Dark Matter (2015) s02e13 Episode Script

But First, We Save the Galaxy

1 Previously on "Dark Matter.
" You go back and retake the throne you inherit a war.
A war that I can win with the blink drive.
But we'll never let that happen.
- We'll see about that.
- Your brother is dead.
He cut his throat with this knife.
Do you recognize it? I renounce the throne and step down in favor of Zairon's rightful ruler.
[dramatic music] - Four! - My name is not Four.
I am Ishida Ryo.
Emperor of Zairon.
The diplomatic summit on Eos 7 is in two weeks.
It's going to be tense.
What do we know? Traugott is going to put forward a resolution to introduce three new members of the Council.
Ferrous will naturally oppose.
Of course.
If the resolution is defeated, well, we believe Traugott will have no choice but to accept the results.
However if it passes, we believe Ferrous will disavow the results and pull their support from the Council.
In other words they're prepared to go to war.
We have recently discovered that Traugott is trying to make secret deals with both Vanguard and Volkov-Rusi.
Now if they succeed, they'll have all the votes they need.
In which case, our best course of action would be to abstain.
Try to maintain a position of neutrality for as long as possible.
And how long would that be? Well, once open hostilities break out not more than a couple of weeks, but that might be just enough time to make the difference.
[alarm blaring] Commander? - What's going on? - An unidentified ship has breached our defensive perimeter.
We have to get both of you to a secure location.
[tense music] Wait.
[scoffs] You can stand down.
They're not here to attack us.
How do you know? They're old friends.
[electricity cracks] [dramatic electronic music] Well, you certainly have a flair for the dramatic.
You're lucky my people didn't blast you out of the sky.
You think so? We're here to talk about Eos 7.
Are we? What about it? It's all over the news.
Diplomatic summit.
Bigwigs from all the corporations.
You going to be there? I will be a member of the Mikkei delegation, yes.
Eos 7 is a pretty remote location.
I have to assume that's deliberate.
Let me explain something to you.
The Council of Corporations has not held a face-to-face meeting in over ten years.
Would you care to guess why? You don't trust each other.
You're not as dumb as you look.
Which leads me to wonder what could possibly make you think that I would divulge security measures about a rather historic meeting to a group of wanted criminals.
You're going to want our help, because there's a significant probability that the summit on Eos 7 will come under attack.
The most likely scenario involves some kind of bomb.
That station will be destroyed.
Everyone on board will be killed, and the result will be all-out corporate war.
And how do you know this? [sighs] - Nyx, this is the bridge.
- Go ahead.
I have an incoming subspace transmission for you.
It's from Zairon.
[exhales] Patch it through to my room.
- [computer beeps] - Nyx.
It's good to see you again.
I don't think I can say the same.
I wanted to apologize.
The circumstances the last time we saw each other were not ideal.
You mean that bloodbath at the royal court where you murdered all those people? My brother and stepmother had to die to prevent civil war.
Their deaths saved the lives of millions, and I doubt you shed a tear for the Seers.
You're as much responsible for what happened to Milo as they were.
They would have forced him to help them achieve their goals, and he didn't want to be a part of that.
You can try to justify it all you want, but I'll never forgive you.
That would be the easy way out, to hide behind anger and bitterness so that you never have to face the truth, but you're stronger than that, and that's the type of strength I need by my side.
What are you talking about? My feelings for you haven't changed, Nyx.
You're insane.
What type of future is there for you on that ship? The others will never fully accept you.
You don't belong with them.
[dramatic music] I want you here with me as my empress.
Well, that's quite a story.
A ship filled with people who can predict the future.
An alternate reality.
[chuckles] You certainly have interesting sources.
It's all true.
Tell me a little bit more about this blink drive.
You can't have it.
Thank you for your time, and I will take this information under advisement.
You think this is a joke? You know we have the drive.
You've seen it work, and I assume you understand how powerful it is.
We could be off getting fat and rich right now robbing this galaxy blind.
- That was my vote.
- But instead we came here.
Why do you think that is? That's what I am trying to figure out.
We have nothing to gain and everything to lose, so you might want to start considering the possibility that we're telling the truth.
The GA is handling the security.
I'm sure they are perfectly capable.
No, they're not.
They'll make a mistake, and everyone on that station will die.
Look at this from my point of view.
This is not exactly the kind of story I can take to the board.
So keep it between us.
And if I bring you in on this without authorization, well, I'll be risking my career.
You get on that station without us you'll risk losing a whole hell of a lot more than that.
Tell me everything's fine That there's no risk of a corporate war, and we'll get back on our ship, go on our merry way, and you'll never have to see us again.
All right.
There may be a level of tension within the Council that goes beyond what the public is aware, and yes, if this blink drive works the way you say it does you may well be in a unique position to help.
Eos 7 wasn't chosen by accident.
It is one of the most secure facilities in the galaxy.
It is surrounded by a vast network of satellites at a distance of approximately seven light minutes.
Now, working in concert these satellites can generate what's called an Aslanov Exclusion Field, which, for those of you who might not be aware Can disrupt an FTL window.
- That's right.
- Hmm.
So any ship trying to pass through the field will drop out? Still hours away from the station at sub-light speeds, which would give the GA ships that are cruising the perimeter of the field plenty of time to react.
Once the delegates have arrived the field will be activated, and no one will be allowed in or out for the duration of the conference.
Except with the blink drive we could pass right through it, and no one would ever notice.
And with all of their resources at the perimeter they'll never know you're there.
If we're going to find that bomb we're going to need access to all internal systems.
Sensors, camera feeds, everything they have.
That won't be that easy.
Like I said, it is a GA facility.
Well, if you can get one of us on the inside we can tap in directly, like we did on Balda 9.
I suppose I could forge Mikkei credentials for one of you.
I'll go.
Well, it's either me or the Android, and personally I'd rather have her here in case anything goes wrong.
No offense, sweetheart, but you're not exactly the corporate type.
- You sure about this? - I can handle it.
- I'm not a kid.
- I know, but you can't blame me for being a little worried.
You're volunteering to go on board a station that has a good chance of blowing up.
Well, that's the whole point isn't it? We've got to find the bomb and stop it from going off.
- I know, but - What? Milo said the Seers predicted corporate war within six months, right? And in the alternate reality, the war started with the bombing on Eos 7, but how do we know in this reality it doesn't start some other way? How do we know it's not inevitable? - Well, I guess we don't.
- Exactly.
Which means you could be risking your life for nothing.
It's not nothing.
[sighs] Look, Milo also told me that there are moments in history when things become more fluid.
Patterns change, and in those moments the actions of even a single person can make a huge difference.
If there is even a chance that we could stop a war from happening we have to try.
- I guess you're right.
- Of course I am.
As usual.
[both chuckle] Anyway, you'll be right outside the station waiting to get me out of there if anything goes wrong.
I'll be fine.
Okay, people, I don't need to tell you how important this assignment is.
In less than two weeks, delegates from every major corporation in the galaxy will be arriving here, and it will be our job to protect them, from outside threats, and maybe more importantly, from each other.
Now, I want you to meet the man who'll be in charge of this operation.
He's straight from HQ on special assignment.
Chief Inspector Kierken.
All right, men.
You all know your assignments.
Let's get to work.
- Are you almost ready? - Getting there.
- Don't forget your comm.
- I've got it, but I'm not going to use it unless I have no choice.
If they detect the signal, we're screwed.
Are you sure this is a good idea? I've been through this with Six.
I can handle it.
I don't doubt your ability to perform the task at hand, - however - What? The more I explore the parameters of my empathy emulators the more I realize there can be a negative effect, and not just because I no longer perform at 100% efficiency.
- I'm worried.
- If anything goes wrong, there's a plan to get me out.
Truffault supplied us with disguises, plans to the station everything's going to be fine.
I also feel guilty at allowing someone to take a risk that I myself could assume.
Every day on this ship is a risk.
You'll get another chance to put yourself on the line soon enough.
I suppose I just never realized that emotions could have such a downside.
Well, welcome to the human race.
I'm ready.
So what do you think? Wow.
The Mikkei delegation has arrived.
That's everybody.
All right.
Signal the fleet.
Activate the field.
From this moment on no one in or out.
[drive pulsing] - We're in position.
- Any sign they've detected us? - Negative.
- All right.
Now we just wait for Five.
In the meantime, I've been going over some of the news footage recorded when we were in the alternate reality.
I think I may have found something interesting.
Good to see you again.
[clears throat] If you're going to pretend to be a member of my team, act the part.
Stand up straight.
Look people in the eye.
- [sighs] - Anyway, you are the least famous member of your crew.
No one's going to recognize you.
Commander Truffault.
Commander Nieman.
We meet again.
Yes, we do.
This is my assistant, Cassandra.
We need to talk.
- [exhales sharply] - Now.
Well, how about a drink then? [classical music playing] Sorry about that.
Normally he's [scoffs] A really nice guy? [chortles] No.
No, not really.
[chuckles] I'm Arrian.
I'm with the Ferrous delegation.
Yeah, I got that.
Do you want to grab a drink? Uh, no thanks.
There's something I have to do.
Excuse me.
[dramatic music] [computer beeps] [door opens] - You got something? - She's in.
We've got internal sensors and security cameras.
Are they scanning for Tarium? - Only in the docking bays.
- Why Tarium? We found evidence in the alternate reality.
A single report that suggested the bomb may have been some kind of Tarium device.
That doesn't make any sense.
I've been around spaceports long enough to know that they always scan for it wherever ships are docking.
It's a precaution against malfunctioning drives.
Well, if it is a Tarium bomb, how the hell would they get it in? Unknown.
Nice to meet you.
- You're back.
- What'd I miss? A lot of small talk.
Everyone's still waiting for the new delegation from the League of Autonomous Worlds to make an appearance.
What do you mean the new delegation? Apparently there was a last-minute change.
Where are they from? Zairon.
Something wrong? No.
No, everything's fine.
They're carrying weapons.
They're supposedly ceremonial, so they get to keep them.
I mean what are they going to do? Slit everyone's throats? [chuckles] [quietly] Um are you sure you're okay? Yeah, of course.
Um I'll see you later.
There she goes again.
[muted voices] The man's a wanted criminal, and they expect us to treat him like a dignitary.
He's got diplomatic immunity.
For now.
What the hell happened? How'd he get on board? Apparently he's an official representative from the League of Autonomous Worlds.
If he spots Five, he's going to rat her out.
We don't know that for sure.
Well, we have to get her out of there.
She's got her comm.
If she thinks she's in trouble, she'll let us know.
The emperor would like to speak with you.
I'm a little busy right now.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist.
- What's in your hand? - Nothing.
Hey! A communication device.
- She's a spy.
- I'm not a spy.
I'm a member of the Mikkei delegation.
- Now let me go.
- Is there a problem here? [dramatic music] You looked upset, so I thought I'd check on you.
She's fine.
Now unless you want a diplomatic incident on your hands, I suggest you go on your way.
[grunting] [both grunting] - You're hurt.
- No, I'm all right.
Don't be stupid.
Let me see.
[nanites whirring] Oh, my God.
You're an Android.
I've found something.
It's one of the secondary docking bays.
Someone has tampered with the camera feed.
It's on a loop.
- How can you tell? - It's imperceptible to the human eye, but the shadows cast by the starlight reset every ten minutes.
- Whose shuttle is that? - Ferrous Corp.
That's their way off the station without being detected.
We were right.
It's also our way in.
Suit up.
[sighs] That'll hold 'em for a while.
Let's take a look.
[nanites whirring] Well, your nanites will have it closed up pretty soon, but in the meantime, you'd better stay out of sight.
Are you going to turn me in? No.
Why not? You're running an illegal software upgrade.
It's the only way you could have gotten on board without anybody noticing.
Nieman gave it to me.
Why? He said he wanted protection.
A bodyguard.
Well, if they find out, they won't just kick you out of the conference.
They'll have you destroyed.
[exhales] Besides I owe you one.
I don't understand.
You're with Mikkei.
You could use this information to your advantage.
Yeah, I'm not surprised you would think that.
All I can tell you is we're not all like Nieman.
Good luck.
Well, don't you three look very corporate? This is ridiculous.
I look ridiculous.
- You look fine.
- I didn't even want to do this stupid job in the first place.
Look, when we're done, I promise you we'll pull a heist, okay? - Seriously? - Yeah.
You can even choose the target.
Bank job, jewels, whatever, but first we save the galaxy.
Got it? - Fine.
You've got the bridge.
Hopefully we're in and out without anyone noticing, but if things go sideways, we might need a show of force.
We'll be ready.
[exciting music] All right.
Take these.
The Android calibrated them to detect any trace of Tarium radiation.
There's no way we can search this whole station.
Stick to the upper levels.
If someone managed to get a bomb on board there's no way they'd risk getting caught by trying to sneak it into a restricted area.
My guess is it's probably in somebody's quarters.
If you get within ten meters of a source you'll know it.
The chair recognizes Commander Nieman.
Representing Ferrous Corporation.
- Commander? - Mr.
Chairman, distinguished members of the Council, let me get straight to the point.
These are difficult times.
I think on that, we can all agree, and while change may sometimes be necessary, and is indeed inevitable, difficult times require stability.
Now is not the time to make alterations to the Council by introducing new members.
This is time for very careful consideration of our actions and the consequences of those actions.
That is why I must vote against the proposed changes brought forward by my distinguished colleague from Traugott Corporation, and why I urge all of you to do the same.
Thank you, Commander.
As there are no other submissions, we will now put the proposal to a vote.
[soft dramatic music] [computers beeping] We have the results, and they are as follows.
Seven votes for, five against, and one abstention.
The resolution passes.
Commander, do you have something more to say? No, Mr.
Chairman, I'd simply like to request a recess.
I find these proceedings to be quite exhausting.
The Council is adjourned for one hour.
[indistinct chatter] Hi.
[exciting music] [device beeping] How's it going? I was wondering when I would see you again.
We need to talk.
Excuse me.
[sighs] Going somewhere? I've been waiting for this moment a long time, Lieutenant Kal Varrick.
These diplomats All they do is talk.
And I thought Boone could be tiresome.
I'm good.
Why are you here, Portia? I'm sorry.
- You're in danger.
- Aren't we all? You know in the alternate reality it was the destruction of Eos 7 that started the war.
And you think the same thing will happen here? We think Ferrous smuggled a bomb on board.
Three and Six are searching for it now.
I also studied the events as they unfolded in the alternate reality.
When the war broke out, the corporations' backing Zairon's enemies had to pull their resources.
It was the turning point that saved the house of Ishida.
Are you telling me you want the war to happen? My people are already at war.
Thousands have died.
Millions more will follow.
You can help me.
What are you talking about? The blink drive.
Let my scientists study it.
I'll give you safe harbor on Zairon until we can replicate it.
It's far too powerful to give to any military force.
Every major corporation is pursuing their own version of it.
Whoever gets there first will have an advantage.
You can choose who that is.
That's a little bit too much responsibility.
In the right hands, it could save millions.
In the wrong hands, it could enslave millions.
[soft dramatic music] I'm sorry, Ryo.
I can't help you.
I can have you arrested.
I know.
[indistinct chatter] [muffled yelping] [both grunting] Ah! Ah Three? What the hell? I didn't want you to scream.
- Sort of like you just did? - That wasn't a scream.
It was a manly cry of panic.
I was just about to contact you.
Four is here.
Yeah, we know.
Has he spotted you? Yeah, he definitely knows we're here.
Ah, man, this is gonna complicate things.
Okay, listen.
Android thinks the bomb is Tarium-based.
She sent us in with these detectors.
Let me see.
We've been sweeping the upper levels, but nothing.
Wait a minute.
How did you get on board? The Marauder.
Ferrous rigged one of the docking bays so they could leave without anyone noticing.
It's definitely them.
Ferrous just lost a big vote, and then they called for a recess.
Oh, shit.
We're out of time.
- I'm calling the others.
- Wait, not yet.
Go to the Marauder, prep for launch.
- Give me ten minutes.
- Five.
I think I might know where the bomb is.
[exciting music] [quietly] This is a great honor.
[indistinct conversation] [exhales slowly] Inside.
This space station is in danger.
I have no doubt.
Who else is here with you? Boone, Lin? We're not the problem.
It's Ferrous Corp.
They brought a bomb on board.
Now, I don't know how they got it past your scans, but you have to believe me.
I don't.
Hey, buddy.
You look a little overdressed for a mechanic.
Just heading back to my shuttle.
You know what? I'll take the long way around.
[grunts] [all grunting] [groaning] Mr.
[exhales] Great.
It's been a while since you double-crossed us - in that mining colony.
- [grunts] Now, what brings you all the way out here? We know about your plot to bomb the station [breathing heavily] And we're going to stop you.
That's unlikely.
I'm telling you, it's Ferrous Corp.
They want to start a war.
By blowing up their own delegation? By the time goes off they'll be long gone.
They've got a way off the station without being detected.
And so what do you expect me to do? Arrest them based on your word? At least bring them in for questioning.
[all grunting] Ferrous Corp are respected members of this council.
Law-abiding citizens.
- Pillars of the community.
- Exactly.
You, on the other hand, are a traitor who turned his back on his own to help a bunch of criminals escape justice.
They were going to be murdered before they ever got to trial.
That's not justice.
- What does Ishida have planned? - Ishida? He's got nothing to do with this.
So it's just a coincidence that the two of you are here together at the same time? I didn't even know he was going to be here.
- You work together.
- Not anymore.
It can't be him, because unlike Ferrous Corp he doesn't have a way of getting off the station without setting off an alarm.
[exhales sharply] [door opens] It's about time.
Shift change was ten minutes ago.
[grunts] [grunts] [dramatic music] [computer beeping] Hey.
That's a restricted area.
Oh, uh I was looking for a C concourse.
Back the way you came.
Two levels up.
Where does this lead? That's classified.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
The Council is brought back to order.
The next matter on the agenda is the continuing unrest in the outer colonies.
[soft dramatic music] Four.
I was expecting the Marauder.
Its verification code has been used to access the ship.
Yes, Android.
I'm sorry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry and don't have time to explain.
- Explain what? - Authentication sequence Three-Tango-Five-Gulf-Sierra-Six.
Shutdown command.
[powers down] Go to the bridge.
Monitor for any signs of the Marauder's return.
If you encounter anyone use non-lethal force only.
- Understood.
- I'll get the blink drive.
Arrian? Arrian? The Ferrous Corp delegation left, didn't they? Yes.
Without you.
Why would they do that? [sensor beeping] [exhales sharply] I knew it.
[suspenseful music] You're the bomb.
Android, have we heard anything yet? Android, come in.
This device is detecting the Tarium in your system.
Then my shielding has begun to degrade.
You have to get off this station.
You were kind to me, even after you found out I was not human.
I don't want you to die.
- Then deactivate the bomb.
- I can't.
It's inside me, but I have no control over it.
Only Commander Nieman has the deactivation code.
Then shut down.
I'll get you back to our ship.
Find a way to Shutting down won't make a difference.
You have to leave now.
What about all the other people on this station? There's nothing I can do for them.
That upgrade didn't just change the way you talk.
It changed the way you think and feel.
You tried to help me before you knew I could be trusted.
Why? I don't know.
I do.
Because I know someone just like you.
An android? A friend.
She saved my life I don't know how many times, and not because she's programmed to, but because she cares, and once you start to care, it's not so easy to turn your back when something terrible is about to happen.
Arrian, this could start a war.
There has to be something we can do.
You are right.
There is a way.
Where are you going? - [dramatic music] - Arrian? Arrian? [muffled] No! Wait! [hatch opens, alarm beeping] [dramatic music] [alarm sounding] Order.
Order, please.
Seal the hangars! This station is under lockdown.
- Yes, sir.
- Move it! Let's go! Android, why aren't you answering? What are you doing here? I was hoping we'd cross paths one last time.
What have you done with the android? The android should be the least of your concerns.
[exciting music] [both grunting] - Ah.
- [grunts] [both breathing heavily] I can guess almost every move you make.
You can't beat me.
Oh, I don't need to beat you.
I just needed to cut you once.
The poison that coats my blade will do the rest.
[grunts] [panting] [groans] [exhales] Misaki, I have the drive.
Fall back to the shuttle.
Yes, Heika.
Did you encounter any resistance? None.
[dramatic music] This is Chief Inspector Kierken of the Galactic Authority.
Please remain calm.
We're in the process of investigating an explosion that occurred off-station.
Preliminary assessments reveal no structural damage to the station itself.
However, be advised security protocols have been enacted, and this station is now under lockdown.
Activation code Delta-Gulf-Echo-Zero-Zero-Nine.
[system whirring] - Four? - Android, listen to me.
I've taken the blink drive.
I had no other choice, but that's not important.
Right now I need you to contact the crew and have them fall back to the ship immediately.
In approximately 20 minutes the station will be destroyed.
There's no time to stop what's about to happen, but there is time for them to save themselves.
Contact them.
- [communicator beeps] - Two, Three, Five, Six, if you can hear me, you must return to the ship.
Android, this is Two.
There was an explosion outside the station.
I think one of the others might have found the bomb and spaced it.
That may be true, but I believe there may now be another threat.
- What do you mean? - Four has a plot in place to destroy the station.
You have less than 20 minutes to get here.
- How do you know this? - He was on board.
I'm sorry.
He used some kind of deactivation code I wasn't aware of.
He took the blink drive.
Is anyone else reading this? - Please respond.
- I am.
This is Chief Inspector Kierken.
I already have one of your people.
I took the liberty of borrowing his communication device.
You are not getting off this station.
It could save us all a lot of time and trouble if you'd just turn yourself in now.
If you've been monitoring this channel then you heard the message I just got from my ship's android.
It sounded almost convincing.
I saw a member of the Zairon delegation enter a restricted area.
They've already breached your security.
- You're lying.
- He could be anywhere by now.
Life support.
The reactor core.
Where would you go if you were trying to destroy the station? And while we're off on this wild goose chase - what will you be doing? - Listen to me.
The lives of everyone on this station are in your hands.
- They should be your priority.
- [communicator beeps] Are the delegates still in lockdown? Yes, sir, we're holding them in the conference room.
They're starting to get a little impatient.
I don't care.
Portia Lin is on this station.
Probably Boone as well.
- I want them found.
- Yes, sir.
[soft dramatic music] [exciting music] Step away from the console.
- It's too soon.
- Step away.
Now! [computer beeps] [computer beeping] [system whirring] [explosion] [indistinct shouting and chatter] [exciting music] [grunts] Three, Five, Six, if you can hear me, get down to the Marauder.
[grunts] [coughs] [footsteps approaching] [suspenseful music] [exciting music] [all screaming, shouting, and grunting] Hey, come with me.
[dramatic music]