Criminal Minds s11e01 Episode Script

The Job

[Indistinct chatter.]
Hey, let's go, let's go, come on, keep up, Rook.
Yes, sir.
Pop quiz.
What are the 3 smells.
That give away methamphetamine production? Uh, ammonia, ether, and Poop.
Usually human, not always.
And don't spill your coffee unless you want the roaches to come out and ask if it's French roast.
He had these fangs.
I saw him--I saw-- I see demons What about her? Never take statements from people speaking in tongues.
Oh, yeah.
Only a strung-out street level crank slinger would do this.
Would he also do that? Well, that's new.
But given the range of OCD behaviors of your average meth addict/ slash/manufacturer, it's not completely crazy either.
There's no visible wounds.
This junkie OD'd on his own supply, case closed.
No, Detective.
This man was murdered.
Who the hell are you? SSA David Rossi with the behavioral analysis unit.
I think your captain told you we'd be coming by.
He might have.
Isn't there supposed to be a whole team of you? Yeah.
We're a little short-handed right now.
What's that? That's our unknown subject's first kill from two days ago.
Rook: Same face paint.
I don't think so.
If that was in my city, I'd have heard about it.
It didn't happen here.
It happened in Albany, New York.
Albany? So this guy traveled all the way from Albany to here? Why? We'll have to answer that question with our profile.
Look, Agent, your telling me this perp has mommy issues isn't gonna help me close this thing.
Couldn't agree with you more, because this guy doesn't have mommy issues, and if he did, he'd probably be killing women.
What else can you tell about him? What else can we tell about him? This is his.
You two together, I take it? SSA Derek Morgan.
How do you know? There's needles everywhere.
Miss, would you use this? No.
That would blow out my delicate varicose veins.
Thank you, sweetheart.
This syringe is far too big to shoot up with.
The unsub definitely left it behind.
Now, if we're lucky, we might be able to get some DNA off of it, but this guy's so good, I doubt we're gonna get that lucky.
Detective, unless you have any objection, we've asked your captain to transport the corpse back to the FBI crime lab in Quantico.
Be my guest, but you haven't told us how we're we're gonna catch this guy.
You don't.
He most likely has already left the state.
Then who does? Yeah.
Is it the same unsub? Two kills on two coasts in two days.
This guy's on a mission.
He's not gonna rest until he completes it.
Then neither will we.
But we're down two profilers.
Our 5 brains against his one.
My money's still on us.
Let's get to work.
Woman: Hello? Hello? [Weapon cocks.]
It's just me.
I was told to give this to you.
Can I go now? [Gasps.]
Please Jesus help me.
Hotch: "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
" Aristotle.
We know for a fact that victim number one was bound and gagged, but it doesn't look like number two was.
Windows in both residences were tampered with, so he knows how to get in and out undetected.
Ok, that's impressive because aluminum foil is super crinkly.
I'm sorry, I'm not a profiler, I'm doing my best.
No, it's a fair point.
He snuck up on a tweaker who probably hadn't slept in a couple of days.
said this guy's good at hunting.
Cause of death? Cardiac arrest, but Dr.
Mertz in the crime lab can't pin down how.
He might hide it under the face paint.
What we're assuming is ritual could be a forensic countermeasure.
Rossi: What do we know about the face paint? Traditional greasepaint used by clowns, but applied to resemble a pulcinella.
Oh, I totally know what that is, but I'm gonna Google it in case someone else doesn't.
The clown archetype that we recognize today actually leads back to a 16th Century stage tradition called commedia Dell'arte, where actors wore masks to resemble their characters.
The pulcinella was the trickster character, usually without a voice.
He used a horn to make funny noises.
Maybe the victims tricked him and he's remaking them in death how he saw them in life.
So this is a vendetta by the unsub and not a compulsion.
[Cell phone vibrating.]
It's gonna make this guy really hard to profile.
All right, Dave, keep working victimology.
Morgan, stay on the M.
and, Reid, did deeper into the ritual.
I'll be right back.
How you feeling? Good.
He just fell asleep, and Will's with Henry, so, I just wanted to reach out.
Well, if I remember correctly, mom, you're supposed to sleep when the baby does.
Look, it's hard knowing that cases are still coming in and I'm not there.
Do you want me to come back? Do you want to come back? Yes.
Just [Baby gurgles.]
Not right now.
Honestly, the jump from one kid to two iswhew.
JJ, take your time.
We're all doing jobs we don't normally do, but we'll manage.
You sure you don't need me? We do need you, it's just your family needs you more.
Your job will be here when you're ready.
Thank you.
And keep sending the baby pictures, ok? Well, as Penelope says, already sent.
Yes? [Knock on door.]
Sir, shall I send in the first-- Uh, no, Anderson, I want to talk to the whole group.
Can I have everyone's attention, please.
The BAU is working an active case, so this interview process may take some time.
Does anyone need to return to their field office? No, sir.
Lewis, we'll start with you.
This way.
Have a seat, Dr.
Thank you.
And you can call me Tara.
The only person that calls me Dr.
Lewis is my father, and that's only when he's bragging and/or drunk.
So your A.
on the San Francisco field office says that you're the best field agent he's ever worked with.
I think forensic psychologists tend to stand out at the Bureau.
Other agents like it when I make sure the bad guys they've arrested are actually found competent to stand trial.
How did you do that with Herzog? He was a tough nut to crack in our prison interviews.
But then I thought, why not take on the affect of his wife? Facial expressions, voice patterns, cadence.
Once I did that, he told me everything I needed to know, specifically, that he was not crazy.
Well, you're the only applicant with this much clinical evaluative experience, but it's not really relevant to what we do here.
Look, I get it.
Interviewing a serial killer from the safety of a prison cell isn't the same as hunting them, right? It's just a different skill set.
That's why I'm here.
For 12 years I've studied these men after they were caught.
Now I want to catch them.
Just tell me what you need in a profiler, Agent Hotchner.
[Cell phone vibrates.]
I need you to wait a few minutes.
I'll be right back.
I can wait.
It took me two victims to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing and not going crazy.
You found trace elements of a drug in their blood? Not a drug, and not trace elements.
A lot of it.
Corn syrup solids, soy fiber, medium-chain triglycerides.
Is that a nutritional supplement? The kind you drink.
Only he injects them with it.
Under the face paint, as you thought.
The syringe you found was his murder weapon.
So once he injects it, it causes a massive embolism, right? An agonizing one.
It's like injecting cement.
It could take up to an hour before they die.
All right, so play this out for me.
Who would drink this stuff? Senior citizens.
Anyone having trouble nutritionally.
Somebody who can't eat solid foods.
Well, this doesn't clear up much.
Vic number one was a divorced dad who got custody of his kids.
And number two was the local drug supplier.
So if the question is, what connects these two guys, the answer is, nothing.
And we never would have made the connection if it weren't for the face paint.
Which begs the question, why do it at all? To taunt us, feel superior.
It's obviously a message, and my assumption is that it has something to do with the mouth, 'cause look at this.
The colors of the pulcinella are oddly inverted.
Traditionally the character has a black face but a white jaw.
He's painting it the other way around.
You said that this character was the precursor to today's clown because he couldn't speak, right? Yeah, that's right.
So, he was also the first mime, too.
Very much so.
Which means Oh.
Oh! He has a feeding port in his stomach? The nutritional supplement that Dr.
Mertz found in both victims would be ideal for someone who couldn't eat normally.
So if the unsub sustained an injury to the jaw, it would also suggest that he's unable to speak.
Hence the pulcinella mask.
It's his way of communicating.
Ok, so what is he trying to say? Well, let's work our way back to that based on what we know.
We know this guy travels thousands of miles in two days.
So, he probably doesn't sleep.
He's able to sneak into a suburban house or a drug den undetected.
He overwhelms his victims silently and then injects them.
And then as they lay there dying over the course of an hour, he simply sits over them and leaves them a highly symbolic message, but it's a precise message.
His victims are seizing up right in front of him, but this guy does not miss a brush stroke.
This is a man who's been around death before.
It doesn't faze him.
Who else would leave this type of message? Drug cartels.
Cutting the tongues out of snitches and the hands off of thieves.
The mafia, sleeping with the fishes and all that.
He's a contract killer.
Only a hit man would be this good, but his message-- it's not for us.
It's for his customers.
[Breathing hard.]
Please, please don't do this.
I don't know--I don't know what you're talking about.
Why are you doing this to me? That--that wasn't me.
I would never-- I wouldn't do that.
We had a deal.
I respected that deal.
You have to believe me.
[Muffled screaming.]
Your body was made for [Cell phone rings.]
What have you got, Garcia? Sir, I am in the middle of my trademark top to tail background check on our dearly departed Brian Taylor.
Thus far he is spectacularly normal.
No suspicious behavior, no unsavory vices.
What about financials? Contract killings usually involve some sort of unpaid debt.
Oh, yeah, I checked that, too.
Uh, he put $40,000 in an escrow.
Maybe he got killed trying to be upwardly mobile? When was the escrow set up? Uhtwo months ago.
Someone in Taylor's life died exactly two months ago.
Who was that? That would be his father.
And there was some animosity between them.
Uh, let me check on that.
He was emancipated from his dad.
He claimed sexual abuse.
It was never proven.
Sir, how did you know that? Because 40,000 wouldn't get Taylor a down payment in this neighborhood, but it is a competitive rate for a hit man.
Hold up.
Are you saying our Brian Taylor's not so normal because he hired a hit man? I think all of our victims did.
We need to deliver the profile.
Sir, uh, to who are we gonna deliver it to? To the agents who want to join the BAU.
We'll use our shorthandedness to our advantage.
The unsub that we're looking for is a contract killer who is doubling back to kill his former customers.
This man is highly skilled and well-trained.
Under no circumstances should he be engaged without back-up.
So is this a case of organized crime tying up loose ends? Organized crime's got nothing to do with this, at least not in the traditional sense.
In 2013, the Bureau took down the Silk Road network.
Our initial assumption was that it was an encrypted online market for illegal drugs, which it was, but upon further inspection, we were stunned at the breadth of goods and services being traded online.
Weapons, child porn, even hit men.
Hotch: And the payment scheme was escrow based, in which the buyer would put down half as a deposit and the other half when the seller delivered.
Morgan: We've now confirmed that all 3 victims hired the unsub over the past year through a similar escrow system.
So why is he killing his old clients? Rossi: Hit men don't leave a message unless you pay them to.
The exception is to leave a warning for customers or competitors.
Reid: This unsub suffered some sort of injury to his jaw or voice, most likely as a result of something these customers did.
The pulcinella mask is his statement on revenge and justice-- betray the oath between customer and contractor and you pay the price.
Now, normally a man with this kind of defect would attract attention.
The fact that he hasn't indicates that he has deep pockets and a network of resources at his disposal.
Hotch: Share this profile with your local divisions and with law enforcement.
Search for escrow payments to match the unsub to his clients.
One of those clients will be his next target.
Thank you.
Hey, Al.
Yeah? I'm heading out.
Hey, oh, whoa, whoa.
Did you finish that engine transfer on that Jeep? I will tomorrow.
Come on, don't dilly-dally.
That guy calls, it's your ass I gotta kick.
Wasn't it Bob's ass last week? Al's garage.
I decide whose ass to kick.
Hey, be sure to lock up! Don't be a smart-ass.
You lock up.
[Door opens and closes.]
[Loud thud.]
What was that? Hello? Unh! Hey, hey, speedy, slow your roll.
I am slow.
That is the problem.
Ok, you definitely don't have to beat me up.
Just use your words and talk to me.
Ok, do you remember 2001? Not the movie, the year.
Everyone was illegally downloading free music off of Napster? I have no idea where this is going, but sure.
The government shuts it down, but that doesn't stop the online sharing world.
It just goes deeper underground.
And you have the same headache on your hands trying to find this guy.
You understand me.
Come here.
I'm following the digital breadcrumbs, but because the problem is this Silk Road bust made online hit men and drug dealers that much better at hiding.
Ok, take this, for instance.
It's the dummy corporation the unsub uses for his escrow, and he never goes to the same place twice.
'Cause we would track it to him.
And this is where I go into the very bad spinning out place.
What if there's a whole network of professional killers out there? Then we'll get 'em.
How? How are you gonna profile a bunch of ones and zeroes.
We'll try.
We all have to do jobs that we don't normally do, right? Come on, now, Garcia, what if we look at the paper trail from the opposite direction? Walk me through it.
Cast a wide net over the past 6 months.
Look for anyone who's ever set up an escrow.
Well, I already did that.
The numbers are astronomical.
Ok, but did you eliminate the reputable corporations? The whole point is it's fly by night, right? Mm-hmm, and because of the housing market crash, there's still a ton out there.
We also have insider trader information.
The unsub charges Oh.
Ho, that brings the numbers way down.
I got 16 across the country.
The way this operates is the customer puts half down when he places the order and the other half when the job is done.
So two payments of 20,000 each.
I don't believe it.
We found our next victim.
See? Who says we can't profile the ones and zeroes? And he's in Baltimore.
That's right next door.
And we're gonna get there first.
Nobody does it like you and me, baby girl.
Thank you.
That never gets old.
[Cell phone vibrating.]
[Muffled screaming.]
Gentlemen, Captain Wilson, Baltimore SWAT.
How do you want to do this, Captain? We'll breach and clear.
When it's locked down, the site is yours.
Sound good? Mm-hmm.
All right.
Police! Don't shoot! Do not shoot! Come out with your hands up.
That's gonna be real hard, real hard.
Look! What's that you got in your hands? Grenade! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Drop it! Drop it! Drop it! I can't drop it! I can't! Put your weapons down! Put your weapons down.
You mean that literally, don't you? You can't drop it.
Yeah! What did he use? What did he use?! Over there.
It's dried and set and he glued over the pin.
Do you have any acetone? It's not gonna work.
It's not gonna work.
Reid, he's right.
This is industrial acrylic.
It holds car parts together.
Captain: Bomb squad's 10 minutes out.
I'm gonna take out my men and set up a perimeter.
Maybe we can still box this guy in.
We're staying.
All right, we're going block to block, gentlemen.
You gotta do something, ok? We will, we will, but you need to stay still.
Stay still.
He--he pulled the pin.
I'm holding down this clamp here, but my hand is cramping, so you--just do something, all right?! Morgan, 4 cars.
What about them? Each car has a battery, right? Each battery has an electrolyte solution of 62% water, Why not? But, Reid, that's not gonna work.
Because the acrylic will still stay bonded to the metal.
Absolutely true, but it will also create a saponification effect on his flesh.
The grenade will literally slide out of his hand like a wet bar of soap.
Of course there will be an intense burning sensation on the skin, and the smell will be horrendous.
You can't--you're not burning my hands! You're not gonna do it! Hey, listen, pal.
Stay still! You got yourself into this mess, so unless you got a better idea, just shut up.
I don't understand.
I just need to get through.
What's the situation here? I'm trying to get home.
I've had a long day.
You check the trunk? All right, well, let the lady go home.
All right, let her through.
Someone's gotta hold the grenade while this thing is--right? That's my job.
This is gonna hurt, but you'll survive.
Is everybody ready? Yeah.
Just watch your end, kid.
All right, my hand's on the lever.
All right, I need you to help me pull.
I've got it.
We safe, Rossi? Yeah, we're good.
The lever's st-- Run! You guys ok? Anyone hurt? You ok? [Coughing.]
Yeah, he's fine.
So here's what I figured out.
You tell me what I got wrong.
One--you set up an escrow and two days later your fiancee died.
Two--the man who killed her just tried to blow us all up tonight.
How am I doing so far? Hey! I don't take kindly to being blown up.
It actually pisses me off.
If you help me with number two, I might help you with number one.
What do you want to know? Who is he? I don't know.
Where is he? I don't know.
Who else is he going after? I don't know.
I'll see you at sentencing.
Anonymity was the whole point.
Online names, encrypted emails.
But for some reason he kept tabs on me.
I didn't say quit talking.
The whole thing started about a month afterYou know.
I noticed the camera on my computer would turn itself on.
Then I'd get these weird facetime calls with no caller I.
That's called nerves.
That's what happens when you kill somebody.
I couldn't take that chance.
So I reached out to another guy, a friend of mine, to take care of it.
Not quite the same level of professionalism, butgood enough.
At least I thought.
Let me get this straight.
You put a hit on a hit man.
But you went cheap.
I didn't have a lot of money left over.
You know what I'm saying? So I pretended to be a new customer, telling our Internet friend I needed a job done.
Only it was a setup.
He was never supposed to see it coming, much less know who it was.
This setup, where did it happen? Atlantic City.
Ok, so, a week ago, this guys stumbles into the Atlantic City E.
, having been shot in the jaw.
Can't give them his name 'cause of the whole shot in the mouth thing.
But his fingerprints lit up the Rome police database like a Christmas tree.
That explains the pulcinella influence.
They were able to get a name-- Giuseppe Montolo, but by the time Jersey P.
got there, Montolo had been patched up and made his escape.
And now he's on some type of payback gig.
He has no idea who double-crossed him, so now he's killing every customer that he suspects might have done it.
I tried to use Al's username and password to flush out other clients, but they don't call it the Darknet for nothing.
Then we let it go.
We're not going to catch him that way.
What other way is there? Montolo changed his M.
drastically with the last victim.
He went from up close and personal to collateral damage.
Al blows himself up or we kill him.
Either way it's a win-win.
If he made that dramatic a shift, it was a mistake.
That's how we catch him.
You're--you're leaving? All right, then let's do this old school.
Morgan, you took Al’s confession.
Walk us through it like you're the unsub.
I got my victim on the ground, and I have the syringe in my hand.
I have total control over him.
This is my moment.
I'm gonna make him pay for what he did.
But Al said he got a text.
[Cell phone vibrating.]
I don't like what I see.
Now I have to change my plan.
What was on that text? Someone tipped him off.
He wouldn't deviate that much otherwise.
But that would mean that-- We have a mole.
There's a lot of new faces around here want to join the BAU.
I don't think it's a federal agent.
I think it's someone in local law enforcement.
Based on what? The clock.
According to Al, the unsub left before we showed up.
That's a narrow window.
Too narrow for him to wait around for an embolism, but he had to figure out a way to deal with his last victim.
Montolo changed his M.
at the last moment because he learned about us at the last moment.
So the last on to hear the cavalry was coming in the Judas.
That means a local cop.
You said Wilson pulled his men off the scene? He said he wanted to box the unsub in.
But maybe he really wanted to ensure he got out.
We profiled that the unsub would have support and resources.
An ally in SWAT would give him both.
We go after a captain, we need more than a profile, we need proof.
The security perimeter they set up, they would have recorded every license plate-- Garcia.
Yes, sir.
Cross-referencing last name Wilson.
Uh, ok.
I got a Ford Taurus.
It is registered to Betty Wilson, wife of Captain Phil Wilson.
Quite a plan these 3 have.
All right, let her through.
He waved his own wife through the checkpoint.
And she secured the hit man's escape.
Montolo has them both working under duress.
Wilson has to be a customer.
Which means he's also a target.
You ok? I think it's gonna be ok.
I think he's gone.
[Cocks weapon.]
What? Where are we going? All right, let's get the job done.
Jesus Rossi: FBI! [Indistinct.]
No Where's your husband? Betty, where's Phil? I don't know! He left with With the hit man he hired.
We know everything.
No, you don't.
Phil didn't hire him.
I did.
Hotch: You ready? Almost.
Setting up caller I.
Spoofing and Dialing.
Ok, all you have to say is, "It's me.
Can you talk?" And I'll take it from there.
[Line ringing.]
It's Betty.
Hey, babe.
It's me.
Can you talk? Yeah.
Not on speaker.
Captain, this is Aaron Hotchner with the FBI.
We're going to get you out of this.
Just drive normally and follow my prompts.
Can you talk? Yes, it's fine, or not right now.
Yeah, it's fine.
Did you enter the address in the map apps on your phone? Yeah, I took care of it.
We're getting the address from your phone, sir.
My team is going to beat you there.
You're gonna drive him straight to us.
No, I--just let me run this errand and then I can come home.
Sir, you are the last errand.
He's going to kill you.
I gotta go, baby.
I had two miscarriages, back to back, just like that.
My O.
prescribed painkillers, and after a while You were taking them just to feel normal.
Mydealer wanted me to do things.
He wouldn't leave me alone.
That's when I read about Silk Road.
I could buy the drugs anonymously, and And more than that.
So you hired Montolo to kill the dealer.
Did Phil know about any of that? I kept it all a secret, until he showed up at our door.
Then I didn't have a choice.
When I told Phil He said he still loved me.
God, I'm so sorry.
You get all that? Yeah.
Relay that to Morgan and Reid.
As soon as Montolo lands, he's gonna kill Wilson.
There'll be no time to intercept or talk him down.
Morgan: It's a perfect place for a hit.
Almost there.
[Cocks weapon.]
Hey, hey, calm down.
Oh, dear.
Uh, Captain Wilson is calling us.
He's calling home, but-- I can try to fake it.
I don't know All right, everyone quiet.
Stay off your phones.
No one make a sound.
Lewis, you're up.
H-hello? Hey, babe.
What is it? Is everything ok? Yeah, I just-- Sorry for snapping at you earlier.
He just landed.
Phil? Just do what you need to do and get home, ok? I will.
Sweetie, I can hear it in your voice.
What is it? Morgan, do you have a shot? Do you have a visual? Hotch, this is negative.
Wilson's in the way.
Honey, talk to me, baby.
Tell me where your head is at.
This whole thing, I never meant for any of this to happen.
I know.
I'm so, so sorry about all of it, but just keep your head down and we'll get through this.
Ok? Do you hear me, baby? Just keep your head down.
Morgan: Go! Go! Drop the gun, Captain.
You're under arrest.
It was all me.
Betty had nothing to do with this.
We already know it was both of you, Phil.
But you did what you did out of love.
And Betty's only hope for leniency is if you testify on her behalf.
All right? So don't abandon her.
Not when she needs you the most.
[Cell phone rings.]
It's Reid.
Reid, what happened? What happened? What happened? We got both of them.
Yes! Good work.
We'll see you back here.
Look, I just want to say, even if I don't get the position that this was the best job interview ever.
Penelope Garcia.
You're marvelous.
She's marvelous.
Agent Lewis, I believe I asked you to wait and that was about It was completely worth it.
Maybe we could have that sit-down now? Yes.
2 a.
is my jam.
Sir? Yes.
Do I have to organize the other applicants to follow her? No, you can tell them the position's been filled.
"Courage is grace under pressure.
" Ernest Hemingway.
Give me a minute, all right? I know you're awake.
You can't talk and that's fine by me, because right now I want you to listen.
You made a real big mistake when you tried to kill me.
Because I'm not about to let you go.
I know there's more of you out there, but you'd best believe that me and my team will not rest until we take every last one of you sons of bitches down.
And you're gonna help me, Giuseppe, whether you want to or not.
[Handcuff rattles.]
What, you want to write? The Dirty Dozen.
What's this? This what you call yourselves? This is who you're gonna kill next.
Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? Hey! What are you-- stop doing that! Stop doing that! I said stop! Stop doing that! [Breathing hard.]
You'll never stop us.
Nurse: What's going on in here? Oh, my God, what did you do to him? I didn't do anything.
He did this to himself! He was trying to hurt himself! Out! Out! Out! I didn't do anything to him! [Gasping and choking.]