Chesapeake Shores (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Deals Undone

1 Previously on Chesapeake Shores.
I lost everything except the girls.
I could go to prison.
There was a cute guy, came and asked about my writing.
You must be David.
Heard you bought the property on 5 Mile Road.
Maybe there's something we could do together.
Don't give up what you love unless you absolutely have to.
Vaughn? Abby there you are.
You're delivering flowers now? No, not exactly.
You've been served.
Are you serious? Hey, I'm just the messenger.
So, no flowers? Might brighten your day.
I'm good thanks.
Nice to see you.
- Good morning.
- Not yet.
Wake Connor, will you? He's gotta finish the boat.
Wake up Connor Connor! Wake up! I could've done that.
- Connor - What? I just got served.
Because apparently, the legal advice you gave me backfired.
Yeah, free legal advice.
You talking about your custody issues with Wes? No, the Department of Justice has subpoenaed all of the records that I had sent out from my office in New York.
No big deal.
You said you had nothing to do with insider trading.
Just give them whatever you got.
I also told you that there was an investigator from the DOJ asking me questions, and you told me not to answer them.
Always good advice which I'm going to take myself, now.
Could you close the door on your way out? Dad wants you to finish the boat, also.
And clean up your room.
Gran is away and we all need to pitch in.
- It is clean! - Oh my - [Knocking] - Come in! - How are you doing? - I am fine! You need to stop checking in on me.
You could have been really hurt or killed.
I fell out of a tree, onto my brother.
It's nothing compared to what I went through in combat.
- Are you really sure - I'm fine! It's all good.
Thanks for checking on me.
Connor! Get up.
Be very careful with that griddle, guys.
- Yes, sir.
- Mom warned us, too.
You might consider getting a refund on Connor's law degree.
Wow! look at you! We love making pancakes.
I see I need to teach you how to clean up along the way [Laughing] Sorry.
It is okay.
I will help you in just a minute.
It doesn't seem right that I have to hire a lawyer and appear in court when I have done nothing wrong.
You need someone who specializes in securities fraud.
If you're not careful, these things can snowball on you.
What ever happened to "innocent 'til proven guilty?" Hello, are you okay? - Hmm? - [Doorbell ringing] If that's another subpoena, tell them I'm all served out.
That would be for me.
When's daddy coming? Um, right after breakfast, sweetie.
We're all going together, right? Uh huh, just like you asked.
Let's invite Aunt Bree and Aunt Jess to come with us! That is a great idea.
I will text them right now.
Grandpa, breakfast.
And don't forget about mini-golf.
Uh I think that Grandpa has a lot of work today.
That's okay.
We've seen you like that, too.
I could smell those Flap Jacks all the way from upstairs.
And I am hungry as a bear.
[Laughing] What's wrong? I don't know Hey, I kind of feel a little bit responsible for what happened.
- Oh, do you? - Yeah, like the tiniest bit.
Mind if I take a look at the letter? Yeah, knock yourself out.
Plane ticket already paid I'm gone but it don't mean nothing I'm close even though I'm far away I'm coming home soon Taking or leaving? Hey! I was hoping I'd see you.
I'm leaving actually.
"My Life in the Pits"? That doesn't sound like a very happy place.
Actually it's a pretty inspiring book, and the author falls in love, so I noticed somebody took my other book.
Actually, just going to put it back.
What hapened to reading being a distraction from writing? Well, I guess it's not so much of a distraction it's um What? I've spent a really long time trying to find my own voice as a writer, and I think I guess I'm scared that if I read someone else's writing You're afraid you'll end up sounding like somebody else.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
I want to stay true to me.
We don't really know each other but I doubt that you could ever be anything but true to yourself.
[Laughing] It'd be a shame, anyway.
Thank you.
I wanted to ask you the other day in front of Jess, you pretended that we hadn't met, and Yeah.
I'm not sure why I did that.
I think I just over reacted and - It was just a little confusing.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm glad we got that straightened out.
I actually got to get to work.
Oh, sure.
I'm actually going to get a coffee.
- Isn't that coffee? - Coffee.
- Yup.
So bye! - See ya! Something wrong? No, nothing's wrong.
I can count the number of times you've come over on two fingers.
Once, when I closed on this place, and the other time when Axel went missing.
Both times with Mom.
We both know how you feel about Axel.
We like him, too.
Right, boy? Beauty of a view.
Yeah it's priceless.
Everything has a price.
Mick O'Brien came by the bank to see about his loan docs.
He's holding firm on a few conditions and he's prepared to let the property go if they're not met.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
He also mentioned something about you two going into business.
He floated the idea past me but hasn't said anything since.
Sounds like it won't matter now, anyway.
That's good.
Why do you say that? Ninety-five percent of small businesses fail in the first five years.
It's a risky investment.
Trace I'd really like you to re-consider coming to work at the bank.
Dad That's never gonna happen.
Is it that you don't like what I do for a living? Or is it you don't like me? What? No! Where is this coming from? Come on, Trace.
Look, we're just two very different people, alright? I mean We've never connected.
I don't know why.
But it doesn't mean I want to stop trying.
Does this mean you'll reconsider my loan? What's there to reconsider? - I'm done.
- More, more, more! - Here you go.
- Thank you! Wanna go play in the dining room? - And I'm getting nothing back! - What d'you think's going on? That's the only way I can get the guy on the phone! I don't know.
He had his face buried in some legal documents earlier.
I aced contract law, I hated it, but I aced it.
Maybe I should Connor, I think you've done enough.
Ow, ow, ow Maybe you're overdoing the PT.
What's happening? Can one of you make sure that Kevin doesn't overdo his physical therapy? I can do it! That'd be moi.
- That, would be a terrible idea.
- The worst.
- What? - You already tried to kill him once.
What're you talking about? Going to the tree house, that was a bad idea.
He fell on me! [Talking over each other] Guys, guys! Just Let me find it for you so you can read it for yourself.
Hang on.
Kevin, I'll go.
Being here must feel like getting dropped behind enemy lines.
More like first week of basic training.
There's a lot of "duck and cover" around here Yeah.
I'm terrified of leaving.
Don't misunderstand.
I'm glad Kevin will be here with all of you.
I am.
But I've been watching him for signs of PTSD and I'll keep an eye him.
I know what to look for.
You do? Uh-huh.
And it might not be PTSD.
At least, not the way you're thinking of Jess, I'm not sure you understand.
Has Kevin told you about the Citation? The ship you sailed your senior year of high school.
He said it isn't his story to tell.
Abby was married.
Kevin, Connor, and Bree were off at school.
My dad was always away working, all the time.
So it was me and my Gran, here, at this house, alone.
I heard about this thing called "school at sea.
" What do you think they're talking about? I don't know, leave 'em alone, creeper.
[Mick talking loudly on phone] Stop! Let me see.
- You're gonna hurt it! - Let me see! - Stop! Mom! - Girls, what's going on? Guys, Grandpa's on a phone call, so Abby.
Please?! - I'm sorry Dad! - This is a business call! - Grandpa, I found a - Not now, honey.
[Door slamming] - I'm sorry, Mom.
- That's okay sweetie.
Grandpa's just on a on a very important phone call.
I want to find a ladybug.
Aww, you do? Okay, let's go.
I'll do the kitchen.
Work first, family second.
Just like the old days.
Guys? Little help? I would, but my leg is killing me.
Your hands work just fine.
That's an order if I've ever heard one.
Connor? Duck! I think I found a way to keep Abby out of jail.
Dad, can you win us that unicorn? - She's so pretty.
- Why don't you guys try first, okay? Okay.
Alright! Here we go! Eighteen holes.
Where's our caddy? I'm your caddy.
- Ahh.
- But don't make me your referee, guys.
Trust me, from experience, you want to show those kids, when it comes to their needs and happiness, you two can put your problems aside.
Got it? Of course.
Thank you, Caddie.
- Thanks Megan.
- Let the games begin.
Let the games begin! I can't even carry your suitcase.
Don't feel sorry for yourself, it's not like you.
Let's not do this.
Do what? We always manage to get in a fight before one of us leaves.
I don't want to fight with you.
And I don't have to leave here without you, but I have to go back to work.
You still have vacation days.
Kevin, that's not the point.
- Georgia, if you want me to - What do you want? Our plan was to live in Daytona Beach when you got stateside.
And look.
You're stateside.
I want to go home.
To sleep in our bed.
To go through our mail.
To water that little cactus we bought together in Cozumel.
If you're not ready to leave, I'm not going to drag you along.
So what did you and Jess talk about? The Citation.
She doesn't talk about it much.
She's something special.
Specially for somebody so young.
It came at a price.
Heading out for mini-golf.
You guys coming? Actually, Georgia was just about to leave What ? So soon! Time flies in Chesapeake Shores.
Thank you, Mick, for everything.
Thank you for bringing home my son.
Let me know when you set the date.
I'll dust off some really old wedding toasts.
I mean really bad.
Sounds great, Dad.
Can't wait.
[Truck starting] Look.
It's not that I don't understand why you may want to stay.
But I'm realizing Jess is right.
You may need to stay.
Suggesting I recoup here was a gift.
One I may regret giving.
Come back when you're ready.
I'll be waiting for you.
[Car starting] [Various people talking] I'm not going to be here all day! Hey you.
Wanna help a guy out? Hi, Connor.
I always took you as a straight shooter.
What're we talking about? What're we talking about? Insider trading.
Look, I'm just here to play mini-golf.
Whether you meant to or not, you got Abby caught up in your mess.
Look, I thought I could make money for my clients.
And yourself.
Sure, and when I found out the deal was going south, I pulled the money out.
So you didn't get any cookies, but you still got your hand caught in the cookie jar! Didn't you? Hey! Playing through.
Seriously? The Department of Justice isn't going to let you skate on this.
Yeah! Thanks for the heads-up.
I'm just saying! Listen (Together) Yay! Mimi, how come you got to stay an extra day? Something was wrong with my plane.
You should probably stay away from seaplanes, altogether.
- You think? - Okay.
- [Phone hanging up] - Dad's on his way.
Grandpa got mad at us.
He did? I'm sorry.
Dad's a bit stressed about business.
This has got to be uncomfortable huh? Being around the whole family after the trouble you've caused my sister.
I feel lousy Abby got dragged into this.
You feel lousy? I will make sure it's clear she wasn't involved.
Yeah, but see, she already is involved.
It was my fault.
Okay? I did it.
What are you doing? Do you want to go to jail? Of course not.
Stop saying it was your fault.
I need you to tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Understand? So, is it over with you and Martin? Oh, yeah it is over.
And out.
He hasn't even called.
I mean I don't know what It's not like I wan't him to ask me back or anything, I just - You were together a long time.
- Yeah! Seven years.
It felt like seventy some times.
You were in love.
We were.
I thought he was going to propose.
- I don't even - Hey! Hey! Sorry.
Lunch rush was crazy.
You remember my sister.
- Yeah.
Hi, Bree.
- Hey, David.
This line is moving really slow and it's so hot.
You might want to grab yourself a drink.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
I'll be right back.
How are things with you two? I don't know.
You don't know what? He's nice.
I just don't know how much we have in common.
Well, I should probably you know - let you guys hang out alone - What?! No no no! - It's weird.
- Don't do that.
- You sure? - Yes.
Yeah! We waited this long in this lineup.
[Knocking] Mom called and said to stop by.
Have a seat, Trace.
I thought you gave up working Saturdays.
You got your loan.
I don't understand.
You can open your bar.
Your music place.
I thought you said it was irresponsible for the bank to approve my loan.
Your mother and I are doing this for you.
You're "doing this" for me? I know this is the "friendly" bank but don't do me any favors.
- You don't want your loan? - Not like this.
Do you have any idea how hard I've worked to make it with my music? On my own? I told you I have money coming in, I don't need a handout! Keep your voice down.
You and I, we don't need to understand each other, we don't even need to like each other, but show me the respect that I show you.
If you have to ask for respect, then you haven't earned it.
Does that make you feel good, Dad? Making me feel small? Let me get this right.
I've agreed to give you a personal loan and now you don't want it because I'm not appreciating all you've done? I don't want your money because I know what comes with it.
I'm not going to let you do to me what you did to Mom.
- [Struggling] - Dad! What's wrong with you! Dad? Just go.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
- Maybe you should sit down.
- Just go! (Together) Yay! Good job Carly! Now we both got a hole in one! Yes you do! Alright, It's Mimi's turn.
No wait! Grandpa's here! It's Grandpa's turn.
Why'd he bother to come if he's going to be on the phone the whole time? Ahem! Okay, yes, I do that too, but you have to admit, I've gotten a lot better.
Alright Mimi, you take Grandpa's turn and Grandpa will take your turn when he's off the phone.
- Okay.
- Where is your father? Right there.
Okay, watch out 'cuz I'm dangerous! Did you know there's such a thing as legal insider information? See, that's the thing that we need to talk about Wes, we're here to spend time with the girls.
We're talking about my case.
I appreciate what you've done but Wes has an attorney.
I think I can wrap this up if you let me.
Connor, It's enough, okay? You don't have your license, you don't know if you passed the bar.
Mom, come on! Mommy! Be right there girls! Do you really want the girls looking at their Dad through an inch of Plexiglas the next five years? The prosecutor doesn't care about you or Wes, just the person who was behind the scam.
- I was covering.
- Wow, you are something else.
Well, you have to testify against her.
Make a plea deal with the prosecutor, you could have a deal.
Guys, I don't want You gotta roll on Gabrielle okay? It's your only leverage.
Yes, you have to have your attorney call the investigator who came to my office.
You mean the one who's coming here? Now? I asked him to meet us.
- How did you know that - I took a shot.
Abby! I can do this.
Abby, really! I can do this.
I'm telling you! Do you have five bucks on you? What, for a retainer? No, for a hot dog and soda.
I can do this.
Someone's gonna get wet! Agh! I had no idea you were such an aggressive boater.
Competitive boater! "Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale.
" Moby Dick.
The bane of my ninth grade lit class.
Ninth grade? You read it too soon.
Oh, I read everything too soon.
Did you ever feel like going back and reading everything all over again? All the time, but where to begin? Hey Jess! Are you excited about opening the B&B? Uh, yeah! You're re-opening the B&B? In a couple days, yeah.
Hasn't she done an amazing job? Yeah, I love it.
I want to move there.
- Are either of you feeling seasick? - Uh-uh.
- Not really.
- Why? Um, let's go get ice cream.
That's a good idea.
Last one to shore pays! Megan, I have to fly to Boston.
I know the kids don't need looking after but with Mom gone and Kevin convalescing Maybe I can re-arrange my schedule to stay another day.
That would be great.
Last time we talked, you were pretty rough on me.
Can we discuss this later? My my head is swimming.
You want to stay in Mom's room? That's easier than the B&B.
She ever tell you why she had the sudden desire to visit Ireland? I asked her, but no.
She wouldn't say.
You think with everyone here for the summer she felt out of place? Maybe Sometimes we need to get our bearings again, to know where we belong.
There's something I gotta do.
I'll see you back at the house.
Are you kidding? Is there a problem? Is there something you wan't to tell me? You're holding Mr.
Winters' hand-written, signed deposition.
He's agreed to testify against the one you're really after.
Gabrielle Matthews.
None of Mr.
Winters' clients lost money.
He was fired from his job.
He'll never work again in the financial industry again.
You and I both know that even with the immunity you're granting, he's still going to have to do some sort of community service.
I think that's all that needs to be said.
You can just call me Connor.
Practicing law without a license is a serious, criminal offense.
Actually, not in all jurisdictions.
Look, I didn't misrepresent myself.
Right there.
I witnessed, Connor O'Brien, J.
Juris doctor.
That's indicating my title as a Law School Graduate.
I never said that I was an attorney.
And you never asked.
That was your assumption.
The problem is you're just realizing that right now.
Gabrielle Matthews is the one that you want.
Not Mr.
Winters, not Miss O'Brien Winters, and definetely not me.
Have yourself a very good day sir.
Where you goin'? So, what d'you think? No echo.
Doesn't that have something to do with acoustics? I'm not sure I follow.
I know you were interested in that other property, and that I upset you, but I'm letting it go.
It wasn't the right deal.
So, you're not buying it after all.
No, I'm not.
Abby was right about you.
You are full of surprises.
I'm flying out this afternoon, but before I go, I wanted to ask you if you thought that this place might be a good joint to hear music.
Mick, I mean it's amazing.
I don't know much about accoustics, but when it comes to real estate, I know what I'm doing.
- You and me.
- Partners.
Right now I could use one I trust.
How would that even work? We'll figure it out.
Like I said, this place is incredible, but it seems like there's a lot to be done.
And you don't think that's in our wheelhouse? C'mon.
What d'you say? Why not, Mick.
Let's do it.
Good! I'm glad.
We'll talk later.
Oh, hey, Trace? The keys.
Yes! Hey Connor, I really appreciate your help.
If you really mean that, then how about giving my sister a break when it comes to going after custody? Yes! Alright children it's time to go! No no no! We're in the middle of a game! Connor, don't make me ask twice.
Connor, nice work.
Thanks again Yeah, no problem.
See you at the car.
Is the investigation closed? Yeah, Whitcomb just signed off.
- Yes! - I do not know what to say.
I don't know, I'm best brother ever, you couldn't live without me, I could go on.
I'm serious! That could've gone very, very badly! You're my sister.
I wanted to help.
Connor, you wanted to win.
That too.
And I did.
I work with a lot of people who take big risks in business But you would never do that.
No I wouldn't.
Alright, stop.
- What? - Come here.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're such a jerk.
Here we go.
One for you, and one for you.
You got the caterpillers! - And it's okay - That is not what happened! It is though and I But why would I even want to hurt you? You didn't do it on purpose, that's not what I'm saying.
What's going on? - Ask her! - Ask her! One of you tell me, what is going on.
Jess Brie.
Brie! What is going on with these two? Jess thinks Bree is flirting with David.
Oh, my goodness! You are not allowed to date, ever.
I don't want to date.
Neither do I.
Listen, I'm glad we did this together, okay? Me too.
- Can we do it again? - All together? I will talk to your dad about it.
- I'm sorry - Oh, you're sorry? For the insider trading or for having the Department of Justice breathing down my neck, or are you sorry for taking me to court and fighting me for custody? - Drive safely.
- Okay, thank you.
Oh you'd better believe I will be back! Look what I Where did everybody go? Hey! Hey! Not again! [Knocking] Can I make you something? Hmm? Oh, no thanks honey.
What a lousy day Really? Mini-golfing? Yeah.
Bree's so pretty.
What's that? Abby is, too.
Well, I have beautiful daughters.
But Bree's creative, Abby's smart And that makes you Exactly.
My little girl.
[Cellphone ringing] Hello? Darryl, I'm glad you decided to call me back.
I'll let you get back to That's not what we agreed on.
No, our understanding had you picking up the overages.
That is absolutely what I have the contract right in front of me.
Darryl, if you pull out, that will bankrupt the project and I will lose a lot of money.
[Phone hanging up] - Everything okay? - It will be.
Always stand up for what you believe in.
Don't ever let anyone push you around.
Six-thousand nine-hundred and eighty-seven skee-ball points.
Way to go, brony.
And, best of all, I won my first case.
- No way! - You better believe it! - How? - Did you say you won a case? What're you doing here, Mom? Your Dad asked me to stay overnight while he's in Boston on business.
So you're going to be here and he'll be gone? Mmm hmm! That's a head twister.
Hey, you and Abby left me at mini-golf.
I had to walk home.
Why didn't you ride the unicorn? Are they asleep? Yeah, they really needed a nap.
- Hey! - Hey.
Did you win some kind of a case? Yeah, that whole mess with Abby and the DOJ.
But you don't have your law license yet.
That's the best part! I just steamrolled him.
- Connor - What? You know, people have always said that it's Abby or your brother that are most like your father, that they're the ones that have that "O'Brien fire" as Gran calls it.
But it's you, Con.
From the day you were born, I knew it.
Well, then that's a good thing.
I'm finally understanding what it means.
I'm thrilled and excited to see you so excited about something.
But I've also seen that same fire get your father in trouble when he over-reached.
Just think about it.
See if any of it rings true.
I really want to see you tonight.
I have a surprise for you.
I'm going to get in the shower now.
Well, what do I wear? I told you, I'm taking you dancing.
Okay, but are we calling this a date? I am! I'm tired of just being your friend.
Okay, I am too.
Since your mom's home, why don't ask if you can stay out past curfew.
- I'll go get ready.
- Okay.
[Plane engine running] Navajo 13966, taxi via Alpha then Bravo to runway two-niner.
13966 taxi Alpha then Bravo to two-niner.
13966, hold short runway two-niner.
13966, holding short, two-niner Navajo 13966, you're cleared for take off.
Navajo 13966, how do you read? 13966, clear to go.
How is it? We love mac and cheese.
But is it as good as Mimi's? [Clearing throat] I think I've got competition.
You know I love having time to cook for you girls.
I love it when you cook for us.
- We might move here.
- For good.
- That's what I heard.
- Mom really wants to.
What about you guys? Would we still get to see you? - Of course! - Good.
Maybe you could move here, too.
Well maybe? I have to go change, because I have a date! Good night my loves.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Have fun! Because we are, aren't we! - Hey.
- Hey.
We need to talk? - Yeah.
- Right.
I haven't been honest.
David's the guy from the lending library.
- Yeah.
- And you like him.
- I don't know.
- Does he like you? - I don't know.
- But you think so? It doesn't matter Jess, because you're my sister.
So, you'll be okay if you and David never talk again? Sure.
Yeah if that's what you want.
If you want to keep dating guys who can't fully commit to you then then [Laughing] And if you want to keep dating guys who clearly have no problem dating two women at once I spend so much time alone.
Part of the reason I bought this B&B was to meet new people.
So you do like him.
I thought so, But now, seeing you together I'm Jess, we have a lot in common, which is something you keep saying you don't have! Well, we're about to have a lot more in common because I think I'm going to hire him as a chef here.
- [Knocking] - Hey.
You going downstairs to eat? I'm not really hungry.
Yeah, me, neither.
Georgia's gone? Yeah, she texted from just outside of Durham.
She's making good time.
I like her.
Me too.
Um This is where you're taking me dancing? It's not just where I'm taking you dancing.
This is where I'm opening.
The music venue.
Trace, are you kidding? No, I'm not.
And you're not going to believe who's helping make it happen.
Your father.
How did that happen? I'm not exactly sure, but we'll figure it out later.
Tonight it's just about us.
Accoustic guitar I've waited sixteen years for this.
May I? I feel like I'm falling Seriously falling hard for you Oh Forever's a long time but far from enough time to spend with you I will always be there I will always be there So far I'll be behind you I'll be there to guide you when you've lost your way Yeah, forever's a long time but far from enough time to spend with you I will always be there I will always be there So go and call your parents and tell them the good news