House of Cards (2013) s04e05 Episode Script

Chapter 44

[MRI machine whirring.]
[EKG machine beeping.]
[metal scraping.]
[rifle clicking.]
[theme music playing.]
[reporter on TV.]
Lucas Goodwin was released from a federal detention center in Terre Haute, Indiana, two months ago.
FBI investigators searched his witness protection residence - in Dayton, Ohio - [Doug.]
Why was he even out of jail? [Green.]
He helped the DOJ with an ongoing investigation.
[Doug whispering.]
How did you not know that? [Green whispering.]
Only need-to-know for security reasons.
We found this today at his house.
A suicide note, I guess.
This can't go public.
We haven't told the press anything.
But this is evidence.
Once the report comes out Email this to me.
- [EKG beeping.]
- [door opening.]
Underwood? It's two o'clock in the morning.
Would you like to go home? [Claire.]
Oh, yes, I'll be out in a moment.
Yes, ma'am.
[door closes.]
[breathing hoarsely.]
His liver is just not regenerating fast enough.
What does that mean, exactly? [Dr.
He needs a transplant, or he'll die.
- How soon? - Days.
We've made him Status 1.
I'm optimistic we'll find him a suitable liver.
The recipient list is classified.
You're the only two members of the administration who've been briefed.
- Is the First Lady aware? - Yes, I informed her this afternoon.
- [knocking on door.]
- [Blythe.]
May I? Please.
I know it's late, but they said you were up, so [sighing.]
No, I know.
I just hadn't eaten all day.
I'm sure you haven't.
- Would you like some salad? - Sure.
Thank you.
[Blythe sighing.]
It's scary, about Frank.
Well, Francis is a fighter.
I wish I could ask his advice.
I have my call with Petrov in the morning.
I feel good about my understanding of the plan.
My concern is him railroading me on the call.
Well, would you like me to be on it? An extra set of ears.
I don't I don't know how Cathy would feel about that.
Well, she doesn't need to know.
I could just listen from up here.
And maybe I could type a note if you get into trouble.
[upbeat music playing from car stereo.]
[reporter on radio.]
tight-lipped on the president's recovery.
As of now, he's reported to be in stable condition.
No press has been allowed into the hospital.
Republican presidential hopeful Will Conway spoke of the president at a rally in Arizona this morning.
I've criticized President Underwood often.
But right now, he's our president Come back tomorrow.
We're all out.
and we have to pull together, both sides of the aisle We're all out for today.
Sorry, come back tomorrow.
- We're all out, guys.
We're all out.
- [woman.]
Are you serious? Come back tomorrow.
We're all out for today, sir.
[woman 2.]
Bullshit! Hey, uh can I siphon a couple of gallons from you? Fifty bucks.
I'm running on fumes.
I gotta get my kids to school, and my husband to work Eighty bucks, two gallons.
Sorry, I can't help you.
[Remy groans.]
[engine sputtering.]
[cell phone chimes and vibrates.]
[door opening.]
- The line's open? - Moscow is ready when you are, sir.
You can set it up here.
My Cliff Notes.
- [phone beeps.]
- [door closes.]
I'm ready.
[woman on phone.]
President, you're on with President Petrov.
All of Russia is praying for the president's recovery.
I hope you will extend my warm thoughts to Mrs.
I certainly will.
You're a brave man to take over during such difficult times.
I just want to make sure we find a manageable resolution to this oil I've read some of your books, Mr.
I just finished Learning to Learn.
It was good.
Thank you.
There was a chapter on visualization that really interested me.
Yes, it's a a tool for students.
It helps them I would like you to visualize something.
Now, you're standing in the tundra.
Um, wind, snow machines drilling through the ice, long pipelines stretching to the horizon.
Do you see? If you want to talk about Siberia, I'm more than happy to No, no, no.
You're not visualizing, Mr.
Vice President.
Close your eyes.
All right.
They're closed.
Now [claps hands.]
picture the men working those drills and pipelines.
What do they look like? Um, heavy coats, gloves, boots.
Are they Chinese? You see, when I picture this, I don't see Chinese.
I agree with you.
The less control the Chinese have, the better.
Then why did you send Milkin to China? You weren't negotiating with us.
We thought they might have more luck.
Their demands would leave us worse off than we were before.
I can get the IMF to provide half the bailout.
This would counteract the Chinese demands for drilling rights - You are playing us off each other.
- Mr.
President I think you're in over your head, Mr.
If you would just give me a chance to elaborate Why give you a chance? What do you know about Russia? About China? [stuttering.]
I've been briefed on Forgive me, but, uh I don't feel comfortable negotiating with anyone other than the president.
When he recovers, perhaps he and I can speak.
[Petrov smacks lips.]
So, are we finished? [inhales deeply.]
The president's in very bad shape.
Sir [Petrov.]
How serious is it? He needs a liver transplant.
I wasn't aware that [sighs.]
You better get used to negotiating with me.
If the president dies, it's you and I or nothing at all.
My apologies, Mr.
I didn't intend to insult you.
Let's keep a dialogue open.
That's all I'm asking.
I'd like the opportunity to present you with a detailed proposal countering the Chinese demands.
I'll have Secretary Durant work with your foreign minister, and then we'll take it from there.
Are you open to that? Of course.
I look forward to reviewing your proposal.
- Thank you, Mr.
- [phone beeps.]
Sir, we didn't want that to get out to the press yet.
The American people deserve to know, anyway.
Sir, the Russians don't respond well to weakness.
Now that they know that the president You heard him say he's open to negotiation.
I'd say that's progress.
Four days and still nothing? No press conference, no briefing.
We have to let them conduct their investigation on their own terms.
- Feels like we're being shut out.
- This isn't just the bureau.
They have to coordinate with Homeland and make sure nothing sensitive That's bullshit.
There's something about Goodwin that you don't want us to know.
I wanna know why he did this just as much as you do but we've gotta let the FBI do its job.
Same theory as when I visited him.
And that was before he struck the plea, correct? I encouraged him to plead guilty.
His claims were unsubstantiated.
Tell us about your meeting with the president prior to that meeting with Goodwin.
Lucas asked me to investigate.
I did.
That involved an interview with Underwood.
You still have your notes? No notes without a warrant.
- [telephone ringing.]
- [grumbling.]
- The press.
Calling non-stop.
- [ringing stops.]
We suggest you don't speak to anyone while we're still Don't worry.
I don't have any interest in getting dragged into this.
[sighs heavily.]
Let me go dig up those notes.
Blythe He told Petrov the president needs a transplant.
- Why would he do that? - Petrov got under his skin.
This is why we should've carried out your husband's plan.
We're giving Moscow too much room to maneuver Let's not debate what we can't change, Doug.
If Moscow knows, we'll have to notify the press.
We're doing that tomorrow.
Saxon will do the briefing.
No, I'll do it.
It's better coming from the First Lady.
I agree.
We need to address this, too.
The FBI found Goodwin's notes in his house.
- Can we make them disappear? - No, it's already been catalogued.
We need to get out ahead of it and control the story.
All right.
Get me a copy and report on the investigation so far.
I wanna see him.
The president.
The Secret Service still won't let me.
I'd like Mr.
Stamper to have access to my husband, please.
We have strict orders, ma'am.
Only you and Would you like me to call the vice president myself? Douglas, this young man will escort you to his room.
Thank you.
- [water sloshing.]
- [rowing machine whirring.]
[EKG machine beeping.]
- What time is it? - It's a little past 7:00.
Sir? Sir, it's Doug.
Just because his eyes are open doesn't mean he's fully conscious.
Insufficient liver function.
His brain is swimming in a pool of unprocessed ammonia.
If he's seeing anything, it's probably severe hallucinations.
[Doug distorted.]
How long until he has a liver? [Dr.
Could be hours.
Could be days.
He's number three on the list.
Number three? It's prioritized in terms of need and who was listed first as a Status 1.
- He's the President of the United States.
- It's the law.
[phone vibrating.]
[door closing.]
The attorney general is resigning.
Add that to the press release for this afternoon.
- Uh, her decision or the vice president's? - My decision.
Goodwin's WITSEC was a DOJ responsibility.
We needed a head to roll.
First hers then yours.
You'll resign tomorrow.
Doug, I know you're under a lot of pressure, but You sent the photo of the rebel soldier.
- That's not true.
- Personal phone, off the premises.
You know, maybe somebody hacked my account or something Are you really gonna keep lying to me? I could have you arrested.
But I'd rather you go quietly.
I know things, Doug.
Nothing you can prove.
Now, threaten me again.
There's no proposal without China's involvement.
Now, Cathy's tried, but she doesn't have the best relationship with them.
Maybe she needs some help.
Help? How? - Do you mind if I smoke? - [chuckles.]
Of course not.
I quit about ten years ago.
Marjory forced me to.
Ah, still smells delicious.
What was it like when Marjory died? Oh, well, it was, um [sighs.]
I'm sorry.
We don't have to talk about it if you don't want.
No, it's fine.
We hadn't had a real conversation in in months.
Her mind was gone.
When she finally died, it felt like a limb had been hacked off.
I felt devastated.
But I also felt relieved.
That's what I feel about my mother.
Oh, I hadn't It hadn't even occurred to me.
You have Frank and your mother.
When my father died, it destroyed me, but when I think about Mother, I feel nothing.
- You two aren't close? - No.
And I feel the same about Francis.
I know that must sound awful.
It's a lot to process.
There's no right way or wrong way.
- Ah! Wait, hold on.
- No.
- [sighs and groans.]
- Marjory wouldn't approve.
- We got sidetracked.
- Yes.
I have an idea, if you can trust me to handle it.
I'd trust you with my goddamn life, Claire.
- [Remy's father speaking French.]
- [Remy.]
You don't want to know.
[Remy's father laughs.]
- [Remy sighs.]
- [conversing in French.]
I got it.
Ah, merci.
[speaking French.]
[Remy responds in French.]
- [Remy.]
- You are a tough guy to track down.
- What are you doing here? - You have a plane to catch.
The First Lady needs your help.
I don't want to have anything to do with them.
Whatever you think of the president, you still have a duty to your country.
Even if he dies, the day I walked out the White House, I promised myself I wasn't going back.
You don't even know what we have in mind.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not going.
I'd like you to leave.
- Here's your briefing materials.
- [sighs.]
You're not hearing me.
You should really take a look.
Her campaign would be over.
And what would your parents think? [man.]
It looks like you're taking advantage of the fact that he's [Dunbar.]
Conway is still campaigning.
He's a Republican and he's already wrapped up his nomination.
Apples and oranges.
We are gonna lose, if we sit still, to a guy who's unconscious.
Heather's right.
Underwood's scoring major sympathy points.
He's ahead in six of the next seven states.
We need to keep the pressure up.
Russia, gas prices Attack a president who's fighting for his life? I didn't call this meeting to debate.
I want those states back.
So let's start organizing events and media hits.
Prelim budgets and schedules, by tomorrow morning.
[reporter on TV.]
There has been much speculation as to Goodwin's motivations.
- Where are we on Goodwin? - The security guy's taken care of.
He never saw the two of you together.
- What about others? - None that he knows of.
But it's not like we can ask around.
[reporter on TV.]
In November of 2013, Ms.
Barnes was struck by a D.
Metrorail train.
police classified it as an accident.
Some have speculated that Have a seat, Remy.
Sorry about Frank.
Oh, please, don't bother.
I've had enough people say they're sorry, and I know you don't mean it.
I can't help you the way you want me to.
LeAnn told me she was very clear with you.
It won't work.
Tusk wants to help you even less than I do.
Well, nobody's doing any favors here, Remy.
He's going to get very rich from this.
- Why don't you speak to him yourself? - Because he won't listen to me.
This needs to seem like your idea, not mine.
- And you'll make a killing, too.
- I don't need the money.
Because you care about other things now.
Like Jackie.
Which is why you'll make this happen.
If I had told Dunbar about Frank about how he knew about the laundering, he wouldn't be president and we wouldn't be standing here.
But you didn't and you can't now, so here we are.
Two hours and we got nowhere.
All he wants to hear is China.
I told him Beijing is not responsive.
He doesn't give a damn.
The First Lady put a bug in his ear.
Well, whatever bug she put in there won't crawl out.
I'll set up a meeting.
Just you, me and him.
I don't think a meeting is enough.
We have a vice president that does not know what he is doing, Doug.
He needs to completely turn over all diplomatic affairs to the State Department.
- Otherwise, my hands are tied.
- Not now.
This can't wait.
When we're finished, I will come and find you.
Could you give us a few moments, Madam Secretary? - Seth, you're out of line! - It's all right.
Call me.
I will.
Thank you, Cathy.
Thank you.
- What the fuck are you doing? - You can't fire me.
You don't interrupt a meeting with the Secretary of State.
I can end Dunbar's campaign.
We can end it today.
How? If I deliver, will you keep me on? You tell me how first.
Have a seat, Martha.
I've had second thoughts about your resignation.
Would you like to remain as attorney general? Yes, I would.
Thank you, Doug.
Did Heather Dunbar inform you of a meeting between herself and Lucas Goodwin? You're having me interrogated by my own subordinates? They only work for you if you keep your job.
I suggest you answer their questions.
- I'd like a lawyer present.
- [Green.]
Let me remind you, ma'am.
Failing to have informed us constitutes withholding of evidence.
Heather is a friend.
It's very simple, Martha.
You work with us, you stay on as AG.
You don't, we prosecute.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the First Lady of the United States.
[camera shutters clicking.]
Good afternoon, everyone.
I'd like to update you on my husband's recovery.
The president's medical team gave me a full assessment last night and they have come to the conclusion that the president is in need of a liver transplant if he's to survive.
[hushed murmuring.]
I'm asking the nation to pray with me that a healthy liver makes its way to Francis soon.
[voice breaking.]
I'm sorry.
A moment.
I'm sorry.
She's good, isn't she? - What're you doing here? - [Claire.]
As for the investigation First Lady wanted some support.
the FBI director of counterterrorism will give you a full briefing.
But I feel it's important to personally address the document found in Mr.
Goodwin's residence that was made available to you just before this conference.
It's filled with language that would make for flashy headlines, words like "murder," "corruption.
" The accusation that the president was involved in the deaths of Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes.
Phrases like "abuse of power," while they have no basis in reality, they do give us a sad glimpse into a very troubled mind.
And it pains me that anyone, even someone who is mentally ill, would think my husband is capable of what Mr.
Goodwin believed to be true.
But mostly it pains me for Mr.
Goodwin's parents, who are coping with the loss of their son.
And, by all accounts, he was a decent man for most of his life, but clearly, something snapped in him and he never got the help he so desperately needed.
So I ask that all of you respect his parents' grief by not sensationalizing the words of a sick young man.
And let's remember Lawrence and Betty Meechum, whose son Edward gave his life because of Mr.
Goodwin's illness.
Edward's sacrifice is the only reason my husband is still alive.
And I'll be forever grateful for his friendship and his devoted service.
Thank you.
Counterterrorism Director Nathan Green.
Today we had a new development in the investigation.
This afternoon, we interviewed the attorney general.
She gave us a full account of a conversation she had with Heather Dunbar the day of the shooting.
In this conversation, Ms.
Dunbar claimed to have met with Lucas Goodwin personally.
And while we have no reason to believe Ms.
Dunbar had anything to do with the assassination attempt we will be questioning her about this alleged conversation.
Are you arresting her? [Schiller.]
No, ma'am.
We're here to ask a few questions.
- Then you need to make a formal request.
- [Morgan.]
Is she here now? [Cynthia.]
Send the request directly to me, and then I'll discuss it with Ms.
Dunbar's attorneys.
[doorbell rings.]
Hey, Kate.
I tried calling.
Home and cell.
Pulled out the cord.
Turned off the cell.
Because of people like me.
The others had the courtesy not to show up on my doorstep.
- Courtesy never got me anywhere.
- [chuckles.]
Can we talk? Off the record.
[inhales deeply.]
- If it were anyone but you - Well, luckily, it isn't.
Let me get Fausto.
It's time for his walk.
I'm in the nuclear game, not fossil fuels.
No one has the relationships you do in China.
Ha! Chinese disowned me.
They'll come around.
Who put you up to this? - [Remy.]
Starting my own firm.
- I thought you were out? [Remy chuckles.]
I was fooling myself.
So, president gets shot, and you just can't help taking advantage of the chaos.
What you call chaos, I call opportunity.
[Raymond chuckles.]
And you're my first client.
[Raymond sighs.]
I wish you the best.
But I'm not your first client.
I don't wanna have anything to do with the White House.
You lost a lot of money during the Walker scandal.
I did, indeed, which is why I'm turning you down.
I'm sorry you came all the way out here for a "no.
" You don't wanna go to prison, do you? - Hmm.
- Lose the rest of it? I've already been pardoned.
For the money laundering, not for perjury.
You said that Walker knew, and he didn't.
What you didn't say is that you were working with Frank.
Why should anybody believe you more than me? You take that chance and watch Clayton West become a penny stock.
Or we're heroes for ending the oil crisis, everybody gets rich, your image is restored.
They'll probably even let you choose the next ambassador in Beijing.
So you don't think any of it is true? No.
And I wanted to believe him.
So the First Lady's whole teary-eyed thing? [sighing.]
I think she's right.
Something in Lucas snapped.
I mean, the Lucas I knew wouldn't have tried to kill a president.
That's my point.
You honestly think Underwood was murdering people? Where is your skepticism? I'm skeptical of Lucas and I'm skeptical of the White House.
How come there's no proof? None.
After Lucas tried, after I tried.
My advice is to let it go.
[inhales deeply.]
You're gonna repeat the same goose chase we did.
I had to ask.
- What does your editor say? - To let it go.
You see? - He's not as good as you are.
- Was.
Wish you were at The Telegraph.
Yeah, let me know if anyone gets fired.
[knocking on door.]
It's open.
I came as soon as I got your text.
We've been slammed since the press conference.
How's it lookin'? [clicks tongue.]
Major play on the Dunbar story.
It was a good idea to have the First Lady talk.
You want a soda? A glass of water or anything? Water's fine.
I've decided you can stay.
Doug, I hope you can understand.
I got nervous.
You know, things weren't looking good and yeah, I wanted an out, in case I needed one.
I mean, it was a mistake.
I wish I hadn't.
You corrected your mistakes.
That's all that matters.
You want ice? Sure.
We can't afford any more shake-ups in the campaign right now, especially with the president in the hospital.
We also can't afford any more of your mistakes.
[both grunting.]
Shut up.
Shut up! When I first woke up, I couldn't speak.
I had to blink my eyes if I wanted to respond.
- Do you understand? - [gasps.]
If I can't get your loyalty, I will have your obedience.
- Blink! - [Seth whimpering.]
- [Seth grunting.]
- [Doug straining.]
Fuck! [panting.]
Fucking Here.
You're fucked up, man.
[door slams.]
- [doorbell rings.]
- [dog barking.]
- Quit it.
- Good morning, Mr.
How can I help you? Uh, we're just returning your notes.
We made copies.
These are the originals.
Nothing too useful, huh? No, sir, but thank you for your cooperation.
Your paper, too.
It was on the step.
Well, you have a good day, Mr.
You, too.
[dog panting.]
[dog barking.]
Don't tell me you're hungry already.
I just fed you.
Good God.
I'm coming.
I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming.
[clears throat.]
- 'Morning.
- 'Morning.
I suggest we turn the negotiations over to Cathy.
If we keep stalling on Russia, gas prices will Now is not a good time.
I won't have the president come back to a White House in disarray.
We don't know that he is coming back.
He is.
I promise you that.
Are you God? Who are you to say? - [phone beeps.]
- Yes? - [woman.]
Tusk and Mr.
Danton are here.
- Send them in.
It was arranged this morning.
We're discussing Russia.
Sir, I am the Chief of Staff.
You have to keep me informed of these things.
Excuse me, but I believe you answer to me, not the other way around.
Secretary Durant should be here.
This meeting is private.
I'll discuss it with you both after.
The president would never allow Raymond - Mr.
- Mr.
Remy, good to see you.
- Mr.
- Mr.
I'll follow up with you later, Doug.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for taking the time to meet with us on such short notice.
Well, there's no time to waste on this oil thing.
I've made some progress with the Chinese.
Sir, the First Lady is in there right now.
She's expecting me.
[EKG machine beeping.]
We're trying to win an election, and you want to remind everyone that the president pardoned Raymond Tusk? - Let's find somewhere else.
- These are matters of state.
You don't have the authority to intervene.
If Donald wants my counsel, that is his prerogative.
You are deliberately deceiving me.
- Going behind my - You have forgotten your place, Douglas.
My place? What about your place? You leave him when he needs you most, you threaten him, and now that he's in here, you undermine him.
- You're supposed to be - Stop.
That is enough.
I will fill you in on everything, but not here.
At the White House.
- [EKG machine beeping rapidly.]
- [medical alarm sounds.]
- What's happening? - His heart.
- Doctor? - He's had some sporadic arrhythmia.
- Will you give us the room for a moment? - Of course.
We can't keep battling each other, not with him like this.
We need a new path forward, and I would like your help with that.
I promise I won't keep you in the dark.
I'll meet you at the White House whenever you're ready.
I'm staying here.
I think this is more important.
Tusk and Mr.
Danton have a proposal about how to deal with Russia.
I imagine I'm the last person you expected to see today.
I am a bit surprised, yes, to see both of you.
I'm sure there's some wariness about us being here, but I think we have a good plan on how to handle Russia.
Would you like to join us? Raymond can lay it out for you.
Well, I don't know what I can offer.
Well, we're going to catch some flack if word gets out that I'm back in business with the White House.
You could help us smooth that over.
Your press conference was very moving.
- I'm sorry about Frank.
- Thank you.
Of course, he'd have a conniption fit if he knew I were in the Oval Office.
Well, he is a pragmatist, Raymond.
Whatever works.
- [Blythe.]
Shall we continue? - Remy.
So, the plan is to propose a partnership between American and Chinese energy companies.
- [Jackie.]
You seem nervous.
- It's been a while.
- [men conversing indistinctly.]
- [automated voice.]
Going down.
- [EKG machine beeping.]
- [scoffs.]
What should I do, boss? Dr.
- I'd like to donate.
- Mr.
Stamper My blood type is O.
I'm healthy.
Let's do the tests.
That's not the only criteria for donation.
You're a recovering alcoholic.
We don't accept I don't care about the rules.
If I'm a match, I want you to do it.
Even if you were, it wouldn't matter.
He's too ill for a partial liver at this point.
He needs a full one.
I'm sorry, but we'll just have to wait and hope.
- [EKG beeping.]
- [metal scraping.]
[metal scraping and ringing.]
[rifle clacking.]
[EKG machine beeping.]
- [rapid gunfire.]
- [EKG machine beeping rapidly.]