Criminal Minds s11e18 Episode Script

A Beautiful Disaster

1 Help me! Help me, she's been shot! She's been shot! Help me! Put her on the gurney.
Help her, please! Babe, babe, you're gonna be ok.
Call O.
And trauma surgery! You're gonna be fine.
You hear me? You're gonna be ok.
Please help her.
She's got a weak pulse, breathing is shallow.
Two large-bore IVs.
Get her into trauma one.
Start a liter of lactated ringer's, wide open.
Baby, you're gonna be all right.
Pulse is thready.
BP is 80/40.
How many weeks is she? Uh33.
I got a fetal heartbeat.
Rate's 100.
Is the baby ok? We're doing everything we can.
Did someone call O.
? Get me a type and cross.
Yes, Doctor.
We need two units red cells on hold.
Trauma surgery says O.
2 is prepped and ready.
Let's move her out.
She's in severe danger of losing this baby.
You need to get out of this area, Agent.
Stats are falling! Sir, you need to stay there.
Do not come in here.
No, you gotta-- is there someone you'd like me to call? Hello? Yeah.
Wh-- We need all vehicular and pedestrian traffic stopped in a 10-block radius.
Hey, where you going? Hey, let me through, that's my team over there! Get your hands off me.
I'm FBI.
Hey, hey, he's an Agent.
Let him through.
What the hell is wrong with them? Don't they know we're on this case? Yes, he knows.
He just didn't know who you are.
It's ok.
Tell me you got something.
A casing and a rifle up on the roof.
This guy isn't sloppy.
He's sending us a message.
Garcia, we need to access the surveillance footage.
Of course.
I'm on it.
What else we got? That's it right now.
Where were you and Savannah standing? We were standing right over there on the side of my truck.
We were just talking.
She was to the back and I was facing her.
I was the one who was vulnerable.
I was the easy shot.
How's Savannah? She's in surgery.
Come on, let's check in.
You guys got this? Go.
Metro PD's gonna secure all the windows and have an officer placed in front of Savannah's room 24/7.
I got us a conference room down the hall to work in, and I'm getting access to the security cams right now.
You two need coffee? I'm good.
Tara's donating blood in case Savannah needs more.
It turns out they're the same type.
That's JJ, who I'm return texting.
She and Reid are looking at the footage to see if there's anything.
Hopefully you are officially caught up now and I will continue to do so.
Come on, sit.
When is someone gonna let me know they're gonna be ok? I totally feel you.
You're not alone in this.
Just stop.
Please just stop.
I can't take your blind optimism right now.
It's not helping me.
Just stop.
I just-- What's up? What do we got? You can't investigate this.
Excuse me? You're a material witness in your wife's shooting and a target.
And not just tonight but for the past 6 months.
Hotch, how can you, of all people, ask me to sit this out? You didn't back off when Foyet attacked your family.
And how did that turn out? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't sit down and do nothing.
Your job right now is to be a husband and a father.
Hotch, please.
I have a skill set that can help find this son of a bitch.
You're off the case.
Criminal Minds 11x18 A Beautiful Disaster @elderman So if security footage has no angles of the shooting or the rooftop, where does that leave us? We're running facial recognition on everyone in and around the hospital to see if they match any loose ends from Morgan's abduction.
How did he take it? As expected.
Sir, I know that when Morgan was on leave after his abduction, you encouraged him to stay away from the case.
And let me guess-- he didn't.
We all knew in our hearts it wasn't over, and, look, we were right, so in an extra-curricular kind of way we kept sleuthing to see who was working with John Bradley.
Before he came back to work, Morgan said that he'd found a connection between the men who held him at the cabin and the Montolo family.
So, basically, we're dealing with a big crime family tree, of which Bradley was certainly a branch.
And the Montolos had hired him multiple times.
Did you scan the drawing? Yeah, it's right here.
So, has everyone been working on this? - Yeah, basically.
- Kinda.
Ok, with Morgan's research, plus our bad guys/gals tree here, we've cut all the legs off the evil table.
So like look-- you got assassin, mother, father, siblings, all deceased, one aunt in therapy for family trauma, and each line is like that.
Montolo's line's the shortest of them all.
The only living child of Chazz and Rosemary Montolo.
Rosemary died when Giuseppe was just a boy.
And then Giuseppe went to live with his family in Italy, and Chazz went off to build a criminal empire.
Looks like Chazz Montolo was killed last year.
Yeah, in a bank fire in Germany.
Got positive I.
On the dental and fingerprints.
One week after his son was murdered.
What if that's not a coincidence? So whoever poisoned the son also killed the father.
Or he staged his own death so we wouldn't suspect him of this.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
I only ran facial recognition on living people for obvious reasons, but this guy right here, walking out of the hospital, this guy, that is That's Chazz Montolo.
Garcia, play the footage.
All right.
Garcia, contact the city, get access to traffic cameras.
Now that we know he's here, we can find out where he went.
Oh, wait, Morgan's calling me.
I told him I'd keep him in the know before I knew it was an order that he wasn't supposed to know.
All right.
Reid, you talk to Morgan.
JJ, you and Garcia track Montolo, find out who his accomplices are.
He doesn't work alone.
Dave, you and I will find potential witnesses who might have seen him on the property.
Were you with Garcia? Yeah.
Here, I brought you a green tea.
It won't make you as jittery as coffee.
You came instead of Garcia because you know I'd be able to read her.
That is correct.
And Hotch sent you here to see if I'm stable.
He didn't say that, but I don't get jittery.
Usually you don't, but your carotid tells a different story.
I've counted 10 heartbeats in the last 3 seconds.
That's about 20% higher than your usual when you're under stress.
I know you're only trying to protect me, I get it, but knock it off.
I just want to know what you've learned.
When you first told me about Savannah, I'd never seen you like that.
The decreased levels of central serotonin in your brain cause intrusive thinking.
When I finally saw you guys together, that's when I knew for sure.
Your pupils dilated, your posture changed, and I saw you involuntarily reach for her hand.
Science confirmed it.
You've found the one.
Do you believe that? Yes.
Then believe this.
Our team loves you, and we are not going to stop until we find whoever did this.
But we can only do that with a completely dispassionate and unprejudiced point of view.
Paternal instinct is a deadly bias that we just can't risk.
It's for your protection, Morgan, I swear.
The unsub is a father, isn't he? Why do you say that? A paternal instinct is a deadly bias? Those were your exact words.
I meant I know what you meant.
But that's what you said.
Go back to that first image.
Keep rewinding.
Ok, now pull up the hallway footage right before that.
Hold it.
Right there.
Oh, my God.
He's right near Morgan.
Uh, look a the time stamp.
That's when I got the call, but It wasn't an orderly who called me, it was him.
He was right there.
You ok? Yeah.
No, I'm ok.
It's a miracle, really.
Whoever did this chose to hurt her right in front of a hospital.
If the point was to kill her, why would he shoot her at a place where she could be saved? Maybe the point wasn't to kill her.
The shooter called Garcia from the hospital minutes after the attack.
A homeless guy.
He stood out because he was wearing a ring.
I just wasn't focused enough at the time to flag it.
Do we have any leads? Giuseppe Montolo's father.
Chazz Montolo.
He wants me to feel how he feels.
How did I do? Hotch know you're here? I don't agree with taking you off the case.
When someone hurts one of us, when someone hurts a baby Yeah.
Uh, I need to show this to the team, but I wanted you to see it first.
I found it in the pay phone he used to call Garcia.
“How does it feel? “Do you see red? I see red.
” Does that mean anything to you? No.
You sure? Yeah.
That thing have hot cocoa? That's what I'm getting.
Make it two? Mm-hmm.
How you holding up? I've never seen him like this.
I want to fix it and I can't.
It's too much for anyone.
It's not fair and it needs to stop.
Are you all right? I showed it to Morgan.
What did he say? Same as us.
It's a taunt.
- That's all? - Mm-hmm.
And I'm sorry.
I thought it would help.
It's ok.
Where are we with the motels and the SROs along the bus route? Mostly cash transactions, faceless tenants.
I'll get the Washington field office to canvass the area.
Why leave a note so seemingly on the nose when every other action has been calculated for maximum pain? It has to mean more than simply “I'm angry.
” It's a clue or a symbol.
It means something to Morgan and I think Chazz knows that.
Well, he wants to drive Morgan to exact revenge.
How do you think he's doing? Well, after the physical and emotional stress of 6 months ago, and now this? The guy's a saint.
He passed his return evals.
Yeah, but we wrote the questions.
He knows exactly what to say.
Virginia, D.
, and Maryland agents are the way.
Thank you, Hotch.
How is she? Still touch and go.
I I'm waiting to see her.
The note.
“seeing red.
” what does it mean? I don't know.
You're looking for microexpressions.
You divided this team when we need to work together.
JJ disobeyed orders by going to you, and now you're withholding.
I didn't divide this team.
You did.
It's the doctor.
I'm sorry.
This should be me.
And I'm so sorry.
Where's Agent Morgan? He said you were calling him.
Well, then where is he? He wouldn't just go off on his own.
Garcia, pull up security footage of the emergency entrance.
Let's go.
Where is he? He's not gonna stop.
Morgan, tell me where he is.
I can't get anyone else hurt.
This isn't your call.
Come on, you have to know what I'm feeling right now.
That's why you need to come back here or tell me where you're going.
I can't do it.
I'm sorry, man.
Goodbye, Aaron.
He's gone.
GPS has him heading north about a mile away from the hospital and then he stops.
- Why would he stop? - He got rid of his phone.
No, no, no.
That guy's trying to kill him.
He's walking into a trap.
I check in every 5 minutes.
If they don't hear from me, then they know who to kill first.
Empty your gun.
You sit here with me unless you want them all to die.
That officer, he works for me.
Oh, no, wait, maybe it's the man doubled over in pain, or the nurse.
Could be it's none of them and I just tricked you into handing over your gun.
What do you choose to believe? That you're a narcissistic homicidal psychopath.
And you can't stand the fact that you failed 6 months ago, so now you're back to punish me.
I'll tell you what I believe.
You killed my son.
You're the last person that saw him alive.
Yes, I was, but someone else poisoned him.
How did he end up in prison? I arrested him.
I didn't kill him.
That's your belief.
Mine is that you killed my flesh and blood and have no idea what that feels like.
We've only just begun.
Morgan was headed north when we lost him.
There are 3 highways in that direction.
He could have gone anywhere.
Except Montolo never left the city.
Garcia, pull up that footage of him at the bus stop.
Red line.
Red line.
He sees red.
But he never gets on.
See, he moves right past it.
So, “I see red.
” what the hell does that mean? Yeah.
You know what to do.
Do you ever count how many choices you make in a day? The first is whether or not to get out of bed in the morning.
When Giuseppe died, I really struggled with that one.
What do you want? I'm gonna to give you some fatherly advice, something you missed out on as a kid, am I right? Find your stillness.
You know, another choice I made was to stick with what works.
And this, for me, works.
It reflects who I am.
You decided on a semi-automatic weapon, and that defines you.
Now Did you kill my son? No.
Morgan never calls me Aaron.
Why would he start? What else did he say? That of all people, I should understand.
He was talking about Foyet.
But he mentioned that earlier.
Why would he bring it up again? He wanted you to relate to his rage and back off? Is there any other relevance to Foyet? He attacked in my home.
Maybe Morgan subconsciously let that slip.
Yeah, but Morgan's house isn't red.
Yeah, but he's renovated a lot of houses over the years.
What if it's one of those? Yeah.
You know, I could have shot her when you were far away from help, but I gave her a chance.
I made that choice.
Think about it.
You're insane.
You know, I learned a lot by living in these walls that you built.
For example, at first, it was about changing the past, the power of transformation.
Believing that anything can be fixed.
And then you finished the renovation.
And you decided to study behavior.
For a living.
And then, many years later you crossed paths with my son.
So the decisions you made in these very walls were the beginning of our journey.
Morgan was busy.
He has 8 properties.
He started renovating in 2001 right after 9-11.
I remember him saying he didn't know what else to do with his frustration.
He thought tearing down walls would be a good start.
He wanted to restore them so he could control something.
Could Montolo know about these houses? It's public record, so probably.
Uh, let's see.
Morgan uses a service to rent out the properties.
Here's one that's been rented for a while to a C.
Joseph, C.
Joseph, C.
Joseph, C.
R Guys, Joseph is the English translation of Giuseppe.
What if “C” stands for Chazz and “R” for Rosemary? Do you have an image of the property? I can find one.
Let's go.
Address on your phones.
We've taken Savannah out of the induced coma.
She's asking for her husband.
Oh, dear.
Uh, uh--thank you.
They need to do a C-section.
Where is he? Ok, the team had a lead on the case, and it's all about protecting you and the baby.
He wants to be here for this, but-- well, tell him to get back here.
Ok, ok.
That's a hell of a way to come into the world, huh? Your baby's birthday is gonna be on your headstone.
Being a dad is all I've thought about.
You must remember what that's like.
You want the best for your kid.
So you start thinking Am I doing this right? Am I living the kind of life I want my kid to emulate? I really want to believe that you've wondered about that stuff with your son, but I don't think so.
You've had plenty of chances to get out of that life, but you stayed.
And so did Giuseppe, because that's all he knew.
The person to blame for the death of your son is you.
Let's make this interesting.
I'm going to give you a gift that you did not give to me.
A chance to say goodbye.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Baby girl.
You're ok.
Oh, uh, Savannah's awake.
I know.
You know? Ok, well, she's about to get a C-section, so you need to get back here.
Garcia, I need you to patch everyone in.
Do it now.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Go ahead, Garcia.
I've got Morgan.
Are you all there? - Are you all right? - Yeah, we're here.
He's got a gun with two bullets.
Listen to me.
I made a decision tonight that led me to this.
This is my fault, you understand? No one else's.
And if this is how it ends It was meant to be.
Don't say that.
Promise me you'll look after Savannah and my baby.
Of course we will, but so will you.
Ohh! Derek? Derek? Promise me you'll look after Savannah and my baby.
Of course we will, but so will you.
Aah! My team was never in danger.
You don't know that.
This house doesn't have a land line.
Now you pick it up.
There's one bullet left in that chamber, so pick it up.
It's your choice.
You either get arrested and rot in prison or you pick up that gun and we end this.
Pick it up! You won't shoot an unarmed man.
I know you want to.
I can see it.
Come on, be a man.
Come on.
Come on.
Be a man! Pull the trigger! Or you won't sleep a night until I'm dead.
It's a boy! Oh, my God! Wow! Jack was never this tiny.
The doctor said this Incubator is gonna be home for another two weeks.
It's gonna fly by.
Hotch, I get it.
I finally know what you guys have been talking about.
I never knew that 6 pounds, 1 ounce could knock me out.
You got the grip.
Right? He's strong.
Ok, so it's not just me.
Promise me you'll take some time.
About that Hotch I just saw your prince down the hall.
He's sleeping like it's his job.
'Cause it is.
Pretty incredible, huh? I'm so grateful.
You know, I've learned that-- in the short time I've had the privilege of being a dad It heals wounds.
Just being there for your kid.
Like your dad wanted to be, I'm sure.
Like my daughter wanted me to be.
Hey, you are a good man.
You know that.
You'd have been there for her had you known.
I didn't have that choice.
But you do.
It's crazy, huh? I miss him.
He's just right down the hall.
Well, let's go take a look.
It's time he meets his uncle Dave.
Yes, it is.
Come on.
I wasn't expecting to see you here.
But since you are I got a little something for you and the family.
What? Oh, wow.
You're gonna have a lot of babysitters.
Thank you.
We'll always be here for you, ok? I know.
I know.
I know you hate goodbyes, kid.
And change.
It isn't always a bad thing.
I just can't imagine this room without you.
So don't.
Don't think about it.
Just know I'm always gonna be by your side.
I'm just a phone call away.
I'm sorry I can't stay.
I don't want you to stay.
Because I know why you're leaving and I couldn't be happier for you.
Listen, we were gonna mail these, but I wanted you to have a birth announcement first.
Hank Spencer Morgan.
Hank is for my pops.
But Spencer is for the best little brother anybody could ever ask for.
I love you, kid.
I love you.
So, look, uh, my little dude, he's gonna need a big brother, too.
To teach him everything he knows about life.
And chess.
I can do that.
I know you can.
I want you to see him.
Look at that.
- Oh, man.
- Mmm? I did good, huh? Great.
Oh, wow.
Look at that face.
Look what I did.
I packed you up already, so you can leave super fast, which I think is a totally good idea.
I would be pissed if you stayed, because taking care of that sweet baby is what it's about now, and keeping bad guys out of your life is a really good plan.
You all right? He's gonna be ok.
He's gonna be ok.
I repeated that to myself like a prayer when they were hurting you in that cabin.
And then when all that happened to Savannah, I said to myself, they're gonna be ok.
They're gonna be ok.
And they are.
How can that be blind optimism, when I am looking at you in all of your delicious ok-ness? That's not blind.
No, it's not blind.
It's magic.
It is magic.
Everything you and I do together is magic.
Since the minute we met.
But it's ending, and I'm scared.
You make me feel super brave.
You make me feel safe.
You know, you're partially to blame for me leaving.
You got such a big heart, I think it rubbed off on me.
I think the actual reason is that little baby boy.
I'm really glad it wasn't a baby girl.
I'm really glad.
Is that wrong? No.
It's not.
You will always be my original baby girl.
Penelope Garcia, I love you so much.
I don't think my heart can take any more of this, so, um, I'm assuming the good news is I'm the godmother? Hmm.
I'll take your silence as a yes.
As a good friend of mine said, every ending is also a beginning.
We just don't know it at the time.
I'd like to believe she's right.