Dragons: Riders of Berk s01e16 Episode Script

Defiant One

1x16 - Defiant One Let's go, bud.
- Cool.
- Wow.
- Wow, nice.
- He's pretty good.
The life of a Viking can be difficult, harsh, and stormy.
Nobody can make it through alone.
Eventually, you're going to have to rely on someone.
Unfortunately, we don't always get to pick that someone.
This is so lame.
Why are we even out here? Because this is our first dragon search and rescue mission.
I see a lot of searching but not much rescuing.
Do you even know where we are? My Dad said the fishing boat was last seen heading South.
You don't know what you're talking about.
There's nothing down there.
I say we go North.
And if Hiccup said to go North? Are you trying to mess with my mind? Because nothing gets in here.
Nothing! What does our map say, Fishlegs? It's kind of tough to read from this angle.
You know what, Hiccup? I'm done listening to you.
I said North, and North is where I'm going.
Hey, you work for me! - Are we just going to let him go? - Works for me.
I'm going, I'm going.
Lead the others back.
We'll get him.
Come on, bud.
Wow, look at the size of that waterspout.
That waterspout is way too dangerous.
That's why I'm flying around it.
Duh! You're cutting too close! - Look out! - Oh! No, no, no, no, no! Help me! Help me, Hiccup! Ah! We're coming! Toothless, get us out of here! Oh, no.
Snotlout, hang on! - Push, Gobber! - I'm pushing, Stoick.
Well, it certainly doesn't feel like it.
- Push harder.
- Oh, there they are.
I'm glad you're back.
The boat has returned.
Could've told us that before we left.
- Excuse me? - Um, nothing, Chief.
That was her.
- Hey! - Where's Hiccup? He had to double back to get Snotlout.
I said leave him.
Uh, her again.
I don't know what her deal is.
Nothing to worry about, Stoick.
You know how hard it is to get him off that dragon.
Toothless! Where are you? Snotlout? Toothless! Are you okay? Ah! Come on, talk to me, bud.
Oh, thank Thor.
That wasn't our best landing, was it? Great.
Your tail is gone, and the connecting rod is a mess.
What are we supposed to do now? You can start by getting me out of this stupid tree! Well, that looked like it hurt.
You sure? Can you talk? Go suck rocks.
Hey, he's back.
Lucky us.
Hey, where's Hookfang? Hookfang! Hookfang! Where are you? Hookfang, you get over here right now! Hookfang? Hookie? Fangster? I don't think he's here, Snotlout.
Pigheaded dragon.
Don't worry, we'll find him.
Now, all we have to do is figure out how to get out of here.
Okay, that should work.
This might be a little tougher.
Ow! Ow! There is nothing to eat in here, Hiccup.
What kind of search and rescue mission is this? Uh, instead of complaining, why don't you try to help me? I am trying to help you.
I'm trying to teach you about survival.
You don't leave home without proper supplies, and at the top of that list is food.
- Food.
Like the food in your hand? - You mean this day-old biscuit? It's even got a little spot of mold right hey! We've got bigger problems than a biscuit! He ate my biscuit! What kind of dragon takes a man's biscuit? You know, his bad manners are a reflection on you.
Give me that.
You're doing it all wrong.
You need to put some muscle into it.
Oops, I forgot.
You can't.
No, no, no.
Be careful with that, or it might You wanted two of 'em, right? Nope.
That was our only hope of getting home.
It's not my fault your dragon has half a tail.
Just get another rod.
Don't you understand? We have no idea where we are! - You hear that? - Over there.
- What do you see? - Would you be quiet? For all we know, we could be on a hostile island.
Don't be such a baby.
How hostile can it be? Those are wild dragon tracks, all right.
I feel like killing.
Is that hostile enough for you? - Nothin' over there.
- Nothin' here.
I know where we are now.
- Come on, this way.
- Right behind ya.
That was Savage.
Snotlout, we're on Outcast island.
Outcast island? I can't believe this! We've really got to fix this connecting rod and get out of here, or we are dead men.
Snotlout, I'm not so sure you should be eating those berries.
Well, I'm not sure you should be telling me what to eat, especially after you took my biscuit.
Hey, back off.
These are mine.
Those berries could be poisonous.
Hey, we're on Outcast island.
We're going into battle.
We need our strength, a concept you know nothing about.
Battle the Outcasts, really? Just the two of us? Absolutely.
Wha what did you just say? I said, absolutely.
As in, of course.
Oh, for the love of I told you not to eat those berries.
Why? What's wrong? Oh, no! I'm hideous.
Give me my satchel.
I may have something that can help with your tongue.
- Thatchel? - No, no, no.
Do not tell me you just left it there.
If someone finds that "thatchel," we're done.
- It's got the Berk crest on it.
- Relax.
We're safe.
Trust me, no one's going to find it.
Oh, Alvin needs to see this.
Well, they've been gone for days.
I thought you said they were right behind you.
They probably set down to wait out the storm.
I see something.
It's Hookfang! If Hookfang is here, where's Snotlout? And where are Hiccup and Toothless? Get your dragons ready.
We're heading out.
I like this one.
He's got the right spirit.
Will I never get these dragons to do what I want? - What you need is that book.
- No, what we need is Stoick's boy.
- Alvin.
- The Berk crest.
Is it my birthday? Uh, I didn't get him anything.
What does he like? Stop gossiping, and bring me the owner of this bag.
- Do you want him alive? - Why not? For now.
Wait, wait, there it is.
We just need to wait until the blacksmith leaves, then I can sneak in there and make a new rod.
How long do I have to leave my tongue in here? It's disgusting.
I saw Toothless spit in it.
He did indeed.
But but Night Fury saliva has incredible healing properties.
It tastes like yak pies.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Easy, there! Whoo, dragon! Good thing I packed my iron skivvies.
That's it, dragon.
Follow your master's scent.
It's Snotlout.
How hard can that be? - Are we there yet? - No! - I have to go to the bathroom.
- You should have gone before we left.
That's what your helmet's for.
Hang on! I think the dragon's got a sniff.
Come on.
We don't know how long the blacksmith is going to be gone.
Betty boda bought a bit of bitter butter.
"and," said she, "this butter's bitter.
" "If I bought a bit of better butter, it would" What are you doing? - Enjoying my tongue again.
- Well, I'm glad someone is.
Hookfang! - Not Hookfang.
- It's a wild Monstrous Nightmare! Toothless, stop! There they are! - The Berk intruders.
- Run! Circle back around, bud! There they go, that way! Good.
They're gone.
All right, we'll just wait till Toothless comes back, then head to the blacksmith shop.
No way.
I'm not going anywhere near that place.
You almost got us caught.
I almost got? The only reason the Outcasts know we're here is because you lost the satchel with the Berk crest on it.
Well, who brought the satchel with the Berk crest to Outcast island? Well, I had no idea we were going to Outcast island.
So you're not prepared, and I get blamed.
If you don't like my ideas, please, please, let me hear one of yours.
Precisely as I suspected.
There you go.
Good job, bud.
At least someone's pulling their weight around here.
- Oh, you are so smug.
- Me? "Hiccup's so smart.
" "Hiccup's so brave.
" "He killed the red death.
" "He trained the dragons.
" "He's got the metal leg.
" Metal leg? That's what's bothering you? That's where you're going? Metal leg? No.
It's everything the leg is attached to.
Okay, well, deal with it, Snotlout, because as of right now, I am literally all you've got.
Oh, you think I need you? I don't need you.
Well, I don't need you! Go! It's him, right? Uh-oh.
You guys need to see this! Ok, Stormfly, tail flip! - Toothless's tail.
- Oh, no.
Toothless lost his tail.
If Toothless doesn't have a tail, he can't fly.
If he can't fly, they can't fly.
If they can't fly Enough! Those boys are probably stranded at sea.
We fly close to the water.
Good, because I really need to rinse out my helmet.
Back there, bud.
Stay hidden.
- And what are we making, Hiccup? - Uh, a gift for Alvin, to thank him for his hospitality.
Oh, boy.
You can thank him in person.
Grab him! Let's go.
Oh, take it easy.
You're not the only one who can come up with a good idea, Hiccup.
Ha ha! Snotlout, Snotlout! Oy, oy! Oy.
Good thing he wasn't here to see that.
Toothless? Wherever you are, Hiccup, I still don't need you! Hiccup? Hiccup! Oh, I get it.
Hiccup needs my help.
Hiccup! Hiccup? Stupid dragon.
He's not even here.
This looks familiar.
You know what, Toothless? We make a pretty good team.
I might not give you back.
Now, let's get him, Toothless.
Stoick wouldn't have sent you here alone.
Where's the rest of your party? Oh, no, no, no, just me.
It's just me.
Taking a little vacation, you know.
I heard Outcast island is beautiful this time of year.
Alvin will get it out of you.
In fact, he'll enjoy it, but, trust me, you won't.
Move! Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me! I'm confused.
Is it your birthday or not? As far as you're concerned, every day's my birthday.
Now, prepare the dragons.
Their trainer has arrived.
Run! Toothless, now! Ah! Ah! Back the other way! - Gah! - Toothless! Oh, and, as usual, I can rely on no one but myself! Hiccup! Yeah.
Oh, good to see you too.
Thank you, bud.
Snotlout! You better run! Need some help? Shoot it down! Fire! Oh! Whoa! Ha! How does that defeat an entire army of bloodthirsty savages? - Would you like me to answer that? - I know the answer.
He'll be back.
Ooh, if I have to bring him here myself, he'll be back.
Whoo-hoo! - Do you realize what we just did? - We totally kicked butt, duh.
Yeah, and we kicked butt together.
Look, Snotlout, I'm Hungry, right? - Yeah, exactly.
- Me too.
- Hey, what's that? - It's Hiccup! And he picked up a baby seal.
- Snotlout! - Son, you're safe.
- We never had a doubt.
- Hello? Other half of the team? Hookfang! I'm still mad at you.
Sometimes, the last person you want to rely on is the one you end up being stuck with.
Now, being stuck with Snotlout was no picnic, but who knew how much I could rely on him?