Gotham (2014) s04e13 Episode Script

A Beautiful Darkness

1 Previously on "Gotham" GORDON: I'm arresting you for the murder of the boy you blew up under the Crown Point Bridge.
And how can you help me? What do you say, pal? Give me a smile.
(LAUGHING) BRUCE: I'm not who my parents might've wanted me to be, and I'm okay with that.
I'm not okay with it.
I went to my lawyer and him draw up emancipation papers.
Alfred, you're fired.
Now get the hell out of my house.
I am in control! But why would you want that? We had so much fun when we were me.
- PYG: Surprise.
- (GUN COCKS) SOFIA: I needed the police to turn on Penguin.
So you sent this monster to my city.
(GUNSHOT) I need you at the head of the GCPD.
Let them think you're a hero.
This is Gordon.
I just shot and killed the Pyg.
SELINA: Ivy? What happened to you? IVY: I've been reborn.
(SCREAMING) IVY: And I will never be underestimated or ignored ever again.
Let's make Gotham our bitch.
(BUZZES) (DOOR OPENS) Can I help you? (SIGHS) You're so beautiful.
Now move.
BOY: Hey, Dad, let me tell you what happened at school.
GIRL: Oh, my God, you're gonna love this.
- Mm-hmm.
- BOY: Can I just tell him, please? GIRL: Wait, no, can I tell him? - BOY: Just let me tell him.
- Nice score.
Cindy? Who are these Well, what a charming young lady.
She's so beautiful, Mom.
And cool.
So your perfume turns people into your superfans? Like all good things, it'll fade.
But until then, they're mine.
Not bad.
I'll check out the rest of the house.
My friend thinks we're here to rob you, but I know who you work for, Roland Charles, PhD.
How you torture plants in the name of science.
Do you ever wonder how those plants feel? (CLOSES CASE) Soon, you'll share more with them than you ever could've imagined.
(GROANING SOFTLY) (ROLAND GROANING LOUDER) What did you do to him? I gave him what he deserves.
Captain Gordon.
Yoo-hoo! Captain.
Captain Gordon.
- Chaz Carmichael.
- Congratulations.
Boss ain't gonna be happy I'm in here.
Let's say I got a lot of responsibility in my organization.
Yeah, you seem like a real responsible guy.
My boss is Sofia Falcone.
Oh, yeah? What's that got to do with me? Easy.
All I know is she told me if I ever got pinched, to tell you to give her a call.
- Is that so? - You can't do this.
I got rights.
Oh, yeah? How about you exercise your right to remain silent.
Hey, Cap.
Got something.
Victim was Roland Charles.
Ran R&D, Wayne Enterprises, Biotech.
Did you know him from when you worked at Wayne? I'd met him in passing.
Not that I recognized him right away.
GORDON: It's like the tweaker we found last week.
The toxin entered the bloodstream through the cuts on the neck.
If it is the same as the last victim, the toxin creates vines that feed off of the victim's body, while also attacking the hippocampus, like some plant-based psychedelics.
GORDON: So it kills you and makes you hallucinate.
Any witnesses? The family's saying that it was two women, a redhead and a brunette.
The redhead used some kind of hypnosis on them, and the brunette wore a leather whip.
Selina Kyle? Murder's not really her thing.
The family says the redhead killed Roland.
She left with his briefcase.
Well, if his briefcase is missing, maybe this is related to his work at Wayne Biotech? Doubtful.
He oversaw standard projects: pharmaceuticals, pesticides - What? - Nothing.
I'll track down Selina.
Leave a message.
(LINE BEEPS) Bruce, I know we haven't talked in a while, but someone just killed Roland Charles.
We may have a problem.
Roland Charles asked for clearance for some top secret biotech experiment.
Project M.
Ivy, you think I care about that? You just killed a man in front of his family.
He had it coming.
You have no idea what these people do.
We need to find out everything we can about Project M.
And whatever it is, all access would have had to have been approved - by Bruce Wayne.
- You know, I-I-I really thought that doing a crime spree with you would be fun, but (GROANS) I was wrong.
Selina! Leave me alone.
Enjoy your shrubs.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) We don't need her.
Now let's show everyone just how strong we are.
(PARROT SQUAWKING) Pour me another shot.
Pour me another shot.
(GROANS) Party time.
- (SQUAWKING) - Shut up.
- Gonna throw up.
Gonna throw up.
- (GROANS) IVY: You know, I've had some crazy nights, but I've never bought a talking bird.
Party's over.
I wasn't at the party.
I've seen you before.
At The Sirens.
What are you What are you doing here? I'm here to speak for those who can't speak for themselves, Bruce.
I'm here to speak for the plants.
My head hurts.
Please get out.
First tell me about Project M.
How do you know about that? Oh, I know a lot of things Billionaire Boy.
Ivy? You're so beautiful.
Now, Project M.
(GRUNTS) INMATE: Hey, there.
WOMAN: Get him off Is this seat taken? If I say yes, will it make a difference? You know, I've always been a fan.
When you got locked up in this loony bin, I expected great things.
A murder or two, maybe a prison break.
But all you've done is mope for the last six weeks.
You must know, I cannot escape.
Why? None of your business.
(GROANS) Because Sofia Falcone is holding someone important to me captive, and if I escape, she will kill him.
(YAWNS) Wow, what a boring story.
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone boring.
The last person who bored me was Dietrich.
I had to sneak into his shock therapy session and goose the juice.
Now he pees himself ten times a day, and sometimes, uh poos himself.
(CHUCKLES) Well, that's very sad.
I'm gonna cure you of this attitude, Oswald.
(FORK SQUISHES) I'm gonna find that entertaining guy I know is inside of you.
And when I do, ooh, we are gonna have so much fun together.
That's quite a story.
Not what I was expecting.
You're just so easy to talk to.
Normally, I would make this quick, like I did with Roland, but it's your name on the company that murders my little green friends.
I'm so sorry, Ivy.
I would never want to upset you.
But you have, Bruce.
Hide out here all you want.
Bury your head in the sand.
You're still guilty.
And it'll be painful.
(GASPING) But it's what you deserve.
I'm just sorry I won't be here to see you bloom.
- None of these will do.
- Where's Ivy? - (CHUCKLES) - What did she do to me? - Where am I? - Ah.
- Just the thing.
- Ra's al Ghul? "Ra's al Ghul.
" Nope.
Never heard of him.
I'm Dr.
Just here to do a little light pruning, really.
That's better.
Mommy always used to say: a little pruning encourages growth.
BRUCE: Where are you taking that? Thanks, poppet.
BRUCE: Where are you taking my face? Please.
What's happening to me? My dear boy.
You're dying.
Just hold still, while I put these in place.
- No.
- Good Lord.
What a pleasant surprise.
- I'm looking for Selina.
- Haven't seen her.
She's more of an alley cat than a house cat.
- Now, I'm just in the middle of something.
- SOFIA: Let him in.
Hello, James.
It's been a while.
Barbara, can you give us a moment? Sure.
Have fun, lovebirds.
What is your business with Barbara Kean? You're worried that I told her about our arrangement? (SCOFFS) I know how to keep a secret.
Now, I want my man Carmichael released - from GCPD custody.
- That wasn't the deal.
- You run the underworld.
- I run the GCPD.
Your guy got arrested.
That's on him.
Let me make something clear.
Our deal is whatever I say it is.
Unless you want people to know you're responsible for bringing the Pyg to town.
You brought him to Gotham.
I was just trying to stop Penguin.
But you covered it up and took credit for killing him.
Word gets out, you're destroyed.
Along with your beloved GCPD.
And if I go down so will you.
And I think you like being queen of the underworld.
You still think you know what I will and won't do.
I know a bluff when I see one.
I have a job to do.
Selina! Oh, hey, Jim.
I found Selina.
She went that way.
- OSWALD: No! No.
No - (INMATES LAUGHING) (SHOUTS) - What do you want? - I told you, Pengy.
I'm gonna cure you of this sad sack mopey act.
And the best cure is the laughing cure.
(ALL LAUGH) Make me laugh.
ALL (CHANTING): Make him laugh! Make him laugh! So, what'll you be performing? Uh, contortionism? Juggling act? A tight five? Oh, what's that? You want to do a clown dance? - MAN: Yeah! - Wonderful.
I will not! - Huh? - OSWALD: No.
Hands off No! - (OSWALD SHOUTS) - ALL: Make him laugh! Make him laugh! Make him laugh! Make him laugh! - Make him laugh! - (SHOES SQUEAKING) - Ugh - In your own time.
(EXHALES) You have no idea how I've suffered.
The betrayals I've endured.
Just just leave me alone.
- (CRYING): Leave me alone.
- Cut! Hey.
Oswald, Oswald, Oswald.
You are trapped in a prison.
In here.
- And I'm offering you the key.
- (GROANS) So dance.
(SHOUTS) Make him laugh! Make him laugh! Make him laugh! - Now we're talking.
- (SHOES SQUEAKING) I can feel the funny coming.
Here it comes! Here comes the funny.
Fred Astaire you are not.
- We'll try again tomorrow.
- MAN: Come on! (ALL CHEERING) Ow! What the hell, man? Why were you running, Selina? 'Cause a jerk with a badge was chasing me.
So not because you were in Roland Charles's house last night when he was turned into a tree? His family saw a redhead and a brunette.
The brunette was carrying a leather whip just like yours.
Tell me I'm crazy.
I swear, I was only there to rob the place.
So what about the redhead? She killed some tweaker in the Narrows the same way.
I need a name.
Ivy Pepper.
Try again.
I know Ivy.
No, Gordon, she's changed.
Like, a lot.
She can use plants to hypnotize people, and poison them.
So why'd she want to kill Roland? 'Cause he works for Wayne Enterprises.
- Wayne Enterprises.
- She's obsessed with this super secret project they're doing.
Lucius lied.
Come on.
Let's go.
Admiring my handiwork? Excuse me? Look how beautiful he became.
And all it took was a little scratch.
Oh Well, what do you want from me? I want to know about Project M.
- What is Project M? - Mm-mm-mm.
Bruce Wayne told me everything.
How he didn't even trust himself with the location, but that you know where it is.
And you're going to take me to it.
But first, you probably want to tell me I'm beautiful.
Jim, you need to help me.
Looks like you cut yourself shaving, old man.
Jim, it's me, it's Bruce.
I'm Bruce Wayne.
(BOTH LAUGH) BARBARA: Honey, I think we'd know if you were Bruce Wayne.
He's the one throwing this shindig.
That's him yonder.
THOMPKINS (LAUGHING): Bruce, you're incorrigible.
- I may bust a gut.
- (LAUGHS) Luckily, I am a doctor.
(LAUGHS): Ain't he the cat's pajamas? Come on.
Easy there, sport.
- That's Italian velvet.
- What did you do? Where's Ra's al Ghul? Ra's al who? That's my face.
He gave you my face.
That's my face! Think you've been hitting the gin.
(CHUCKLES) Give me back my face! I'm Bruce Wayne! Get off of me.
You're ruining my fun.
(COCKNEY ACCENT): Everything all right, Master Bruce? - (CHICKEN CLUCKS) - Yes, thank you.
Just getting rid of the riffraff.
(CHICKEN CLUCKS) Ha, ha! Dude, what is it with you and the arm-grabbing? Harper.
I need keys to lockup.
- And is Lucius in his office? - Let go.
Lucius? No, he left with Ivy a little while ago.
Ivy Pepper? - She was here? - Yeah.
She asked me to introduce her to everyone.
Isn't she the coolest? She's a psycho who turned a guy into a potted plant.
What's going on with you? Did he just say Ivy's a psycho? But Ivy's the best.
Is this the, uh, hypnosis I've been hearing about? I'm gonna say yeah.
And until it fades, they'll do anything for her.
And think she's the coolest.
What do you mean by "Ivy's a psycho"? Hold that thought, Harper.
We'll be right back.
You hear what the captain said about Ivy? - But Ivy's awesome.
- Yeah, she is the coolest.
(DOOR OPENS) (GASPS, SCREAMS) No more, no more! You have a visitor.
(WHIMPERS) Hello, Oswald.
I see Arkham's treating you well.
(LAUGHS) I take it you're here to gloat.
You are correct.
And why not? I am in an insane asylum.
(NYGMA LAUGHS) Being pummeled by lunatics.
(LAUGHS) Then again, at least I'm not a moron.
I may not be the man I once was.
But I have many things that you do not have.
A purpose.
You have neither of those.
And I wanted you to see that.
I know you.
There's something else going on.
Something else brought you here.
There's nothing else.
I wanted you to see how well I am doing.
And I wanted to see how miserable you are.
Mission accomplished.
I'm gonna be out of here soon.
And once I am, I am going to wipe that smile off of your face.
Preferably with a chain saw.
How are you gonna do that? You have no friends.
No one to help you escape.
You are utterly alone.
Good-bye, Oswald.
- (LOCK BUZZES) - Sorry, but I don't put too much stock in the opinions of simpletons! "I am held captive all day.
"My brilliance locked away.
"This prison must be broken.
"The key? My name, which must be spoken.
" (LAUGHS) You're still in there.
(LAUGHS) That's why you came.
You're still there.
(LAUGHS) And you're gonna help me find a way out of here.
- Hello? - (DRAWER CLOSES) We should be leaving.
Not until we find out where Ivy took Lucius.
- There has to be something.
- (TAPE RECORDER WHIRS) (TAPE REWINDING) (BUTTON CLICKS) IVY: You know where it is and you are going to take me to it.
You're so incredible.
IVY: Uh-huh.
Where is Project M? LUCIUS: Wayne Biotech has a secret facility outside the city at the edge of Kane Park.
- (BUTTON CLICKS) - Good man, Lucius.
OFFICER: In here.
HARPER: Hey, Cap.
The boys and I were talking.
And we didn't really like the way that you were talking about Ivy.
I told you we should have left.
Look, I think you misinterpreted what I was saying.
You called Ivy a psycho.
That's a term of endearment.
(CHUCKLES) I love Ivy.
I think she's great.
What about you? Do you love Ivy? (LAUGHS) Yeah.
I love Ivy.
- How much? - I love Ivy so much that I wish I could be her.
You're not really selling it.
And you think you did? Run.
HARPER: Get 'em! Selina! OFFICER: Break it down! (SNORING) (KEYS JANGLE) All right, Oswald, ole buddy, ole pal.
Tonight we're gonna cure you.
Make me laugh or else.
Let's call this the sudden death round.
(SNIFFS) Dietrich? (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) Okay, that was clever-ish.
Yeah, that's a spoon.
It is also a fork! Looks like you got some fight in you still, but it's just too little, too late, too boring.
Lobotomize the little bird.
Wait, wait.
You said this prison is all in my mind.
Maybe I'm in a prison right now, a prison where you can't get to me.
You really are nuts.
(GRUNTS) - (GRUNTING) - (INMATE LAUGHS) Clack! Clackety, clack, clack! Clack! Ah.
(GRUNTS) - Thank you.
- WOMAN: Oh.
(INMATES LAUGH) Oh, yeah! (LAUGHS) Try laughing now, you ginger sap! Yes! (LAUGHING) (PANTING) (LAUGHING) See? I told you I'd cure you.
Don't flatter yourself! One more.
(GROANS) (LAUGHS) BRUCE: And so, I said to the guy you want to know what I said? I said, "What is this? A three-ring circus?" (LAUGHS) (ALL LAUGH) And keep 'em coming.
How long do you think you can hide in here? Look.
Out there.
He's going to find you eventually.
I don't understand.
Who's going to find me? (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) Alfred? Special Agent Pennyworth to you, you scumbag.
Package secured.
- Requesting extraction.
- No! (TRAIN HORN BLOWS) Just be careful in here.
We're gonna go this way.
This way.
- (KEYPAD BEEPING) - So, this is it.
Project M.
LUCIUS: Also called Lazarus Water.
It belonged to a man known as Ra's al Ghul.
It stimulates cell growth at an alarming rate.
We've yet to figure out how.
I assumed Project M killed plants, but it's the opposite.
Just like humans to lock up something so beautiful.
What are you going to do with it? I'm going to make miracles happen.
Release me! Listen to me.
I'm Bruce Wayne! I can pay you whatever you want.
You need to let me go now! Sorry, I can't do that, my old love.
You see, I have a mission.
What mission? For me to bring you to him.
What is that? Well, giddyup, son.
What do you want? Why did you bring me here? This is where my parents were killed! No.
This is where I was born.
No! That's far enough.
Jim Gordon.
Ivy Pepper? It's been a long time.
I'm not the same kid you remember.
The kid whose father you and your partner killed, all those years ago.
How is this possible? Well, first, I was a seed.
Then a sprout.
Now I've bloomed.
Drop your gun.
- Or your friend Lucius - Hmm.
becomes a flower arrangement.
(GUN SLIDES) Lucius, you okay? I'm in the sweet embrace of one of my favorite people, Jim.
Never been better.
IVY: Now, I know you're tenacious, Jim Gordon, gun or no gun.
You'll come after me.
But then Bruce Wayne will die.
What have you done to him? I went to Wayne Manor and planted a seed.
I imagine he's about to bloom.
But if you let me go, you may have a chance to get him the antidote.
This isn't over.
You have no idea how right you are.
- I love you.
- (GORDON SIGHS) Lucius, give me the antidote.
Uh, let's just wait until Ivy's at a safe distance.
Give me the antidote.
Come on.
- Don't make me hit you.
- Jim.
I must warn you, I'm a black belt in jiu-jitsu.
- Since when? - Night classes.
- The Lazarus Water.
- Come on.
We got to get to Bruce Wayne.
Let's go.
(WATER DRIPPING) (BAT SQUEAKING) (BAT SQUEAKING) Help! - Somebody help! - (WINGS FLUTTER) Who's there? Show yourself! (WIND WHOOSHES) (BAT SQUEAKING) Who are you? I am the one you cannot escape.
The one you cannot kill.
You're me.
You're scared.
You should be.
It's all right.
You're safe now.
According to Lucius, Ivy's toxin attacks the brain like a hallucinogen.
So, whatever you went through, I doubt it was pleasant.
But it wasn't real.
I think I saw who I really am.
I know what you're gonna say, but what I saw it was real.
Well, then you're lucky.
Most people go their whole lives not ever knowing - who they really are.
- I'm not lucky.
You didn't see it.
I've seen my own darkness.
I'll say this.
You have people around you who care for you.
Don't fight this alone.
Trust us.
I'll leave men outside tonight.
I'll come by tomorrow, check in on you.
Jim? When I was under, I saw you.
You had a moustache.
Well, clearly, that's a very dangerous toxin.
(PHONE BEEPS) (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Alfred, it's it's me, it's Bruce.
I I need your help, Alfred.
Please call me.
(RAIN FALLING) HARPER: We're not hypnotized.
Just embarrassed.
Good to have you back.
All right, listen up.
I want an APB on Ivy Pepper.
- Finding her is our top priority.
- (PHONE RINGS) All right, you heard him, people.
Let's get to work.
What do you want? SOFIA: I thought about what you said.
How if I used the Pyg to destroy you, I'd also destroy myself.
And? And you're right.
I've come to enjoy being the queen of Gotham.
Glad we understand each other.
Not quite.
You see, I also realized I don't need the Pyg.
There are other ways for me to hurt you.
Thank you so much for coming.
I thought we were overdue for a chat.
How could I say no to my sister-in-law? (THUNDER RUMBLES) (RAIN FALLING OUTSIDE) JEROME: So I strangled him with his lower - (DOOR UNLOCKS) - (LAUGHS) Relax, buddy.
You gave me what I needed.
The laugh of the century.
(CHUCKLES) Tell me something.
You appear to have everyone here under your thumb.
The guards, the inmates.
What can I say? I'm a charismatic guy.
You could escape anytime.
Why stay? Hmm.
Why indeed? You're planning something.
Righty-o, old boy.
Something spectacular.
See, I'm in this funny farm 'cause I need to find the crème de la crazy.
Which is why I need you.
(LAUGHS) (CACKLES) Ah, you get it.
But when we're done, the world out there that'll be the asylum.
What do you say? Thank you for your kind offer.
I don't expect to be here very long.
You'll come around.
They always do.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) WOMAN: Where did these plants come from? Get out.
Before we call the police.
(BOTH COUGHING) Oh, friends, you're all so beautiful.