Gotham (2014) s03e05 Episode Script

Anything for You

1 Previously on Gotham Who are those people you were speaking with? You keep your nose out of my business.
Now, now, Butch, play nice.
ALICE: If a person comes into contact with my blood, it changes them.
My brother he gets in your mind, you're doomed.
Good-bye, Mr.
- Ivy's missing.
- She'll turn up somewhere.
This time she fell.
It was a long way down into water.
BRUCE: Maybe she survived.
- MAN: What's your name? - My name's Ivy.
Barnes asked me to put you on a 48-hour suicide watch.
I've already signed off on it.
- He just cost you the election! - Give me one reason why I shouldn't let Butch kill you where you stand.
- NEWSWOMAN: Oswald Cobblepot - There's that.
Has won the mayor's office.
I believe in you, Oswald.
You never believed I could win this election on my own.
Maybe you're not cut out for this, after all.
What?! - Jervis.
Let her go now.
- No! I'll never go with you! - No! - (screams) JERVIS: You killed her! I would like to introduce you to my chief of staff, Mr.
Edward Nygma.
(crowd cheers and applauds) MALE ANNOUNCER: Welcome your new mayor of Gotham.
Mayor Oswald Cobblepot.
He'll make Gotham safe again.
Welcome your new mayor of Gotham.
Mayor Oswald Cobblepot.
He'll make Gotham safe again.
(crowd cheers) Welcome your new mayor of Gotham.
Mayor Oswald Cobblepot.
(camera shutters clicking) Thank you so much, thank you.
(crowd cheers and applauds) OSWALD: There's something I've been wanting to ask you.
Am I a good boy? Have I made you proud? I hope I'm not interrupting.
Oh, Ed, you never met my mother.
Wasn't she beautiful? A fine figure of a woman.
She was my whole world.
The only one that was always there for me.
Well, I believe the answer is yes.
She would be proud.
Do you really think so? Oswald, look at everything you've achieved.
The people love you.
Gangs fear you.
And tomorrow night, the crème of Gotham will be gathering to celebrate you.
What more could someone ask for? Someone to share it with.
My mother was the daughter of immigrants.
A humble cook.
We did not have much, but when she was by my side, I felt loved.
As promised, I have rid Gotham of its villainous monsters.
(crowd lightly cheers) With my mother as my witness, I vow to you from this day forward, every man, woman, and child in our great city will be safe! (gunshots firing) (crowd screams) (man speaks indistinctly) No one is safe.
Not from us.
Drop it.
Put it down.
(crowd screams) You will pay for this! Dearly! Now, now, Mr.
Don't go losing your head.
(crowd screams) Have a nice day.
I can't come over tonight.
I mean, that'd be three nights in a row.
That'd almost make it a thing.
(grunts) The neighbors might talk.
And I have a dinner.
It's not a date.
None of my business.
So whatever happened with Tetch? I told you.
He broke his sister out of the GCPD.
Bullock and I chased him down.
She died.
He escaped.
'Cause I heard a rumor there's something strange about her blood.
Do you like this? I think I made that pretty clear.
Then why are you pressing? Because I want to know.
Are you asking as a reporter or as yourself? Is there a difference? There should be.
When you were a cop, did you stop being one when you came home? Maybe that was my problem.
The guy I'm having dinner with is the hematologist in charge of analyzing Alice Tetch's blood.
I'm free after 10:00 if you want to call.
Thanks for the coffee.
(knock on door) We found the truck.
(groans) They ditched it in the Narrows.
We got forensics going over it and teams doing a ten-block sweep.
We already found this.
The Red Hood Gang.
I thought those idiots were dead.
My guess is they're copying the look.
The original Red Hood Gang were bank robbers.
Whoever they are, they got a beef with Penguin.
Expand the search to 15 blocks.
Everything goes through you.
NYGMA: You mean through me.
(laughs) NYGMA: It is good to be back.
I have missed all of you.
(laughs) Harvey.
Still a stranger to a haircut and a shave, I see.
What are you doing here, Nygma? As Mayor Cobblepot's chief of staff, I'm gonna be your liaison on the Red Hood investigation.
I want to see all reports.
I'm gonna need access to your forensic lab.
You think I'm gonna just let you waltz into my precinct? (lightly chuckles) You're a cop killer who should be in the loony bin.
- I'll be damned - You'll be fired.
The mayor can't fire me.
No, but he can appoint a police commissioner who will.
So you will carry out the mayor's orders without question or the GCPD has a new captain.
How does that sound? Every dog has his day, Nygma.
Enjoy yours.
And where is our lord mayor? Hiding under his desk? He's meeting with constituents.
"Anything for you, my little Cobble Pot.
" "You can count on me.
" Those were the words my mother used to whisper to me every night before I fell asleep.
She was a saint.
A saint whose only desire was to love me.
And what was her thanks? Not only did she take a knife in the back but even in her death, her memory is being desecrated.
Seriously? This is the reason we're here? A little glue.
Some paint.
Mama will be good as new, eh? (groans) - (laughs) - OSWALD: No! That is not the reason you are here.
The Red Hoods have challenged my authority.
They will be made an example of.
Tonight, I am celebrating my historic victory At the Sirens.
It's gonna be fabulous.
None of you are invited.
I want them found and their leader's head brought to me on a spike before nightfall.
What are you waiting for?! Find them! All right, five-card draw, gentlemen.
All right, someone didn't ante up.
Come on, you cheap bastards.
How long are we supposed to wait? Long as it takes the boss man to get here.
You need a lookout.
(guns clattering) Uh, relax, fellas.
Hey, uh, you want us to deal you in, boss? We don't have time for games, boys.
We got work to do.
Hello, Jim.
Is it a bad time? I should've called.
Please, come in.
(clears throat) (sighs) Can I get you something to drink? - A glass of water? - I'm fine.
I heard you were back.
I've been meaning to come see you.
- Everything okay? - Yes.
Alfred and I are both well.
I hear you're a private investigator now.
I'd like to hire you.
Uh, Bruce, if this is about corruption at Wayne Enterprises It's not.
I've put my investigation into my father's company aside.
It's time I moved on.
Why the sudden change of heart? It's far from sudden.
I've given it a great deal of thought.
I can't live my life if I keep looking back.
For what it's worth, I think that's wise.
So, what can I do for you? Ivy Pepper's gone missing.
I didn't realize you two were close.
We're not, she's a friend of Selina's.
And does Selina know you're doing this? No.
I don't want to get her hopes up if we don't find anything.
Well, we'll start with the GCPD.
See where we go from there.
I think it's chivalrous, you doing this for Selina.
How long have you two been a thing? Oh, no, no, no.
- Selina's a friend, that's all.
- Mm-hmm.
No, really, she's just a friend.
Yeah, yeah.
NYGMA: (whistles) Mr.
Fox, just the man I've been wanting to see.
Oh, joy.
Heard you were stopping by.
I have questions.
- Hopefully, you have answers.
- Or what? You'll poison me with gas? (laughs) That gas was a sleeping agent.
And to be fair, I was not in the best place in my life.
(blows) To be fair, if you ever threaten my life or the life of Bruce Wayne again, I will find a way to end you.
Fox, we both know you're not a man of violence.
No, I am not.
If I was, I would've laced some piece of lab equipment, one which you were sure to touch, with a toxin.
Ricin, maybe.
I'd use Saxitoxin.
Harder to trace.
But I like your style.
You are insane.
Was insane.
I have a certificate.
- So, the Red Hoods? - See for yourself.
(electronic whirring) The gang's getaway vehicle was abandoned in the Narrows.
As you'll notice, its carpet fibers has elements of dirt, oil, and, oddly, potassium chloride.
A halide salt.
BULLOCK: So nothing on Ivy Pepper, but an odd report came in a few weeks ago, okay? A construction worker claimed that a redhead knocked him out, robbed him, and she left this.
That's Ivy's sweater.
How do we find this man? I already called, all right? The guy's down south on a job, but he swore up and down that the redhead who rolled him - was in her 20s.
- BRUCE: So? He's probably covering for being with a young girl.
Doubtful he would come forward in the first place.
Yeah, most pervs don't want to call attention to themselves.
So it wasn't Ivy.
It seems unlikely, but why would she have Ivy's sweater? - Dr.
- (footsteps approaching) Bruce, it's good to see you again.
You got taller.
Like I said, right? The kid's growing like a weed.
Nice to see you, too.
Uh, Jim, could I have a word? Wanted you to hear it from me, um, my engagement announcement is coming out in The Gazette tomorrow.
And it will feature Mario's name.
I think that's customary.
His family name.
You mean Falcone.
You knew? You knew and you didn't say anything? Sure I did.
I said congratulations.
- Don't be cute.
- Lee.
People talk.
Was I surprised? Sure.
But it's also none of my business.
Your life is your life.
And I meant what I said.
Very happy for you.
So, that's it? That's it.
Okay, um, well, I just wanted to tell you.
(sighs) Dr.
I had heard that you were back.
I'm so glad That's for Kristen.
You shouldn't have done that.
Or what? I'm supposed to be scared of you because you work for Penguin? My fiancé's father is Carmine Falcone.
I so much as whisper to him, and you disappear.
Tell the mayor, whatever I can do as M.
, I'm happy to help.
It's bad enough we're throwing Penguin's party.
It's good for the club.
Now we're his errand girls? Sweetie, we find the Red Hoods, he'll owe us.
We can ask for a favor, say him not killing you? Well, it would be nice not to have to watch my ass all the time.
(muffled groaning, Barbara gasps) Well, well.
Who do we have here? Guy calls himself the Ballistic Bomber.
My contact at the Merc saw him buying - smoke grenades last week.
- Ooh.
Just like the ones the Red Hoods used on Penguin.
Reckon he'll talk? Of course.
No! Maybe give him a moment.
RED HOOD LEADER: Now remember, kids, you tell the press this is all Penguin's fault.
(woman pleading indistinctly) - Good.
- Yes, sir.
- Light it up.
- (lighter flicks open) - Oh, mercy.
(yells) - PRIEST: Please.
No, no.
RED HOOD LEADER: Better run, Sister, 'fore the Padre goes boom.
Lord Jesus! Don't! Wait, wait! The grenade is slipping! (priest yells, explosion) GILZEAN: Seriously, a priest? (chuckles) You should've seen it.
Ka-boom! But you told 'em what to say? - This is all because of Penguin? - Yeah, boss, but I don't get it.
You want to take out Penguin, let's take him out.
This Red Hood stuff is fun, but it's a lot of work.
How about you just do what I tell you? Now, I got you these so you'll blend in at the party tonight.
- Huh? Huh? - (chuckles) Nice suit.
And that's when we kill him? No! No one kills Penguin.
TABITHA: You should.
'Cause he's going to murder you.
(whip cracks, man groans) (gasps) Time to have a heart-to-heart, Butch.
You don't have to buy lunch.
I know you're a billionaire, but I can buy you a sandwich.
Do you miss it? Being a cop? Sometimes, yeah.
Gave a sense of mission.
There's more to life than having a mission.
Look, I'll keep asking around about Ivy, but, uh you want my advice, talk to Selina.
Tell her how you feel.
Does that actually work? Sometimes.
It's definitely better than being silent.
Before you know it, the moment passes.
And are you taking your own advice? Afraid that ship has sailed.
I'm not talking about Dr.
Thompkins, I'm talking about the woman you're seeing now.
Excuse me? There was lipstick on a coffee mug on your table.
You've become quite the detective.
(exhales) So, are you? (inhales sharply) It's complicated.
- So is Selina.
- That I believe.
I just wish sometimes I had a sign.
Unfortunately, life doesn't usually work that way.
REPORTER: We're hours away from Mayor Cobblepot's victory celebration.
But people are asking, will the Red Hood Gang put a damper on the festivities? Sounds like Penguin's having a bad day.
I'm supposed to go to his party tonight.
Part of my re-engagement with being a Wayne.
Well, give the mayor my best.
Witnesses say the Red Hoods blamed Cobblepot for their ac Someone is testing me, Ed.
They're thinking, "Oh, he's mayor now.
He has to play by different rules.
" No, they'll see, when I'm roasting their entrails over a fire.
Perhaps I'm thinking about this all wrong.
Perhaps this is not about you at all.
What if this is about the statue? Of course it's about me! Yes, you're probably right.
Oh, dear.
(grunts) - Wonderful.
- Oswald.
Take a breath.
(grunts) What are you doing? It's an old trick I learned in the lab.
Most solvents have as their base I am the son of water, but if water touches me, I die.
- What am I? - Again with the riddles.
Most people think of it as a food additive, but potassium salt is found in detergents, - soaps - What is your point, Ed? I know where the Red Hoods are.
BARBARA: I say we give him to Penguin.
TABITHA: Knowing Penguin will gut him like a fish.
Ladies, come on.
- After all we've been through - It's his life for yours.
TABITHA: I don't get it.
Why'd you turn on him now? I wasn't gonna hurt Penguin.
I was gonna take down the Red Hoods myself.
At the party.
All this so you could play the hero? Ever since Nygma got out of Arkham, Penguin treats me like I'm nothing.
That pencil-neck's trying to push me out.
Let me ask you, we figured out you're the man behind the Red Hoods, how long do you think it'll take Penguin and his lap dog? It's your life, baby.
You make the call.
Let me see this through.
I get my place beside Penguin back, I'll protect you.
Oh, you'll do more than that.
You'll owe me.
And one day, I'm gonna collect.
(phone rings and buzzes) Gilzean.
Butch, where are you? The Red Hood Gang is at a detergent factory in the Narrows.
We're on our way.
I got to go.
GILZEAN: Get your things.
We're done.
I'm breaking up the band.
I'm serious, go! Get out of Dodge.
Yeah, well, not for nothing, but you promised us a payday.
We're not leaving till we get it.
(tires screech in the distance) (car doors open and close) Well, I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later.
RED HOOD LEADER: What? Sorry, boys.
(men grunting) I did it, boss.
I got 'em for you.
(gasping breath) Peace and order have once again been restored to Gotham.
The Red Hood Gang is no more.
(camera shutters clicking) My very own man, Butch Gilzean, risked life and limb to face down the bandits.
(excited chatter) Was your life ever in danger, Butch? I can honestly say that if I'd have hesitated, I'd have been a goner.
(excited chatter, camera shutters clicking) (chuckles) All right, people, listen up! It's happy hour Finish up those reports and let's call it a day! Hey, uh Ed.
Even before you went crazy, I never liked you.
Your zipper's down.
Listen, Butch did us all a favor.
Red Hoods go bye-bye, case closed.
Look at the way the bodies fell.
It's as if they were just standing there, waiting to be killed.
Butch comes all the way in the room, but only one man pulled out a gun.
I guess they weren't threatened.
By a 300-pound gorilla? Whose side are you on, anyway, hmm? No one's losing sleep over a bunch of dead crooks, least of all me.
I said wrap it up! What have we here? (distant siren wails) Burning the midnight oil? I was just finishing up.
I'm guessing you're here to reprimand me.
Reprimand you? For what? Punching Nygma in the jaw.
I just couldn't help myself.
First I'm hearing of it.
Well done, Doctor.
(laughs softly) Actually, I'm here to ask about, uh Alice Tetch's blood, if you've heard anything.
As it happens, I just received the preliminary results back from the lab.
- Fascinating.
- What is? They injected samples into a group of rats.
After three days, two of the rats were showing marked increases in strength and stamina.
Oh? That doesn't sound so bad.
But the study ended after one of the rats killed all the others.
I'm guessing that's not normal.
It chewed through a dozen wire cages to get at them no.
Well, why would one of the rats go psycho and not the others? Perhaps the others hadn't had a chance to show any symptoms, or they were immune.
Some people live with a disease for years without having any adverse effects.
The lab is starting a new study now.
Well, keep me informed.
Oh, and, uh don't stay too late.
I'm sure that fiancé of yours would like to see you once in a while.
And was the captain of the GCPD invited to our new mayor's victory party? You know, I lost my invitation.
(upbeat music plays, indistinct chatter) (speaking indistinctly) I can feel it.
(speaks indistinctly) Walking down the street Kicking cans Heard you took down the Red Hood Gang single-handed.
So to speak.
- Very funny.
- Don't forget, you owe me.
Summing up the people Checking out the race I know.
Doing what I'm doing How long do we have to stay? As long as it takes for you to be seen in the world, Master Bruce being Bruce Wayne.
And smiling.
So this is our life now? Fake smiles and mingling.
I miss the old days.
- Feeling like a woman - So do I.
Looking like a man - So nice.
- Oh, excuse me.
Bruce, Mr.
Pennyworth, I'm so pleased you made it.
Yeah, well, you know, we're trying to get out a bit more, Mr.
Oswald, please.
We never got the chance to thank you for saving our lives from the ex-mayor.
That was nothing.
ALFRED: Not at all.
I find it very fortuitous you turned up when you did with that bazooka.
I just felt a bit sorry for Stan, the gardener, 'cause he was picking up bits of Galavan for weeks.
(chuckles) And now here you are, the new mayor.
Sometimes life has a way of working out.
Yes, that's true.
What is it, Master Bruce? A sign.
Please excuse me.
(song ends, applause, cheering) (new song begins) Right, well, I'll just go and wet my beak.
Congratulations again, Mr.
Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi High noon and I'm onto you I've got my plans and they're bleeding through Nothing you can say to me - Hey! - Hey yourself.
Funny, I never realized how short you were.
Who the hell are you? Not yet.
This is too fun.
Run along, little kitty.
Go steal some more wallets.
So sweet.
There he is, the man of the hour.
I have a surprise for you, Butch.
Not in the mood.
What's in the box? Open it.
- I already got one.
- Oh, of course you do.
And you certainly wouldn't need this one, as it's so similar to your very own pocket square.
This is from the Red Hood crime scene.
It turns out that your suit and the Red Hood suits were all made by the same tailor, Mr.
That's some coincidence.
I thought so myself.
Which is why I called Mr.
Fuji, and he said that a large man with a metal hand Not many of those running around Bought all six of the suits, which means, ta-da, you're the architect of the Red I should snap your neck right now.
(straining) You haven't heard my offer.
We kill Penguin together.
(chuckles) What are you talking about? - You're his guy.
- Oh, please.
You fell for that act? Yes, he broke me out of Arkham Very appreciative But I was not cut out to be number two.
I've simply been waiting for my moment, which you have graciously provided.
How would you like to run Gotham with me? (chuckles) The two of us working together? You have proven yourself far more cunning than I imagined.
Now, I assume this little drama of yours was meant to climax tonight.
So put on the hood, kill Penguin I'll help you escape.
Tomorrow we divide up the city.
You'd really turn on him, after all he did for you? In a heartbeat.
Then I guess it's time for surprise number two.
- You got to Zsasz? - I got to Zsasz.
And he got to Tabitha.
NYGMA: Penguin's history.
The question is, are you? Can I see your invitation? (sighs) What are you doing here? - I was invited.
- Of course you were.
You recognize her? Should I? I don't know.
Hey, are you, you - I'm me.
- Uh-huh.
Well, I'm working, so Actually, there was something I wanted to tell you.
Could we go somewhere more private? Comes around Fine, but make it quick.
I can't believe you'd turn on Oswald, too.
Uh, hello.
Pot, kettle, black.
No, it's not the same thing.
You Never mind.
I swear, your goons hurt Tabitha, so help me Just do your job.
- (cheers and applause) - Oh showtime.
Put on in the mayor before I put one in Tabitha.
Ladies, gentlemen, welcome to The Sirens.
Tonight we're here to celebrate the Honorable Mayor Cobblepot.
Our savior from the monsters, and the captain of our fair city.
And now, the mayor would like to say a few words.
(cheers and applause) Ed, where've you been? I've been looking for you all evening.
Oh, just tying up loose ends.
I just wanted to say good luck.
Thank you.
(cheers and applause) Thank you.
Tonight is a celebration, not of my victory, but of Gotham's.
This is a new day! (excited murmuring) - (gunshots) - (gasps) (glass shatters) I wouldn't celebrate yet, Mr.
Red Hoods ain't finished yet.
Ed! - What are you doing?! - Wait! Sorry, boss.
Butch?! (people scream) - Huh? - Oops.
(laughs) (grunts) (groaning) The mayor our mayor vowed that all of the Red Hoods would be destroyed.
And now we have the real leader caught red handed.
(groans) (grunts) You really thought I'd give you real bullets? You are an idiot! (people gasp) I will kill you for this! Sounds like we're missing all the fun.
Got plenty of fun left for you.
You know, if you're gonna take a girl hostage in her own place, you might want to search it first.
(grunts) (grunts) After all that I've done for you! - I gave you a job! - I gave you everything! I used to be somebody in this town, then you and that sniveling little son of a (groans) (laughs) Shut up! (panting) I am shocked and grieved that one of my dearest friends has betrayed me.
But let it be known that Oswald Cobblepot will prosecute anyone who threatens Gotham! Hear, hear! (cheers and applause) BARBARA: Yeah! Upsy-daisy.
(groans) (gasps) - Oh, my God.
- (gasps) (laughs) Showtime.
(glass shatters) - Oswald, move.
- (Gilzean grunts) I am gonna enjoy this.
(pants) Best party ever.
- (glass shatters) - (grunts) Wait.
- Not now.
- OSWALD: Ed! (grunts) Ed! Ed! - Ed! - (gasps) - Oh! - (coughs) So, what's up? I hired Jim Gordon to help me locate Ivy.
And? There was a redhead that had her sweater, but it wasn't Ivy.
Saying it out loud, I realize, doesn't sound that impressive.
No, it doesn't.
That's really why you brought me up here? (scoffs) You are the real Bruce 'cause nobody else would be this boring.
- Great work, detective.
- That's not all.
We've been friends a long time, Selina.
And ever since you've known me, I've been dedicated to one thing, but that's done.
I don't know what's next, but I know Would you, please just say what you mean? I like you as more than a friend.
It would be nice if you said something back.
How many girls have you dated? - What do you mean? - (chuckles) It's not a trick question.
How many girls have you dated? - None.
- None.
Have you ever thought that maybe you only like me because I'm literally the only girl you know? That's not true.
I feel something.
And I know you do, too.
We're the same.
In what universe are we the same? - The money doesn't matter.
- Try not having it.
It matters.
There's something between us.
I know there is.
You have to see that.
Rule one.
Don't ever tell me what I have to do.
So, you do have feelings for me? - I'm confused.
- Good.
Come on, just tell me.
I got all dressed up.
I even put on lipstick.
I could lose my job.
What are you offering? Fine, then I'll say something.
If I'm right, you just nod.
You ran tests on Alice Tetch's blood.
You found something in her blood.
A virus, or infection or something.
Do I have to go over the rules again? Let's have new rules, sweetie.
I'll tell you what we're doing with Alice Tetch's blood and in return you Okay.
Excuse me? What are you doing? (sighs) Two whiskeys and a pineapple juice for this guy.
MAN: What's going on? - To go.
- What's going on? I think you were just leaving.
Forget this.
Trust me.
I'm gonna try.
(clears throat) What are you doing here? Just walking by.
Saw you through the window.
- Took it as a sign.
- Like hell.
You tracked me here.
And for the record, I could've gotten what I wanted from that creep without compromising my honor.
I know but you don't have to.
I'll tell you what you want to know.
I thought you wanted to keep the woman and the reporter separate.
- Is that an option? - No.
Well, then.
You are gonna have to buy me dinner, though.
What's good here? (coughs) It's ginger tea with honey.
It's my mother's remedy for a sore throat.
You sure you don't need a doctor? No, I'm fine.
(coughs) I still don't understand why you didn't tell me what you were doing.
Your shock when seeing Butch had to be genuine.
The people had to believe it and they did.
And once again, you're the city's hero.
(chuckles) But you were almost killed.
And you saved me again.
(chuckles) (coughs) I hope you know, Oswald I would do anything for you.
You can always count on me.
Thank you.
Need a hand, kitten? I got it.
(indistinct radio transmission) (gun clicks) (engine starting) Hold on, Butch.
(engine revs) Sir, the ambulance carrying Butch Gilzean was just hijacked.
Damn it! Put out a BOLO.
I'll call the mayor.
Oh, yes.
WOMAN: M-M-Mister, please.
My dear, sweet sister.
Just look at what he did to you.
He took you from me! We belonged together! (whimpers) And he killed you.
But, mister, I-I'm not dead.
If only that were true.
(chokes) Those who hurt you will feel my pain when my sweet and terrible vengeance upon them rains.