Black Mirror (2011) s05e02 Episode Script


MAN: Now, once more return your attention to the breath.
Notice how your breathing continues all by itself.
Your mind may wander.
- Simply watch it go.
And without judgment.
- Hiya.
- Hi.
God, that was so fast.
I didn't realize you'd be parked right here.
- Yeah, just dropped somebody off.
- Oh, it's my lucky day then.
WOMAN: I'm going to Old Street Oh, you've got the details.
So you work in that place? Hmm? - Sorry, miles away, I didn't catch that.
Is that where you work, where I picked you up? At Smithereen? No.
Just visiting.
I mean, I wish I worked there.
The facilities they've got in there, they've got their own spa.
It's madness.
That's Billy Bauer money for you.
WOMAN: My daughter's name was Kristin Krissie.
Twenty years old.
She was at university.
She killed herself, took her own life, whatever you wanna call it, 18 months ago now.
And it was out of the blue.
One of her flatmates called me.
They'd found her in the bathroom.
And I'm furious with her! I'm so fucking angry with her for not telling me.
I thought I knew, I [SOBS SOFTLY.]
I didn't know.
Last time I spoke, she was happy and just like that, she ended everything.
And I don't know why she did it.
I've asked myself why a million times.
Was it over some boy or her course or the state of the world or me? Was it something I did? Round and round in my head but there's no answer, there's nothing.
She's not here to say, so it's never gonna stop, this needing to know.
It's never gonna stop.
Talk about nerve-racking.
That was my first time speaking.
I mean, in front of everyone.
Tough crowd.
Oh, you did really well.
- Really? - Yeah.
First time, though, shit scary, isn't it? Well, to be honest, I don't know.
Have you You haven't spoken while I've been here.
I mean, is it I just haven't found the right moment yet.
Waiting for the right moment.
- Anyway.
- Hey, um, do you fancy a drink? Oh, I've got a bit of a long day tomorrow.
Come on.
Might die tomorrow.
WOMAN: Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I needed that.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I wanna make you cum, too.
- In a bit maybe.
- Just need a bit bit of a breather.
- It's been ages.
Can't even remember the last time.
- Sorry, do you mind if I? - No, no, no.
I know these things are undignified.
Went on a date about four months back with a guy off an app.
Halfway through the starter, I tell him about Kristin.
He reacted like I said I'd got cancer.
That's her.
Her flatmate sent that to me.
It was in her room.
Okay, give me a minute.
I'm trying to get into Kristin's Persona account.
I try logging in every day.
It gives you three wrong guesses, then locks you out for hours.
Every time I think of a guess, I write it in here.
This week I'm into places we went on holiday.
I'm her mum.
You'd think they'd give me the password to my own daughter's account, but, no.
Violates their privacy policy.
They'll memorialize it if you prove you're next of kin.
Makes it sort of sepia with a tribute photo, but that deletes the inbox.
I just want the inbox.
I don't know, see if there's a reason, an answer.
I don't know what I want.
Well, there's tomorrow.
MAN: Notice how your breathing continues all by itself.
Your mind may wander.
Simply watch it go.
- Calmly and without judgment.
I'm on my way now.
MAN: Yeah.
My first-class check-in San Francisco flight's not for another three hours, so there should be time.
Yeah, yeah, I'm hopping in the car now.
Okay, bye.
Uh, uh, airport, yeah? Terminal Three.
- Do you work in that place? - Smithereen? Yeah.
The sat nav's showing an accident coming up.
Do you mind if I follow an alternate route it's showing me? It's actually quicker than the normal way.
- Uh, yeah, that's fine.
- Might be a bit twisty but this thing always seems to know what it's doing.
MAN: Mm-hmm.
- Uh - [GUN COCKS.]
Put this on.
Put it on.
Put it on! Round your wrists.
Loop it round your wrists.
- Uh, why are you - Just shut up and do it.
- Come on.
Pull it tight.
- I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Use your teeth.
Pull it with your teeth! - Uh, what - Shut up! Nothing's gonna happen to you if you just do what I say.
Okay? You're okay.
Just do what I say.
Stay there.
Fucking [EXHALES.]
Is this about money? I know I work for Smithereen but that doesn't mean I've got money! Don't need to [GASPS.]
What What are you doing, man? I'm just an intern.
- What are you doing? - What did you say? - What did you say? - I'm just an intern.
With a suit, the luggage, the suitcase? Why are you going to the airport? It's outfits.
Clothes are in there for Vanessa.
- Who the fuck is Vanessa? - Vanessa Lampton.
She's an exec at Smithereen.
Her stylist told me that I need to go to Heathrow.
She's got a bunch of outfits and she's gotta pick one.
That's my job, man.
I'm just an intern.
So why are you dressed like that? That's a suit.
- You're wearing a fucking suit.
- It's my first week.
Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Okay.
- Fuck! - Fuck! Modern fucking companies! Everyone looks so fucking young! How is anybody looking in supposed to have a sense of the fucking hierarchy?! Jesus Christ! Half of you cunts coming out of the building are dressed like fucking gap-year students.
I mean, what? Fuck! Children.
The whole Smithereen building is a box full of fucking children getting their fingers everywhere.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep Wiping your shit.
Your fucking app shit up on everybody's phone.
Everywhere you look, people are hooked on the things! It's like chain-smoking.
Did you make a lot of cash out of that, did you? And you lot are hooked on them as well.
Every single person that comes out of that building's going People don't even look up anymore.
The sky could turn fucking purple and you cunts wouldn't notice for a month.
You didn't look up and look where that got you, sitting in the back like that.
An intern.
Why didn't you dress like a fucking intern?! Jesus! All right, work with it, work with it.
Work with Fuck.
- Stop! Stop! - Don't kill me.
- I'll shoot you! - No, no! Don't move.
- I'm trying to breathe! I'm sorry.
- Shut up.
- I'm sorry.
I won't run again.
- Get up, move.
- I won't run.
I won't run.
- Move.
Shut up! - Get in.
Get in the car.
- Please! - Get in the car.
- No, no! - Don't put me - Get in! - Look, I can't go in there.
- Get in, get in.
I can't go in there.
I've got claustrophobia, man.
I'm claustrophobic.
Please, please, please! - Get in.
- Please don't put me in there.
Just get in.
Just do as I say.
- Please.
- Stay fucking quiet.
- All right? - Please, please, don't put - [MUFFLED.]
No! I can't be in small places! - [BANGING.]
Please! Please! - I just can't be in small - Oh, fucking hell.
Help! Please.
- Okay.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
- Please, please.
Okay, okay.
- Look at me.
You can sit in the back seat if you put this on and you don't move.
- Okay? Okay? - I won't, I won't, I won't move.
- Okay.
- Do I have to put it on? Yeah.
I'll fucking kill you if you don't keep down.
Fucking hell.
Lie down.
I'm gonna be sick.
Be quiet.
You're okay.
I'm gonna I'm gonna be sick, please.
- Get down! - Please, I'm gonna be sick.
- I'm gonna throw up.
- Get down! What are these? They didn't have cheese and onion.
Fuck's sake.
- I'm gonna throw up.
- Oh, God! Fucking down or I'll shoot you! - Did you see that? - See what? Something in that car.
It looked like someone with a bag on their head.
What? No, let's check it out.
Just get fucking down! [VOMITING.]
Yeah, look, that one up ahead.
See it? The blue one? - I can't see anyone in the back.
- I'm sure there was.
Oh, fuck.
There you go.
Off he goes.
There's fuck all down that way.
Stay down.
Don't fucking move.
- Stay down.
- What's happening? Just stay down.
Whiskey, Lima, six, zero, Hotel, Foxtrot, X-ray.
Control, received.
- He's not getting out.
- No.
He's gonna be a runner.
- You ready? - Uh-huh.
Control, in pursuit of vehicle registration [CAR SKIDS.]
What's happening? What's [GRUNTS.]
Jesus fucking Christ.
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck! [TIRES SCREECH.]
Stay down.
- Out of the car! - Boys! - Stay back! - Out of the car now! - Out of the car! - I've got a gun! - [MUFFLED.]
Help! - I'll shoot him.
I've got a gun.
I'll shoot him in the face! Get back! Move further back! Move back! - Get back.
- Get in the car! Move your car right back! - Move your car back! - Status zero.
- I'll shoot him in the face! - Armed suspect.
Hostage taken.
Get behind the car.
Heads down.
Leave the bikes.
Over here.
I'll fucking shoot him! Stay down.
Stay down.
Since she left, you won't, please, don't.
Please, whatever you want, don't Shh! Shh! [FEMALE OFFICER.]
Heads down, heads down, stay behind the car.
Stay low.
I need to think.
- Lads, go home.
- My bike's down there.
Lads, go home! Go! - Wait.
What? - We can get the bikes later.
Reference, Sierra Juliet, other patrols are en route.
Sierra Juliet, received.
What's he doing? I don't know.
He's just sitting there.
Billy Bauer.
I want to speak to Billy Bauer.
Your boss.
I know who he is but I don't know him.
I'm just an intern, remember? - I know, I know.
- He's probably in America or Look, how do I I don't know Billy Bauer.
I know, I know you don't know him, but you'll know someone who knows someone who knows him.
- From your company.
- I've only been there one week.
I don't even know anyone's name.
Okay, so who's the highest-ranking person that you do know? Uh, Hannah.
Yeah, Hannah Kent in HR.
She's sort of in charge of me.
Hannah Kent in HR.
- So can you phone her? - What? - Have you got her number in your phone? - Uh, yeah.
So can I have it? Your phone, where's your phone? It's in the other car.
Control 535C - Fucking hell.
- Status update.
Can you remember, um The HR woman, Hannah, can you remember her number? - What's her number? - Um, I don't know.
I'd tell you, I'd totally tell you if I knew it.
Would Hannah recognize your voice on the phone? - Yeah, probably, yeah.
- Right, so you could call reception or the front desk or whatever, ask for Hannah? I don't know.
I've never had to do that yet.
- That's okay.
- But I don't have my phone.
I've got one.
I've got one.
Don't fucking try anything.
I'm not gonna try anything.
Uh, what's the number for reception? I don't know.
- I've never had to do that.
- Fuck it.
I'll Google it.
- You see the gun? - Yeah, automatic.
Yeah, it looked real.
MAN: Over there, over there.
Smithereen London, how can I help you today? Hannah? Hi, can I speak to Hannah, please? Hannah Kent? From HR? - Putting you through.
- Thank you.
When she answers, say you're in a car and there's a man with a gun, he's gonna shoot you unless he speaks to Billy Bauer.
Okay? Okay.
This is Hannah Kent at Smithereen.
I'm not at my desk right now.
Leave a message and I'll get back to you, or if it's urgent, you can reach me on 07700 - Should I talk to her voicemail? - Shut up.
- That's 07700 900866.
07700 900866 - There you go.
- Thank you.
- Hello? - Hannah? Uh, Mrs.
Kent, it's, uh, Jaden.
What What, are you at the airport? You've not found Vanessa? No, no, no, listen.
I'm in a car with a man and he's got a gun and he needs to speak to Billy Bauer.
Hello? He needs to speak to Billy Bauer.
Who needs to speak to Billy Bauer? The man does, the gunman.
Okay, Jaden, I don't know what you're talking about.
Can you slow down? I don't understand what - Look, I'm - Listen carefully.
I've got a gun.
I've got your employee.
And I'm going to shoot him unless you get me Billy Bauer on the phone right now.
I'm serious.
The police are here.
They're looking at me.
I'm stuck here, I've got a fucking gun.
There's not much time.
I didn't want to do it like this but I need to speak to Bauer now.
Is this a joke? - No.
I think he just took a photo.
Did you get that? Yes.
- That's your guy Jaden, yeah? - Yes.
Don't hurt him.
If you get me Billy Bauer on the phone, no one gets hurt.
I just wanna speak with Billy Bauer on on the phone.
- Okay, I don't know how to get to Billy.
- But you can find out.
I can try to.
Can you stay on the line? [MOUTHS.]
Oh, I'm staying on the line.
- You sure it's not a prank? - I can't be a hundred percent, but I don't wanna call the US if this is bullshit.
It's still bloody morning over there.
Oh, God.
Hey, Maryam, this is early even for you.
Holy shit.
Have Don and Shonelle meet me in the boardroom in ten.
Here comes the hotstepper.
- Get a cordon going.
- Come on, lads.
Did you get a look at the hostage yet? Yeah.
Hood's off, he's in the back.
Early twenties, by the looks of him.
This is David Gilkes, negotiator.
Either of you speak to the suspect? For like a second when he pulled the gun.
- He seem pissed up? On something? - No, just angry.
Let's cut back on the razzmatazz.
I know it's tense but we're not risking a shit storm like the whole Stretton thing with poor old Mr.
Starter Pistol.
- Ma'am, I - Yes, I know but he was unarmed and it was less than a month ago.
Memories aren't that short yet.
So no critical shot unless there's absolutely no choice.
- Okay? - Ma'am.
- Your lace is undone.
- Ma'am, they've ID'd the car.
It's registered to an Eleanor Kathleen Gillhaney, sixty-seven years old, listed under an address in Ewelme.
- That's, what, couple of miles from here? - Yeah.
- I know Ewelme.
- Okay, you two go and give it a knock.
- See if she's okay.
- Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am, I'm gonna get these cars out of the way.
Pen, we have to tell Billy what's happening.
If this thing ends in some kind of a shoot-out, he should at least be aware of the situation.
- Got a hit.
- He could start making other demands.
- One moment, Don.
What is it? - Okay, the cell he's calling from, I ran it through everything and got a match.
It's registered as a two-step verification number on this account.
Pull out whatever we can get on this guy.
He's still on hold, right? Got him listening to a playlist.
You'd be like Heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much At long last love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive Billy Bauer.
You know, he's not gonna pay a ransom on me.
He doesn't even know who I am.
Pardon the way that I stare There's nothing else to compare Do they know if it's a terror thing yet? No one knows anything.
You should just go home.
- Timeline's going nuts.
- Let's see.
- Control, IC3 hostage - Ma'am.
We know who the hostage is.
He's from Smithereen.
- The social whatever company? - Yeah.
They contacted the Met to say one of their interns is being held at gunpoint.
Jaden Tommins.
The gunman sent a photo.
He'd been sent on an errand.
They booked a cab through the Hitcher app.
He's not in a cab now.
Call Hitcher, get what we can on the driver.
- We got the number that sent that photo? - Yep.
Run the call data through intel.
What did he say to them? - Did he give a name? - No name.
He wouldn't tell them anything but he did say he needs to speak to Billy Bauer on the phone.
Billy Bauer as in Billy Bauer? ["CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU" PLAYING ON PHONE.]
- I'm here.
This is Penelope Wu from Smithereen.
I understand you've asked to speak with Mr.
That's right.
So have you got Billy Bauer on the line? - Hello? - Sorry.
Uh, yes.
We're doing everything we can.
May I speak to Jaden? - He's fine.
- I just need to check he's okay.
- Tell them you're okay.
- Uh, I'm okay.
So you'd better hurry up and get Billy Bauer on the phone.
It's still very early where he is.
- We're having difficulty reaching him.
- That's not my problem.
Well, meantime could you maybe outline what this is regarding? No.
I'm only speaking to him.
Sure, it's just I'm actually the COO.
And? Well, it might be quicker if I can present him with a Just fucking get Billy Bauer on the phone right now.
I'm not fucking around here.
I will blow his fucking head off! - Do you understand? - I'm sorry, of course, I apologize.
I'm gonna put you back on hold.
I promise you we are working on it.
Don't be long! [EXHALES.]
Well, he's not stable.
Oh, in what way, Don? Jesus Christ.
I don't think that music helped him any.
But I switched the line so now while he's hearing that, we can listen in to see what's happening at his end.
Fucking messing me around.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
What's he saying? This is my last day.
This is my last day.
gets dark again The whole thing falls apart I guess It doesn't really matter 'bout the rain 'Cause we'll get through it anyway We'll get up and [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE.]
Eleanor? Mrs.
Gillhaney? [CRASHING.]
Hello? Hello? Eleanor? Eleanor, are you okay? [MALE OFFICER.]
Gillhaney? Mrs.
Gillhaney? I don't think anyone's home.
- Got a weird one here.
- Naj.
Fucking hell, that's him.
All right, this is mad, look.
Oh, great.
Everything all right? Yeah, we're looking for an Eleanor Gillhaney.
Bit late.
She, uh, died in March.
We could be lifted From the shadows Lifted Oh, we could be [MAN EXHALES DEEPLY.]
Okay, guys, stand by for instruction.
You and I forever, baby [NEIGHBOR.]
That's her son.
Chris, Christopher.
He moved in when she died.
Well, couple of months at any rate.
- On his own? - Yeah, keeps to himself.
Drives to work each morning, think he works somewhere in London.
Has something happened to him? Got a positive ID on the suspect.
Name's Christopher Gillhaney.
He seems to be staying at his late mum's place.
Lots of red bills, and it's up for repossession.
What have you got on the suspect? Former teacher.
- Sorry? He's a teacher? - Well, he was a teacher.
He's been registered unemployed going on two years.
- How's his record? - Fully DBS checked, he's squeaky clean.
Only place he shows up is as a victim in a road traffic accident, November 2015.
Drunk driver plowed right into him.
Two dead, including the drunk.
- Okay, good work, Najma.
- Ma'am.
Teacher with a real gun? - Not impossible, but not likely.
- Ma'am, it's the FBI.
- What? - It's the FBI.
Urgent call.
Chief Superintendent Grace.
Hi, Chief Superintendent.
This is Ernesto Cruz from the FBI.
Sorry, what's this regarding? We're liaising with Smithereen, Silicon Valley.
They're also on this call.
What, they're on the line as well? Yes, hi, this is Penelope Wu from Smithereen.
With me is Don from legal and Shonelle from analytics.
Uh, David Gilkes, negotiator.
Listen, Ms.
Wu, we've identified the suspect.
Christopher Michael Gillhaney, former schoolteacher, thirty-three years old.
He has a Smithereen profile.
- Right.
- So first off, Christopher's on hold but we are able to listen in to his end of the line so we'll share live feed of that with you guys.
That's useful.
In addition, we figure we could share the data we have on him to assist negotiations at your end, but first, perhaps you could share with us your perception of what he's doing.
Probably extortion, whether it's targeted at your company is something we don't Oh, it's targeted.
- Sorry? - We're looking into who Christopher is.
Group-wise we'd slot him into high intellect, low income.
Often angry people.
Right, well, we checked to see if he'd ever expressed hostile sentiments towards Smithereen as an entity but nothing shows up on his social.
In fact, there's been nothing there at all for some time.
- His whole account is dormant.
- I don't see how this is relevant.
But then we checked in with the Hitcher guys.
- Right.
- So the cab that picked Jaden up is registered to an Omar Masimbalu.
And a name like that, I think you'll agree, does not exactly match Mr.
- No.
- Turns out it was a compromised account.
People trade them on the dark web.
Seems likely Chris got a hold of it that way.
You appreciate what I'm saying? - He's been covering his tracks.
- Uh-huh.
So we asked Hitcher to share his account activity and it seems for weeks, he'd been only accepting jobs specifically outside the Smithereen London address.
Just parked up each day waiting until he got a job from someone inside the building.
This This is a whole plan he's had going on here.
I mean, this is sophisticated criminal behavior.
I find it hard to believe he's never raised red flags before.
His record's totally clean.
- I mean, he was the victim in - The auto accident in 2015.
He lost his fiancée in that crash.
Were you aware of that? No.
But you are.
There were historical posts inside his network, condolences, memorials, and that's when Chris disengages, in fact, not interacting with friends even though he's expressing grief.
You've done your homework.
Okay, I'm thinking this isn't about money.
- [GRACE.]
- Go on.
Chris is about the same age as Bauer, right? They've both got geeky backgrounds, computers.
- David.
- Maybe even Chris thinks it's about money but it's actually about status.
Bauer's got money, power, respect.
What's Christopher got? He's skint.
He's driving a hookie cab.
He's just lost his fiancée, his mum as well.
What if Christopher thinks he wants what Bauer's got? [CHUCKLES.]
But really, it's just about getting his attention.
What if that's what's going on? Is that gonna help you talk him out of that car? If he'll listen to me, yeah.
Christopher! Hello, Christopher? Christopher, my name is David Gilkes.
I'm David, okay? If you can see me, I'm the berk waving his arm in the air, okay? The one in the cheap suit.
Listen, there's a whole load of police here and to be honest, they're just doing their jobs but I think they're worried you're gonna hurt yourself or someone else.
I don't think you will, Christopher, but I'm not sure that they think that.
You know how they get.
- Chris, that's me calling you, Chris.
- Oh, leave me alone.
I just wanna talk to you for a moment.
Harris, if we need you, you got a clear shot? No clear shot yet.
Hostage is directly behind the gunman.
Can you shut up, please? [GRACE.]
Quick, can you hand me that? Chris, I know you're pretty stressed at the moment.
- [CHRIS.]
Are you the negotiator? - My name is David Thanks for that, David.
Are you the negotiator? Well, some people call me that, but really I'm just a I've read up about negotiators.
You'll pretend to be my friend and then you'll slowly try to convince me to give myself up.
Chris, you're obviously a pretty smart guy so I won't bullsh And if gentle persuasion doesn't work, you'll keep me distracted on the phone long enough for one of your snipers to get a good head shot.
Is that right, David? Well, look, let's just try to No, no, let's just you fuck off.
Get off the line.
I'm waiting for Billy Bauer.
Okay, you're the guy in the cheap suit, yeah? - That's what you said? - Yeah.
Okay, so here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna count to a hundred.
- Chris.
- Okay.
I'm gonna count to 50.
And if I don't see you get in your car and fuck off right away, I'll blow his fucking head off! - Chris, we don't need to do like that.
- One, two Harris, have you got a shot? - No, if I shoot, I'll kill them both.
- four, five - six, seven, eight, nine - He's bluffing.
David, we can't risk it.
You know we can't.
I will blow his fucking head off.
12, 13, - 14 - Fucking shift then.
15, 16 - David, I'm ordering you to go.
- 17, 18, 19, 20 - Keys.
Who's got the fucking keys?! - 21, 22, 23, 24, - 25, 26 - That's it, keep going.
- Give me a clear shot.
- 27, 28, 29, 30, - 31, 32.
- [GRACE.]
Chris, he's going.
- He's gone.
- [CHRIS.]
No one gets hurt if I get my call.
Don't call this number again.
- Stop shifting about.
- Sorry, I've got cramp.
CRUZ: I'm hearing from the British cops he's failed to engage with their negotiator.
Agent Cruz, could you give us a moment please? Sure.
We have to tell Billy what's happening.
Billy's not here, okay? I can't just call him up.
Where is he? He's six days into a ten-day silent retreat.
- A silent retreat? - Just him alone, not speaking to anyone, total isolation.
He's done tech detox weekends here and there, but ten days.
And I'm very reluctant to step into that.
But you do know where he is, right? Well, he doesn't know it but of course I do.
Bauer? Hello? Hello? Mr.
I'm so sorry to interrupt but there's a situation you need to know about.
Someone in the United Kingdom has taken one of our interns hostage and they're threatening to kill him unless they can speak to you on the phone.
Oh, fuck.
And he nearly hit us and then, he just crashed into that field over there.
And then that's when they shouted, "Gun.
" Stay back, ladies and gents.
At long last love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive - [COMPUTER CHIMES.]
- He just logged in.
Like, right now.
What's he doing? Looks like he's looking at posts from bystanders at the scene.
Can't take my eyes off you Pardon the way that I stare There's nothing else to compare How old are you? Twenty-two.
Have you got a girlfriend? - Or a boyfriend? Partner? Whatever? - Not at the moment.
You know, if you give yourself in, they might go easy on you.
I can't do that.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
This is my last day.
- I wanna talk to the guy.
That's not a good idea.
Legally and personally, I strongly advise against that.
What do you do if he asks for a million dollars? Tell him he can have it.
We cannot give money I'm not talking about giving him money.
I'm talking about buying us some more time.
The moment any kind of transaction gets mentioned Jesus, fuck the fucking money! Holy shit! To be blunt, Mr.
Bauer, for all we know, this guy's planning on executing the hostage the moment he has you on the line.
I don't get that feeling.
I don't think we can trust feelings on this.
Well, maybe that's part of the problem.
I wanna talk to him.
They've got a news van as well.
My mum will be terrified.
She worries about me all the time and this is Your mum's got nothing to worry about.
- Yes, she does, she - It's not real.
The gun, it's not real.
- What? - It's a replica.
- Fuck! - MAN: Stand by, stand by.
We don't wanna spook him.
We want him getting bored.
It's not real.
- What? - His gun, he's just told Jaden it's not real, it's a replica.
Guys, I've just been told the gun's not real.
The gun's not real.
We heard that at our end.
Oh, thank God.
Thank God.
We'll deal with him now, if you'll excuse me.
Thank you.
- Simon, I'll need a vest.
- Ma'am? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't move.
Don't try to get out.
I've got the child lock on and they've got real guns out there.
We start struggling about, they could hit either one of us.
Billy, this is a live feed from the gunman's cell.
- He can't hear you, okay? - Okay, uh - Patch his phone through.
- Jesus.
At least untie my hands.
Listen, I can't do it yet.
Just got to make them believe it a little bit longer, all right? Until I speak to Bauer.
Looks like the gun is not real.
We just heard him tell the hostage it's a replica.
He was spinning the wheel.
- What did he say? - Well, it's not a real gun.
All units, weapon is a non-firing replica [INDISTINCT RADIO COMMS.]
There are no words left to speak But if you feel like I feel Please let me know that is real Uh, someone's coming, someone's coming.
What the fuck? The gun is real! Get back! Get back! - The gun is real! - Got a clear view for critical shot.
- Get back over there! - Chris, we need to stop this now.
It'll stop when I speak to Billy Bauer! - Then it'll stop! - He's in America.
They can't contact him yet.
Fuck off.
They must have told him by now.
You're just biding time.
No one's biding time.
We're taking this all very seriously.
Now why don't you let Jade [GUNSHOT.]
- Shot authorized.
- [YELLS.]
- Ah! Fuck! Can't see.
No clear view for a critical shot.
Everyone back behind cover, now.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You are listening in, so listen to this.
He only fucking clipped me.
I'm still here.
If you don't phone back with Billy Bauer in the next five minutes, it all kicks off.
I mean it.
I am hanging up this phone and if you don't call me back within the next five minutes, I'm fucking doing it.
That's final.
Okay? It's final.
I lied about the gun.
I'm sorry.
- Pen? Pen, are you still there? - Bill, I'm here.
Put me through.
Put me through to this guy.
Sir, you you can't do that.
Excuse me, please don't tell me what I can and can't do, okay? Mr.
Bauer, this is an extortion attempt.
Pen, cut him off.
- Cut Agent FBI Douchebag off.
- Billy CRUZ: In the strongest possible terms, I suggest you do not engage with this individual.
- Cut him off now! - Bill, don't [PHONE BEEPS.]
All right, Pen, give me his number.
- Bill.
- We got his number? What's his name? Uh Christopher Gillhaney? Give me his number.
Bill, I'm not gonna give you that.
Did everyone catch the same disease today? I didn't ask you.
You cannot expose yourself to that.
Uh My laptop in there? - Bill? - Yeah.
- And a sat link? - Yes.
Fuck it.
I'll get it myself.
- Bill.
- Peace.
Uh, what did Penelope say? Can you make a note for me? Christopher Michael Gillhaney.
- Christopher Michael Gillhaney.
- UK, user since '08, didn't log on for 18 months.
Sorry, what's your name? Tipi.
Hi, I'm Billy.
Tipi, really the only good thing about my position is every once in a while I get to invoke God-mode.
Christopher? Is that Christopher? Hello? Yeah, I'm here.
It's me.
I'm Billy Bauer.
- You wanted to talk to me? - I did.
I did, yeah.
I do.
Okay, well, uh you got me on the line.
Tell you what, why don't you let our guy Jaden there go and, uh you and I can just, you know, chat? We can talk about whatever it is you want.
If I let him go, you'll hang up.
I'm not gonna hang up, Christopher.
- I want you to listen to me! - I'm listening.
Let's just not blow up, okay? Let's just, you know, be calm and you'll just kind of tell me what it is that you want.
I just told you.
I want you to listen to me.
- Just fucking listen to me.
- I'm listening.
There's no one else here.
Okay, Chris? It's just it's you and me.
You have my attention.
- Chris? - Yeah, I'm just I'm just it's hard to get my thoughts in order.
I've rehearsed this though, and I just That's okay.
Take your time, man.
Just Take your time.
You run Smithereen.
Since 2008.
I used to use Smithereen all the time.
- Okay.
- I mean, constantly.
Like, my phone was glued to my hand.
I was the whole cliché, you know, first thing I saw in the morning, last thing I saw at night.
Tamsin was [SOBBING SOFTLY.]
Chris? I'm here.
Tamsin was the same.
She was my fiancée.
Three years ago I was driving home with her.
We'd been visiting my mum.
My mum was sick and we'd been visiting my mum and I was driving Tamsin back to our flat.
She was asleep.
She was tired and I'm just driving her home.
And it was boring.
I got bored.
I got bored every ten seconds back then, I think, and I'm on this A road.
- It was very quiet, straight - [PHONE VIBRATES.]
and my phone lights up and I check it.
I just glanced at it, you know.
There's this little notification thing saying someone liked a comment that I made about some photo of theirs.
I just glanced at it, you know.
That's all the time it took.
It took her two months to die.
I was at her bedside.
It was no use.
The man in the other car died, too.
He was drunk.
He got the blame.
They said it was him.
Everyone felt sorry for me.
Even her parents.
At her funeral, you know, her mum was comforting me.
Her fucking mum.
What could I say to her? Nobody wants to hear that their daughter's dead because I was looking at me fucking phone.
Afterwards, everyone tried to get me to go to grief counseling.
It's Pen.
- Talk about it.
Just say say how you feel.
And I'm thinking I can't say a fucking thing.
Because how I feel is that I fucking killed her.
I killed her.
I killed her over a fucking dog photo.
I killed her over that.
I hear you.
What? I said "I hear you.
" Of course you fucking hear me.
You sound like you're in a lot of pain.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ! Speak like a fucking human being! You said you hear me so fucking hear me.
I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry.
They gave me bullshit advice.
- Fucking talking points.
- Talking points.
- Fucking hell.
- I know.
Fuck! I'm I don't know what to say to you.
Okay? That's the truth.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know what you want me to say.
I know it was me.
It was me.
I was driving.
It was my fault.
I never told anyone before because what good would that do, or I could write it all down and leave a a note, shoot myself, but what good would that do? But I thought I could tell you.
If I could get you to listen.
It was your thing, you built it.
I heard that that you make these things that way.
So that you can't take your eyes off them.
Well, job done.
Bit of user feedback for you there.
Maybe factor that into your next update.
I'm so sorry about your girl.
I'm, uh It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Our whole platform, I swear to God.
It was like, it was one thing when I started it and then it just I don't know, it just became this whole other fucking thing.
I mean, it got there by degrees, you know, they said "Bill, you gotta keep optimizing, you gotta keep people engaged.
" Until it was more like a crack pipe.
It was like some kind of fucking Vegas casino where And we'd sealed off all the fucking doors.
They've got a department All they do is tweak it like that on purpose.
They've got dopamine targets and there's nothing I can do to stop it.
I started it.
There's nothing I can do to fucking stop it.
I'm like some kind of fucking bullshit front-man now.
I swear to God, I've been on this retreat, supposed to be for ten days After, like, day two, - I decided, fuck it.
- Hey.
- I quit Smithereen.
That's it, I'm out.
- Hey.
Shut up! - No way I'm - Shut up.
I don't give a fuck what you do now.
Beat yourself up or fucking run a victory lap, I don't care.
I just wanted to say my piece.
I'm gonna go now.
Chris you gonna let our guy go? - Of course I am.
- Oh, thank God.
I'm going to.
I always was, all along.
And now I'm out of here.
Wait, Chris, um, out of here - as in - As in out of here.
- What do you think I fucking mean? - No.
No, what? Don't You don't have to do that.
Chris, you do not have to do that.
I can't stay here, not after what I did to her.
- I have to.
- No, you don't have to do anything! You don't have to waste your life.
It is wasted.
If there's anything that I can do, Chris, you gotta give me a shot here, okay? There's gotta be something that I can do, even if it's something small.
There's gotta be one small thing that I can do for you.
Please, Chris, just Chris, anything.
Do you know the guy who owns Persona? Yeah, I know Curtis.
- Hello? - Hayley Blackwood? Speaking.
I'm calling from Persona in San Francisco.
I've been asked to pass on some information to you.
You have? He's spoken to him.
I'm gonna let you go now, Jaden.
Okay? Thanks.
You can get up.
Careful, careful.
No sudden movements now.
We don't wanna spook them, okay? Hold out your wrists.
He's cutting him free.
I'm sorry for putting you through all of this.
- It's okay.
Come on, come on, what's taking Don't kill yourself, man.
Seriously, my uncle killed hisself and it fucked my whole family up.
My mum's still a mess.
I'll go out there right now and then I'll tell all of them, I'll tell them that you didn't hurt me.
That's very good of you.
That's very kind of you.
But I don't wanna be here anymore.
I won't do it until you're away from the car.
- Seriously, you don't wanna do this - I know you mean well, I know you mean well.
But, please, just please get out of the car.
Oh, I can't get out the car, you left the child lock on.
Oh, no, no, no.
Please, don't.
- Just leave me to it.
- You don't have to do this! They're struggling.
Have you got a clear shot? Affirmative.
Shot authorized.
- [JADEN.]
- Just drop it, man! - No.
Target missed.
You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much - [COMPUTER CHIMES.]
- At long last love has arrived - And I thank God I'm alive - [COMPUTER BLEEPS.]
You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off you - [PHONE RINGS.]
- Pardon the way that I stare There's nothing else to compare - The sight of you leaves me weak - [PHONE HONKS.]
There are no words left to speak - But if you feel like I feel - [PHONE CHIMES.]
Please let me know that is real [PHONE CHIMES.]
You're just too good to be true [CAR HORN HONKS.]
- Can't take my eyes off you - [HORN HONKS.]
I love you, baby And if it's quite all right I need you, baby To warm the lonely night I love you, baby Trust in me when I say Oh, pretty baby Don't bring me down I pray Oh, pretty baby Now that I've found you stay And let me love you, baby Let me love you You're just too good to be true Can't take my eyes off you You'd be like heaven to touch I wanna hold you so much At long last love has arrived And I thank God I'm alive