Grimm s04e16 Episode Script


Previously on Grimm What's the problem? It appears to be related to what my mother did to save my life.
Residual effect from my visit to the other side.
I see the way you're looking at me.
It's not the same.
It'll never be the same.
Hi, you've reached Juliette.
Leave a message.
We need to talk.
Please, please, call me back.
I need a place to stay.
I can't go home until I figure out what I am.
I need you to open a book.
It's the book that Ada/ind used to do what she did to you and Nick.
This, I want to read.
You are going to have another baby.
That's impossible.
I haven't been with anyone.
Well, you must have been with someone.
You're just gonna have to have a different father.
Maybe a royal one.
It shouldn't be that hard to get him into bed.
Will I get a chance to say goodbye to Viktor? No, another member of the family will be joining you soon.
"How the silly frog does talk! "He can be no companion to any human being.
" There's nothing in here.
What? For me or for you.
Now, where is your mother? She did this to me.
Juliette, she said there was a possibility of some side effects.
She didn't know this would happen to you.
Now, please.
You need to calm down.
No, I'm done calming down, okay? You and Nick and Adalind, and all of this Wesen insanity, lam so sick of it! Okay, I was normal before I met all of you.
I want my life back! And if I don't get it What? You better watch out.
Hey, Bella.
You were pumping it today.
Great ride, huh? Of course, I had the best view.
I was right behind you.
My view was better.
You weren't in it.
When are we gonna go for a ride together, just the two of us? Bikes optional.
Knock it off, Ricky.
Knock what off? Just leave her alone.
Oh, you're her bodyguard now.
You know what I'm saying.
Yeah, I know what you're saying.
You're in love.
Shut up.
Bella, are you all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
Are you sure nothing's broken? Yeah.
Good thing I was following you.
Following me? Why? I just need to talk to you.
I'm sorry about what happened.
It's okay.
Rick's a jerk.
You can't change that.
Look, I gotta go.
Just hold on.
You're always in such a hurry.
Zack, I really got to go.
Look, you're bleeding.
I'm not making this up.
I'm okay.
Look, Bella.
I like you.
I think you're really great.
If you'd just slow down long enough to have a conversation No.
Now, look, Zack, you're a really nice guy and everything, okay, but I can't Oh, God.
Oh, God, get away.
What is it? You have to go.
What did I do? Don't touch me.
You're hurt.
Look, I'm not leaving you.
I'm in love with you.
Don't touch me.
No! I told you.
Oh, God.
What's happening? Hi, you've reached Juliette.
Leave a message.
Juliette, it's me.
Call me.
I don't know what else to say.
- You order yet? - No.
You going to order? Nah.
Something going on? Juliette walked out.
Why? Did you guys have a fight? A fight, I could deal with.
This, not so much.
What happened? You know what we had to go through to undo what Adalind did? Yeah.
Well, there was a side effect.
You all right? Yeah, it's not what happened to me.
I don't like where this is going.
It doesn't get any better.
Juliette's a Hexenbiest.
Run that past me again.
I knew something was wrong.
I just didn't know what.
And she was trying to figure out a way to tell me, but she just couldn't.
So how did you find out? How is this possible? I don't know.
If I knew, I would never have put her through this.
All right, so what do you want me to do? I don't know.
I don't even know what I'm dealing with.
Neither does she.
I don't have a lot of luck with Hexenbiests.
And she may be afraid of what you might do to her.
Man, this is really messed up.
Can you undo it? Not from what I'm told.
Man, no wonder you're not hungry.
If there's anything I can do to help Right now, she's not even talking to me.
Where? All right.
Got a dead body at Mount Tabor Park.
Cyclist discovered a bike on the trail up there, and a helmet, then saw the body down here.
Looks like some kind of allergic reaction, but I doubt it's the flora or fauna.
It doesn't look like acid.
Face isn't burned.
My guess is, it happened up there.
He was either overcome by something that happened earlier, like maybe he ate something that didn't agree with him.
In a big way.
Zack Blumenthal, 26 years old.
Lives off of Thurman.
Organ donor, but I think that ship has sailed.
Do we think this is a homicide or an accident? Or neither? I think we should wait for the M.
Why don't we check out his place? Hopefully, one of these keys will open it up.
Anybody home? Police.
Coming in.
Drawings of shoes.
Well, it looks like he lives alone.
Not that that's a bad thing.
Do Monroe and Rosalee know about Juliette? Nope, just you.
You know you gotta tell them.
Maybe she already has.
Got a photo.
A woman.
I got his laptop.
And drawings of a woman.
She looks the same.
Sister? Girlfriend? Definitely not his mother.
Well, he's paying this much attention to her, we better figure out who she is.
Mom? What's wrong? It happened.
I couldn't stop it.
Where are you? I'm at home.
The body there? No.
I am so sorry.
Stay there.
I'm on my way.
Prince Viktor's been sent back to Vienna.
What? I just found out myself.
My father must have grown impatient with him.
Is Viktor dead? Don't know.
What about Adalind? Haven't heard anything about her.
Who's replacing Viktor? I don't think anybody knows.
At least they're not telling me.
They didn't get rid of Viktor because he's moving too fast.
They want Kelly Burkhardt and that child.
If you want me to go back there, you better give me something to show them.
I've got it ready.
You give them this.
It'll look like you're making progress.
Any of it true? Enough to make it plausible.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
I didn't even know he liked me.
You're a beautiful girl, Bella.
I didn't do anything to encourage it, Mom.
I swear.
What do I do? You just go on with your life as though nothing has happened.
How can I? What happened is not your fault.
And what if somebody finds out? No one can prove you did anything.
I still killed him, Mom.
You do nothing.
You say nothing.
You understand? Or do you want your life ruined the way mine was? Looked through the vic's laptop.
E-mails are pretty innocuous.
Nothing noteworthy in his search history.
Counter Strike Global Offensive.
Online tactical first-person shooter game.
Awesome in every way.
So I heard.
And then, there were these.
Same woman he had a photo of on his fridge.
Looks like she wasn't aware anyone was taking her photo.
There is more of our mystery girl on Zack's page.
She definitely meant something to this guy.
Do any of these photos link to her page? No, they're not tagged, and she doesn't seem to have her own page.
But check this out.
I clicked on the photos.
They're tagged to River City Riders.
They meet up for group rides a few times a week.
And here she is on their homepage.
Next ride is scheduled for today, starting at Harvey Scott Memorial at Mount Tabor Park.
That's pretty close to where Zack's body was found.
Well, let's see if she shows.
Excuse me.
Is there a problem? Do you know a Zack Blumenthal? Yeah, I know him.
If you're looking for him, he hasn't shown up yet.
Well, I'm sorry, but Zack's dead.
What? Oh, my God.
What do you mean, Zack's dead? His body was found yesterday morning off one of the trails.
Did he crash? What happened? We're still trying to figure that out.
And we're hoping to talk to whoever saw him last.
He was here for yesterday's ride.
We all saw him.
Anyone see him leave? Yeah, I saw him leave.
He went after Bella.
Is she here? No, haven% seen her today.
- Is this Bella? - Yes.
Yeah, that's her.
Bella Turner.
What was Zack's relationship with Bella? I don't think he had one.
Nobody does with her.
What do you mean? She's nice, but she kind of keeps to herself.
She likes to ride more than she likes to hang out.
She never hangs out.
Any reason why Zack would have a bunch of pictures of her at his house? Yeah, I think he's in love with her.
But she never paid any attention to him.
You know where she lives? No.
She never really talks.
But she's a real pedal masher.
Nobody knows where she lives, only where she works.
City Bikes on Ankeny.
All right, I'm gonna need to get you guys' names.
Wu, what do you got? Prelim tox report from the M.
Anything in Zack's medical records about lethal allergies? No, Zack Blumenthal was killed by a toxin that caused acute systolic heart failure.
Basically, this guy's heart broke.
However, this toxin doesn't really exist.
And by "doesn't really exist," you mean what? It's most closely related to a Phyllobates terribilis, a frog from the Colombian jungles, but not exactly.
It's a batrachotoxin, which is only found in three poisonous frogs from Colombia and three poisonous birds from Papua New Guinea.
And I'm not even gonna try to pronounce the name of said frogs and birds.
And let me just add, one ounce of this poison kills 10,000 mice, African bull elephants.
How do I know this? I looked it up.
So where did the poison that killed Zack come from? I think it's got to be Wesen.
How did the M.
explain it? She couldn't.
We got a name for the woman in the photos.
It's Bella Turner.
Got it.
I'll run a background.
Why hasn't Viktor called? Is he still alive? You shouldn't worry about Viktor anymore.
Well, you're awfully loyal.
I'm loyal to the family, not to any particular member.
Am I a member of that family? Your child is.
I thought that's why we came here.
Is anybody doing anything about finding her? Believe me, the family knows how important she is.
The King is doing everything he can to Excuse me.
Yes? When? No.
We'll be ready.
Ready for what? Take care of this.
You might want to change into something more appropriate.
Why? Well, I wouldn't want to meet Prince Kenneth in a robe.
Prince Kenneth? Do you know him? By reputation.
Well, what's he like? Results.
If Zack went after Bella, caught up with her, are we thinking she's a witness to what happened or involved? Might be either.
What's the motive? They supposedly had no relationship.
Maybe Zack thought they did.
All right, before we go in, are we thinking Bella's Wesen? Well, could be.
If she is, we don't know what we're dealing with.
Only way we'll know is if I get her to Woge.
If she is, let me know? If I pull my gun, that'll be a good indication.
I'm looking for Bella Turner.
She's right there.
Bella Turner.
You know Zack Blumenthal? Yeah, we're in the same cycling club.
Why? Well, his body was found yesterday off of one of the biking trails.
Oh, my God.
Zack's dead? What happened? We were hoping you could help us figure that out.
Me? We talked to some of your cycling club.
They said Zack followed you.
We were wondering if you saw him again after yesterday's ride.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, he caught up to me on the trail.
Did you two talk? A little.
What about? Look, uh, Zack was interested in going out and I wasn't.
So I told him and, you know, just got on my bike and left.
That was the last I saw him.
So you two weren't having a relationship? No.
But he wanted to? Yes, and I told him I wasn't interested.
How did he respond to that? Was he upset? I don't know.
Maybe, a little.
But that's not my fault.
Look, Zack didn't do anything, okay? I just left.
Did he take his helmet off? What? When you were with him on the trail, did he take his helmet off? Yeah, I guess.
We found his helmet and his bicycle on the trail and his body in the ravine.
So you had to have been with him at the same place that he died.
Come on, Bella.
You were with him.
Have you ever heard of batrachotoxin? No.
It's a poison that stops the heart and makes you look like this.
What does this have to do with me? How would I even do something like that? You're free to check my gear.
If you guys think I have whatever that poison is, then go ahead.
Take a look.
That's my bike right there.
Well, that won't be necessary.
If you think of anything, give us a call.
She didn't Woge? Nope.
Well, she seemed pretty upset.
Is she Wesen or not? Well, if she is, she's good at hiding it.
If she is, we better find out what kind of Wesen we're dealing with.
Excuse me.
Aren't you supposed to knock before entering? He's here.
In the hotel? Closer.
Well, just Prince Kenneth, may I present Adalind Schade? Uh, I So you're the Hexenbiest mother of the child everyone's so obsessed with.
I'm here for one reason, and that's to get your child back to the family.
I understand you made contact with Mr.
Burkhardt's girlfriend.
I did.
And how did that go? Nick is a Grimm again.
I was told you took care of that.
I did, but he figured out a way to undo it.
That's possible? I didn't think So.
But it does explain why Juliette is now a Hexenbiest.
I want that bitch dead.
Any other surprises for me? Oh.
You're full of surprises.
Whose child is this? Viktor's.
If it's secreting batrachotoxins through its skin, then touching is deadly.
And you're saying she didn't Woge.
See, I was thinking it was a Peau de la Mort, but those rascals, you sneeze and they Woge.
I think you're dealing with a Folterseele.
What is that? Well, they're kind of classically tragic.
Always beautiful, always deadly.
Really? You think a Folterseele? They're kind of rare, thank God, and they don't Woge like any other Wesen.
Then how do they Woge? Well, it's not an emotional response.
It's more of a physical, sexual one.
So, like, when they're aroused? Mmm It's not them.
It's whoever's turned on by them.
It's a defense mechanism.
Yeah, an extremely offensive defense mechanism.
Well, no wonder they're rare.
That sounds like the old Frog Prince story.
Yeah, but you kiss this frog, your face blows up and you die.
Wait, let me see if I can get this straight.
The only way you can get a Folterseele to Woge is if you're sexually attracted to her? Yeah, basically.
So we can't tie her to the crime and we can't make her Woge.
Interrogation room's not gonna work on this one.
Unless you guys get in there and one of you is, like, totally into her, and then Really? Well, why not? So we can't make the arrest 'cause we don't have any evidence, and I won't know if she's a Folterseele 'cause I can't get her to Woge.
Look, if you are dealing with the Folterseele, she's not doing this on purpose.
She's probably trying to avoid it.
A lot of men can't control themselves around the female Folterseele.
Well, that's probably why she keeps to herself.
So maybe you guys need to just let this one go, you know.
Let the sleeping Folterseele lie.
It could happen again.
What if we, I don't know, neutralize what's happening to her, kind of like we did with that toad-eating lawyer? Is that possible? Won't know till we try.
Okay, I'll let you know what I find out.
Have you told Viktor the blessed news? Uh, not yet.
I was about to.
Well, I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
Damerov is here, sir.
Bring him in.
Hopefully, he has good news about the whereabouts of your other child.
You were expecting Prince Viktor? Yes.
He's been recalled.
I'm Kenneth.
I've heard a lot about you, Sam.
Have you found Kelly Burkhardt or Adalind's child? Not yet, but I've made progress.
Progress? Is that what's in the briefcase? Yes.
We know that she sold the truck in Spokane.
We believe she's still in the area with the child.
You know, the problem with being a double agent, Sam, is that you never really know where your loyalties lie.
I work for the family, sir.
Not anymore.
Aah! I'm a little more hands-on than Viktor, who, I'm sorry to say, is sterile.
So you might want to rethink who the father is.
Hey, Bella.
Sorry, Ricky, we're closing.
I didn't come about my bike.
You heard about Zack? I can't believe it.
You doing okay? Yeah.
You know, Zack was pretty stupid about you.
What are you talking about? You're telling me you didn't know he was in love with you? Look, I just want to be left alone, okay? But he was never good enough for you, was he? You gotta go.
I gotta lock up.
It's too bad about Zack.
He was always watching your back.
And such a nice back.
Get out.
You're a stuck-up bitch who thinks she's too good for anybody.
Ricky, what are you doing? Zack was an okay guy, and now he's dead, and I think it's because of you, so I came to get what you never gave him.
No, no, no! You don't know what's gonna happen.
Yeah, I do.
What the hell? What are you? Hurry! You gotta get here fast! He's dying, and I don't know what to do! Juliette, where the hell are you? Just answer your damn phone.
Nick? Juliette.
I need to get some of my stuff.
What, so you're just moving out? I was hoping you wouldn't be home.
Look, can we talk about this? There's really nothing you or anybody else can say or do.
This is who I am.
Juliette, this is my fault.
And if there was anything I could do to change it, I would.
I know that.
I haven't given up yet.
Why not? Because I love you.
That's great.
That's really great.
Juliette Answer it.
Come on, Nick.
There's a lot of big, scary Wesen on the loose in Portland.
That's what you're good at.
Go get 'em, Grimm.
Where? This is Rick Thornton, one of the guys from the cycling club.
Wouldn't be able to tell from looking at him.
Who called 911? Came from the shop phone, woman's voice.
No identity was given.
Call ended eight seconds after it was made.
We think that was Bella? That's what I'm thinking.
You run a background on her? I did.
She's clean.
Not even a traffic ticket.
Anyone else on the premises? No, not when we got here.
Shop was unlocked.
Alarm had not been set.
We contacted the owner.
He was at home.
Got here about five minutes ago.
All right, let's talk to him.
What time did you close up tonight? I didn't.
I left early.
Bella stayed late.
She was supposed to close up.
Those are her keys on the floor over there.
Is that guy really dead? I'm afraid so.
Bella's not back there, is she? No.
I tried to get ahold of her as soon as I heard.
She's not answering.
I'm really worried about her.
Do you have Bella's home address? Yeah.
Yeah, I got it on my phone.
Bella, it's the police.
We need you to open up.
Bedroom clear.
I got some photos.
That's a nasty scar.
Looks like some kind of burn.
Could that be her mother? I think we ought to find out.
It's about time.
How'd it go? I gave them the information.
Did they replace Viktor? They did.
Prince Kenneth is now in charge.
Kenneth? I know of him.
I just don't know much about his branch of the family.
We shouldn't underestimate him.
I got the impression he doesn't have much patience.
He wants Kelly Burkhardt and the child.
I'm gonna need to deliver something real soon.
Well, I'll come up with something.
No, we can't keep stalling.
If he finds out I'm working for you, I'm dead.
I'm not sure we should even be talking about this on the phone.
Well, then come to my office.
No, it's too dangerous now.
I don't trust them.
And they probably don't trust me.
All right, then where? I told them I was going back to Spokane tonight.
Meet me at the Willamette paper mill.
At 9200.
You better have something I can give them by then.
It's my life on the line here.
Don't screw with me.
You'll regret it.
I think we're good here.
Got something interesting here on Bella's mom.
Police report from 1989.
Cindy Turner was victim of a rape.
That's her? No scarring.
Well, the picture was taken 24 years ago.
Same night she was attacked.
Suspect William Ashford attacked victim Cindy Turner outside Spackle's Bar and Grill, but died at the scene.
No charges filed against Turner.
All right.
Well, let's find out how he died.
That looks familiar.
He died the same way our vics died.
Bella and her mom have got to be the same.
Ashford's death was ruled accidental.
"Cause of death, severe allergic reaction.
"Substance unknown.
" Rosalee.
I think we've got something that might work, but no guarantees.
It's never been tried.
What I think we have to do is depolarize her membranes by either using a tetrodotoxin or a saxitoxin, both of which should have antagonistic effects to the poison she secretes.
This would allow us to block her from creating the poison in the first place.
Any side effects? Yeah, these are some hardcore toxins we're dealing with here.
I can't imagine there wouldn't be, and probably not very good ones.
But it's better than her being out there killing people.
Hey, it's not like she's got a choice.
Do it.
Gotta go.
Got a DMV on Bella's mom, Cindy Turner.
The address on her license is in Gresham.
Let's go.
Bella? I saw your bike.
What are you doing here? Mom.
What's wrong, honey? It happened again, but it wasn't my fault.
He attacked me, and I told him to leave me alone.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's not okay, Mom.
The police are gonna think that I did it.
It doesn't matter what the police think.
I can't go back there.
You don't have to.
Look, I'm gonna go back to the house, get you something to eat.
You just rest.
Hmm? I'll take care of everything.
No, you don't.
What happened? Nothing.
Don't lie to me.
It's not her fault, Mom.
It doesn't matter.
It has to be done.
It's for her own good.
I will not do this to my daughter.
You won't have to.
I will.
Hey, forget knocking.
There's a woman on the floor.
She's not moving.
She's got blood on the back of her head.
All right, she's got a pulse.
I'm calling an ambulance.
It's okay.
We're police.
You don't understand.
My mother's with her.
It's for your own good! Unless you want to keep on killing! No! Do you want to be raped like your mother and me? No, Grandma! No! You do what we all have to do.
Please! No! It's for your own good.
No! No! No! Police! No.
No! Thank God.
You think you saved her? Oh, you haven't saved her from anything.
Well maybe we have.
You need to come with us.
It's not her fault.
You can't arrest her.
We know.
There might be another way.
If you drink this, we believe it will keep your touch from killing anyone.
And you're sure it'll work? No.
It's never been tried.
Or if it has been, there's no record.
Usually, that means not such a good outcome.
It may affect you in ways we have no way of predicting.
Not exactly, uh, FDA approved, you know? Look, I know a thing or two about side effects.
You really want to think about this.
You don't know what it's like to never be able to experience love.
Never feel the touch of another person or be able to touch them.
I don't care about the side effects.
It can't be worse than what happens now.
Sam? Sam? Sean Renard.
We haven't met.
I'm Kenneth.
Did you kill him? I did.
But he sort of had it coming, trying to trick the family into believing he knew where Kelly Burkhardt and the child were.
Well, I should arrest you.
Well, my confession is just between the two of us.
The King is extremely annoyed with how things have progressed.
He desperately wants his granddaughter.
And I've been tasked with the responsibility of making that happen.
There's no need for guns.
Nobody's going to shoot anybody.
If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.
So, this is when you tell me how important lam to the family and that we should join forces.
Going there, are we? This is where I tell you how important lam to the family.
And unless you join forces with me, you'll end up like your friend Damerov.
And the King will mourn the loss of another son.
Think about it.
at a nice restaurant somewhere in The Pearl.
I always think that these first dates are so awkward.
You never know what to say or what not to say, what someone's gonna like or not like.
And I guess I'm just trying really hard not to sound like an idiot.
I really like you.
I really like you, too.
So, are you sure you're not bothered by the way I look? I think you're a knockout.