CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s03e14 Episode Script

One Hit Wonder

Well, he never touched the first girl.
The bedroom door was blocked.
What do you mean, "blocked"? With a treadmill.
Now, we got two apartments here: We think the girl in 1214 has physical findings.
You think? Well, she locked herself in her bedroom, won't let anyone with a Y chromosome within 50 feet of her.
That's the lucky one.
Hey, guys.
Catherine Willows from OSI.
Could you all clear the residence, please? I'm first officer, ma'am.
I can't leave the crime scene unless I get orders from my OO.
The victim's well-being takes precedence over everything.
Right now, this is Joanne Crooks' apartment, not our crime scene.
So there's the door.
All right, come on.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Doreen Bainbridge locks her doors every night.
Says the girl next door does the same.
It's a twist lock.
It allows for five inches of night air.
It's very secure unless you reach in Three seconds.
Crime of opportunity, huh? Yeah except somebody was watching this girl.
(knocking) Joanne all the guys have left.
It's just me.
I'd like to ask I told you guys, I don't know what he looked like, okay? It was pitch black.
Well, I'm not a cop; I'm with the crime lab.
I'd, uh, I'd like to process the bed sheets I don't think so.
Well, would you allow me to take samples from you? Sorry.
Look, I know this is really horrible.
I want to get the bastard off of me, okay? Off of my things.
Don't you get that? Washing away evidence hurts any chance of finding out who raped you.
He didn't rape me, okay? I woke up and he was on my chest.
Look at this.
It's not hair gel.
If you let me recover that evidence, we can stop him from doing this to somebody else.
Maybe I'm selfish.
I don't know; I don't really care about anybody else right now.
Well, then let's get him for what he did to you.
(camera shutter clicks) Hey, Grissom.
Got what looks like a semen stain.
It's crusted, it's not fresh.
Still, it confirms your theory that he's been watching her for awhile.
Hey He's been watching a lot of people.
Well, there are hedges outside of every one of these apartment windows that's built-in concealment.
Yeah, this guy was having his own little private peep show.
I (scoffs) Last, I would like to thank you for working late into the night.
During this trial, you have heard people portray the defendant in glowing terms.
He may be all of these things.
He certainly seems likable.
That doesn't change the fact that he got behind the wheel of his car legally drunk, and drove through an intersection, killing Shelley Daniels, a 12-year-old child.
When you go into that jury room, I ask that you seek justice and return with a verdict of guilty.
Not for me, not for His Honor, not even for Shelly Daniels.
I ask because justice itself demands it.
Justice is greater than our personal feelings.
Than revenge, than than pity.
Do not shrink, do not disappoint, but rather embrace it.
Thank you.
The jury may retire to the jury room.
I'll advise counsel when the jury has reached a verdict.
Where do I sign up? I wish you could.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Your message said it was important.
Yes, People v.
Trial's on deck this Thursday.
I prepped all weekend.
It should be a slam dunk.
I've handed the case over to another D.
, Greg Rubio.
What? He's quick on forensics, he's great on game day.
Melissa, we've been building this case together for six months.
What's going on? I'll be dead.
I never felt comfortable asking you about your, uh My wheels? I mean, I know somebody broke into your house shot you and your husband.
Made me a widow, left me a souvenir.
At the time, um the doctors said if they removed it, I'd die.
But in the last few years, the bullet has meandered.
Last week, my voice gives out during a cross.
I have trouble swallowing.
Hand starts to shake.
My neuro calls it "traumatic basilar artery aneurysm.
" Um, he has to "clip" the artery.
Well, if they're fixing the artery, that's good.
The operation's delicate.
The odds are low.
I've really enjoyed working with you, Sara.
Greg get anywhere with the semen I recovered from Joanne Crooks' hair? I sent it back with an officer.
Uh, low volume, no sperm.
That's impossible.
Yeah, I knew you'd say that.
Oh, the trailer before the movie.
Oh, hey, Grissom, thanks for the lift.
(soft, distorted) Grissom, uh Grissom? That must be some good evidence.
You have evidence? (distortion continues) No.
It turns out that the semen in the vic's hair was pre-ejaculate, which, of course, (louder and clearer) Carries no sperm, therefore, no DNA.
(normal voice) So, I got this poor woman's hopes up for nothing.
How about you? I went back to the crime stats pulled up all the reported Peeping Toms in a two-block radius over the last year.
Unsolved Any of these women get a description? He had "raccoon eyes.
" And that's about it.
Plus, nobody called in any follow-up reports.
Well, I guess half the problem's the name"Peeping Tom.
" It just sounds so innocuous when, in fact, peeping is the first step in the evolution of a sexual predator.
And I'm afraid our Tom is on an escalated pace.
Tonight was his first breaking and entering with an immediate second B&E, plus what appears to be his first sexual assault.
Well, we know what road this guy's on.
It's just a matter of time before he rapes and murders.
Yeah we better find him.
Victims' profile: Both women are single, under 30, live right next door to each other in a large apartment complex.
Have we had any luck on cross-referencing any of the guys in their lives? Uh, no crossover so far.
Doreen Bainbridge works in the corporate field and Joanne Crooks is a dancer, so feels like completely different social circles.
But they're in the predator's comfort zone which means he probably lives in the area, too.
What else? We're still working on some shoe prints but the plaster's still wet.
Blow dry it.
It'll give us approximate height and shoe size.
Yeah, and the semen sample I recovered is still being processed in DNA.
Not anymore.
I'm done.
And no jokes about me being fast in this department.
The ejaculate outside the first girl's window Spank high? Good news: It does have DNA.
Whose? I don't know.
Ran it through OODIS, nothing kicked out.
Well, it's possible this guy's so new he doesn't even have a record.
Well, I can tell you this about him: Really low sperm count.
Sample hardly had any swimmers.
That's probably from excessive masturbation.
Guy's been outpacing his ability to produce sperm.
Yeah, you'd know it, Spanky.
It's just a hunch.
Hey, that can happen to any guy.
Yeah, not outside some poor woman's bedroom window.
All right, let's keep after it.
This guy won't stop till he's caught.
Hey, Doc.
You got a minute? Sure, just finishing.
Some people actually do die of natural causes in Vegas you know.
So I hear.
So what's on your mind? Um a friend of mine's going in for surgery.
Traumatic basilar artery aneurysm.
You, uh, mind walking me through it? It's a rough procedure.
The basilar is the chief blood supplier to the brain stem.
Here, I'll show you.
They put the patient under hypothermic arrest, meaning the heart will be stopped and blood artificially circulated.
The objective is to decrease blood pressure so the aneurysm can be clipped.
Imagine taking a knife to a balloon.
(beeping) The neurosurgeon has just under an hour.
One slip, the artery ruptures causing a catastrophic brain hemorrhage.
She said she was going to die.
Nine out of ten times, Sara.
I'm sure her doctor told her.
Excuse me, do you know where I can find Dr.
Stewart? Right there.
Sara Sidle.
I'm a friend of Melissa Winters.
She pulled through.
No change to mobility She did? But cognitively, she'll be sharp as ever.
Not quite ready to entertain visitors but you can drop by tomorrow.
Thank you.
Hey, Doc.
Yeah? When you were in there did you, by any chance, remove the bullet? Yeah, after I repaired the artery I figured it couldn't do any more damage than it already has.
You think I could have it? I'm, uh I'm with the Crime Lab.
It's the only evidence in a cold case.
Wait here and I'll have it sent out.
(whirring) Hey, how's it coming? Good.
Looks like I got a size eight.
Check back with me, I should have more in a bit.
All right.
Hey, Jacqui.
Grissom's print any good? The deposition pressure's heavy.
The guy was really pressing hard on that window.
With one hand, anyway.
Okay, well, that's a lot of distortion.
Platform ridges of the latent print were affected by the shift of the core away from the triradius.
So can you enhance the ridges equal to the amount of the slippage? Mm-hmm.
With the help of this software.
Now let's hope this guy's in one of our databases.
Well, I'd run APIS last.
I doubt if he's in there; he wasn't in OODIS.
No criminal record? We're dealing with a newbie, a teenager.
It's kind of looking like that.
Non-gaming card.
He's a pool boy at the Tangiers.
Oh, and look at that.
He lives one block from the crime scene.
Thanks, Jacqui.
So the owner of the pool company says he spends his lunch hour here every day.
Well, that's what he looks like.
I'll be this way.
There, that's him.
Yeah, how can you miss him? Kid's pitching a tent.
Justin Lamond? Yeah? Come with me, Justin.
Hey nice fanny pack.
I mean, I'm a wallet guy myself, but I can change.
Mind if I take a look at yours? I'm not doing anything.
Pack's a camouflage.
And check out the tip of his right shoe.
It's a spy camera.
What, you can't peep in apartments during the day so you come to the mall to sneak some thrills? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm late for work.
No, your lunch hour just got very long.
Put him in the car.
Heck of a lot of tissue attached.
Let me guess this has been in your victim for a while.
Three years.
Prosecutor friend of mine walked in to find a guy shooting her husband, then he turned the gun on her.
She just had it surgically removed.
The human body's amazing.
Three years.
Tissue forms around the bullet protecting the body from the leaching of the lead.
Hang on a second.
You get approval from Grissom? I don't want him walking in on me.
Sara Sidle? Yeah, I did.
All right, just checking.
Let's go.
Enzymatic detergent ought to clean this baby up.
(fizzing) Uh Still stained.
All righty time to get serious.
(low buzzing) Hey, hey, careful with that bullet, it's my only evidence.
Thought you said the husband got shot, too.
It was a through and through.
The bullet decimated upon impact with the couch with the couch frame.
Hey Hey, clean as a whistle.
We're good to go.
I'll run it through IBIS.
Thank you.
Page me? Yeah, sure thing.
(door closes) How long you been doing this videotaping women without their knowledge? It's only breaking the law if you record their voices.
Ooh, he's a smart kid, huh? Oh, come on look at the girls out there.
They wear see-through tops, short skirts, bellies all on show.
They so much want it.
So I catch some money shots.
Well, let's look at the young Kubrick's money shots, shall we? You guys are looking at me like I'm some scab.
I don't do toilets, fat chicks, blue veins, crush stuff.
Just low-tech voyeur.
That's reassuring.
Do you know Doreen Bainbridge? No.
We found your fingerprints on her window.
And also a little love graffiti on the wall outside.
I spy, I don't engage.
Well, remind me to give you a medal.
Stand up.
Step down.
Both feet.
It's not a match.
You got to be kidding me.
It's three-sizes differential.
He was obviously outside Doreen's apartment, but he's not our guy.
He's my guy.
Justin Lamond sexually motivated offense, indecent exposure, gross lewdness.
Let's go to booking.
Try to keep it on ice.
What's up? Hey, this cast that I poured into the shoe print that I found outside that victim's bedroom window Yeah.
Pulled off some trace materials from it.
It's like a yellow substance.
It may be paint.
Take a look and tell me what you think.
With glass.
Reflective glass.
Yeah, I'm thinking maybe road paint crosswalk lane markings maybe.
So our suspect stepped in wet maintenance paint.
And that stuff dries pretty fast.
So he must've stepped in it on his way to the scene.
Which could tell us what direction he's coming from.
Let me call my guy in the Department of Transpo.
All right.
You still charting recent Toms? Architecture.
He has a type.
All these buildings that recently reported Peeping Toms got floor plans from the management company.
A: Second story, three bedroom.
B: Ground floor, two bedrooms, center lots.
O: O-plans are all one bedroom on the end.
Cheapest rent, highest foot traffic easiest to break in.
He's a O-level man.
And every apartment has sliding doors and windows.
Not one sash, not one French.
And he gets there on foot, from east of Avon.
You found his epicenter? Closing in on it.
The city painted double yellows down Taylor Road last night.
Started at 10:00 at Avon Avenue.
The paint crew goes three miles an hour.
That puts them at Taylor and Cedar the victims' apartments at approximately 20 after 10:00, just before the attacks.
Predators usually widen their comfort zone in a spiral pattern outward.
My God, look at all the O-level apartments.
's going to have to triple their presence.
Quadruple it.
He hit two apartments in one night.
He's become compulsive.
Predators get smarter with every attack.
It's been in the news.
He may be wearing gloves this time.
Yeah, he's evolving perfecting.
(phone ringing) AV Lab.
Your sexual assailant moved up to rape.
Would you be exact, please? Get here as soon as you can.
Thank you.
Aren't you coming? You can handle it.
High-profile case, technicalities That can't be why you do this, why you hang back and hide out.
You look better on camera.
I didn't think so.
(thunder roaring) (garbled radio transmissions) So where's Grissom? Supervising.
So I'm listening to news radio on the way over here, they're calling him the sliding-door rapist.
Well, we got Susie Spiegel.
She was unable to ID her assailant.
There was penetration this time.
She said he was polite.
He wore a condom.
Polite? He's just more sawy.
There's less evidence for us to work with.
I know, exactly.
Hey! Police! Come on, you pervert! I can't breathe! Oh, well, you're not such a hotshot once a real woman gets a hold of you.
Slow it down, Xena.
It's all right.
Look, I saw him in the bushes.
I know.
I know.
I scared him.
I understand.
I got him by surprise.
Okay, get some ID on these people, all right? Let's all go downtown, all right? I got him.
You're not gonna you're dead.
You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
Please, please, don't shoot me.
Victor? Please! Please! Victor! Hey, Sara.
Heard you reopened the Winters case.
Did you know the lead OSI on this case, Terry Flannery? Flannery.
Yeah, yeah.
He retired and moved back to L.
These are exit wounds from the husband's back.
What do you see? It's shored.
There's a definite abrasion ring.
The only way you get marks like these is when the vic's back is pressed against something a floor, a wall.
How did Flannery miss this? There are two CSIs you never want investigating your murder the one on his first week, and the one on his last.
Hey, does Melissa know you're doing this? I don't want to get her hopes up.
She's been through a lot.
You know how some victims are.
They don't really want to know what happened.
You know? (pager beeping) You got something? Well, why else would I be paging you? A bullet shot from the same gun that was recovered from a liquor store robbery in Henderson six months ago.
Check it out.
They line up perfectly.
Oops recover the gun? Do you one better? They got the shooter.
Roger Wilder.
I'm liking you already.
I don't know any Melissa Winters.
No? Bad memory? Let me jog it for you.
She was the Assistant DA who prosecuted you for assault five years ago.
She got you sentenced to four years.
Yeah, I was out in one.
What about her? Well, the trial transcript says at the sentencing you yelled at her, "What goes around, comes around.
"? It was a chump charge.
She did a number on me.
So was it just a coincidence that three weeks after you got out of jail, Mrs.
Winters and her husband were shot in her own home? We recently recovered a bullet from Melissa's head.
It happens to match a bullet fired from the gun that you used in your latest felony.
You know what we call that? Corroborating evidence.
I guess I'd keep my mouth shut, too.
Three years have passed.
You don't have to say anything, but I have to tell you that evidence persists.
A fingerprint, a fiber, a hair.
If I find one shred of physical evidence that places you in the Winters' house, there is not a jury in Clark County that will not give you the death penalty.
I went to her house.
Not to kill her.
I wanted to see the look on her smug-ass face when she saw I knew where she lived.
She wasn't there, all right? Did you knock or did you use the doorbell? No one was there.
I busted in, thought I'd mess the place up and give her a nice welcome home.
A gun just fell from a table.
At least I got something out of her.
Everybody tells you to get more involved in the community, but once you do Hey, hey, hey, you busted a man's lip.
You broke a tooth, you sprained his finger.
Jujitsu, Shotokan.
They act on their own.
I am just a vessel.
Shouldn't I go to the hospital? I was bleeding.
I just have a few questions.
First off, what were you doing at those apartments? I was on my way home from spin class on my bike and then I saw him.
He was in those bushes around Jennifer's place and I guess I thought the guy'd be scary.
Hey! You know, Night Stalker scary, but he was like a wet French fry.
I knew I could take him.
She was insane.
She didn't even let me explain.
Try me.
I was looking for an apartment.
I just got a raise and I need more space.
So you decide to start your search in the dead of night when there's a rapist on the loose? I work days.
It was in the classifieds.
Besides, what, what's he going to do to me? Well, Wendy did okay.
Um, the problem I'm having is that those apartments there's always an availability, so, um, kind of gives you a plausible excuse anytime, anywhere, doesn't it? Oh, I like those shoes.
What size are you? Eight and a half.
Eight and a half, huh? Do you mind if I look at the soles? You seem disappointed.
Hey, how would you feel about allowing me to look at all your shoes from home? I mean, it'd be strictly voluntary.
I don't know if I'd be comfortable with that.
A young, white male living in a targeted neighborhood I'd think you might want to, you know, help rule yourself out.
I value my privacy.
Of course you do.
Am I free to go? Yeah.
Uh, Mr.
If Wendy attacked you and you're innocent, I'd think you might want to file charges against her.
How come you didn't? Uh, no.
I do.
Want to.
File charges, yeah.
You sure? I wouldn't want you to do anything you didn't believe.
No, she assaulted me.
L-I want to file.
We'll take a report.
Look, I want you to know once you sign that complaint, it becomes a binding legal document, all right? He's filing charges on me? This is ridiculous.
May I please take that swab? Thank you.
I'm going to need that jacket, too.
That's great, you know? The guy's out there raping women and I end up getting strip-searched by the police.
Wendy, I can't discuss an ongoing case but what I can tell you is if we're going to get this guy, it'll be because of what you're giving us right now.
Really? Really.
Roger Wilder said he was inside Melissa's house, which is true.
He described the exact layout of the room.
But he said he found the gun when he destroyed the coffee table and I have no evidence to disprove that.
Well, go for logic.
Some guy breaks into the Winters' house, shoots 'em both and leaves his gun behind? Why? I don't know.
Well, if it was really there, how come OSI didn't find it? That's a very good question.
I knew something was off when we saw that shored wound.
It didn't match up with Melissa's account.
If her husband was standing up, like Melissa said, when he was shot, blood would have dripped down from the entry wound to the belt buckle.
Gravity only runs one way.
(gunshot) This blood stain The only way it's going south He was laying down.
She lied.
Heya! About the blood on kung fu lady's clothes.
Greg, I don't want any other cases jumping mine.
This is priority.
Yeah, if I had a dime Anticipating that, I skipped dinner and ran the DNA through OODIS.
Turns out that your apartment hunter, that girly man, left his double helix behind at another crime scene.
Unknown subject, five months ago breaking and entering, burglary.
Yeah, they had nothing to compare it to at the time.
But we do now.
(beeping) (knocks) (hoarsely) Sara, hey.
You did it.
I beat the odds.
I got lucky.
Lucky and smart.
I reopened your case.
Yeah, my doctor mentioned it.
He said that he gave you the bullet.
I know what you did, Melissa.
I, uh, examined the evidence.
Your husband wasn't free-standing in front of the couch struggling with some stranger.
(sports announcer talking on TV) There was no stranger.
He was, uh, asleep, wasn't he? On the couch? You're the one with the evidence.
You had a OSI who was about to retire, who was predisposed to believe the testimony of an honest prosecutor like you.
Especially since you got shot, too? (softly groans) See, he leaned up from a prone position.
(sobbing) (gags) (gun drops) Directionality of the blood tells the story.
I didn't understand why I couldn't move my legs.
And you couldn't let anyone find that gun.
They would have tested your hands for GSR.
(groaning) (gasping) I thought that I could go back.
That I could get rid of it.
Somebody else did that for you.
I almost had him arrested for a murder you committed.
You would think that an attorney could come up with a great case against an abusive husband, but I I was ashamed.
I didn't want people to know what he did to me.
All your closing arguments, all your big talk about justice.
I fell for all of it.
I've always believed in justice.
I still do.
You never expected to live, did you? No.
Out of all the CSIs, I knew I could depend on you.
I guess I'll be seeing you in court.
Good-bye, Melissa.
(door opens) (door closes) (phone ringing) How's your chart of escalation? Deescalating.
I had figured Taylor Reed was branching out, widening his circle, but after last night, I think he's pulling in, going back to his original comfort zone.
Was one of your original burglaries located at Five months ago.
First floor, broke in through a sliding door.
Where our guy Taylor Reed cut himself on the glass.
So, we've narrowed the epicenter down to a single block Appian Way.
I'm thinking if we find something overlooked at those early crime scenes on Appian we can tie it to our sexual assaults.
If we can't get to where he's going, we'll go where he's been.
Hi, I'm Nick Stokes.
I'm with the Vegas crime lab.
There's a situation in your apartment complex you should be aware of.
You mind if I come in, ask you a few questions? Hello.
I'm Warrick Brown.
I'm from the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
We're investigating a disturbance a couple of doors down.
I wanted to ask you a few questions if I could.
So help me out.
What's a delicate way to say this? I'd like to barge in, tear your apartment upside down, and look for five-month-old evidence? You're the poet.
Well, I'm glad you noticed.
Well, looks like somebody is still awake.
(knocking) Las Vegas Police Detective.
What are you doing here? I live here.
This is not the address on your driver's license.
People move.
We'd like to come in.
Pardon the mess.
I'm going to take a guess here.
This apartment came on the market five months ago.
The old tenant was bothered by the breaking and entering, the bloodstain that you left behind.
You moved into the apartment you committed your first crime in, didn't you? Now you're ready to move again, huh? You weren't looking for another apartment.
You were looking for another victim.
You got something to hide, Reed? Jim? Yeah, okay.
Jim, we need an ambulance! You okay? Miss, are you all right? It's over.
It's over.
It's okay.
(garbled radio transmissions) (helicopter whirrs by) The cop read Melissa her rights right there in the hospital room.
You think you know somebody.
I never think that.
Ever? When I was a kid I was playing hide- and-seek one day and I found this plastic bag under my big brother's bed.
I thought it was a bag of dirt so I took it to my mom.
Turned out it was his bag of weed.
He was grounded for a year.
The best intentions are fraught with disappointment.
Emerson? Grissom.