Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e22 Episode Script

Requiem for a Saddle-Bronc Rider

ANNOUNCER [OVER PA]: Out of the chute now, folks, and Tommy's flying after him.
Good roping.
I came back after I got the call from Billy the other night.
We thought you could tell us where we could find him.
Billy, he just run off.
We got nothing to worry about just as long as we all do what we swore to, that's keep our mouth shut.
We're all in this together.
So one gets down and all the rest are gonna come right down with him.
Hold it.
McGARRETT: Harry Akua.
As we all know, cockfighting is the single largest attraction for gamblers on the island.
Harry knows it too.
It's made him a rich man.
Okay, Chin, lights, please.
All are heavyweights, gentlemen, make no mistakes about it.
They're not gonna fold, not without our help.
Just bear in mind that they are the force behind every major gambling operation on the island.
Not only here in Honolulu but in Pearl City, Waipahu, Kaneohe and Nanakuli.
Danno? For the past six months, we've been conducting an intensive investigation into all phases of their operation.
We finally got a breakthrough.
Can you tie the Big Three together? We think we can.
According to our information, after the money is laundered it's siphoned back here to the three men you saw on the screen and divided equally.
Making them partners.
What do we do next, Steve? We hit every back room on this island, simultaneous raids.
Not only do I want those three fat cats, but I want every dealer, runner and enforcer on that payroll.
When do we hit them? Well, the drops are made every Thursday between 3 and 6 p.
That's when we go.
Until that time, I want a two-man surveillance team at every location around the clock.
Any questions, gentlemen? Okay, that's it.
McGarrett, a Miss Susan Wainane has been waiting to see you.
Oh, send her in, please.
- Hello, Susan.
- Hello, Mr.
- What a nice surprise.
How are you? - I'm okay.
- How are things at Berkeley? - Fine.
I'm in the graduate school now.
I'm going to make the dean's list.
Oh, congratulations.
Come on in.
Isn't this the middle of a semester? If you're asking why I'm here, I have a reason.
Would you like to sit down and tell me about it? - Do you remember my brother, Billy? - Sure.
Sure, last time I saw him he was working on the Walua Ranch over on the Big Island.
He was up until about six months ago.
Then he joined the rodeo to tour the islands.
He wrote me in his letters that he was doing very well.
A saddle bronc rider.
He - Something happened to Billy, Susan? - I don't know.
He phoned me at school night before last.
He said he had something very important he had to tell me.
What was it? He didn't get a chance to say.
There were voices, and a cry.
I think it was from Billy.
And then the phone went dead.
Where was the call placed from, do you know? From the rodeo grounds at Waimanalo.
- I had the police check there.
- And what did the police say? They said that Billy ran away, and that nobody wanted to talk about it.
I can't really say why, I just know that something is wrong.
Well, Susan, I'll look into it myself.
So, uh, if you'll just wait a few minutes, I've got something I have to take care of.
I'm sure there's some simple explanation.
We'll drive up to Waimanalo and take a look.
Danno, wanna come in a minute? That name Wainane.
Rings a bell.
I've known that girl since she was a little kid.
Her father was Captain Paul Wainane, H.
, remember? Yeah, killed in the line of duty, armed robbery attempt, about three years ago.
He received two posthumous awards for valor.
Danno, I wish you'd get into those warrants with Manicote.
If there's any questions, just, uh, call me about them.
And, uh, have Chin and Duke put these names through the computer.
If there are any mainland connections, I wanna know about them.
I'm gonna drive up to Waimanalo.
Seems that Susan is missing a brother.
ANNOUNCER [OVER PA]: Out of the chute now, folks, and Tommy's flying after him.
Get him, Tommy.
Good roping.
Good throw.
[CROWD CHEERING] Rope him, Tommy.
Looks like Tommy's getting the kick out of that dogie.
Good time, Tommy, good time.
His time for the calf-roping event was 16 seconds.
How about a really big hand for Tommy, folks? Tommy Novo.
Now, folks, if you'll check your programs you'll find that the next event is bull riding.
And I want you all to know McGARRETT: I'd like a couple of tickets, please.
That'll be 2 bucks a head, sonny.
ANNOUNCER: First up, in Chute 2, - Thank you.
Let's go.
A boy from right here in Waimanalo, Henry Carlyle.
[CROWD CHEERING] There he goes.
Hold on, Henry.
Ride him, Henry.
Attaboy, Henry.
That's good riding.
Pull into that bull.
Whoops! There goes Henry.
But he made his time, just in time.
Excuse me.
Uh, do you know Billy Wainane? I'm his sister.
I'm trying to find him.
Lady asked you a question, cowboy.
She'd appreciate an answer.
Thing is, she's asking the wrong man.
Try Len Jessup.
ANNOUNCER: And they're off.
Good riding, Roger.
Hold in there.
You'll make it out of there on time.
Whoa, there went Roger.
Now, coming out of chute number 6, it's Gary Woodsey riding Storm Cloud.
Good riding.
Whoa, there, Gary's down.
Now, folks, let's hear it for a good old boy from Odessa, Texas.
Our rodeo clown is one of the really great rodeo clowns, Possum.
Let's really give him a big hand.
[LAUGHS] Riding Thunderbolt, a big cowboy from Cheyenne, Wyoming McGARRETT: Know where we can find Len Jessup? Nope.
Get a good hold on him now, Jim.
Steady, now.
Here they come.
Ride him, cowboy.
Good riding there, Big Jim.
Big Jim on Thunderbolt.
SUSAN: Excuse me.
Uh, Mr.
Jessup? Hi, I'm Billy Wainane's sister.
I'm trying to find him.
Oh, I didn't know Billy had a sister.
I'm just trying to find him.
I can't say where he is.
He up and cut out of here a couple of days back.
- Did he say where he was going? - Nope.
Well, he must have said something.
Well, that could be, but it wasn't to me.
Did he have any friends with the rodeo who he might have told where he was headed? [CHUCKLES] "Friends.
" You don't know Billy too well.
See, he was a little wild and hot-headed, and, uh, he didn't have very many friends.
In his letter, Billy spoke of a Calvin.
He said that sometimes they bunked together when the rodeo went out of town.
Yeah, that'd be Calvin Lyle.
I can save you a lot of trouble, though.
Uh I already talked to Calvin, he don't know where Billy is, either.
I'd like to talk to him anyway.
Where would we find him? It's a waste of time, but you might try over there by the barn.
McGARRETT: Thank you.
ANNOUNCER: All set, Richard? Then let her roll.
Good effort, cowboy.
Calvin? I'm Susan Wainane.
McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
I see.
I thought you were off at school in California.
I came back after I got the call from Billy the other night.
He sounded like he was in some kind of trouble.
We thought maybe you could tell us where we could find him.
I don't know.
Um Billy, he just run off.
Well, didn't he say anything to you? I mean, where he was going? Nope.
Uh He just took off.
I gotta go now.
Come on.
He was lying, wasn't he? About Billy going away.
I don't know.
But I do know he was uptight about something.
They all are.
Something is very wrong.
Billy and Calvin were good friends.
Why would Calvin lie? I don't have the answers, Susan.
But after I drop you off, I hope to find some for you.
Any progress? Reports are starting to come in from the H.
Surveillance teams.
Heavy traffic all morning, and a lot of old familiar faces.
Yeah, but are there any names to match the faces? H.
's running a check on all license numbers, both coming and going.
And they're confirming the names of the owners with the Automobile Registration Department.
What about the front organizations? In the computer, Steve.
Danno I just came back from Waimanalo with Susan.
Something very strange going on at the rodeo grounds out there.
Having to do with her missing brother? Yeah.
He seems to have vanished into thin air and nobody wants to talk about it.
Have Chin run a check on that whole operation.
See what he can come up with on the entrants in all events, stock contract to rodeo clowns.
The works.
Here's a program.
See if anybody is into anything heavy.
- Right.
- Oh, and one more thing.
I want an APB out on Billy Wainane, Susan's brother.
If he's on this island, I wanna know about it.
Right, Steve.
[JESSUP YELLS] [BULL BELLOWS] JESSUP: How's old Crazy Luke today? Mean and hateful as ever.
Jessup? Some of us, well We been talking, sir.
We wanna know why that policeman, Mr.
McGarrett, was here asking all them questions about Billy.
He don't know nothing, boy.
He's just grabbing at wind.
Just grabbing at wind.
We got nothing to worry about just as long as we all do what we swore to, that's keep our mouth shut.
Now, you gotta remember one thing, boy, we're all in this together.
So one gets down and all the rest are gonna come right down with him.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
Is Susan in? Yes.
Would you like to come in? Thank you.
- Have you found out anything? - Hello, Susan.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Uh, Mr.
McGarrett, this is my friend, Alaki Kaimi.
Nice to meet you.
How do you do, Alaki? Well, I guess I better go finish the dishes, huh? Won't you sit down? We can talk.
There's not a whole lot to talk about, Susan, except that H.
Is helping us look for Billy.
They have new and sophisticated ways of finding people.
Even people who don't wanna be found.
I see.
Do you have a picture of Billy? It would be helpful.
Oh, yes, of course.
Do you know anyone whom Billy might have gone to if he were in trouble? No one I can think of.
Billy was always a kind of loner.
What about a girlfriend? Yes.
There is a girl.
Um Billy wrote me about her.
He said that he was thinking about marrying her, but, heh, I never took him seriously.
- What's her name? - Um Lani.
- Lani Kapalii.
- Thank you.
- May I use the phone? - Sure.
[PHONE RINGS] - Williams.
- Danno? Steve.
See if you can get me a rundown or an address on a Lani Kapalii through the regular channels.
Yeah, K-A-P-A-L-l-I.
Thank you.
I'll be in the car.
Got it, Steve.
- Mrs.
Kapalii? - Yes.
Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
Kapalii, I'm looking for Lani.
She's not here, Mr.
When did you see her last? Tuesday night, when she talked on the phone to her young man.
- That Billy Wainane? - Yes.
She left the house right after she talked to him.
Why are you looking for Lani, Mr.
McGarrett? Well, actually, I'm looking for Billy but I have reason to believe that they might be together.
Now, when she left, how did she seem? Was she in good spirits? Yes, she was happy and very excited.
That was the last time I saw Lani.
Did you call the police? No, I was sure she'd run away with her young man.
Lani's of age, Mr.
I couldn't stop her.
When she left, was she driving? No, Lani doesn't own a car.
She took the bus.
I see.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, just one more thing.
Do you happen to have a recent picture of Lani? I think it might help us find her.
This was taken a month ago, on her 18th birthday.
[WOMAN SCREAMS] - Steve? McGARRETT: Yeah? Here's a readout on the various front organizations.
Everything from a phony brokerage firm to a Japanese tea room.
Well, that almost completes the scenario.
All we're missing now are some of the cast members.
Reports are still coming in from H.
Surveillance teams.
Well, let's hope that no one slips through the net when we drop it tomorrow.
[PHONE RINGS] - McGarrett.
Yes, Susan? I'm sorry to bother you, I know you're busy.
I just had to know if you've found out anything yet.
Just one thing.
We think that Billy's girlfriend, Lani, went out to meet him that night.
That could mean that they're together somewhere.
- But where? - That's what we're trying to find out.
We have an all-points bulletin out on both of them.
I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.
Try not to worry, just keep in touch.
Thank you, Mr.
Alaki? Hm.
Did you call me, Susie? Yeah, I have to go someplace very important.
Can I use your car? Sure, the keys are already in it.
But if it rains you're out of luck, because the top doesn't go up.
I couldn't come up with anything unusual on the rodeo, Steve.
It makes a regular tour of the islands.
Pays its own way, but just barely.
Now, the prize money that goes to the cowboys is based on the entrance fees.
Nobody gets rich, but they all manage to scratch out a living.
What about the cowboys, any of them have records? Well, nothing too heavy.
No felony arrests.
- Billy Wainane? - H.
Has a sheet on him.
Two arrests in the past six months.
One for drunk and disorderly, and the other for assault.
A bar brawl.
Yeah, that seems to match the description Jessup gave me.
Chin, we think Billy's girlfriend left home to meet him the night he disappeared.
Her name is Lani Kapalii.
Check with the bus company.
Find out which drivers make the run out to Waimanalo.
I wanna know which driver picked her up, where he dropped her, and what time.
Right, Steve.
I've seen that look before.
Yeah, Danno.
I have a feeling about this one, and it's not a very pleasant one.
MALIA: Duke is calling you, Mr.
McGarrett, on line two.
Yeah, Duke? What have you got? DUKE: Steve, I'm at Makapulu Beach.
I responded to an H.
Call about a possible DB.
- Yeah? - We've got a floater.
A young girl.
Any identification? The description and clothing matches Lani Kapalii perfectly.
All right, Duke.
Comb that entire area, just in case.
Right, Steve.
Call H.
, Danno.
Have them pull the missing-persons sheet on Lani Kapalii.
She just washed up on the beach.
SUSAN: Calvin, can I talk to you? I still got gear to pack.
I can't keep the rest of them waiting just on me.
Well, just for a minute.
Look, Billy wrote about you a lot in his letters.
He said that you were good friends.
Why do you have to keep coming here wanting to talk about Billy? Because I know you're hiding something.
I think you know where he is.
Why don't you just forget about Billy.
There's nothing you can do for him.
There's nothing nobody can do for him.
Billy's gone, and he ain't ever coming back.
Now, why don't you just let it be.
All right, then, then just tell me if Billy went away with his girlfriend, Lani Kapalii.
I don't know.
I know that she came here that night.
McGarrett knows it too.
He's looking for both of them.
- Lani was here? - Yes.
I got nothing more to say.
Now, I just want you to get out of here.
I want you to go.
McGARRETT: What about a cause of death, Doc? Has it been determined? Those deep bruises on the throat indicate strangulation.
What about time of death? It's a little difficult to say with the way the body was battered by the surf and some saline deterioration, but I'd guess in the neighborhood of 36 hours.
That would make it Tuesday night.
The same night Billy Wainane disappeared.
Thanks, Doc.
There's something else, Steve.
There's a strong possibility that she was raped.
Hey, Possum.
Where did Mr.
Jessup go? Town.
Did he say when he was coming back? Couple hours.
[CALVIN SIGHS] You know, Possum, I've been thinking.
You got something in your head needs saying? I guess we all do, Pos.
Officer Kelly, Five-0.
DRIVER: Yeah, but you still gotta pay.
What's with you guys, don't you drive cars anymore? Ha, ha.
You know, my boss asks me that when I turn in the mileage on my expense report.
You Robert Akalu? Yeah, but I didn't do it.
It was the butler.
CHIN HO: You recognize this girl? Her name is Lani Kapalii.
Now, we think she got on your bus Tuesday night.
Hey, sure, I know her.
She rides this bus a lot.
What about Tuesday night? Yeah, she got on at the corner of Kalakaua and Dewey.
- What time? - I get to that intersection about 8:15.
Where did she get off? I don't know for sure.
Did she go to the end of the line, Waimanalo? I don't know, she could have.
I, um, make about 20 stops before I get out there.
Let me off at the next corner.
I can't, unauthorized stops are against regulations.
But I left my car parked back there.
Now, how am I gonna get back? Take the bus.
Leave the driving to us.
Yeah, I had a funny feeling you were gonna say that.
DANNY: Steve.
- Yeah.
This just came in from the License Bureau.
Marriage license? "Lani Kapalii.
Billy Wainane.
" They took their blood tests Tuesday.
That's the day they both disappeared.
Dispatch, this is Officer Lukela, Five-0.
Patch me through to McGarrett.
Go ahead, Duke, you're on speaker.
I'm still at Makapulu Beach.
Just finished dragging the area.
They came up with a second body.
Billy Wainane? That's right, Steve.
They fished him out only about 100 yards up the beach from where they found the girl.
Okay, Duke.
Thank you.
Keep in touch.
[SIGHS] Marriage license, huh? Life is so strange.
Both dead.
Hardly more than kids.
How do we put it together, Danno? Where do we start? We got some of the pieces.
Maybe we can put them together.
Let's get out of here.
I need some air.
[McGARRETT SIGHS] It's gonna be tough on Susan.
DANNY: Yeah.
Steve, that stretch of beach where the bodies were found, it's near the rodeo grounds.
It could be a connection.
All right, Danno, let's try to reconstruct what we have.
Billy called Susan just after midnight, California time.
That would make it just after 9 here.
Now, she heard a cry the phone went dead, she tried to call back, there was no answer.
DANNY: At 8:15, Lani Kapalii, Billy's girlfriend, got on a bus to Waimanalo.
Some time after that, Lani was raped and killed.
Now, the rape would give us a possible motive for her death, but what about Billy? Why was he killed? Maybe he saw what happens, or found out about it, confronted the rapist and was killed by him.
Could be.
Then the killer took the bodies up to the cliffs and dumped them, hoping they'd wash out to sea and never turn up to haunt him.
Danno, I have a very strong feeling that the rest of the answers are out there at the rodeo grounds.
Uh, we have a couple of hours before the H.
Let's take a ride out there and see what we can come up with.
Well, what are you still doing here? Why didn't you take off with the rest? Mr.
Jessup, I got to talk to you.
It's gonna have to wait.
I got things to mind.
No, Mr.
It can't wait.
Okay, boy.
Come on in.
Yeah? Billy's girl, Lani, she was here that night.
The police and Mr.
McGarrett, they're looking for her.
Now, do tell.
I think I know what happened to her.
I think you do too.
Now, maybe you better come out and say what you're thinking.
All right.
How come nobody else went along when you drove that buckboard up to them cliffs? Because you didn't want nobody to know who else was in it besides Billy.
Now, I told you never to mention his name again, unless you know some way of raising him from the dead.
Jessup, I ain't hardly slept since that night.
I close my eyes, I keep seeing Billy.
Or think I hear him calling my name.
What we done to him wasn't right, but none of us meant for it to happen.
None of us except you.
Now, either you tell me what happened to Lani, or I'll go to Billy's sister and I'll tell her everything.
[CHUCKLES] You wanna know what happened, huh? I'm gonna tell you what happened.
She came out here that night, that little girl just after we loaded Billy's body in the buckboard.
And I saw her.
She was standing out there by the trees, in the dark.
She saw, boy.
She saw everything.
You mean, what was done to Billy? Yeah, then she started, uh, walking on down the road.
I caught up with her halfway.
Then she started that screaming.
She started that screaming.
I couldn't take that screaming.
So I took me that little girl.
Heck, it being Billy's wedding night and all, I kind of filled in for him.
[CHUCKLES] And then you killed her.
And when nobody was around, you put her in that buckboard with Billy.
You! [BOTH GRUNTING] [RIFLE COCKS] [CAR APPROACHING] [CALVIN MOANS] McGARRETT: What was that? Sounded like some kind of moan.
Who did this to you, Calvin? It was Mr.
- Is he still around here? - I think so.
Danno, call for an ambulance.
See if you can find Jessup, and be careful.
Easy, kid, easy.
Central, this is Dan Williams, Five-0.
Request an ambulance at the Waimanalo rodeo grounds immediately.
Lie back.
Just take it easy.
You'll live.
I got to tell what happened to Billy.
I got to tell somebody.
- Will you listen, Mr.
McGarrett? - Sure.
Sure, go ahead.
Well, it all started out as a party for Billy on his wedding night.
We all got half-drunk, including Billy.
Billy, he started showing off, saying how the rest of us, how we were scared of Crazy Luke.
Crazy Luke? He's a mean old bull we got that's never been rode.
I see.
Billy, he was saying how he wasn't scared of him, how he wasn't scared of no dumb animal.
I don't know why, but that made Mr.
Jessup real mad.
See, Mr.
Jessup, he got broke up real bad one time by a bull.
That's why he don't rodeo no more.
Well, then, Mr.
Jessup, he said He said we ought to see what kind of hero Billy really is, seeing how he's never tried no Mexican fighting.
Billy, he just laughed and said he had a phone call to make, and went off.
Is that when he called his sister, Susan? He wanted to tell her about him getting married.
[HORSE WHINNIES] When we couldn't find nothing around here like a red cape, Mr.
Jessup, he got this idea, we didn't need no cape.
So he painted Billy.
He painted him? From head to toe.
Make sure that old bull would see him.
[MEN SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] Go on, there, Billy boy! Come on, Billy, you got it! [BULL BELLOWING] CALVIN: Mr.
Jessup, he He said we'd go to prison for what was done.
He said it was same as murder and all of us was in on it.
But if you could get rid of the body, nothing would happen, right? Rest of us, we was too scared.
Then Mr.
Jessup, he said he'd do it.
He said he'd take Billy off in the buckboard, up to them cliffs.
McGarrett, did we kill Billy? I'm afraid that's a question a jury could answer, not me.
Because we was just funning when we started.
We didn't mean for nothing to happen.
Yeah, that's the tragedy of it.
That's the way it always starts.
DANNY: Steve? - Yeah, Danno? I spotted him across the yard.
He's carrying a rifle.
Calvin, lie still.
An ambulance is on the way.
We'll be back.
Take the front.
[HORSE NEIGHS] Danno, watch it.
Hold it.
Danno, circle around.
McGARRETT: Anything? DANNY: No, Steve.
McGARRETT: Check the back.
[BELLOWS] [SCREAMS] Oh, my God, he's gored.
[YELLING] [BULL BELLOWING] [McGARRETT AND POSSUM YELLING] If you'd gotten here a little sooner, maybe you would have saved his life.
That bull was let loose.
How did that gate get open? L I opened it.
You opened it? You see, he needed dying.
Danno, cuff him.
CHIN HO: She came to the office to see you, Steve, and since I was coming to meet you anyway It's all right, Chin.
Oh, the H.
Strike teams are ready to move.
They're just waiting for your final briefing.
- It goes down in about an hour.
- All right.
We'll make it on time.
Susan? You don't have to say anything.
I know.
You were gonna tell me that Billy is dead.
The Kaula Okalani, the heavenly prophet of our Hawaiian heritage, tells of a beautiful life beyond death.
I loved my brother very much, Mr.
I know that, and I'm sure Billy knew it too.