Hell's Kitchen (2005) s17e07 Episode Script

Trimming Fat

1 MALE NARRATOR: Previously on Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars What chef would you like to cook against? Barbie.
Robyn picked me because she thinks she can beat me.
NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay challenged the All-Stars - to face off - That was so weak.
NARRATOR: In an international pizza challenge.
Greece it is.
I can work with this.
- Let's go.
- Get out of my way.
NARRATOR: After enduring some tight cooking quarters - Excuse me! - I can't get it off! - Elise.
- What? Move, Elise! It's a [BLEEP] wreck.
NARRATOR: At judging, Barbie made Robyn regret her decision.
- Yeah! - Good job, Barbie.
Thanks, Robyn.
NARRATOR: Nick evened up the score before the final round.
Really good.
NARRATOR: It all came down to Michelle versus Giovanni.
I'm the Italian king around here.
NARRATOR: But the decision turned out to be an easy one.
Wow, Gio, every slice was burnt.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) NARRATOR: At Italian night in Hell's Kitchen - Ahh! - Are you okay? - Yeah.
- You sure? NARRATOR: Michelle's only slip of the night - Did you save the lamb? - Yes, Chef.
NARRATOR: Had nothing to do with her cooking.
- Michelle.
- Yes, Chef? - Beautifully cooked.
- Thank you, Chef.
NARRATOR: As she led the Red Team to a strong service.
- This food is yummy.
- Good job, ladies.
NARRATOR: In the Blue Kitchen, Giovanni and Benjamin served raw lamb.
What's happened to you guys? NARRATOR: Robyn overcooked the fish.
Oh, man, what has happened to my [BLEEP] All-Stars? NARRATOR: And Jared claimed injury Can I get a medic? NARRATOR: When he struggled on garnish.
He's got a bigger cut on the end of his [BLEEP].
You're calling a medic because you're crashing and burning.
Get out! - NARRATOR: They nominated - Jared.
- NARRATOR: And - Robyn.
NARRATOR: While Robyn tried to jump ship I would like to go back to the Red Team, Chef.
How can you say you want to go back to the Red Team? You're part of the Blue Team.
We're a team.
NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay made her stay put.
- Get back in line.
- NARRATOR: And eliminated Jared, take off your jacket.
NARRATOR: Ending his dream of becoming the head chef at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
And now the continuation of Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars.
Get out of here.
(TENSE MUSIC) That was [BLEEP] up.
- You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
Hey, sometimes you got to shut the [BLEEP] up.
Yeah, I know.
I hope the Blue doesn't feel betrayed.
I think some of them are hurt, but Chef Ramsay asked me a question.
Am I supposed to lie? I'm not gonna lie.
Thank you.
- What? - Just saying that, thank you.
But you don't want to be on our team though.
I do want to be on your team, guys! Don't even start with that, because it's not even worth it.
I want to be on the team.
I just want us to communicate and not fight, that's it.
Yeah, there's no point in talking about it.
It's not worth my breath.
I think Robyn talks too much.
She is kind of self-sabotaging.
She needs to just learn when to shut up, and she really doesn't have any other choice right now.
You shouldn't say that out loud.
- I'll be honest with you.
- I know, I shouldn't It's all right for you to think it.
You should never [BLEEP] say that out loud.
From the moment you were coming to the Blue Team, - we took you in.
- Open arms.
What I need to do so I'm not on the chopping block again, I just need to keep my mouth shut and speak when I'm spoken to.
NARRATOR: With a clear lack of harmony on the Blue Team, the chefs must put their negativity to the side so that it doesn't affect their performance in Chef Ramsay's next challenge.
- Good morning.
- ALL: Morning chef! Now, underneath these six domes is your next challenge.
Let's begin.
First off one of the most renowned dishes ever in the history of this competition, a beef Wellington.
Beef Wellington, like, what's going on right now, Chef? What are you doing to us? Next one.
- Salmon.
- Salmon.
Moving on.
What? Rack of lamb.
From the menu, from the menu, from the it's our menu! Next, duck breast.
Double-boned pork chop.
- You know this, right? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
I am so determined to have a perfect service that I've designed this brand-new challenge to test your skills.
You'll be cooking these six entrees in your kitchens.
Prove how well you know this menu.
The team that comes up with the most accurate and the best versions of these six entrees wins the challenge.
We are all-stars.
Everyone here is all-stars.
We all know this menu.
There are no excuses right now.
I'm backing off.
You'll decide on how to organize your kitchen.
You should all have a clear understanding of what your teammates are doing at all times.
- Is that clear? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
Your 25 minutes starts Now.
Let's go.
- I'll take beef.
- I'll take fish.
You get on fish.
Let Robyn back you up.
Me and you get on garnish.
Them two on meat.
Get the pork chop done.
Me and Jennifer should all start on prep for garnish.
Get that lamb down.
Wellington needs to go in.
NARRATOR: In today's challenge, both teams have 25 minutes to prepare six flawless entrees from the current Hell's Kitchen menu.
All right, I'm gonna poach some eggs then, no? Yes, please.
This challenge could not get any easier.
All we gotta do is cook a six-top with our menu items that we already know and we've already cooked a hundred times.
It's our entrees.
- Pork is dropped.
- Guys, keep talking.
What do we got going on? I'm gonna start the lamb.
Right, Red Team, Blue Team, listen up! Now that you've laid your foundations down, decide which member from each team gets kicked out.
- What? - Kicked out? ("FIRE" BY OHIO PLAYERS) MAN: Fire Uh, uh When you're hot, you're hot You really shoot your shot You're dyn-o-mite, child, yeah The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smokin', baby, baby Fire Now that you've laid your foundations down, decide which member from each team gets kicked out.
(TENSE MUSIC) - What? - Gets kicked out? - Hurry up! - Somebody decide now.
Dana, what are you doing, just cooking the pork chop? And I'm getting the garnish ready for the salmon.
Red Team, who is it? Barbie, you're out.
Barbie's out.
- I'm not leaving now.
- There's three on garnish.
- Ladies! - I'm not leaving.
- Just go, Barbie.
- Barbie's out.
No, no way.
Fine, I'm out.
[BLEEP] all you [BLEEP].
- I trust you all.
- Guys, who's going? - I'm not going.
- Let's go, Blue Team.
You wanna go, Van? All right, Van's going.
I'm not gonna slow the team down by sitting here and arguing.
I'm gonna jump out.
It's no big deal for me.
No, no, that's not the right decision, y'all.
Come on, send Robyn.
What? What the [BLEEP] is going on here? You said you wanted to go to the Red Team, bro.
Van been part of this team since day one.
We got a new kid on the block that ain't been with this team for that long.
Let's get her outta here and us keep working as a team.
Let's go, baby! Sear that lamb off.
Couscous needs a minute, guys.
Braise is working.
Lamb going in the oven.
Root vegetables about to be dropped.
What time does that Wellington come out, guys? Red Team, Blue team, listen up.
Decide on one more person leaving the kitchen.
- Hurry up.
- Robyn, you wanna go? - What are you working on? - The vegetables and the leafs.
Okay, guys, deuces.
- Wow, that was quick.
- They told me to go.
Dana, I'll watch your pork for you.
Y'all, let's keep an eye on Dana's pork.
I don't like it, not a little bit.
Dana's leaving.
How's the duck, Gio? Skin's looking nice and golden brown.
Salmon's here, salmon's here.
Elise, in the convection oven.
Put it in the convection oven.
Hey, did you glaze that pork? There's only four of us left.
Let me get the potatoes.
I'm working on five different things, and I have a feeling Chef Ramsay isn't done.
Listen up, time to kick out one more chef.
I'm gonna go, but look come here.
- I got my halibut here.
- I think you should stay.
Milly, do you wanna go? Yeah, 'cause y'all in it already.
- All right, go.
- Elise.
The meat's already in the oven.
- Exactly! - Okay, all right.
NARRATOR: The chefs in each kitchen are dropping like flies, as every three minutes Chef Ramsay calls for another one to go.
How long on the Wellington? - Six minutes.
- Listen up.
Say good-bye to one more chef.
I got 90% of my stuff done.
It's right here.
- Go.
- Manda, go.
- Poached eggs, almost done.
- Okay.
You're working on meats.
I'm working on meats and fish.
Yes, meats and fish.
- Check the lamb.
- [BLEEP].
It's me and Michelle, and this is crazy.
I don't know what the hell is going on right now.
One more minute, lamb, Wellington coming together.
- How's that duck? Is it done? - Yeah, the duck's ready.
Red Team, Blue Team, say good-bye to one more chef.
Let's go! - Michelle, I'll go.
- Okay.
There was no discussing it.
Jennifer just basically said, "You know what? You're the last woman standing in our kitchen.
" So I cannot let my team down.
Pull out lamb, please.
Check the fish.
- You wanna go? - You got it? Sure.
Let's do it.
I'm volunteering to stay in the kitchen, because this is my chance to show Chef Ramsay that I can handle this giant workload on my own.
- I'm a competitor.
- Let's go, Nick! Hey, talk to me.
What else do I need to do? - Lamb! Lamb! - One thing at a time for her.
- She's only got two hands.
- [BLEEP].
I'm not sure that Michelle can handle this by herself.
Michelle looks flustered.
Check the lamb! - Salmon, where is it? - Right behind you.
Red Team, Blue Team, listen up.
All of you get back in there.
Let's go! Move! Move! NARRATOR: Now with all chefs back in the kitchen - What do you want me to do? - Guys, I need meats sliced.
NARRATOR: Each team has only three minutes to race to the finish and complete their dishes.
Let's plate that [BLEEP] up.
Get it up to the pass and pray.
- Whoo! - Come on.
I'm good, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
I'm looking at the pork chop, and I'm really worried.
The pork chop is deceiving because it feels like it's cooked even when it's not.
Oh, my God, pork is raw.
Guys, lamb's in the oven.
Needs one minute.
I need shrimp, I need shrimp.
I'm slicing the duck right now.
GORDON: Five, four, three, two, one.
And serve! Before the challenge I told all of you how important it was to communicate.
That was the lesson.
No matter what happens, we remain united.
Red Team, Blue Team, happy? ALL: No, Chef.
No? Why not? We didn't finish our pork.
- Where's the pork? - Right here, Chef.
Pass it down.
Oh, dear.
We're serving Chef Ramsay pork sushi.
Like, that's embarrassing.
Who cooked the pork on the Red Team? (DRAMATIC MUSIC) NARRATOR: In today's Last Chef Standing Challenge, each all-star team worked together to cook six entrees from the Hell's Kitchen menu.
I'll be judging your dishes head-to-head.
The better dish from each team will win the round.
NARRATOR: But the Red Team's raw pork Where's the pork? NARRATOR: Has them off to a horrific start.
Oh, dear.
(TENSE MUSIC) Who cooked the pork on the Red Team? I started it, and then I passed it on when I was kicked out of the kitchen.
Wow, the only thing missing on this pork dish is the [BLEEP] tail.
Right, pork chop, Blue Team.
The winner of this round is definitely the Blue Team.
- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.
This raw pork is not my fault.
I got kicked out of the kitchen.
I'm just hoping that everything else is cooked perfectly.
Right next up, beef Wellington, please.
Pass it down.
Thank you.
Blue Team, let's taste.
Could have done with two more minutes in the oven.
Oh, my God.
It's tough on that one.
That was the hardest protein to cook.
So the point goes to the Red Team and the Blue Team.
Thank you, Chef.
Let's go for the halibut, shall we, please? NARRATOR: With the Blue still hanging on to a slim lead, the Red is hoping their halibut has the edge.
The halibut is delicious.
Blue team Please let their fish be overcooked.
The halibut is cooked beautifully.
Point goes to both teams.
Duck breast, let's go.
Blue team, that's cooked beautifully.
Very good indeed.
Red Team.
Duck delicious on both dishes.
The point goes to the Blue and the Red Team.
If Chef Ramsay wanna keep doing everybody get a point, both of y'all get a point, [BLEEP] it, we'll take that too, 'Cause we're in the lead right now.
Rack of lamb next.
Who cooked the rack of lamb on the Red Team? I did, Chef.
Well, I'm not gonna eat that, 'cause you know why.
- Yeah, it's not done.
- That thing's got more chance of getting put back in the field than it has of me [BLEEP] swallowing it.
The question is, is the Blue Team's lamb good enough? The score is three to four in our favor.
This dish can win it for us.
- Who cooked this lamb? - I did, Chef.
It's weird, 'cause I've got bits here that are raw, and I've got bits here that are well done.
And yet it's from the same [BLEEP] rack.
You bastardized it.
Chef Ramsay has every right to be criticizing this lamb.
It's just a mess.
The point goes to neither team.
NARRATOR: With the Blue unable to rack up the winning point, Chef Ramsay calls for the Salmon, please.
Pass it down.
Thank you.
NARRATOR: And the Red Team's only hope is to end in a tie.
Uh, Blue Team, that looks lovely.
Crispy skin.
Ladies, who cooked the salmon? - I did, Chef.
- Who cooked the shrimp? I did, Chef.
Salmon's perfect.
But the shrimp.
When they're curled up like that, what does that mean? - They're overcooked, Chef.
- They are overcooked.
Uh, the winner of the challenge clearly, congratulations, Blue Team.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Nailed.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Good job, guys.
- That's it.
The Blue Team today, much better job of communicating than the Red Team.
The Red Team is spiraling out of control.
Honestly, it's really no surprise that we keep winning dinner service.
GORDON: Blue Team, well done.
You're in for a great, amazing day.
All of you are heading off to a world-class - rock climbing gym.
- Sweet.
Relax, Milly, you are in a harness.
- Yes.
- I've also arranged to have a unique dining experience.
You'll be eating at Bourbon Steak at the Americana at Brand.
- (APPLAUSE) - All right.
Why are you standing staring at me? Get out of here.
Blue Team coming through with the win, baby! Whoo! All day, baby.
All day, baby.
Have fun, ratchet Reds.
Red Team, you're in for a miserable day, because you're spending all day with Marino.
It's a grim day.
The dining room is long overdue for a deep clean.
And then get Marino's shirts ready ahead of the next service.
You know how picky he is.
Yeah, he's a pain in the ass.
The kitchens also need deep cleaning.
Gotta make sure they're absolutely spotless.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
Now get out of here.
Let's go.
We're gonna be in for a long day.
You're welcome, Marino.
Should I make you a sandwich, too? Feel like I'm at my grandma's house.
- Whoo-whoo! - Whoo-whoo! I'm getting a window seat.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) Ain't no way in hell I'm climbing this.
I've never been rock climbing, so I look forward to seeing if my old, fat ass can climb a rock.
- The Italian Stallion.
- Hey! All right, whoo! All right.
Grandpa's done.
Grandpa's done.
It's tiring.
I'm too old for this.
Let's go, Milly! (QUIRKY MUSIC) Oh! (LAUGHTER) - No.
He has his drawers.
Look at him twerking it out.
I'm not ashamed.
You know, I got on designer drawers.
Why not show 'em off? [BLEEP] that.
It's hard climbing [BLEEP] rocks.
Like, this ain't no joke.
So you just do this for fun? Yeah, silly.
(LAUGHTER) Oh, my God.
So I have shoes.
I'll just pour it out like this, okay.
Oh! This one is not mine.
Yes, they are.
Marino, what do you do in your spare time? No, no, just the front tip.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm not a shoe shine expert.
I think my shoe looks pretty good.
Maybe we should line 'em up.
They're gonna get scuffed.
Barbie of course is the know-it-all of shoe shining, so I decide to vacuum because I don't have to listen to her.
Shoe maintenance is really important.
About to go eat some steaks! - Look at this, guys.
- Nice.
- Oh, wow.
- Look at that, huh? - Chef Christina.
- And Chef Jocky.
- Hey, we have the chefs here.
- What a nice surprise.
What a great surprise to have both of y'all here with us.
We're doing lunch twice as nice today.
- Look at the presentation.
- Ohh.
Oh, Milly's in.
All the food is [BLEEP] great.
They got this duck spring roll.
- Wow, look at this.
- Veal shank.
I mean, tender as [BLEEP].
- Wow, that's beautiful.
- You know what I mean? Come on, what more can you ask for? Robyn, what's it like being the only girl? It's different, but, you know, it's just like I'm just trying to earn their trust.
I'm with them.
NICK: I think the Blue can mold Robyn into what we need her to be.
It seems like she's had a change of heart, especially after such a high note today for the Blue Team.
But if not, she needs to go.
- Congratulations.
- Cheers.
Thank you very much.
(DOWNBEAT MUSIC) Ugh, gross.
That is disgusting.
It doesn't matter.
At least she's working, right? Elise just is skating through, just like she does every other punishment.
For somebody that's so strong and so great and such a team player, she really doesn't do much.
Did all these shelves over here get wiped off? - Yeah.
- All these? You have to finish all of them.
You have to move all those pans first.
No kidding.
Hey, what's with the attitude? I don't have an attitude, but that's common sense.
How can I wipe a shelf with stuff on it? No [BLEEP], Sherlock.
You're insulting my intelligence.
I'm beyond annoyed.
And you call me rude.
I'm not rude, but Yeah, you are.
That's rude.
No, I'm not.
You're rude.
What's with the attitude? You really need to drop it.
I don't have an attitude.
You haven't begun to see me get an attitude.
She does a lot of this.
Michelle talks to much.
I really don't know, Michelle.
Sometimes you are nails-on-a-chalkboard annoying.
I don't want to hear that [BLEEP].
I'm trying to [BLEEP] focus.
Okay, Elise, stop it! (TENSE MUSIC) (INTENSE MUSIC) NARRATOR: After a long afternoon of manual labor for the Red Team What's with the attitude? You really need to drop it.
I don't have an attitude.
You haven't begun to see me get an attitude.
NARRATOR: Michelle and Elise are at each other's throats.
Sometimes you are nails-on-a-chalkboard annoying.
I don't wanna hear that [BLEEP].
I'm trying to [BLEEP] focus.
Okay, Elise, stop it! You know what, look, I don't want to have any hard feelings with you.
I'm sorry.
- Same here.
- Let's just let's just Yeah, let's just keep going.
Oh, they look so happy.
I love walking into a sourpuss.
My favorite.
You're looking good down there, Daner.
- Shut up, Van.
- (LAUGHS) Whatever.
I feel like we should be downstairs doing dinner service.
This is really [BLEEP] weird.
I'm freaking out.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Phone's ringing.
Let's go.
Hello, this is Michelle.
Michelle, it's Chef here.
How are you? I'm good.
How are you, Chef? Good.
Very well indeed.
Listen carefully, I need to see you all immediately.
- Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.
That was Chef Ramsay.
Go through the back of the Blue Kitchen.
Oh, [BLEEP]! - It's on! - He said hurry.
It's about to go up in this piece right now.
Come here, guys.
Gather 'round.
Come around, guys.
Come around.
And relax.
Why are you so nervous? - 'Cause we just are, Chef.
- 'Cause you're what? We just are.
There's something important that I'd like to show you all.
I'd like you all to watch very carefully.
Has anybody ever been to my flagship restaurant in Chelsea? - ALL: No, Chef.
- This is our signature dish, It's a tagliatelle of oysters with an amazing beurre champagne, and finished with Ossetra caviar on top.
Okay, so it's put together in stages.
Chef Ramsay is just casually cooking with some champagne and oysters like it's just another Monday.
- (CORK POPS) - Ohh.
It's a very, very fancy dish.
He makes it look so easy.
So in here I've got the most amazing oyster juice - with what? - ALL: Champagne.
Cucumber up to the boil.
Oysters, third time on.
Drain them off.
Otherwise cucumber, which cooks very quickly, what happens to it? ALL: It gets mushy.
Now from there, a touch of the beurre blanc in there.
And seasoned with ALL: Chives.
Next tagliatelle.
So, Van, how do we get that in the shell? Uh, I would think fork.
You're absolutely right, young man.
The pasta is the base, yes.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
Thread, lift up, and twist.
Twist and in she goes.
Now that sits up there nice and tight.
Now oysters, and you'll see the esthetics of the dish coming together.
From there, take your beurre blanc, finish that.
Whenever Chef Ramsay is making a dish, you better damn well pay attention.
Then the caviar go on.
As he's showing us, I'm trying to, like, soak it all in, following each step.
And then a tiny plush just on top.
I wish I had a photographic memory right now.
That would make my life a whole lot easier.
Tagliatelle of oysters.
- Were you watching carefully? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
Now all of you, line up.
I'm starting to feel the pressure, because I'm like, okay, I'm gonna have to recreate this dish.
I know it.
Listen carefully.
At this point, I've got to concentrate on those chefs who are operating at the highest level.
So tonight I'm trimming the fat.
(TENSE MUSIC) Half of you will be competing in a very special challenge, and the chef who is least successful at recreating my signature dish will be leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight.
Oh, my God.
I kinda feel like I'm gonna [BLEEP] my pants.
Michelle and Nick.
Yes, Chef.
In our last challenge, you two were the last remaining chefs in each of your kitchens.
With that in mind, I've decided that you will choose which half of your team will be safe and which half will cook for their lives.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) I'm obviously happy that I don't have to risk my fate in this competition, but I don't want to have that sort of animosity on my team.
It sucks.
Nick, I need one name of one of the weakest chefs on the Blue Team.
Robyn, Chef.
Robyn, why? Robyn struggled a little bit, and I think this is her time to shine.
Michelle, one name, please.
Barbie, Chef.
- Barbie.
- Yes, Chef.
First pick on the Red Team.
Why? I'm always first pick.
I'm gonna be the last one standing.
Nick, a second name and why, please.
I'm gonna go with Gio, Chef.
Why? Sometimes he can get a little frazzled and overwhelmed.
I don't think I'm one of the weakest chefs here, and I don't know why he picked me.
I just gotta prove 'em wrong.
[BLEEP] 'em.
Michelle, second name and why, please.
- Manda, chef.
- Manda.
I never back down from a challenge, and I'm a feisty little fighter.
I'm gonna have to cook for my life, bring it on.
All this is gonna do is make me stronger.
Nick, third and final individual from the Blue Team.
I'm gonna go with Milly, Chef.
- Milly? - Yep.
- Why? - I'd like to see Milly kind of step it up a little bit and see if he can have some fun with this dish.
Like, come on, Nick.
I thought you been paying attention a little bit more.
You ain't seen all that [BLEEP] I been putting down, bro.
Michelle, third and final person on the Red Team? Michelle? NARRATOR: In tonight's daunting Cook For Your Life Challenge The chef who is least successful recreating my signature dish will be leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight.
NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay has asked the two chefs from the Last Chef Standing Challenge, Nick and Michelle, to decide who were the three weakest members on their team.
Nick, you chose Robyn, Milly and Gio - as your weakest three.
- Yes, Chef.
Michelle, you chose Barbie and Manda as your weakest.
Third and final person on the Red team? (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Elise, Chef.
- Elise? - Yes, Chef.
- Why? - She's not necessarily a team player, and I think that she needs to step it up a notch.
ELISE: Okay, it's game on.
I came here, I tried to be [BLEEP] nice to people.
I'm not playing nice no more.
She better hope I go home tonight.
You six remaining chefs that are safe, head to the patio and wait to see who will be joining you.
- Get out of here.
- You got this.
- Yeah, man.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
I'll see you later.
See you later.
Dana or Jennifer should be cooking for their life.
Definitely not me.
But I knew Michelle would name me because I'm a threat to her.
I'm not going home tonight.
You're gonna have 30 minutes to replicate my dish.
And your time starts now.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: In the Cook For Your Life Challenge, the six chefs who were selected now have one chance to recreate Chef Ramsay's oyster tagliatelle appetizer in just 30 minutes.
Come on, ladies.
You can do this.
NARRATOR: And the chef with the least successful dish will be going home.
- Don't shake that champagne.
- Yes, chef.
Doing a dish that I just saw one time.
I've got 30 minutes to cook for my life.
Like, this is crazy.
You could cut the intensity with a [BLEEP] knife.
This is everybody for themselves right now.
Sorry, ladies.
I'm staying.
Somebody else is going home.
Not me.
I didn't come here to go home, and I plan on winning this [BLEEP] thing, and I plan on beating whoever's in front of me.
I'm coming out of this [BLEEP] thing alive.
Just over five minutes gone.
25 minutes remaining.
25 minutes remaining, Chef.
Why's Nick put me in this pool with these little guppies? I felt bad because I'm comfortable as [BLEEP].
It's a beurre blanc.
Beurre blanc is the first sauce I ever made in my life.
It's pasta and oysters, something that I love to eat.
And champagne, something you catch me with in the club every [BLEEP] night.
- You guys okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- You okay? Yep.
I used to be the sous chef of a fish restaurant, and we shucked oysters every night.
I've shucked the [BLEEP] out of some [BLEEP] oysters, and I'm fine with this challenge, because cooking for my life gets to show Chef Ramsay that I came here to cook for my life.
- Start turning.
- Start turning.
I also gotta make pasta.
Let me show you how it's done.
GORDON: Not too much tagliatelle in there.
Don't go crazy with the pasta.
- Don't go crazy with the pasta.
- No.
This is it, do-or-die time.
Attention to detail.
One, two, three, four.
[BLEEP] my life.
One mountain, two mountain, three mountain, four mountain.
I'm realizing that my nerves, my anxiety is getting to me.
Like, my hands cannot stop shaking right now.
Oh, my hands are so slimy right now.
I'm having a lot of trouble with these oysters, so I keep on talking to myself and just pepping myself up, saying, "Come on, Robyn.
You can get through this.
" You can do this.
" (SIGHS) How many do you need? Only six, right? I'm just making sure for insurance purposes.
Okay, come on, come on.
This is a challenge where you could make one mistake and get sent home.
Your heart is racing.
On top of that, your nerves.
It's a lot.
Oh, God, okay.
You okay, Elise? - Yes.
- Okay.
90 seconds remaining.
- Oh, wow.
- 90 seconds.
(INTENSE MUSIC) - GORDON: 55 seconds to go.
- 55.
[BLEEP] my life.
- GORDON: 20 seconds remaining.
- Oh, my God.
- Come on, ladies, please.
- [BLEEP].
- Ten, nine, eight - Come on, Manda, you got this.
- Eight, seven - Come on, Elise, you got this.
- Six, five, four - Come on, come on, you got this.
GORDON: Three, two, one.
That is it.
Elise, to the window, please.
- Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.
- Whoo.
- All of you, well done.
GORDON: Well done.
You guys, who do you think is gonna walk through the door first? - I don't know.
- Milly.
I don't want Manda to go.
It needs to be Barbie or Elise.
It's not gonna be Elise.
So what happens when Elise comes back? If you thought Elise didn't like you before I don't give a [BLEEP].
Oh, God.
Now that you've all cooked for your life, it's time to find out who's staying and who's leaving.
Elise, you okay? Cut yourself? What's wrong? Nothing, Chef.
Well, clearly something's wrong.
I don't think I deserve to be up here.
The key word was the three weakest chefs.
That's what this is, do or die.
Okay Manda, please grab your dish, come on up.
- Very carefully.
- Yes, Chef.
This is the most important dish I have ever made in my entire life.
It's all in Chef Ramsay's hands.
So describe your dish, please.
I did shallots, peppercorns, in champagne.
Cooked that down to set.
Hit it with a bunch of butter just really slow.
- Sauce is good.
- Thank you, Chef.
Listen, it's a strong effort.
I'd be a little bit more generous with the sauce.
You got sauce beaded on there.
No sauce there.
But we'll find out how you did in a minute.
Thank you.
Take your dish back.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you.
Strong effort.
Very strong.
Next up, Milly.
Let's go.
I'm about to put down the perfect recreation of Chef Ramsay's dish.
- Watch what's about to happen.
- (SIGHS) Visually beautiful.
The ratio of the pasta, absolutely spot-on.
How long did you poach the oysters for? Just brought the champagne up to warm, pulled it off the stove, set it to the side.
That's beautiful.
I mean, really beautiful.
Beautifully done.
What's missing, Milly? (TENSE MUSIC) Um, I think I forgot the peppercorns in my beurre blanc, Chef.
What's missing, Milly? Um What's missing, Milly? I can't remember, Chef.
How many oysters did I make? How many did you make? You made six.
Oh, [BLEEP].
NARRATOR: In this nerve-racking Cook For Your Life Challenge The ratio of the pasta, absolutely spot-on.
NARRATOR: Chef Ramsay is impressed with Milly's recreation of his oyster tagliatelle dish.
That's beautiful.
I mean, really beautiful.
NARRATOR: Except for one rather important detail.
What's missing, Milly? (TENSE MUSIC) How many oysters did I make? How many did you make? You made six.
Oh, [BLEEP].
How the [BLEEP] did I forget to put the oyster on there? I should be embarrassed.
One mistake.
Everything else is flawless.
(SIGHS) Question for me, is your dish better than Manda's? It's better than Manda's.
You're safe.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Head to the patio.
Pow! (CHITTERING) I'm gone.
See ya! - Milly! - What? (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) - Yas queen! - Yay! Perfect [BLEEP].
- I love it.
- Only thing I [BLEEP] up on, only made five spaces for myself.
- So it wasn't perfect.
- Perfect! Next up (TENSE MUSIC) Barbie.
I'm really confident about my dish.
I don't know who's going home, but it's not gonna be me.
Visually, what do you think? I think that one has a little a lot of pasta.
Why so much pasta? That's one of the things I struggled with, Chef.
Beurre blanc's delicious.
Cucumber's still crunchy.
Take it back, please.
I have to decide between you and Manda.
Yes, Chef.
- Manda.
- Yes, Chef.
I'm sorry to say, you, young lady, are putting up with me for a long longer.
Head to the patio.
Thank you, Chef.
Holy [BLEEP]! I'm safe, thank God.
Get me out of this kitchen.
Get me out of this dining room.
I want to go see my team now.
When a [BLEEP] like me walk in the kitchen, y'all better say parlez-vous Francais? You bitches can't get rid of me, [BLEEP]! - What? - I'm so glad you're here! I'm not going anywhere, you son of a bitch! In other news, Elise is crying.
(CHEERING) Next up Robyn, please, let's go.
I got this.
I know Chef Ramsay is gonna love my dish.
Here you go, Chef.
I'm hoping that he thinks this dish is perfect.
You seemed to struggle over the oysters.
What happened? I had a problem opening three of them.
I can't eat that.
- Sorry, Chef.
- What happened there? I guess I stabbed it too hard.
I didn't realize I cut it.
That looks gashed.
Have you opened oysters before? Yes, Chef.
Four good, two bad.
Back in line.
Thank you, Chef.
Yes, Chef.
Those [BLEEP] two damn oysters! Oh, my God.
So between Barbie and Robyn.
Yes, Chef.
- Robyn.
- Yes, Chef.
You're gonna have to beat Elise or Gio.
- Barbie, head to the patio.
- Yes, Chef.
- - I survived the night, but Michelle is probably freaking out because if Elise comes through these doors, she's gonna be mad as hell.
(CHEERING) Hey! - Was Elise still crying? - Yeah.
Elise, let's go.
I'm upset because I'm not the weakest member of the team.
I've been nice, I've been nothing but a team player since I've been here.
I don't deserve to go home tonight.
(SNIFFLES) Visually they look beautiful.
How long did you poach the oysters for? Very briefly.
I just put them in the champagne, warmed it up and pulled it off and let it poach on the side.
Why stick the shell so far into the salt? I was getting it to stand up, Chef.
- I'm sorry.
- What happens to that salt? - It gets inside.
- What do oysters taste of? - Salt.
- What does caviar taste of? - Salt.
- (SIGHS) Back in line.
What was that, Chef? You just got a mouthful of salt because Elise put her shells too far in the salt? Elise, it's too bad that you had the extra salt.
You submerged them a little bit too deep.
Okay, between Robyn and Elise.
Elise, your dish is better than Robyn's.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Head to the patio.
- Thank you, Chef.
- You are safe.
I'm extremely excited that I'm safe, and I'm ready to go [BLEEP] rub it in Michelle's face.
Definitely not letting Michelle get off easy.
Now I'm not being nice anymore.
- Whoo! - It's on.
- Ohh.
- You opened a can of worms.
It's on now, baby! Just know! Elise, it's been on since the beginning.
It's a competition.
Of course it's [BLEEP] on.
- It's on! - It's really on now.
NARRATOR: In today's Cook For Your Life Challenge Elise, your dish is better than Robyn's.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Head to the patio.
Thank you, Chef.
NARRATOR: Elise was declared safe by Chef Ramsay.
- Whoo! - It's on! NARRATOR: And she is enjoying a little chat with the chef who put her on the chopping block.
It's on now, baby! Just know! Elise, it's been on since the beginning.
It's a competition.
Of course it's [BLEEP] on.
It's really on! It's really on now! That's not the last, thank you.
Guess who's biz-ack! You thought it was gonna be that easy? - Why is this happening? - I don't know.
Get used to this face.
Your crying face? NARRATOR: With Elise clearly declaring war on Michelle.
Back in the dining room, there are only two chefs remaining.
Gio, let's go.
NARRATOR: And Giovanni is hoping his dish will keep him from going home.
GIOVANNI: I'm not ready to go home.
I don't want to go home, and I want to make his decision as hard as possible, and we'll see what he does.
The presentation of this one is beautiful.
Oh, [BLEEP].
What's missing in there? What's missing in there? Sauce.
A little light on the sauce.
- What's missing in there? - Light on the sauce, Chef.
- What's missing in there? - Light on the sauce, Chef.
What happened? I put the sauce on it.
I just didn't put enough.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Why so much pasta? I don't know, Chef.
I was trying to twirl it and guess in the middle I was panicking.
If there's one thing I've welcomed in this competition, it's your composure.
I don't expect the word "panic" coming from you.
- Back in line, please.
- Yes, Chef.
Oh man.
Sadly one of you is going home, and the dream ends tonight.
Gio, you had too much pasta.
Robyn, you struggled opening the oysters.
Yes, Chef.
My decision is Robyn.
- Head to the patio.
- Holy [BLEEP].
Thank you, Chef.
(SOMBER MUSIC) I'm glad you came back.
Look after that family.
- I will.
- Jacket off.
It just wasn't your night, Gio.
Thank you.
Take care, Chef.
Take care, bud.
Chef made his decision, that's final.
I mean, maybe at my age and my experience, I shoulda done a better job, but I'm holding my head up high and I'm gonna go home, and I get hugged by two beautiful kids.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
It's an opportunity of a lifetime.
So yeah, I'm glad I came back.
Glad I gave it a shot.
Came up short.
Is that Robyn? (WILD CHEERING) Yes! Yeah, baby! I'm still here, bitches! - Thank you.
- I told you, you could do it.
I feel like I'm the underdog, wah, wah, wah, and finally breaking through my shell.
That's how you do that [BLEEP]! Who's weak? Who's weak? I'm the strongest on the team, and they know it.
Michelle knows it, but she musta not watched season nine.
Let the games begin.
I'm coming for you, so you better bring all that [BLEEP].
Elise, I'm ready.
Ding-dong, the witch is alive.
I wouldn't want to be Michelle right now.
Wait, wait, wait, that means Gio's gone.
- Yes.
- (LAUGHTER) GORDON: Giovanni may have age and experience, but his attention to detail in this critical challenge was a big disappointment.
Arrivederci, Giovanni.
NARRATOR: Next time on Hell's Kitchen This is the new Elise.
NARRATOR: Elise is on the warpath.
No more playing nice now.
I don't trust y'all.
And when the Red has an intervention Yeah, we just wanted to be on the same page.
NARRATOR: Will it send her over the edge? Elise, does this look all right? I don't care how your ponytail look now.
It's on.
NARRATOR: Can any of her teammates stop her? - I thought we were friends.
- There's no friendship here.
NARRATOR: Or Chef Christina? - You settle down today? - Get the [BLEEP] outta here.
NARRATOR: Or Chef Ramsay? Elise, there's been a massive meltdown.
NARRATOR: Find out next time - Ohh.
- Not sorry.
NARRATOR: On a primal episode Ohh.
NARRATOR: Of Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars.