Criminal Minds s07e24 Episode Script

Run (2)

[Alarm beeping.]
I have one minute.
Whoop, there we go.
Get your mama.
Get her.
Ohh! Denied.
Mommy, wake up.
It's time to play.
Oh, Henry.
I'm late for work and you promised.
Ok, buddy, go get your shoes.
Go on.
Yay! [Groans.]
When will a day off ever actually be a day off? In about 14 years.
Come on.
Oh, uh, so, remember, we have the play date with Cameron.
Soyou're on your own for dinner.
Oh, I'll manage somehow.
I love you, too.
I love you.
I love you three.
Jump! Come on.
Ohh! I love you four.
You have to go to your mama, ok? Ok.
Yeah! Are you ready to play soccer? Let's play soccer.
Ready? All right, kick it to mommy.
Kick it.
Whoa! Score! Say, bye, daddy! Bye, daddy.
All right.
Kick it again.
[Doorbell rings.]
Good morning.
Breakfast is served.
Thank you.
Am I early? No, no, no.
We're running late.
We're just having too good of a time.
Wow! You guys! This is inspired.
Where's your cape? I'm wearing it.
Yeah! Come and see inside.
Ohh! We slept in here all night.
It sounds so much fun.
I'm jealous.
We're going to do it again tonight, right, Dad? Sure, buddy.
No problem.
Could Beth sleep over? [Chuckles.]
Could she? [Laughs.]
I [Indistinct chatter.]
I want to see it.
It's so cool.
Ok, ok, uh, the TV movie is in hall H at 9:00.
- Can we go to that? - Absolutely.
You think we can we make it to the Captains of the Enterprise panel at 11:00? Obs.
Thanks for coming with me.
Of course.
I've been knitting this scarf for weeks.
You came.
And you brought a friend.
CSU Technician Sharp, how are you? Fine.
You? I am also fine.
Ok, well, see ya.
You're not gonna go in? No.
Actually, we just went in and it's super lame, so we're leaving.
Oh, ok.
Oh, great costume.
Yeah, you, too.
That was awkward.
Oh, my God.
We used to come every year.
I can't believe he brought someone else.
Well, you brought someone else.
Someone I couldn't possibly be sexually attracted to.
You're welcome? Whoa, Rossi! Why doesn't this surprise me? Are you here for the convention? Who schedules a cigar aficionado event back to back with This? I know, right? It's the greatest party ever.
Well, it was gonna be.
Unless it involves gentleman Jack and pre-embargo Cuban cigars, I find that statement to be highly dubious.
Kevin brought another woman.
I'm plotting revenge.
Do you want to help? No.
Now, you know I love you both, but this is Saturday and it is my day off, so I'd prefer to love you from afar.
So, have fun.
It's my bedtime.
It's 9 a.
You're judging me? Thank you.
I don't know.
Emily, what's not to know? It's a beautiful place.
There are cracks in the foundation.
Cracks can be fixed.
No, they can only be hidden.
They're still there.
What, are you afraid the place is gonna fall down? I'm afraid it's never gonna be as strong as it was.
Ok, somebody's heart is not into it.
What's going on? [Sighs.]
I don't know.
When I first came here, I felt like I was home.
And now, it's just an uphill battle.
People kill for opportunities like this.
Am I crazy to walk away? Well, you gotta do what's best for you.
Follow your gut.
What's it trying to tell you? Thank you.
It's ok, ma'am.
Go ahead.
Did you remember to bring your key? Yes.
Did you remember your glasses? Yes.
Nag, nag, nag.
Over here, sir.
I'm gonna need to see your bag.
Ok, sure.
Over here, sir.
It looks like everyone's setting that thing off today.
Sir, over here.
Hey! [Screaming.]
Oh, God.
I want to see hands in the sky! Now! Try to trigger any alarm or give me any damn dye packs and you're dead.
You understand? Do you understand?! Yes! Cash in here.
Cash in here.
Go, buddy.
Come on! Time! ladies and gentlemen, were the Face Cards.
Maybe you've heard of us.
[Speaking German.]
[Speaking German.]
Get your faces on the floor already.
I see eyes, you see bullets.
Get it? Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! What the hell is that?! I said no dye packs.
What the hell is this? I'm sorry.
Oh, she's sorry.
Sorry? Ohh! You're gonna be sorry.
We'll cooperate.
Just tell me what you need.
What I need? Well Lynne This is a bank, right? What do you think I need? [Laughs.]
Take me to the vault, sweetie pie.
Go! One minute.
Dispatcher: All units in the vicinity off Penn and Southeast, robbery in progress at Colonial Liberty Bank.
That's one block over.
Shot fired.
Repeat, shots fired at the Colonial Liberty Bank.
All units.
All right, coming.
On the ground with the others.
What do you mean? We got trouble! Black-and-white.
Get down.
Down! Down! Side door.
Let's go! Faces on the ground.
Count to 100.
Don't even think of moving.
I said count! Better pull back and see if they respond.
Shots fired.
Repeat, shots fired.
[Shouting, siren, horn honking.]
JJ: "Fear is met and destroyed with courage.
" James F.
[Indistinct radio communications.]
You ok? Yeah.
It's definitely them.
I only saw the King and the Jack, but I figure the Queen's inside, too.
The media's calling them the Face Cards.
in 7 months.
They've killed one person at each robbery.
Rossi: M.
? Single gunshot wound.
Each of the victims has bled out.
Serial killers with a 30-day cooling-off period and we're only just hearing about this now? Well, headquarters has always characterized them robbers first and killers second.
No one kills 7 people without serious psychopathic tendencies.
I disagreed with the original assessment.
I was overruled.
So why are we here now? Because crisis negotiation is overseas.
What more do we know about them? They're organized, they're efficient.
Each strike lasts about 2 minutes.
They gotta be scouting the banks in advance.
Why haven't we been able to I.
them off of surveillance footage? They hack the security feed and turn off the cameras, both during the initial canvass and during the robbery, until the masks come back on, and then we're allowed to watch.
I can't find anything.
No doors, no grates, nothing.
Yo! Lynne! What's another way out of here? Just the main entrance and the side door.
It's for security.
I know that.
You think I'm stupid? What went wrong? We were on count.
I need a doctor.
Is anyone a doctor?! [Baby crying.]
Would you shut that kid up! He's a baby.
What do you expect her to do? It's ok, baby.
It's ok.
No one asked for your opinion.
It's not just the cops.
We've got the Feds now, too.
We're screwed.
You have to apply pressure.
I can't even feel it.
Yeah, I know.
Just push down as hard as you can.
Would you focus on what's important.
Shut the hell up! He's bleeding out.
It's his fault we're in this mess.
Nice heads-up on the cops, Olly.
Maybe think it was your count that was off, huh? How bad is it? You're gonna be fine.
I don't want to die.
We're all gonna die if we don't get out of here.
You shot a cop.
Shut the hell up! You're not gonna die.
We're trapped in here, ok.
But we got one thing they want-- all them.
Rossi: They're using the hostages as human shields.
This is the first time they've been interrupted.
What went wrong? It's a big bank.
It's possible they weren't about to round everybody up before someone triggered an alarm.
Why haven't they cut the feed now that they've been cornered? Letting us see inside gives up a tactical advantage.
They gotta know that.
Hotch: They don't seem to care.
JJ: They're overconfident.
Arrogant, even.
The face card masks add to their narcissism.
Their personas are the royalty of poker.
JJ, Reid, and Prentiss, look at past robberies.
That's gonna be our victimology.
Pull another analyst if you need to.
Dave, I want you to handle negotiations.
And, Morgan, strategize tactical options with MPD.
Chief Strauss.
The Director ordered me to supervise your operation.
Puts you right in the spotlight.
Well, you've got gunmen with hostages in the Capital.
The Hill's concerned.
We're about to open lines of communication.
What about a tactical assault? I don't think it's a good idea.
There are hostages in front of the doors and windows.
What's your negotiation strategy? The Jack's bleeding out.
They'll ask for medical attention.
Hotch: The female unsub might have something to say about that.
Look at her body language.
She is cold and detached.
The King seems genuinely concerned about his partner's welfare.
But she couldn't give a damn.
The men probably know each other.
Garcia? Shuffling my technofabulous deck of databases, sir.
Hey, don't look.
It's gonna be ok.
We're all gonna die, aren't we? I'm sure the police will give them what they want.
Stop talking! [Ring.]
It's gotta be the Feds.
I'll be right back.
Who the hell's this? My name is David Rossi.
I'm with the FBI.
To whom am I speaking? All right, I want a doctor sent in, and then I want out of here.
Well, we certainly can discuss that.
Let the hostages go and we'll give you all the medical help you need.
I can't do that.
I need the leverage.
How about a sign of good faith? Send out the women and children and I'll see what I can do.
He's trying to negotiate.
Negotiate? We're not playing games.
No, no, no, please! Daddy! Either we get what we want or everyone in this room dies.
Do that and you get nothing.
Take me instead.
Take me.
It's ok, baby.
Oh! Aah! Daddy! You better send in some help or more people are gonna die.
We're sending in a medic.
That's just gonna give them another hostage.
If they stop shooting people, it's worth it.
If we give in to one demand, we'll have to give in to them all.
The Director disagrees.
At least make it an Agent with medical training.
That way he can take advantage of an opportunity if it comes.
The brass thinks they'll act rationally, but there's no evidence of that.
This is personal for the men.
The King could have run after the initial gunfight, but he didn't.
Instead, he pulled the partner inside out of harm's way.
And stayed with him, while the woman searched the bank, presumably for a way out.
He's more worried about the partner than he is about her running away.
Garcia, narrow your search.
I think the male unsubs might even be related.
Roger that.
In 6 robberies no one's been able to build a sketch of the unsubs before they put their masks on.
These witness descriptions are all over the map.
Probably because of the trauma suffered inside.
They've been zig-zagging north and south but in a relative straight pattern from Washington, D.
This is the largest bank they've hit.
Before today, it's just been small branches in rural communities.
So today was always a part of their plan.
But why the nation's capital? To make a statement? I pulled schematics from the previous banks.
This is the first one with metal detectors.
Maybe that's what went wrong? No, they cased the branches too well in advance.
They'd know to be ready for them.
These are takeover robberies.
No faces, no passing notes, no prints.
They're professionals.
Hey, there is something all these robberies have in common.
The Queen's the only one who pulls the trigger.
Sir, I found a thing.
See, I took height and weight measurements and I crossed with known related offenders who specialize in bank jobs and home burglaries-- - Show me.
- Yes.
These are brothers Chris and Oliver Stratton.
They are petty thieves from Philly, turned bank robbers in Jersey.
They were put in jail for two years after an attempted heist went sour, and they were released two months before the first face card robbery, and their measurements are a match.
When didn't the NCIC database connect them? Because the brothers have never used a third partner, and shooting people's not part of their M.
It looks like they weren't very successful criminals.
Maybe adding a woman to their team improved their game.
Reid: The woman chose a different type of victim each time.
It's not just the security guard.
It's been a mother, a manager, and a young child.
She shoots them in the gut.
They bleed out while they rob the bank.
She's sadistic.
She gets off on her victims' pain and the fear it incites in those around her.
Move him out of here.
Stay with me, Olly.
Where's my medic? I don't see him.
Kill someone else, then.
Make them listen.
It also appears the King is in charge of the money-grabbing operation while the Queen keeps track of time making sure they're in an out in under two minutes.
She's more in control of the operation than they let on.
Turning the King and Queen against each other could be the key to disarming them.
He's not a killer.
That could be our in.
Only if the Jack doesn't die.
If he does No, no, no.
I want you to put that in your bag.
The woman's probably going to want to search you.
But Chris is gonna be too focused on getting aid to his brother to delay long enough for her to check the bag, too.
All right.
You're going in to provide medical assistance.
No unnecessary risks, you hear me? Once you stabilize Oliver, check on the hostage they just shot.
He might still be alive.
Do not draw your weapon unless you can subdue the unsubs without endangering the hostages.
Yes, sir.
[Telephone rings.]
Why hasn't anyone come in yet? We're sending in the medic now, Chris.
Tell Oliver help is on the way.
They know our names.
Not all our names.
Is she putting on lipstick? They're sending someone in.
Olly, Olly, no.
No, no, no, stay with me.
What are you doing? They're sending in a medic.
You're gonna be fine.
I don't feel so fine.
No! No! No! Get over here! You're gonna save him, right? I'm gonna try.
Oliver, can you hear me? Come on, Olly.
Stay with me, Oliver.
This is not good, Aaron.
Morgan, tell Green to make a move before Chris does.
Green, you gotta go.
Green, go.
Oh, my God.
[Indistinct radio communication.]
Morgan: Tactical's been deployed, snipers are moving into position.
Strauss: The Director's ordered a full tactical assault.
His last orders cost us an agent.
SWAT's getting itchy fingers.
You remind SWAT that bank robberies are federal jurisdiction.
No one fires until they're ordered to.
All right, when the crossfire starts, what's gonna happen to the hostages caught in the middle? That's the wrong call, Erin, and you know it.
It's not my call.
You're here and you're in charge.
So you want me to disobey the Director? Yes.
No, I just want you to buy us a little time.
Don't be quite so efficient.
Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
All right.
Reasoning with them is still our best option.
That'll be difficult.
Chris just lost his brother and murdered someone in retaliation.
We're dealing with two killers now.
We have problems, sirs.
Outside nefarious sources have hacked into the surveillance feeds.
I'm trying to I.
them now.
At least a couple of them are media outlets.
Can you block them? No, not without blocking ourselves, too, sir.
Put him with the others.
Hey! Everybody move forward 5 feet.
Come on! Move forward 5 feet! Line up! I'm sorry about Olly.
Just shut up, would you.
We've got to pull ourselves together, figure a way out of here.
What happened? Hmm? Who triggered the alarm? Was it you? Calm down.
We need to focus.
Call them back.
Demand an armored truck.
What, you think they're gonna let us go? We killed 4 people.
Two cops.
So what? We don't try? That's just great.
Why don't you walk over there.
I gotta think for a minute.
Whatever you say Boss.
Ohh! Oh! Why'd you have to make it so quick? It's better when they suffer.
I don't get off on it like you do.
You will.
We're gonna be famous.
Agent Prentiss, there's a call for you from Interpol.
Take a message, please.
It's Clyde Easter.
Your old unit chief? He says he has information about the Queen of Diamonds.
[Speaking French.]
Sorry I missed your funeral, by the way.
I was held up in Prague.
So you're not surprised.
Of course not.
Keeping tabs on my former assets is a particular skill of mine.
Ok, what can you tell me about my mystery woman? Ah, yes.
Well, um, if she seems familiar to you, she should.
We don't know her identity, but we've seen her before.
She's struck a number of banks worldwide, including-- Paris! There was a robbery when I was relocated there.
Someone died.
Oh, yes.
The bank manager, Glenn Harrison.
Gut shot? Yes.
How did you know? I don't remember hearing anything about the robber wearing a mask.
That's because she didn't.
She seems to be wearing disguises.
Her faces has been seen on camera by 6 different intelligence agencies and no one can identify her.
How is that possible? Wait, who were her partners overseas? She didn't need any.
Then why would she now? What if the smaller banks were training runs from the Stratton brothers? Well, it could be.
She took two relatively amateur thugs and turned them into an elite team of efficient bank robbers.
But why? To turn them into patsies? All right, ok, so let's look at it.
Up until now they've been highly organized, striking only on deposit days, when the most amount of cash is on hand.
But today's different.
It's their first Saturday hit, where families are present, more foot traffic throughout the day.
It's a riskier attack.
We should consider the media attention, too.
It's the first time they've had an audience.
That might be why the female unsub is so vain.
She wants to look good for the cameras.
She searches the bank but doesn't actually look for a means of escape.
She appears to be almost enjoying the situation.
We know the brothers are in it for the money.
What's she in it for? [Footsteps approach.]
Where the hell have you been? I've been looking for an escape route.
There isn't one.
So much for your no back doors, no surprises plan.
You screwed us.
[Telephone rings.]
Then why don't you negotiate a way out of here already? [Ring.]
What? How do you want to end this, Chris? I want out of here.
How do you propose to do that? I want an armored truck and a plane with a clear flight path to Switzerland.
No, no, no.
We want to go to Chad.
No agents with guns this time.
We'll fly ourselves.
Don't do that again.
I'm in charge here.
Ok, so what's the significance of Chad? A 2008 coup attempt plunged them into political instability.
They're currently in the middle of a civil war.
There's gotta be more to it than that.
Our ghost wants to go to Chad.
I'm figuring you're my best chance of finding out why.
Chad? That's an odd choice.
They're not exactly hospitable this time of year.
They said they could fly themselves there.
Nothing suggests that Chris would have that ability, so she must.
Well, unfortunately, Interpol doesn't have many assets in that particular region in Africa.
Maybe that's something that you could help me with when this is over.
Work for Interpol again? That'll be the day.
Not work, darling.
You see, I've been promoted.
So, the team's yours whenever you want it.
It's a hell of a time to bring that up.
Well, you know, in our line of work, there's never a good time.
Think about it.
Please? You find me a connection I can use and maybe we'll discuss it.
[Indistinct radio communication.]
The FBI's making good on its promise.
We'll be out of here soon.
We're taking him with us.
These guys were too good to get caught, so why did they? to a robbery in progress.
Garcia: Actually, it was a text.
add 911 messaging after the Virginia Tech students texts went unanswered during the massacre.
Can you trace it, Garcia? Yeah.
The message was sent from a cell phone that is currently inside the bank and was registered to a Larry Phillips Jr.
Why does that name sound familiar? That's the name of one of the gunmen from the '97 North Hollywood bank shootout in California.
So is this an homage? Garcia: Guys, that text was sent the security feeds for entry.
How is that possible? It didn't come from a hostage.
It came from one of the robbers.
She wanted us here.
There's no clear line of sight to the vault.
No, but if we come in, that's where they'll go.
We need to be ready for it.
Garcia caught us up.
Why instigate a hostage situation? What's a narcissist without attention? She thrives on it.
She must have something bigger in mind.
We need to separate Chris and the female to find out what that is.
It's not going to be hard.
They're already on edge.
It's more than the media outlets, sir.
Anonymous international entities are hacking the feeds as well.
[Cell phone rings.]
[Turns off cell.]
You were saying? I was tagging I.
addresses and someone hacked the surveillance cameras at 7 a.
this morning.
Was that how they shut down the cameras for entry? So, sir.
This is an entirely different hack, one that's still receiving.
Somebody else is watching.
Who? Whoever it is she's dressing up for.
I thought that was for the media.
The media didn't have eyes inside before today.
But she dresses up every time.
Because someone is always watching.
Her real partner, a fourth unsub.
I doubt if she was forthcoming about this other partner to Chris.
I think it's time we bring Chris up to speed.
You know my favorite card in poker, Chris? What's that? The wild card.
I don't believe in wild cards.
They dumb down the game.
Well, I couldn't agree with you more, but, uh, in this case, you're the one that's dumb.
This your new negotiation tactic, insulting me? Oh, it's not a tactic.
It's a fact.
Didn't you wonder why you got caught, what went wrong when you did everything right? We got a message from someone in the bank before you started shooting.
Now, I know it wasn't you, and I'm hoping it wasn't your brother.
So, who does that leave? You're lying.
Ask her.
Did you call the police? [Chuckles.]
Is that what they're telling you? Rossi: That's not an answer.
Of course not.
What do you think? They're trying to turn us against one another.
Why would you even do that? Olly's dead 'cause of that.
I wouldn't.
I'm trapped here, too.
Are you lying to me? We've come to far for you to start doubting me now.
Lost too much.
Hey Don't let them tear us apart right as we're about to win.
If you do that, Olly's death won't mean anything.
I'm done talking to you.
I want to talk to someone who won't jerk me around face to face.
No more Feds.
I want to talk to the cop who shot my brother.
No, forget it.
JJ, if it means we can end this What makes you think he won't shoot you the minute you walk inside? Look, he wants out of there just as much as we want him out.
It's not happening.
Forget it.
There's no guarantee he won't retaliate for the death of his brother.
I know you'd do it if you were me.
Will, I get what you're feeling, but you are too close to this case to make that call.
You're damn right I'm close.
because I shot his brother.
And no one else needs to die 'cause of what I did.
This isn't about you.
Risking your life won't bring them back.
Sorry, Will.
Where's that cop, huh? I ain't got all day.
What you're asking is difficult.
Well, I'll make it easy.
Send in the cop, I'll let a couple hostages go.
A sign of good faith.
Isn't that what you said? Releasing the hostages is a great first step in resolving this conflict, but we can't send someone else in to be killed.
This ain't a friggin' debate.
Come on, bud.
Let's go! Pick up the phone.
Why? Pick up the phone! Hello? Tell him your name.
It's It's Shawn Harper.
You just killed Shawn Harper.
Not me, you.
I'm gonna shoot another hostage every 60 seconds until you send in the cop.
Every 60 seconds.
Who's next? Huh? He's threatening to shoot more hostages unless he has Will.
Screw this.
I'm going in.
No, you're not.
We are.
Who's the lucky one? Nah.
You! No! [Sobbing.]
Pick it up.
Come on.
What's your name? No, please.
Tell him your name! Annie.
It's Annie.
You hang in there, Annie.
Help is on the way.
You got about 30 seconds, Annie.
I hope Agent Rossi doesn't make me shoot you, too.
You ok? Yes.
Hey, you.
Come over here.
It's ok.
No, I-- Just let the women and children go.
They don't need to see this.
[Chris laughs.]
Pretty soon they're gonna be doing a lot more than just seeing.
Annie! You just got yourself a reprieve.
Get in line over there.
Look at our new contender.
Let's go! Go, go, go! [Indistinct.]
What is he doing? No.
No, no, no.
No, no.
Morgan-- Let me go, please! I can't do that.
Will! Will! Will! Willstop.
My name is Matthew Downs.
Queen: Look.
Let those people go.
All right, you, you, you.
The kids.
Get out.
Got 3 coming out.
Hold your fire.
Thank you.
What's your name? William LaMontagne Jr.
Ohh! Oh! Did you see where he was shot? Is he alive or dead, Garcia? I don't know.
He was wearing a vest.
He might be ok.
Might be.
They're not answering.
All right, we need to get inside.
JJ, it's too risky.
We don't have eyes in there anymore.
Aaron Let's go in.
Hold your hands right there.
What are you doing? A dead cop isn't going to be much of a negotiation tool.
Boss, are you good with this? What? Yeah, fine.
You ok? I shouldn't have done that.
They're never gonna let us out of here now.
Who knows? Maybe they'll save him and he'll be our ticket out of here.
You took my advice.
How's that? You didn't go for the kill shot.
I need to check the back again.
There's gotta be an escape we haven't thought of.
His blood pressure's dropping.
Hold that.
Are you holding it as tight as you can? Yeah.
How's JJ? It's bad, Reid.
I should be there.
We've learned everything we can from here.
No, you can help more by helping me.
There's a lot to got over and your brain works faster than mine.
Seeing what's going on outside doesn't help us inside.
Kevin, can you possibly pull up each of the surveillance feeds prior to Will being shot? Sure.
What are we looking for? The female unsub disappeared once before.
If she was looking for an escape, what was she doing? [Will groans.]
I'm sorry.
Keep the pressure.
Keep the pressure.
The pain won't kill him, but the loss of blood could.
Just hang in there, buddy.
Are you armed? No.
I think we might have something of a chance here.
What? The girl's gone, and the guy's off his head.
He doesn't know who to trust.
We can work them against each other.
Wait, are you a cop? A former marine.
You gotta listen to me.
I need you to get a message to my girlfriend.
All right, you can tell her yourself when we get you out of here.
Only I'm not getting out.
You need someone to cause a distraction.
Her name is Jennifer, and she's a federal agent.
You tell her I'm sorry.
Sorry? Don't you want to tell her you love her or something? She already knows that.
The woman.
What happened to her? Aren't you dead yet? You can't trust her.
She's taking orders from someone else.
No, she takes orders from me.
Look around.
Any second agents are gonna storm into this place, and the only bad guy I see is you.
She's setting you up to take the fall for this, boy.
That's not true.
Then where is she? She's back there.
All right.
Come here.
I'll show you.
Go on.
Come on! Where are they going? He's giving us our chance.
We've got movement.
Somebody's coming out.
Be ready.
It's hostages.
Standing by for entry.
What the hell are you doing down here? Calm down.
You'll find out soon.
Tell me.
We're going in.
[Indistinct radio communication.]
She was following the electrical lines gas mains.
Oh, no.
Garcia, get them out of there! Abort! Abort! [High-pitched whine.]
[Sound distorted.]
JJ! JJ, are you all right? Are you ok? Where's Will? Where is Will? Did he get out of there? Where's Emily? JJ! [Radio communications, shouting.]
Here I come! Police! [Shouting.]
Will! Emily! There's been an explosion at Colonial Liberty Bank in the judicial district.
Authorities right now at the scene say they don't yet have a casualty I can't get through.
Even the SAT phone's got a busy signal.
What do we do? What are we supposed to do? I'm gonna get over there.
TV: Again, breaking news-- an explosion at Colonial Liberty Bank, killing a possible 24 hostages and an unknown number of law enforcement agents.
What is going on here? You didn't profile this as a suicide mission.
Because it wasn't.
They'd never kill themselves.
What the hell do you call that, then? They didn't improvise a way out.
They've had an exit strategy in place.
You don't learn explosives overnight.
We're looking for signatures on the bombs.
I need every fragment of every device that you can find, no matter how small or destroyed it looks.
I also need eyes on every angle in, out, and around the bank.
You have photos of the suspects.
We're going to continue to cross-check those against international connections.
Do you have a positive I.
on the woman yet? We need more agents.
Not yet.
Where's Homeland Security? They just got here.
Sir, I've see Morgan and JJ, but I haven't seen Emily.
Morgan: Emily? Over here! You all right? Yeah.
They were hiding back here.
Morgan: Can we move them? Yeah, with help.
He's unconscious.
Just let me stay with him.
I can't find Will.
Have you seen him? He might be down below.
We're gonna get you out of here.
He's my love of 66 years.
My story.
No, it's bad, but I'm all right.
Yeah, just don't come into the city.
And can you take Jack on the bike ride today? Right.
And can you put him on? Hey, buddy, listen, um, I gotta work, so Beth's gonna take you on the bike ride, ok? All right, I'll see you later.
Can you keep the media busy? - Is that all? - For now.
You? You all right.
Do me a favor.
Have that ear looked at.
If this one's parallel to some Metro tunnel, there's a good chance it branches off.
All right, then we split up.
Unless it's a trick.
Well, then we're screwed.
[Indistinct shouting.]
[Overlapping chatter, sirens.]
Is this the work of a terrorist cell? We do not believe that they are part of any terrorist cells.
The bank heists point to them being independent anarchists with homicidal tendencies.
Do you consider them serial killers? What was that? Are they serial killers? Yes.
Without a doubt, the suspects are serial killers.
As Agent Hotchner told you, they want you to admire them.
Leaving the cameras on was their way to brag about how much fear they were creating.
We need to know what happened, specifically the unsubs' behavior in the minutes leading up to the blast.
You'll be interviewing the survivors.
They'll be in various stages of shock, but any information you might get could be the key to apprehending these suspects.
Agent Hotchner has compiled a series of questions for you to ask them.
These questions are on your phones now.
Hotch: Thank you.
You're all right.
What are you doing here? It isn't safe.
I didn't want you to be alone.
I'm not.
You know, they separate the President and the Vice President at times like this.
Whatare you comparing us to POTUS? I'm saying that you should be at Quantico running point.
Well, I'm here right now.
What can I do? Ok.
I need to analyze every frame of this video.
Morgan and JJ said that the blast created a hole between the underground vaults and these tunnels.
You know, most of these older banks are made of granite or limestone for longevity.
So she knew to use a combination of C-4 and semtex to open her escape route.
The tunnels let out at multiple points running west.
She could still be underground.
I know.
This is what she does.
She probably waited till the last minute to exit.
She wants to see all this chaos.
We need to find the tunnel exit closest to the bank.
Looks like it's two blocks here, just outside the perimeter.
What you got? Will always say, if you can, you leave a bread crumb.
Ok, so he was here, and clearheaded enough to leave us a clue.
They shot him, Morgan.
Why would they take him? JJ, I don't know, but we didn't see any blood down there and he's not here.
Both are good signs.
Yeah, but they have him, God only knows where or why.
How's not good? [Gunshot, screaming.]
What the hell is that? You recording it? I'm talking to you, Izzy! You planned this whole thing.
You didn't tell us any of it.
You set us up.
You killed my brother.
No, that would be him.
How do I know he isn't your partner? Why would I work with this guy? Why would you do any of this? FBI said you got somebody else.
You sound jealous.
Who is it? Put that away.
This isn't about revenge, it's about survival.
If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm your only way out of this mess.
All right.
Let me kill him so we can get on with it.
We need him.
For what? Leverage.
We have to patch him up.
What, are you gonna walk him into an E.
? [Siren.]
JJ and Morgan said the unsubs were in an alley northwest of the perimeter.
Yeah, this footage confirms it.
Ok, I can see two figures in the car.
Please tell me one of them is Will.
See how she's turned.
It's like she's keeping an eye on someone in the back.
Does this mean Will's in the car? There's somebody back there.
What's the license plate? That's weird.
They're government tags.
Reid: Federal or district? Well, they're either stolen or forged.
Who the hell are these people? They set up roadblocks in the district from 66 to Dulles.
So we're looking for a black SUV with its sirens on.
That's gonna stand out.
Will's with them.
I found his wallet.
It benefits them to keep Will alive.
They must have a safe house set up.
Whoever their outside man is, that's where they're heading now.
But where? What's their end game? There's no logical reason.
They want to create panic.
She's struck all over the world, which says she might not be American, but her ideology certainly speaks to Washington.
Whatever point she and her partner are making, it's important that D.
's the setting.
The brothers were from Philadelphia.
The other partner might be homegrown as well.
Homeland's sending over a list of possibilities.
They're not on anyone's list.
Then how do we find them? We find the common denominators between all 14 robberies and we go from there.
So she's our only answer.
For now.
I'll call Easter at Interpol again.
Now that there's been an explosion, he might have some ideas.
I'm so sorry about what happened.
Is your team all right? No.
One of our own was taken hostage during the escape.
They made it out of that? Yeah.
In a stolen government vehicle.
We've seen that before.
Remember Scotland Yard '04? A sedan was stolen from the impound lot.
Yeah, uh, security footage verified it was a woman, even though she was never caught.
No, but they found the car.
She left behind some fake I.
s and weapons, and that's where she got her moniker, Lady X.
Everybody figured with that arsenal and her ability to evade, she was trained, probably an assassin.
Two days later an ambassador was killed.
Shot in the stomach.
The question is, what assassin doesn't go for the kill shot? This one.
She's sadistic.
Fits your profile, I take it.
Well, yeah, it's gotta be the same woman.
She killed at each robbery.
The banks were simply a means to fund today's explosion.
Even if she wears wigs, she doesn't mind showing her face, because she knows we won't find it.
We've only got one other thing to go on-- what she left behind.
What about Chad? Is there any connection? No, no, nothing yet.
But, um, if I had more help, say, running the London Gateway office, you'd have your answer much quicker.
Yes, you should fix that.
Well, I'm trying.
You have always had bad timing.
Oh, come on, Emily.
Don't you miss this? Think about it.
Yeah, I will.
All right.
Yeah, I got it.
That was the lab.
Semtex and C-4 like we thought.
Red, blue, and yellow wires in each, old cell phone used as a detonator.
- How old is the phone? - 10 years.
That's specific and rare.
Morgan: Ridiculously.
Well, has anyone seen it before? It was last seen in a number of bombings in Chad.
For a signature that specific, they must have been there to learn it.
Did Easter have any insight? A woman they called Lady X stole a sedan from Scotland Yard 8 years ago.
The investigation concluded she was a trained assassin.
She disappeared.
So Lady X and Queen of Diamonds is the same person? It sounds like it.
Garcia, look at assassination attempts around the civil unrest in Chad.
If she was a hired gun, she was likely taking orders from someone.
Maybe she's still working for the same guy now and he's still pulling the strings.
Or maybe she's found her equal.
Their obsession with killing and domination has culminated in what we've seen today.
Getting off on the disaster they've created.
Classic symphorphiliacs.
Then this isn't over.
Far from it.
Now that they've gotten away with this, where are they gonna strike next? Morning.
- Yeah? - We need help.
- Oh, is that a gunshot? - Obviously.
He's gonna need fluids.
There's a hospital There's no time.
Fix him.
Will's definitely with them, and it looks like he can move without a problem.
Cameras caught everything? Yeah.
The woman killed the medic.
Hey, at least Will's ok.
Yeah, for now.
Did they leave in the same vehicle? Yeah, but it's been an hour since the explosion.
Why haven't they left the city? The next attack could be here.
Kevin, what have you got? Just going through They did that on purpose, right? And you saw everything until they had Will.
Well, they made a mistake.
Leaving the cameras on gave us much more information than they realized.
What time did the 911 text come in? The bank opened at 9:00.
Let's go back to the beginning.
I need you both on this.
Yes, sir.
He said he'd call by now.
[Cell phone rings.]
Got it.
That was fast.
Change in location.
Get back on Pennsylvania Av.
I'm not going anywhere till you tell me the plan.
What are you doing? He talks too much.
Go ahead, officer, get him out.
And do what, just leave him here? Yes, please.
Sorry for the mess.
Go ahead.
The explosion was a distraction so they could escape.
Allow me to fast-forward.
All right, here's where Chris started shooting hostages.
The fella next to him didn't even flinch.
Doesn't even break a sweat.
We know he's ex-military, but still His name is Matthew Downs.
That's what he told Rossi and he wasn't lying.
History shows dishonorable discharge from USMC in '04.
Hi, Will.
You see that? I want to do it again.
We will.
You know the way.
Ok, do me a favor.
Keep going.
To where Will walks in.
Ok, now watch him.
And then look at her.
Her partner was in there the whole time, just not in the way that we thought.
They shot this whole thing like a home movie.
He could have been killed.
No, she wouldn't let that happen.
What the hell are they doing? It's all part of their plan.
They've created scenarios that are practically impossible to survive.
When they make it, it's the ultimate high.
Like an adrenaline junkie.
Nobody can find Matthew Downs.
ERT said that he helped them, then he disappeared.
See you later? You better.
Come on, officer.
He's a detective.
I'm sorry, dick.
You better play nice, just like we talked about.
Close the gate.
Hey, pal.
Hey, Will.
How are you? Thanks for taking care of the little man.
Let me put you down while I talk to miss Kate.
Ok, daddy.
You haven't been watching the news? I heard about what happened, but no, I didn't want the kids to see it.
You guys working the case? In shifts, yeah.
Ok, well, if you need Henry to stay, it's no problem.
Well, uh-- I'm Izzy, Will's cousin.
Oh, hi.
I'm Kate.
Nice to meet you.
She just--she just flew in.
She's gonna take care of him, so it's all good.
All right, well, if you need anything, let me know.
Sure thing.
Hey, Will.
Get some sleep.
You look like hell.
He's still in diapers? I don't really do those.
You touch my kid, I swear to God I'll kill you.
I already told you, you touch me, he kills her, then you.
Do you really want to do that to your kid, be the reason he's an orphan? Daddy, let's play.
Daddy can't play right now.
I gotta go to work.
But this is, uh-- Izzy.
Can you say hi to Izzy? Hi, Izzy.
She's gonna stay with you till mama comes home, ok? Ok.
I love you.
I love you.
Come here.
It's gonna be ok.
It's gonna be ok.
All right.
I love you.
Go play back there.
Of course Will thought Matthew was a hostage.
Why wouldn't he? There's a good chance Will tried to help him out.
He told him when to go for the doors or offered to be a hostage to save the others.
I'm sure he did.
Well, there's a flip side to this.
This guy could have gotten into Will's head.
Is there anything you want to tell your family in case you don't make it? You think Will told them about JJ and Henry? Hotch: Unknowingly.
What's wrong? Will's license is gone.
They know where we live.
Hey, check it out, Will.
Mine looks It looks almost as good as yours, huh? I wasn't sure if I was gonna need you at all, but this way, it's more fun.
What do you want? Well, it's simple.
You do everything I tell you or Izzy kills your boy.
There is no way out.
Let's don't believe the hype you're the hero.
Today's not the day for that, Will.
Come on, we're late.
[Tires screech.]
Don't do that.
What? Go all quiet.
What am I supposed to do? Yell.
I can't.
You can't blame yourself.
Want to bet? I should have never left Henry today.
You were doing your job.
I'm a mom.
And a federal agent.
I'm a mom first.
Who had no possible way of knowing how this thing would go.
We made this deal, Will and I.
That Henry would never be alone without either of us.
I broke that.
He'll forgive you.
Why are you doing this? Why am I doing this? You ever been in combat? No.
But you think you know what happens to the souls of men? I never said that.
You have no idea.
Soldiers don't come back and kill innocent people.
You were sick before you ever went to war.
You've never been.
It wasn't the same after.
They just cut you off, you know? Everyone.
Your family.
The Corps.
The country.
We used you.
It's a betrayal.
So what did I do? I found a new home.
You on lockdown? No.
We're diverting all traffic.
Official vehicles only.
We're just here to do a sweep.
Yes, sir.
Go on through.
I thirsty.
You need to draw it.
Ring around the rosey pocketful of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down You're silly.
Can we play hide-and-seek? In a minute.
Come here.
My grandfather's name was Henry.
He had blond hair just like you.
He was a scary man.
Why? Let me tell you a story.
So why didn't they take all the money? Morgan: They were a man down and they had to get out in a hurry.
But for her, today was less about the money and more about the spectacle.
Everything they've said and done was for a reason.
But what doesn't make any sense is she switched the negotiation demand.
Chris wanted to go to Switzerland.
She changed it to Chad.
They also requested a private plane, but no mention of a pilot.
Guys, if you think about it, even the dates mean something.
In 2004, while she was wreaking havoc abroad, he was dishonorably discharged.
Then in 2008, they likely met in Chad.
And now this in 2012.
Ok, so is it a coincidence that those are all election years and they attacked D.
? Maybe this is a political statement.
It's more personal than that.
It's their story.
What? All of the details are a part of their story.
Their timeline suggests they were both destructive before they met.
So we're talking about ex-military turning on their country.
It's rare, but soldiers become disenfranchised no matter what the nationality.
And if he met someone like-minded at that time, there'd be no stopping them.
So you're thinking they met during the civil unrest in Chad in '08.
Yeah, and one or both of them are pilots.
So if Garcia concentrates on that region, specifically weapons running in and out of Libya, there's a good chance we'll find their paths crossed.
Ok, multiple entries into Libya for a private pilot named Matthew Downs in '08, but I don't have her name.
Well, because she had aliases.
It's the only way to stay a ghost.
Here's the thing-- they are a couple.
Regardless of what we believe of them, they will celebrate themselves and their connection.
Is there anything that happened on this date in Chad? Oh, you are good, Emily Prentiss.
But this news is not.
Yes, there were multiple explosions on this date in '08.
Where were the most casualties? At a church-- no, no, a train.
Morgan; Semtex and C-4? Are trains still arriving at Union Station? Yes, but only the authorities are allowed in.
That's why they needed Will.
She doesn't have her cell.
Kate would never take her eyes off Henry like this.
They must have him.
We need a distraction.
I thought you cared more about your family, Will.
He's gonna want to stay close to watch.
: Proceed with caution to the nearest exit.
Announcement in Spanish.]
Announcement in German.]
: Please proceed with caution to the nearest exit.
Thank you.
Hotch, I got the suspect going out the east wing.
I found Will.
Hotch: Is he mobile? Negative.
He's got and this whole place is gonna blow.
All right, where are you? I'm on my way.
No, you gotta get everyone out.
Is the bomb squad here yet? They're 3 minutes away.
Emily, you gotta get Henry.
They're at the house.
Turn around.
Mommy! Henry! Come here.
Just get everybody out of here.
I'm not gonna leave you.
Just give me a minute.
Just about all you got.
Ok, everything they did and said was about them.
They met in 2008.
Oh, what are you doing? Seriously, Emily, go.
Ok, hold on.
Oh! Damn it.
Ok, these are valentines for her, so a 4-letter word.
Love, life, soul.
Her name is Izzy.
Oh! Oh, God! [Horn honks, brakes screech.]
Prentiss, what's your status? Prentiss, do you copy? The storytelling's in the details.
Those wires mean something.
Like what? The colors of the flag of Chad.
Red, yellow, and blue.
Only one is different from the U.
What do you think? Ohh! How did you do that? I didn't overthink it.
They say I need another X-ray.
Hey, come on.
No tears.
It's ok.
Henry's safe.
It's all gonna be fine.
Ask me again.
What? Ask me.
Jennifer Jareau, will you marry me? Yeah.
Oh, it's about damn time.
There's a chaplain here.
Let's just do it now.
Let's just get it over with.
Hell, no.
I'm not the one that's supposed to be in the gown.
All right, fine.
Monday, then.
Clear your calendar, 'cause we have a date at the courthouse.
The convention's still happening tomorrow if you want to go.
That whole city on the brink of destruction thing kind of took the wind out of my sails, you know? That'll do it every time.
We didn't finish the inspection.
No need.
Reid: What happened? Um, there is a horizontal crack in the foundation.
It just weakens the entire base that the house is sitting on.
That does not sound good.
So, our unsub is Izzy Rogers.
She'll be charged with multiple counts domestically, and our international counterparts will have their turn with her.
She will never see the light of day.
I just thought you'd like to know that.
Agent Morgan, a word? I, uh I haven't had a chance to speak with you.
I sort of hit the ground running.
It took a lot of courage to confront me about my drinking.
You changed my life.
Thank you.
Honestly, ma'am, that's not necessary.
A simple "you're welcome" would suffice.
I'm just glad you're back.
No, you're not.
Hang on, let me check.
Oh, wait, she's here.
Erin, don't go anywhere.
Dave wants to know if everyone is free tomorrow night? Well, it depends on if he's buying.
Then I'm definitely in.
Yeah, me, too.
You hear that? We're in.
Emily, look, I know you don't want to talk about it, but it's exactly why we need to talk about it.
This has nothing to do with cracks in the foundation.
But it's a sign.
Oh, please don't get all free spirit on me.
I almost blew up yesterday, twice.
I know.
That's about as grounded as you can get.
You want to leave, don't you? I didn't say that.
It's the only reason you would be this quiet, Emily.
Can we please talk about this later? No.
How long have you been thinking about this? Honestly Since I got back.
Really? It's not you guys.
I love you.
I just can't grab on to my old life and pretend that nothing happened.
Is this about Easter? No.
But he did ask me to run the London office.
And you're gonna do it.
He just asked yesterday.
But you're thinking about it.
I don't know yet.
I-- I thought buying a house and putting down roots was gonna fix this feeling, it was gonna give me what I wanted.
But it hasn't.
It's bigger than that.
You think I should stay.
I think I miss you already.
What? Uh--uh-- I'll tell you later.
I do not like the sound of "I'll tell you later.
" It's JJ's night, and I don't want to All right, if you are telling me that there is something bad happening right now to balance out the goodness that is tonight, I will have none of it, because I don't believe in that.
Although it's totally one of the truths of life.
Isn't it? The bitter and the sweet mixed up together in a cosmic soup that we've all signed up for.
I think Kevin's here tonight.
It would make sense that he would come tonight-- he's here.
He's here and he's with her, so I'm gonna go somewhere which is not-- mm-- go somewhere that is not-- that is not here.
Hi, Penelope.
Hello, Emily.
It's nice to see you again.
Oh, it's nice to see you, too.
Hey, Derek.
Hey, Beth.
What's up, Hotch? Oh, look out.
Look who it is.
Little man Jack.
Give me some.
Hey, guess what.
They got a really cool fountain right over there.
You want to check it out with me? Sure.
I want to see, too.
All right, come.
Go, go, go, go.
How are you? [Exhales.]
That bad? What? That's your tell.
It is? Mm-hmm.
For how long? Uh, every since I've known you.
Well, you have one, too.
I do? Yeah.
Only I'm not gonna tell you what it is - Or you'll stop doing it.
- I see.
Do you want to talk about it? Absolutely.
But not now.
First thing tomorrow.
It's a date.
Someone knows how to throw a party.
You don't mess around.
What can I tell you? I'm the host with the most.
No kidding.
Hey, look who's here.
Mom Ok, what's--what's going on? Well, we couldn't get married without your mama.
I might have overheard a little proposal yesterday.
And I couldn't wait till Monday.
Ok, so this is why you guys are so dressed up, huh? Yes.
And you will be, too.
I brought something borrowed.
Mom, is that your dress? Yes.
Let's go see if it still fits.
Mom So, nervous? Only if she doesn't come back down.
[Piano playing.]
[No dialogue audio.]
[Tapping glass.]
They s that good things happen to good people.
Today is one of those days, and these are two of those people.
We love you.
[Laughter and chatter.]
[Guitar playing.]
Well, I know what I didn't want to know and I saw where I didn't want to go so I took the path less traveled on and I'll let my stories be whispered when I'm gone when I'm gone when I'm gone when I'm gone when he walked into my life and in I let him dive because the way that he looked at me made me feel alive and now I know nothing I know would release that comes when you're in the fold in the fold in the fold in the fold 'cause in this life you must find something to live for 'cause when the darkness comes a-callin' you'll go back to where you were before 'cause this life is as fragile as a dream and nothing's ever really as it seems as it seems as it seems as it seems Prentiss: I've always heard every ending is also a beginning and we just don't know it at the time.
I'd like to believe that's true.