Criminal Minds s10e14 Episode Script

Hero Worship

Previously on Criminal Minds It's Gideon.
- Did he suffer? - Not for long.
- No.
- Did you hear any of that? He didn't suffer.
I'd just really like to play one more game of chess with him.
But time will pass, and slowly you'll forget how much it hurts.
And maybe you'll find something else to fill that empty space.
I don't want to find something else.
What, are you working late? Just, uh, waiting for rush hour to subside.
A lot of close personal contact on the subway right now.
It's 10:00.
Trains have been empty for a while.
Go home.
The chess will keep till tomorrow.
Probably just gonna pack it up right now.
Good night, Spencer.
Triple stuffed omelet, hold the onions.
Yeah, thank you.
Huevos rancheros.
I ordered a Belgian waffle? Oh, right.
Sorry about that.
Excuse me.
Can I get a table? One sec.
Excuse me, I'm just waiting for a cream.
I will grab it for you right now, ma'am.
I got two orders up.
You gonna serve 'em or what? You gonna get the order right or what? I didn't know Belgium was in Mexico.
Well, who can read your handwriting anyway? Order up.
Um, the cream? - Right.
Just a sec.
- I can see it on the - I can just - Just let him do his job.
Breakfast burrito for you, omelet for you.
I asked for chives.
You two have a chance to look at the menu, or do you need a few more minutes? No, we come here all the time.
Do you have anything that's gluten-free? - They don't have gluten-free.
- It's worth asking.
- Oh, you're right.
I'm sorry.
- Can we get some chives, please? Why can't you let me have a conversation - Can you check on my order, please? - Order up! Do you have any hot sauce? An explosion happened at a Beanery Brew House in Indianapolis earlier this morning.
First responders are reporting six dead, 16 wounded.
Brave guy.
Anyone claimed responsibility? Not yet.
No, but Indianapolis P.
Believes it may be related to a bomb that went off in an elementary school last week.
That was relatively low yield.
It claimed the life of Morton Truby.
He was a custodian working the graveyard shift.
Authorities - found traces of TNT.
- Until today they thought it was an isolated incident.
Could this be another Boston or Oklahoma City? Beanery is a popular chain, exactly the type of location a domestic terrorist would target.
The UnSub wants everyone looking over their shoulder.
Yeah, we also shouldn't rule out a disgruntled employee or fundamental groups.
At this point, we can't rule anything out.
Let's move.
TNT doesn't pack much bang for its buck.
It'd be pretty hard to hide the amount needed to cause the damage to that coffeehouse.
This feels like page 118.
The Anarchist Cookbook? TNT for dummies? The blast at the school seems rudimentary.
It may have been the UnSub's testing ground.
The coffeehouse could indicate a drastic escalation.
The book also teaches you to make nitroglycerin.
The coffee shop could represent a steep learning curve.
So this guy is either quick on his feet, or both blasts were part of a sophisticated plan.
In that case, we can't be certain that the coffeehouse - is this guy's finale.
- Yeah.
Which is why the plane's been ready.
We can be in Indianapolis in two hours.
"The most heroic word in all languages is 'revolution.
'" Eugene Debs.
This is interesting.
The maintenance worker killed at the school was working late installing a new circuit panel.
- He wasn't supposed to be there.
- So the UnSub may not have intended to kill anyone.
If he'd canvassed the site beforehand, he would have anticipated the school being empty.
But with the coffeehouse, he struck first thing in the morning, when it would be packed.
Maximizing collateral damage.
I don't like it.
That's a pretty fast confidence boost.
Successful bombers always have a practice run.
Maybe the school was his.
What's his endgame? Most bombers like the attention they get from playing God.
They don't go dormant, - they strike again.
- So will this guy.
No one's claimed responsibility for either attack.
That could point away from a fundamentalist - or a fear-driven offender.
- Maybe it's personal.
All right, when we land, let's divide and conquer.
Victims, witnesses and ballistics.
See if we can find a pattern so we can prevent a third attack.
To the ER.
Burn unit to the ER.
Excuse me, - have you seen Agent - Uh-uh.
Please can you help me? I can't find my dad.
Of course.
What-What's his name? Pat.
Pat Aguilar.
We were together at the coffee house.
- Okay, I'll see if I can find anything out for you.
- Please.
I need to know.
Where was your father when the bomb went off? He had to go to the bathroom, but he let some pregnant lady in first.
Please No one's telling me anything.
- I'll see what I can find out, okay? Excuse me.
- HOTCH: Reid.
He can't find his father.
Well, there are a number of people still in surgery.
We should consider doing cognitive interviews.
Well, witness accounts are varied, which is to be expected.
When people are more emotionally ready, it'll be a good idea.
Have you seen the pregnant woman anywhere? Yeah, she's still in the delivery room.
We should talk to the guy who rescued her.
He may have seen something the others didn't.
Allen Archer.
He's been treated and released.
JJ and Kate are on their way to his house now.
Are you gonna be okay? I need to see the M.
- I'm fine.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
Do you know anything about a patient named Pat Aguilar? I'm just about to notify the family, sir.
He didn't make it.
Aguilar I'm so sorry.
Looks like the media's scrambling for a sound bite from their local hero.
Yeah, I don't know what all the fuss is about.
Anybody with half a right mind would have done the same thing.
Well, they didn't.
You did.
How's the mother? She went into labor.
It's a boy.
Was this a terrorist attack? Obviously.
I don't think that we're classifying it as terrorism just yet.
So, did you notice anything suspicious when you ran inside? Anyone that didn't seem panicked? No.
No, nothing like that.
Did you see where the blast came from? Um There were two, I guess.
When I ran in, there was only a small fire.
But then the back wall just exploded.
Who's the man in the photos? Uh, my first husband, Grant.
He was a Navy SEAL.
He died in Afghanistan.
You all were friends? Yeah, Allen introduced us.
It's, uh it's almost 3:00.
- I have to pick up Hannah.
- Yeah.
That's our daughter.
I'll, uh, I'll go with you.
That way, you don't have to fend off the reporters alone.
Oh, I-I think we can help you there.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm SSA Jennifer Jareau.
This is SSA Kate Callahan.
I'd like to make a statement on behalf of the Archer family.
Allen Archer did what anyone in his place would have done.
Allen saved a woman, and in doing so, saved her child who, I am happy to report, was born less than an hour ago.
Mother and child are doing fine.
As is Allen and his wife.
They're understandably shaken.
The Archer family asks that you please give them privacy as they deal with today's tragic events.
Wait, that's the family.
They're leaving! Sorry, guys.
Guess you're gonna have to capitalize on somebody else's trauma today.
Thank you.
Guy planted the device in the bathroom, Lethal Weapon style.
What type of explosive did he use? TNT.
Same as the school.
The wiring's kind of sketch.
How do you mean? The soldering work, it's not the best.
I'd say he put it together in a hurry.
Maybe he was hesitant - about killing so many people.
- Or nervous.
You'd need a lot more TNT to do this kind of damage.
You would think but take a look at this right here.
Because he put the bomb in the toilet, the blast is pretty well contained, or at least it should have been.
But the explosion shot back, rupturing the natural gas line.
Increasing the explosion ten-fold.
The question is, was it coincidental or intentional? He's still a bad dude, either way.
Yes, but the answer will weigh heavily on our profile.
How so? Well, if the gas line rupture was an accident, the UnSub's motive may not be to kill.
So, learning he claimed so many lives could unravel him, make him even more dangerous? Exactly.
But if the gas line was planned, then this UnSub's learning curve is something to be reckoned with.
He might try to outdo himself.
Um, neither of those are particularly good options.
Well, what's good is, we can rule out terrorism.
What's bad is, we have absolutely no idea who this guy is.
I'm running a trace analysis to determine the manufacturer of the TNT.
I will download you ASAP.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Um, Einstein, huh? Huh.
Bet you don't ever forget it.
Kind of young to be a forensic specialist, aren't you? Finished medical school at 19, and then, residency afterwards.
My dad really wanted me to live up to the family name.
Federal authorities are investigating a possible connection Again? Uh, helps me focus.
You know, in light of recent events, I think it's okay to give yourself a break.
An entire night, though? What do you mean? You're wearing the same shirt from yesterday, and you're covering it with a cardigan from your go bag.
I guess I, uh, must have gotten a little carried away last night.
Well it happens.
So, what, uh, drives most bombers? Ego, craves attention.
Except he has to share his headlines.
He's not gonna be happy about that.
He might try to reclaim that attention.
The only way to do that is to strike again.
Somewhere he can ensure a higher body count.
Or a personal one.
You were so brave today.
I was lucky.
I still can't believe I ran back into the fire like that.
Well, you heard what those two agents said.
You're a hero.
You saved two lives.
That second blast hit, and I thought thought that was it.
Thought I'd never see you and Hannah again.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Hey, sweetie, what are you doing up? I heard noises.
I thought someone was in the house.
Oh, honey, it's just us.
Come here.
Hey, did you know that Allen saved a woman and a baby from a fire today? Really? - Really.
- Cool.
I think it's pretty cool, too.
Tell me what happened.
Oh, sweetie, I think it's time we get you back to bed, okay? Yeah.
- I promise you everything is fine, fine, fine.
Okay, come on.
- Good night, Allen.
- Good night, sweetheart.
Hey, babe, I'm gonna go run to the store.
- Okay.
- All right.
I'll be right back.
with the death toll rising to seven earlier this afternoon.
Indianapolis PD has released the names of those deceased, including Pat Aguilar, 65, Grace Calburn, 19, Joe Gardez, 27 Jackson Milburn, 21, Brian Satin, 46, and Federal authorities remain baffled.
The perpetrator Oh, my God.
Gotta go, baby.
You gotta go, please.
Take her, and you get away from here.
Far away from here, you got it? Go! Damn it, go! Ma'am, you need to get your daughter out of here.
It's the Ma'am, you need to get your daughter out of here.
- No, I'm not leaving Allen.
- I'm sorry, but you have to.
This is for you and your daughter's safety.
Please trust us.
You get away from here, okay? Get out of here, please! Please help him.
- We will.
We will, okay? All right? Take her, take her somewhere.
Come this way, ma'am.
How the hell did we beat bomb squad here? I'd give you statistics, but I don't think this is the time.
Are we really gonna do this? Turn your cell phone off.
No, no, no, no, no.
Stay back! Stay back! Stay back! I don't want anybody else to get hurt.
Sir, stop talking, just listen.
Just listen to me.
We're with the FBI, and we're here to help.
When you put your foot down, you triggered the arming mechanism.
If you move, you could set it off.
Where are Brenda and Hannah? Are they okay? - I-I don't want them to die, too.
- Nobody's gonna die.
They're safe.
Don't worry.
Bomb squad's gonna be here soon.
I need you to keep the exact pressure that you have on that brake as you have right now.
If you don't, all three of us are gonna die.
Well, can you do something? Can you? This thing's homemade, but the framework is familiar.
Yeah, I can disarm this.
I just need something sharp.
Uh, I've got, I've got a knife in my glove box.
It's underneath a map right there.
Sir, just sit still.
You're doing fine.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Hey, kid? I think you should back up.
Not happening.
What's the next step? All right, the trick is rendering the pressure sensor inactive without letting the detonator think that it's time to go.
But the only problem is this son of a bitch built this thing by himself, and he used all the same color wires.
Seven wires and you don't know which one to cut? I'm not so crazy about these odds.
It's got to be one of these two right here Guys, you got to do something quick here, man.
My foot is cramping up.
I cannot keep my foot on this pedal Okay, sir, sir, please, if you want to stay alive, I need you to keep that foot down and try to sit still, please.
Reid it's probably this wire right here, if he stayed true to the original design.
Go with your gut.
What? What? Well? Sir, you're fine.
You can get out of the car.
Are you serious?! You did it?! You did it?! I'm-I'm, I'm gonna live?! I'll take you to your family.
Oh, my God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you.
You've got four nitroglycerine packs.
Now, I've defused it.
But the nitro is homemade.
It's almost guaranteed to be unstable.
Copy that.
Rossi was right.
The UnSub didn't like sharing attention.
So he's decided to eliminate Allen Archer.
And now he's graduated to nitroglycerine.
Page 113.
We should put the Archers into protective custody until further notice.
Once the bomb squad's done clearing that house, I want to take another look at that device, and see if there's anything else we can learn.
We believe the man you're looking for is an ego-driven, personal cause bomber.
In other words, he needs to be the center of attention.
That's why we're advising that you to keep the location for tonight's bombing attempt confidential.
If the UnSub sees headlines that don't belong to him, we believe he'll become enraged.
He seems pretty angry now.
He wants us to pay attention.
Even if it means targeting the man who's disrupting his message.
So, what's his message? Look at me.
Fear me.
I am God.
His sophistication level puts him in his 30s or 40s.
TNT may be easy to produce, but nitroglycerin is much harder to handle.
It took patience and an eye for detail.
He's controlled and methodical.
He's highly intelligent.
He'll absolutely want to witness his work, so we need to look at traffic cams and eyewitness footage of the blast.
He could be on camera.
We should also canvass public spaces like outdoor malls, farmer's markets, Monument Circle The fact that he targeted a school and a popular coffee chain means he wants no one to feel safe.
Do you think he'll strike again? It's inevitable.
A bomber with a God complex feels invulnerable.
We need to appease him and start communications with him.
That's how we'll catch him.
Thank you.
That's it.
He really went for a bigger boom this time.
I recognize the make up.
eight percent nitrocellulose.
Straight out of the cookbook.
Good memory.
I have a thing for numbers.
And quantum theory.
The UnSub certainly singled Allen out.
He could have planted the device in his home, but instead he chose his truck, because he wanted to insure that Allen was the one who triggered it.
He needed to make sure the hero died.
Kill the family and they just become martyrs.
Well, it's a wonder he even realized that he triggered the bomb.
Maybe he heard something when he stepped on the pedal.
What, and knew not to move? I mean, come on, what's this guy got an ex-paramilitary background we don't know about? Brenda Archer's first husband, Grant, was military.
Is it just me, or do you think it's odd that Allen ended up marrying his best friend's wife? I don't know.
Shared sorrow could build a bond.
JJ and Kate said the house looked like a shrine to the deceased.
Well, that would explain why he kept all this stuff out here.
He feels like he's living in someone else's home.
That kind of man would be desperate for recognition.
He was crying.
- This could be why.
- Reliving trauma or feeling guilty about something? - I think we should ask him.
- And his wife.
That's what you guys do.
You just talk a lot.
Well, there's also a lot of kicking down doors involved.
I'm heading back to the lab.
- I'll let you know what I find.
- Thanks.
Garcia, did you find anything in in Brenda and Allen Archer's background to indicate a knowledge of explosives? Nothing that sticks out, but I am the queen of lots of things, including subtlety.
Oh, shut up.
I'm talking about the way I deftly sift through information stuffs.
He's a carpenter who has a severe Amazon addiction.
Kindle, to be specific.
What kind of books? Uh, self-help, lot of emo stuff.
How to build your self-esteem, how to get over depression, coming out of your shell.
A whole bunch of comic books.
Nothing "how to build a bomb" related? No, sorry.
Oh, he is seeing a marriage counselor.
Things are not so good on the home front.
They've certainly improved now.
She was all over him when we interviewed them.
Something tells me that's not ordinary.
Allen is living in the shadow of Grant Ford.
Maybe the coffee shop was his introduction.
Garcia, Brenda's first husband, Grant Ford, was a Navy SEAL.
What was his specialty? Oh, that's a good question.
Give me a moment.
It was Explosive ordnance.
He ran into the coffee shop moments before the secondary blast from the ruptured gas line.
Well, that could have just been an accident.
So his wife is a witness, Allen races into the blaze and saves the most sympathetic person he can think of.
And becomes a hero to his wife.
Hey, Reid.
Yeah, we got him, Hotch.
Have a seat.
What's this about? Sit down.
I don't understand.
First I'm in protective custody, now I'm in an interrogation room? What the hell is going on? Where's my husband? We heard you had a rough night.
A rough night? Are you serious? Well, stress can be unbearable.
We can get you some water, if you want.
I want to be with my daughter.
We almost died last night.
It's interesting that you didn't, though.
Why do you think that is? Most people's flight instincts would take over.
They'd flee, setting off the bomb.
How did you know what to do? Um I-I don't know.
I felt something click.
What clicked? A remote? A wire? No, th-the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up, and I-I looked down, and I saw something.
I didn't know what.
Uh, I thought the bomber might be coming after me, and I-I froze.
I froze.
"I didn't know what.
" What? That was the lie, Allen.
You're not even good at hiding it.
You swallowed before you said it, and you looked over my shoulder when you did.
So because I need a glass of water, I'm guilty? If you're not guilty, then why did you hide Grant's books? He's not even denying it.
I am denying it.
Not that I had the books th-th-that I did anything.
He pulled out the books after the explosion.
He said he wanted to understand what nearly killed him.
Who prompted that conversation? What do you mean? Did he show you the books and explain them, - or did you find them? - Oh, no.
I found them and asked about it.
What? Well, why did Allen hide the books, if he was so open about them? No, he asked me to hide the books because he didn't want there to be any confusion when you came to interview us.
What is it? Trust your gut.
Has Allen been acting odd lately? Look, he's been working a lot of late nights.
That's not what his work told us.
Oh, I'm not saying anything else until I see my husband.
Why did you hide your nighttime activities from your wife? You want to know what we think? Not really, no.
You lived in Grant's shadow for far too long.
You had a thing for Brenda, you saw that he was interested, and you knew you didn't stand a chance.
How could you? He was a hero.
You watched them fall in love.
Get married.
Have a daughter.
You watched them live the life that you wanted.
And then he died.
So you waited.
You waited for the perfect opportunity to prey on Brenda's vulnerability.
And you thought it worked.
You know what? She never loved you.
That's not true.
She she loves me.
Listen to yourself.
You don't even believe it.
How are we supposed to? I love my wife.
We believe that much is true.
We saw evidence of it when you tried to keep Grant's daughter My daughter.
and Brenda away from your truck.
But answer this.
When the bomb went off at the coffee shop, and you were directly across the street, why did you leave her there? You would only do that if you knew that she wasn't in danger.
Because you had planted the bomb.
But you didn't plan on the gas line rupturing, which actually put her in danger.
- You just wanted to be a hero.
- Like Grant.
Except you're not a hero, Allen.
You're just a coward.
Then why did I kill all those people?! Huh?! Do you have all the answers? Why did I kill all those people?! - Well, that was way too easy.
- Yes, it was.
It doesn't make sense that Allen would risk hurting Brenda.
He values her too much.
Reid said he was legitimately scared at his house.
You can't fake fear like that.
The bomb in Archer's truck was planted - by somebody else.
- A second UnSub.
Do you think Allen pissed off a partner who decided to take him out? Only one way to find out.
All right, we know you planted the bomb at the coffee shop because you wanted to be a hero, but you had nothing to do with the one at your house last night who did? - I have no idea.
- A partner? - I worked alone.
- He's lying.
I'm not.
Why would you plant a bomb that would put your wife and child at risk? You wouldn't.
So you either had a partner, or You had nothing to do with the blast at the school.
You wouldn't.
Your house is in another district, and there are safer testing grounds.
You heard about it, so you decided to build a bomb of your own to impress your wife.
And you killed seven people in the process.
- I never meant for that to Oh, and I'm sure that's gonna help their families sleep much better at night.
Why lie? Because you were caught? Self-sacrificial type, huh? Shut up.
You took credit for somebody else's work.
And she hates you.
And the other bomber hates you, and now he wants to outdo you.
Archer was a copycat.
The coffee shop bombing changes the profile.
We have to start over.
Eliminate the coffee shop, what do we have? An UnSub who set TNT in a high school boiler room and nitroglycerin in the home of the man who stole his headlines.
A boiler room that should have been empty.
He didn't want to kill anyone.
Well, that certainly changed at the Archer house.
He went for the biggest bang for his buck.
The death of a janitor at the high school gave the UnSub - the urge to kill again.
- That's the bombing we need to pay attention to.
We have a problem someone leaked the location of the truck bomb to the press.
Headlines are all about Allen again.
The media's calling on the mayor to give him a key to the city.
Obviously, the mayor isn't about to do that.
He has to.
What's your plan, Aaron? Do you want to be a hero? What are you talking about? Do you want to be a real hero, like Grant? Got a chance for you to prove yourself.
You can't be serious.
Believe me, if there were any other way, we wouldn't ask.
I can't see him again.
He nearly killed me and my daughter.
I can't risk her, too.
We will be right there to back you up.
No, I'm not doing it.
You can't make me do that.
You're right.
You're right, I can't.
All I can do is ask you to trust us and to help save lives.
The same way Grant did.
That is not fair.
I know it's not.
I can't believe you got the mayor to do this.
Once we apprehend this guy, it will all have been his idea.
Ah! Now it make sense.
Thank you for agreeing to help us.
I just hope you're right.
Otherwise I'm gonna look bad.
And I'll make sure you do, too.
Excuse me? Now I remember why I didn't go into politics.
Oklahoma New York Langley Shanksville, Boston Indianapolis.
I never wanted our great city to join that list.
But those who do evil force us to face our fears and overcome them.
And we will overcome.
Because of men like Allen Archer.
Men willing to stand up for what is right.
It is my proud honor to declare today Allen Archer Day.
Please join me as I show Allen a sign of our appreciation for his heroic bravery in the face of hostility by giving him a key to the Circle City.
Anything? Nothing yet.
All clear here.
Same here.
Nice job, Allen! Allen is an inspiration.
All too often, we as a What have you got, Garcia? Some exceedingly curious information.
Two weeks ago there was a fire at an ethanol plant.
Now there were no casualties, but I found a connection between the ethanol plant and the school.
- What's the connection? - Last month, a member of the school board was fired for having sex with a student.
Now, the student was over 18, so no charges were filed, but the member of the school board violated his contract, like, massively, so he was dismissed.
The sexy indiscretions happened on the grounds of the ethanol plant.
- Who was the board member? - James Burke.
Pretty active in the community until the affair went public.
- I'm sending you his photo now.
- Thank you.
Evil, I say here is our city.
See us Bogey on East Franklin.
Realize you have not taken us All right, let's shut this down.
IPD, don't let that van breach the perimeter.
Reid and JJ get the Archers to safety.
Dave, you got the mayor.
We are America! And we defy you! Put the van in park! I was told to park on Main.
That's not gonna happen! I said put it in park - or I'm gonna do it for you! - Okay, okay.
Now, get out of the car slowly! Let me see your hands! Slowly.
Open the door.
Both of them.
Now, back away.
Back away! That's not him.
It's a bomb! Back away! Back away! Back away! What the hell? Get up.
Get up! Who told you to bring the van here? Uh, s-some-some guy.
He paid me 200 bucks to drive it.
- This guy? - Yeah, yeah.
That-that's him.
It's a decoy.
Go to your secondary locations.
He's here somewhere.
What the hell's going on? The bomber's here.
We don't know where.
Evacuate the area.
This is on you.
It's over, James! I'm the one with the bomb.
Yes, you are.
You're not gonna use it.
Why is that, then? You're a narcissist who craved power your whole life.
And when you lost that, you snapped.
How could all those people you call friends turn their backs on you? You didn't do anything wrong, James.
I didn't.
She was 18.
It's not even illegal.
How could they fire you over that? How could they ruin your life? So, you planted a bomb.
Burned down one of the schools so the new board would panic.
Only you accidentally took a life.
And then you realized the only way anyone would ever notice you is if you killed again.
I should set this off and take you out with me.
You're not gonna do that.
Because you think you're a god.
And gods don't die.
You will die if you detonate that, James.
And then you'll never have the chance to take credit for the bombs you did build.
Put down the bomb, so we can tell everyone what you did and why.
Let's go.
So, how'd you know he'd head to the basement? Well, the fire at the ethanol plant and at the school both happened in the electrical rooms.
I apologize for earlier.
Thank you for trusting us.
I just want you to know how much it meant to me.
That-that you would do this.
I didn't do it for you.
Brenda? I just wanted to say thank you.
I know this wasn't easy.
And we couldn't have done this without you.
But the good thing about being a mom? You'll always be her hero.
Mommy! "True heroism is remarkably sober, "very undramatic.
It is not the urge "to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others, at whatever cost.
" Arthur Ashe.
You ever gonna finish this game? It's a tough one.
You know, playing yourself can be difficult.
Playing a ghost even more so.
He's gone, Spencer.
Keeping the game going won't change that.
I know.
I just thought that maybe I could keep part of him alive if his last game never ended.
Neither side will ever win, playing like this.
He hated good-byes.
Gideon also hated unfinished business.
So let's finish it.
What are you doing? Moving my rook.
Do you know how to play chess? Who do you think Gideon played before he met you? I'm probably gonna finish you in five moves.
Don't hold your breath, sonny boy.