Criminal Minds s11e19 Episode Script


1 [Rats squeaking.]
[Glass shatters.]
Help me.
It's ok.
Help is on the way.
[Man laughing.]
No! Dreaming again? Same one? Maybe you should see a counselor.
It might help them to stop.
Only one thing is going to help them to stop.
None of it was your fault.
You know that.
Baby, you can't go on like this.
You need your sleep.
I'll be fine.
Yeah, I know.
That's what you keep saying.
Go back to sleep.
[Man laughing.]
[Computer dings.]
No way.
Are you ever going to turn that page? I haven't finished it yet.
You miss him, huh? Yeah, me, too.
Me three.
Hotch: That's not a lot to go on, Emily.
I know.
But it's him.
I know it is.
And now he's stateside.
People get shot in New York every day.
What makes you so sure? Geography, M.
, victimology, he copycats the classics-- Chikatilo in Russia, Jack the Ripper in London, last month it was the Boston Strangler.
Now, it was a single homicide, so I thought maybe that was just me trying to see something that wasn't there.
But now he's in New York copying the Son of Sam.
It's him.
I know it's him.
Berkowitz shot two people in that first Son of Sam murder.
You've only got one victim here.
Yes, but it happened in the same neighborhood in the Bronx, and ballistics confirmed it was a .
44 caliber Bulldog exactly like Berkowitz used.
In Boston he used nylon stockings to strangle an elderly woman one block from where DeSalvo's first murder took place back in 1962.
We haven't been invited in by Boston or NYPD.
And you know the protocol gets tricky.
Technically it's serial.
FBI has jurisdiction.
Well, if you count the international kills, yes.
But we're gonna have to get permission from the DOJ.
Good people died trying to catch this guy, Hotch.
I need your help.
We're somewhere over Texas right now.
How soon can you meet us in New York? I'm already on my way.
Criminal Minds 11x19 Tribute @elderman Prentiss: "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.
" Voltaire.
Rossi: What makes us so sure it's all the same guy? Well, Emily believes it's how precisely he's mimicking each crime.
Go ahead, Garcia.
This is all streaming to your tablets.
Feel free to follow along.
I give you Andrei Chikatilo.
His first victim was in 1978.
It was a 9-year-old girl whose body was discovered in the Russian city of Rostov.
She was sexually assaulted, strangled, and mutilated.
He also took eyeballs as trophies and ate some of his victims' organs.
I now give you 10-year-old Natasha Dudechenko.
Her body was discovered two years ago, also in Rostov, roughly a mile away from where the original body was found, and tragically in much the same condition.
The Russian police apparently spotted a suspect near the crime scene, but he eluded capture in the crowded train station.
Chikatilo actually confessed to 56 murders committed between 1978 and 1990.
Well, the timeline and the body count probably don't matter as much as geography and the copying of the M.
It was the same last year in London.
It was, indeed.
3 women were discovered in Whitechapel, which is a district in East London, all within a month, and all eviscerated a la Mr.
The third victim was Scotland Yard.
And that's when Emily almost got him in that undercover operation.
If this is the same unsub, he would be incredibly rare.
He's both criminally and forensically sophisticated, and the fact that he's been able to function and evade caption in 3 countries means that he's highly intelligent and almost certainly multilingual.
And he's got some money in his pocket, too.
Travel takes financing.
Lewis is flying in from an assignment in Atlanta.
And we'll all connect with Emily in New York.
Well, it'll be good to see her again.
Too bad it's gotta be like this.
Excuse me, I'm looking for an Agent Prentiss.
You found her.
Tara Lewis.
Really happy to finally meet you.
I've heard great things.
Every bit of it's true.
I've been looking forward to meeting you, too.
I see you got a head start.
Two years worth.
I heard you almost got him in London.
I'm--I'm really sorry about what happened.
Yeah, me, too.
Were you close to the Scotland yard inspector that got killed? No.
I mean, I knew her, of course, but, uh, no.
Rossi: There she is.
Hi! Hi.
We missed you.
How are you? Good.
It's so great to see you guys.
Oh, brainiac, I love the do.
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
Rossi and JJ are headed to the crime scene.
I'm assuming you want to join? You assume right.
You know, I can't believe it.
The whole ride down here, you didn't mention they guy once.
I'm just saying.
What? Morgan? Ok, guys, I'm sorry.
I was going to.
I was just giving you space.
I mean, he just left.
You must still be raw.
I remember leaving you guys both times.
I was heartbroken.
I'm sure he's gonna be ok.
He's with his family, and he'sMorgan.
How are you guys doing? You holding up? Yeah.
I mean, some days are better than others.
Actually, I was giving you a hard time over your boyfriend Mark.
Wait--how do you know about Mark? Oh, come on, I'll give you one guess.
[Car doors close.]
You must be the Feds.
I'm McCleary.
This is Rollins.
I'm SSA Rossi.
This is Agent Jareau, Agent Prentiss here is with Interpol.
This is it right over here.
Rossi: What can you tell us about the victim? Her name was Camille Harrison.
26-year-old bartender from Yonkers.
Cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.
There was someone else in here.
See the blood spatter shadow on the passenger seat? Yeah, we picked up on that.
Figured the shooting was standing right here outside the driver's side window while Ms.
Harrison was at the wheel.
You guys find any blood trails? No.
But it rained last night.
It compromised the scene.
If someone else was here, that matches the M.
of the Son of Sam murders.
Berkowitz's first victims were two girls he shot in a car.
Yes, but one of them was only hit in the leg and survived.
But you're assuming there was a second victim.
We only got one stiff.
Ok, but let's say somebody else was shot.
What would they do? I'd get the hell out of the car and run.
And I'd go this way.
That's where the closest busy street is.
So if I'm hurt, maybe I stumble.
I've got something here.
Do you have an evidence collection kit in your car? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
TV Show Narrator: With obstacles at every turn, the great pacific salmon runs on, upstream, sometimes even uphill, but always onward.
With mother nature as his guide, he adapts from saltwater to fresh and moves from the oceans to the rivers to take the most important journey of his life-- the return home.
He follows the same route countless generations before him have, and this epic voyage culminates in the very spot where life began.
And then, in what seems like a cruel twist, after they spawn, they die.
But there are no endings in the eternal cycle of life, only new beginnings.
JJ: Oh, buddy, I remember why I missed you so much.
Reid: Guys, I noticed a pattern.
The unsub only kills between the months of March and September.
[Cell phone rings.]
Makes sense.
It's easier to move around in the summer months.
Go ahead, Garcia.
I have got absolutely nothing on my passport search.
I've been trying to pinpoint travelers who were in America, the U.
, and Russia at the time of the murders.
I have zero matches.
Hey, we should also look at diplomats.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, it's you, hi! Hey, you.
Oh, my God! You're here! You're here here, but you're in the country here.
I miss you.
How are you? Garcia.
Oh! Yes, sorry.
Uh Diplomats.
Well, what if he's part of some kind of diplomatic envoy? Someone attached to an embassy would have money and could travel with ease.
Not to mention diplomatic immunity.
It would also explain being multi-lingual.
JJ: Still would have to go through customs, though.
I got a match.
It's not really a match.
Why not? Because I don't think our unsub is his excellency Dr.
Sanjay Shah, 61-year-old Indian ambassador to the U.
He was in London at the right time, but he's currently speaking at a climate control conference in Miami.
Guys, we got a woman who was shot in the leg in the Bronx.
Claims she was mugged, but she was in the area at the right time.
Monica? My name's Jennifer.
This is Emily.
We're with the FBI.
Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? FBI? I already talked to the cops.
We'll be quick.
It's not like I'm going anywhere.
Can you tell us how you got shot? Some white dude mugged me.
Took my purse, my phone.
Shot me in the leg.
I already told the cops all of this.
Can't you just talk to them? Ok, Monica, look, I'm gonna keep this 100 because I don't have a lot of time.
Have you ever heard of Interpol? No.
It's an international police organization.
And I'm talking like 190 countries.
We help cops all over the world.
She said you were FBI.
I am.
But I'm also attached to Interpol.
And part of my job is to hunt down serial killers.
For real? For real.
The guy I'm looking for I have tracked all the way from Russia to England to here.
So far he's killed 6 people that we know of.
The youngest was a 10-year-old girl.
The oldest was a 72-year-old grandmother.
Oh, my God.
So tell me what really happened to you.
PleaseIf my father finds out He's not here.
Ok? It's just us.
Tell us what really happened.
Uh, we pulled over.
His girlfriend was driving, he got out of the backseat of the car, and then I heard this bang.
Aah! Her blood was everywhere.
It was all over me.
Ok, ok.
Let's start at the beginning.
How did you meet him? He--he texted me from my Internet ad.
I escort sometimes, but only when I really need the money.
Do you remember his name? Mike.
He was trying to hook up a threesome with his girlfriend.
I don't do that.
But he said he'd give me 300 just to show up.
I thought he was gonna rob me.
But he just shot me and walked away.
Did he have an accent? Could you tell where he was from? No.
He was from here.
He was American.
NYPD doubled their patrols in Queens, where Berkowitz hunted next.
He may not try to hit Queens.
He only copycatted one murder in Boston before he moved on.
Maybe now that he's back home in the states, he's accelerating for some reason or another.
It might be because we have so many serial killers to choose from.
So the cell phone he texted Monica DeJesus with was a burner.
Rossi: You know, somehow he managed to talk Camille Harrison into a threesome with a prostitute.
This guy must be quite the charmer.
You are not kidding.
The amount of germs exchanged in a situation like that could be astronomical.
Well, maybe Camille was into that kind of thing.
Fair enough.
But the unsub barely knew her.
We would have had calls, texts, something.
Everyone she was in touch with checks out.
And he let Monica live.
Copying the M.
was so important to him, he needed to keep one of them alive.
One of our squads thinks they spotted someone that matches your guy's description.
He entered a warehouse in Queens.
Clear! Clear.
We're clear over here.
That's the whole building.
He's not here.
[Over radio.]
Agents, McCleary here.
We found something about a block over.
Damn it! We almost had him.
[Police radio chatter.]
Victims are Trent and Rhonda Klein, both 46.
Trent was a corporate lawyer, Rhonda was an Ad exec.
Survived by their two daughters.
Prentiss: How old? 12 and 10.
44 caliber.
But he uses a Bulldog revolver.
It doesn't eject shells, and it only holds 5 rounds.
Ok, I know we need to wait for the M.
's report, but I count 7 different entry wounds.
She's got at least 6.
So he had to reload twice.
Berkowitz didn't do that.
And he was a misogynist.
The only man he shot was a guy with long hair that he thought was a woman.
This unsub's out of control, and this is overkill.
JJ: So what was it about these two that made him lose it? Well, he could be evolving, finally figuring out what it is he really likes.
What is that? Hey.
That is a Rolex.
Why so angry all of a sudden? You know, this is an expensive car.
And those Princess-cut diamonds in her ears are at least a carat each, but he didn't take any of it.
We profile he has money.
He doesn't need those things.
Yeah, but these are the first victims that actually had money.
Look what he did.
He punished them.
So maybe it's some kind of self-loathing thing.
Or maybe we got it wrong.
I mean, just because the guy's educated and multi-lingual doesn't mean he comes from money.
Maybe it's exactly the opposite.
Maybe he hates people with money.
We should deliver the profile.
The man we're looking for is a narcissistic copycat killer.
Typically, copycats have identity issues and low confidence, which is why they emulate others.
JJ: But this guy's different.
Confidence is the one thing he's full of.
He is brazenly replicating high-profile murderers and he's doing it globally.
He is only active between March and September, which means he has to do something between October and February to bankroll it all.
Prentiss: Probably a cash business.
That way he had to leave a paper trail.
Lewis: Given his skill set, we're thinking thief, drug dealer, maybe even organized crime.
Because we got close to him, he's probably already on the move.
Rossi: He's extremely mobile, so canvass airports, train, and bus stations.
His fascination with serial crime is deeply embedded in his psyche and part of what drives him.
Which means he was probably exposed to serial crime at a young age.
He may have been a victim, related to a victim, or even connected to a perpetrator.
Hotch: Unfortunately, there's no doubt he'll strike again.
It's just a matter of who he decides to copy next.
It's not polite to stare, you know.
Are you bored? Yeah, me, too.
It's a long ride.
Coming or going? Going to see my grandpa.
Well, that's good.
Family's important.
Where's your dad? I only stay at his house some weekends.
What is it? It's a bullet.
That one's lucky.
Want to know why? Because it doesn't have your name on it.
Yeah, I've had that dream many times myself.
Bullets just bounce right off of him.
I keep firing and he keeps coming.
I always wake up right before he grabs me.
I'm literally losing sleep here.
Some cases just stick with you.
Makes sense that this one's important.
I just wish I can flip a switch or something to control it.
The only way to control it is to surrender to it.
If I do that, then I have to face the fact that I might never catch this guy.
Yeah, but by that logic, you also have to face the fact that you might.
One thing you can't do is blame yourself.
For any of it.
Easier said than done, you know? Tell me about it.
I found something.
If the unsub has moved on, I was trying to discern where he might go.
Based on the time of death of his most recent victims, I was able to estimate just how far he could get.
Now, if he's somehow managed to get on an airplane, however, he could be anywhere in the world right now.
Kennedy, La Guardia, and Newark are heavily covered.
It'd be hard to get through that net.
So his most likely mode of transport would be a train, a bus, or a car.
I looked at departure schedules, I factored in possible travel speeds, and it appears to me he could not have gotten past this.
That's a lot of real estate to cover.
What's the deal with these? Each of these represents the most famous killer of the past 150 years.
Wow, look at Chicago.
I went as far back as the 1890s with H.
Holmes, then the Lipstick killer in the 1940s, William Heirens.
We of course also have to consider Al Capone and the St.
Valentine's Day massacre and Richard Speck and John Wayne Gacy.
I'm assuming that's Jeffrey Dahmer nearby in Milwaukee? Yes.
And this is Ed Gein.
Well, if you wanted to copycat a famous serial killer, it looks like Chicago would be the place to be.
Driver: Welcome to Chicago.
If you have any luggage, please line up on the right side of the bus.
Get your stuff together, baby, we're here.
Got to go to the bathroom? No.
Pshh [Glass shatters.]
JJ Help me.
Help me.
It's ok.
No, JJ, no.
No, no, no, no, no, JJ.
Just hang on.
Help is coming.
Please, hang in there.
Emily [Groans.]
[Man laughing.]
[Breathing hard.]
You had him, Emily.
Uhh! Uhh! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Emily! I'm up.
I'm up.
Why are you guys all staring? You were dreaming.
The same one? Yeah.
Only JJ was in it this time.
Tara, remember when you asked me if I was close to the inspector who was killed? Yeah.
I lied.
Her name was Louise Holland, and I was the one who suggested she volunteer to go undercover.
It told her it would be good for her career.
And we needed more women in power positions.
Emily, it's--it's ok.
But it was my profile.
The whole operation, it was my idea.
You never told us that.
Well, I'm telling you now.
She's dead because of me.
Emily, she volunteered.
You have to remember that.
But I talked her into it.
The Chief Inspector hated the idea.
He thought it was too risky.
And I went above his head to push it through.
I just I thought we'd catch him.
You almost did.
[Clock chiming.]
Excuse me, but can you please tell me where Mason Hall is? You're looking at it.
You're kidding.
I must have walked by it 3 times.
Thank you.
I'm Mike.
You are officially the first student I've met.
New professor.
My first day.
Nice watch.
Oh, you know Mason Hall is a girls dorm, right? Yeah.
I'm supposed to meet one of my teaching assistants.
Just making sure you didn't mean Mason Science building.
Totally different.
There's actually a Mason Athletic center, too, right? There is.
Guess that Mason family must have had a little bit of money, huh? Thanks again, Megan.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
You, too.
Don't give me that look.
I'm fine.
Oh, I know.
ButI can also tell you're holding something back, because you don't want us to think you're crazy.
Emily, we already think you're crazy.
Thank you.
Come on, what's going in in there? Well, that night in London, he had me and he just walked away and let me live.
You weren't part of his plan.
His need to copy specific aspects of the murders was compulsive.
I thought that, too.
And Maybe it's just the nightmare talking, but I could swear he was savoring it.
Well, a close call like that.
It's gotta be a rush.
Maybe all those near misses weren't an accident.
He might like it when we're close.
So he's a thrill killer.
Maybe he gets off on the adrenaline.
Hotch: What have you got, Garcia? Sir, I connected to law enforcement surveillance feeds nationwide, and I used our sketch to start official recognition search.
I got this, which is streaming to your tablets now.
It was taken two hours ago by a Chicago PD camera outside a bus station.
A bus left New York at 8:30 last night.
It was due in Chicago at 11:00 this morning.
So, I am running a search with the new image.
It's a national database.
It's gonna take a while.
Reid: Garcia, let's narrow the search by region.
It's likely that this unsub grew up in an area near a high-profile serial murder, so let's concentrate on California, Illinois, and surrounding states.
Copy that.
That helps.
But this program is literally cycling through millions of faces.
Prentiss: Ok, so what-- what are we missing here? Well, you said he was savoring it.
So what if this really is all about the thrill? It would be hard for a guy like that to just shut off over the winter, so what is he doing during his down time to feed that urge? Well, we profiled something criminal.
Well, if he was a drug dealer or a thief, don't you think he would have stolen that Rolex instead of shoving it down that guy's throat? Ok, then there would be seasonal and lucrative and probably high risk.
He could be some kind of hunting or adventure guide.
Maybe on mountain climbing expeditions or at ski resorts? Ok.
Narrowing search.
Could be an oil rig worker.
I'm pretty sure they sign short-term contracts.
Got it.
Wait a minute.
The knife.
What knife? The unsub's knife in the nightmare.
It's long and serrated on one edge, and it has a leather lanyard thing wrapped around his wrist.
That sounds like a Fisherman's knife.
This might be a stretch, but what if he's a fisherman? Crab season is from October to February.
And it's highly lucrative, considering you only work a few months a year.
And it's also dangerous.
Perfect for a thrill seeker.
Got it, got it, got it, got it.
All right.
Technology's working.
Good things come to those who wait.
Don't look at toast while it's cooking.
That's sort of thing.
Shut the front door.
I give you 35-year-old Michael Lee Peterson of Joliet, Illinois.
He's back in his hometown.
That could mean this is his endgame.
Tell us everything, Garcia.
Uh, Mr.
Peterson works as a deck hand on a crab fishing vessel in the Bering Sea known as "Neptune's Squall.
" He was raised by his mother Lorraine.
She died of a stroke 10 years ago.
His father Vincent was an armed robber.
He died two years ago.
That was right around the time of those first murders in Russia.
That could have been the trigger.
Garcia, where'd the father serve his time? Uh, mostly Stateville penitentiary.
Richard Speck and John Wayne Gacy were both incarcerated there.
So which one is he planning to copycat? Well, Speck systematically raped and murdered 8 student nurses in their dormitory in a single night.
If he's a serial killer looking for a thrill, that would do the trick.
Garcia, coordinate with the Chicago field office and put out an APB for Peterson.
All over it, sir.
All over it.
They bring you down 'cause you letting them Don't allow it it's your success, what's upsetting them Cowards some people just be full of that hate like they make it their sole purpose to ruin my day trying to take away my dream, it's not even-- Oh, my--God! You scared the crap out of me! Yeah, well, maybe you should close your doors so people can't sneak in.
I was waiting for you.
I guess you didn't see this tweet.
I see a lot of tweets.
From the school? About the serial killer? - [Sighs.]
What? - Yeah.
The FBI put out a warning.
Probably another kook with an assault rifle.
Oh, there's a picture of the guy.
They want us to stay inside and travel in groups.
Oh, my God.
I know, right? No, I saw him today.
Shut up.
He was right outside.
He told me he was a new teacher.
Wait, seriously? I swear.
I'm not kidding.
I swear.
Um, here, uh, there's a number it says to call.
You sure? Here.
You should talk.
[Line ringing.]
FBI hotline.
Hello? I think I saw the man that you're looking for.
What's your name? Megan.
Megan Ross.
Where are you? I'm a student at Northeast State.
Put the phone down, Megan.
Man: Are you there? [Beep.]
Given his recent shift in M.
, there's a chance that Peterson may not copy every aspect of Speck's murders.
You know, you're right.
He could actually start selecting affluent targets.
Speck hit a nursing home on the South Side.
Most of the money in Chicago is on the North Side.
[Cell phone rings.]
What have you got, Garcia? Sir, I got ahold of Stateville visitor logs and it looks like Peterson and his mom visited every weekend, until his dad was transferred for his own safety.
So Peterson may have even seen Speck when he was a kid.
Garcia, for his own safety? What happened? Uh, let's see.
It looks like Peterson's dad agreed to testify against his former partner and he was almost stabbed to death.
Well, in prison, snitches are worse off than child molesters.
Serial killers, on the other hand, top of the food chain.
Kids are like sponges.
He spent a lot of time visiting.
Peterson probably witnessed that dynamic.
Which would obviously contribute to his idolization of high-profile killers.
He wants the respect that his father never got.
And he was kicked out of 4 schools, all for fighting.
Guys, uh, we just got a call on the hotline.
It was a hang-up so it could be a prank, but apparently a student at Northeast State university spotted Peterson.
Send the location.
Hey, what's up? You ok? Megan? [Cocks gun.]
If you scream, she dies.
Agents! SWAT's 10 minutes out and we got more backup en route.
We need all the exits covered.
You got it.
Shots fired! We can't wait! All right, we're going in.
Tell SWAT we're going in.
Dave, you take the front, we'll take the back.
Who's next? You? [Whimpering.]
Get back in your room and stay there! No! You win.
Rich girl.
No! No! Let her go! Let her go! [Gunshot.]
Let her go! No! Let her! Aah! No! Help us! Please! He's gonna kill her! [Screaming.]
It's ok.
Ohh! Michael Lee Peterson, FBI.
Get back.
I swear to God I'll blow her head off.
Ok, ok.
It's all good.
Back up! Sorry, I can't do that.
Please! Shut up.
You don't remember me, do you, Michael? We met in London.
You followed me all the way here.
I must be a big deal.
You're already going to be the man when you get to prison.
Just let her go, you'll be on the news at 10:00.
Look outside.
Half the cops in the city are out there just for you.
Go ahead, see for yourself.
You're the best ever.
Police all over the world have been looking for you.
They're gonna write books about me.
I'm even gonna make you famous.
Look outside.
See all those people out there? Hah! They're all gonna know my-- [sniffles.]
Yo, baby girl, what you think you doing in my office? You know better than to mess with my stuff.
I don't mess with your stuff.
You're here, here, here with me.
I didn't think you were gonna be here.
I thought you were gonna go right home.
Well, I wouldn't hop the pond without seeing you.
You landed! When did you guys land? No one tells me anything in this house.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
Well, it worked.
How's my man Sergio? Oh, my God, he's so good.
He's so good.
He is not old, although he does have some gray whiskers.
Do you want to see? Oh, my gosh.
Come on.
Oh Very distinguished.
How are you doing? Uh I'm ok.
You know what? I bet it is probably still here.
What? What is still there? This.
I had to give it to him when I lost that bet.
Oh, the Halloween bet.
That was not a good look.
No, it was not.
Um, isn't it against regulations to drink in here? Well, it's a special occasion.
It calls for a drink.
What are they gonna do, send me back to London? Right.
To Morgan.
To all the delicious friends.
Ooh You have dinner plans? Uh, yeah, I do.
With you! [Both laugh.]
Whoa, whoa.
You guys are having a party and you didn't invite me? You want to come to dinner with us? UmYeah.
I'll let Will know.
Oh, my God.
We're gonna have a girls night.
Did somebody say girls night? Yes, but we'll make an exception for you.
Me, too? Prentiss: Not a chance.
Ha ha.
Well, let's do it.
I'm starving and I'm buying.
And bring the bottle.
Oh, my God.
This is, uh, this is-- this is the best.
Did you ever think Ok, so, Hotch and Lewis are debriefing, but I'll text them and tell them where to meet us.
Where are we going? Mexican? Burritos in London no bueno.
Speak of the devil.
Oh, I see Tequila.
We're having family dinner.
Are you in? I've got some time.
You had me at Tequila.
Yes! Vamanos! This is happening.
You can tell us everything about Mark.
By everything, I mean everything about Mark.
I want all the details.
I, however, do not.
Well, you won't get any.
I'll save that for a real girls night.
You and me [Overlapping chatter.]
Ohh The best things in life are free We do everything together Free things our specialty and I have you time and you have me time We spend all of our time together in our free time I think of you and me time We spend all of our time together Together Ooh ooh Garcia: "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
" Helen Keller.
Ooh ooh @elderman