Criminal Minds s09e02 Episode Script

The Inspired

Hotch: Previously on "Criminal Minds" Two women were found in a park in Glendale, Arizona.
Both of them were left in that prayer position.
Morgan: Our unsub could have shot his victims anywhere, but he chose the heart, suggesting that he's been hurt by somebody close to him who's clearly the center of his rage.
Heather Clarke It was announced in the paper she was to be married.
Shut up! You never loved me! So Wallace killed Heather, and when that didn't alleviate his rage, he began killing other women.
He suffers from an acute delusional disorder.
Mom? He's sick.
We're looking for your son.
What did he do? Hold on.
Get out of the car! We got the wrong guy.
What? The fingerprints at the restaurant don't match.
Let me say it again for the cheap seats.
My client is innocent of these charges.
He's been wrongfully arrested for crimes he did not commit.
This is a case of the Glendale police department, and especially the FBI, jumping the gun.
Why? Because profiling doesn't work, people.
Racial profiling, behavioral profiling, whatever.
When you rely on a set of assumptions instead of facts, you arrest the wrong people.
Do we know who the twin is? His name is Jesse Gentry.
Garcia's pulling his information now.
Identical twins.
What are the odds? About 3.
5 per thousand.
Well, I asked Reid the same question.
You let him go? We didn't have a choice.
He's a paralegal a law firm.
Jesse called the lead partner and within minutes the whole firm was here with employment records.
[Cell phone rings.]
Excuse us.
Hey, make it good, mama.
We are stuck on our own 20.
I don't know if this is the penalty kick you need, but here's what I got Jesse Gentry.
He was put up for adoption a smidge before he and his brother turned 3.
His adoptive parents kept his first name, raised him in Phoenix, and he came to Glendale Any contact between him, Wallace, and their mother? Sort of--ellipses-- and about a year ago he unsealed his adoption record.
So, he knew he had a twin.
He could have inserted himself into the investigation as a decoy to help his brother out.
Hold your handsome horses, boy wonder.
His cell phone is clean, there's no credit card overlap.
So just looking at the-- pardon the dirty word--metadata, he hasn't had any contact with his family here.
Go through all that work and not make contact? Come on.
At this point, everything's on the table.
Dave and I will help coordinate the manhunt for Wallace.
Reid, you and Blake talk to Carla Hines.
She was the last person to see her son.
JJ, you and Morgan keep tabs on Jesse.
Even though he wasn't part of the original investigation, he is now.
Agent Hotchner, his lawyer wants to talk.
If you arrest my client again, lawsuit.
If you harass him, lawsuit.
If you follow him, lawsuit.
If you sneeze in his general direction, lawsuit.
Your client was arrested as we were closing in on his brother.
You're telling me that was a coincidence? I'm going to "yes, and" you.
Yes, and I can prove it in a court of law.
Jesse submitted the request last week for a night shift.
I approved the overtime myself.
We'd still like to question him.
Which you can submit in writing to me.
LookI know Jesse.
I like him.
You guys made a big boo-boo here.
Does he know his brother's a psychopath who's devolving rapidly? Jesse's not his brother.
You misunderstand my question.
Now that they know that they're twins, one will seek out the other.
And when that happens, will your power of attorney be enough to protect Jesse from Wallace? Just leave him alone.
[Lock remote beeps.]
Uhh! [Groaning.]
Morgan: "We are not only our brother's keeper, "in countless large and small ways we are our brother's maker.
" Bonaro Overstreet.
Since we can't surveil Jesse, we dug deeper into his life.
His adoption was through a local Parish.
His adoptive family was stable.
Good grades through college and dreams of law school.
Hence the job at the firm.
Sounds like everything Wallace isn't.
Yeah, we thought so, too.
Which made us wonder-- why even show up at all? Especially after choosing not to reach out to either of them in the past.
He's got his own agenda.
It all conjecture, because there's nothing deviant in this guy's history.
But if you wanted to do something bad, wouldn't it be nice to have another version of you to blame it on? Unless we have probable cause, we have to leave Jesse alone.
We need to focus on Wallace.
He's devolving, right? The witnesses at the restaurant said he was hallucinating and twitching.
He doesn't have the means or skill to disappear completely.
He run to a place where he feels safe.
I'm thinking his mother's.
Blake and Reid have that covered.
[Cell phone rings.]
Go ahead, Garcia.
Sir, I have cross-checked the patterns off goofus, gallant, and their mother and I found something interesting.
It turns out that when Wallace got in trouble those couple of times with Heather, Carla would put him on a train to Albuquerque, presumably to stay with her sister who lives there.
Like a bad penny, that Wallace, he'd get back on a train to Glendale, only to harass the first time, and then to chop up and, you know, ugh.
Head to the train station.
If we find the mother, we find Wallace.
I'm just saying it's the kind of mistake that can end careers.
So Hotch doesn't get the section chief job.
Spencer, Jesse Gentry is threatening a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the Bureau.
It's not just Hotch, it could be all of us.
That's the car Wallace stole from the shootout.
This is SSA Spencer requesting backup at 505 Palmetto Street.
FBI! Carla Hines! Anybody home? Reid: Clear! Clear.
Jewelry's still in the bedroom.
This wasn't a robbery.
Maybe Wallace or Jesse came for their mother.
Maybe, but if either twin did this, they'd have a lot of questions.
Whoever did this was trying to hide something.
Carla? Let's see.
It looks like documents from the delivery.
Pages from a baby book.
Things a mother would keep.
And destroy if she had to.
All the evidence of a 30-year secret.
Except we know about the twins.
They know about each other.
What's left for her to hide? They know about each other.
What's left for her to hide.
You know who I am? Did our mother ever talk about me? No.
Why did she keep you? Who are you? I'm Jesse.
I'm Jesse Gentry.
I'm the one she put up for adoption.
What do you want? An apology? I want answers.
Untie me And we'll talk.
After what they're charging you with? I don't think so.
Where are we? A place I dog-sit.
One of the partners at my firm.
She's out of town.
And the stress from this unfortunate incident has earned me some time off.
They won't find us.
What do you want to know? I want to know if my life is over.
How bad it's gonna be when I walk down the street.
I want to know everything you did.
She also tried to destroy a birth certificate.
It still looks like mom was trying to burn everything that mentioned Jesse, right? Mm-hmm.
Based on what I'm salvaging.
Then why didn't she burn the APGAR scores? This identifies both twins by name.
How'd she miss this? She didn't.
She burned other sections of the box.
So this isn't about Jesse at all.
She's trying to hide something else.
If we work deductively based on what survived and eliminate from that, we know her hospital, her O.
, even what drugs she took.
But not who the father is.
So who's dad? You did all that? To every one of those women? My God.
I don't care if you don't understand me.
No one understands me.
Not even mom.
But I understand.
So wait.
While--while we're sitting here talking, are you thinking about-- No.
Killing you won't make me feel any better.
It's those women.
The way they look at me.
Judging me, like I'm a failure.
What's that? There.
Just something that I do.
I've done it for as long as I can remember.
I went to grade school with this girl.
She used to, uh, pull out her own hair and eat it.
Is it like that? Gross.
You're judging her? All I know is that when I kill Or even think about doing it, I I feel better.
You don't need jail.
You need help.
Who's gonna help me? I am.
For better or worse, we're related.
Which means it's my job to protect you.
So we're gonna stay here, until the cops chill out, and then We'll cross the border into Canada where you can get treatment.
I tried that.
It didn't work.
What's that? It's a heavy duty sedative.
It'll knock you out for 16 hours.
I'm not taking it.
Hey, look, we do this my way or we don't do it at all.
And if don't do it, then my next phone call is to the cops.
Let me see if you've swallowed it.
Ahh [Retching.]
: Train to 24th Street station departing [Train horn blows.]
: Train to 24th Street station departing on platform 2.
[Train bell ringing.]
[Train horn blows.]
We have eyes on Carla Hines.
She's approaching now.
Nobody move until we have Wallace.
Any potential targets in the area? Negative.
Morgan: Wallace must be late.
She's not sticking around.
Carla Hines? I'm with the FBI.
We need to talk.
Mm Danny? No.
Not Danny.
[Gasps, screams.]
Why were you at the station? I know that you think that if you don't say anything, you can't incriminate Wallace.
But the only way he survives this is if you help us.
I don't know where he is.
I really don't.
You can ask me a hundred times and I swear to you, I don't know.
I believe you.
Then what else is there to talk about? The more I know about Wallace, the faster we'll be able to find him.
Why did you choose him over Jesse? When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so happy.
But twins? Twins? Everybody kept telling me that it was gonna get easier, you know? It never did.
I was a single mom.
I didn't have any money.
I didn't have anyone to help me.
And then when they were two, they had this ear infection that they just passed back and forth for 4 months.
Do you have any idea what that's like? Well, there was a stomach flu where my son and I took turns throwing up.
So you get it.
You know.
The--the just insanity of knowing that I couldn't do it all by myself.
And that's when I decided that I had to let one of them go.
But the morning of the adoption, I I hadn't decided.
So I went into their nursery and I just stared at them Just sleeping.
And then Wallace looked up at me and he said, "I love you, mommy.
" And I knew.
I chose Wallace.
Why? Why what? Why me? Why him? Why couldn't I be the perfect mom and have the perfect kids like all the other moms? Why? I deserve that! Yes, you do.
Hey, buddy, how you doing? Yeah, give me a minute and I'll take you out, ok? Good morning.
How long you been up? A while.
Breakfast is in the bag.
Hey, look, I gotta go walk this dog, so-- Jesse.
You're not tying me up again.
Or giving me any more pills.
Just go.
I'll be fine.
I know why you're doing all this.
Really? Why? You want to be like me.
No, I don't.
Then why bring me here? Why try to understand me? Why care? You want to know me so you can be me.
And that's why I'm not gonna leave.
Because I want that, too.
I need to ask you something else, Carla.
About the father.
What about him? Why did you burn all the evidence of him? He's He's not important.
I think he's very important.
He was some loser that I made a mistake of sleeping with in college.
He couldn't hack being a dad, so fine.
Let him go.
He deserves to have a life.
Then when all this started coming out, I didn't want Jesse or Wallace or you knocking on his door.
You stopped believing me just then.
Because you're not telling the truth.
You don't burn treasured mementos to make a loser's life more convenient.
Who's the father? You can believe whatever you want.
Who's the father? Thank you for your cooperation.
So we're letting her go now? She's holding back, but she won't break.
We have a better chance of finding Wallace through her.
We'll stick on her like glue.
Hotch: Meantime, we need to force Wallace to make a move.
Shouldn't be hard.
He's devolving.
We just need to get under his skin.
Do you think Heather's parents would help us? Making a move in the second Jet fighters bombed a guerrilla base We interrupt our broadcast to bring you this life press conference.
This is a message to Wallace.
We know how you felt about our daughter.
And so we are asking you, as parents, to turn yourself in.
So please stop hurting other people and turn your-- Wallace.
Come here.
What is it? You hate me, don't you? I don't hate you.
I love you.
I love you so much, I'm gonna eatYouUp.
I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok! I'm ok! Jesse! Ohh! Jesse.
Oh, my God, how have you been? What? I-- I didn't see you at the dog park, and then I saw the news and I was like, are you kidding? I mean, no offense, but what your brother did It's crazy.
What your brother did It's crazy.
But you can't let that bother you, ok? You're not Wallace.
I can't.
I can't talk to you right now.
I don't-- I don't feel so good.
No problem.
Let me know if I can do-- how did we do? Oh, you did great.
Not a lot of parents can stand in front of cameras and say that.
We just thought of Heather.
Clarke: He's done it again, hasn't he? Excuse me.
[Camera clicking.]
Reid: Wallace's M.
--the rape, the bullet through the heart.
He even tried to pose her.
He didn't try to force-feed her, which is his signature.
And this crime scene Organized, skilled, got in and out without detection.
If Wallace is losing it, he wouldn't be capable of this.
Maybe he re-evolved.
Or we have a copycat who's a literal copy.
Jesse? But why start now? Why this victim? Mr.
Randall, what time did you check on your sister? This morning.
She didn't respond to my calls or texts.
It's not like her.
We're close.
Close in age, right? Yeah.
We're twins.
You're fraternal twins.
How'd you know? It was Jesse.
[Horn honks.]
Jesse, wait! Oh.
Hey, Elizabeth.
I just want to apologize about before.
I was thinking about what I said about your brother.
I might have come across a little insensitive.
I tell you what.
Why don't you come on in, and we'll talk about it.
Yeah, of course.
All I was trying to say is, this is all gonna blow over once they catch the right guy.
I guess.
It's justsometimes It's hard to tell who the right guy is.
Isn't that right, Wallace? Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
You were right.
I am like you.
I've always been like you.
That's why you found me, isn't it? Yeah.
And I know this is gonna sound totally weird, but I was hoping we could do this one together.
That's not weird.
It's not weird at all.
The victim was Elizabeth Nash.
Her car's missing.
Sergeant Johnson's running an APB on it now.
You see it? See what? Sperm clusters, all over.
They raped her together.
Shot and posed her postmortem.
Signature? They cut off her own finger and fed it to her.
Well, that could be Wallace, it could be Jesse, it could be both.
One twin's behavior is inspiring the others.
Well, we have two psychopaths who have found the perfect partner in each other.
I don't think it's a partnership, I think it's a trap.
Jesse's previous victim was a fraternal twin.
I think that's the surrogate for his real anger.
Jesse's the discarded son.
Of course.
He'd be furious at his brother.
Well, why not just kill Wallace? I think he's planning to, as soon as he can't frame Wallace for any more murders.
Bad news.
We lost Carla.
How? She went into a restaurant and disappeared out the back.
There was a car waiting.
She couldn't have done that without help.
I'm ahead of you, sir.
Carla's gone radio silent, but I'm checking her records to see who she contacted last.
And it is Holy shylock.
We're with the FBI.
Everyone step away from your computers.
You, you're gonna write down the wireless pass code for us.
Nod your head if you intend to cooperate.
You get to keep practicing law today.
Where's Mark Anderson? In there.
Agents, I can explain.
You helped Carla Hines escape.
I can't comment on that because of attorney-client privilege.
Except the fact that she is your client, which means she an Jesse know each other and probably have for a while.
IIt's complicated.
It's actually very simple.
We can now prove that Jesse is a killer.
Which makes you an accessory.
Hold on there.
I'm their lawyer.
And you can threaten me all you want, but they're entitled to representation, and you know that.
And I also know you, and all those cameras that you love so much, they're all downstairs waiting for your perp walk.
You're bluffing.
I, uh, I don't know where Jesse and Carla are.
What more do you want? So, that super helpful law firm gave me some curious intel regarding Jesse and his mom.
How far back does the relationship go? According to some legally binding documents, 3 months.
See, Carla was doing a little planning for the future and she utilized said law firm to set up a trust, with two trustees.
Can you guess their names? Can you? Wallace and Jesse? Wrong.
Well, half wrong.
Jesse is named, but the other mysterious trustee is Bill Robbins.
And who's that, mama? Mm-hmm.
You haven't heard that name yet, have you? Bill Robbins went to college with Carla 30 years ago.
Thanks, baby girl.
she conceived the twins.
Bill Robbins must be the father.
And this trust is why she burned any mention of him.
If we found out who Bill Robbins was, we find the paper trail that connected Carla to Jesse.
Not to mention that he could know where Wallace and Jesse are.
All right, you two talk to Bill Robbins.
I'm going to have another shot at the lawyer.
It he's representing the whole family, he knows more than he's telling us.
We can't stay out in the open.
The cops are looking for us in this thing.
What about mom? Would she help us? Maybe.
If we don't tell her what we've done.
Is there a place we can all go? Yeah.
Where mom always took me to feel safe.
Where is that? Church.
I don't know what else you want.
You've got the files.
I want you to understand exactly where you sit.
You belong to the FBI and you're going to tell us everything that's not in those files.
Who contacted you first, Carla or Jesse? I don't know.
I helped him unseal his record a year ago.
He didn't bring it up again until he brought her in as a client.
Told me to do whatever she needed.
And that's when you set up the trust? Yeah.
And from the beginning, the whole thing was bizarre.
I mean, the way she talked to me about Jesse-- "he's the son I should have kept.
I'll have the perfect family now.
" And setting up the trust was her way of proving it to him.
That's why she named the father.
It was all part of a manipulation.
Well, it worked.
Jesse signed everything.
But when I went to go get the dad's signature, that's when I found out just how messed up that family was.
How's that? Well, you've met Bill Robbins, haven't you? [Baby crying, dog barking.]
How you doin'? FBI.
We're looking for a Mr.
Bill Robbins.
The sun and the moon have arrived.
I'm ready to join you in your golden chariot.
We'd like to ask you a few questions, if you have a moment.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! My life is the answer to your questions.
Come in.
Come in.
Uh, sit.
Full-scale psychotic break when he turned 25, right after Jesse was put up for adoption.
Well, no wonder his sons turned out the way they did.
Schizophrenics are rarely psychopathic.
If the twins are predisposed genetically to kill, they didn't get it from their father.
Where are my manners? Have a seat.
Have a seat.
Do you like my artwork? Yeah, I do.
Is that your feces? Maybe.
So mom's been manipulating Jesse from the beginning.
To do what? To kill Wallace.
Is she capable of that? She's a vindictive narcissist whose entire self-image is wrapped up in being the perfect mother.
Why couldn't I be the perfect mom and have the perfect kids like all the other moms? I deserve that! Ok, I can buy narcissist, but I can't buy murderer, not of her own child.
She said that she chose Wallace because he validated her from the crib and that's he's been a disappointment ever since.
If she wanted Wallace dead, why did she try to meet him at the station? She wasn't there to meet Wallace, she was there to meet Jesse.
How do you know? She didn't buy a ticket.
She was there to make sure that the plan was in motion.
But Jesse didn't show.
Well, he's got his own plan.
He's much less malleable that she thought.
So she's improvising now.
She's got to find a way to bring both boys together.
And this time she's not going to leave anything to chance.
She'll make sure Jesse does it.
Her ideal scenario-- Jesse kills Wallace and she gets to stay the perfect mother.
My boys.
Can the father answer any questions right now? You have to understand, eggs are the devil's cholesterol.
It's hit or miss.
Ask him if Carla or the twins visited him recently? If not, found out if there's any shared family history before the adoption.
We'll do what we can, but we might need a plan B.
Oh, my God, Wallace, what have you done now? Mom, stop.
We need some money and your car.
Can you help us? Of course I can.
You're my babies.
Jesse, look at you.
I have waited so long for this moment.
Me, too.
Well, this is quite the family reunion, isn't it? I just wish that it could go on forever.
Well, it can't.
We gotta go.
Wait a minute.
I just want to hold you one more time.
Mom, not now.
Jeez! Wallace.
Make time for this.
Yes, Wallace.
Make time for your mother.
Robbins, have you seen your sons lately? Yes, Wallace and Jesse.
Wallace is the older one.
He's teachable.
I can teach him things.
But Jesse looks more like me.
When was the last time that you saw them? Not long ago.
One was potty-trained, but the other wasn't.
They were toddlers.
And they were crying because Carla was crying.
And a magical woman took Jesse away.
He's describing the adoption.
She was a Saint, letting her son die like that.
Who do you mean? You mean Carla? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Not her.
The woman that took Jesse away.
She was a Saint.
She made the ultimate sacrifice.
She let her son die.
I know who he's talking about.
The church St.
Mary's? Reid: We think that's what the dad was describing to us.
Yeah, JJ and I dug it up when we were researching Jesse.
It's the church he was adopted through.
It's also how Carla would see herself, as the most revered mother of all time.
Have Sergeant Johnson notify SWAT.
What's the matter? You hate me, don't you? I do not hate you.
I love you.
I love you so much, I want to just eat You Up.
Do it fast.
Aah! No! Jesse? What are you doing? I spent some quality time with Wallace, Mom.
And I've discovered that I've got more in common with him than with you.
Jesse, you put do that cleaver.
Just listen to me.
No, you listen to me! Don't you hurt her.
Do you even know who she is? She's our mother.
Mother? She abandoned me! And then she tried to convince me to kill you.
You're lying! I'm not! She wouldn't do that.
She begged me to do it.
Did you say yes? Yeah, I did.
But I couldn't go through with it.
It's not true.
I'm like you, remember? I want you do do exactly as I told you to do.
Do you hear me? Exactly! Raise the gun.
Raise it a little higher.
A little higher.
Pull the trigger.
Pull it.
Aah! Uhh! [Gunshot.]
FBI! FBI! Drop your weapon now! Wallace was out of control.
He forced us to come here.
He was gonna shoot us both.
Thank God Jesse was stronger than he was.
I'll only talk to my lawyer.
Take them both into custody.
Show me your hands.
We'll fingerprint him at the station, see who matches who.
Fingerprint analysis isn't an exact science.
A good defense lawyer can poke holes in it.
Juries expect DNA, and DNA isn't gonna make the case here.
No, but behavior might.
Sergeant, I need you to do something.
Robbins, which son is this? Oh.
That's Wallace.
He's teachable.
I taught him to do that whenever he gets nervous.
Wallace Hines, you're under arrest.
Mom? Mom, what do I do now? Mommy, no! Mom! "They mess you up, your mom and dad.
"They may not mean to, but they do.
"They fill you with the faults they had and add some extra just for you.
" Philip Larkin.
Pretty impressive.
A case that could have ended with egg on our face turns out to be one of those, "did you hear about this?" Stories on the Internet.
Apparently the BAU is trending on Twitter.
Whatever that means.
I've just heard that the Attorney General is very pleased.
Now, they seldom call with just good news.
They were also so happy with the way things turned out that unfortunately, they've withdrawn my name as a candidate for section chief.
I'll drink to that.
So That means we've got a new boss.
Any idea who? They didn't say, but they did say that they were thinking outside the box.
Well, whatever happens, I'm sure it will be interesting.
It always is.