Criminal Minds s08e02 Episode Script

The Pact

You gotta be kidding me.
I can't take you.
Well, how many times have I taken you to the airport? Matt has a soccer game tomorrow.
I have a report I have to finish.
It'll only take an hour.
I'll call a cab.
Oh, come on, Kyle.
Kyle, I'm running out! Uhh! Come on, Rossi.
I don't want to use them.
I don't even understand you.
It's a vacation, Rossi.
Everyone likes vacation.
Vacations are overrated.
Didn't you take a vacation two years ago? Luckily, two days in I was called back.
Yeah, and now he's got 31 days.
A month? You know, sunshine is an essential source of vitamin D.
You should go to Florida and get some sunshine.
That's for old guys.
What about a safari in Africa? Too hot.
How about Italy? Too many relatives.
You sound hermetic.
No, Rossi just likes his wine and stogies.
And I go crazy if I have nothing to do.
You know, Rossi, if you don't use 'em, you lose 'em.
Thank you.
This is what I've been telling him.
See this? This is my "I don't care" face.
That's your normal face.
If I were you, I'd give your vacation days away to a colleague in need.
Garcia, see how many people in the Bureau have spouses in the military serving overseas.
I am on it.
Altruism is sexy.
Yes, it is.
Yes, sir.
Let's get started.
All right, crime-fighters, last night, two victims, Brenda Wipley and Mark Coleman were found murdered hours apart, one in San Diego, one in Los Angeles.
They were blitz-attacked and they were chained to a car where they were dragged alive to their deaths.
And the local P.
does not believe the victims knew each other.
And both received similar text messages last night from prepaid phones asking them to meet.
So our unsub's a friend or at least pretends to be one.
Based on how they were killed, he wanted to see them suffer.
He's sadistic.
And mission oriented.
Dragging's usually associated with hate crimes, but neither victim was a minority nor gay.
Actually, dragging is steeped in English history.
Back in the 11th Century, drawing and quartering was a common form of punishment, and in fact, they would also disembowel and behead the victims when they were done with them.
But that didn't happen here.
Maybe this is just a serial killer who crosses city lines.
I don't know.
Two victims in 3 hours? That's a spree.
Our unsub may claim another victim soon.
Which is why we're headed west.
We'll land in Orange County, half of us will go to San Diego, the other half L.
Wheels up in 30.
Uhh! Wait.
Come back! What did I do to you?! Please don't do this! No! Oh, no, no! Ralph Steadman wrote, "Evil is always devising more corrosive misery through man's restless need to exact revenge out of his hate.
" All right, let's go to victimology.
Neither of the victims was sexually assaulted or robbed.
Well, Brenda was a teacher and a mother of two.
She went to meet a friend that night.
And her husband backs the story.
And the other victim, Mark Coleman, was an addict.
He was killed in the parking lot of a drugstore around the corner from the sober living house.
A woman with no apparent addiction and a tweaker in a sober living house? They probably don't know each other.
Garcia, did the unsub call the victims on the disposable cells prior to that night? Let's see.
In the last few weeks, he called each of the victims over two times a day.
That's not random.
It's hunting.
Without phone transcripts, it's going to be hard to understand what the unsub's ruse was.
Well, it ended pretty bad.
Tying someone to the back of a car is horrific and uncharacteristically high-risk behavior.
It was pure torture.
Skin was scraped off, bones were broken.
That's about desecrating the body.
Well, our unsub is comfortable using chains and hitching equipment.
You know, the crimes could have been committed to promote fear.
All right, just-- can we rewind for a second? Is it possible to kill someone in San Diego and then drive 2 1/2 hours up to L.
And then do it again? If you drove a V8 engine with a single plane crankshaft in good traffic, you took the I-5 to the 405 to the 10 east, got off on La Cienega, went right on Washington, north on Vermont, and then snuck up Selma using the back alley, you could do it in an hour, 42 minutes, and still have time for tacos.
JJ, you and Morgan go to the latest crime scene.
Dave, you and Blake to San Diego to the medical examiner's, and Reid and I will go to the LAPD.
You gotta keep the barricades back.
The blood trail ends about 3 blocks away where the body was found.
This is where he was tied to the car.
What's up with the drugstore? It was closed Friday.
They're in the middle of a remodel.
That's convenient.
So is the fact that the camera's not working.
So the unsub drags Mark over here, then blitz attacks him from behind.
Ok, if the killer knew the drugstore was closed and the cameras weren't working, he wasn't expecting anyone here.
And he scoped out the nearby streets.
He knew there'd be low traffic, so he could drag the victims without being caught.
What if Mark was falling off the wagon and he was meeting his dealer? Right? Like the first victim also met the unsub in a parking lot.
Maybe she had a drug habit, too.
It's possible.
But either way, our unsub is highly organized.
Hello? Oh, hi.
I can't do it today.
I know.
I'm really sorry.
Next week.
Me, too.
Name the place.
The desk sergeant.
Hi, I'm Detective Pratt.
You must be SSA Hotchner.
I am.
This is Dr.
Spencer Reid.
Well, I talked to San Diego PD.
They sent over everything on the first victim Brenda Wipley's case.
And Mr.
Coleman's updated file's on the conference room table.
I'll start looking them over.
Now, should we notify the press that we're looking for a spree killer? Not until we know exactly what we're looking for.
You guys can set up right in here.
Thank you.
Morgan and JJ think that maybe our second victim Mark went to meet a drug dealer.
Have you gotten the tox screens back? Neither of the victims had drugs in their system.
It doesn't mean they didn't go meet a dealer.
But a drug dealer doesn't call you twice a day for two weeks.
Usually you call him.
Go ahead, Garcia.
The path of my cyber sleuthing has had majestic results.
Digging into victim number two's past, it turns out meth isn't the only thing Mark Coleman had done.
He also changed his last name.
From what? Logan.
And that's where the plot thickens like a bad pudding.
So when Mark was a junior in college, he gets picked up by police on a drug charge.
They find some articles of clothing of a missing 8-year-old girl named Kelly Taylor in his car.
They are covered with Mark's DNA.
After a lengthy interrogation, he confesses to sexually assaulting her, but denies killing her, and because her body was never found, they couldn't link him to the disappearance.
What's he been doing since he got out? Eating hamburgers.
He got released a month ago.
Since then he's worked at 3 different fast food joints.
Send me everything you've got on the case.
I'll have Reid go talk to the family.
I was having my soup.
Garcia was only able to give away to employees with loved ones in Afghanistan.
Well, great.
Now you just have to figure out what to do with the remaining 6.
I'm Dr.
I heard it took the L.
4 hours to find the second victim's entire body.
Yeah, he was spread all over the place.
Well, victim one had it easy by comparison.
She was dragged postmortem.
We thought she was alive at first.
She died from a series of blows to the head.
So the unsub was scared on his first kill, then two hours later when he got his second victim, his confidence suddenly evolved.
That's a pretty quick evolution.
And therein lies the problem.
So I talked to victim number two's father.
He said as far as he knew, no one was trying to get back at Mark for the rape.
He got out of jail last month.
He was getting out more, exercising, trying to get on with his life.
Well, I just compared photos from the first and second crime scenes.
The cars used to drag were different.
Maybe the killer switched cars? Or we're looking at two unsubs.
What did you and Morgan find? Well, at both crime scenes, the nearby stores were either closed or being remodeled, so the killer would have had to scope the area, lure and drag the victim without being caught.
This guy has a lot to do.
So the question remains, how can you do that twice in one night in cities over Two unsubs would explain the evolution in M.
What did Rossi and Blake say? The first victim Brenda was dragged postmortem.
The second victim was alive.
So we're most likely looking at one unsub who's hesitant and another one who actually enjoys it.
What do you mean, you killed her first? I just couldn't do it while she was still alive.
But that's the whole point.
Come on, you know what she did.
I know.
But she was begging for her life and I just couldn't hear it anymore.
Oh, you should have called me.
You had your own thing to do.
Ok, we've been planning this thing for 6 months.
If you thought you were gonna chicken out, you should have told me at last week's meeting.
Ok, we're done now, so let's just go home and pretend this never happened.
We're not going anywhere.
When I killed Mark, he told me there were two other guys that helped.
What? He didn't do this alone? So what are we gonna do now? We're gonna kill them.
That is what we're gonna do.
I can't do this again! Yes.
Yes, Darlene, you can.
I don't know Darlene, if we don't do this, who else will? We know most teams work together, two unsubs versus one victim.
Here we have a team that's 120 miles apart using similar M.
s on radically different victims.
Ok, so how do we think they met? Something in the victimology should tell us.
Well, we know that victim number two, Mark Coleman, has a sketchy background.
What if victim number one was hiding something as well? Let's start digging.
Who the hell are you? You thought you could rape and kill an 8-year-old and get away with it? I don't know what you're talking about.
That's not what Mark said! Ok.
I was there, but I didn't do anything.
Shut up! I thought if I tried to stop them, they'd hurt me.
Imagine how Kelly felt.
What are you doing? Let's just kill him now.
No, that's too easy.
Now get in the car.
You don't need to do this! Karma's a bitch, isn't it? I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything! No! Help! Come on! No, no, I didn't do anything! Help! Please help! I didn't do anything! Help! What did you find? Paul Montgomery was alive when he was dragged.
And it turns out Paul worked the late shift nearby.
My officers found blood around his vehicle.
He was probably blitz attacked when he left work.
Did we find his cell? Yeah, it was on the ground.
But he had no text messages or prior calls.
That's a change in M.
Usually they lure their victims out.
What happened to their organization? Garcia, what did you find out about Paul Montgomery? So guess who were BFFs in college.
Mark Coleman and Paul? Turns out Paul was a character witness in Mark Coleman's rape trial.
He waxed poet about his boy.
The jury didn't care.
So we have two scumbags and an innocent mom as victims.
Anything in Brenda Wipley's past? No, not that I've found yet.
She went to college at UCLA, she went to high school in Orange County.
Does she have a sealed juvie record? Why didn't I think of that? See, this is why you're the boss man and I'm the minion who types things.
Uh, it turns out Brenda was not as coifed as her bob.
When she was 17, she was involved in a DUI that resulted in the death of a 2-year-old boy, Sam Dolan.
Did she serve time? Yeah, she was sentenced to a year in juvie.
It was reduced to two months after her father gave hefty chunks of change to some political organizations.
So, we're definitely looking at a vigilante team avenging the death of these two kids.
We should talk to the parents of the original victims.
I'll bet they're the connection to these unsubs.
Thanks, Garcia.
Thank you for coming in, Mr.
That was taken at his second birthday.
His mom sent one to everyone.
I know this is hard, but I need to ask you some questions about the death of the woman who killed your son.
Like I told the cops, I was returning home from London the night Brenda was murdered.
I have my boarding pass.
Now, what about your wife? Where was she? She killed herself a few years ago.
Uh I am so sorry to hear that.
She said she was getting better, and-- but ever since Sam's death, she was a mess.
Do you think the lenient sentence was a contributing factor in her death? Absolutely.
She thought the system failed us.
She wouldn't leave the house after that.
She even did therapy over the phone.
Did she have friends over? No.
She spent all her time on the Internet.
Really? Did she join any online support groups? How'd you know? She said it was making her better.
But I--I thought it was making her worse.
Why? Because it allowed her to obsess about it.
And look where that got her.
Oh, no.
Not again.
I can't do this.
I thought it was gonna help, but it isn't.
That's because you're not letting it.
But it's wrong.
An eye for an eye? It's biblical.
When I wake up in the morning, I see Kelly's face.
When I close my eyes, she's still there.
I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.
Don't you say that.
But that's how I feel.
You should feel rejuvenated.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Look at you.
They did this.
They did this to you.
So don't tell me they don't deserve what's coming to them.
Order's up.
Just finished my interview.
Sam Dolan's father checks out.
His mother committed suicide a few years ago.
What about Kelly's parents? We've left them messages, but You might send an officer to their house and places of employment.
We should also check at the support group Sam's mother belonged to.
Well, we got something.
The calls the unsub made to the victims-- twice a day at night.
That shows incredible persistence.
The first victim, Brenda, was a happily married teacher, so why would she take calls from a random man late at night? If she was cheating, she wouldn't meet someone at a restaurant near her house.
I think she was meeting a woman.
The roommate said the second victim, Mark, in a sober living house said that he was talking to someone online a lot lately.
The night he got killed, he got dressed up like he was going out on a date.
And he's straight, which further confirms it was a female.
That would explain the blitz attacks.
They weren't because our unsubs were insecure men, they were because our unsubs are women, who needed to subdue their victims first.
We need to give the profile.
We believe that these unsubs are two women who are killing people convicted of heinous crimes.
You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch! He'll be out in 10 years.
Unlike solo vigilantes, they're working in concert and they're planning and executing coordinated attacks.
Their mentality is like a lynch mob.
They believe the justice system has gone wrong and it's up to them to set it right.
Due to the pre-planning and level of commitment, we believe our unsubs are over 30.
And they probably learned about the crimes they're avenging through the media.
It's possible they were involved in these losses personally and now feel they need to act.
No! I don't accept it! My baby's life was worth more than 10 years! This latest attack felt more improvised and personal.
They didn't lure their victim.
Rather, they blitz attacked him outside of his job.
Now, during a spree, the threat is that an unsub will either strike again or disappear.
Now, if they've completed their vendetta, then the latter is more likely.
Our unsubs may not have prior criminal histories, as they see themselves as do-gooders.
Based on the fact that one victim was dragged postmortem and the other were dragged alive, we believe that one woman is not as confident in the mission while the other is more domineering.
We're looking for mothers, relatives, friends who have lost children.
We also need to look at the collateral damage of the crimes our current victims committed years ago.
Since this is the only thing our unsubs have in common, it tell us that as time goes on, their friendship will become strained and ultimately fall apart.
So how do these unsubs meet? Maybe they're involved in the trials.
In two different cities? I don't know.
If Sam Dolan's mom was in an online support group, maybe after she killed herself, someone else became obsessed with her grief.
Yeah, but who'd have that same level of interest? Let me call Garcia.
- Hey, Garcia.
- At your service.
Were you able to find out anything about that online support group Mrs.
Dolan was in? Uh, let me see.
Uh, uh, uh, it had 200 members.
It was an anonymous group.
Did any of them start talking about Sam Dolan about two months ago, after his mother's suicide? Ok, uh, I've got a screen name, Ellen R.
From San Diego.
She talked about Sam in a private chat room.
Did Sam Dolan's mom have any friends or relatives with that name? Yeah, she's got a sister Ellen Russel.
She works in a boat shop.
And that'd give her access to hitching equipment.
Who was she interacting with in the support group? She talked to a lot of people.
In the last year, she was mainly talking to a Darlene B.
Kelly Taylor's mom's name is Darlene.
What's her maiden name? Beckett.
In the last most of their discussions have been around the pending release of Mark Coleman from prison.
And they probably hatched a plan.
We need to get search warrants for Ellen's and Darlene's houses.
Oh, my gosh! This just in.
So when Mark was released a month ago, her and Ellen started calling him, posing as a friend.
That would explain the disposable cell phones.
That's the trigger.
Mark's release set them off.
Yeah, right, great.
So Ellen was still mad because there was no justice served for her nephew's death, andher and Darlene must have agreed to swap revenge killings.
And they'd avoid getting caught.
It's like "Strangers on a Train.
" Yeah, but this ain't Hitchcock, folks.
Why kill Paul? He was just a character witness for Mark.
A character witness who traveled 300 miles once a week to see his friend in prison.
Friends usually distance themselves from rapists and murderers.
Unless you're involved.
Garcia, you and JJ look into Kelly's disappearance.
We need to find out how these unsubs got to Paul and anybody else who might have been involved in the case.
All right, I'll let him know.
Got it.
My officers just interviewed Darlene's ex-husband.
He says she hasn't been the same since Kelly disappeared.
She's been suffering from chronic depression.
The loss of a child either brings you together or breaks you apart.
The day she disappeared, Kelly left school early because she and her mother were going on vacation, but she never made it home.
They found her underwear in Mark's car, which led to his confession.
I got the lab results back from Kelly's rape.
It turns out there was a second DNA sample on her underwear, but it's too degraded to make a match.
Maybe the women suspected it was Paul's.
San Diego PD just searched Ellen's house.
She's not there, but they put an officer out front just in case she comes back.
So we need to figure out who Paul was to Mark in college.
They ran cross-country, sometimes participating in a relay together.
It means they were close.
Don't 4 people do relays? Hey, baby girl.
Listen, we need to figure out who ran in the cross-country relay with Paul Montgomery and Mark Coleman.
Bryce Phillips and Jason Nelson.
They look inseparable.
And where are they now? Bryce lives in Amsterdam, Jason in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.
And what was Jason's relationship with Mark like when he went to jail? Jason was at the hearing and he visited Mark once a week in prison, so, close? He probably participated in the crime.
And our killing duo found out about it.
That would explain the change in M.
Maybe Mark gave a dying declaration and gave up his boys.
Maybe our ladies are improvising, which explains killing Paul outside his job.
We need to get to Jason's house before they do.
Today's your lucky day, Jason.
Who are you? Kelly's mom.
You remember Kelly, don't you? Oh--I can explain.
I can explain.
Too late.
I'll do anything you want.
Ok? I could take you to her body.
Her body? You know where my baby is? Yeah, yeah.
I can take you there.
If I do that, you'll let me go, right? Clear.
Guys, there's broken glass over here.
And blood on the floor.
Morgan! JJ! Search the bedrooms.
Blake, check outside, see if Jason was dragged.
I am serious.
I am not-- I'm not the same guy that I used to be.
Shut up! I think about what I did to her every day.
Which way? I--right.
I--I--I have a girlfriend now, and I have a good job.
I've changed.
Change is crap.
Ok? People just become more of who they are.
You don't know me.
Tell me what you did to my daughter that day.
Darlene Where did you take her? Don't answer that.
I have the right to know.
It's complicated.
She was 8 years old.
You tell me what you did to her! He was into improving himself.
"Let's do healthy relationships.
" Go figure.
Guy seems in love.
Um Uhit was, uh It was hot that day.
We were all just sitting around getting high, and then out of the blue, Mark asked if, uh, if any one of us had ever been with a with a little girl.
I mean, of course we said--we said no, but then someone said that we should go and get one.
And the next thing we know, we were out on the corner.
We're waiting and I--I-- we were just about to leave When your daughter walked by.
And so you thought, we'll just snatch this little black girl.
It had nothing to do with race.
My best friend is black.
It's just Oh Oh, Kelly, she was just--she was so pretty.
Oh-- That's enough! Oh, we just lit up.
Mommy should have been on time.
Son of a bitch! Aah! Come on.
What are you doing? Oh, you think this is funny? Ohh! I have been dying to tell that story for so long.
Aah! Stop it! Stop it! - Are you serious? - I need to find her.
I need to bring her back home.
She is dead! And we are killing this guy.
No, I can't! I have got to bring her back home.
Ellen, closure is important to a mom.
And, uh Whoo! Ahh.
Besides, to protect myself, I told a neighbor to write down the license plate of any strange car that came by.
So you were expecting us? Well, I knew you found the first two.
I assumed I'd be next.
Why are men so messy? I don't get down like this.
I'm a clean freak.
Why does that not surprise me? Something's just off about this guy.
Gut feeling? Deep gut.
Jennifer Jareau, your gut knows what it's talking about.
So nothing about Jason Nelson seems out of the ordinary? He seems as all-American as apple pie.
No reports of any bodies found.
Maybe they haven't killed him yet.
We'll keep you posted.
This guy might give these ladies a run for their money.
Kelly wasn't the only girl.
This is all a facade.
Jason's a psychopath.
A psychopath versus two vigilantes.
I have a feeling this is not going to end well.
Is this it? Is this where you put Kelly? Uhhmm No.
What do you mean? You said this was where she is.
Well, I will take you there if you do something for me.
No! This is not a negotiation.
It's a bribe.
What do you want? Kill someone.
And then I'll tell you where it is.
You want us to just kill some random person? That's what I said.
I want you to know how good I felt.
That's disgusting! We're not murderers.
Oh, really? That's not what it looks like from here.
And besides, if you don't do it, my neighbor will drop a dime on you, remember? You didn't tell your neighbor.
You'll never know.
Darlene, do you want to find your daughter or not? Not like this.
You don't have a choice, ladies.
Yeah, we do! Darlene, just do it.
I can't! Damn it! Ohh! Pow! Boom! Noo! Awesome! Oh, no, no, no! Now you take us to her daughter.
Or you're next.
The victim says he was shot by a white woman.
She was with a black woman and a white guy.
These women have been so specific about their victims up until this point, why shoot a random person? Jason's a psychopath.
Maybe he made them do it.
He could be holding them hostage.
Or he's got something that's keeping him alive.
A bargaining chip? Maybe he knows where Kelly's body's buried.
But Ellen did the shooting, not Darlene.
Ellen tortured the second victim.
And she's helping Darlene kill the rest of Kelly's assailants, when she could have just walked away.
So this woman is a psychopath, too.
Then Jason's made a love connection.
And he'll probably try to manipulate Ellen to do something worse.
We lost these women a long time ago.
Blake, turn Jason's place upside down.
We need to find where they may have put Kelly's body.
Ellen, why?! Now, why did you go and do that?! We have come too far.
She liked it.
No, she didn't.
Tell him you didn't like that.
Oh, oh, you know, if we were smart, Ellen, we'd partner up.
Shut up! We could drive across the country just killing people.
I'd get my little girls, and you can get, you know, whoever you wanted.
That's enough! Wouldn't it be great To live in a world where no one judged you? I wouldn't judge you, baby.
I would have your back.
Come on.
Come on, what do you say? If we are not at that body in the next 20 minutes, I'm gonna take that gun and shove it so far down your throat, you're gonna wish you were dead.
Yeah, yeah just make a left.
This is getting exciting.
Hmm Hmm hmm hmm, let's see.
I think it was over here to the right.
You think or you know? I know.
I just moved it.
Why would you do that? When Mark died, I needed to cover my tracks.
It's right here.
I remember.
Start digging.
The landlord says this is Jason's storage closet.
It looks like my storage unit.
My husband has so much crap, it's not funny.
Is it hard being in a relationship with someone overseas? We make it work.
Working for Doctors Without Borders is a very noble cause.
I would imagine you guys have an epistolary novel by now, though.
We stick to Skype.
It's modern.
When we're together, it's like we're dating, and when we're not, I get stuff done.
Look at this.
Fresh loam soil.
Usually found near plains and streams.
Either he was just camping Or used it to move the body.
Jason finds out his friends are killed, he might take precautions.
What is taking so long? I'm almost there.
Hurry up! Oh Oh.
Oh There it is.
That's just a skull.
Where's the rest of my daughter? We have a few more holes to dig.
You cut up my baby? That was my idea, too.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! There's loam soil surrounding some Southern California beaches and also loam soil around some parks in the area.
What areas are near running trails? Uh, there is a trail in the Hollywood Hills area that is lousy with loam soil.
And I'm sending Morgan and Rossi to the location now.
Over here.
They got him.
We've got officers at Ellen and Darlene's homes just in case they come back.
And have them check the airports, bus stations, train stations, everything.
I'll also put an APB out along the coast.
Garcia cross-checked the trophies we found at Jason's, and they match articles from 3 different missing children.
And have officers excavate the area around where Jason's body was found.
There may be more bodies there.
I'm on it.
At least we got Jason.
He could have kept killing forever.
And the women just get away.
For now.
You ok? Yeah.
So now what? Well, um, we're gonna split up.
I might keep heading south.
You'd do good here.
You're right.
I think it's better if we don't stay together.
You know what I don't get? How this was so easy for you.
How so? We had to kill 5 people.
Our deal was just for two.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Does it bother you that none of this took the hurt away? I never thought it would.
Then why did we do it? Because somebody has to pay, ok? I don't care what anybody says.
Actions have consequences.
Maybe not at trial.
Maybe not in jail.
Come on.
Admit it, Darlene, this gave you a reason to live.
That's what I was hoping.
But it just made me feel more more nothing.
Then you're a wuss.
I'm gonna go get us something cold to drink.
I diss you and you care if I'm thirsty? Huh.
You gotta start thinking about yourself, honey.
That's the game.
Dollars ok? Gracias.
Ellen Russel? How'd you find me? Darlene never unpacked her daughter's bags from this trip.
And I took a wild guess.
So what happens now? What happens now is you go back to the U.
I take 6 days off that I don't even want.
Where's Darlene? She's long gone.
Personally, I have mixed feelings about that one.
But we'll get her, too.
a Los Estados Unidos.
Thanks for your help.
Paul Brown once said, "If you win, say nothing.
If you lose, say less.