CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s08e06 Episode Script

Who & What

She-bang! That's pretty cool,rit? Mm-hmm.
That doesn't happen very often,you know.
I know.
You won.
You beat me! Uh-huh.
You want to play again? Fine.
Knock urself out.
Evan? How long have you been here? About six hours.
Why haven't these bodies been released? Good question.
David was in Henderson another call, so,when Greg and I got here, we just started processing the house.
Found the victim in the bathroom,coverewith a towel.
We got a plastic print on the bathroom door.
It's the strongest piece of evidence-- I photographed it and transmitted the image back to the lab; Mandy got a hit to an unknown palm; case info was in ViCAP.
And then,Dispatch called, telling me to stop processing immediately, by order othe FBI.
The FBI field office is right next the Strip.
What's taking them so ng? Oh,beats the hell out of me.
Jack Male,FBI.
Jim Brass.
I'm based in New York, but I was testifyi in a case in S Francisco.
When I heard about the ViCAP hit, I got here as fast as I could Chopper from the Strip? Th's nice.
Th's my tax dollars atork? You get a positive ID the boy? No,but we have an ID on the fele-- name is Carmen Davis.
cording to neighbo,she lives alone.
Apparently no kids of her own.
But if I find anythi out, I'll letou know.
Thank you.
You-- you t enough photos? Denitely.
Roll the body over.
What's going on? Jack Malone,FBI,New York City.
This boy was kidnapped from his babysitter's apartment six years ago.
Babysitter was killed.
The only evidence athe crime scene was a bloody palm print.
Well,there may be a resemblanc but kids change a lot in six years.
JACK: Mm-hmm.
GRISSOM: DNA will tell us if this is your kid.
But it does look like your killer came to Vegas.
·­Òë: У Ô: ʱ¼äÖ᣺ÊØ»¤Ììʹ ¡ ·¸×ïÏÖ³¡µ÷²é¡· µÚ°Ë¼¾µÚ6¼¯ ???? TOD-- roughly 24 hours ago.
And he's got perimortem bruising on the back of the neck.
And a sing sharp-fce injury to e forehead.
Looks like he hit his head on the table.
Or somebodslammed it against the table.
Well,we don know that yet.
Agent Malone,why don't I fill you in on what se weo know.
There are no signs anywhere that the boy actually lived here.
The sleeping bag on the couch indicates that he was probably a house guest.
Why don'you foll me into the kitchen.
t me know when you're ready to transport theody.
WILLOWS: Bring usp to spe,Greg.
Um Carmenavis's keys were still in her purse; the car'outside.
No cash in the wallet,and the credit cards have been removed and neat stacked on the table; it appea as though they've been wed clean.
The killer w smart eugh not to take anything that could be traced.
Which suggts that he was an experienced criminal.
What do you know about this guy Including everything you just told me? Everything you just told me.
Six years ago,the killer took the murder weapowith him.
It was a baseball bat that he found in the apartment.
Well,this time,we think it's a hammer.
The round indentation wounds are consiste with haer blows.
Do you see any similarities between this victim d the babysitter who was killed six years ago? Just that they were both bludgeoned to death.
The babysitter was a lot older,and she wasn't covered.
Covering a body ually indicas remorse on the part of t killer.
So you think he felt remseful about is victim and not thone from six years ago? Maybhe knew Carmen Davis.
There's thretootrushes, twof them travel cases.
My guess: the killer was staying here with the little boy.
There was no sign of forced entry.
PHILLIPS: Agent Malone? We're rey to take the boy out.
(sighing): So,I assume we'll be sending over the casevidence to Quantico? We can't process the evidence from every case wee involved in.
We have a maive overload already.
This will be joint jurisdiction.
You do your thing,I'll do mine.
COD is multiple blunt-force trau.
Based onhe develment of the contusions, it appearshe blow to the back of the skull was the first impact, but the ones on the face ca about half-hour later.
Half ahour? Yeah.
Was she ped? Yeah.
I,uh,did aet mount, found semen in the vaginal vault, and I collected an SAE kit.
This guy is some pce of wo.
I'll get it to DNA.
No birthmarks.
Our missing boy didn't have any,either.
So the only way to confirm the identity I've had the original DNA report electronically sent to your lab.
Well,then you'll just have to wait for your answer.
You know,maybe now would be a good time for you to brief us on the original case.
JACK: His name was Jason Taylor.
(glass breaking) He was at his babysitter's apartment.
He'd been home sick from school.
That's when it happened.
An unidentified male entered, most likely through an open window on the fire escape, murdered the babysitter and took Jason with him.
We never got a decent description of the perp.
Nothing was stolen? Cash was still in the babysitter's purse; the only thing missing was a baseball bat.
Which,based on her wounds,you figure that was the murder weapon? Mm-hmm.
Baseball bat there,hammer here-- weapons of convenience.
Guy seems to grab whatever's handy.
WILLOWS: And takes it with him.
Was the babysitter raped? No.
STOKES: Why kidnap a kid, wait six years,then kill him? WILLOWS: Most four year olds will do what you tell them.
Most ten year olds will do what they want.
BROWN: Kid starts asking the wrong questions, talking to the wrong people Tons of possibilities.
Way too many.
According to this,the kid was adopted.
Did you take a look at the biological parents? Jason was adopted as an infant.
There was no way we could track his records.
BROWN: Adoptive parents had no contact with the kidnappers? They were not given any ransom demands? There was no motive.
I couldn't even give the parents a reason.
Maybe there isn't one.
Most children are abducted by somebody who's associated with the family.
Random kidnappings are extraordinarily rare.
Except in the U.
last year,there were almost a hundred.
Some things are just random.
Have you ever tried telling that to the parents of a child who's been kidnapped? Yes,actually,I have.
And how'd that work out for you? Hey,guys.
Found an empty jewelry box in the bedroom.
Maybe the killer swiped the jewelry in addition to the cash.
Easy to fence in this neighborhood.
Was the dead girl wearing any jewelry when you found her? Nope.
Then that's a good call,man, 'cause she's wearing some in just about every one of these pictures.
I wouldn't doubt if she kept a lot of it in that box.
I'll check with the local pawn shops, see if anything's been hocked.
Hey,Greg,you see any books on the shelf over there on gambling or poker? No,just a lot of romance novels, mysteries and women's health.
'Cause I got poker player stats, and multiple websites on online gambling.
Seems kind of out of place to be the victim's.
I think we got a mystery houseguest who is a card shark.
MAN (over speakers): Welcome to our annual poker tournament.
The first of the elimination rounds are over and we're down to our last 100 players.
Good luck,everyone.
You know what this is? Huh? This is police brutality.
We're not done yet.
BRASS: Well,he doesn't look like much, but then again,they never do.
JACK: If you don't mind,I'd like to talk to him first.
You don't have to be polite,Jack.
This is a federal case,you don't need my permission.
BRASS: How you going to go at him? I don't know.
I usually just make it up as I go along.
BROWN: All done here.
Thank you.
You can leave,too.
Jack Malone.
Why'd you run back there? Oh,I don't know.
I was scared,I guess.
Of what? Um of getting caught.
Being embarrassed.
So it's probably a good idea not to do anything that would embarrass you.
Yeah,I know.
But you never really think you're going to get caught,do you? Yeah,but you did.
You want to talk about it? I got nowhere I have to be.
And you got nowhere to go.
I don't know what the big deal is.
I mean we've all thought about it,right? Sure.
It's natural.
I had a plan.
It was simple.
I take it I play with it for a little while "It"? Like it's property? Yeah,yeah,it's nothing personal.
I didn't even think Brother Willard would even miss it.
Brother Willard? You want to talk to me about Brother Willard? Brother Willard is my spiritual advisor.
He's supposed to talk me out of doing things like this.
But you know what? Sometimes I just I just feel like listening to that little voice inside my head.
And what is that little voice inside your head telling you right now? Just take it.
"Just take it.
" This is not the first time that you've taken something that doesn't belong to you,is it? What do you mean? Six years ago,in New York City.
I don't know anything about New York.
Six years ago,in New York City, you took something that didn't belong to you.
I don't know anything about New York.
Look,I told you-- I was going to give it back.
Really,I just had some bad luck.
Is that what you call it?! You abducted and murdered a four-year-old boy! I don't know what you're talking about! Hey JACK: Just bad luck?! Let him go.
Look,you want to rendition him to Gitmo,be my guest, but in this house,we play by the rules.
Now get your hand off the suspect.
What's that? That's That's Evan.
That's This is my son.
This is Evan.
Guy's not the murderer.
I know.
We ran his palm print.
Doesn't match.
He's a Mormon from Utah.
Stole $10,000 from the church,entry money into a poker game.
Figured he'd win the money,replaced it before they noticed.
And decided he'd bring his kid with him? Single parent.
Carmen Davis is an ex-girlfriend.
Dropped the kid off with her.
And while he's playing cards,they both get murdered.
I got your DNA results.
The dead boy was confirmed as Tom Michael's son.
So he's definitely not your kidnap victim from New York.
However,the results of the SAE kit on the female victim showed two semen donors.
One was Tom and the other unknown,but that unknown was connected to two unsolved rape murders in CODIS.
Excuse me.
Two years ago in Wyoming,11 months ago in Idaho.
Okay,one victim was 23,the other one 54.
One blonde,one brunette.
Both female.
Both with their faces covered.
GRISSOM: Both single, with no kids.
Breaks the pattern.
If there is a pattern.
There's a big gap between Vegas and New York.
Now,this guy has been involved in four murders in the last two years.
There's got to be more.
Well,if there are, then there may not be any associated DNA in the system.
Small towns usually can't afford to run it if they don't have a suspect.
Doesn't mean there's not a pattern.
Just means we haven't found it yet.
Special Agent Malone.
David Hodges.
The granular powder that you found on the dead boy's neck and shirt was largely ammonium nitrates and sulfates-- commercial grade fertilizer.
Great,so the killer could be from any farm in the United States.
Yeah,or any backyard.
Thank you.
So,I was curious about opportunities at the federal level.
Pay scale,working conditions You want my honest opinion? Absolutely.
There's a lot less competition in Vegas for a guy like you.
The FBI has enough ass-kissers already.
I'm looking for Tom Michaels.
Yeah,he's in there.
You might want to give him a minute,though.
He's,uh,saying good-bye.
Do you have any kids? Yes.
I have two daughters.
Michaels I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier.
You're afraid I'm going to sue? The same man who murdered your son kidnapped another boy six years ago.
He's here in Vegas,right now.
And this is closest that I've ever been to him.
You thought it was me.
I promise you that I will do everything in my power to catch this man.
Is that what you told the other boy's parents? Those the items? Yep.
This always happens to me.
Is that the surveillance? Yeah.
That's the guy.
I almost didn't call you guys,you know.
What about me? I'm out 350 bucks.
You'll live.
The woman these items belonged to is dead, along with a kid.
Is there a reward? Shut up.
You saw him the night before last.
You talk to him? He say anything to you? Not much.
He showed me the jewels.
I gave him his $350.
Uh,he asked me for directions to the Tangiers.
I showed him how to get there.
Recommended that Let It Ride game.
It's been pretty lucky for me.
(phone dialing) Good for you.
MAN: Tangiers Hotel.
This is Captain Jim Brass,LVPD.
Would you connect me to the surveillance room,please? JOHNSON: That's definitely not a guy you want to go home with.
That cocktail waitress doesn't know how lucky she is.
We need a shot of his face.
Well,I think he knows that.
Just hold on.
Zoom in on the ball cap.
There's a logo.
"Hargreen Harvest.
" He had commercial fertilizer on his hands when he killed Evan Michaels.
He's a migrant worker,perhaps.
Well,Tangiers sent over more than 12 hours on this guy.
It's gonna take some time,but of course I'll let you know the minute I find anything.
I'll call in some additional AV Techs, help Archie get through the footage,but you know, I've learned that sometimes you can go faster by going slow.
Yeah,well,I like to go faster by going fast.
Waiting around is not exactly my best thing.
I gathered that from your interrogation technique.
You know,maybe you should go back to your hotel,take a nap.
Is this your office? Really? By choice? It's not some kind of,uh,surplus overflow issue? What's wrong with my office? Oh,I don't know.
Uh why don't you tell me? That's an irradiated fetal pig.
I used it to determine the effects of radiation on tissue.
For what? For fun.
SIDLE: Hey,Gil,I,uh Oh,I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
No,no,it's fine.
Jack Malone,FBI.
Sara Sidle,CSI.
(mutters): Hi.
I hear your abduction case is now a serial murder.
Uh yeah.
Well,uh,I got called into work early, but I did pick up Hank, and I took him to the sitter.
Thank you.
I'll see you when I see you.
Is Hank your kid? Hank's my dog.
She walks him for me sometimes.
Oh,yeah,that's how it starts.
Oh,I have some experience dating in the workplace.
Really? And,uh how'd it work out for you? Undetermined.
(gasping): Please,help me,help me Kid who found the old man says he lives here with his wife.
She doesn't answer.
You think the suspect's still here? We'll know in a minute.
You better wait here.
Sara ???? Yeah.
You want to do the autopsy,too? Just let me know.
My guess is,this is the hammer we didn't find at the Davis house.
Why take the murder weapon from one scene, walk around with it for more than a day, use it to kill again,but this time leave it behind? SIDLE: Maybe he found something better Colt .
45 auto.
Case is empty.
He lost the proceeds from the Vegas murders at the Tangiers.
So,he probably needed more cash.
Double murder ATM.
Driver's license is on top,like before.
He likes to know their names.
I heard the husband died at the hospital.
But the killer was definitely here awhile.
According to liver temp, ???? So the husband was here and alive while his wife was being raped and killed? It looks that way.
Sara? You okay? I don't know.
Do you have any idea how he selects his victims? No.
He picks houses with no security systems,or dogs.
Enters at night when most people are asleep, through open doors or windows.
Easy targets.
So,basically at random.
They were spending a night on the sofa,watching a movie.
(voice breaking): It's just,uh It's just wrong.
You at the Boulder City house? No,I'm at a railroad spur about a quarter of a mile from the house.
You taking a trip? Carmen Davis's house was next to the tracks,too.
So? Freight trains carry bulk fertilizer.
I think your killer is riding the rails.
All the Alevious murders were committed within about a mile of an active railroad spur.
Right,so he gets off the train,finds his victim, kills them,rapes them if he feels like it, then just takes off.
So,I cross-referenced similar-patterned unsolveds in ViCAP by proximity to rail spurs.
There's at least a dozen cases.
You know,you have the authority to stop all the trains coming in and out of Nevada.
Well,I'm not gonna do that unless I got a face.
If these are the work of your guy, he's piled up one hell of a body count.
JOHNSON: Guy kept his head down the entire time.
STOKES: Mm-hmm.
Oh,check out what happens when he runs out of money.
He starts hitting on the waitress, been doing it to every one of them that walked by.
And this is the last good image of him before he leaves the casino.
He stops to look at this poster and quickly makes a phone call.
STOKES: Three numbers? I don't know too many serial killers that dial 911.
He's calling Information.
Uh,yes,this is CSI Nick Stokes with the Vegas PD.
I need to get the telephone number of one of your pay phones on the casino floor.
Near the,uh,Let It Ride tables.
So,why was he so interested in this poster? Oh,great.
Very good.
Thank you.
Look at this.
What is it? South Point Casino,just outside Boulder City.
Might be a reason henent there.
Hey,it's Nick.
Uh,I need to get an AG waiver to get ahold of some phone numbers.
Yeah,exigent circs.
At,uh Yes,ma'am,day before yesterday.
Well,we know this guy likes waitresses, so maybe that's what he's looking at.
Is that a "D"? No.
"G," "G-I-R" "N"? Okay,thanks.
Gina Farentino.
He called Information to get her number in Boulder City, but it's unlisted.
Maybe that's what pissed him off.
He knows where she works.
Yeah,Gina works here; she's off today,though.
Probably at home.
We checked her house; she's not there.
When was the last time you saw her? Not since yesterday.
What about this guy,seen him? This is the best picture you got? What do you think? There was a guy I don't know if it's him.
He was was on those slots when Gina came on her shift.
Guess it was his lucky day.
Must've thought the jackpot gave him a shot at her.
He started chatting her up.
Oh Where are you going? No,no,no,no.
Hey,come here,come here.
What time do you get off? She blew him off and left.
Said she wasn't feeling well.
And when did he leave? He cashed out and left a few minutes later.
How much did he win? Um $2,500.
I need to take a look at his W2-G,okay? If you make over twelve hundred bucks, Uncle Sam gets his cut,you know? That's how we stay in business.
It's got name,address,social The whole thing has got to be bogus.
Yeah,the cashiers don't really seem to care,no offense, as long as you have a picture ID.
And even when that's fake you can't fake one of those.
DISPATCH: Chevy Impala,Nevada license Adam-Robert-Charles-Boy-4-2-1.
No wants or warrants.
Welfare check only.
License owner is a Gina Farentino.
License and registration,sir.
I got it right here.
Same caliber as the one taken from thefroulder City double.
You can see the whole thing on video if you want.
Was the waitress in the car with him? He was waving at somebody in the passenger seat when he got shot.
According to the time code on the dash cam, it was about 33 minutes ago.
That's a pretty good head start.
I don't want to lose this guy.
We ran the fingerprints that Nick lifted from the casino IRS form.
Got an AFIS hit.
Terry Lee Wicker.
Served two years in Sing Sing for burglary.
He got out four months before Jack's original kidnapping, and get this,when he was sent up, he was married to Gina Farentino.
Brass put out a broadcast.
Listen,do me a favor.
Take a look at the map, find the nearest railway spur to our location.
It's off the 93,and it looks to be about What the hell's going on? Did you see who drove this car here? No,but I called the tow company.
You can't park here.
(train whistle blowing) Where's that train going? The Fresno 211.
Chicago bound.
Any other trains pass through here in the last hour? No,and nothing else is scheduled for another hour.
Can you stop that train? I don't have that capacity,no.
Who you guys looking for? You starting to miss the lab? No,I like a good field trip.
Stay behind me.
Freeze! Put your hands where I can see 'em! You Wicker? No.
The name's Baxter, and I ain't got no ticket.
Where'd you get that hat? Oh from a man.
He gave me a hundred bucks to get on this train.
I don't want no trouble I mean don't shoot.
GRISSOM: Maybe,uh he came here to kill his ex-wife.
(sighs): Why? Grissom.
It's Brass.
Listen,the Boulder PD got a call from the principal at the local elementary school.
Gina Farentino was supposed to pick up her son, only she didn't show up.
Yeah,there's a reason for that.
She had a son? The kid's name is Kobe.
Yeah,according to the principal, a guy fitting Wicker's description came and picked him up in the mother's car.
He said the kid seemed to know him.
I don't think that trooper was waving at Ging.
License and registration,sir.
I got it right here.
You said the kid who was kidnapped was six years old when he was adopted, birth parents unknown.
That's right.
Terry Wicker was looking for his ex-wife And his son.
A family reunion.
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