Gracepoint (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Previously on Gracepoint Lars Pierson.
His cell phone number was found in the lining of Danny's jacket.
I see you again, I will lock you up.
- I'm pregnant.
- We have to keep it.
If the solanos need help, they've got me to turn to.
Shut your mouth.
Get the hell out of Gracepoint.
I know men who'd rape you.
Do you think Tom ran away? We have no idea where he is.
We've shifted our focus to locating Tom.
Tommy! Tell me about the boy.
Answer the question.
Good Lord.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay 0.
3 miles from the road to the bike.
9 miles from the bike to the cabin.
If he was here, we would have found him.
We have to go wider.
We have gone wider.
We don't know where he was taken.
He could be hurt somewhere.
He could be cra ing - the woods.
- Hello? - Damn it.
- I'm not hearing you.
-Can you hear me now? - Better.
Morgan says to wait till dawn, but we've got to do it now.
We cannot wait.
I think you should go home, Ellie.
- What? - I think Morgan's right.
We'll expand in the morning, use the light, bring more people in.
You just called me Ellie.
How can I leave when he's still missing? People are looking.
You need rest.
No, I'm coming to you now, and we will get Pierson to talk.
I'm on Pierson, I promise.
I was just with him.
I'll keep going back in till he.
Sir? I cannot hear you.
You are breaking up.
What? I can't Hello? Damn it.
Damn it! Hey.
I just got off with Owen.
Dylan is having a rough time.
He's He's not asleep? No, he never went down.
He wants his mama.
Carver did just tell me to leave.
He is your boss.
- Yeah.
- Go to Dylan.
He needs you.
I'll stay here.
- Okay.
- Okay? Okay.
A lot of people are kind of scared.
I mean, we know we're probably safe, and we think they're gonna find him.
Do you think they're gonna find him? I'd ask what you're doing here, but there's no need for that, is there? I'm actually looking for Owen.
Tried texting him, calling.
- He isn't answering.
- Go figure.
I know he's close with his aunt.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry, see if there's anything I can do.
You haven't done enough already? - That's not fair.
- Really? Hounding an innocent man until he takes his own life? Stirring up trouble when the town's already suffering? The minute Tom disappeared, I knew you'd be back here.
What an opportunity.
One kid dead, another missing.
More reason to slam the police, claim some connection to Rosemont.
It would've been wrong of me not to.
Detective Carver worked both cases, each with multiple victims.
You know as well as I do this could be another serial killer.
I want you out of my office.
Is Owen at the Millers'? I hope they find Tom.
Tommy! Hey, you ever go camping with Tommy? Uh, yeah, we took one trip to Sequoia.
It was right before Dylan was born.
You ever take Danny? Oh, all the time.
But last year, he went on that overnight with Sunday school, and he got a massive spider bite.
Tom told us.
Yeah, poor kid.
He swelled like somebody clocked him.
He swore he'd never do it again.
I'll take any bed you've got, preferably not next to Detective Carver but We're fully booked.
There's been a lot going on.
I'm sure you've heard.
I have heard.
You might try the Motor Lodge down on route 3.
Maybe you'll have better luck there.
Good night.
Tom? It's okay, Tommy.
If you're there, come on out.
Up! Wake up.
Time to talk.
Look at me.
Why was Tom Miller found near your property? Oh, who'd you find? Tom Miller was found a mile east of your property at 1:00 A.
Why? I don't know how to answer any of these questions.
You have been seen with or in close proximity to two boys from Gracepoint who have gone missing in the past six weeks.
One of them is dead.
The other, thankfully, has been found.
What's your connection to them? What's your connection to them? Oh, Tom.
Are you okay? Oh, baby.
Sweetheart, Detective Carver here has a couple of questions that he needs to ask you.
Are you feeling up to that? Okay.
How's your leg? They fix you up? It's not so bad.
I fell and cut it.
Yeah, your mom told me.
She also told me that you said you've never met Lars Pierson.
That true? You've never met him? You ever spoken to him? No.
Has he ever tried to contact you? No.
So you were going to his house On your own.
I got lost, and it got dark.
Sweetheart, why did you go there? What were you trying to do? I heard you talking about him, so I checked your work bag.
I saw his name and his number, so I looked him up.
When was this? When you had his picture.
Looked him up where? Online.
On my computer.
What were you planning to do when you found him? I don't know.
Why did you have one of Danny's crossword books in your backpack? He left it over at our house last spring when he slept over.
I keep it with me to remember him.
I just wanted to find the person who might've killed my friend.
I wanted to show it to him.
What would that have done? I don't know.
Make him feel bad? Made him tell the truth? I just wanted to help solve the case, for Danny.
Also Also what? I wanted my mom back.
Detective Carver.
Mark, what you still doing out? Did you get anything from Pierson? Not a lot.
Do you think he had anything to do with Tom going missing? Well, do you think he killed Danny? I just don't want you wasting your time on the wrong guy when, you know, the guy that you're after could be right in front of us.
Is there something specific you want to tell me? Is it strange to you that Paul Coates found Tom's bicycle, and then he's the one who found Tom eight hours later? I mean, is it strange to you that he takes every opportunity that he can get to put himself in front of a camera? And I know that you're probably gonna think that this is meaningless, but is it strange to you that he's in love with my wife, has been for the last 20 years, ever since the beginning of high school? That's not necessarily meaningless.
Because he hates that me and Beth are together.
He hates that we're a family.
There's there's one more thing that you should know.
A client of mine saw him at a narcotics anonymous meeting over in winstead last week.
The minister goes to N.
Meetings? Might be worth looking into.
All right.
You don't have to go, you know.
You can wait if you want.
Wait for what? To get even more behind? I'm meeting Jess at the corner.
- She hasn't eaten.
- I'm not hungry.
Just have a piece of toast or a banana.
I'm fine.
I'll see you guys later.
- Bye, mija.
- Bye.
Want me to pick you up? Well, guess she's all right.
God, I hope so.
Will you be? Back at work? I'm always all right.
What are you gonna do? Are you gonna go see your mom? I might to try to reach Ellie, actually, tell her how happy I am about Tom.
That's nice.
Do you think so, or is it Is it what? I don't know.
I don't know what it is.
What's going on? I don't know.
It's hard, Mark.
It's just so They get him back.
Oh, I know.
I know.
I know.
Well, it kind of gave us a purpose You know, searching for him.
We still don't know what happened with Danny.
Have you thought more about the baby? Have a good day at work.
Tell Vince I say hi.
Well, he's finally sleeping.
You look like you could use some sleep yourself.
Listen, Emmett, um, I just really wanted to thank you for your concern and devotion over these Don't call me Emmett.
Why? You Called me Ellie only a few hours ago.
I shouldn't have done that.
Did anyone ever tell you you tend to run a little hot and cold? - No.
- Really? I've heard the cold part.
You working today, or you taking the day off? Well Forensic analysis from the burnt-out boat.
Blood, hair, and prints from Danny.
Paint chips match the color of Danny's skateboard.
Why would they have Danny's skateboard on that boat? Traces of ammonia from a glass cleaning product matching with the product also used on Danny's body.
The killer apparently tried to wash off any evidence after moving him down the coast.
Using glass cleaner? Did they You think they found it at the hut? Yeah.
Grabbing whatever was close.
Stealing a boat from the beach.
They weren't prepared for whatever happened there.
Also I found out something interesting about our local minister.
You know he goes to narcotics anonymous meetings? Paul Coates does? Yeah, drives up north all the way to Winstead.
Guess I'm working today.
Renee? Hi.
What are you doing sleeping in your car? Lengthy theoretical discussions, each of which is built around a recurring theme: Guilt, sin, isolation.
And when you're working on your reports, I'd like you to focus on I wonder if I could ask you a favor.
You told me you were still in touch with one of the mothers from Rosemont.
Yeah, yeah, um Kate Blanchard, Nina's mom.
We, uh, we actually got to be pretty close.
If she'd be willing, I would I would I'd like to talk to her.
I just I thought it might help to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through, who knows what happens to us now.
Oh, man, I think we're gonna have to replace this whole thing.
We should probably check the other ones too, right? All right, I'll cut the water and turn off the boiler.
You okay, bro? Hey, Mark! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You can handle this, right? Yeah, sure.
I need a favor.
Will you check your archives over the last, say, 25 years for a mention of either Ruth Erlick or Susan Wright? They're the same person, I think.
Well, if you put your paper online, I'd be able to check it myself.
We are in the 21st century, you know.
There's a bottle of scotch for you if you come up with anything.
Thanks, babe.
- Hey.
- You busy? Hmm.
I was gonna Make some calls for me before you go.
Let's find out who Susan Wright really is.
Yes, boss.
Hey, has Ms.
Clemons tried to sink her teeth into you yet? She already did a few weeks ago.
There's an image I didn't need.
Since she showed back up.
I haven't decided whether to call her back or not.
Maybe don't.
- Owen.
- Yeah.
Give Tom a hug for me.
Yeah, I will.
Paul Coates After he became of-the-cloth, he landed at a midsize parish in spokane.
The current priest there said that Paul's few years were good ones.
But I tracked down a board member who told me that Paul got into a bar fight with one of the congregants.
Spent a month in rehab, then quietly transitioned over here to Gracepoint.
Smaller church.
His hometown.
Everyone happy to see him back.
Regular contact with Danny.
Pill popper, or lord knows what else.
Tendency towards violence.
What's the motive? Let's go see what he has to say.
Have I ever been on Owen's boat? He took me out on it last summer, maybe end of July.
So you knew where he kept it locked up.
If it was still in the same place, then yes.
Can you tell us how long you've been going to narcotics anonymous? Oh, I understand now.
I complained about how you failed to protect Jack Reinhold, and you come after me.
What drugs do you take? I haven't taken anything in 3 years and 47 days, every one of them I am grateful for.
Right, what drugs did you take? Not that it's any of your business, but I had a bad back, and I realized, at some point, I was drinking and taking too many painkillers, so I got help, and I stopped.
Were you drinking and taking painkillers when you got in a bar fight in Washington state? I was assaulted at the local tavern.
I'd said something in my sermon that a churchgoer found objectionable, so he attacked me.
Sound familiar? Can you tell us why you were the one to find both Tom Miller's bike and then Tom himself? - Sir, we are very grateful - Let him answer.
All I can say is that as soon as I heard another child was missing, I started searching.
I was out all day and half the night, and I wouldn't have stopped until he was found.
Is he always this awful? You have no alibi for the night of Danny's death.
Why would I kill that boy, hmm? What possible reason can you dream up for me to murder a 12-year-old child? All right.
We'd appreciate it if you'd come in to the station and provide a DNA sample.
Thank you for meeting me.
Renee told me Detective Carver is in charge of Danny's case.
Yeah, he is.
Don't believe anything he says.
He lost evidence.
Botched the trial.
Whoever killed my Nina is still out there because of him.
I'm sorry.
Maybe he'll do better for you.
I keep I wish that there was a a guidebook for this.
My husband went back to work.
The men all do that.
Keep busy.
Don't have to think that way.
It doesn't feel right.
Working doesn't feel right.
My daughter is back at school.
I wish I had the answer.
I tried going back to work.
It all felt so pointless.
So your days are What do you do? Honestly, I go to bed.
I dream.
I get up.
It's all still the same, so I have a drink, and then I have another drink, and then I cry maybe a couple hours.
And then I watch TV, unless it reminds me of Nina, which it does nearly all of the time in the craziest ways, so I take a sleeping pill.
I go to bed.
I'm sorry.
You probably came here looking for answers, and I don't have them.
My life got stolen from me that day.
I can't get back from that.
Chloe! I think there's an apartment right there.
- Can you check that? - This one? Okay.
Chloe? Chloe! Hi, mom.
What the hell are you doing? Dancing.
Did you eat or drink anything in the last hour? No.
So what, religion took over for the drinking and the pills? You swap one addiction for another? You really enjoy trying to rile me up, don't you? Tell me about your relationship with Beth Solano in high school.
Beth and I were We were very close friends.
I had my first kiss with her, if you must know.
What have you got against me? I'm just trying to understand.
You were so eager to insert yourself into that family's grief, get yourself in front of the cameras when this all kicked off, like you wanted to own it, claim it for the church.
Tragedy ups the numbers, right? People start piling in.
Rest of the time, you're just that building no one goes into.
You have no concept of faith, do you? I was happy with what I had here, a small but loyal congregation.
It was good.
It was God's will.
I didn't muscle in.
The town turned to me.
People who wouldn't normally even think about religion, they asked me to speak.
They needed me.
And do you know why they came? Because there was a fear that you couldn't address, a need that you only made worse because all you have is suspicion.
Now, you can accuse me.
You can take DNA samples.
You can ridicule who I was in the past, but you don't get to belittle my faith just because you're too shut down to comprehend it.
People need hope right now, and they are certainly not getting it from you.
Are we done? Dean said I forgot how to pursue my happiness.
What does that mean? I just wanted to give your daughter a couple hours where she could be herself again.
You know, let loose without feeling guilty.
He put a whole playlist on the jukebox and made his grandmother's chili.
Chloe, sweetie, what happened at school? Everybody either looked at me like I was a freak or just turned away 'cause they didn't know what to say.
I called Dean and begged him to come get me.
I loved Danny.
You know I loved him, but I need a break from being the dead kid's sister.
And it's like I'm buried under it, and I know that you can't understand that.
We do understand.
- Right? - Yes, yes, yes, we do.
Are you keeping the baby? How do you know about that? Mom, I live in our house.
I hear you guys fighting about it.
We don't know yet.
But right now, I just wanna make sure that my first baby is ok.
can't let Dean be the only one looking out for you.
Yeah? This is nuts.
We don't have any choice.
We've got nothing to charge him with.
He was in a campground 50 miles south of Gracepoint the night Danny was killed.
Tom says he never met him.
County will take care of the weapons possession.
At least we'll know where to find him.
Something doesn't make sense about all this.
I just don't know what it is.
I really hate letting him go.
You and me both.
Wait! Get away from there! Stay away from the edge! Oh, god.
I love you so much, and I'm gonna give you a call in just a little bit to check up on you, okay? You have everything you need? - Yup.
- Okay.
And I love you.
Now, uh, keys.
Um I'll be home as soon as I can, okay? Bye.
I made it worse for her, didn't I? I didn't mean to.
I know you didn't, Tommy.
We can't bring Danny back.
You better be good if you're gonna miss school for this.
- You hear me? - Yes.
Whoo! Whoa! Don't eat from this Eat it from this side.
Go, mama! Come on, dad! Go! Danny's record.
Do I do it? Go ahead.
Really? Yeah.
Please don't hate me.
Oh! How good of a bowler am I? Yeah.
We were just saying you were great.
Ah! Yeah, yeah.
You know what? At least I know when to give up.
You know what would happen if Danny was here? - Yeah, he'd make us stay.
- Yeah, until we beat you.
And you would be on your 19th milkshake.
Hey! I only had two.
Also some fries and a hot dog.
- And onion rings.
- So what? You're working on your own kind of record, right? What? What? What? You're so mean.
- Can I have a sip? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Ah! No! It's calcium.
It's for the baby.
It's for what? I said it's for the baby.
It's good for it.
All right.
Well, then drink up then.
Tom Miller.
Yeah? Susan.
You remember me, right? I remember.
How's your leg doing? It's not so bad.
I brought you something I thought you might want.
Do you know what this is? - That's Danny's.
- That's right.
I've been looking after it.
But since you were his friend, I thought you should have it.
It's only right.
What do you think? Do you want it? Dad, look.
What? Put that down.
But I-it's Danny's.
Put it down.
Drop it.
Right now! Detective Carver.
Open up.
Susan Wright, answer the door! All right, go ahead.
Susan? Yeah.
Thanks for stopping by, Ms.
We did a little digging on you.
So what? About your husband and your children and what everyone said about you but could never prove.
What do you want from me? You threatened me.
I want you to know that I'm the one who tipped off the police, in case you were wondering.
Isn't that right, detectives? Hey, boy.
You remember me, right? She left you out here all alone, huh? That's no good.
We can't have that.
Come on.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
- Where's my dog? - Do you understand the rights -I've just read to you? - Archie! Archie! Who took my dog? Hello? - Owen.
- Hey.
- How you feeling? - Okay.
You're not calling me from Idaho, are you? No, I'm home.
Good, stay there.
Hey, can I ask you a question? Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
If you delete something from a hard drive, is it gone forever? Because my my dad deleted something and Well, they have those data recovery programs, but if that doesn't work, you can always get a tech guy to get it back.
I might have a number for you.
No, thanks.
I'll let you know, though.
Well, you rest up, all right? I'll, uh, I'll talk to you soon.
Why did you have Danny Solano's skateboard? Why did you give Danny Solano's skateboard to Tom Miller? What's your favorite color? I want to see my dog.
I'm not talking to you till I see my dog.
Oh, we're bargaining now, are we? That's your choice.
I see.
Interview terminated 4:16 P.
Think things over.
I'm happy to keep you locked up here all spring.
Find her frigging dog.
Now! Tom? What are you doing? Nothing.
Where's your mom and dad? My mom's at work, and my dad He was putting Dylan to bed.
I think he fell asleep.
Is that your computer? What are we gonna do with you, huh, boy? Are they still on the line? No, they hung up.
I tried, but Okay, all right.
- Tell me you found the dog.
- No, sir Find the dog.
We can't do anything till we find that bitch's dog.
Sir, with respect, shut up for a second.
Did you just tell me to shut up? Somebody just called.
They saw a flashlight on in the Harvey Ridge hut.
The murder scene? Haven't we sealed that off? Somebody's inside.
Ah! Come on! Come on! Come out.
Show yourself.
Carver? Sir? Is that you? Sir.
Go on! Go on! Sir, what's happening? What's happening? I think I'm dying.
Oh, God.
Okay, just breathe.