How To Get Away With Murder (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

Always Bet Black

Previously on "How To Get Away With Murder" - We're gonna play a game.
- Meet Bonnie.
- What the hell is this? - Bonnie's childhood.
And that man is her father.
I love you.
Whatever you want, I'll do it.
So, please, just let me.
I'm sorry.
Can I crash here for a while? We're screwing.
Meggy: There is an article on Annalise in almost every single paper.
This is a big deal.
- You are suspended.
- No.
Annalise, please.
No one here Lock me out of my classroom! Are you worried Frank's behind the fliers? You think that Frank might try to pin Mahoney's shooting on me.
Frank: I didn't have a choice.
He's dead.
[Neck cracks] So, he could be anywhere.
I'm gonna stay at your house till we find him.
It's Laurel.
She's been calling Frank.
What's the deal with your father? [Voice breaking] He is not a good person.
Frank, I love you.
Please come back to us.
Now you just got to go see your father.
Wipe it clean.
Everything on it.
Mumford: Annalise Keating, you're under arrest.
[Panting] [Sighs] Pull it together, Hampton.
[Beeps] There was no phone with your belongings.
Did you lose it? I must've dropped it when your colleagues manhandled me.
My job is hard enough without you giving me attitude.
Look straight into the camera, please.
[Camera shutter pops] [Blender whirring] Hey.
Made a smoothie.
You can take it with you.
Does it have bacon in it? Try it before you judge.
It's good.
Your crack's ready, too.
So you know, I filed a missing person report on Frank.
What?! That was a test.
I haven't done anything yet.
So, you'd just rather I wait until he does something terrible? Nothing terrible's gonna happen.
I'm handling it.
How? [Water running] This is all my fault.
I shouldn't have involved you.
It would be better for the both of us if we just keep certain things separate for a while.
Church and state.
Now you care about that? [Sighs] I care about not hurting you again.
You don't trust me.
That's not what this is about.
Or am I confused about what exactly we're doing here? I don't know what we're doing, but neither do you.
Look, can we just not decide that right now? Let's just see where it goes.
See where it goes, huh? Mm-hmm.
You're gonna make me late for work again.
[Chuckles] Smoothie.
Good morning.
I hope you're here because you found the person behind those fliers.
We're still looking into it.
- Look harder.
- Annalise, please You blindsided me at the meeting.
And I apologize for that.
- I - But? Honestly, if I were just a spectator in that boardroom, I would've stood up and cheered.
Maybe you should have.
Then we wouldn't be in this predicament.
Well, we're in this predicament because you insist on making everything a fight.
My entire career's under attack.
Everything is a fight for me right now.
I can be on your side if you just work with me.
You enjoy this? Being the good girl collecting gold stars from the board.
You don't know me.
[Sighs] I just came to say that I think I can manage this.
All I need you to do is your part.
Keep a low profile.
Might be hard with my new case.
What does that mean? Annalise? Annalise! [Sighs] Woman: Hey, what's that? Zoom in.
Is she dead? - She looks dead.
- Holy Meet our next client, Toby Solomon, also known as? Mr.
The Call Girl Creeper.
He was doing liquid "G" with an escort when she passed out, so he dumped her body outside the apartment.
She died of respiratory failure two days later.
"She" being Virginia Michaelson.
Her overdose is caught on a neighbor's live video feed.
Solomon is a heartless real-estate developer.
In what world does he need a pro bono clinic? One put aside your personal feelings when assessing a client.
Two he was bankrupted by this case.
Because he fired like 10 of his attorneys when they told him to take a plea deal.
Five of his attorneys, and don't speak unless called on.
Now, we're joining this mid-trial.
The prosecution is halfway through the case, and has done a pretty good job with the jury.
So, how do we undo that? Really? I'm handing you a tabloid murder case, and no one wants to sit with me at the table? - I do.
- Great, it's your case, Ms.
[Students shouting] - What about the contest? - Do over! I'll see you in court tomorrow.
We don't have time for games.
Make me proud.
You're on time.
That's one thing you can get right.
What can I say? I'm used to working with women who get paid by the hour.
Who's this? Ms.
She's just joining our team.
You hit on her and I'll cut off your balls.
Atwood: Ms.
Perez, what type of information were you able to gather about the defendant, his Internet activity in particular? On average, Mr.
Solomon procured an escort three times a week.
He also had a blog where he graded the women based on factors such as breast size, pubic hair, and vocal enthusiasm.
I was young.
I don't do that anymore.
Is there anything else you found that might be relevant to this case? I did a search of the deleted images from his Snipcam and found one particular selfie that is illuminating.
This image was not disclosed to us pre-trial, - thereby violating rule 573.
- Rule 573.
The defendant's Snipcam cache was always in the discovery, Your Honor.
Perhaps Ms.
Keating just didn't search hard enough.
If it requires a computer expert to decipher discovery, I move for a continuance.
We can't delay this case again because the defendant has a penchant for changing lawyers.
Let me remind the A.
that this type of bad faith data dumping is prohibited under United States v.
- United States v.
- Stop.
Judge Charters: Let me see the evidence before making a decision.
Please warn me if that's what I think it is.
That is not a ween I want to be seeing.
Motion to exclude on the basis of tampering.
The A.
concealed this evidence, violating 4910.
I'm offended.
We have fully complied with our discovery obligations.
I find no evidence of bad faith.
Your Honor, this rises to the level of reversible error.
Your objection is noted for the record.
Let's continue.
Perez, at what time did the defendant post this selfie which you will now show us? - 12:13 a.
- Let the record state that this photo was posted seven minutes before Mr.
Solomon bothered to call 911.
[Spectators murmurs] Seven minutes that could've saved Virginia's life.
Your witness.
I'd like to appeal for recusal as first chair as this case offends my sensibilities as a woman.
I'm okay with being offended.
We don't bail on our clients, Ms.
I know.
I just think you'd be better assisted by a student who's not so personally disgusted.
Walsh, call your boyfriend, and have him check every hidden cavity of Toby's computer and phone.
Oliver's not his boyfriend anymore.
What did you do? It was his decision.
It's fine.
I'll call him.
Everybody else go back to clinic.
Prep Toby for the stand.
Wait, we're putting that perv on the stand? I don't feel like that's an appropriate way to speak about a client.
You'll get over it.
Have you heard from Laurel? Yeah.
She's at her grandmother's funeral.
No, she's not.
I sent her to see her father.
Why? Mi corazón! I thought I was meeting you upstairs.
I couldn't wait.
Let me look at you.
"Smart" might also be a compliment a daughter likes to hear.
No fights, okay? This is a social visit, or are you just here to find your boyfriend? Well, we'll talk in my office.
Decide if this Frank guy is worth your time.
Did you eat lunch yet? I can have Diana call down to the chef, make you a salad or something.
You're listening to my calls? Well, just since you said you were coming to visit.
You leave a lot of voicemails for him.
- Dad! - What choice do you give me? You throw a fit a Christmas, you're blocking my e-mails.
Title 18, section 2511 of the U.
code Wire tapping is a federal offense punishable by incarceration.
Now I'll tell you that you're smart.
[Knock on door] You must be Laurel.
I'm Ursela.
Do you mind giving us a moment? I need to speak to my father.
Oh, no, that's why Ursela's here, m'ija.
I'm the in-house executive coach.
I specialize in corporate mediation and conflict resolution.
We have conflict, and Ursela here will help us resolve it.
[Sighs] - I hate him.
- Who? Nate.
He threw out all my junk food.
I just hid it, actually.
I love you, you know that? So, he's living here now? - You don't approve? - No, Nate's great.
Tell your face that.
It's about the case.
I think we should plea out.
You've been begging me for weeks to take a real case, and now you want to quit? No one will blame you for cutting a deal on this one, and it will help keep the President out of your hair.
The President can suck it.
I'll talk to the D.
Just go and make sure our client is not trying to purchase Michaela.
Please, please, please, please don't show her.
Look, I'll do whatever you want.
I'll have sex with you.
- Penetration! - Michaela, have you seen this? - Seen what? - I hate you.
Um, Aiden, our ex, got engaged.
Her name's Whitney.
Uh, she went to Princeton, Phi Beta Kappa.
Damn, she's got nothing on you, and you're way more accomplished.
She's a speech writer for the Governor of Connecticut, so With a house in Martha's Vineyard? Mm-hmm.
Looks like her parents have a place in Oak Bluffs, so.
You're way hotter.
Seriously, you're a 9.
8 if I'm being picky.
Back off, bro.
The lady's taken.
Really? 'Cause it seems like she's still in love with that guy.
The lady's taken by me, okay? I'm her boo, so just take your creeping elsewhere.
Uh I-I wanted to tell you.
It's just we haven't been alone in a while.
- I don't care.
- I know.
But I do.
Is anyone prepping our client, or are you all just Googling your exes? Mostly the latter.
Did he tell you about my mother? Oh, please! For once, can we not talk about this? Hear that? "For once.
" Okay, apparently, you are not supposed to judge your father for leaving your mother in the middle of a mental-health crisis.
It was a mutual decision.
He met my step-mother one month later Elena.
Shady, right? Will you help me out here, please? No, no, no, don't put this on her.
It's her job to not take sides.
That's true, but I find focusing on the immediate problems to be the most effective solution.
I prefer to discuss the past.
Did he tell you I was kidnapped when I was 16? And my father here, he refused to pay the ransom.
The government wouldn't allow me to do anything! Oh, is that why? I understand.
I'm sorry, I just thought [sighs] I thought you'd value your daughter's life - over what the government - Oh.
Okay, let's stick to English if I'm gonna help here.
[Sighs] Laurel.
I apologize for all of it.
Every slight I ever committed against you and your mother.
I want to move on, Laurel, and I think you do, too.
You know why I came here, so if you don't want to give me that, I'll just go back home.
'Cause this isn't it anymore, so let me know what you decide.
[Door closes] Nice work hiding that selfie.
Just stealing one of your moves.
[Chuckles] Well, I'll spare you the indignity of asking.
I'm not offering your client any deal.
I haven't even begun my defense.
You don't know what's coming down the road.
Is it better than a selfie with the corpse? Oh.
Offer me a deal, and you don't have to worry about it.
I feel bad having to spell this out, but there's no deal for you here, Annalise.
And when I say here, I mean this whole office.
That sounds like prosecutorial misconduct to me.
No, no.
Just payback for years of bad behavior.
We're done? Such confidence.
Another move I stole from you, I guess.
Except I don't have to fake it.
[Door opens] [Sighs] Wow.
Your heart rate is in the 90s.
Is that bad? It's fast, but that's normal after sex.
I'll just take it as a compliment.
[Chuckles] And what's happening now? Oh, I'm just feeling for any abnormal growths.
You want to celebrate your birthday with a clean bill of health.
I swiped your license while you were in the shower last night.
Why didn't you tell me it was coming up? 'Cause I hate my birthday.
Well, that is only because you've never had me to celebrate it with you.
I'm gonna make it fun.
I promise.
[Cellphone vibrating] It's Laurel.
Tell her that I'm really sorry about her grandmother, okay? I will.
- [Door closes] - Hey.
Hey, I'm sorry it took me so long to call you back.
The mass went on for really, really long.
Annalise told me where you are.
My grandmother did actually die.
Three years ago, so it wasn't a full-on lie.
I'm not mad.
I just don't want you to do anything you don't want to do.
Doesn't matter anyway 'cause my father probably won't help.
Why not? I'd prefer not talk about it over the phone.
- [Knock on door] - You sure? Unless you just don't want to tell me anything about your dad 'cause he's some spy or something.
[Knocking continues] I'll call you back.
Special delivery.
Pastel de tres leches.
[Sighs] I'm still pissed at you.
Mmm! [Speaks indistinctly] Do you want a bite? Elena's got me on this whole gluten-free thing.
Since when do you listen to what she says? Ah.
[Laughs] - - [Laughs] Mmm.
I spoke to your mother last week.
No, it's good.
I was checking up on her.
She told me you spent the summer there.
Said she was grateful you came.
Are you gonna tell me where he is, Dad? Frank.
You're chasing after a man who's not worthy of you.
You stalked him, too? Not yet, but I hear you leave these pathetic messages to a man who clearly doesn't appreciate you.
No, you don't appreciate me.
Is it because of me? That's why you're picking men who run off on you? Because you have daddy issues or something? Whatever Ursela was saying.
You are a textbook narcissist.
You know that? I found him, Laurel.
This wayward Italian boyfriend of yours.
[Italian accent] Hey, how you doin'? Frank Delfino.
[Normal voice] Really? Where is he? [Sighs] It's a new investment I need to put under your name.
I would put it in your brother's name, but he's under water in a deal in Venezuela.
You should leave.
You're a member of this family, and you reap the benefits, m'ija.
That's why I keep wanting to get out of this family.
Can you please go? [Door closes] [Cellphone vibrating] It's Laurel.
Leave a message, but I'll probably never listen.
- [Voicemail beeps] - Hi, just checking in.
Let me know if you need anything.
Want me to make dinner? Not if it's in a blender.
I need comfort food.
Everything okay? Or am I not allowed to ask you that with our new rules? Just an idiot client.
I'm fine.
[Knock on door] Come in.
It's about the case.
I'll go.
What is it? Oliver.
What? Oh, uh, I'm sorry.
Toby withdrew $200,000 in cash from the bank.
Oliver saw the e-mail receipt.
- When? - An hour ago.
I took this case thinking you were broke.
So, who are you bribing? A juror? Or are you just gonna buy another hooker? No, I told you I don't buy sex.
Then what are you doing with the money? It's for my last lawyer.
You want to fire me? Go for it.
He's blackmailing me.
For what? How do I know you just won't blackmail me, too? Well, congratulations.
You've just gone through six lawyers in one case.
It must be a record.
I'll tell you! Just you have to promise not to Attorney-client privilege.
Only a hack would blackmail you.
What'd you do? I killed a girl.
Virginia? No.
Her name was Janie.
Oliver: It's all fake, Michaela.
If she were really happy, she wouldn't have to post photos of herself looking happy.
[Door opens] [Door closes] Annalise: Go home.
You're off the case.
But I'm first chair.
No, you just stood up first.
Now go.
Your sensibilities as a woman should be relieved.
- Is that the money? - Doesn't matter.
Just leave.
[Door closes] [Sighs] Well, I'm free the rest of the night if you want to grab a drink or something.
Michaela? Call Connor.
Tell him we're going out.
She was just some girl I met on the street.
A hooker? No.
I don't think so.
She was a runaway.
Janie Sherwin.
Missing since April, 2012.
She was 18.
That's her.
It's good, right? So.
You like baseball, I assume? Yeah.
Baseball and hot girls.
[Chuckles] I think you got the wrong idea.
I just got triggered.
I know it it doesn't make it okay, but You seriously thought that we were gonna hook up? [Scoffs] I mean look at you.
You shouldn't talk to people like that.
Just keeping it real.
It's harder than people think going through life like this, getting bullied for how I look.
Join a gym.
Get some plastic surgery.
Maybe then someone will have sex with you, because honestly, even if you gave me all the coke in the world, nothing's worth the PTSD of having your gross, sweaty, hairy-ass body on top of mine.
Like, I would rather swallow a jar of razor blades - [Panting] - [Janie Thuds] We've all been called names.
What'd you do with her? There's an abandoned warehouse I almost bought in Manayunk.
I left her in a broken freezer.
Asher: Turn up the A/C 'cause we about to destroy this joint! That's right, baby! We in you, Atlantic city! - [Scoffs] - So, what's our plan? Drink enough to forget that gay Aiden's getting straight married? Drunk enough to forget men exist.
Except for us, right? 'Cause we're the woke ones.
Uh, can I just say how happy this makes me, that we can hang out and not make this weird? Uh, what? You thought I couldn't do that? Of Of course I did.
I just, uh it means a lot to me that we can be friends.
I never said that we're friends.
Let's see how the night goes.
Maybe we can get there.
- It's 20 grand.
- Whoa.
- Where did you get that? - Borrowed it from Toby.
Wait, that's why you wanted to come here? In what world did you think it was okay to steal that money? - This is stolen money? - He's kidding.
It's my husband's.
Bastard's cheating on me.
- Can you believe it? - We're getting the hell out of here.
Go if you want to.
I'm happy right here.
- All on black.
- Michaela, what okay.
No more bets.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
8, black.
[All cheering] There are no bad ideas right now.
We tell the D.
Except that one.
You need good press.
What's better than helping recover the body of a missing girl? We haven't even seen the body yet.
For all we know, it doesn't even exist.
Then just say you were compelled for moral and ethical reasons.
Like they'll believe that.
It's it's cute, though.
[Sighs] Janie's mother still updates the website every week.
People still e-mail thinking they spotted Janie.
And Rebecca? You gonna tell the police where to find her body, too? It could've been me.
If the police hadn't caught my father, I would've run away.
Ended up on the street.
But that didn't happen.
Because someone did the right thing.
I can call in an anonymous tip.
No one will know it was me.
Toby will know.
You can sleep here.
I can tell Nate to leave.
We can eat ice cream in bed, watch a bad movie.
[Chuckles] I won't call the police.
I just don't see any reason why you should be alone.
I'm just tired.
[Sniffles] I'll go.
13, black.
[All cheering] 80 grand in the bank, bitch! - Whoo! - What'd I say? - Always bet black! - And I'll never go back! No.
- You staying in the hotel? - No, no, no.
- We're only here for the night.
- Oh! Okay, cool.
I'll tell you, if she keeps playing like this They're gonna comp you guys a suite probably.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
You got to throw a party.
- Oh.
- You should.
They give you one of those, uh the Jacuzzi tubs.
[Slot machine chiming] Dude, you got to put your peen between the O-man and that him-bo over there.
- Yeah, he's hot.
- You're hot, okay? So go over there and show that queen who's boss.
We broke up, Asher.
That doesn't mean you just quit him, brokeback.
You got to fight for it.
He quit on me! Okay? He's very secure in his decision.
He doesn't want to be with me.
Maybe he wants to be with that guy, I don't know.
But you trying to be our Yenta or Or parent trapping us or whatever, it's really not helpful.
[Slot machine chimes] Walshy needs a hug.
- No.
- 27, red.
Did she just say red? Oh, no.
No! No! No! No! No! [Slot machine chimes] [Cellphone chimes] - Hey, you need a drink? It's rum and Coke.
Uh, you know, I'm actually driving, but you you should give it to Oliver.
That's his drink.
Yeah, but I, uh I brought it to you.
I'm saying he's the better choice, so Look, he's a monster in bed.
Asian guys aren't really my type.
But, uh, you [Chuckles] So, you're a bigot? What are you talking about? I'm stating a preference.
Let me guess, you're You're only into masc dudes, too, right? Your Humpr profile, it's all, "No fats, no femmes, no blacks, no Asians.
" Look, man, I think you just need to relax.
Or I need to kick your ass! Oliver: Hey, what's going on? I think I'm gonna go find my friends.
What did you say? Nothing, but, you know, dodged a bullet.
- Because you sabotaged me.
- No.
No, I would never do that.
Except you just did.
Please, please, please tell me you just won 20k on the slots.
Hmm? What? I lost some of the money.
No, not some of it.
All of it.
Like we have zero left, zilch, negative Benjamins.
[Sighs] Michaela.
I just wanted to have fun.
Yeah, well, I'm having a lot of fun.
How about you guys? Sharon: I still pray I'll open the door and she'll be standing there, that I'll be able to hold her again.
Mama's still here for you, baby girl.
I'll always be waiting for you.
[Sighing] You gonna keep that up all night? [Sighs] Probably.
[Sighs] Frank stuff? No.
How about this? What's said in the dark doesn't leave this room.
That applies to the both of us.
What secrets do you have? Right now, we're focused on you.
There's a dead girl in a freezer, and I can't do anything about it.
[Cellphone vibrating] Hey, Frank.
You think I'm stupid, don't you? Think I'm gonna fall for those voicemails? No, Frank.
Annalise isn't mad at you.
She tried to kill me, Laurel.
She tell you that? Just tell her this, okay? - We're even.
- Wait, don't say anything else.
No need to send any more hit men my way.
- Just - [Cellphone beeps] [Sighs] Sorry.
I saw you flirting, and I got jealous, so I told him to back off.
It won't happen again.
No, it will.
It's fine.
You're allowed to be angry with me, but it's not like I was gonna go hook up with the guy in the bathroom.
Yeah, no, I know.
I Sorry.
I don't want you to be sorry.
I want you to act like an adult.
You're right.
I will do better.
- So, do we have a deal? - $15,000.
Take it or leave it.
That's a 2.
5 karat with D color and flawless clarity that he that I paid $45,000 for.
And this is a 24/7 pawn shop.
You don't like it, go on eBay.
- $30,000.
- $16,000.
- $28,000.
- $17,000.
$21,000 or I file a report with the FTC that you entered into a negotiation of sale before confirming that I was the legal owner of the ring, resulting in you losing your license.
Asher: Okay, that was hot.
Like, I want you to sit on my face right now hot.
And a grand in profit? Are you kidding me? He was like, "This is not eBay.
" [Gate closes] That's 1,000 bucks.
I could use that.
It's blood money.
Toby: I got arrested the night Virginia died.
I spent a couple nights in the county jail before my lawyer could get bail.
Annalise: And during this time, did you speak to any other inmates? Yes, there was a, uh, man in my cell block.
- Why is he on the stand? - Shh.
And what did this man tell you? He asked me if I knew about this girl Janie Sherwin from the news.
And why did he seem interested in this girl? He said he'd killed her and hid her in a freezer.
My client is trying to tell the truth about this girl who's been missing for years.
- Again, relevance.
- It's relevant because it proves my client has been unable to get a fair trial in the city of Philadelphia.
- Objection.
- A very serious accusation, - Ms.
- You want proof? Here.
I'd like to enter into evidence a prison record sheet of my client the night he was arrested.
You'll see that he was placed in the same cell block as an inmate named Jackson Terry Jackson Terry's got four counts of first-degree murder, all women, all violent.
You just say they crossed paths.
Terry confessed.
Who confessed his crime to my client.
Now, it was not my intention to discuss this matter in open court, but Ms.
Atwood refused to even hear my offer yesterday.
Because Ms.
Keating never said anything about a murdered girl.
I never had the chance.
In fact, Ms.
Atwood inferred that no one in the D.
's office would negotiate with me.
That is a lie, Your Honor.
Did we not meet yesterday in your office? - Yes - Did you not say that my reputation was the sole reason why you wouldn't negotiate with me, which let's be clear, is the very definition of prosecutorial bias.
- Judge, I can explain.
- You should explain.
To Janie Sherwin's mother, Sharon, who's been suffering for years not knowing whether her daughter's dead or alive.
My client is attempting to end that suffering, but your prejudice against me won't allow it.
Your Honor, it's no secret that my reputation has suffered in this courthouse.
I can handle it.
But I won't allow it to keep my client from getting a fair trial.
Three years.
You just need to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter.
Three years in jail? You let one woman die in the street and another rot in a freezer.
God knows you deserve worse.
But I hired you because you said you'd get me no jail time! You killed two innocent women, and you still think you get to complain? Say you'll take the deal! Say it! Okay.
Is this a goodbye, or should I call Ursela back in again? No need.
I just came to drop this off.
I, uh, can't thank you enough.
I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
It's quite clever.
He used a pretty sophisticated program to hide his location, but we were able to find him in a town called Coalport.
It's near Pittsburgh.
He's been there about a week.
I'll let you get back to work.
How well do you know this man, m'ija? I'm an adult.
I can decide who I want in my life, so no more spying on me.
No more bugging my phone.
I wouldn't need to if you'd just return my calls.
I know why you're angry.
I understand.
I never saw you, not this person you've become.
I see her now.
You've taken everything you've been through, all the pain, and you turned it into strength.
And for that, I am proud of you.
Very, very proud.
Por favor, please don't ever disappear on me like that again.
I'm sorry.
Can I help you? Or did you just come to return the money you stole? It was beyond stupid.
I know.
I was just angry at men, especially rich ones who don't appreciate what they have.
Just put it back.
I'm sorry about Asher.
We were gonna tell you God, you just ruined it.
What? We don't need to make this a thing, Michaela.
Bone whoever you want.
[Door opens] What do I do with this? Keep it.
See if he has the nerve to ask for it back.
[Answering machine chimes] Candice: President Hargrove? What is it, Candice? Barry Lewiston is on the phone.
[Sighs] Of course he is.
Hi, Barry.
Yes, I am reading it right now.
It's Laurel.
Leave a message, but I'll probably never listen.
- [Voicemail beeps] - Hey.
Are you back? Call me.
[Cellphone beeps] - Sorry, I was just, uh - Calling Laurel? I know.
I'm about to start my E.
And people's lives literally will depend on me.
Instead of me focusing on that, I've been stressing about what to get you for your birthday while you're into some other girl.
- It's not like that.
- I want to believe you.
But then I see your face when her name shows up on your phone.
My face? You get happy.
In a way, that makes me happy for you.
Because God knows that you deserve nothing but good things at this point in your life.
You're the good thing in my life.
Not Laurel.
It's you.
You don't have to get me anything for my birthday.
Too late.
I'm sorry I didn't call you back.
I got a little paranoid using the phone around my dad.
It's fine.
Did he find Frank? Yes, but he wouldn't tell me where he was unless I signed my soul over to him, and I couldn't do it, not again.
I'm sorry, I really wanted to help.
Fathers suck.
I think we can all agree on that.
I think we all need a drink.
No! [Camera shutter pops] [Door buzzes] [Door slams] Oliver: Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here? Annalise called me from jail.
Did you do it? Do what? The phone.
She sent me to find you.
It's clean.
Follow me.
Now, Miss, you need clearance to come in I'm Annalise Keating's lawyer.
This is her house.
John! All right.
Come on, Bonnie.
This is an active crime scene.
Just tell me what the charges are, and I'll get out of your hair.
And have the chief tear me a new one? I don't think so.
Are you not telling me because you don't have a case? This arrest is just for headlines? Look, you'll get your charges soon enough, just not from me.
You can only hold her for 48 hours without charging her.
- Yeah, and that's - Man: Hold up! Everybody quiet! Man #2: Rescue 1.
Rescue 1 priority.
This is Gaines.
Talk to me.
We have another occupant.
We're bringing them out now.
Status? Status?! There's a pulse.
I repeat, we have a pulse.
Get an ambulance ready.
Line up a police escort for the hospital.
Come on, everyone! Let's go!