Counterpart (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Something Borrowed

1 EMILY SILK: I've been very clear on this.
He's not to be in Strategy.
Not now, not ever.
OSMAN: When are you going to see your wife for who she really is? She has been the one stopping me from being promoted.
MAN: Marcel got himself that Strategy job.
Silk's position will not change under the conditions of his current confinement.
Send him to Echo.
It's only us now.
Aldus is gone.
- Of course it was you.
- No! Aldus! He knew me.
This was taken when I was in the clinic.
This can't be me.
It's her.
YORKE: Bob Dwyer was relieved of his post and you've been named as his replacement.
Do you recognize that woman? She's a terrorist.
EMILY PRIME: You want me to find her.
SHAW: I'll have Ravi run the address.
Where's the case? You will never find it.
This doesn't have to be painful.
OPERATOR: An outside specialist will partner with Mr.
Quayle to root out these sleepers.
LAMBERT: Just apprehended Edgar Brandt.
It doesn't sit well.
Someone is talking.
Dinner at my father's.
He likes to talk.
LAMBERT: Well, I hope it was worth keeping me in the cold.
Edgar Brandt's been taken care of.
Too bad.
I was rather fond of that chap.
Have you contacted the other cell yet? - Tomorrow.
- Should've been days ago, Clare.
You realize I have a husband to handle, a child, a whole life I have to balance alone while you, I don't know what out here.
They wanted you to activate them.
They were very specific.
Thought you'd be more excited to meet your own kind.
(CELL PHONE CHIMES) Ah, I got to go.
Oh, just one last thing.
Um, a counterfeit visa supplier in vetting needs to be paid off.
They've been complaining about our debts lately.
I need for you to take care of it.
76 Glasgower Str uh, Clare? Did you hear the address? Can't you at least take care of that yourself? I'm on the lam, Clare.
A lamb on the lam.
Help me, would you? You're a peach.
Hello, Lena.
(GRUNTS) We tried to wait for you.
LENA: Didn't try very hard.
LAMBERT PRIME: (GRUNTS) No, we didn't, did we? You know the extra rate for two.
I'm just here for moral support.
And it's still an extra hundred to stay.
(SIGHS) Do be gentle with him.
Who said I wanted it gentle? I don't.
Get down here, you naughty girl.
Here we go.
(MOANING) She was rough.
I'm starting to enjoy strong hands.
Really? My skin gets so irritable with all that friction.
Darling, I wish I could bring you some of the treatments from back home.
You'd bloody die for them.
(SIGHS) Oh, it's your turn to pick up the groceries.
You wouldn't mind, would you? Just this week? I let you meet your housewife crush tonight.
The least you could do is handle your share of the workload.
She's different lately.
I can't place it.
She doesn't look at you the same way anymore? Can we still trust her? I suppose we'll find out.
(CELL DOOR OPENS) What's this? Immunizations.
You have to take them before you leave.
This place they're sending me Echo.
(SWALLOWS) do you really think it'll change anything? I hope it does for your sake.
Well, I'm I'm not a spy.
Well, let's see.
) (ENGINES START) PRIME: "If you dream of sandy beaches and 30 Celsius sun, but your wallet is more accommodating of a weekend in Scarborough, how about the Blue Mountains of Jamaica in a charming cottage called Papaya?" I think I'm having a memory.
I think that, when you used to read to me before from the newspaper, you always read in a funny accent.
Of course.
But sorry, I got to get to work.
And you left for work at 8:15 and I left 20 minutes later.
I got to get ahead of a few things.
No, what I'm saying, Howard, is that you were a man of oh, there's a word for it, uh, you were a man of habit.
Trying out some new ones.
That was nice, I think.
A little bit weird? No, it was it was nice.
Loop on the left.
(CHUCKLES) See you tonight? Yes.
I was afraid we had the other you.
What the hell are you doing here, in your other's apartment, wearing his clothes? Who else from Section Two is over here? Just me, Sandrine and Barnes.
- Could be others, I don't know.
- (DOOR OPENS, BELLS CHIME) Relax, I've got both doors covered.
Remy, you can't be contacting me like this.
Yes, I have an identity over here.
There is a lot going on, and you don't want any part of it.
I am a part of it.
My op team was over here picking up details on the Petahertz processors they announced.
Next thing we know, the doors are closed.
Everyone's being hunted now.
You know about this Indigo business.
Pope used our network to run terrorists.
Nobody knew.
You trust me? Of course.
- Then stay out of it.
- We need to make a play.
No, no, you don't.
The Office grabbed Edgar Brandt.
He didn't last one fucking night.
These people have sleeper agents on the inside.
We're getting caught in the crossfire.
This is gonna be over soon.
Okay? The doors are gonna open.
Just lie low till they do.
We've got to find Claude Lambert.
The Office is looking for him.
If we get to him first, we can turn him over, make a deal.
If I don't do something, I'm gonna die over here.
Any of us could be next.
I don't know how to find Lambert.
That's not what I heard.
That's why we came to you.
Okay, who the fuck told you I was over here? - Sandrine.
- Nice outfit.
We needed an Indigo trading chip.
Found her in Kreuzberg.
A stroke of luck, actually.
She was staying in one of Pope's old safe houses.
We asked about Lambert, all she offered up was you.
REMY: She's got to be worth at least one of us.
We'll trade her in, too.
But first she'll give us Lambert.
I will talk.
So talk.
To him.
CLARE: Spencer (SMACKING LIPS) Please? Ah.
Good girl.
Oh, love you so.
(KISSES) (CLARE SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) Mama (SPENCER CRYING) You're more stubborn than your father.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
LAMBERT (ON RECORDING): All right, just one last thing.
A counterfeit visa supplier in vetting needs to be paid off.
They've been complaining about our debts lately.
I need for you to take care of it.
76 Glasgower Str uh, Clare? Did you hear the address? CLARE: Can't you at least take care of that yourself? LAMBERT: I'm on the lam, Clare.
A lamb on the lam.
Help me, would you? You're a peach.
(RECORDING ENDS) OPERATOR: You and Agent Shaw investigated what was found in the Indigo safe house? EMILY PRIME: There was an address for a dacha.
Kladow Alley, 149.
The chain of title, it's quite muddy.
A probate settlement.
But we're gonna check it out later today.
(MUFFLED, INDISTINCT CHATTER) That address was checked out last summer by the Reynolds group.
They found some ledgers but not much else.
It's old intel.
(MUFFLED, INDISTINCT CHATTER) You knew about it? Management would like you to follow up on the dead man, Aldus Fray.
Track his association with Mira.
But he's like any of the Indigo faithful.
He's a jobless malcontent.
There's no (MUFFLED, INDISTINCT CHATTER) Focus on Fray.
It's essential we learn what this group is going to do next.
(MUFFLED, INDISTINCT CHATTER) Management would also like to know if you discovered anything else at the safe house.
Perhaps there was something else in the files? No.
I don't have anything else at this time.
Why doesn't Management want this house looked into? This photo of my other is from ten years ago.
So she's been coming over all this time.
How come we never knew about it? If we knew, we'd have cut her off.
Because Management were covering up her travel just like they were covering up Mira.
And I think the two are connected somehow.
(SIGHS) Look around you, Ian.
Last week I was in a cubicle.
Surely you don't believe the Fourth Floor are telling us everything.
Look, the people behind that camera live there for a reason.
Let's not go asking questions we have no place asking.
Check out this address for me.
I'll go to the archive, see if my other has a file.
Oh, I thought you might want to know, um, they sent Howard to Echo.
Happened this morning.
Sorensen's on the breakdown Mr.
Quayle? Yes, yes, he's done it.
(CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) I-I'm sorry, but a-are you? Yeah, just not now.
You're Peter Quayle.
You know me.
(STAMMERS) You're You're from the other side.
Over his side, you You know who I am over there.
And you called me "Mister.
" You-you called me "Mr.
Quayle," like I was someone important.
Someone they know, everyone knows, no one looks past, not like Peter-Pete, whatever, like Mis You called me, you call (INHALES SHARPLY) You called me Mr.
That's Uh Charlie.
Charlie! I told you I was important.
I'm like an executive, or like a C like a, like Sorry, tell him.
What-what-what-what am I? What's-what's my What's my job? Uh, deputy director of Strategy.
I'm deputy director of Strategy.
I am Karl! Fucking No, you can't fucking touch the tape, Karl.
We, we talked about this.
Look, I know I left the chair, but we'll (LAUGHS, MUMBLES) I, uh Are you hungry? Yeah, I'd go light on this if I were you.
A little goes a long way, if you know what I mean.
Why are you in here? I'm serving my world.
In the fight against yours.
You know, Yanek says I'm one of the most important people here.
I suppose now we know why.
- Yanek? - Yeah.
I give him secrets.
My secrets, things about my life, things that I'm afraid of, things I like.
Things that only I can know.
So now Management knows my other's secrets.
So that's what this place is? All these people are-are being Harvested.
Excavated for their memories.
And most people resist it, but don't.
Don't do it.
Yanek is a genius.
It is enlightenment, what he'll show you.
- HOWARD: Marcel.
They're just excited.
We don't get a lot of new additions.
No, no, I-I know I knew him on the other side.
Marcel, we-we worked together.
I'd stay away from that lot if I were you, Howard.
They're bad news.
PRIME: So you thought sticking around Berlin seemed like a pretty good idea? With half the Office looking for crossers like you? You know, when I gave you that fucking bag of money at the hospital, that was your second chance.
I guess I was wrong to assume you'd be smart enough to use it to get the hell out of here, start a new life.
Did you run? Okay.
I take it you don't know how to find Lambert any more than I do.
- No.
- But you told them to bring me in, so I'd help you.
What am I, the only guy you trust over here? I mean, I-I thought you had networks.
Not anymore.
Okay, so how exactly do you think I should get you out of this? No.
No, these are my people.
I'm not go I know their families.
If you really thought I was gonna turn on them to help you, that was a big miscalculation.
You didn't tell them you were here.
So? Not really your people, I think.
Staying with his wife.
She's out of the hospital now.
She's a resource.
Hey, I don't have to justify my situation to you.
I'm still working.
And you're making it really fucking hard right now.
- You will find Lambert for them.
- No, I'm not gonna do that.
Lambert knows too much.
He knows too many people - who know about me.
- You have to.
Are you seriously negotiating with me right now, tied to a fucking chair? Why don't I just take you out right now? Your friends know about you.
Suspicious if you didn't help them.
This is great.
This is the thanks I get for saving your life.
I'll get you out.
I'll figure out how to find Lambert.
But you need to take care of him.
He needs to not be a problem anymore.
And then you fuck off so you're not a problem anymore.
And these people are not to be harmed.
You understand? These are my friends.
Can't protect two sides forever.
Let me worry about that.
- REMY: So she talked? - Yeah, I got a name.
Somebody Lambert works with.
I'm gonna go and check it out.
I'll get back to you.
Stay out of sight till then.
Look, brother, I respect you, but we're not gonna sit on our hands forever.
Nobody said forever.
I'm trying to make sure we're not walking into something we can't walk out of.
Okay? Give me a day.
I'm trying to fix this.
(SIGHS) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) (LOCKS CLICKING) Emily Silk? Yes? We haven't met.
My name is Naya Temple.
I work at the Office of Interchange.
I'm sorry, I-I don't, um Your memory.
I know.
May I come in? There are some things I'd like to talk about.
- Things? - Your work.
If you're curious.
Do you want me to tell you exactly what you did for a living? (WOMAN SPEAKING GERMAN OVER P.
) Lambert said you'd be easy to spot.
They asked me to drop this off for you.
Your cell's been activated.
I take it you know what that means.
It's about goddamn time.
After the Crossing closed, I figured it would have come right away.
I don't decide on the timing.
Stop looking at me.
Give your team those orders.
I've given you the word.
Now you know.
You really don't remember me, do you? I don't have the braces anymore.
But I thought you'd know an old friend when you saw him.
I'll see you around, okay? (WOMAN SPEAKS GERMAN OVER P.
) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) (DOOR OPENS) MILLA: Director Quayle? Yeah.
Your wife isn't picking up.
I've called three times.
Should I keep trying? No.
Milla? Yes, sir? Get Housekeeping up here, a tactical unit.
Tell them I have time-sensitive intel that I want to move on today.
I hope this is not too forward of me to say, but your bicuspids are quite striking.
The one thing you can't fake: dental records.
You both grind your teeth.
I'm Yanek.
They have told you what it is I do? Not exactly.
I extract intelligence from the people of our world so they can use it on people over there.
It says here Management would like for you to spy on your wife.
Yes, that's right.
You refuse to be a spy? Yes, I do.
Your other is a spy.
I'm not him.
What do you think it was that made the two of you so different? It can be anything, really.
A choice to turn left instead of right.
Not asking the waitress her name.
Or asking her name, then marrying her.
W-We both married Emily.
And now your other is living with her.
In your life.
Do you trust this man? The thing of it is, mankind has existed in a state of tension since the beginning of time, between what is and what could be.
There's a truth to it we can't deny.
What truth? That any man may see himself as ordinary.
But confront him with another version of his life, the one destroys the other.
It's inevitable.
I don't believe that.
Your other is out there right now, erasing you from your own existence.
You don't know that.
If it's occurred to you, it's occurred to him.
And it has occurred to you, hasn't it? You are a gentleman, and this is war.
I could make you his equal.
Send you back to face him.
I'm not at war with anyone.
(SIGHS) You have learned how to deny almost any truth, haven't you? (LOCK BEEPS, DOOR OPENS) Our time is up, Howard.
Look, I don't know if I'm better or worse.
But I know I'm not him.
That is because you have never had to be.
Have a good sleep.
(ANIMAL CHATTERING IN DISTANCE) (FLIES BUZZING) Hello? EMILY PRIME (OVER PHONE): You think it was Mira? The place is thoroughly tossed.
She's definitely looking for something.
- Something she found? - Hard to say.
That dacha doesn't sound like old intel to me.
Now, why is it do you think Management doesn't want us to know about it? I'll call you back.
What the hell? Hi, I'd like to look at the personnel files for the past three years, please.
The name's Emily Burton, Deputy Director of Strategy.
TEMPLE: Feels strange, reading someone in who's known about this a lot longer than I have.
Um I brought photos of your former office.
I thought it might help.
- Okay, this is Strategy.
- Yes, that's right.
Um I think I was an agent in in H-Housekeeping? 18 people were killed by operatives from their world planted in ours.
The cell was exposed, but it wasn't stopped in time.
Management responded by closing down the Crossing.
There are other sleepers still here.
We had a breach just a few days ago.
A source was killed in our custody.
It was their first step.
Shutting down all lines of communication and creating chaos.
- Whose first step? - Um, there's a (SIGHS) There wa uh there was a school.
And there were people from the other What people? I don't know.
Emily, what were you investigating at the time of your accident? EMILY SILK: I don't know.
I can't tell if it's something that's too long or-or it's too buried.
TEMPLE: Do you remember anything? Faces, images.
Names even.
EMILY SILK: I remember a church.
An old church.
- In the city? - No, it's by a river.
But it's part of another memory.
My-my mother's memory, maybe? I don't know.
- What was in the church? - (SIGHS) Secrets.
Secrets from another world.
From the world that looks like ours but isn't.
And when you're there, it feels it feels the same but isn't quite.
Have you been to their world? EMILY SILK: Yes, I think I have.
TEMPLE: What was it like? It was, it was wrong.
Like I wasn't supposed to be there.
But it was thrilling.
And there are things I saw that I shouldn't have seen.
And there were faces.
These things, they didn't belong to me.
They weren't mine.
I'm sorry.
This person I used to be, this woman I've been chasing around my head she looks like me, but I don't recognize her.
Her choices, her She's a complete stranger to me.
Here's my number.
Doesn't matter what the hour.
And this is a list of the 18 people who died in the attack.
There's photos in there.
If anyone rings a bell.
And, Emily, as you remember things, you may want to tell somebody.
Have you said anything - about this to your husband? - No.
You can always tell me.
- I should be getting back.
- Yes.
They're probably running around with their heads cut off without me.
Not with Aldrich in charge.
(CHUCKLES) Aldrich? Uh, did I get his name wrong? The head of Housekeeping at work.
Josef Aldrich is dead.
He was exposed shortly after the attack.
Killed at your hospital, actually.
- By his own agents.
- Sorry, exposed? He was Shadow.
The operative planted on our Third Floor.
Shadow That wasn't Aldrich.
- I'm afraid so.
- No, I remember him.
I mean, I When this happened Isn't Shadow a woman? (THUNDER RUMBLING) (BEEPS) Ain't gonna show me, this is plain to see Richard Langston? Christ, you're her spitting image.
May I come in? (DOOR LOCKS) Take it you're not here for an appointment.
I'm Ricky.
You're Strategy, I hear? Now deputy director.
Your file says you've been off payroll for years.
I make it my business to know things.
Tends to keep me alive.
Tea? Yeah.
EMILY PRIME: Your name is all over her record.
Largely redacted, but it does say that she made an offer of service to you.
Lemon, right? She always took lemon.
There's an investigation.
A woman Management wants me to find.
Somehow it's led me to myself.
I deal in cars now.
It's a lot simpler.
There's been an attack on their side.
I think my other is at the center of it.
You certain you want to know about this? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Eight years ago (EXHALES) Emily came over with word of sins committed on her side.
Said she'd heard of experimentation in the early 1990s Biological, intention unclear, but a byproduct of which was the release of a viral strain that spread through customs to our world.
She had evidence that her side caused the flu? No, just hearsay.
She wrote a report.
Passed it to me to give to Management.
How did that go over? Management thanked me for bringing it to their attention.
Told me it would be handled.
Then I was transferred.
Shortly after, I quit.
Never heard from your other again.
And you don't know what happened to this report? I didn't ask.
Have you ever heard the name Mira before? No, never.
You know, she was sentimental, your other.
(CHUCKLES) Used to talk about a hiding place from childhood.
A place she kept things she'd gathered, a place only she would know.
Which I would know.
(EXHALES) But if you do turn up anything, I'd be very careful who I took it to.
TEMPLE: What's this? A tip from my source.
Counterfeiters associated with Indigo.
Put a money trail together, we'll find the power brokers.
Shut this thing down.
Sounds promising.
I heard you were out today.
- I had a meeting.
- Fruitful? Very.
So you're acting on this intel now? Yeah, I had a team case the place.
We're gonna take a look.
Mind if I tag along? Um Sorry, I'm - You're caught.
- Wait, I (CHUCKLES) Sorry.
A mother's reflex.
Now, you should stay outside.
You're not armed.
After you.
Stay close.
This isn't much of a business, is it? (AGENT SPEAKING GERMAN) It's like an office made to look like an office.
Your source gave you this information? (PHONE RINGING) (RINGING CONTINUES) (BEEPS) (STATIC) Get down! (GUNSHOTS) (AGENT SPEAKING GERMAN) (AGENT 2 GROANING) (PANTING) You got people down.
Peter! It was a trap.
I'm calling it in.
How was your day? Strychnine or polonium in the potatoes? I mean, eventually you kill me.
Right? Today didn't work out, but there's always dinner.
What are you talking about? You understand I've taken this into account? Taken what into account? I've made evidence of our little arrangement, of who you really are, on a tape left in a secure location that will be found upon my demise.
So maybe you should think about that the next time you try and off me.
Are you fucking insane? You knew I was listening last night.
With Lambert.
Go on.
Tell me I'm wrong.
You're wrong.
You liar! Even the other night, when I looked in your eyes, I begged you for one ounce of honesty.
Even then, you couldn't tell me the truth.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
(EXHALES) The counterfeiters.
"Clean it up, Clare.
" That's what he said.
For my ears.
The whole disgusting little scene.
What did you do? I went.
Time I did my job, too.
I went into a fucking ambush.
And now a man is dead.
Lambert thinks I'm blown.
He gave me that intel to smoke me out, and you just You thought you were doing the right thing, but, Peter, that was so fucking stupid.
He knows all about us now.
- What the fuck are you doing here? (DOOR SHUTS) PRIME: Hi.
Look, it's time we had a grown-up talk.
You want to sit down? Look, you don't like me.
I get that.
I don't like you.
But we have a common problem by the name of Claude Lambert, so why don't we start figuring out what the fuck we're gonna do about that.
Six years I've been in here.
Know how long that is? This one, ten.
This one, 16.
All because of you.
What was the going rate back then? To come into our houses, steal us from our lives, and bury us here.
- What did Management pay you? - It wasn't me, Marcel.
It-it had to be my other.
It-it wasn't me.
Nice try, asshole.