- You don't want to be in there? - And Coulson didn't want this.
How many times do we have to make that clear? This is for them to decide.
I know it's terrible.
I can't bear to see him like that.
But this? This is the moment This is the exact circumstance that she warned us about.
- We're all aware.
- We can change it right now.
The Odium mixture won't work if it can't penetrate Talbot's skin.
Simmons: Bullets can't get close to him.
No one can touch him, not even you, Yo-Yo.
There's no way to get the poison in his body.
What if he absorbed someone? Oh, don't look at me like that.
- I-It's hypothetical.
- Yo-Yo: Exactly.
All we have to do is have it in the right hands, and that maniac will take the bait.
And so who'd you have in mind, you? - I don't know, maybe.
- Now you want to sacrifice yourself, too? No, but I'm willing to.
We all should be.
- Simmons: We know Coulson would.
- And if it doesn't work? He would've died for nothing.
Better than leaving this world in pieces.
Robin said Coulson could put the pieces together.
She thinks that she's the key to solving all of this.
She speaks in broken riddles.
You're hearing what you want to hear.
- What could Coulson do? - He would never give up on Talbot, and he wouldn't see him as a maniac.
He would see him as a man, as a broken man.
Coulson's the only one that can talk him through this.
That's what he does.
- Put him back together.
- I'm sorry.
We save lives.
I have to make this call.
Fitz-Simmons, get ready to - Yo-Yo - You're making me do this.
I-I can't let you use it for that.
- Put it down.
- Okay.
Let's stay calm.
Stop making me the bad guy.
I'm not.
You just don't want him to die.
- Put it down.
- I don't want him to die, either, but he's just one man.
No, no! None of that.
Think about what you're doing here.
You won't listen.
I'm in a nightmare, and I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, - and none of you can hear me! - We hear you.
Well, you won't listen! You all saw what happened, and none of you will help me stop this! I'm alone, and even you even you won't help me.
No, you're not alone.
We're in this with you, but we need to hold it together.
- There's nothing holding us together.
- Yes, there is! Hope.
We never give up.
We're always held together by hope.
So we cling to it and we vote.
We vote.
[Vial shatters] [Gasps] No No.
Why? No [Crying] No.
[Crying continues] [Sniffles] I'm sorry.
[Sobbing continues] Simmons and I will prepare the remedy.
Everyone else should prepare for the end of the world.
Talbot: Art project.
It's time for you to point to the place where you saw me surrounded by the liquid metal.
Can just draw a little dot.
If you get me close, I'll feel it now.
You see this little guy? I am the savior that's going to protect it.
But I need some help.
What do you say? Then I'll just take your damn soothsayer powers! - Cut to the chase! - No, you won't.
Of course not.
[Chuckles] You're just a kid.
But I will find a way to win you over.
I'm here.
You're doing good.
- Don't help him.
- But if I don't, this will be the last time I see you.
Aah! No! [Screams] No! No! Robin! - No! Robin, no! - It's true.
You're not gonna see your mother again till I get what I want.
Now let's try this again.
Just one little dot.
You're going to die.
Well everyone dies.
And on that day, we'll have to answer up there for what we've done down here.
It's not God I'm afraid of.
[Engines whoosh] [Monitors beeping] I heard you were up.
"Up" would imply the ability to stand.
- I'm not there yet.
- You will be.
Um I just want you to know no matter what they say I was never arguing for you to die.
I just I was just arguing to not bet everything on you.
And I would've taken your side.
I know.
Let's put one of those in every room, if possible.
It'll be useful, trust me.
- Did you finish fueling up the Zephyr? - Yeah, and the Quinjet.
We'll leave as soon as we get a location.
I'm glad you're taking point here at the Lighthouse.
Who better than you to decide what the next generation will look like.
Get to show them the ins and outs of this place.
Yeah, I don't know if I'm gonna be around for all that.
I'll call the mayor and give the tour, but when you get back, - I-I think I'll be out of here.
- Why? This is my room.
I'm like a squirrel, hoarding anything I can find.
Also, side note found a nature book.
- Learned about squirrels.
- Old habits die hard.
It's more like I'm a damaged person.
From a damaged world.
If there's even a chance that could happen again You'd want to see the world before it does.
I mean, besides, according to Fitz, if the world doesn't crack open and you break the time loop, I'll just blink out of existence anyway, so it's just one more vacancy, right? Come on.
I never totally fit in with the gang, anyway.
Is that what we are? You know, when I first met you guys, I'd never seen anything like that.
I'd seen people kill for each other without hesitation all the time, but I'd never seen a group that was willing to die for each other.
Your trust, it just seemed too strong to break.
And you trying to fix Coulson, that's great.
I love the guy, but if you really want to lead one day, then you got to fix that.
Just my two cents.
I also read a book on idiomatic expressions.
- We're on the move.
- You spotted him? - Where is he? - Chicago.
That's not something you see down in urgent care.
It's almost the same serum that was keeping Garrett alive.
Though the Centipede ingredients might give you a little extra mojo.
Jemma, you remember when I was carving into the walls? And you know how it ended with Garrett.
We've seen what happens when we don't let nature take its course.
Yes, sir.
- And we discussed that as a group - May: Simmons.
Will you give us a moment? I'm not going to detail what we risked to get this.
I'm aware.
And I'm not happy I was left out of that decision.
You wouldn't wake up.
But now the decision is yours.
You're too weak to stand? Well, we'd like to see you walk out of this room and rejoin the fight.
But it's up to you if you think more time is worth it.
I've made it clear how I feel.
- I think I have, too.
- But even now the word scares you.
I'm just having a hard enough time leaving you behind.
So don't.
[Rumbling, people screaming] [Rumbling] [Screaming continues] We're 10 minutes out! Mack: The buildings are holding for now.
And the tracker we placed on Robin is back online.
That places her inside that ship.
So taking out Talbot is one thing, but we got to clear the civilians and rescue Robin, too.
May: Before the ship and the buildings collapse.
[Door opens] Fitz: I-I'd like to get close and test the buildings' structural integrity.
- You asked to see me.
- Yeah.
[Clears throat] I'm aware that we rolled the dice with Coulson, and I still believe that we need him for this, but I will admit that I let my emotions get the best of me.
I thought that Coulson was the only one who could keep us all on the same page.
You would say that's proof that I can't do the job, that I shouldn't lead.
Well, I agree.
The truth is, I can't hold the team together.
But he can.
Coulson wants me to call the shots in his absence.
Well, that's my decision.
Mack should call the shots.
He has the biggest heart.
I mean, physically, but also, you know You are our moral center.
And, look, I never want to stop being a soldier.
He's a general we can all rally behind.
Anyone who thinks I'm 100% right about this, raise your hand? Couldn't have said it better myself.
- Oh, thank god.
- Fitz: Sir, good to see you.
Hold the applause.
She didn't go through that for nothing.
Time to suit up.
So what do we do? [Breathes deeply] We save lives.
[Sirens wail] Block off that road! Get down! Get down! [Over PA] This is Chicago PD! Hands above your head, or we will open fire! All that would be is noise.
Right now, I want quiet.
I can feel my future power coursing through the ground below.
[Sirens wail] I have a feeling that isn't gonna do much.
It is feeling that way.
[Cellphones ringing] Who is it? Mack: Officers on the ground, first responders, this is S.
We're here to help.
Oh, thank God.
We have an aircraft to evacuate any civilians trapped near the center of the city.
You'll know it when you see it.
Get them there.
We will clear the high floors of the impacted buildings before they collapse.
And most importantly, do not engage the enemy.
I repeat do not engage the enemy.
We will handle it.
I got you, I got you.
[Electricity crackles] - May: Come on, come on.
You okay? - Yes.
Let's go.
- Yeah, go, go, go, go.
- Hurry.
I'll give them some light, show them the way to the stairwell.
Yeah, this way.
- Robin: Mom.
- Robin? It's okay, it's okay, Robin.
- You're okay.
- Mom they took her away from me.
[Sniffles] They took her away.
[Siren wails in distance] The hull of the ship is busted.
She must have climbed out.
Your mother, Polly, is she in there? - Mack: Okay.
- Check the detention level, bottom deck! All right, you stay with her! [Siren wails in distance] All right.
I'll hit Talbot hard, neutralize the threat, restrain him, and you can walk right up and do the talking.
- I'm not going.
- What? Why? Because I can barely stand.
[Breathing heavily] - You didn't take it.
- It didn't feel right.
It didn't feel like the way this was supposed to go.
I'd have told you on the Zephyr, but you'd have pinned me down and jammed that syringe - into my neck right there.
- Damn straight.
I'm sorry.
You You're the only one who can reach Talbot.
That's not true.
And I think we may be beyond that.
If so, you're the only one who can defeat him.
Appeal to him as a military man.
- He took an oath when he enlisted.
- I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
I can't I can't do it.
I can't go out there, especially not alone.
I've given you all the tools you need to handle this.
Now you find the strength in your heart to appeal to his good nature, and if you can't, find the strength in your arms to beat his ass senseless.
[Rumbling] We're out of time.
[Gangway motor whirring] You take it! Do you hear me?! You fly back, and you take it! We fought for you.
And we fought each other for you.
[Gangway motor whirring] [Breathing heavily] [Whispers] Polly.
Polly: In here! [Grunts] [Panting] Robin.
Oh, good.
- Where's Mack? - Uh, in the ship.
He went to find Polly.
May neither of them make it.
Oh, no.
[Polly grunting] Ohh! Oh, thank God you're here.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Robin? Don't worry.
We have her.
- Let's get you to her.
- Okay.
[Rumbling] [Rumbling] [Both grunt] Stop! People are dying! This is war.
Collateral damage is part of it.
I need to arm myself so I can fight my enemies.
You are becoming the enemy, whether you believe it or not.
- Run! - There's nowhere to go.
[Grunting] Zephyr One, Quinjet 323 docking complete.
We're on board.
You want me to call for some assistance, sir? You don't look too goo Oh, my God.
Coulson - Coulson! Coulson! - Daisy: It's not too late.
- Think about your son.
- I'm doing this for him.
Did you see it in his face? How scared he was? It's just because I seem different.
I'm becoming the most powerful being in the universe.
He'll see it one day.
The end justifies the means, right? The only people who say that are the people doing bad things.
- I'm becoming a hero.
- You are one.
The minute that you enlisted, you became one.
We all did.
Look around.
You're surrounded by them.
Anyone who signs up for this, to lose friends or limbs or your mind or your life in protection of humanity.
We are in this together.
We need to join forces.
That sounds good.
You know, Hale gave me that speech just before she tortured me.
Coulson says it every time he's gonna stab me in the back.
Humanity is on the brink.
And I alone can fix it.
[Grunts] But you're right.
We should join forces.
[May grunts] Mommy! May: Come on.
Let's go.
Now that Davis is back, let's get ready to get up and out of here.
- The Zephyr is filling up fast.
- Out of my way! - He's not breathing.
- No.
The serum should've worked.
- I screened for possible side effects.
- He didn't take it.
[Rumbling] [Rumbling] Fitz! Fitz! [Coughs] [Rumbling] Why did he listen to me? What have I done? Forgive me.
[Speaking Spanish] [Daisy gasps] [Coughing] I'll be able to get that buried treasure a lot faster once I can quake the ground apart.
[Grunts] Please I'm gonna need every weapon I can get in this fight.
[Groans] Something's different.
[Shouting in Spanish] It's gone! Yo-Yo, it's gone! Get the defibrillator now! Dios mío.
[Speaking Spanish] Dios mío.
[Speaking Spanish] [Groans] [Gasps] [Rumbling] [Grunts] [Grunts] Well, now I'll just break you in half.
[Rumbling] [Gasps, coughing] [Gasps] [Sighs] Mack: There you are, buddy.
You had me worried.
We got you.
Just hang in there.
[Groans] I got you, Turbo.
Hope you saved some energy, 'cause my leg's pinned.
I think it's broken.
[Chuckles] You're gonna have to carry me out.
[Both grunt] Got you, Turbo.
You just I think it's a bad break, 'cause I can't feel it.
[Groaning] [Shuddered breathing] [Siren wails in distance] Relax, buddy.
- You just breathe.
- Huh? Yeah.
- Just breathe.
- Okay.
- I'm I'm gonna stay with you.
- Yeah.
We're gonna find a way out of this.
Yeah, okay, okay.
[Sighs] Oh.
We should hurry up and get Polly out, 'cause she's in danger.
- She's safe now.
- Mack: Hey, you got her out.
You did good, Turbo.
- You did really good.
- Okay.
[Shuddered breathing] [Gasps] Hey, Mack I think my legs are broken.
You've been through worse.
[Crying] [Sniffles] [Monitor beeping] [Sighs] [Keyboard clacking] [Soft drilling] Come on.
This is a celebration, not a funeral.
Remember how good it felt to walk in here when we first got back? The Zephyr's been the one place we've been able to call home these last few years.
- I'll always miss the Bus.
- Me, too.
I wish I would've known you guys back then.
We were different people back then.
[Inhales deeply] I spent a lot of years Sorry.
[Sighs deeply] I've lived a life surrounded by heroes.
None bigger than all of you.
Since the day you joined, same as anyone in the line of duty.
Heroes because you because we sign up to lose each other.
To get close to good people and have them taken away.
We've all suffered losses.
Never lose sight of that.
I never forget those we've lost.
- That's right.
- Mack: Yeah.
That's why we're putting that badge up in the cockpit.
- To never forget.
- You don't have to forget.
- But you have to move on.
- No.
With respect, sir, you're wrong.
We don't move on.
We hold that place in our heart, we close it off, we lock the door, we visit from time to time, but we don't move on.
Even after we say goodbye.
I'm just sad I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Fitz.
But you'll tell him for me.
Of course.
He'll be sad he missed this little memorial.
I'm not dead yet.
Retirement party.
I'm not sure this even qualifies as a party.
Nobody's drinking yet.
[Chuckles] I want you to have this.
A picture of our new home away from home.
And to remind you that your team always worked the problem, no matter what the odds.
Coulson: And now he's frozen, out in deep space somewhere, - no idea he's already solved it.
- He'll be a little disoriented.
But he'll be so happy to know that time is not fixed.
It's a fluid, ever-changing, beautiful thing.
And he didn't miss much, did he? I have not a single doubt you will find him.
None of us do.
[Sniffles] All right.
Here's to us who's like us damn few.
Thank you, boss.
Probably gonna call you every chance I can for advice.
You won't need it.
And my phone is going in the ocean.
How long did Simmons say you have? Days.
Weeks, if I'm lucky.
But it'll be time well-spent.
I left you something in your bunk.
It's a letter.
Nothing fancy.
Basically just says how proud I am of you.
I am so proud.
[Sniffles] - I love you.
- I love you, too.
[Sniffles] And, uh - thanks for the spaceship.
- Yeah.
Don't mention it.
[Gangway motor whirring] [Jet engine humming] [Jet engine revving] Gotta say it's pretty magical.
So anything else on your bucket list? Just one thing.
- Parasailing? - Yeah.
- Always wanted to try that.
- Mm.
[Chuckles] All right, Director where to first?