American Horror Story s08e05 Episode Script

Boy Wonder

1 [WOMAN VOCALIZING] Hello? Myrtle?! Zoe?! Queenie?! Hello?! Get back! Get back! [SCREAMING] [MAN LAUGHING] [CORDELIA SCREAMS] - [GRUNTS] - Easy, dear.
You're all right.
You're with us.
You're safe.
What happened? - You lost consciousness.
- And you had a lot to say about it, too.
- I was talking? - And screaming a lot.
But before that, you were calling out our names.
Me, Zoe and Queenie.
MADISON: You left me out though.
Not that I'm surprised.
Did you guys even know I was dead? We knew.
CORDELIA: You are back.
I didn't imagine it.
Well, I might be imagining all of you.
I'm not 100% sure that any of this is real.
Careful, dear.
Oh, I can't believe it.
- [CHUCKLES] - MADISON: Maybe you forgot, - I'm not much of a hugger.
- Tough shit.
You're alive.
Not if you keep squeezing my neck like this.
I want to see him.
The boy.
Are you all right? We were so worried.
MYRTLE: Perhaps the sudden shock of sunlight after leaving this dungeon.
I wasn't prepared for that.
For seeing my girls.
But I'm okay now.
That's what's important.
I want to thank you for bringing them back.
I wanted to get your attention.
I suspect you've got that now.
CORDELIA: He certainly does.
And now I'd like everyone else's attention.
I've been presented something.
A vision.
I believe I saw the future.
A terrifying future.
I saw a man.
But not a man.
A white face.
He was laughing.
Our academy, sister, I saw it reduced to cinders.
A warning.
But something in my blood is telling me that the only hope we have of surviving depends on what I do next.
In two weeks time, at the rise of the Blood Moon, you will take the test of the Seven Wonders.
That is, if you still want to.
I do.
- Cordelia, this isn't done! - That is my decision, and nothing in the world will change my mind.
No male has ever made the attempt.
And if you succeed, you will be the next Supreme, and it will change everything.
I'm apoplectic.
Yes, you mentioned that on the flight back.
More than once.
And you never furnished a sufficient answer.
How could you agree to allow a male to attempt the Seven Wonders? You know the Alpha is a child's tale, a lullaby impotent men tell flaccid little boys to make them believe one day they'll be something special.
Time and time again, history has shown the hubris of men knows no bounds.
Have we learned nothing from Attila the Hun, Herod the Great, Mark Zuckerberg? Men make terrible leaders.
I've seen what's ahead.
The end of the world.
My girls dead.
I'm scared, Myrtle.
What if it's my hubris, my inability to cede my position to this boy that leads us down this dark path? I will not put my own selfish desires before the coven.
I am not my mother.
Let Fiona teach us one thing.
Passing the Seven Wonders does not inherently mean one is fit to lead the coven.
There will come a day when I will have to identify my successor.
When that day comes, cast your net wide.
You, yourself were overlooked.
No one even imagined that you would emerge until your power was undeniable.
There's powerful magic within these very walls, my child.
Our own Mallory, just one example.
I was out with some of the girls, gathering herbs for a ratatouille, and she evidenced something [CRACKING] most extraordinary.
Mallory did not just heal the wounds.
She undid them.
It was unlike any magic I had ever seen.
It was Langdon who brought Queenie back.
You cannot deny his power.
Why are you so eager to affirm it? All I ask is that you delay the test, give another Delia time to blossom.
There is no time.
I'm fading.
You've just been overstressed, my dear.
Nothing a little Centrum Silver couldn't cure.
CORDELIA: My powers are leaving me.
I've been growing weaker.
I feel it.
I'm dying.
My poor dear.
My sweet girl.
You've only just reached your prime.
[CRYING] [SOFT KNOCKING] Miss Cordelia? Yes, Mallory? I'm sorry to interrupt.
The new girls are I guess, the old girls, they're settled.
And your 2:00 is here to see you.
Thank you.
First of all, I want to thank you for accepting Coco into your academy.
I'm confident it's the right move for her.
Well, that makes one of us.
Coco doesn't think she needs to be here.
Well, that's a polite way of saying this totally sucks ass.
Why would you say that? This is a school for witches, right? We help young girls gifted with magical ability reach their potential.
Well, I'm about as ungifted as they come.
That's not true.
Tell Ms.
Goode what you did.
- I want to know.
- Go on.
Okay, well, the first time I felt something, I was at Dean & DeLuca with my brother.
They had these little samples of biscotti, so Trevor went to eat one when I started tingling and feeling weird.
So I smacked the biscotti out of his hand, and we found out that he has celiac disease, so I mean, I basically saved his life.
Interesting? I'm a gluten detector.
That's my only power.
When word spread of my superpower in Beverly Hills, fancy ladies with irritated bowels showed up in droves, holding up snacks and baked goods, just begging me to help them so they could lose that last ten pounds once and for all.
The label on this one says gluten-free, but I ate one last week, and I had such a gas attack.
You can't trust our government.
They lie.
The FDA in this country is a fucking fraud.
[EXHALES] [GROANING] There's gluten in here.
It's not much of a power, but it's all I got.
I have no other skills.
You can sense things that are dangerous, and that is not a terrible place to start.
You're just saying that because my dad donated a zillion dollars to your school.
I know this is a big change for you.
But I also know the moment you feel your powers growing, developing into something meaningful There's no feeling on Earth like it.
I just ask that you trust me.
Mallory? This is Coco, and it's her first day.
Do you think you could show her around, help her get settled? Sure.
Welcome to Robichaux.
- Thanks.
- Come with me.
We gather at the cusp of the Blood Moon to anoint and protect our brother before he undergoes the rigors of the Seven Wonders.
Let the blessings begin.
Salt from the Earth.
BALDWIN: May all hindrance and malignity be cast forth hence, and let all good enter.
Water from the sea.
BALDWIN: To cleanse all impurities and uncleanliness.
Blood from the body.
To protect the soul.
Let the fire illuminate our hearts and spirits and minds so that all darkness and cold retire herein.
[FLAMES IGNITE] ARIEL: I conjure the circle of power to be a place of protection, a circle to confer the blessings of all warlocks.
May you be imbued with wisdom, perseverance, strength and courage.
I accept the blessings.
May I be worthy to the test.
To our champion! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] BEHOLD: Knock, knock.
When was the last time you had a 26-year-old come through your door? Sherry cask.
I saved you a glass.
Enough for two, actually.
I thought we'd share.
You're leaving.
Just for a couple of days.
Before the Seven Wonders? - I need answers now.
- Okay.
John Henry, I know that you've been skeptical and reluctant.
Quite frankly, you've been a pain in the ass.
But this disrespect for the process, for the Alpha, - it's beneath you.
- Cordelia had a vision.
She saw the apocalypse and the demon with a white face.
What she saw was the writing on the wall.
There is something wrong with Michael.
I saw the white face demon.
My God.
You're jealous.
- No.
- You think that Michael's ascendency somehow diminishes you.
I will not allow your selfish behavior to jeopardize our chance to sit at the head of the table! Stand down, bitch.
[CHUCKLES] You have always bit off way more than you can chew.
I am going to New Orleans to see Cordelia.
And I'm not jealous, Behold.
I'm afraid.
Gosh darn it.
[CHUCKLES]: I'm s Excuse my language.
I can never get the thingy in the hole.
Would you mind? - My hands are just useless.
- Yeah.
Here, I got it.
I got it.
Oh, God bless you.
A good Samaritan is harder to find than a camel in the eye of a needle.
Do you have a credit card to pay? Oh, yes, yes, yes.
[MEAD SIGHS] Doesn't seem fair, does it? You get to a point in your life and [SIGHS] There are so many things left to do, - and so little time left in the hourglass.
- [BEEPING] Well, I guess we all feel like that when we reach a certain age, right? [LAUGHING]: Oh, I wasn't talking about me.
Oh, darn it all to heck.
[JOHN HENRY SCREAMING] Accio No more spells.
Oh, my dear boy.
Oh! Oh, look at you.
You're skin and bones.
You're wasting away.
Don't these people feed you? I'm fine.
Just tell me you took care of the problem.
The problem is now a stack of overcooked country barbecue.
They can bury him in a shoebox.
- If they can find him.
- Good.
These people are the only ones who could pose a threat to me.
Once I become Supreme, I can destroy them from within, eliminate their whole fucking coven.
Then the road will be clear for me to do what I was born to do.
So stop worrying.
Look how easy it was for you to win their trust, to get into their school.
They may be wizards, but they're not exactly wizzes.
Everything is going beautifully.
I still have to pass the Seven Wonders.
You will own the Seven Wonders, and then all of their covens, and then the world.
What would I do without you? Well, that's something you're never gonna have to worry about.
And the best part is I'm not the only one who's got your back.
- He knows about John Henry.
- He does? Yeah, just don't talk about your father.
You think we'd let that fool blow our chance to have our own Supreme? Not in this lifetime.
Ariel was the one who told me when John Henry was leaving so I could intercept him and do the deed.
We couldn't have done this without him.
I for one can't wait to see those bitches squirm with a man in charge.
Finally on top, where we belong.
But today I'm not asking you to perform this wonder.
Today I am asking you to conquer it.
I'd like you to retrieve my dear friend Misty Day, who lost her own battle with this very task.
That's impossible.
Those who don't return from Descensum are gone forever, property of the underworld.
BALDWIN: No other Supreme's been made to do this ever.
This is not only unfair, this is suicide.
I need a word.
You're changing the rules.
Michael should only have to descend as you did.
You didn't see what I saw.
Our world hangs in the balance.
There is darkness coming.
And if Michael is going to be the one to lead us, he needs to be able to withstand anything.
Excuse me? I saw you drop.
I know what's really happening here.
You're fading but you're afraid to let go.
And you've hit a wall.
Grand Chancellor is as far as you're going to get.
You and your powers have reached their limit.
Your kingdom will only just be this hole in the ground.
Unless, of course, you use Michael to extend your influence.
This is pathetic, accusing me to cover your blatant attempt at his life.
I won't lose that kid over some sad, futile cling to power.
You actually believe I'm trying to get him killed? What I think, Cordelia, is that you are your mother's daughter, who I knew fairly well.
You may come with a kinder facade, but deep down, you're nothing more than a weak, frightened woman, just like Fiona.
With a flick of my finger I could crush your larynx and tear it from your throat.
Do not for one second think I am weak.
I have humored you men, and coddled your fragile egos, but in no way does that mean you actually have a say.
I outrank you.
I can destroy you.
So I suggest you fall in line, because I am still your Supreme.
[DOOR OPENS] It's okay.
I'll get your friend back.
Deduce me in tenebris vita ad extremum, ut salutaret inferi.
Deduce me in tenebris vita ad extremum, ut salutaret inferi.
[ECHOES]: Descensum.
Kingery, she did it again.
KINGERY: Where is the dissection frog? It's right there.
She brought it - back to life.
- Just shut up, Bobby.
She snuck a live one in here to trick you.
But the trick's on her.
Pick up that scalpel.
Please don't make me.
If you won't dissect a dead frog, then you will dissect a live one.
I don't want to kill a living thing.
- You can't make me.
- You kill it, or I'll have a talk with your parents.
Kingery, she did it again.
If you won't dissect a dead frog, then you will dissect - a live one.
- No.
Don't make me.
- If you won't dissect a dead frog, then you will dissect a - [GRUNTS] - [GASPS] [GROANS] [KINGERY WHIMPERING] [SOBBING] Are you here to save me? [GASPING] Well, that's that.
C'est la vie.
This was not a fair test.
CORDELIA: What happened? Where's Misty? MYRTLE: Isn't it obvious, dear? She's right where she's been for the last [HISSING] [GASPS] Misty.
My dearest Misty.
You're back.
You're safe.
Back from perdition.
Can you stand up? - Okay, come here.
- Okay.
I'm okay.
Hey, girl.
Oh, my God.
QUEENIE: What's happening? What always happens when a new Supreme rises.
BEHOLD: The old one fades away.
ARIEL: We demand what's ours.
You are a pathetic, pompous ass.
I did everything you asked.
I descended into hell and I did what you couldn't.
I brought her back.
I passed the Seven Wonders.
- Unless you want to add another one.
There can be no doubt.
You are the next Supreme.
[MISTY GASPS] Delia, sit up if you can.
It's not Louisiana mud, but it'll have to do.
What is it? Lipton's.
[CORDELIA LAUGHS SOFTLY] I knew you for such a short time, and I've missed you forever.
You should have left me where I was.
What? Why? That man you sent to fetch me He gives me the heebie-jeebies.
There is something wrong with him.
What do you mean? [SOBBING] Are you here to save me? [MUFFLED, BACKWARDS CHATTER] MISTY: I couldn't understand what they were saying, but he listened while they talked their gibberish all around the classroom.
I'm not educated, but I'm no fool.
Evil was speaking to him.
Maybe he had to negotiate your release from Hell? Maybe.
And you would know better than me, Miss Cordelia.
But I've sensed evil ever since I was a child.
I could smell the sweet rot of a decaying soul, but I've never smelled anything quite like him.
I don't know how to describe it.
To me he wore the perfume of death.
MYRTLE: Delia, what have we done? We've anointed that boy the next Supreme.
He will never be the Supreme.
Then why did you give him the test? Because I needed to know how strong he was.
I knew there was something dangerous about him, something dark.
I wanted to keep him close so we would be ready.
Something is coming.
I can feel it.
Whatever it is Michael Langdon has already given us an advantage.
He's brought all my girls back to me for the fight ahead.
I can't fight.
I've lost my footing, Miss Cordelia.
I was in Hell for so long, I don't know I don't know where I am anymore.
You've done enough, Misty.
Yes, you have.
You brought us the first proof.
Now you need to heal.
[WOMAN SINGING] [LAUGHING] - I'm starving.
- [SOFT LAUGHTER] They don't serve solid food in Hell.
Oh, my God.
You called the White Witch? [CORDELIA LAUGHS] This is for you, Misty.
[PIANO PLAYS INTRO TO FLEETWOOD MAC'S "GYPSY"] So I'm back to the velvet Oh, underground Back to the floor That I love To a room With some lace And some paper flowers Back to the gypsy That I was To the gypsy That I was And it all comes down to you You know that it does Well, lightning strikes Maybe once Maybe twice And it lights up the night And you see you're a gypsy Mm, you see You're a gypsy Mm To the gypsy That remains Her face says freedom With a little bit of fear Oh, I have no fear I have only love And if I was a child And the child was enough Enough for me to love Enough to Love She is dancing away From you now She was just a wish She was just a wish And her memory is all that is Left for you now You see you're a gypsy Coming on down You see you're a gypsy Lightning strikes Maybe once, maybe twice Maybe once And maybe twice And it all comes down to you And I still see Your bright eyes But she was just a witch She was just a wish And lightning struck Only once And you're a gypsy You're a gypsy From you now [MISTY SNIFFLES] From you now You're a gypsy.
[LAUGHS] [SNIFFLES] MADISON: I'm going there to do what? Use your powers and all your training to find out everything you can about Michael.
- Why? - Because he's a danger to all of us.
You know, Michael brought me back.
Don't you think I'd be, like, loyal to him or something? You're only loyal to yourself.
[DOOR OPENS] When do we leave? Sorry, ladies.
If eavesdropping paid money, I'd be richer than Amazon.
- What did you hear? - All the best parts.
And if you going to dig up dirt on one of my own, I'm going with you.
I travel alone.
Maybe I just go to Michael, see what he thinks about all of this.
Why wouldn't you do that anyway? Maybe I have my own concerns about him.
Do you know something? Maybe just a gut feeling.
A bad one.
All right.
You go together.
- I claim the aisle seat.
- [MADISON CHUCKLES SOFTLY] The destination.
What's so special about this place? CORDELIA: It's where it all began.