Doctor Who s01e08 Episode Script

Father's Day

Peter Alan Tyler, my dad.
The most wonderful man in the world.
Born 15th September, 1954.
Come here, Rose.
Come here.
Who's that? It's your daddy.
You weren't old enough to remember when he died.
Do you remember what I told you? The day that Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark got married.
He was always having adventures.
He would have loved to have seen you now.
That's what Mum always says.
So I was thinking, could we go and see my dad when he was still alive? Where's this come from all of a sudden? All right, if we can't, if it goes against the laws of time or something, then never mind, just leave it.
No, I can do anything.
I'm just more worried about you.
I want to see him.
Your wish is my command.
But be careful what you wish for.
I, Peter Alan Tyler, take you, Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Prentice.
I, Peter Alan Tyler, take you, Jacqueline Susanne, Suzette Anita? Just carry on.
It's good enough for Lady Di.
I thought he'd be taller.
To be my lawful wedded wife.
To love and behold till death us do part.
He died so close to home.
I wasn't there.
Nobody was.
It was a hit-and-run driver.
Never found out who.
He was dead when the ambulance got there.
I only wish there'd been someone there for him.
I want to be that someone.
So he doesn't die alone.
- November 7th? - 'I 987.
It's so weird.
The day my father died.
I thought it'd be all sort of grim and stormy.
It's just an ordinary day.
The past is another country.
- You sure about this? - Yeah.
This is it.
Jordan Road.
He was late.
He'd been to get a wedding present, a vase.
Mum always said, "That stupid vase.
" He got out of his car and crossed the road.
Oh, God, this is it.
Go to him.
It's too late now.
By the time the ambulance got there, he was dead.
He can't die on his own.
Can I try again? Right, that's the first you and me.
It's a very bad idea, two sets of us being here at the same time.
Just be careful they don't see us.
Wait till she runs off and he follows then go to your dad.
Oh, God, this is it.
I can't do this.
You don't have to do anything you don't want to.
But this is the last time we can be here.
Rose, no! I did it.
I saved your life.
Blimey, did you see the speed of it? Did you get his number? I really did it.
Oh, my God, look at you, you're alive.
That car was gonna kill you.
Give me some credit, I did see it coming.
I wasn't gonna walk under it, was I? I'm Rose.
That's a coincidence.
That's my daughter's name.
That's a great name.
Good choice.
Well done.
I better shift.
I've got a wedding to go to.
- Is that Sarah Clark's wedding? - Yeah.
Are you going? Yeah.
Do you and your boyfriend need a lift? Right, there we go, sorry about the mess.
If you want a cup of tea, kitchen's down there, milk's in the fridge.
It would be, wouldn't it? Where else would you put the milk? Mind you, there's always the windowsill outside.
I always thought if someone invented a windowsill with special compartments, one for milk, one for yoghurt, make a lot of money out of that.
Sell it to students and things.
I should write that down.
Anyway, never mind that.
Excuse me, I got to go and change.
All the stuff Mum kept.
His stuff.
She kept it all packed away in boxes in the cupboard.
She used to show me when she'd had a bit to drink.
Here it is, on display.
Where it should be.
Third prize at the bowling.
First two got to go to Didcot.
Health drinks.
Tonics Mum used to call them.
He made his money selling this Vitex stuff.
He had all sorts of jobs, he was so clever.
Solar power.
Mum said he was going to do this.
Now he can.
Okay, I'll tell him you're not my boyfriend.
When we met I said, "Travel with me in space.
" You said, "No.
" Then I said, "Time machine.
" It wasn't some big plan.
I just saw it happening, and I thought, "I can stop it.
" I did it again.
I picked another stupid ape.
I should have known.
It's not about showing you the universe.
It never is.
It's about the universe doing something for you.
So it's okay when you go to other times and you save people's lives but not when it's me saving my dad? I know what I'm doing, you don't.
Two sets of us being there made that a vulnerable point.
But he's alive.
My entire planet died, my whole family.
Do you think it never occurred to me to go back and save them? But it's not like I've changed history.
Not much.
I mean, he's never gonna be a world leader, he's not gonna start World War III.
Rose, there's a man alive in the world who wasn't alive before.
An ordinary man.
That's the most important thing in creation.
The whole world's different because he's alive.
- Would you rather him dead? - I'm not saying that No, I get it.
For once, you're not the most important man in my life.
Let's see how you get on without me.
Give me the key.
The Tardis key.
If I'm so insignificant, give it me back.
All right then, I will.
You've got what you wanted so that's goodbye, then.
You don't scare me.
I know how sad you are.
You'll be back in a minute.
Or you'll hang around outside the Tardis waiting for me.
And I'll make you wait a long time.
Boyfriend trouble? Excuse me, do you mind? What are you tidying up for? Sorry, force of habit.
Don't worry about him.
Couples have rows all the time.
We're not a couple.
Why does everyone think we're a couple? - I think he left me.
- What? A pretty girl like you? - If I was going out with you - Stop right there.
I'm just saying I know what you're saying and we're not going there.
At no point are we going anywhere near there.
You aren't even aware that there exists I don't want to think about there and, believe me, neither do you.
There, for you, is like like the Bermuda Triangle.
- Blimey, you know how to flatter a bloke.
- Right.
Are we off? - That wouldn't be a mixed signal at all? - Absolutely not.
I'll take you back to the loony bin where you belong.
Except I'm sure I've met you somewhere before.
- It's weird.
- What? There's so many people missing.
Uncle Steven, Auntie Lynn, all the Baxters.
Where are they? You don't think something's gone wrong? Maybe it's a godsend, gives you time to think.
You don't have to go through with it, not these days.
- Live in sin for a bit.
- Dad.
In 10 years' time, you'll turn round and say, "If only I could turn the clock back.
" Is it me or did it just get cold? Rose.
I met this bloke at the horses and he's cutting me in on copyright.
But I thought you were a proper businessman.
I wish.
I do a bit of this, bit of that.
I scrape by.
I must've heard wrong.
So, really, you're a bit of a Del Boy.
Shoot me down in flames.
You're not related to my wife by any chance, are you? Oh, my God.
She's gonna be at the wedding.
Jackie? Do you know her? Sort of.
What's she told you about me, then? She said she'd picked the most fantastic man in the world.
Must be a different Jackie, then.
She'd never say that.
This stuff goes right over my head.
- That's not out yet.
- Good job and all.
- I'm just gonna check my messages.
- How do you mean? Messages? - Is that a phone? - Yeah.
Watson, come here.
I need you.
Watson, come here.
I need you.
Watson, come here.
I need you.
Half the guests haven't turned up.
You're better off not being here, it's a disaster in the making.
No, in this case, "knocked her up" is a phrase I'd use.
Watson, come here.
I need you.
Hello? Who's this? Watson, come here.
I Dad, get inside.
We can't see the bride before the wedding.
- That's bad luck.
- Bad luck when you met her.
I tell you, this day is cursed.
Now that's what I call a meringue.
Stuart's dad said go round the block 'cause there's people missing.
How do you mean, missing? There's no Dave, no Sunita, no Bee There's no one from The Lamb and Flag.
My train's detached again.
I knew I should have used Velcro.
I'm here, stop your bellyaching.
Take Rose a sec, will you? Ain't she pretty? She's a little madam, that's what she is.
I need more hands.
Where's her useless article of a dad got to? Dad! It's that car.
Same one as before.
It was right in front of us, where's he gone? You called me "Dad"? What did you say that for? Oh, wonderful! Here he is, the accident waiting to happen.
You'd be late for your own funeral and it nearly was.
- No damage done.
- And who's this? What are you looking at with your mouth open? - Your hair.
- What? I've never seen it like I mean it's lovely, your hair's lovely.
And that baby you're holding.
That would be your baby.
- Another one of yours, is she? - She saved my life.
That's a new one.
What was it last time? I didn't even know her.
She was a cloakroom attendant.
I was helping her look for my ticket.
There were three duff le coats all the same.
Somehow the rack collapsed.
We were under all this stuff.
Were you playing around? What's it got to do with you what he gets up to? - What does he get up to? - You'd know.
Because I'm that stupid.
I play around and I bring her to meet the missus.
- You silly - But you are that stupid.
Can we keep this stuff for back home, just for now? What, with the rest of the rubbish? You bring home cut-price detergents, tonic water, Betamax tapes and none of it works.
I'm drowning in your rubbish.
What did he tell you? Did he say he's this big businessman? 'Cause he's not.
He's a failure.
Born failure, that one.
Rose needs a proper father Jackie, I'm making a living.
It keeps us fed, doesn't it? Stop it.
You're not like this.
You love each other.
Pete, you never used to like them mental.
- Or I don't know, maybe you did.
- Jackie, wait, listen If you're not careful, there'll be a wedding and a divorce on the same day.
Wait here.
Give us a couple of minutes with the missus.
Tell you what, straighten the car up.
Stick it round the corner.
Don't cause any more trouble.
Hey, Jack.
I'm not listening.
It's the duffle coats all over again.
Jackie, sometimes a duffle coat is just a duffle coat.
Things will get better soon.
I promise.
I've had enough of all your daft schemes.
I never know where the next meal's coming from.
I'll get it right, love.
One day soon, I promise you I'll get it right.
Come on.
Monsters! Going to eat us! What sort of monsters, sweetheart? Is it aliens? Rose! Get in the church! Get in the church! Oh, my God.
What are they? Inside! - Sarah! - Stay in there! In.
They can't get in.
Old windows and doors.
The older something is, the stronger it is.
What else? Go and check the other doors.
Move! What's happening? What are they? What are they? There's been an accident in time.
A wound in time.
They're like bacteria, taking advantage.
What do you mean? Time? What are you jabbering on about time? I might've known you'd argue.
- Jackie, I'm sick of you complaining.
- How do you know my name? I've never met you in my life.
You never will unless I sort this out.
If you don't mind, I've waited a long time to say this, Jackie Tyler, do as I say.
Go and check the doors.
Yes, sir.
I should've done that ages ago.
- My dad was out there.
- You can mourn him later.
Now we've got to concentrate on keeping ourselves alive.
- My dad had - There is nothing I can do for him.
No, but he had this phone thing.
I can't get it to work.
I keep getting this voice.
Watson, come here.
I need you.
That's the very first phone call.
Alexander Graham Bell.
I don't think the telephone's gonna be much use.
Someone must have called the police.
The police can't help you now, no one can.
Nothing in this universe can harm those things.
Time's been damaged and they've come to sterilise the wound.
By consuming everything inside.
Is this because Is this my fault? No! There's smoke coming up from the city.
But no sirens.
I don't think it's just us.
I think these things are all over the place.
Maybe the whole world.
Was that a car? It's not important.
Don't worry about it.
This mate of yours.
What did he mean, this is your fault? Don't know.
just everything.
I gave you my car keys.
You don't give your keys to a complete stranger.
It's like I trusted you.
The moment I met you, I just did.
A wound in time.
You called me Dad.
I can see it.
In my eyes.
Jackie's attitude.
You sound like her when you shout.
You are.
You are.
You're my Rose.
You're my Rose, grown up.
Dad! My dad.
My daddy.
Excuse me.
- Mister? - Doctor.
- You seem to know what's going on.
- I give that impression, yeah.
- I just wanted to ask - Can you save us? Who are you two, then? - Stuart Hoskins.
- Sarah Clark.
And one extra? Boy or girl? I don't know.
I don't want to know, really.
How did all this get started? Outside the Beatbox Club, Street corner, I'd lost my purse, didn't have money for a taxi.
- I took her home.
- Then what? Asked her for a date? - Wrote his number on my hand.
- Never got rid of her since.
My dad said I don't know what this is all about and I know we're not important Who said you're not important? I've travelled to all sorts of places, done things you couldn't even imagine.
But you two.
Street corner, 2:00 in the morning, getting a taxi home.
I've never had a life like that.
I'll try and save you.
I'm a dad.
I mean, I'm already a dad but Rose grows up and she's you.
That's wonderful.
I mean, I suppose I thought that you'd be a bit useless what with my useless genes and all but Well, I mean, how did you get here? - Do you really want to know? - Yeah.
A time machine.
- Time machine? - Cross my heart.
Do you all have time machines where you come from? No, just the Doctor.
Did you know these things were coming? No.
God, I don't know, my head's spinning.
What's the future like? It's not so different.
What am I like? Have I gone grey? Have I gone bald? Don't tell me I've gone bald.
So, if this mate of yours isn't your boyfriend, and I have to say I'm glad 'cause being your dad and all, I think he's a bit old for you.
- Have you got a bloke? - No.
I did have.
Do you know him? I just didn't recognise him in a suit.
You have to let go of me, sweetheart.
I'm always saying that.
He just grabs hold of what's passing and holds on for dear life.
God help his poor girlfriend if he ever gets one.
- Me and Rose were just talking.
- Oh, yeah? Talking? While the world comes to an end, what do you do? Cling to the youngest blonde.
Come on, Mick.
- You can't tell her.
- Why? I mean, I really don't want you to tell her.
- You don't want people to know? - Where I come from, Jackie doesn't know how to work the timer on the video recorder.
I showed her that last week.
Point taken.
Rose, you're not going to bring about the end of the world, are you? Are you? Jackie gave her to me to look after.
How times change.
I'd better be careful.
I think I just imprinted myself on Mickey like a mother chicken.
Don't touch the baby.
You're both the same person, that's a paradox.
We don't want a paradox happening, not with these things outside.
Anything new, any disturbance in time, makes them stronger.
A paradox might let them in.
I can't do anything right, can I? Since you asked, no.
So, don't touch the baby.
- I'm not stupid.
- You could have fooled me.
All right I'm sorry.
I wasn't really gonna leave you on your own.
I kn ow.
Between you and me, I haven't got a plan.
No idea.
No way out.
You'll think of something.
The entire Earth's been sterilised.
This, and other places like it, are all that's left of the human race.
We might hold out for a while, but nothing can stop those creatures.
They'll get through in the end.
The walls aren't that old.
And there's nothing I can do to stop them.
There used to be laws stopping this kind of thing from happening.
My people would have stopped this.
But they're all gone.
And now I'm going the same way.
If I'd realised Just tell me you're sorry.
I am.
I'm sorry.
Have you got something hot? It's the Tardis key.
It's telling me it's still connected to the Tardis.
The inside of my ship was thrown out of the wound but we can use this to bring it back.
And once I've got my ship back, then I can mend everything.
Now, I just need a bit of power.
Has anybody got a battery? This one big enough? Fantastic.
Good old Dad.
There you go.
Just need to do a bit of charging up.
And then we can bring everyone back.
You, erm, you never said why you came here in the first place.
If I had a time machine, I wouldn't have thought 1987 was anything special.
Not round here, anyway.
- We just ended up here.
- Lucky for me, eh? - If you hadn't been there to save me - That was just a coincidence.
That was just really good luck.
It's amazing.
So, in the future, are me and her indoors still together? Yeah.
- You still living with us? - Yep.
Am I a good dad? You You told me a bedtime story every night when I was small.
You were always there, you never missed one.
And, erm you took us for picnics in the country every Saturday.
You never let us down.
You were there for us all the time.
Someone I could really rely on.
That's not me.
Right, no one touches that key, have you got that? Don't touch it.
Anyone touches that key, it'll be, well, zap! Just leave it be and everything will be fine.
We'll get out.
All of us.
Stuart, Sarah, you're gonna get married, just like I said.
- When time gets sorted out - Everybody here forgets what happened.
And don't worry, the thing that you changed will stay changed.
You mean I'll still be alive.
Though I'm meant to be dead.
That's why I haven't done anything with my life.
Why it didn't mean anything.
- Doesn't work like that.
- Rubbish.
I was so useless I couldn't even die properly.
Now it's my fault all this has happened.
- This is my fault.
- No, love.
I'm your dad.
It's my job for it to be my fault.
Her clad? How are you her dad? How old were you? 12? - Oh, that's disgusting.
- Jacks, listen.
- This is Rose.
- Rose? How sick is that? Did you give my daughter a second-hand name? How many are there? Do you call them all Rose? Oh, for God's sake, look.
It's the same Rose.
Rose, no! Everyone, behind me! I'm the oldest thing in here.
Doctor! It's cold.
The key's cold.
Oh, my God, he's dead.
This is all my fault.
Both of you, all of you.
The whole world.
This is it.
There's nothing we can do.
It's the end.
The Doctor really cared about you.
He didn't want you to go through it again.
Not if there was another way.
Now there isn't.
What are you talking about? The car that should have killed me, love.
It's here.
The Doctor worked it out way back but he tried to protect me.
He's not in charge anymore.
I am.
- But you can't.
- Who am I, love? My daddy.
Jackie, look at her.
She's ours.
Of course.
I'm meant to be dead, Jackie.
You're gonna get rid of me at last.
Don't say that.
For once in your life, trust me.
It's got to be done.
You've got to survive 'cause you've got to bring up our daughter.
I never read you those bedtime stories, I never took you on those picnics.
I was never there for you.
You would've been.
But I can do this for you.
I can be a proper dad to you now.
But it's not fair.
I've had all these extra hours.
No one else in the world has ever had that.
And on top of that, I get to see you.
And you're beautiful.
How lucky am I, eh? So, come on.
Do as your dad says.
You gonna be there for me, love? Thanks for saving me.
Goodbye, love.
Go to him.
The driver was just a kid.
He stopped, he waited for the police.
It wasn't his fault.
For some reason, Pete just ran out.
People say there was this girl.
And she sat with Pete while he was dying.
She held his hand.
Then she was gone.
Never found out who she was.
Peter Alan Tyler, my dad.
The most wonderful man in the world.
Died 7th November, 1987.
And why are we chasing it? It's mauve and dangerous, and about Rose! Please let me in, Mummy.
You mustn't let him touch you.
- Are you a doctor? - I have my moments.
They've all got the same injuries.
Right down to the scar on the back of the hand.
Physical injuries as plague.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Shall we have a drink on the balcony? - I like to think of myself as a criminal.
- I bet you do.