Criminal Minds s06e20 Episode Script

Hanley Waters

Previously on Criminal Minds I got her! No, no, no.
No, Emily.
Stay with me.
Come on, stay with me.
Where's my medic? She never made it off the table.
I didn't get a chance to say good-bye.
Passports from 3 different countries, and a bank account in each one to keep you comfortable.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Penelope, you gotta stop staring at her.
I can't help it.
So I came in here to do what? Talk about losing Emily? Strauss put you up to this? The assessment's routine.
I asked her to let me do it, rather than bring in somebody from the outside.
So let me guess.
It's about the 5 stages of grief.
You want to figure out where we all are.
Hmm? All right.
I'm fine, this can't be happening to me.
Well, it didn't happen to me, did it? So that rules that out.
What else is there? Bargaining.
Well, obviously, I haven't accepted it, otherwise I wouldn't be in here.
So where does that leave me? Angry.
Yeah, sometimes I feel like I want to quit my job And spend my time chasing down the son of a bitch who killed Emily.
You're damn right I'm angry.
Please No, you gotta let me go.
Let me out of here, please.
Please let me go! Why aren't you listening to me? Why aren't you listening to me? I need you to try and stay still.
Can I get someone over here to help me? Hold down her legs.
I need a full injection of I need you to try and take a deep breath.
No! No! Hi, how's it goin'? Hi.
I'd like to buy a gun.
What are you looking for? A.
38? Um, the kind that spins.
- A revolver.
- Yeah.
This one here produces little recoil.
Good for target-shooting and personal defense.
Here, check it out.
I'll take it.
Do you have a gun license? No.
Well, how about a permit? You know, there's a mandatory on all handgun purchases.
Three days? State law.
Fill this out, and I'll be back in a few minutes.
Okay? Hi, how you doing? Yeah, I have that.
No, it's got a good sweep.
Back up.
What are you doing? Hey! A deadly chain of events to report to you today.
Approximately 45 minutes ago, 4 people were shot to death in a gun shop on West Waters Street.
Tampa P.
Are calling this mass murder unprecedented.
A woman went in there and just shot up the place? Yeah, witnesses heard gunshots and saw a woman leaving the store.
Is there enough for a sketch? Family-owned business.
No cameras.
The only thing of value the witnesses said was that she seemed really calm.
Like an office or school shooter.
Did she work there? No.
Local police have already ruled that out.
Then she must have known one of her victims.
I doubt this was random.
Klebold and Harris documented their hatred of the athletes at Columbine, but on the day, they targeted the cafeteria instead of the gymnasium because they were only interested in obtaining the highest possible body count.
These offenders usually hole up in one location and eventually commit suicide, either by their own hand or in a shootout with police.
But this woman took off before the cops arrived.
She's probably not finished.
# This little light of mine # # I'm gonna let it shine # # This little light of mine # # I'm gonna let it shine # I get it.
We're a family, and it's important that families talk, and holding it in will just make this sick, sad feeling of awfulness more awful.
Right? Internalizing does make it worse.
I'll talk, but I don't want to talk about her being gone.
Can I talk about how she made me smile? - Of course.
- Okay.
Poet Antonio Porchia wrote, "Man, when he does not grieve, hardly exists.
" Larry Connors, born and raised in Tampa.
He's owned the gun store for 16 years.
Seaver, what did you find out about victimology? They're all locals with similar backgrounds.
Blue collar jobs, they're all divorced, and they've all got tempers.
Most of them have misdemeanor bar fights on their record.
Testosterone-fueled victims, but somehow she still gets the drop on all of them.
Men like this may not view her as a threat because she's a woman.
Who's likely in the middle of a psychotic break.
We should check psych wards in the area for recent releases.
And run incident reports on women who've been asked to leave businesses due to angry outbursts.
How far do we want to go back? A year? No, more than that.
No incident is too small.
She's probably been boiling for a while.
Unless she's in serious denial, then she's been burying her feelings, which would have just made her worse and worse.
The question is, why did she choose today? Hi, this is Don.
Leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as possible.
I called you at the station and, um, they said that you weren't there.
And you're not here.
And I still can't believe you changed your cell.
Am I that much of a burden? Don, I I need to talk to you today.
Will you meet me at the mall? Please? Chief Thiers.
Thanks for coming.
Agent Rossi.
This is Agent Hotchner.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
The store was only open a few minutes when this went down.
Hell of a way to start the day.
Kept the bodies here long past their expiration date.
Trying to help us figure out what the hell went on in here.
It would appear 4 shots fired from generally this position.
Four dead.
She comes in with a gun and she gets all the way to the counter without attracting attention? Was this case unlocked when you got here? We haven't touched a thing.
There seems to be a.
38 revolver missing.
And 2.
38 rounds on the floor and all the ammo is still locked up.
She brought bullets from home and came in unarmed? Access to the ammo but not the weapon.
So, she knew what gun to ask for.
So she comes to the counter, asks for the.
38, he gives her a permit application.
Which she doesn't fill out.
But there's a 3-day waiting period.
Maybe she's got a record, knows she won't pass the background.
Or there's something about today and she can't wait.
So she discreetly loads it, goes to leave.
They stop her not realizing it's loaded.
But if it's just a gun she wants, why kill all these guys? They were in the way.
This woman had access to ammo for a.
38, but not a gun.
She most likely lives with someone who's into guns but doesn't allow her access.
Usually locking weapons is a way to protect children, but to keep a key from her is a controlling and dominating act.
She could be in an abusive relationship and today's the day she had enough.
She stole the gun at 9 this morning.
If she needed it to go after somebody, why hasn't she done it yet? Maybe she has them hostage right now and is working up the courage to end it all.
Or maybe her target knows her personally and isn't letting her get close enough for a kill.
And she's setting a trap and waiting.
Mommy! Are you okay? What happened? Did you hurt yourself? Did you hurt your knee? Ohh Here, I'll help you.
I'll help you.
- Come here.
There you go.
- Is this your son? What? Yeah, he he needs my help.
- Are you his mother? - What? No, I mean, he's hurt.
Can't you see that? Son, where's your mom? I'll take it from here, ma'am.
Let go.
You gotta help him.
Do something.
Do something.
You gotta do something.
You see right there? You gotta do something.
You gotta do something.
Don't Don't take him.
Please, he needs my help.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to leave.
No No, but he needs me.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
No, you don't understand.
I mean, he's he's All right, ma'am.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- No.
- Let's go! No! He needs me.
No, honestly, he needs me! Let's go, ma'am.
Garcia, based on victimology, the unsub's husband or boyfriend most likely owns a.
We need you to search for white males age 35 to 50 who have registered that model.
We think he might be law enforcement or military.
It's possible the unsub was in an abusive relationship that contributed to her breakdown, Garcia.
So look for crossover with reports of domestic abuse.
This is tricky.
Have anything else to narrow it down? Why? Because Florida's a stand-your-ground state.
Castle doctrine based on English common law that allows homeowners to use deadly force to protect their land.
Yeah, it's a highfalutin way of saying that the gun laws are lax at best.
After the 2008 elections, the Floridians were nervous about losing their Second Amendment rights and gun sales shot through the roof, pun intended.
How many of those men fit that profile in Tampa? As it stand right now, 638.
There's been another shooting.
The media's gonna run with this.
We need to talk to the press as soon as possible.
And do what, just confirm we have an armed woman on the loose and we can't find her? Yes.
And to let people know that they need to be vigilant.
Paul Lyons, security guard.
- Was he armed? - No.
You saw video? And all we have are the overhead cameras? Yes, and they're scattered.
Best we got from the video is a woman with short brown hair.
- And she was sitting here.
- Right.
It looks like she was waiting for someone that never showed.
And instead, she takes out her rage on the guard, in front of the children.
As he escorted her out of the building.
Still, that's pretty controlled not to turn on anyone else.
That's true.
She could have easily taken out more people and she didn't.
He was the person that got in her way.
She's not ready to confront the source of her rage yet.
Yet? Until she is, this will probably happen again.
Get on the ground! Get down on the ground! Help.
Ma'am, please pull forward.
- Please help us.
- Please don't move.
- Will you help him? - Help who? - You gotta get my son.
- Another ambulance is on the way.
No, somebody take him.
I can't get him.
Another ambulance is on the way.
No, no, no.
No, where are you going? Damion? Damion My God, why won't you help him? Why won't you help him? Ma'am, will you please step out of the vehicle? The last time I was on a couch like this was when my father left.
They all thought I needed to talk, but developmentally I wasn't guided by conscience.
I could only reveal what my mother and teachers told me was acceptable.
You told them exactly what you knew they wanted to hear.
You don't have to do that here.
It's just unfair that she's gone.
It's like if we can't keep each other safe, then why are we even doing any of this? I just Sometimes I think maybe maybe Gideon was right, you know, maybe maybe it's just not worth it.
The officer is in critical condition.
Anybody get a plate? No, just a partial description a teal green wagon.
Garcia This woman opens fire in broad daylight at a police checkpoint.
She's desperate.
This was an act of survival.
Where does this road lead? L-275.
Florida Highway Patrol has traffic cams all the way to St.
She won't get far.
Two EMTs just got shot in Oakford Park.
Where's that? It's the opposite direction.
She went back? She's on a mission.
- Looking good, buddy.
- Even higher.
Oh, honey, that's too close.
- No, no, no.
- No, you look beautiful.
- Just smile.
- No.
- Damion, come here.
Save me.
- Get her to smile.
Smile, Mama.
Yeah, smile, Mommy.
Okay, you smile with me.
I'll smile for you.
Dad, he needs to just back up a little bit.
Yeah Now I'm gonna get you.
Her emotional turmoil appears to be manifesting in the geographic pattern - of her spree.
- Meaning? There's a reason she hasn't left.
Her first was the gun store in West Tampa, then the security guard in Ybor City, then the officer at the checkpoint in Riverside Heights, then finally the EMTs in Oakford Park.
She's like a bouncing ball.
There's no logic.
She circled back after getting through a roadblock.
She's driven purely by emotion.
She doesn't care about self-preservation or escape.
It's like she has nothing to live for.
She may have suffered a loss herself, and she blaming someone for it.
We're looking for a white female between the ages of 30 and 40, driving a teal green station wagon.
But the only thing that matters is her behavior.
Which is random.
She's all over the place.
She could have escaped through that roadblock, but she circled back instead.
This tells us she's got a score to settle.
Like what? When emotional decisions drive an unsub, it's usually connected to an incredible loss, the idea that there's nothing to live for.
We believe that this woman's been through the devastating loss of a child.
She woke up this morning, loaded up with bullets, and stole a gun.
That is not a typical Wednesday.
Today means something to her.
She's been lashing out at the hero, and we believe that's because she feels deeply betrayed by one who let her down.
The fact that her anger seems to be focused on first responders instead of hospital personnel or doctors indicates that her child probably didn't die of natural causes.
Most likely it was some kind of accident.
And if that's so, she believes he should have been saved but wasn't.
Rage like this has been built up over time, possibly years, and it's debilitating.
She probably hasn't been a functioning member of society since the loss of her child.
This rampage is her final attempt to be heard.
What she started ends today.
You mind if I sit here? Thanks.
Hey, we've met before.
Mommy and Me at the rec, right? Oh, gosh, it must have been a few years ago, before the kids hit preschool.
Where's your son? I'm sorry, what? Well, ours were just a few months apart, weren't they? Mine's over there.
He's gonna be as tall as me soon.
It goes so fast, doesn't it? I swear, it has been the longest and shortest 6 years of my life.
Police say this dangerous suspect has left a trail of blood behind her.
After wounding an officer at a roadblock, she circled back and fired at two paramedics.
Luckily she missed, keeping her body count at 5.
A source inside the Tampa P.
Told us FBI profilers have been brought in We need to try to communicate with this woman directly.
But she's not talking, she's shooting.
She feels ignored.
The media is sensationalizing the story.
She'll continue to respond violently to regain control.
She shot a cop.
The men she's targeted are my responsibility.
You asked for our help.
Let us do our job.
Inclement weather continued hot and humid for the remainder of the week.
We have an 80% chance of a thunderstorm coming in tonight with possible rainfall.
That could be a major relief for local residents.
We have a special alert coming in from the Tampa Police.
The FBI is preparing to make a statement right now.
This is Aaron Hotchner with the FBI.
Our team has come from Quantico, Virginia, because we want to talk to you.
We know that you have a personal message that you need to share with the world.
All we ask is that you stop hurting people, because we are listening.
We know you've been hurt and you've suffered a terrible loss, and we want to talk to you about it.
We want to know how we can help.
We've taken the first step.
Now it's up to you.
You can contact me at 1-800-555-0140.
Aren't we gonna get flooded by people calling that number? I am hawkeyeing the cell towers in her comfort zone.
If anyone calls from there, I will know first and fast.
I called you at the station, and, um, they said that you weren't you weren't there.
And you're not here.
And I still can't believe you changed your cell.
Am I that much of a burden? Don, I I need to talk to you today.
Will you meet me at the mall? Please? Hi, Don.
There are benefits to meeting after hours.
You know everyone's feeling it, and nobody wants to talk about it.
It's too soon, Aaron.
You know that better than anyone.
And, uh, doesn't Strauss usually run these assessments? There was no way that was gonna happen.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
And I also know that you grieve privately.
But you've been through more than any of us in a very short time.
- How are you holding up? - I'm all right.
I think it's an ongoing process.
This is not my assessment.
I'm supposed to be asking how you're doing.
I've always had trouble letting people in.
But this is different.
I guess I've come to realize I'm more married to this team than I ever was to 3 ex-wives.
It's been a hard year.
We'll get through it.
We will.
Emily and Haley.
You're supposed to stay Please, don't give me the letter of the law right now.
Then don't give me this.
Why are you carrying that around? I just need to feel better.
And that concerns me how? They don't remember.
No one remembers.
Don, I just need to talk.
No leads on the hotline and no sign of her vehicle.
This woman obviously has a plan.
The only clear decision she made this morning was walking into that gun store.
There are 8 of them in her comfort zone.
Why choose that one? Convenience.
Maybe it's close to where she lives.
If we're saying this morning is when she was the most clear-headed, then it was a conscious decision to walk into that particular store.
I mean, do you have anything of his? I mean, not even a painting.
You came all the way over here for this? You're just like everybody else.
And you'd rather forget him than admit you couldn't save him.
I choose to remember the good times.
Well, I don't have that luxury.
I have hundreds of teal wagons.
None of the registrations match the physical description of our unsub.
What about the gun store? Mmm.
And then there's that.
I searched the entire history of Larry's Gun Shop.
Nothing of significance has ever happened there aside from this morning's massacre.
And on top of that, you know those They bought them all over the city, So we're pretty much screwed unless you can think of some other kind of connection.
Then the date only means something to her.
Garcia, we profiled that it was a major loss.
Run accident reports.
Look for young victims.
She seems to be going after heroes.
Okay, you guys, I'm doing that now, but this will take forever.
Tampa's got almost half a million people.
Everybody's got a story.
How am I even supposed to Oh.
- Oh? - Yeah.
My super skills just squelched my pessimism.
I have a couple of accidents here that happened in the last few years on or around today's date.
Please hold while I deduce.
This looks promising.
There was a high-speed traffic chase in West Tampa last year.
- A policeman was killed.
- Who were they chasing? Uh, Hanley Waters.
Maybe he's the target.
He's in jail.
He started a whole mess because he decided to do an armed robbery at a liquor store and then have a high-speed car chase with the cops.
Oh, there's video.
It's 365 days ago to the dot.
I'm sending this to your tablets.
Observe and prepare yourself.
Who is it who got hit? Tampa mom Shelly Chamberlain.
She was unhurt.
Her 6-year-old Damion died.
That's her.
Oh, and today is Damion's birthday.
Your son enters and leaves your life on the same date.
That's one hell of a stressor.
It explains why she went on her spree today.
All the good and bad memories are hitting her at once.
And to add salt to it all, the fallen policeman was the only one who got any attention.
Damion was like a footnote.
If Shelly Chamberlain is our unsub and the man who caused this is in jail, then who's her target? I didn't come here to fight, especially not today.
Well, that's the only way we know how to communicate.
Will you come celebrate Damion's birthday with me? Let's go to his favorite place.
Shelly What? It wouldn't kill you to go.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Why has it always been so hard for you to give me what I want? I mean, you weren't there for his birthday.
I tried, Shelly.
You know I tried.
You refused to stay with me after he died.
That's not true.
And now here you are again saying no.
Just this last time.
That's all I'm asking.
Garcia, what's Shelly's marital status? Don Chamberlain, city firefighter.
He filed for divorce 3 months ago.
A local hero, like some of the others she shot.
But the pain of losing a child destroyed the marriage.
He could be the next target of her rage, the man who didn't bear witness to her grief.
Morgan, you find him.
Dave and I will go to Shelly's house.
Clear! Clear! Clear! - Clear.
- Shelly's car is still here.
And Don's is gone, which means she beat us here and she moved him in his car.
But why didn't she just kill him? She didn't travel with any of her other victims.
He must play some part in the fantasy of her rage.
She wants to punish him for something.
The bullets were here.
But Don took the gun when he moved out.
Dave? She broke mirrors all over the house.
She's disgusted with herself.
She's built emotional walls guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness.
Then she decided she was tired of waking up this way.
Let me show you something else.
His father was a fireman.
His hero.
Everything's perfect.
Clearly, she's enshrined her son.
She couldn't let go.
There's not a single reminder of Damion anywhere in this house.
Because Don had accepted it? It's only been a year.
What are the chances he's done grieving? Maybe that's why she's mad at him and wants him to suffer.
Hey, guys, look at this.
Don edited it together and he put music to it.
This is how he grieved.
Yeah, but she wouldn't know that.
She might force him to grieve the same way she does.
Where? Their son's grave? It looks like they celebrated their son's third, fourth, and fifth birthday at Sir Burger.
Her day is coming to an end, and today's an anniversary.
That's gotta be where she's going.
Look at the camera.
Come on.
Hi, Daddyl Welcome to Sir Burger.
You folks know what you want? - One birthday surprise, please.
- Outstanding.
And where is the birthday boy or girl? He, uh couldn't make it.
Oh, sir, then I can't give you that.
It's reserved for children, so He always had a birthday surprise.
I want a birthday surprise.
Ma'am, it's our policy.
We, uh, can't give you that.
For God sakes, Shel.
We're here.
Isn't that enough? Just order something else.
You know, you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me.
Shelly Okay, uh, one birthday surprise coming up.
No, it's too late for that.
- What are you doing? - You don't care.
That is not true, Shel.
There's not a second in the day when I don't think, if I'd only been there, if I'd only taken a day off of work for his birthday.
But we have to move on.
Shel, at some point we have to move on.
Will you stop saying that.
We can't.
How can we move on without Damion? Huh? # Happy birthday to you # # Happy birthday to you # # Happy birthday, dear Sam # # Happy birthday to you # Honey, you see this? Look at you, sweetie.
Hey, is it your birthday? Put it away, Shel.
- Come on.
Shelly - Stay away from me.
- Shelly - Now I mean it, Don.
Mama Let's get out of here.
You know, you, uh You remind me of my son.
We used to come here.
He liked this place a lot.
What's going on? It's gonna be fine.
We're leaving now.
No, we're gonna stay and we're gonna celebrate.
How many people we got in there? Not sure 5 or 6.
Manager got some out.
I'm calling in SWAT.
- don't do that.
- If she feels pressured, she might snap.
She hasn't done that already? No, if I get the shot, I'm taking it.
I'd like to try to talk to her.
It's too late for that.
She's got hostages.
She's probably not aware of them.
Well, I am.
It's my job to protect them.
You don't have line of sight, and a sniper round could pass through her and into somebody else.
Blow out the candles, sweetie.
It's okay.
- Cut a piece.
- No, that's enough.
Leave him alone.
No, he's gonna have a piece of cake.
This is Aaron Hotchner with the FBI.
Who is this? This is Bill.
I'm the manager.
- Bill, is anyone hurt? - No.
Can you see the woman with the gun? Yes.
Can you get the phone to her? No, I can't go back over there.
She's lost it.
I don't know what she's gonna do.
I'm sorry.
Stay where you are.
We'll get you out soon.
He can't get the phone to her.
I'm gonna go in.
You sure about this? She hasn't hurt anyone.
This is about her family and her grief.
If she's at the end of her break and nothing else matters, she could do anything, Hotch.
I'll keep my mic open.
- Ok, he's done.
- We can go now.
He needs to open his presents now.
- Come on, Shelly - Stay away from me.
Shel - I'm serious.
- Shelly? Who are you? My name is Aaron Hotchner.
I'm with the FBI.
And I know it's Damion's birthday, and I just want to tell you how sorry I am for what happened.
What going on? It's okay.
He's here to help.
Nobody helps.
You You You don't know a thing about Damion.
I know he was a happy and confident little boy.
How could you know that? I have a picture of him, standing next to you.
You're holding his hand and he's smiling.
He's not hiding behind you like some children do.
It tells me that you encouraged him and you gave him a lot of confidence.
That picture, it doesn't belong to you.
I know.
That's why I want you to have it back.
Wait No How did you - Were you in my - You turning 7 today, Sam? That's not much older than Damion.
I know you don't want to scare Sam, so they're gonna leave now.
Bill, will you show them out, please? - No! What are you doing? - Go.
- No What's - What's going on? - Go.
Don, I found this picture of you and Damion.
It's clear who his hero was.
I know you blame yourself, and you shouldn't.
And, Shelly, all the hurt that you might inflict on people is not gonna bring him back.
They need to know what they did.
Believe me, everyone who tried to save him that day isn't gonna forget.
It's the day they failed.
They'll ask themselves what they could have done.
Could they have gotten here sooner? They'll heal, but it's gonna take time.
They'll move on, but they won't forget.
I could see that that he was dying.
And I tried to help him.
I tried.
I tried.
Please don't.
I said, "Honey, "Honey, it's gonna be all right.
"It's gonna be all right.
You hear those sirens? "Do you hear those sirens? "That is Daddy, and Daddy is coming, "And he's gonna he's gonna help us.
He's gonna save us.
" But you never came.
I know.
I know, Shelly, and I'm so sorry.
You know that.
Yeah, but he doesn't know that! He doesn't know that.
I I made a promise to him.
I promised him Shelly, you have to stop blaming yourself.
Shelly, you have to stop blaming yourself.
# This little light of mine # # I'm gonna let it shine # # Let it shine, let it shine # - Cut it out.
- You cut it out.
No, honey.
Honey, I'm driving.
No, I'm not kidding, Damion.
You're being mean, Mama.
I'm driving.
Don't kick my seat when I'm driving.
I yelled at him.
And it was it was the last thing he heard.
That's your regret.
It's not what he remembers.
Look how happy he was.
- No, I can't.
I can't.
- Look how happy he was.
Losing him is not your fault.
He was taken from you and that's not fair.
But while he was here, while you were lucky enough to have him, he was happy.
That's how he lived and that's how he left.
If I had just gotten there Emily might still be with us.
Derek, you know that you did everything you could.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I did everything I could.
We all did.
I know.
What, that's supposed to make me feel better? You protected each other for years.
Don't expect this to go away anytime soon.
This what? This what? This guilt? Just because you were the last one there doesn't mean that you could affect the outcome.
We all wish we had that kind of control.
So what do we do, we just chalk it up to fate? What, I can't blame anybody? What, this is the will of God? No.
I do blame somebody.
I blame Doyle.
Hotch, what am I supposed to do? She was my friend.
I lost my friend right in front of me.
And I'm supposed to go on like nothing happened? You know, we, um We come in here and we talk to you.
Where do you go? Where are you with all of this? The same place as you.
Wishing she was here.