Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

We're Gaining a Daughter

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
Abby, this is Leigh from my band.
Abby needs to impress the judge that a move to Chesapeake Shores will give her more time with the girls, in addition to extended support from our family.
Something's happened to Kevin.
All we know is that he's missing.
I appreciate that Colonel.
Thanks for everything you're doing.
You have my cell and my home phones.
All right, thanks.
Still nothing definitive.
But it's been 48 hours! It's very difficult terrain Mom, it could take days.
- Any news? - No, sweetheart.
Gran, the girls are still going to be sleeping for another few hours.
Honey, I've got Jess here with me to look after the little ones, so go on your way, and don't you worry.
Bree can help too.
Bree stopped by a while ago.
I don't know why, but she's gone to Chicago.
Okay! Mom? Gran likes to say a prayer every time I fly.
What does that say about my flying anyway? Go on with you! - I'm going to pack the car.
- What? [Texting] [Message ping] - Honey, I know you're one to - Dad, please.
[Phone texting] I'll make sure to apologize to Gran for walking out when we get home.
I will never understand that about her.
What's that? Whenever something happens, like with Kevin, she's content to just pray.
That's right, she's content.
It gives her a peace that you and I will never understand.
Get the pitot cover, will you? Roger that, pitot cover, on it.
Just like old times.
You and I, we're different.
When something happens, we have to do something.
You know what I mean? It's like Like you making calls to get answers about Kevin.
You want Gran to send out a search party? Dad, I just want to get in front of the judge.
Honey, we're going to get through this, okay? I promise you.
Thank you for coming with me.
- Clear! - Okay! [Engine starting] Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon Wes and I never did this.
Not for our divorce, our custody hearing Abby! Mom? Your father thought it'd be all right if I came too.
Wait, you two have been talking about When it comes to something like this? Of course! - [Car honking] - Hello! I'm crossing here! I'm crossing here! All right, let's do this! You're supposed to be studying for the bar.
No better way to learn than on the job training.
Come on! Let's go.
- After you.
- Nice suit! Thanks! I thought you were supposed to be leaving.
I went for breakfast, sat along the shore, did some writing Leigh, we talked about this.
You still think you want to walk away from everything we worked so hard for.
But it's my job to make sure that you don't.
Leigh, you know more than anyone, why I can't come back to Nashville.
One thing I know about you Trace, no one is harder on you than you are on yourself.
It is painful to watch, so I can't imagine what it must feel like.
Let me back in I can help.
I know you deep down.
Come back to Nashville.
Come home, let me take care of you.
And then, when you're ready, we'll go into the studio.
That's what this is about.
It's all waiting for us.
The contract, the band, what we love doing.
You can even stay at my place if you want.
You'll be able to see John whenever you want.
Maybe that will help? I used to think making it was all that mattered.
The money, the lifestyle, the acknowledgement.
But I know where that path leads.
That's not where I want to go anymore.
I understand, but you have got to stop running.
I'm not running, okay? I'm healing.
It wasn't the music that almost killed you, Trace.
But it can still save you if you let it.
Yoy know, I thought you might be hungry.
Have a great day doing whatever it is you do here! Found it! Good! I can't even remember the last time I saw one of these.
Yeah! It's just around the corner, the Special Forces chopper.
Wow! Wait.
I gotta make sure that my hat's on straight here.
Coming in hot! Come on, guys! That was such a humid day and dad was in such a bad mood.
But at least he made it to the ceremony.
Will you hold still? Oh, my gosh.
Connor's moustache! - Dad, it's a video! - Connor! When do I deploy? Two weeks.
They haven't told us our assignment yet.
I don't know.
I gotta get out of this Georgia weather though.
I need some real food, Gran! So you gotta get me back to Chesapeake Shores! Yoink! Wanna take a ride on my chopper? I got one! Connor Connor! Jess, watch the little ones.
[Motorcycle engine] Judge Rogers is tough, but she tends to side with the mother unless she gets the idea you're trying to alienate the father.
I want Wes to be part of the girls' lives.
I always have.
But since he filed the original petition, the court's first impression is that he's being denied what he believes to be fair.
Abby, Wes isn't your pal - Connor.
- No, he's right.
And that's exactly what Wes's attorney is saying about you.
When we go into the judge's chambers We won't be in the courtroom? Judge Rogers prefers a less formal setting for these kinds of hearings.
She believes the courtroom encourages the adversarial.
Abby? Your best friend in all of this is going to be you.
Remember that, Wes is fighting for full physical custody.
We have to show that you are just as committed.
The better choice is for the court to award that to you.
- I want shared custody.
- That's where I'm hoping we'll end up.
You're hoping that's You could lose custody altogether.
Wes wants what's best for the girls, just like me.
But it's not up to you two, it's up to the judge and she could rule in Wes's favor.
She could rule that the girls should stay here with him.
That is not going to happen.
Amonte, Anderson, Bourque Abby, you and I will move into the courtroom and - We can't go in? - No, I'm afraid not.
It's done to ensure emotions are kept in check.
Otherwise it's Hatfield & McCoy time.
We'll be here.
As I'm sure your attorneys have explained, I like the less formal settings of my chambers for this kind of thing.
Anything we can do to mitigate conflict and mediate an agreement is preferred.
Let's go on the record.
Attorney Ben Rohrbach representing the Petitioner, Wes Winters.
Grace Bridges, Your Honor, for the Respondent, Abby O'Brien Winters.
I'd like to note we will be filing our own petition for custody modification today.
According to previous court records, both Mr.
Winters and Ms.
Winters have enjoyed a cooperative co-parenting agreement until now.
What's changed? Your Honor, this began this past 4th of July weekend when Ms.
Winters left the state without the father's informed consent.
Is that accurate, Ms.
Winters? - Wes and I have - Please, answer the question.
Yes, Your Honor.
Were you aware this was in violation of your custody agreement? I've never done anything like this before so - Yes, Your Honor.
- My client's Grandmother fell ill and the entire family hurried to Maryland to be together at what proved to be a difficult time.
Did you know that, Mr.
Winters? Your Honor.
Given what was happening with Ms.
Winters's Grandmother, my client had no desire to upset Ms.
Winters during a family crisis.
He felt things could wait.
Once in Maryland, my client and Mr.
Winters did speak by phone and never did Mr.
Winters express any issue with my client.
And that was the inciting incident for your petition, Mr.
Winters? Yes, Your Honor.
If I could add something? I don't think Abby intended to violate our agreement.
- But it made me realize - Your Honor, my client Mr.
Rohrbach, he seems to be doing fine expressing his opinion.
Abby and I both come from divorced families.
The last thing either of us ever expected have happened was for us to be divorced ourselves.
I don't want to be away from my girls.
You're well past that, Mr.
Therefore, it falls on me to decide how both you and Ms.
Winters can best parent given the unfortunate and self-evident circumstances.
Now you mentioned something about a petition on Ms.
Winters behalf? You're both asking for full, physical custody.
Something I had not expected to rule on today.
We will take a recess and pick this up after lunch.
Gran used to bring me here to picnic all the time when I was your age.
Why didn't your Mom and Dad bring you? Nana loves the outdoors.
She brought me here and Flagsmith Rock to hunt for hermit crabs.
Will you take us hunting for hermit crabs? It's one of my favorite things.
But we have to put them back after we find them.
Can't we keep them? They live outside, they're part of nature.
And they're also called hermit crabs for a reason.
How come? Because, they're hermits.
Hermits like to be alone.
[Growling] Hey, Mrs.
Hermit Crab - Go away! - No Why do you think I don't have a doorbell? Or even a door! Scram! We're waiting until you come out.
No one likes being alone.
Are your Mom and Dad divorced? - Yep.
- Like our Mom and Dad? - Pretty much.
- Then we can all still be together.
Okay, I've decided to come out of my shell.
I want to play now.
But I don't know what to do with my pinchers! What does that mean? It means I can't stop them from tickling you! Oh, I can't stop them! [Girls screaming] It's funny you'd show up now.
I'm on my way to show that property.
I pass by there all the time.
Your sign couldn't have been up more than a day.
I haven't even put the listing online.
- And someone's already interested? - Business partners from Arlington looking to open a micro-brewery.
How long would something like that take to get approved? I'm not sure, but the town council's been trying to attract bigger revenue generating businesses, so Are you interested in the property Trace? Just let me know if there's any movement? - Of course! - Thanks.
Well, there's hardly any need for you to sit with me.
I've nowhere to be.
Well then, could I ask you a question? Mmm hmm! Do you think that maybe when a person's past finally catches up with them, do you think our creator might use it to punish them? As I understand him, God is not strictly a punisher of wrongs.
My heart is very heavy.
My spirit's heavy for Kevin and I'm afraid.
I know, but we have prayed for Kevin.
We have! We need to trust.
Just let it be.
Just let it be? Well now, I've done that.
17 years ago, I laid my husband to rest, right out there in that yard.
And I'll not do that for Kevin.
I will not.
He's a fine, good, loving boy, and he certainly doesn't deserve this.
I will not have it.
I will not! I want my grandson home safe.
And I want him home in one piece.
Excuse me.
I feel like she's not hearing me.
Yeah, well judges are luck of the draw, Abby.
But I Connor.
Megan, I'm giving you the number for my friend at the Washington Post, okay? Of course.
Hey, lunch is self serve everyone.
I don't understand how with all of your contacts, we haven't heard anything! - Be glad nobody's knocked on the door.
- Why? Because you wouldn't get a phone call if you were declared KIA.
- Connor! - We are not even gonna think about that.
I'm just saying, no news is good news.
Relax! Abby, what's next? We go back after lunch and wait to be called into chambers.
How long does this usually take Connor? - Depends.
- On? - A lot of - They don't know, or they won't say, whether it was a combat incident, or whether he was in a road convoy or in an aircraft.
- [Phone ringing] - Is that Wes? Never.
It's a client, sorry.
- [Different phone ringing] - Hello? Hi, Mr.
Thanks for getting back to me.
What's going on? - I can do that for you.
- That's cool, I got it.
Oh! Do you have any mustard? Yeah, okay and No, not the gold one, the spicy one I'm not quite sure I understand.
I'm afraid this is all I've got.
I'll just go with that, Mom.
You've got them overseas? So you found him? - They found him? - Yes! I have to go.
Give me a pen here, quick.
He's on his way to Craig Hospital at Bagram Airfield.
Just outside of Kabul.
I'm sorry, and after that? No, no, the fact that he's alive is more than enough, thank you! - Thanks so much.
- So? He's injured but they don't know the extent.
They wanted to notify next of kin before releasing information.
Next of kin? Then why'd you have to go sniffing around? They probably called Gran at home.
Once he's stabalized, they're going to move him to a place called Landstuhl Army Medical Center in Germany, then they'll fly him home to a hospital stateside.
I'm going to call Bree and Jess.
I'll call Mom.
Let's go back on the record.
Well, one thing is clear.
Both Ms.
Winters and Mr.
Winters, though he filed the original petition, are at an impasse.
Before I rule, is there anything either of you would like to say? Your Honor, my client simply wishes to provide the very best life for his two children.
I have made a lot of mistakes, including not telling Wes that I was taking the kids to Maryland.
But when we got there my family, who hasn't all been together in years, we somehow just became a family again.
I was reminded that we fit together.
That we belong together.
And maybe it's just how we're made but, I realize that I would be missing out on what's most important if I didn't stay in Chesapeake Shores.
And And I want that for our girls.
I'm sorry we've been having so much trouble figuring this out, but I would never I will never do anything to try to keep you out of their lives.
Winters, the fact is you violated the terms of custody.
You demonstrated a disregard for those terms by taking your children out of state without Mr.
Winters' consent.
- Your Honor - You failed to return your children at the agreed time, requiring Mr.
Winters to drive down and pick them up.
The New York Family Courts have little tolerance for that kind of recalcitrance.
However, in light of the fact that we have petitions modifications from both parties, I find the relocation of the current custodial parent, Ms.
Winters, is a sufficient change in circumstances to trigger a new, best-interest hearing.
Therefore, I will not be issuing a ruling for permanent modification today.
I am, however, issuing a ruling for temporary modification.
The children will spend their summers in Chesapeake Shores, Maryland.
Winters, as for visitation rights, you'll have to make arrangements with Ms.
Yes, Your Honor.
Come this fall, unless the two can reach an amicable accord, you'll find yourself back here facing the same stumbling block.
Try and work this out before then? Great space! The partners in the micro brewery are very interested.
They want to start negotiations.
Are you ready to make an offer? I'd need some time.
How much time, Trace? As a family friend and not a Realtor, since I represent the seller, I can tell you this negotiation will move very fast.
These guys aren't about to buy this place without knowing whether or not they can get a business license.
Even if they're not interested in the property for their business, they still might find it a bargain.
Maggie, come on.
Help me out.
If I were representing them, I'd recommend 60 day escrow, all cash, no contingencies.
Obviously, you have plans for this space.
But even if you have the down payment, in this market, without an income, I'm afraid you won't get approved.
Not even with your Father being at the bank.
I'll be in touch.
Are you sure you can't stay for dinner and fly down tomorrow? Oh, no I want to see my girls.
Are you on the court calendar? Abby, I will give you a call when we get a date in the fall.
This judge really wants us all to work it out ourselves.
Well, that would be a first.
What Hold the elevator? C'mon, Wes.
You'll be waiting all night for this elevator.
The The girls said that you would have something for them? A piece of an old shirt? Gran is making a family patchwork quilt and they wanted you to be included.
This isn't going away, Abby.
Over the last few months, a lot's happened and I've come.
Wes, I don't think this is a good idea.
I want to be a father to Carrie and Caitlyn.
I want to be a family.
Maybe you can understand that now more than ever.
And for whatever reasons that we couldn't make it work, I'd like to try with Gabrielle.
Honey? We've got some weather coming in I'd like to beat it.
Okay? Come on, you want this? [Dog barking] Huh? You want it? Your phone had to have been breaking up when you called, because I thought you said you wanted to talk about working together again.
I know I must not have heard that right.
Can you sit down? I need to be sitting for this? If the label wants a duet album, then that's what we'll give them.
- He's seen the light.
- Wait a minute, There's some conditions There always are with you.
First, I need the money upfront.
Shouldn't be a problem.
Second, the songs I wrote on my own? I can't include those.
They're your songs.
I don't understand.
They're beautiful songs.
Last thing: I'll write all day and night with you until we finish the album.
But this has to be the last thing that we do together.
We'll see about that.
You never give up, do you? I'm going to need a couple more weeks here before I come back to Nashville.
What're you doing in the meantime? There's a piece of property here in town.
It needs a ton of work, but it's a great deal.
So? I want to open a place to hear music.
You want to open a bar? A place to hear music, real music.
Showcase new talent, put on concerts for kids, maybe even have an open mic night.
And I want to build out a recording studio upstairs.
That sounds great.
Do you have that kind of money? I will now.
This is about meeting our obligations and finishing the album.
That's it.
Mmm hmm.
[Laughing] Three, two, one.
Ready or not, here I come.
I'm going to find you.
You in here? Girls? Girls? Caitlyn? Carrie? Caitlyn? Carrie? Oh, please Caitlyn? Carrie! This isn't fun anymore! Caitlyn? - Carrie! - Over here, Jess! Oh, you guys! Where have you two been? Right here.
I couldn't find you.
That's why I was calling you We couldn't hear you.
Carrie wanted to watch the ants.
Thanks, blame me.
Well, you should never leave me without telling me where you're going, okay? Okay.
You wanna watch ants with us? Yeah.
You want a bottle of water for your walk across town? Yeah, sure.
I appreciate you going out of your way to walk me home.
No big.
I'll just cut through the park.
- Spend much time in the park? - Up my way, there's not much to see.
I read that's where the polo grounds used to be.
Hey, could you grab some bread? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
And it was home to the Metropolitans baseball club.
Wow! Speaking of baseball, do you ever get to any games? - Basketball? Hockey? - No, but I'd love to go.
Oh, no, I was actually asking you.
I figured with all the high rollers coming through the museum, you must have some connections The Islanders? Well, don't go out of your way.
Think we could go together? If the seats are on the glass.
- That sounds uncomfortable.
What? - [Connor laughing] [Phone ringing] It's Abby.
Hey sweetheart! Good.
Thanks for letting me know.
I love you, too.
- Sup? - Your sister and father made it back.
I haven't flown with Dad in years.
Not sure that I'd want to.
Hey, did you know Kevin almost got his license? Don't tell me that.
Not after the last two days.
I know, right? Mmm! I'm glad we got ahead of the weather.
Nobody can get in or out of Peterborough.
Dad, I do not want to go back to court, there was nothing fun about that.
At least you know you're in Chesapeake Shores for the rest of the summer.
Growing up I think we took living here for granted.
I think it's going to be great for the girls.
Thanks for making that happen.
Any landing you can walk away from I've missed going up in this together.
Hey, I want to show you something.
Look at this.
You carry that around? Yeah! We had a lot of fun that day.
Dad, I was sick to my stomach.
Yeah but you wanted to keep flying.
I thought today was going to be a repeat.
Well, you're on the other side, now.
When fall rolls around, the leaves start changing and the geese are heading south you and the girls are gonna feel right at home.
You're doing the right thing for them, honey.
And for yourself.
I just wish Wes would realize that.
He will.
For now just breathe, relax and enjoy the moment.
Trace is behind us You okay? Want me to pull over? Yeah, I guess.
See what he wants.
How'd it go? It was a draw.
Not quite.
The girls are spending their summers here.
That's great! Isn't it? Where you off to? The bank to see my father.
Oh, taking out a loan? Something like that.
I'm happy for you, Abby.
I think he was serious.
He's only working for you because he needs the money.
Not because I'm a great boss? No.
He's definetely not going back to work for his dad.
- That would kill him.
- Uh huh, yeah.
That would kill him.
Gran, I'm sorry for walking out on you this morning.
Listen darling, I understand.
It was disrespectful and I apologize.
Listen, I've had to say I'm sorry a couple of times today, so all is forgiven.
Okay? - Where are the little ones? - Outside, in the playhouse.
They're fine.
Safe and sound.
Jess, you know you don't have to actually watch them.
Listen, Jess.
Could you please help me with the corn? And Abby, could you check the potatoes? - Yes.
- Thank you.
Has anybody heard from Bree? Yes! right after you told me Kevin had called.
Did she say what's going on? Not a peep, and I did not ask.
Since when did you become such a respecter of persons? Sometimes people have things going on in their lives they like to keep private.
- If Bree had wanted me to know - She's breaking up with Martin.
Wh She told you that? I just know.
I always know.
Just like you knew that I would be so upset about Trace and Leigh? Mmm-hmm.
Is she still here? Is who what where? Well, maybe they want to keep that private.
- Hush.
- Leigh left this afternoon.
She must've been in a rush because she left a cute sweater in her room.
- You have to mail that to her.
- Or we can burn it! Outside of Easter and Christmas, and sometimes your working on this place, it's been a long time since you've darkened the doors of this church.
I was on my way into town and I noticed your car.
I stopped to see Dad and somehow found myself sitting in here.
Mom, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him.
Something will remind me of dad and I I miss him so much.
Now stop, darling, and listen to me.
I knew him best so you'll at least give me that.
Your father was above anything.
A proud man he was.
And when you started to outshine him, he couldn't abide it.
You know that.
His shortcomings were his own, Mick.
Don't make them yours.
As much as he loved you, and he loved you so much, but he couldn't stop believing that somehow he'd fallen short of the mark.
You know, I couldn't wait to go into business with him.
And look at the success you've made of it.
I'm proud of you, I am.
If If only one of my kids felt about me the way I felt about him.
Now there you are.
Allow that pain to get your attention; serve a purpose.
All we can do is let the past inform us of what lies ahead.
And then forgive all the people who've ever hurt you.
All of us are prodigal sons and daughters, Mick.
It's just that it takes longer for some of us, more than others, to come home.
Anybody ever tell you how beautiful you are? Because I do love you my darling son, I do love you.
Love you more.
The past still burns And my heart still yearns for your love I could make you see How much you meant to me But this time around I'm not gonna let you down And I'm gonna show you how I've picked myself up off the ground Did I make you proud? Cuz I need to hear it out loud Girls! What are you doing? Hi, Mom.
- I have something for you.
- What is it? Right from the start of me But I was blind to see the way you loved me