Criminal Minds s05e10 Episode Script

The Slave of Duty

Hotch: w.
gilbert wrote, "it's love that makes the world go 'round.
" And if that's true, Then the world spun a little faster With haley in it.
Haley was my best friend since we were in high school.
We certainly had our struggles, But if there's one thing we agreed on unconditionally, It was our love and commitment to our son jack.
Haley's love for jack was joyous And fierce.
That fierceness is why she isn't here today.
A mother's love is an unrivaled force of nature.
And we can all learn much from the way haley lived her life.
Haley's death causes each of us to stop And take stock of our lives.
To measure who we are And what we've become.
I don't have all those answers for myself, But i know who haley was.
She was the woman who died Protecting the child we brought into this world together.
And i will make sure that jack grows up Knowing who his mother was and how she loved and protected him And how much i loved her.
If haley were with us today, She would ask us not to mourn her death But to celebrate her life.
She would tell us She would tell us to love our families unconditionally And to hold them close, Because in the end, they are all that matter.
I met haley at the tryouts Of our high school's production of "the pirates of penzance.
" I found our copy of the play And was looking through it the other night, And i came upon a passage that seemed Appropriate for this moment.
"oh, dry the glistening tear "that dews that martial cheek.
"thy loving children hear, "in them thy comfort seek.
"with sympathetic care "their arms around thee creep, "for, oh, they cannot bear To see their father weep.
" Ok, you can go ahead.
Blow mommy a kiss.
If there's anything i can do Thank you.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you, gina.
Thank you for coming.
I think you could use some air.
Jack's ok.
I saw him with his cousins.
Jessica, would you make sure That jack gets something to eat? Sure.
And i'll be right back.
What do we do? There's nothing we can do.
We just gotta wait him out.
You think he'll ever come back? Would you? He'll come back.
I just don't know what he's gonna look like when he does.
We just need to be there for him when he's ready.
You know, i broke my promise to haley.
What promise? I told her that i would catch foyet And that i'd spend the rest of my life making it up to her.
You still can.
You saved jack.
You know, i may have the tools to do this job, But i don't know if i have the tools to help my son.
You have to ask yourself What kind of father you want to be.
And when you figure that out Then you'll know what to do.
I meant what i said today.
Things have changed.
And i need to do what's best for jack.
You will.
[cell phone rings.]
They can't be calling us in, not tonight.
I'm on it.
We can't go.
We have to.
I'll get rossi.
Talk to strauss, tell her to send another team.
There's no other team available.
Nashville's calling us in.
Second body in 2 weeks, both killed on consecutive friday nights.
They realize they're up against the clock And they're hoping we might find something they didn't.
I'm sorry, but we just got called in.
We have to go.
Call me if you need anything.
Take care of your son.
You gonna be ok? I'll see you when you get back.
Hotch: "where we love is home-- "home that our feet may leave, But not our hearts.
" Oliver wendell holmes.
Two women dead in two weeks, Both killed in their own homes, And no sign of forced entry.
Floors were covered in rose petals.
Quite the romantic.
Evidence of sexual assault? None.
Both women were last seen Leaving their offices on a friday And never showed up to work on a monday.
It's thursday.
why are we only being called in now? The second body was only found yesterday.
There may be a socio-economic pattern emerging.
The first victim, bethany heminger, Lived in belle meade, melissa johnson in brentwood.
Both are affluent neighborhoods.
Yet there was nothing missing from either home.
What did these women do for a living? Bethany was a defense attorney, melissa a corporate executive.
Two brunettes with similar features In high-powered professions? that's not a coincidence.
These women most likely represent someone he knows.
All right, so we need to figure out where this unsub Is meeting his victims and how he's gaining access to their homes.
And if he's staying on pattern, Most likely this guy has picked out his next target.
We should check gardeners, Housekeeping staff, pool attendants, Floral shops, See if anyone worked both homes.
Start working up a paper trail, garcia.
Find out where these women were In the days leading up to each murder.
Like a genie in a bottle--poof! [beep.]
All right.
prentiss, you and i Are gonna go check out the johnson crime scene.
Rossi, you and reid talk to the coroner, Start working up victimology.
Jj, talk to the families and staff And find a connection we can use.
I understand that all of our thoughts are with hotch.
But right now, i need us all to focus on this case.
We have less than a day before this unsub will strike again.
Let's finish this thing fast.
You must be the fbi.
Landon kaminski.
Agent jareau.
we spoke on the phone.
Yeah, it's nice to meet you.
The mayor's on my ass.
Two prominent women killed on my watch And everyone knows we're bracing for a third.
Well, let's hope that doesn't happen.
Where would you like us to set up? In here.
I'm gonna need to issue a statement with the press.
Every woman in nashville needs to know There's a serial killer on the loose.
We need them taking preventative measures To avoid becoming his next target.
The mayor thinks we should be as specific as possible.
Every woman, detective.
His first 2 victims may be from the same social class, But if we isolate victimology this soon, It may cause him to go outside of his own comfort zone, And then he'll be even harder to track.
Better to stress hypervigilance And shut down his victim pool completely, Don't you think? Yes, ma'am.
Well, the house has a security system, But her friends say that she only used it When she traveled out of town.
He killed the dog, Hid it in a storage container in the garage.
She probably thought he was protection enough.
That was her first mistake.
She had all the precautions to avoid home invasion, She just didn't use them properly.
These are the prints That match the other crime scene.
It looks like he didn't hesitate to get them everywhere.
Which typically would indicate that he's disorganized.
This crime scene screams of organization.
The roses, The dog.
He was a stranger to these women.
He didn't talk his way in, he was laying in wait.
And he knew his prints wouldn't show up in the system.
He had no priors, which means he was smart And most likely educated.
This guy knew exactly what he was doing And he made sure he had enough time to do it.
So, he knew when she'd leave the house And when she'd return.
He's stalking them.
[car alarm chirps.]
[car door closes, engine starts.]
It's only the victim's prints on the exterior doorknobs.
Nothing on the windows, the garage wasn't forced.
So how did he get in? Defensive wounds on both women.
More so on the latest victim.
She fought back the hardest.
No ligature marks.
they weren't bound.
So how does he keep them from running out? Maybe he blocked the escape route, Or maybe the threat of a knife was enough.
I might be able to answer that.
The stab wounds weren't the only injuries.
What do you mean? Melissa johnson had a concussion.
Bethany heminger, a broken rib.
An initial assault to prove his dominance, Make sure they're too scared to try and escape.
Something else you should see.
Both their stomach contents were the same.
Chicken, broccoli, pasta, salad, and red wine.
He's playing out a fantasy.
One he has to control.
He sets the scene with flower petals and wine And then he cooks for them.
Their last supper.
So he cooked, and he cleaned up after himself.
Why did he leave the petal trail? It's gotta mean something our guy.
He's not just reliving a fantasy, He's repeating it.
It's the same routine, the same meal.
It's not just routine, It's proper etiquette.
What? Take a look at this.
There's a handprint In the center back of this chair right here.
He pulled this chair out for himself.
Over here, there are handprints On either side of the chair.
He pulled this chair out for her, Poured her wine And even cleaned up after the meal was done.
Morgan: but up he something changed.
Then he drew her a bath.
And this is where messa johnson was murdered.
This is where the fantasy ended.
Because she broke it? I would.
What do you mean? Well, after the initial assault downstairs, Fine, i'm scared, But i'm still looking for another chance to escape.
Dinner, wine, dies.
I'm not in any immediate danger, So i c take my time, wait for the right moment.
I do what he says because i don't want him to hurt me again.
But once he gets me in here, I am at my most vulnerable.
So fear takes over and she fights back.
Because if she doesn't Home is where you're suosed to feel safe.
Nobody deserves to have that taken away.
Haley, in movie: that's it! Whoo-hoo! Ooh! ooh! ooh! ooh! Aah! Ha ha! Ooh! Ohh! All right, right in there! Whoo! Aah! Jack, in movie: whoa! [indistinct.]
Hey, buddy, it time for pjs.
Can i watch one more time? I'm waiting for mommy.
All right, ready to make a wish.
1 [jack blowing.]
Nice job! Ok.
happy birthday.
Say, hi, daddy.
Jack: hi, daddy.
Haley: mwah! Let's give him a big kiss.
i miss her, too.
Mwah! mwah! Can i sleep in your room again? Sure.
Ok, come on.
Find anything? Several people had access to each home.
Housekeeper, gardener, pool cleaner, dog walker, Each with their own key and an alibi to match.
Any cross-over? None.
We even vetted delivery people And utility workers.
Garcia, do you have anything? There's no hits on the prints at all, But i did what sir derek there asked And i created a paper trail.
There's no cross-over between the two victims themselves In the wee leading up to their murders, But they did run in similar circles.
How do you mean? They both have country club memberships, Though to different clubs.
They went to upscale restaurants, Private concert venues, posh hotels.
They enjoyed a high-class, highfalutin lifestyle, An expensive one.
A lifestyle he'd fit right into.
This g is educated, intelligent, Proper.
he's a downright gentleman.
The rose petals sent a pretty specific message.
He's romancinghem whether they want it or not.
He's got the social skills to back it up.
Hey, garcia, take a look at dating services And social networking sites.
Look for working professionals And privileged elite.
Check, check, and checkers.
Back in a smidge.
We need more.
Have we figured out how he's getting into these homes? No sign of forced entry anywhere.
Yet he's still gaining access to their homes Long before the victims ever get home from work.
I mean, this guy needs time to cook And set up his scene.
He's either got a key or he can move through walls.
We need fresh eyes.
All right, listen up.
I want everybody to go back to the hotel And try to get some rest.
we're gonna have to pick this up again in the morning.
We're giving up? No.
we're gonna take a break.
We have to give the profile at morning roll And none of us has slept nce the funeral.
Once garcia can get us a paper trail, Then we can expand our canvass.
Till then there's really not a lot we can do.
* you're roaming alone * * still i long for your kiss * Would you please turn the music off? But it's your favorite song.
* the days go by * How do you know that? It's the most played song on your ipod.
No! no! stop! Aah! Stop it.
You're ruining it.
i'm sorry.
i won't do it again.
i'll do whatever you want.
I've put a lot of time and effort Into making this a special night.
Is it too much to ask for a little appreciation? I'm sorry.
I won't do it again.
I'll do whatever you want.
That's ok.
I forgive you.
A little misunderstanding, right? Yes.
that's right.
I'll just forget all about this.
Yes, please.
Now I think it's t for your bath.
Ok, jack, listen, I want you to figure out where you want to put all your toys, ok? Ok, daddy.
[knock on door.]
alright, sweet boy.
Chief strauss, i appreciate your coming to me.
Oh, of course.
this isn't a time For you to be away from your son.
Come in.
Jack, can you say llo to chief strauss? Hi, jack.
Have a seat.
So, how are you holding up? I'm ok.
And how's jack? He's coping.
I don't think he fully understands Everything that's going on.
Oh, right, well, how could he? Jack: knick knack You said that there was something You wanted to discuss with me? Yes, i do.
Thiss retirement.
I've talked with the director.
Given the circumstances, There's no reason you should have to return to the bureau.
We can offer you full pension and benefits.
Are saying that you want me to leave the bau? Well, obviously that's your choice, But i'm offering you a way out.
Agent moan's promotion Was temporary, But he's exceeded our expectations, And i'm confident that i could make it permanent, If you decide to step down.
The team would be together and you could be with your son.
And when would you like a decision? I thought i would be leavi with one.
What's your hesitation? I would just like to weigh all of my options.
Whatever you need.
We believe our unsub is already with his next victim.
If he matches pattern, she'll be a successful woman, Probably brunette, early 30s to mid-40s.
She'll be at home in nashville's upper echelon.
This mea that he fits in.
herives the right car, He wears the right clothes, he's highly intelligent.
He probably comes from a place of status.
This guy's sociable, and he's endearing.
You would never suspect that this man is capable of murder.
But he will do whatever it takes To protect the fantasy that he's trying to relive.
Rossi: it's this fantasy which fuels his drive.
He's recreating a romantic evening And repeating it with each of his victims.
Morgan: he most likely recently had a relationship Taken away from him.
So look at men who have lost loved ones Or have gone through a messy divorce.
Reid: but like bundy, These women are representations of that first loss.
Bundy picked victims who had similar features To the woman that abandoned him, And we believe that our unsub is doing the exact same thing.
These women were cfident, successful, and strong, And they fought back.
Which means he has the ability To overpower them fairly easily.
Rossi: he believes or fantasizes He's in a relationship with these woman.
No matter how fleeting the initial interaction is, It's everything to him.
An invitation.
Our technical analyst has compiled a list of locations That the victims visited prior to their death.
These are high-class establishments.
We're going to want to visit the same places.
So, look for men who fit the profile, But also women who match victimology.
If somebody's been paying a little too much attention to them, talk to them.
Get a read, then jot their name down So that we can check them out.
All right, folks, pick up your canvassing assignments and get to work.
Morgan: thank you.
[shower running.]
The rain's supposed to clear up today.
It's gonna be in the high 50s.
What do you want to do today? There are a lot of good movies pling at the green hills mall.
You want to go see something? [sniffs.]
Why don't we stay inside today? Maybe watch a dvd.
I want to go on a real date, joe.
Hey, uh I thought After we made love last night, You'd realize how much you mean to me.
Don't you trust me, joe? [key turns in lock.]
Who's that? I have no idea.
Erika? Honey, it's me! You home? Got a surprise for me, baby? [dialing.]
[cell phone rings.]
Erika? Grant, help! Why do you have a key? Run! [sobbing.]
Aah! Get upstairs! go, go, go, go, go! Grant! grant! Why--do--you--have--a--key?! No! grant! aah! No! grant! no! Hey, erika, sweetie [quietly.]
why did he have a key? Why did he have a key? House belongs to an erika silverman, Project director in an international design firm.
We're assuming the male victim Is her boyfriend grant franklin.
Reid: male victim? Mm-hmm.
they're both pretty beat up.
We'll need dental records for a positive i.
Who called it in? Ups guy.
needed her to sign for a package, The door was wide open.
we got him out back.
Jj, talk to him.
Where's erika silverman's body? He changed his m.
Multiple stab wounds to the face and neck.
Classic overkill.
And evidence that she had sex before she died.
Forced or consensual? No evidence of sexual assault.
She played along.
She had sex th the unsub Because she thought it would keep her alive.
So why didn't it? This kill is personal, angry.
She didn't give him everything that he wanted.
What else does he want? The dinner dishes are washed, but the breakfast plates aren't.
He didn't cln up this time.
The boyfriend must have surprised him and disrupted his routine.
I don't know, i'd say he came pretty close to finishing it.
It looks like they watched a movie, had an early breakfast.
She was with him all night.
[cell phone rings.]
Hey, garcia.
Bad news, buttercup.
what is it? No payoff on the social networng sites, And this erika silverman person Does not leave a breadcrumb-like trail.
Aside from a couple of online purchases And some automatic debits, she hasn't used her credit card all week.
All right.
so, garcia couldn't find anything about erika silverman's Whereabouts over the past week.
No stores, no restaurants, nothing.
Thermay actually be another way To figure out where she's been.
Do we know where any of the victims' cars are? As far as i know, they're in impound.
We need access to all 4 of them.
We should also get grant franklin's car.
He may have driven erika somewhere where she met the unsub.
There has to be something in the victimology.
If grant franklin hadn't come home when he did, Erika would probably still be alive.
So how did the unsub miss him? It says he was out of town last week Visiting family in indianapolis.
Still, the violence of those kills Indicates he knew both victims.
'cause the longer victims are with the killer, The more desperate the attack.
The unsub stabbed erika silverman Grant franklin 34 times to the face and genitals.
It makes sense.
the more he perfects his routine, The more invested he becomes.
Detective kaminski, have your men had any luck Canvassing the victims' last known whereabouts? None.
i'm thinking of pulling them off for the night.
That's a mistake.
Why is that? the vic's dead.
If he sticks to the pattern, We've got another week before he strikes again.
Because he's never gotten this far before.
He's desperate to ay out his fantasy.
A man like this isn't gonna stick to any timetable.
He's gonna try to finish this tonight.
Jj, we need you on the news.
Narrow victimology.
let people know that he's out there right now.
I'm on it.
We still don't know where he's finding his victims.
But we do know that erika silverman Lived in green hills.
That's 3 points and we finally have Our geographical comfort zone.
It's a good bet the unsub lis somewhere In this area, And erika is our key to figuring out Where they met.
Oh, man, pancakes for dinner.
Is there anything better? Yay! no, ere's not.
Hey, jack, who are these guys? This is you, and this is the bad guy.
They're fighting.
Who wins, jack? Daddy.
no one beats daddy.
Hey, jack.
Aunt jessica's almost got dinner ready.
I forgot, what do we do before we eat? Wash our hands.
Good job.
Come on.
Daddy He built those himself.
i hope it's ok.
Of course.
Listen, i really appreciate your coming over.
All your help and support, it's been great.
He's my nephew, and you're my family.
I'll be here as much as you want.
The bureau has offered me retirement.
What did you tell them? You know, jack needs me now more than ever.
That means being here full-time.
After haley and i were apart, he didn't havee very much, And that was hard, bui knew that at least he had his mom And right now he really needs his dad.
Ofourse he does, aaron.
We both know you and haley didn't separate Beuse you stopped loving each other.
Your job just got in the way.
Your team needed you, And despite this offer, i doubt that's changed.
Maybe you don't need to retire.
What if i stayed with jack when you had to be away? Jessica, i appreciate that Please It would mean a lot to me if you'd let me help you out with jack.
For haley.
Garcia's got something.
I'm a real genius 'cause this is what i di I took the travel logs from the gps sysms, Overlaid their routes againsthe geographical profile To reveal what the paper trail could not.
Which was? While erika silverman is the only victim Who didn't visit a private club, A concert, or go to a fancy restaurant In the days leading upo her death, She did spend a couple of hours At cheekwood botanical gardens on tuesday.
Garcia, did either of the other victims go to the park? No.
I don't know if it's relevant, then.
It is when her navigation system reads in a straight line.
To work, back home, to work, back home.
I don't think she ever left her house.
She even had her groceries delivered.
What washe doi on tuesday? Let's find out.
Where is everybody? Well, jj and reid are checking on a lead, And prentiss is recanvassing with detective kaminski.
then wcan talk.
Rossi It's his team.
I'm not gonna stand in the way of that.
It might not come to that.
What do you mean? Strauss offered him retirement.
He'll never accept it.
Don't be so sure.
This job cost him his wife.
It cost him that a long time ago.
Which is why he won't let it cost him his son.
What do you think he'll do? It doesn't matter what i think.
What matters is whether you'll be willing to step down If he comes back.
Or step up if heoesn't.
I'm gonna do whatever hotch needs me to do.
He's lost enough.
Hey, rossi.
You mind coming here for a second? I want to throw something at you.
We profiled that our unsub recently experienced a loss as well.
A loved one.
Probably a brunette who ran in the same circles as his victims.
What if love wasn't the only loss? I mean, we assumed that because our unsub Could so easily navigate our victims' upscale world That he most likely shared the same financial resources as his victims.
Because of his upbringing, his sophisticated behavior.
But that behavior is ingrained in him.
It's habit.
It something he would have learned as a child, Not as an adult.
If he didn't have financial independence But were still trying to keep up his social status, He'd be hemorrhaging funds.
We've been looking at this the wrong way, rossi.
We vetted the maids, the gardeners, the pool cleaners, Anyone who had access to the houses, But who else might go unnoticed in a privileged society? [line rings.]
Garcia here.
Garcia, check employee records At each of the venues the victims visited In the week prior to their death.
Look f men spending beyond their means.
A guy who's racked up a lot of debt, garcia.
Look at cars, wardrobes, Something that does not fit their current income level.
A scholarship-funded private school education maybe.
As you can see, The park attracts a variety of patrons.
Older couples, walkers, tour groups.
We'll hold an occasional wedding or concert sers on our upper lawn.
Did you have any events here past tuesday? Tuesday.
oh, we had a corporate fund-raiser Between 4:00 and 7:00.
That's when erika sierman was here.
An event up here would be a hard sell for women in heels Well, most of our private events hire valets To drive the cars down to the base of the park So they don't have to hiket up the hill.
Who has access to your keys but goes unseen? And to your gps.
Dealerships program your home address into thnavigation system Before your car even leaves the lot.
He had turn by turn directions straight to her front door And the keys to get him inside.
[indistinct chatter.]
Thank you Joe.
Gps: please state your desired destination.
Take me home.
Culpepper valet company handled the fund-raiser on tuesday, and The same company had contracts With the hotel lounge thany heminger frequented And the country club melissa johnson was a member at.
That's our connection.
jj, get rossi and prentiss to pick up the owner.
Right away.
All right, baby girl, talk to me.
I need employee records and a list of venues That culpepper contracted out to this weekend.
Oh, sug, check your email.
it hit your inbox Thanks, penelope.
All right, culpeer contracted out to 3 venues This weekend, 2 today.
We might be able to catch this guy in action.
Unless he's already with another victim.
The man we're looking for Would have been assigned to cheekwood park on tuesday.
Hold on, let me, uh, pull the roster.
Ok, we had 6 guys at tt site on that day.
He would have had very few if any disciplinary citings.
He's proper.
he appears to have had a gentlemanly upbringing.
He's a romantic.
he would have talked about women And love frequently.
He might have just ended a long-term relationship Or lost someone close to him.
joe belser.
Him and his girl, they broke up.
When was tt? A few weeks ago.
they were engaged.
Do you know what hapned? He was head over heels inove with her.
And she was sleeping with the best man.
The manager said belser picked up a shift At the vonner street lounge.
Yeah, we're headed there right now.
swat's gonna meet us at belser's apartment.
Garcia, did you find anything else on belser? Ok.
he attended southern charleston preparatory academy On scholarship his parents died in a boating accident Belser lost his inheritance in the stock market, And since then, he has been racking up debt Faster than he can pay it off.
He was engaged to society magazine editor rose smith Until 6 weeks ago When it was called off.
And the chapel was already paid for.
So he spent his entire savings trying to live in the world of his fiancee.
She was his lifeline the society he'd grown up in.
Only to have her leave him and wind up penniless.
Hey, garcia, i don't suppose belser's car has a lo-jack system On it, does it No.
no such luck, boy wonder.
Need potential victims' names.
we'll get back to you.
[knock on door.]
Morgan: fbi! open up! Prentiss: joe belser, fbi! If you're in there, identify yourself! It's clear here.
Hey, uh, i think i found the meaning of the rose petals.
Look at these.
Garage door openers? Universal garage door eners.
This solves the problem of having to copy the key.
Some drivers are smart enough to use a valet key, But no one thinks to take a garage door opener with them.
That's how he got into melissa johnson's house.
We only found ints on the interior garage door.
We thought it was from he moved the dog into the garage.
People rarely think to lock a door That lies beyond anothelocked door.
he's not here.
A beautiful brunette, late 30s, early 40s.
She would have been driving a high-class suv or sedan.
She only buys high-end.
No? Thank you.
Vip? Definitely.
Let me check the register logs.
This is a list of all of our customers Who made charges in our vip section tonight.
They have their own attendant.
only 6 were women.
Garcia, we need you.
Whatcha got? All right, 6 names used credit cards At the vonner street lounge in the past 3 hours.
Jennifer ketelson, kiegan murphy, Heather aldridge, meg natraj, Ann herron, and katie gotshall.
Ok, i'm cross-referencing the geographical profile With financial records.
Oh, these 3 look good, And one a brunette.
Her name is n herron.
She lives at We got him.
Stop! no! No, no! We are going to be happy together.
No! Don't you want this to work out? Ohh! uhh! Answer me! No! Annie! I'm trying to make this a magical night! No! No! You ruined ts! Fbi! put it down! Uhh! It's ok.
you're gonna be ok.
Fantasy's over.
Is that what you did to them? You hit them to shut them up And then forced them to play along with your sick delusion? I love them.
You're finally gonna meet your soul mate, joe.
In prison.
Only you'rnot gonna be able to push him around The way you did thoswomen.
And when he comes for you In the middle of the night, When you're least expecting it, You do me a favor.
Play along.
How is she? She's strong.
she'll make it.
But you don't survive something like that without scars.
Scars remind us where we've been.
They don't have to dictate where we're going.
[ambulance siren.]
[birds chirping.]
I had a feeling i'd find you here.
Have you told her yet? Lder what? That you're coming back to the team.
That fighting the bad guys is who you are.
I don't have to tell her.
She already knows.
Hotch: "what lies behind us and at lies before us Are tiny matters compared wt lies within us.
" Ralph waldo emerson.