Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s01e90 Episode Script

A Midwinter's Tale

1 Just hear those sleigh bells jingling Smile for the camera.
Read in the paper about the McConklin boy, Mrs.
Spellman? Oh, yes, my sister and I did.
Just awful, Mr.
Putnam, poor child.
We pray to Satan.
Pray, pray that he's okay, wherever he is.
- He's not the first.
- Mm.
It used to be, in a town like Greendale, folks could leave their front doors unlocked.
Now, kids are gettin' snatched right out of their yards.
Ooh! Sabrina, Susie, it's your turn, my loves.
Come sit on Santa's knee.
Up you go.
Now Oof! What would you two like from Santa this year? A truck, like my dad.
And how about you? What do you wish for? I wish I could see my mommy.
And smile.
- - Oh, there's no place like home For the holidays 'Cause no matter how far away you roam When you pine for the sunshine Of a friendly gaze For the holidays Aunt Hilda, Ambrose, the Christmas tree looks great, you guys.
Sabrina, I wish you wouldn't call it that.
It's a Yule tree.
Christmas isn't so bad, Zelds.
Plus, also, for someone who doesn't believe in it, you have got yourself quite a few presents.
Those are not for me, Hilda.
Those are for baby Leticia.
Imagine, a baby in the house just in time for the winter holidays.
It couldn't be more perfect.
Pity the child in question was abducted.
Ambrose, need I remind you of the High Priest's rather Herod-like tendencies when it comes to baby girls? What I can't fathom is how you expect to keep the babe's existence a secret.
What secret? There's no secret.
Leticia is a long-lost Spellman sent to us from the old country to raise, as we did Sabrina.
- Huh.
- Oh, I remember when that was taken.
Oh, it's hard, isn't it, this time of year? When we miss family most.
I wish I could have had one Solstice with them, Auntie.
You know what's gonna cheer you up? We're gonna roast some chestnuts, and we're gonna Oh, we're gonna brew some apple cider.
We'll hunker down and watch your favorite Christmas movies.
It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street.
I know you love that one.
I do.
That sounds great.
And I'll read A Christmas Carol.
Even Auntie Zee can appreciate that story.
I like the ghosts in it.
Well, Christmas is the best time for ghost stories.
Speaking of ghosts, it's time to light the Yule log.
Born is the King of Israel Remember, the Yule log is not a decoration, it is a protection.
It must burn continuously from now, through the shortest day, through the longest night, until dawn.
Otherwise, Satan knows what malevolent forces might come down our chimney.
Creatures with perhaps deadly intentions.
So let's keep the log lit, shall we? And now, the Solstice blessing.
May the log burn, may the wheel turn, may the evil spurn, may the sun return.
All right, what is it? You haven't said two words this past week.
What's happened? Did the Grinch get to you? Or the Dark Lord, perhaps? Things are different this year, Ambrose.
I signed my name in his Book of the Beast.
Like the rest of us.
Life goes on.
Your friends have accepted that you're a witch.
You told me so.
Er More or less.
I'm kind of keeping my distance from them.
Giving them some time to get used to the idea.
Maybe you should be doing the exact opposite, reassuring them that it's all good, business as usual.
I don't know.
Honestly Times like this, I wish I could ask my mom for advice.
Like, I could ask her how exactly my dad told her he was a warlock.
- Hm.
- And how she reacted.
How long did it take her to get used to the idea? Did she did she think about breaking up with my dad - the way I broke up with Harvey? - Mm, cousin Every girl wants to talk to their mum after a bad breakup.
The other thing is I saw her, Ambrose, in limbo.
When I was trying to rescue Tommy.
- She was confused, haunted, trapped.
- If she's in limbo, then that must mean she has some unfinished business that's keeping her from passing on.
And if she could tell me what it was, I could help her.
And how would she tell you? We could have a séance.
You said it yourself, Ambrose, - Christmas is the perfect time for ghosts.
- In fiction.
Solstice is when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.
That's why we burn the Yule logs, to keep the bad things out.
- My mother is not a bad thing.
- Er Anyway.
It was just an idea.
Dark Lord, as the longest night approaches, answer me.
I did what you asked.
Sabrina signed her name in your Book of the Beast.
Why have you forsaken me? Why have you not called me home to the Pit? Has my mission changed? Say the word.
Give my life meaning.
Give me a sign.
Happy Solstice, Ms.
Bright Yuletide to you and your family.
I was hoping to ask you a favor, Ms.
Remember when I went to limbo? Vividly.
I saw my mom there.
We didn't talk that much, but she looked like she needed help.
Really? I want to have a séance, Ms.
Wardwell, to contact her.
So I was hoping you could lend me your Book of the Dead.
Ah, there's no way I'm going to dissuade you, is there? And if I deny you, you'll just ask your chums at the Academy for a Book of the Dead, won't you? That's where I'm going after school.
Well, then, who am I to keep a daughter from her mother? But, Sabrina, be careful.
Mind nothing unspeakable breaks through with your mumsie.
Well do let me know how it goes.
I will.
And thanks for the book, Ms.
You're the best.
Oh! Oh, Stolas.
A demoness's work is never done, is it? If Sabrina contacts her mortal mother, who knows what disturbing things mommy dearest might say to her daughter fair? And after we've just gotten her to sign on the dotted line.
Better to disrupt the proceedings, I think.
You want us to be a part of your séance? Yeah.
To contact my mom.
I mean, no pressure, of course, but I thought I'd at least ask.
Erm Is it too soon? And too weird? Or both? - Too soon.
- Too weird.
Plus, my cousins are staying with us for Christmas, so And I'm pretty much working full-time until Christmas Eve.
Susie, uh, tell Sabrina what you're doing.
Playing Jingles the Christmas Elf at Santa's Play Land.
Oh, my gosh! Susie, really? - You've wanted to do that for years.
- I know! And Mr.
Bartel, who's playing Santa, is basically the Grinch, but you guys should come by Knights of St.
Bernard Hall.
- Definitely.
- Absolutely.
Count me in.
Will you guys excuse me for a minute? I wasn't sure if we were gonna talk before break.
I wanted to give you some space.
I appreciate that, Brina.
Harvey, the last real talk we had you said every time you look at me, all you see is your brother.
Is that still true? Um But it it's getting better.
I think.
How's your dad holding up? He's still drinking.
It's the worst it's ever been.
Can you call anyone to help? Your grandpa? I tried, but my dad doesn't want anyone seeing him this way.
I got you something for Christmas.
Open it.
They're these special colored pencils my Aunt Hilda found in a shop in England.
Their tips never wear down.
So, they're magic.
I'd say enchanted.
Is that not okay? No, no, uh They're great.
Thanks, Sabrina.
Thanks for this.
I, uh I'll see you after break.
Merry Christmas, Harvey.
See you after break.
Bright Solstice, ladies.
Bright Solstice, Sabrina.
Oh, if you're looking for Nicholas, he just left.
He's off to the Unholy Lands for the holidays.
I wasn't.
Actually, I was looking for you guys.
What are you doin' tonight? No plans.
Everybody else is going home to see their families over the holidays.
Why were you asking? I'm having a séance on the down low and I would love for you three to join.
Who are you trying to contact? My mortal mother.
But it's a secret.
I don't want my aunts to know.
Oh! Can we, Prudence? I just adore séances.
And I've been practicing my skills as a spiritualist.
And we three know what it's like not to have a mother.
Does that mean you'll help me? - 'Tis the season.
- Amazing.
I'll leave my window unlocked.
We'll convene in my bedroom near the witching hour.
- I have a few things to do before that.
- Stuffing some stockings? Making some eggnog, actually.
Susie! - Ohhh! - Mm! The Elf on the Shelf can eat his stuffed heart out because you look amazing.
Thanks, Roz.
I've always wanted to be Jingles, and this was probably the last year I'd be short enough to do it.
Hey, Jingles.
We're back on the clock, if you don't mind.
Do you want a ride home? 'Cause honestly, I don't mind hanging out for a bit.
No, I'm okay.
After the hall closes, Mr.
Bartel and I have to get everything ready for the final push.
These next two days are gonna kill me.
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Okay, uh, well, I'll talk to you tomorrow, then.
- For sure.
- Cool.
Bye, Roz.
Ready? Yeah.
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas! Ho-ho! - You ready? - Ho-ho-ho! Appreciate you staying late, Susie.
It's my pleasure, Mr.
So, you, uh You have plans for the holidays? Some big family gathering? Nope, it's just me and my dad.
Careful there, Susie.
Those are precious.
I made each and every one myself, did you know that? Usually, I have to go out to find the prettiest, the most special child to harvest, but this year, that child came to me.
Bartel Warden of the longest night, fey things fear the Yule fire's light.
But Yule flame dead then portal's laid bare now darkness comes to trick and to tear.
- Sabrina, your mother's dress.
- Right.
All right, then.
Hands face down on the table, pinkies touching.
Now, focus your energy.
Send it into the table.
When Diana's spirit is here, she may speak herself or through me or some combination.
Spirits below and above, spirits in between, caught in the fabric betwixt worlds, we ask that the veil be lifted and that you send forth the spirit of Diana Regina Sawyer-Spellman.
Diana, you're welcome to this house, to this circle.
If you're here, we ask that you make your presence known.
She says she's here.
But spirits love to play tricks, so ask her a question.
Something only your mother would know.
Spirit, if you are my mother then how did you die? She's saying two, three - three, one.
- That doesn't make any sense.
My mother and father died in a plane crash.
Their flight number was So it is you, Mom.
She says that, yes, it is.
I have so many questions for you.
But first, I want I wish I could see you again.
She says she'll try.
Do you feel that? Like static electricity building in the air? - Agatha - Don't break your focus, Sabrina.
She's coming through.
Mom? Mom! You're beautiful.
She says, "Thank you.
" Mom, why are you in limbo? Is there something I can help you finish or do? "Not safe," she says.
What do you mean? You're not safe or I'm not? - One question at a time, Sabrina.
- How can I help you, Mom? - Please.
Please tell me.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Something's wrong.
- There's an interference.
- What kind of interference? - Other spirits.
- Mom? Mom? Is some Is someone with you? No! Hm Wh What happened here? Hilda, the Yule log.
Relight the damn thing.
I'll warn Sabrina and Ambrose.
Agatha, what's happening? - Yeah, Agatha, what's wrong with her? - I'm not I'm not sure.
It could be that other entities are threatening her or coming in after her.
- I'm breaking the connection.
- Agatha, no, it's too soon.
- We've barely gotten started.
- I'm sorry, Sabrina.
Mom, whatever's going on, don't go, please.
- Please stay with me.
- Sabrina, the Yule log's gone out! - Diana.
- Mom, don't! Sabrina.
Aunt Zelda, I can explain everything.
I think you'd better.
And as for you three, haven't you got to get back to the academy for some sort of bed check? I swear, Aunt Zelda, I didn't put out the log.
Oh, I see, so it is a mere coincidence that the Yule log, lit to keep away all unearthly things, including spirits was unlit at the exact time you decided to convene with your mother's ghost? Uh I know how it looks.
And tell me, why tonight, of all nights, on the eve of the Solstice, did you suddenly feel the need to contact your mother? It wasn't sudden, Aunt Zelda.
I saw my mom trapped in limbo and I wanted to release her.
If that's true, why in Satan's name didn't you tell us? We could have helped you and Diana.
You would have done that? Of course.
Diana was my brother's wife.
Honestly, Sabrina, sometimes I don't think you understand the meaning of family at all.
Ambrose, love, er, did you find anything? I checked every room and closet.
If some malevolence got in whilst the Yule log was out Hm.
They left once Aunt Hilda re-lit it.
Or they're very adept at hiding.
Either way, so much for a peaceful Solstice.
I'm going to bed.
I suggest everyone sleep with a lit warding candle and pray to Satan to keep us safe.
- Zelda? - What, Hilda? Should I perhaps sleep in my old room again? I think you'd better.
But no snoring.
Leticia's a very light sleeper.
Well, I thought it would help you if I slept with you.
Did you find out, cuz? What was keeping your mum in limbo? I I didn't get the chance to.
Did you ask her what to do about Harvey? Oh, Sabrina, I am sorry.
Will you try again? Maybe after Solstice.
I see you! Peekaboo.
I see you! Where's the baby? There's the baby! Where's the baby? There's the baby! - Morning, Aunties.
- Oh! Blessed morning, darling.
It is a blessed morning, considering none of us had our throats slit by malevolencies during the night.
Aunt Zelda I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my mom.
I wasn't trying to hurt you.
In fact, it was the exact opposite.
Oh, as King Lear famously said, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth - it is to have an ungrateful child.
" - What? So you're allowed to kidnap babies, but I'm not allowed to want to contact my own mother? To want to help her? Of course you are, but not at the risk of everyone in this house.
- I didn't put out the - Oh, fine, Sabrina.
I believe you.
And I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted from Diana.
Perhaps in the new year, we can all try contacting her again.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to give Leticia her Solstice bath.
Who's a dirty girl? Yes, you're a dirty girl! - What did I do wrong, Aunt Hilda? - Hm? Oh, it's not you, my love, it's Zelds.
You may have noticed, but she's a hard woman, your aunt.
She was just very cold with your mum.
She just never let her into her heart, you know? - And then - And then Mom and Dad died.
Zelda has always regretted the bad blood between them.
I mean she never said it, but I think that's why she's so heaven-bent on protecting you nowadays.
You know, like she's got something to prove.
I keep making messes, don't I? Mm-hmm.
Well, this one's not yours.
And you do your fair share of clearing them up.
What's that? It's a special eggnog I made for Harvey's dad using your secret recipe.
One cup of this and Mr.
Kinkle will never want alcohol again.
I can't help my mom, but I can help him and Harvey, at least.
Where did you find my secret recipe? Hey, Sabrina.
- Sorry for dropping in.
- Who is it? Mr.
Kinkle, I brought you some eggnog.
It's my Aunt Hilda's recipe.
There rum in this? Uh Yeah.
It's, uh It's really, really good.
You came to give my dad eggnog? We made a big batch and had some extra.
Susie, breakfast.
Come on, get up.
Susie? Hello? Mr.
Putnam, Merry Uh No, Susie's not here.
Whoa, whoa.
She didn't come home last night? hear what I hear? Said the night wind to the little lamb - Do you see what I see? - Oh, Leviathan.
Do you see what I see? It's you, me, and a corpse to embalm.
And some backwards-written spells to decipher for Father Blackwood.
Another lonely Solstice.
as a kite With a tail as big as a kite Your imagination is running away with you, Spellman.
Hmm Do you hear what I hear? Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy Tell me, do you hear what I hear? Do you hear what I hear? Carnis et ossa excede! Who's there? Have a holly, jolly Christmas It's the best time of the year I don't know if there'll be snow But have a cup of cheer Have a holly, jolly Christmas And when you walk down the street - Say hello to friends you know - Uh And everyone you meet I'd misplace my own head if it wasn't on my shoulders.
Oh, ho, the mistletoe Hung where you can see Somebody waits for you Kiss her once for me Have a holly, jolly Christmas Where Oh, by golly Have a holly, jolly Christmas This year Have a holly, jolly Christmas All right Whoever or whatever you are that's quite enough.
Have a holly, jolly Christmas Oh, that can't be good.
Oh! Oh Sabrina, is that you? Oh I know what will make you smile.
I see you.
Leticia! Hilda! Hilda! - What? What's happened? - It's the baby.
- What? - Leticia's missing.
Oh! Wait, Zelda.
- Huh? - Upstairs.
The front hall.
Oh! Oh, my gosh.
It's okay, darling.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Hilda! - Oh, Zelda! - Oh! Oh! Oh.
It's okay.
- Oh! - She was in the oven.
I was preheating it.
She's fine.
She's fine, though.
But look, Zelda.
And where have you been? Tying down all the corpses in the embalming room, bolting all the hatches shut.
We have an infestation.
We have poltergeists, Aunties.
Not quite.
Wh What now? Coming! What's going on? So, it's not poltergeists, it's the Yule Lads.
Impish spirits of children that come down from the mountains every midwinter to cause mischief in the unguarded homes of witches.
They must have gotten in when the Yule fire went out.
Right, so we banish the buggers.
Well, that's not so easy, love.
The Yule Lads are like bedbugs.
Once they get in your house, they're difficult to get rid of.
Indeed, they won't leave until their mother tells them to.
- Their mother being Gryla.
- Dare I ask? - Who's Gryla? - A very dangerous witch.
During a famine, she and another woman from her coven made a pact.
They would eat their own children to survive.
Seriously, what is it with witches and cannibalism? They cooked and devoured Gryla's son first, her only child, and then the other witch broke their pact.
Devastated, Gryla's spent the last thousand years trying to replace her lost babe.
She's forever adding children, particularly orphans, to her so-called family.
So, what do we do? We summon Gryla, then make her an offering in exchange for gathering up her Yule Lads.
But first, Ambrose, you're going to have to get out of the house.
Why is that? Gryla was abandoned by her husband and she doesn't like men.
She does like eating them.
What? You know what? I am out.
I have been invited to a Solstice party by Luke and I can't keep holed up in this house forever.
- Bye, love.
- We'll also have to hide Leticia while Gryla's here, or she'll try to take the babe and add Letty to her retinue.
I can take her, Auntie.
She's family now, and you've protected me all these years.
It's the least I can do.
Gryla from the Mountains, if I give you entrance to this house, do you swear to abide by its rules and customs? I do.
Come in from the cold, then.
Why do you summon me, witches? To take your children home.
Is this where my Yule Lads have gotten to? What do you offer me in exchange? Well Oh, well, let's see Erm We have some fresh baked Christm Solstice cookies.
A cone of sugar, a pound of marzipan, some mince pies, and some yummy teacakes, and delicious fruit jelly Do you have any gin? Yes, I believe so.
Then drink with me, sisters.
Is that sufficient? It will do.
Come along, laddies.
Back to the mountains.
A baby.
You have a baby here? Damn it.
That babe isn't yours, Zelda Spellman.
I can smell it.
I have a greater right to it than you do.
- I've been a mother, you haven't.
- I delivered the child.
- That's my claim.
- A midwife is not a mother.
Lads, bring the babe to me.
Leave the baby alone.
- Mom? - Diana.
- I will decide who deserves the babe.
- You? - By what right? - A mother's right.
I, too, lost my child.
It was she who invoked my spirit, called upon guides both mortal and infernal to ferry my soul here.
The saint Lucia took my right hand, the demon Lucy took my left.
I wear their crown on this, the longest of nights, and until the dawn remakes the world, I speak with their authority.
Do you agree? I do.
- So mote it be.
- Fine, then.
Let there be a circle on the floor.
Put the babe in the middle of the circle.
You, Zelda, will take one of the babe's hands.
You, Gryla, will take the other.
Whoever has the strength to pull the child out of the circle wins the babe.
What? Accepted.
Sabrina, put the babe in the circle of salt.
Mom, are you sure? Stop! I won't do it.
I won't tear the baby to pieces.
- Then the baby is Gryla's.
- No! Sorry, Aunt Zelda, but fair is fair.
Come to mother Gryla, babe, and you'll never be cold, you'll never be hurt, and you'll never be alone.
A bright Solstice to you all.
Follow me, laddies.
Did Sabrina, how could you do that? We didn't.
We would never give up baby Leticia to Gryla.
I don't understand.
What did you give to Gryla, then? I pulled an old changeling trick.
I enchanted Ambrose's teddy bear to look like Leticia.
Gryla will be long gone and in the mountains before the spell wears off.
But how did you know how to do that? My mom helped me.
After Leticia cried out, she appeared and told me the spell to make the switch.
Well, she picked up a few tricks from Edward, didn't she? Diana, thank you.
- Mom? - What happened? Where'd she go? Who the bloody hell is that now? Probably Gryla, wise to your antics.
Susie's been missing since last night and I think she's in trouble.
- Susie's missing? For how long? - Uh Mr.
Putman fell asleep in front of the TV and never heard her come home last night, and her bed hadn't been slept in and he's talking to the police now, but I went to Knight of St.
Bernard where she was working and that's when it happened.
I had one of my cunning visions.
Bartel, who plays Santa, looked like some kind of demon.
I think he's been taking kids and dipping them in wax.
And I think he has Susie.
- Did you say Bartel? - Yeah, yes.
Bartel is the name of a Yule demon.
That can't be a coincidence at this time of year.
Well, how do we find him? A divination spell? No need to be so baroque.
The Greendale White Pages.
There we are.
Sin Bartel lives at 731 Pascack Road.
- Great, let's go.
- Not so fast, Sabrina.
Solstice is their time.
Demons are very powerful tonight.
We're going to need a little help.
Gryla can't have gotten far, we'll summon her back.
Gryla? Why would we do that? Bartel hurts children.
There's nothing Gryla detests more.
But we tricked her.
Won't she be mad at us? Oh, no, not if we lead her to the lair of a demon who preys on little ones.
Rosalind, can you stay and mind baby Leticia? - Uh Sure.
- Thank you.
If things go sideways at Bartel's, I don't want to put any more mortals at risk.
- Come on.
- Mm.
Brina, is this what it's like being a witch? You know, hosting séances and fighting demons? Not usually.
Except kind of.
Uh Let go of me, Mr.
Bartel! Whatever you are.
- Just let go of me! - Shh! Aah! The wax is almost ready, hm? Yes! Aah, you'll make a most splendid addition to my display, Susie.
And all the joy you'll bring to children for decades to come, huh? What? Who's there? You hurt children, demon.
And trap their souls in wax.
That won't do.
Not at all.
What's happening? Who are you? Are you alone in the world, child? I have my dad.
Then you may leave.
You will not want to see what comes next.
Sabrina! - Oh, praise Satan.
- Susie! Are you okay? I'm fine, but there's a demon in there, and a witch, I think.
Oh, my gosh, my dad.
We'll take you right home and explain everything to him.
No! That I was kidnapped by a demon? No, he'll never let me get an after-school job again.
Well, maybe not everything, but I have some nice shortbread cookies that will make him think the last 12 hours had been but a dream, okay? Come on.
Come on.
Gather round, my Yule children.
Tonight, we celebrate the Solstice and welcome new members to our family with a festival of lights.
Where have you lot been? We saved Susie from a demon and then erased her dad's memory.
- Sounds about right.
- Where's Roz? I teleported her home before her parents started to worry.
How's Leticia faring? Not a cry since her bottle.
She's a strong, brave girl.
Yes, she is.
Aunt Zelda? What is it? I've made a decision.
About Leticia.
I'm taking her to Desmelda's after the midwinter holiday.
Ambrose was right.
We can't keep her a secret from Father Blackwood forever.
And what if, Satan forbid, Gryla were to come back next Solstice, or next week, for that matter? The truth is, she's not safe here.
She's safer than with her father.
Desmelda can raise her in seclusion.
Teaching her the old ways, as is her birthright.
Of course, I'll visit her and provide for her, that's only right.
I'm I'm her Night Mother, after all.
- Aunt Zee - No, Sabrina, I've quite made up my mind.
Besides, I've got more than my hands full with you lot.
Let me take her, Ambrose.
Sh, sh, sh.
- There we go.
- I'll put her to bed.
Mom? We don't have much time, Sabrina.
And there There are so many things I wanna ask you.
Why, Mom? Why aren't you free? What kind of unfinished business do you have? I was afraid you weren't going to be loved and protected as I would have loved and protected you.
But tonight, I saw.
You are.
You have mothers.
A family that adores you.
I do.
Mom, there's a boy.
A boy named Harvey Kinkle.
He's like you.
And I just I don't know what to do about him.
When your father told me he was a witch, I followed Edward along the Path of Night as much as I could, but I wouldn't lead anyone else down it.
I think I understand.
Oh, sweet girl.
If I could hold you in my arms one last time My, um dad's doing better.
He woke up this morning and said he was done drinking.
He just poured out all his bottles into the sink.
That's great news.
Yeah, it is.
So thanks for the enchanted eggnog.
If that's what it was.
But please don't ever do that again.
Use magic with me.
Or on me, or near me.
Not ever again.
- Uh I I did it to - Help me.
I know.
Just like how you did with Tommy.
I don't trust it, Sabrina.
That's why I can't keep these.
I hope you understand.
Of course, Harvey.
Well, I should get back to my dad.
But Merry Christmas.
Or What do you guys say? Happy Solstice, Harvey.
Who was that, Sabrina? Harvey.
He didn't want to come in? He was just dropping something off.
Well! Aside from the home invasion and the child abduction, I'd say this was a rather merry Solstice.
Bright Yuletide, Spellmans.
Come on, Sabrina, say it.
It is tradition.
And Satan bless us, every one.
Oh, and now all we have to do is get through Witch Epiphany in one piece without, er, some other terror rising from the bowels of Hell.
Continue the annual reading, if you please.
Now, to the Lord sing praises Where was I? Ah, yes.
"Scrooge lay in this state until the chime had gone three-quarters more, when he remembered, on a sudden, that the ghost had warned him of a visitation when the bell tolled one.
" Greg, move your head.