Criminal Minds s09e11 Episode Script


Ohh--no Shh.
Edward Ray Stokes, FBI! Drop the gun! You first.
We got your letters, Edward.
I read every single one of them.
Then you understand.
Yeah, I understand that you're angry And you hurt inside.
But that girl, her name is Sheryl and she is not your mother.
She didn't hurt you like your mother did.
She needs to die.
Not today.
Put it down, Edward! Ah! Blake.
Are you all right? Yeah.
We need a medic! I'm all right.
I'm ok.
I'm all right.
You got it, Hotch.
We'll meet you at the airport.
You sure you're ok? Oh, yeah.
It's nothing.
A couple inches to your right and he could have hit your brachial artery.
All things considered, you were extraordinarily lucky.
Yeah, luck had nothing to do with it.
I'm practically bulletproof.
Yeah, I heard that about you.
All right, let's finish this up and go home.
Hey, Dad.
Yeah, I'm good.
How are you doing? No, no, we're just finishing up here.
No, we're actually, uh, in sunny Los Angeles.
Why? Everything ok? Help with what? Ok, sir, I'm ready.
All right.
Can I have your attention, everyone.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Alrighty, then.
Last night in Kansas City-- well, technically super early this morning-- was beaten to death when he was out jogging.
Information is on your tablets right now.
It looks brutal.
Classic overkill.
He was found stripped and wearing women's underwear that I'm assuming weren't his.
All of his clothes were found nearby, his skivvies included.
Any evidence of sexual assault? We're still waiting on the M.
Any other victims, Garcia? That is a big maybe.
Meet Tommy Barnes and Melissa Hawthorne, also on your tablets.
A year ago they disappeared from a house party and were found beaten in much the same fashion.
There were two of them and they're considerably younger than this most recent victim.
Yeah, and what about the women's underwear? And that's a pretty specific ritual aspect.
These two were found fully clothed.
Are we sure that it's the same unsub? My dad thinks it is.
Your dad's a captain on th Kansas City police force, right? Retired.
But your brother's a cop, too.
He's a homicide detective, but my dad is the one who made the call.
If he's retired, it's not exactly an official invitation.
No, but he's got lots of influence.
Well, maybe we should wait for the invite.
We can't just force ourselves on local jurisdiction.
What if it's actually serial? We'll go back if they ask us to.
Look, my dad's a great cop, and he's almost never wrong.
I mean, it drives me crazy, but it's true.
We don't know exactly what we've got here, but I think it's worth taking a look.
Have the pilot reroute us to Kansas City.
We've got the power we've got the fire that won't ever go out "Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.
" Vietnamese proverb.
David Morrison was a novelist, Tommy Barnes and Melissa Hawthorne high school students.
No apparent connection between the victims, no matching DNA samples.
And an entire year between kills.
You know, the underwear ritual may be about symbolic humiliation.
Or a shock factor for whoever found the bodies.
Blake, did your dad say anything else about why he thinks these cases are connected? Blake? Yeah? Everything all right? Uh, yeah.
Just--I'm distracted.
Perfectly understandable.
The familiar sounds, visual cues, even olfactory inputs, can trigger memories and emotions we thought were long gone.
Happens to me every time I go home, too.
When was the last time you were back? It's been like 422 days.
I was talking to Blake.
Uh, it's been about 5 years.
That's a long time.
Yeah, once I got out of Kansas City, I pretty much wanted to stay out.
Her oldest brother was responding to an armed robbery.
Apparently the bad guys were on PCP.
Both he and his partner got shot and he got the worst of it.
How come we don't know any of this? What's she supposed to say? I don't know.
Well, Blake's a private person.
Maybe she doesn't want to talk about her family.
Plus it was over 25 years ago.
A lot of time has passed.
I lost my father the same way.
It's not like I can't relate.
Yeah, but you rarely talk about him.
Everybody grieves in their own way.
You can't be mad at her for going internal.
Oh, I'm not mad at all.
I just Thought she might say something.
There's nothing for you to do here.
When dad has a hunch, you know how he gets.
Yeah, he called Captain Garrity directly.
So, now what? Well, the captain wants me to cooperate, that's what.
But you're wasting your time.
Dad doesn't seem to think so.
Look, those kids had nothing to do with the Morrison murder, ok? They were killed down on Prospect because they were out trying to cop some weed.
Prospect? Uh, Prospect Avenue.
It's a high crime area.
It's the hood.
Detective Miller, I assure you we're not here to intrude.
And I feel certain that in 24 hours we'll be able to discern whether these cases are related.
We're really good at what we do, Scott.
Of course you are.
Alex? There.
Ohbeen so long.
You look good.
I'm sorry I'm a little late.
I was down in Garrity's office.
You must be Hotchner.
Yes, sir.
Damon Miller.
Very nice to meet you.
Appreciate you coming, and thanks for taking such good care of my girl.
So what's the plan of attack? This place is pretty isolated.
It helps to be out in the sticks if you're going to beat someone to death.
You sound like you speak from experience.
David Morrison was a 50-year-old novelist and apparently an accomplished triathlete.
Good place for an ambush.
But why pick the in-shape guy? Morrison could have been a target.
Maybe he knew his killer.
But they may have had some kind of a beef.
Beating someone to death is personal.
It takes a lot of anger.
Well, the unsub's got to be physically fit himself.
Yeah, he would have to be to maintain that level of violence.
He could also be on drugs.
That's a good bet.
All right, so, it looks like it's a blitz attack.
How do you think he did it? Well, the unsub stalks Morrison and figures out that this is where he takes his morning run.
Then he waits, hides, jumps him.
Or he follows him out here, runs him down, even though Morrison is a triathlete.
Well, I just hope this guy doesn't have any more targets.
If this is rage and addiction he's not done.
I'm just saying, you could have called me, Dad.
Going straight to my boss? Oh, and her.
I mean, how do you think this makes me look? Because why? Because you have a hunch? And what would you have said if I'd called? I'd Uh-huh.
And it's not like she would ever reach out and offer.
She hasn't been home in 5 years.
I had to fly out to Washington just to see her.
I'm right here, you know.
Look, all I'm saying, Dad, is the last thing this department needs is some bad press that comes from an FBI serial killer hunt.
The last thing this department needs is a serial killer on the loose.
She's right.
And you know it.
You know what, Dad? What? What?! Come on, come on, speak up.
You're retired.
He's--he's retired.
Ok? And why are you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong? Because I am your father and I will stick my nose wherever I damn well please until the day I die, and given my age, that day ain't too far off.
Dad What? I'm old.
But I'll make you a deal.
You two both start acting like you're related and I'll butt out.
The only way you're gonna catch this guy is if you do it together.
No, just a little caffeine.
Other than that, his tox screen was negative.
That pretty heavy bruising around his neck.
Cause of death was asphyxiation.
And you see this odd little cervical fracture right here? It looks like he got put in some kind of choke hold.
Choking someone out is hard enough, but to break their neck while you do it? Yeah, well, he was a strong son of a bitch.
radius in his left arm was shattered, linear fracture in his skull, broken jaw, and a ruptured spleen.
Can you tell if he used a weapon? I don't think he did.
See this bruising right here? It looks like he used his bare hands, maybe his boots.
But he was suffocated fairly quickly.
Most of this is postmortem.
This guy had to be on something.
Why do you say that? Because he went berserk.
This is more than just rage.
Was there any evidence of sexual assault? None.
It wasn't like this with Tommy Barnes or Melissa Hawthorne.
Those two high school kids who were killed.
The report says that they didn't have any postmortem wounds.
God, you think it's the same guy? Do we have to go through this again? Isn't it all in your report? I apologize, Mr.
I know this is hard.
We're just trying to be thorough so we can catch whoever did this to your son.
All my answers are the same they were a year ago.
But since you were the one that actually found Tommy and Melissa, it's especially important that we go through it all again.
Ok? You were telling me about that night.
It was late and you were getting worried.
And then I remembered that Tommy put that "find your friends" app on my phone.
So And a couple hours later I found him and Melissa in the alley.
Did Tommy have any enemies, someone that might want to hurt him? No, he was a good kid.
I said that already.
All right, listen.
We want to thank you for coming in, Mr.
We appreciate it.
If we have any other questions, we'll give you a call.
Actuallywill you give us a second? I just have a few more questions.
Won't take long.
Excuse us.
He's holding something back.
He's grieving the loss of his son.
And he's been trying to get out of here ever since he sat down.
Can you blame him? If I had a kid who was killed and the FBI wanted to help find the guy who did it, I would do whatever they asked me to.
Look at his posture.
He's too agitated.
There is something odd about his syntax I can't that I can't explain.
And why is that? Because that profile's too complicated for me? Really? Really? Right now? Please, Scott, for once, just go with me here.
Barnes, I am so sorry to have to ask you this, but I don't want to waste your time.
All I want to do is catch the killer, but I can't do that unless you're straight with me.
When you found Tommy and Melissa, were they clothed? I don't know what you mean.
I mean, was Tommy in girls underwear? If you want to honor your son's memory, maybe bring some peace to the relatives of the other victims Then, please, just tell me the truth.
I couldn't--I couldn't No, it's all right.
We only want to help.
When I found them She was naked, and Tom Tommy, he was in girls panties, and I just couldn't let them see him like that, so I took them off and I put them on Melissa and I I put all their clothes back on.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's all right.
We ready? Just waiting on you, Hon.
What was that? Did you let Rufus out? I thought you did.
Oh Rufus? Oh, Rufus.
Everything ok? Yeah.
This dumb cat.
Hey! Gil and Renee Patterson were good, hard-working people.
He was a bank manager, she was a nurse.
If all these victims were targets, then what's the connection? Maybe they're not targets.
Maybe they're surrogates.
For who? So, um, apparently, a neighbor found the bodies when she came by and saw the door was ajar.
Do the Pattersons have any next of kin? We're gonna need to talk to them.
Yeah, they do.
They have a daughter named Laurie.
She's a senior at the University of Missouri.
's the exact same.
Women's underwear, violent manual overkill.
It's definitely our guy.
And now he's accelerating.
And he's getting bolder.
He's never broken into a home before.
Hey, what you got, mama? So it turns out our dead jogger David Morrison bounced around as a substitute English teacher before he published his first book.
for a week at Jefferson High School, and that is the same school that Tommy Barnes and Melissa Hawthorne went to.
The Pattersons have a daughter.
Garcia, where did Laurie Patterson go to high school? That would beJefferson.
And when did she graduate? Um So she was there at the same time Morrison was.
All right, I'll call Hotch.
We need to give the profile.
Based on his victims and on local demographics, we believe we're looking for a Caucasian male in his late teens to early 20s.
He's a sadist with rage issues, which accounts for the high level of violence in each of his kills.
All 5 of his victims are in some way connected to Jefferson high school.
Which leads us to believe he's either a former student or employee.
Why former? Because we also think he has a drug problem.
The addiction plus his anger issues means that he probably lacks the social skills required to stay in school or hold down a steady job.
Because brute force and humiliation are the hallmarks of his M.
, we believe his kills are somehow rooted in revenge.
We think he may have been traumatically humiliated in some way in the recent past.
Probably as an adolescent, which makes this very personal to him.
Now he's looking for payback.
So why did this guy wait a whole year after his first murders? We think he may have been incarcerated.
So you should be looking at violent offenders or any younger ex-cons you may be familiar with.
We think his first kills were experiments of sorts.
He was just getting a taste for it.
Tommy Barnes and Melissa Hawthorne had more defensive wounds than any of his other victims.
And they apparently put up quite a fight.
It's not easy to blitz attack two people at once.
So whether he was locked up or not, he probably took a year off to perfect his craft to make sure that never happened again.
He's physically fit and probably works out a lot, so he may frequent inexpensive gyms or heath clubs.
And don't forget, this guy used his bare hands to kill his victims.
He will not be easily deterred.
So proceed with caution.
As his grip on reality continues to fade, he'll become more dangerous.
Hey, wrap it up, kid.
We're closing.
Few more minutes.
Two more rounds.
Hey, get the hell out.
I gotta get going.
Ah! I just need a few more minutes! Ok? All right by you? It's all good, man.
No problem.
I don't want any trouble.
We should cross-check our list of recently released ex-cons again.
Garcia and I have been over it twice.
Nobody matches the profile.
Hey, baby girl, you got the whole crew.
Go ahead.
Ok, here's the skinny on Jefferson High.
Really great football team, state champ two years in a row, go, Bulldogs.
The only notable thing that has happened at that high school in the last 10 years besides the murder of Tommy Barnes and Melissa Hawthorne is the death of another student, Riley Wilson, 4 years ago.
Information streaming to your tablets now.
He wrapped his car around a telephone pole.
There was a lot of speculation it was a suicide.
Tox report was clean.
He was totally sober.
He was a senior and got straight As.
Nothing in his disciplinary file.
He was at Jefferson the same time as David Morrison and Laurie Patterson.
Garcia, we need a list of every student and employee at Jefferson while Riley Wilson was a student.
Parents and family members, too, Garcia.
Compiling that list now.
It is a lot of names.
I will hit you back ASAP.
Here's a partial list of former students who still live in the city.
Why partial? We've narrowed it down so we can split the work.
We'll cover the rest.
We'll get on it.
And, uh, one of those people may be the unsub, so, make sure your guys know.
You got it.
Uh, you know I never would have shown up like I did if dad hadn't asked me to.
I mean, I get it.
You have every right to be upset.
It's all good, Alex.
Ok? Come on.
I haven't seen you in years and now we get this great chance to work together.
I better get started.
Charles Gates? Yeah.
Detective Miller.
Kansas City police department.
I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.
May I come in? Yeah, of course.
Um, sorry about the mess.
No problem.
Laurie, we're so very sorry about your parents.
Thank you for coming in.
We know this-- this is a lot.
It's ok, I, uh, don't really want to go home yet.
Is there anything we can get you? Is it ok if we ask you a few questions? Is there anyone you know who may have wanted to hurt your parents? No.
Is there anyone who may have wanted to hurt you? No, I-- oh, my God.
I'm--I'm so sorry.
It's ok.
We're gonna give you a minute.
Ok? Thank you.
I couldn't believe it when I heard he was dead.
I mean, Riley didn't even drink.
And I'd just seen him at school.
So you two were pretty close.
I mean, he wasn't all that social.
He kept to himself a lot.
So he was kind of a loner.
But we hung out.
We had a few classes together.
Liar! Dad! Is he ok? What happened? He got beat up pretty bad.
Took a blow to the head.
Did he have backup? Where's his partner? He came alone.
They split up the list to cover more ground.
Let's get him to the hospital.
All right, I'm coming with you.
No, you stay here.
You'll do more good.
Don't worry.
I'll-- I'll take care of him.
The unsub was probably already here when your brother arrived.
But he didn't kill him.
Because Charles was the target.
So this guy's mission oriented.
I believe the unsub may have stolen Scott's firearm.
Doesn't match his M.
, but that won't stop him from using it.
There's something in here.
He wrote, "Charles and Riley good friends," but he underlined the words "good" and "friends.
" That mean something to you? Yeah.
He used to do that when we were kids.
Usually when something really irritated him.
He underlined words when he was irritated? Yeah.
Our mother used to make us write letters to each other to help us resolve our conflicts.
She thought it was a good way to learn how to express our feelings.
Smart lady.
What was it about the words "good friends" that got to him? Hey, Dad, how's he doing? Hi, Laurie.
How are you doing? I'm afraid I have some more bad news.
The killer struck again.
This time it was a former classmate of yours-- Charles Gates.
I understand this is incredibly overwhelming, but we really need your help.
Ok? I want to ask you about Charles and another former classmate of yours, Riley Wilson.
What about them? Were they good friends? Charles and Riley? No.
Riley didn't really have any friends.
Why not? He was a gigantic nerd and a total victim.
What do you mean? They used to bully him, like all the time.
What would they do to him? Tease him.
Beat him up.
And then-- and then there was the underwear thing.
What underwear thing? Some guys thought it'd be funny if they stole all Riley's clothes in gym class.
Hey, here he is.
They made him wear a pair of panties.
And then they sent out a mass text to everyone in school telling them to line the hallways.
Basically the whole school showed up.
Whose idea was it to pull the prank? My ex-boyfriend, Lance Tate.
He was a jerk.
Where were the teachers? Mr.
Ramsey and some substitute broke it up.
Go back to class.
Everybody back to class! Show's over.
Did anything happen to him? Did Lance get in trouble? No.
Were there any other kids that were bullied or was Riley the only one? Yeah, there were others.
Do you remember their names? Wait.
Is that-- is that what this is about? Is that why my parents were killed? Oh, my God.
Laurie Patterson was away at school, so he couldn't go after her.
So he goes after her parents instead.
That was his way of maximizing her suffering.
Laurie's ex, Sergeant Lance Tate, is doing his third tour in Afghanistan.
His parents moved to Arizona.
You're on speaker, Garcia.
Hot off my keyboard, I took the names Laurie gave us and I cross-checked them with Riley Wilson's texts, emails, and social media.
I got two hits.
One's a Kevin Russ.
That was his chemistry lab partner.
And the second and the way more interesting is a kid named Ronald Underwood.
What's so interesting about him? It looks like they were actually pretty good friends.
Ronald dropped of school right after Riley died.
What else do we know about Underwood? Uh, dad is out of the picture.
He lives with his mom, who has 4, 4 DUIs.
He spends a cra-cra-crazy amount of time on the Internet, mostly looking at porn and MMA sites and-- Oh.
The Internet is also where he buys his anabolic steroids.
If this is all about bullying, the unsub may have been a victim himself.
He may also feel responsible for what happened to Riley.
And he's targeting the bullies and the adults who did nothing to stop it.
Laurie said a substitute teacher and a Mr.
Ramsey were there the day of the practical joke.
David Morrison had to be the sub.
Garcia, where's Mr.
Ramsey now? Harold Ramsey, history teacher.
He still works at Jefferson high.
All right, send contact numbers and addresses for both Harold Ramsey and Ronald Underwood.
Sent and sent.
Hello? Yes, is this Harold Ramsey? Yes, speaking.
Hello, Mr.
This is SSA Alex Blake.
I'm with the FBI.
FBI? Mr.
Ramsey? Aah! Mr.
Uhh! How does it feel? Why are you doing this? I just wish they were all here to see it.
Please-- Maybe we should shake hands and forget about it.
That's what you'd say, right? What are you talking about? Riley! You, too! Get to class.
Everybody back to class.
Show's over! Aah! You knew what they did to us.
And you did nothing.
And you wanted me to shake their hands? Shake their hands?! Did you actually think that would solve anything? We believe Underwood is in possession of a stolen police issue Glock 19.
We'll split up into 3 groups, we'll go room to room, and we'll all meet back in the main hallway.
Because we're back where it all started with Underwood, this is likely his endgame.
Which means there's no telling how far he'll go to play this thing out, so be safe.
Uhh! Go.
I said go! Ronald, please.
I'm surprised you remember my name.
Just stop this.
Oh! Get up.
Get up! Go.
Move! Ronald Underwood, FBI.
Drop the weapon.
Let him go, Ronald.
He has to know how it felt.
I think he does.
Look at him.
Let him go.
He should have stopped it.
I know why you're doing this, Ronald.
What happened to Riley wasn't your fault.
Nobody stopped it.
Nobody did anything.
You did.
You're damn right.
And they got what they deserved.
But nobody else needs to die.
You've got to leave the past in the past.
He was the only friend I ever had.
I know he was.
But it's all over now, Ronald.
Hey, man, it's ok, you don't have to cuff me.
I said you don't have to cuff me! Get off of me! I said get off! They're too tight! Get off of me! I said get off! I said get off! Stop! Get off of me! Come on.
Get off of me! How's the wing? Throbbing.
You all good? Jefferson was my rival high school.
Got dragged to a few football games here back in the day.
It must bring back some memories.
Oh, yeah.
Bad ones.
How's your brother doing? Concussion.
But he's awake and He's gonna do fine.
Thank God.
Do you want a ride over there? Nah.
It's the hospital where my mom died and my big brother Danny, too.
So not exactly raring to get back there.
How's the headache? Well, the medicine’s helping.
You got lucky.
You shouldn't have gone in without backup.
Ironic that your hard head is what saved you.
You really scared me, you know.
I guess congratulations is in order.
For all of us.
We did it together.
So dad was right, then.
I hate that.
Yeah, me, too.
Listen, um Listen, I'm really sorry, ok? I'm sorry for being an ass.
You didn't deserve that.
No, I didn't.
And I don't know why you made me so mad.
Because I'm your sister.
It's--it's normal for siblings to resent each other.
Ok, what is that? What, is that your profile of me? Resent? Look, I don't resent you, Alex.
I miss you.
You sure have a funny way of showing it.
You know, after Danny died, you just left.
And then with mom, it's like you just stopped coming around altogether.
It's like here you are, my big sister, and you just bailed.
I couldn't stay here, Scott.
I know.
You know what? Trust me, I get it, I figured it out.
But the funny thing is, here you are this hot-shot linguist And you can never say anything.
You never call, you never write, nothing.
What's wrong? You all right? Oh, yeah.
It's just my arm.
I got shot.
Ok, what? See, right there.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
It's nothing.
I'm fine.
Oh, really? Does dad know? No.
Of course not.
Why would he? But you're right.
I'm sorry.
I'm bad about being in touch.
And coming home, it's really hard for me.
I see you and I think of Danny.
I see dad and I think of mom.
But I'll work on it.
I promise.
And I miss you, too.
Hello? Oh You're late.
Like What-- You're still late.
Hey, pop.
How's the melon? It's, uh, it's all right.
It's fine.
Ahh, you two made up, didn't you? Yeah, I figured-- heh heh--been doing that since you were kids.
Fight like cats and dogs, then forget about it 10 minutes later.
Used to drive your mother crazy.
Then she'd drive me crazy.
Hey, pop, you know she got shot? Oh, that's great.
Well Yeah, I heard.
You heard? Mr.
Miller? We need more ice.
Hey, what's up? Help yourself.
You must be Scott.
I'm Penelope.
What are you doing here? I invited them.
It's only a 2 1/2 hour flight.
When I hear Kansas City barbecue I come a-runnin', for the sides and the fixin's.
I'm a vegetarian.
What do you mean, them? Oh, you're all here.
My worlds are colliding.
And your dad promised ribs.
And your pops is no joke on this grill.
Can't celebrate unless the whole family's here.
I can't argue with that.
And who needs a cold one? Don't mind if I do.
To Blake.
To Blake.
"Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.
" Helen Keller.
I put the past away and learn to let it go