Dominion (2014) s02e13 Episode Script

Sine Deo Nihil

Previously on "Dominion" What do you want with Alex? Gabriel, your eyes.
The Darkness is inside you.
If there is even a chance that Lucifer is alive, best I go to this town you speak of and find out for myself.
But I won't be going alone.
A dyad shares control of the body with the human soul.
And who are you? Duma, a soldier of Gabriel.
Aah! What did you do? You hear that? Julian's army.
William, no! _ We're running out of ammo! Alex, there's too many of them! I'm out! Lannon, what are you doing? Alex.
Alex, Alex.
Are you okay? What did you do? I've seen this before.
Did we hold the tunnel? - Did we hold the tunnel? - You held it.
You can't do that again.
We need to get out of here, see how Vega's walls are holding.
We're in the dark down here.
Wait, hold your fire.
You healed them.
Every single one of them.
Listen to me, all of you.
You need to get away from here.
You need to find shelter, all of you.
It's not safe here.
You, can you get them to safety? I can try.
Go now.
Come on, everybody.
Let's go.
Follow me.
You are what you were born to be.
The Chosen One.
Let's get above ground.
This is far from over.
Hey, hey.
What's going on? What happened? The gates are open.
They're all open.
It's all over.
It's over! Let's go, let's go.
Let's go.
We need to shut those gates.
They may have control of the walls, but we can take them in the city.
The controls are in the war room.
Yeah, I know.
I left Whele in there.
- Whele? - Yeah.
I had to get to you.
Look, the guns were down, and he was the one who got them firing.
He'd never do this.
Those aren't ours.
That's my dad.
Headed to Riesen Tower.
Claire, there's something you need to know about your father and the time he spent in New Delphi.
Up, Michael.
Here's your fire.
And no eight-balls.
The darkness is killing you.
Here is the town, Michael, and the conflagration, but where's Lucifer? And this man you claim works for him? And for that matter, the people? I don't know.
You pray I find Lucifer alive, or tonight you die.
_ The child's death will break Michael's fever over the humans and bring him back to our cause.
This extermination will work.
It is why Father gave only me the seal.
With the chosen baby here, Michael won't be far behind.
We don't have much time.
Shall we? Father's gone.
My sword is yours.
That's it, baby.
I know how to make a baby stop crying.
Oh, no.
Do it! Now, Noma! No! Noma! The darkness is killing you, brother.
Lucifer had such good intentions.
But he created this modern world, all this ugliness, gave the humans fire, knowledge, war.
He went against Father's wishes and changed everything.
He, more than anyone, is responsible for driving Father away.
Can you imagine what it would mean if he came back? But I was there.
We destroyed him using Father's wrath.
There's no coming back from that.
What did you do? I didn't destroy his body.
I took it out to sea.
Why? He was our older brother, the greatest of us, the only one touched like Father with the power of creation.
I couldn't see his like leave this world in ashes.
He deserved better, a burial with honor.
A burial at sea doesn't resurrect.
You don't add water and, bingo, get another Lucifer.
That's what I thought till I came to this place.
Wait, wait, wait.
I think you're right.
I think I hear absolutely nothing! I tire of this game.
Lucifer is dead! Still! Time to die, Michael.
And afterwards, I'm going to burn the house of this false god to the ground.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
You're telling me my dad could still be inside his body with an angel.
If he's a dyad, yes.
Claire, he was dying.
Now he's driving to Vega at the head of Delphi's army.
Julian changed him.
That means the angel knows what Riesen knows, everything about this city.
Explains how they knew about the Luxor tunnel.
Okay, so if he's still in there, then we've got to help him.
Alex, he would never betray Vega.
You know that.
Claire, he may not have a choice.
Citizens, your city has fallen.
You are to deliver your Chosen One, a man named Alex Lannon, to me or bring me his head within the hour.
If you do not, I will kill every human being in Vega.
Let's go.
I always knew the angel of death would look like you.
What happened? William opened the gates and let the monsters in.
I tried to stop him, but he destroyed the panel.
And the city can't be sealed again.
Where's Claire? In the tunnel under the Luxor.
What do you care? You wanted her dead.
No, you wanted her dead.
I wanted Vega.
But Vega's gone.
I have to make amends, get her to safety.
I've always believed those I killed were a part of me.
A burden I carry.
A skin that must be worn and never shed.
William is more a part of you now in death than he ever was in life.
He is yours as mine are mine.
I don't want to carry you with me, David, so I'm going to help you live.
Come, we're getting out of here.
You are to deliver your Chosen One to me or bring me his head within the hour.
- We have to kill him.
- No.
If he's a dyad creature, then he's still in there, and, Alex, he's my father.
Claire, did you miss the part about him killing every single human in the city? The angel is not looking to negotiate.
He's not your father.
The angel is in control.
We have to get you out of Vega.
No, you're too important.
The prophecy, what you just did in the tunnel, it's all coming true, Alex.
And it doesn't mean anything if 100,000 people die to save my skin.
Vega needs you, their leader.
Alex, Alex.
You have as good a reason as any.
Just do it.
It's too quick.
You deserve to suffer, alone and scared.
It won't be anything new, son.
Get out of my sight! Last time we spoke, you said this city wasn't yours.
- Why'd you come back? - For you.
I have a helicopter by Whele Tower near the broken freeway.
Hopefully, my pilot's still alive, but the longer we talk, the less likely that becomes.
I can take us all to Helena.
- Claire, go with Arika.
- What? I've never been to that city, but the women of Helena seem pretty good at surviving.
We'll take care of Riesen.
He has a whole army around him, Alex.
Who have never been inside Vega.
I served Riesen Tower for years.
I know every access point.
I know every floor.
No, no.
There has got to be another way.
Listen to me, Claire.
We had a chance to leave once, and we didn't take it.
Take it now for both of us.
Get to safety, so I can do what needs to be done.
You need to live, Claire if not for you, for me, so all this pain is worth it.
This is good-bye, isn't it? No.
Don't you dare let him kill you.
That's not the plan.
Claire, come, come.
Citizens, you are to deliver your Chosen One, Alex Lannon, to me within the hour.
How much further? - It's close.
- Wait.
I've got an idea.
You should keep that out.
For what I'm gonna do, I'll need it hidden.
Alex is more important than any of us.
He's our best chance of survival, and he's walking right into my father's trap.
You're gonna save him? Yeah.
I know how to get there first.
I'll do it, so Alex doesn't have to.
- Go.
- Claire, no.
I said go.
Her name will stop them from killing her - Hey! - Not us.
I'm Claire Riesen.
I'm the daughter of General Riesen.
- Your back still hurt? - Yeah, it does.
I hope Claire makes it.
She'll be safe now.
You still love her? She was my life, my home.
When I left Vega, I left that note, I left her.
Truth is, I fell in love with another woman a long time ago.
Just didn't realize it.
Guess I'm a slow learner.
Glad you wisened up.
Thanks, buddy.
Noma, I know you're here! I saw you land.
Do you have any idea what you've done? I couldn't do it.
I couldn't do it.
Of all who serve, you held the highest place in my heart.
Why did you let him live? I was gonna do it, but right before my sword fell, I felt him, our Father, his presence all around the baby.
It was so strong.
You will be judged but not yet.
We have something to do first.
This is a sacred place.
Stand down.
Oh, the plot thickens, Michael.
Is this the man you spoke of? Where are the people of Mallory? Safe.
Moved after our card game.
Why? For their own protection.
I knew you'd be back.
Are we really speaking of simple villagers when we have our supposed brother's keeper in the flesh? Gabriel! He doesn't look too good.
You can speak to him, our brother? Lucifer had many talents, one of them healing.
Does he still? Oh, please, I beg you.
If you can, save him! - I'm sorry, Michael.
- Ask him! Lucifer believed in a balance, in the scales of all things, and the give and take of life! He exists, he has a second chance because of me.
That is a debt owed, and I expect it to be paid.
If he does not, I will destroy you and everything in this town.
Ask him! No! Gabriel! Gabriel! Welcome, Claire.
Do you have a name? Duma.
You won't find it in the Scripture like Michael or Gabriel, but when the first human crawled out of the primordial muck, I had already been alive for an eternity.
I'm here to negotiate a surrender.
Call your creatures off, and I'll tell my people to lay down their arms.
And why would I do that? For honor.
I'm told you have my father's memories.
So you know the rules of war.
You won.
More bloodshed will only make Vega fight harder.
Do you want an insurgency? Your father taught you never to surrender.
Try her boots.
Your father knows you well.
Riesen transmitted that message from Claire's suite.
The private elevator will take us up to the penthouse floor.
Two bullets, we're out.
What chance do we have of making it through this? Considering the hell we've been through not good.
If we don't stop them here, this whole building will be on alert.
- Come on.
- I'll be up in a minute.
Why do you always let me go first? 'Cause you have a great butt.
I got this.
Nothing is going up that elevator.
Let's go.
Come on! Leave us.
I'm not a monster, Claire.
I have no desire to kill your people, but I will do so without reserve until you give me your Chosen One.
Alex is the only one who can end this war.
I won't let you touch him.
I want to speak to my father.
I know he's in there.
I can feel him.
You're not a monster.
Come on.
Prove it.
Sweetheart? Claire? Dad? It's me.
Are you okay? I just need to know that you're all right.
Is it really you? I'm I'm sorry I made you leave.
I'm sorry.
Look at you.
Lady of the City.
Dad can you stop him? No, sweetheart.
No, Duma is too strong.
He'll be back.
You have been fighting all your life.
You can't stop now.
Come on, we can do this.
I'm fighting, sweetheart.
Glad you could join us, young man.
I've heard so many wonderful things about you.
Let her go! Put the gun down and kick it over to me.
Or Claire dies.
Don't do it, Alex.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Okay! Here I am.
You want me? Let her go.
Spare her life.
Take mine.
I've heard of your eviction talents, powerful to be sure, but you're one man.
Our numbers are endless.
I doubt that can evict us all, but then I'm not going to sit around to find out.
Gabriel could've wiped out the entire human race in a month, and yet humankind withstood him for 25 years because of you.
You can kill me.
The people will fight without me, and they will win.
Well, we will see when I hang your body from the Wall.
No, no! Face it, Alex.
Everyone would be better off if the Chosen One was dead.
Shoot me.
Claire, shoot me, Claire.
Do it! Dad? Kill me! I can't hold him down much longer! Claire, shoot him! I'm sorry.
Aah! He's gone.
Claire? - Claire.
- Alex, look at me.
- Alex? - Claire.
I'm here.
It's okay.
I'm gonna see you again.
Okay? One day, I'll see you again.
Wherever you go I follow.
Remember? I remember.
Alex I love you.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
Alex, we have to go.
Alex, she's gone.
Up, soldier.
To your feet, soldier.
Up, soldier! No! You killed him.
I healed him, you fool.
You were right.
Lucifer owed you a debt, preserving his body.
Consider it paid.
Michael, I'm sorry.
The darkness I couldn't.
I know.
He No.
Lucifer saved you.
Well you're family.
We were.
But after what we did to him? That's in the past.
How is he being reborn? That's not your concern.
Faith! What? The people of Mallory, somehow their faith is healing him.
In Mallory, every five years, a volunteer takes the secrets and sins of this town into their heart and then sacrifices their life to protect this place because that's what you told them.
But it's a lie, just like when you told them the voice they hear belongs to Father.
The sacrifices.
What greater act of faith is there than giving one's life? The sacrifices are healing him, helping him to rebuild his body.
You told Noma to bring Alex here.
Why? To heal Lucifer.
He needs a greater sacrifice than the people in Mallory can give him.
That's why he wants Alex.
He needs the last pure heart.
Alex will never know his mother now.
It's not your fault, Jeep.
Gabriel sent angels to kill the child.
Charlie gave her life protecting him.
We tried to save her but too late.
Alex may not be your son by blood, but he's your responsibility now.
Will you protect him? I'll protect him with my life.
These markings are Alex's birthright.
Father instructed me to give them to man, to Alex, the last pure heart.
They're the key to protecting both our races, humans and angels.
You must carry them until he's ready.
Give me your hands.
It should've been me.
What now? Take Alex and run, fast and far.
I'll do everything in my power to protect him from Gabriel.
You'll see me again soon.
You said we tried to save Alex's mother.
Why did you lie for me? I didn't.
I lied for the child.
Father revealed himself to you for a reason.
You killed Alex's mother, and when the time comes, I expect you to pay that debt and give your life for his.
Now clean her blood off your sword.
They're coming! Come on! We don't have a lot of time.
Come on, we got to go.
What are you doing? Get in.
- Go! - David! You were right about William.
He is here with me, in the place that we built together.
I can't leave him, and I can't leave Vega.
Take this.
Hurry up! They're coming! We were good together.
- We were trouble.
- Go on! Six bullets, just what I left William.
Aah! I should've died.
I should've died, not her.
Well, you didn't for a reason.
Neither did I.
I'm here with you now, just like always.
I went out looking for an army.
I should've just come back to her.
None of this would've happened.
It's all my fault.
All of it.
She chose, Alex.
Now you have to.
Are you gonna fulfill the destiny she died to protect? Are you? Yes.
Then do it! I need a gun.
Even better.
Now let's kill them all.
Let's kill them all.
Aah! They're human.
- Get down! - Fire! Don't be afraid.
We're almost there.
Where are our brother's remains? Tell us! Killing me will do nothing.
There are dozens of us out there ready to follow his words.
What? You thought I was the only one who could hear his voice? I won't let anyone harm Alex.
Nor will I.
The Son of Morning does not need your permission.
It's already done.
Where's Alex? In Vega.
With Noma.
I tried to get them to go, but they wouldn't leave this spot.
And what you did spread through the city.
Others came too.
There was a woman named Claire Riesen.
She spent her life protecting the people of Vega, and tonight she paid the ultimate price fighting for the things that she loved.
She died to save me, so I could save you.
But I'm no leader.
I'm not special.
I'm just a man.
But I can promise you one thing.
If we join together, we'll kill every one of these black-eyed monsters until we either take back our home or burn this godforsaken city to the ground.
Will you swear to protect the Chosen One? Noma, you're such a disappointment.
I won't let you give Father's markings to a human.
What markings? If Father doesn't punish you for this when he returns, then I will.
From this day forward, the Chosen One and I are bound.
My life for his.
Word of advice, brother.
She turned on me.
How long before she betrays you? I've been this close to oblivion before, and my death so near, I could reach out and touch it.
And this time, like all those other times, I remember.
I remember the whispers I heard in that dark place.
Yeah, yeah, my brothers and sisters, the lower angels, beseeching me to fight, to hope, to believe that there will be more, that you're not alone.
In a world where the tyranny of rank means nothing Where there's no eye looking down in judgment, there's no Father to classify us, to put the few above the many, here we're all kings! Here we can revel and rule.
Do you see the future that I do and our place in it? Because I tell you, my brothers and my sisters, that this is just the beginning! That's the newest one.
What's wrong? It's the morning star.
It is time.
Nomes, what's wrong? It is time.
I took an oath to protect you, Alex.
But when I sacrificed my wings, I gave up too much.
I needed to be healed to be whole.
My God.
Aren't they beautiful? Nomes, what have you done? You're not alone.