Atlanta (2016) s03e16 Episode Script

White Fashion

1 These looks were easy to design once I found my inspiration, which is Central Park, of course.
And it didn't need to be complicated.
I said to the team, "Let's make it chic, "let's make it expensive, and the clothes should feel like a picnic in a Manet.
" You know? And who is this interesting fellow? This is Mr.
He's a rock star.
The kids love him like a sex god.
He's a traditional manga artist from Tel Aviv collaborating on our athletic wear line.
We will incorporate his drawings throughout the collection like this.
With jacquard, along with the number five at the back to commemorate our anniversary.
Get this girl a cigarette.
She's freezing.
Come on.
Well, I've taken enough of your time.
I'll leave you to your work.
It was great to see you again, Chairman.
Oh, before I forget, just one more thing.
My grandson is a huge fan.
I-I heard.
I will send him a signed sample as soon as they're in.
He would be most grateful.
They sell out too fast, even for me.
Eniola will send a package over.
Whoa! Dope! You remember that Tommy Hilfiger thing? Man, Tommy Hilfiger Is Tommy Gear owned by a white person? - It's got to be an Indian.
- He got to be Indian.
Hey, yo, dude coming down the steps look like Drop Dead Fred.
Good morning.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Good morning.
Thank you so much for meeting us on such short notice.
We are so happy to meet you.
I am a little bit Look, can we get some food first? 'Cause all I had was that English breakfast, and that did not hit, so I need a real meal.
Yeah, anything you want.
Um, let's place a food order right now.
- All right, bet.
You ready? - Mm-hmm.
Can I get smoked ribs with a dry rub? And, um, let me get a-a simple, God, a simple-ass mac and cheese, please.
Thank you.
And anything for you, Earn? Oh, I'm good.
Darius, you want anything? Yeah.
Jollof rice.
Jollof? I haven't heard of it.
It's as if your taste buds are being scammed by a Nigerian prince at a Burna concert.
- Okay.
- One of those, please.
So, yes, uh, joll-of for Darius.
And now that lunch is settled, you've probably heard about our little mix-up.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah Look, we want to apologize to the community properly with your help, you know.
All right, what I got to do? So, nothing.
That's the beauty of it.
There's a press event later where we'd introduce you and the rest of our new diversity advisory board to our partnership.
And Eniola will be your liaison.
What's the financial aspect to this? We can't give you actual cash 'cause that would look disingenuous.
But, well, we-we can donate to any charity or foundation of your choosing.
All right.
Uh, but I'm gonna need a custom suit for the press event.
A custom suit.
Uh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay, yes.
I need a bunch of clothes, too.
- Uh, yeah.
- Fine.
- Three years.
For three years.
- Whoa.
Three? In the studio we'll try on a lot of clothes.
- A lot of clothes.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Free tailoring, too.
Okay, easy.
Uh, I'll send the tailor up, and you can then Okay? Gentlemen, it has been such a pleasure.
Thank you so much.
Lovely to meet you.
And anything in the showroom is yours, okay? - Eh, even this? - No, no.
Except that.
- What you mean, man? Come on.
- Okay.
Bye-bye, bye-bye.
It's, like, the most exclusive thing you got.
What's up? - We can talk later.
- No, nigga, say it now.
Man, he don't even speak English anyway.
This feels like an Uncle Tom photo op.
Why are we doing this? Man, you know how hard it is for me to get, like, designer shit free from my stylists, in Atlanta? This way I'm plugged in.
Yeah, but you can buy all that shit.
I shouldn't have to, man.
We work too damn hard.
This way we get free gifts, runway seats, free designer bags for the thots, man.
Shit, my drip gonna completely change.
You're not worried about, you know, what the streets think? The streets? Man, fuck the streets.
Man, I've shot niggas.
Should be two hours.
All right.
You trying to tell me that you, uh, you wouldn't take any of these free designer gifts? Free shoes? You wouldn't do that? If it was me? Yeah, I might still do it, but I'd make sure they put me on the board for at least five years so I could learn the infrastructure.
Then I'd start my own program.
Like teach Black people how to reinvest in their communities.
Like help out Black entrepreneurs and business owners.
Like a "reinvest in your hood" campaign.
Something that might actually help people.
Ooh, Lord, man, I don't know why I asked, 'cause I knew you was gonna be on that "spook sitting by the door," Martin Luther King, Ebeneezer Baptist Church shit.
Goddamn, man.
Like And you know what they do to that dude every time.
- Yeah.
- Say it with me.
They kill him.
Thank you, man.
Try them shoes on.
I'm Sharon, head of hospitality.
- Are you Darius? - Yes.
Um, I got an email request for jollof.
- Yeah.
- It's so weird.
My husband and I, we know every Michelin place in town, but I don't know that.
Is that It's Ghanaian, right? No, no.
Who told you that? Was it a Ghanaian? No.
Um, it's just my mistake.
Is there a particular place that you go to? There is a place across town that's supposed to be legendary.
It's just too out of the way, but Oh, we can take you.
- Yeah? Are you sure? - Yeah.
That's literally my job, babe.
We'll gather up all the gift bags, and I will call the car around, yeah? - Let's do it.
- Great.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey, boo.
Ooh, cute.
Thank you.
Uh, how are you not freezing? Where are your pants? Girl, I'm hot, if anything.
Khalil, you're a damn liar.
Beauty is pain.
That saved ♪ A wretch like me ♪ I once ♪ That's Rose.
But now I'm found ♪ Voice of an angel.
Was blind ♪ Hi, I'm Khalil Activist, writer, foodie.
I know who you are, man.
So, is this your first time apologizing for white people? - Apologizing? - Yeah.
It's the best.
The dinners are amazing.
I haven't paid for a meal in 73 police shootings.
Oh, I think we're on.
I forgive you.
This is probably some bullshit.
I am the least prejudiced person in this room, in the world, even.
So what do I do now, just perform a couple of songs or some shit? After Bouchet is done apologizing, they'll open the floor to questions.
Just say they didn't mean it, smile and take these pictures.
We need to reflect, and we need to move on.
Relax, sweetie.
You got this.
And we are investigating ourselves internally.
And now I proudly cede to our panel of experts.
Clermont with Le Parisien.
Um, Paper Boi, after this, is racism over? Um Fuck no.
Oh, my God.
I mean, look, la look at the porn industry, right? - They be having bitches - I think what he means is that with our new initiative, we believe racism will be done by 2024.
Oh! This movie is so crazy.
Is it Hamlet? Not quite.
It's called Sharon Stone.
- It has a sequel.
- Ah.
The atmosphere in this place is so cool.
- Oh? - Yeah.
- Welcome to Eko Chops.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- I'm Mimi.
Any drinks? Uh, water's fine.
- Tap.
Tap would be - Okay.
I'll be right back to explain the menu.
- Okay.
- A-Actually, I know what I want.
I'm just gonna do Moin-Moin with the egg or some liver.
Liver? Are you Naija? - Yes, I'm Naija.
- Ooh.
Couldn't tell.
Your hair is so Igbo.
River State.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm.
- Rivers boy? - Yeah.
When was the last time you went? Uh, don't do this to me.
It's been too long.
The Moin-Moin is plain.
For next time, bring your own meat or vegetable you want them to put in.
The kitchen will cook for you no problem.
Um, thank you, Auntie.
Oya, what you want to eat? Uh Oh, I meant to ask you earlier, what does "Naija" mean? - Naija means Nigerian.
- Ah.
Yeah, this is a Nigerian restaurant, Nigerian food and Nigerian music playing.
I see.
And apart from the goat, this dish is exquisite.
Is it just rice? - It's jollof.
Naija jollof.
- Oh.
And what, what's she eating? It's okra soup.
Ugh, I love her.
- Yeah, she's sweet.
- I need to get her business card.
There is a lot of growth potential.
Uh, my husband, he has lots of commissary kitchens all over the city.
It's all about good PR.
Yes, mainly fish and chip trucks, but he's moving into brick and mortar.
I'm actually joining him full-time.
I feel like boneless fish is an abomination.
Oh, God, I know.
I hate fish.
I mean, I like fish, but boneless fish is Is your Shazam working? Mine's not working.
Home stretch.
Hope you're all rested.
Um, I'll be here to take notes for the committee.
Alfred, why don't you go first? What do you want out of this meeting? Shit, all right, okay.
Uh You know, I'm This is something I've been thinking about for a long time, right? So, you know, obviously, everybody at this table has the opportunity - to help Black people.
- Right.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Go on.
Yeah, so, um I was thinking that we could do, like, a - like a capsule collection.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, a-and a campaign.
A campaign to, um, teach Black people how to reinvest back into their communities.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Demarco, what do you want? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I-I want the new Off-White Nikes.
And a round trip to Mauritius, business class.
- Mm-hmm.
- Business class, though.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sam? I want 1,000 copies of my book to be purchased for sensitivity training.
She'll work on that.
I wish for ten tickets to Raisin in the Sun, for my charity, and Julia Roberts better be in it, not an understudy like last time.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ooh, and a hookup to the new Black Panther 2 premiere.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I could fuck with some Black Panther tickets, too, actually.
- Me, too.
- Black Panther tickets.
- Black Panther? The? - Yeah.
The second film.
- Make sure it's the second film, though.
- Right.
- Right.
- Hey, hold hold up.
H-Hold the fuck How does any of that, man, how does any of that help Black people? Shit, man, well, look, I'm Black and it's helping me a whole, a whole lot, so My nigga are you Black? Am I Am I, am I Black? Khalil, man, I don't, I don't even know what your charity does, man.
It's in my book.
Buy a copy.
It's like Blue Man Group.
But activism.
It's quite genius.
Al? - Mm? - No offense, but we've been in social justice awhile.
We know what we're doing.
That's fair.
I'm just saying that Black people don't really fuck with y'all like that.
I mean, the streets are saying that-that y'all - full of shit, so - Uh, that's rude.
I mean, come on, man.
Like, we sitting here, a bunch of Black people Black-adjacent influencers You know what I'm saying? Like, I got a lot of ideas.
All right? I can help you, you know? If you listen to me, I mean, you know, just hear me out.
As soon as I get back, all right? It was good to see you.
Hey, um, is there an Apple Store near here? - I-I nicked my Watch.
- One moment, sir.
How are you? Fine.
What the hell's wrong with you? What? Where have you been? I've been shopping.
I was thinking about how Grace Jones has all these, like, male suits, and I kind of wanted one.
I also got this really cool, like, '80s wig.
It's been weeks.
You give me a thumbs-up emoji? Are you serious? You guys are busy.
You're working.
I'm just kind of doing my own thing.
It's not really that big of a deal.
I mean, you guys didn't plan for me to come here.
Yeah, you can't do that.
Okay? You can't just disappear.
Okay? We're parents.
I mean, what if something had happened to you? What if you were, like, kidnapped? I called your mom.
She didn't even know where you were.
Does your mom know where you are right now? I saw you.
I saw what you did.
What? You stole that from the shop.
This? I just bought this at Christine's down the street.
You stole it and I am not going to let you get away with it.
Because I'm Black and you think I can't pay for it? Lady, I think you've made a mistake.
Call the police.
I am holding you here till the police come.
- Hey.
Let go of me.
- Hey.
Hey What What is wrong with you? Let go of her.
- You're just accusing people.
- Are you crazy? No, it's all up to me.
You're going to jail.
What Get off! - Is something wrong? - Yes.
This woman came in accusing my fiancée of stealing a wig that we just bought - from Christine's.
- She stole it.
Ma'am, are you staying here? - Uh, I am making a citizen's arrest.
- Ma'am, leave this hotel or I will call the police.
I'm sorry for that, sir.
You know, they can't find our bags, they can't find our name in the system, they don't know where our room is.
We're been sitting here for hours.
She doesn't even like London.
I'm trying to get her to move here, and then this racist shit happens.
- It's-it's unbelievable.
- Let me check on your room.
Regardless, we'll get you a top room free of charge for the night.
I can pay for the room.
I just want our bags.
The first night is on us.
Apologies, sir.
Are you staying here? I am now.
All right, so we open on a Black girl No, a Black woman And she is getting paid, you heard, 'cause she's the boss, right? So she's only going to Black businesses and she's giving her dollars to the Black businesses, you know, and one at a time, just going, "Hey, reinvest in your hood.
Reinvest in your hood.
" And we should just call that the, um Reinvest in Your Hood campaign.
Yeah, I wasn't listening at first, but that's actually not a bad idea.
Yeah, we could do one for Brixton, too.
- Mm.
- And we can, like, include their social media handles or something.
- Mm-hmm.
- Maybe you should think big, - like scholarships.
- Hey.
An apprenticeship program - with Black fashion students.
- Yes.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
If I had a sandwich for every nigga who thought he could change something, - I'd be Jimmy John.
- Yeah.
He's right, y'all.
That shit sounds expensive as hell.
I managed to squeeze out a discretionary fund of 60,000 euros.
Damn! 60K? Girl, lead with that.
Well, that's a no-brainer.
Why don't we do it through my organization Open Arms? - Mm-hmm.
- Hey, hold up.
You got the donation money last time, nigga.
- It's my turn.
- That little NAACP endowment bullshit? - That don't even count, man.
- Listen, that's not how it works.
Hey, look, it's time for Demarco - to get his.
- Yeah, it don't sound right.
Over my handsome That don't sound right when you say it.
Does he say "nigga" a lot? - It just don't feel right.
- Decorum! Sit down, Dozle.
- Why don't you sit down, Dozle? - I wish you would, Khalil.
- I wish you would, Khalil.
- Sit down, Dozle.
- Why don't you sit - Decorum! Decorum.
Sit your asses down.
Eniola, go ahead, baby.
It's Alfred's idea.
He decides.
Do the right thing, brother.
I'll hammer out the details with Marcello.
- Mm-hmm.
- Eniola, can you let Wendy know I'd like a five-minute meeting today if possible? - Mm-hmm.
- For real? So y'all Y'all really gonna do it? - That's right.
- Ooh, we should get you to film your own pitch for Marcello.
Show him how passionate you are about the campaign.
All right.
Yeah, shit.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Eniola, can you pack me a to-go plate? - I'm not your assistant.
- Meeting adjourned.
Hey, what's up? This is Paper Boi, and I just want to throw a pitch out there for you.
Uh, you know what I'm saying, I just got this idea about Black people making money, you know what I'm saying, and putting them Black dollars in Black hands, and then we just support Black businesses, right? 'Cause if you take them dollars and put them back in your neighborhood, your neighborhood will grow.
So I figure we just call it the Reinvest in Your Hood campaign, right? You know what I mean, like, just, like, think about it.
Reinvest in Your Hood.
Reinvest in Your Hood.
Reinvest in Your Hood! Yo! Darius.
Over here.
- How the hell are you? - Sharon? One s Uh, yeah, brown jollof, - I'm lost.
- Shredded carrots, golden raisins, - and kids jollof.
- Um, Eko Chops What happened? - Anything else? - We were just there.
Yeah, should be ready in, like, ten minutes.
Yeah, see you then.
Oh, my God, I'm so glad to bump into you.
I quit my job and we bought the place.
You bought the place? Mm-hmm.
It's a-it's a Naija Bowl now.
Uh, grab a stool.
I'm coming out.
Oh, one Malibu and one cheesy jollof.
Got it.
Yeah, so the landlord had been trying to sell for months, so we just, you know, sweetened the pot.
So s-she relocated? Where's Mimi? I don't know.
We actually We never exchanged info, so Dude, you've got to try this.
I want to get your thoughts.
What's in it? It's a peach barbecue reduction and chunks.
I call it The Darius, 'cause you're from Georgia.
Um Don't I got to pay for this? No.
It's on me.
And your money is literally no good here.
Card only.
Oh, a customer.
Not doing that.
Uh, you should recycle that.
Thank you.
Aye, what's up, this Paper Boi and I just want to throw a pitch out there for you.
- Reinvest in Your Hood.
- Your Hood.
Think about it, 'cause if we take them dollars and put them back in your neighborhood, your neighborhood will grow.
Reinvest in Your Hood.
Your Hood.
Your Hood.
We're all from some hood, man.
Some hood.
We're all from some hood.
- We're all from some hood.
- Some hood.
We're all from some hood.
Reinvest in Your Hood.
- Reinvest in Your Hood.
- Your hood.
Reinvest in our hoods.
Yeah, see, y'all got to invest shit.
Talking big money, nigga.
We're all from some hood.
Reinvest in Your Hood.
Reinvest in Your Hood! Why the fuck can't I go in here? That's some bullshit! What the fuck y'all clapping for, man? What's going on? Mr.
Paper Boi, your advertisement was super.
Oh, it's super I don't give a shit, nigga.
Y'all stole my shit.
What the fuck? No, Al, we made the commercial.
You're not happy? Nigga, you All Lives Matter-ed my shit.
- Hell no I ain't happy.
- No, it's more inclusive, uh, like this.
It's m-more attitude of collaboration.
Hey, look, tell me this, tell me this.
What y'all do about the programs in Atlanta, huh? We farmed it out to the Red Cross, I believe.
- The Red Cross?! - Yeah, you know, like blood drives.
Nigga, I know what the fuck the Red Cross is! It's the worst one! - Everybody needs blood.
- That ain't what I asked for, man.
Them niggas ain't never gonna see that fucking money now.
- Alfred, a word.
- What?! You tell me about - the fucking Red Cross - Outside? Listen, listen.
What the fuck they gonna do about that shit, man? And they're supposed to call it the You supposed - to reinvest - I need you to Get your hands off me! Listen, listen, relax.
I'm talking to you Stop playing with me, man! Relax, relax.
What I want to do is go in there with a bat and knock they asses Oh, you want to go in there and beat their asses Yeah, I want to do that, man! Why you ain't mad? Look, ask yourself this: why? Why would a company make a project that would teach Black people to stop buying their products and reinvest in their own? - Man - W-Why would they fund their own demise? That's not a business.
That's a charity.
They were never gonna make that commercial.
That's why you need your own nonprofit.
You control that money.
That's how I managed to squeeze 100K out of them for my own charity.
Look, I told you, I've been doing this social justice thing a long time.
Look, Black Panther premiere is coming up.
Do you want to go? Got an extra ticket.
No, man.
Whoopi Goldberg and Larenz Tate are in this one.
Larenz Tate.
- Larenz Tate, hmm? - Mm-hmm.
No, I'm-I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm good.
All right, suit yourself.
Think about what I said.
What's up?! Do you remember on Nickelodeon around Halloween they'd have Nick or Treat? Like "trick or treat" on-on Nickelodeon? Oh, yeah, I think I do, yeah.
Think about that.
Nigga Treat.
I never heard "Nick or Treat.
" Don't blow me off so I can't help it ♪ I've been playing this song all over Europe.
When you shy off I can't help it ♪ And I know you know ♪ You know it? Yeah, I know this song.
It's pretty.
This surround sound is so good.
Got you enticed from the middle ♪ You know I'm willing and able ♪ I'm sorry about, um earlier.
What do you mean? So just rid yourself ♪ Before the lady, I kind of felt like I was attacking you.
I was just worried.
I see it in your eyes, in your eyes ♪ Oh, Earn.
You worry about everything.
That's not true.
Yeah, it is.
I know you're willing ♪ But you shouldn't be.
You know, Darius says that this is all a simulation.
Yeah, that sounds like him.
I see it in your eyes ♪ In your eyes every time ♪ In your eyes ♪ I see it in your eyes ♪ In your eyes ♪ Did you, um did you steal that wig? Into my life ♪ And I'll show you, oh ♪ When it's right ♪ Then I guess ♪ We can say we tried ♪ Don't let this.

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