Jean Claude Van Johnson (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

The World Still Needs Its Hero

1 You sure about this? No one has looked for me here for 20 years.
You really want to do this? You know I can fight.
You're gonna have to do more than fight.
Do you want to do this? Perfect.
First Your turn.
One more time.
You were high.
Okay? - Let's go.
- Mm-hmm.
You're gonna do jab, jabs.
Okay, so Bom.
That's right.
One more time.
Hit any one of them lights out.
I want you to hit them all.
Bom, bom, bom, bom.
How is it coming? I'll be ready.
But I'll still just be one person.
We're going to need help.
Oh, my God, it's gorg.
As usual.
You're a lifesaver, Luis.
See you next week.
- Ciao, bella.
- Ciao.
How can I help you? I am a new hire.
We are being watched.
So work.
HK is everywhere.
Bigger than ever before.
We were pawns.
So someone used us.
So what? That's all life ever is.
Not someone, Luis.
The Agency.
The Agency used us.
Just like the cartel used you.
I know what you did.
It's never too late to balance the scales.
This is my life now.
Maybe it's your life, but it's not your calling.
A man I trust with my life once told me, "You can't turn your back on your calling.
" I'm ready.
You're ready.
Do you remember your first kill? It was in, uh, Panama City.
Infiltrating a, um, a warehouse.
I, uh, crept up behind a guard.
And I hit him.
Right here.
Put him to sleep.
When he fell, I saw he was an old man.
I gave him a heart attack.
I try CPR.
Didn't know how.
I broke all his ribs.
Does it ever get any easier? You just, uh you just get used to it.
That's all.
That's what I'm scared of, I think.
I just don't want to end up like Like me? I didn't say that.
No, it's it's okay, you're you're right to be afraid.
Well, uh, the job didn't make me what I am.
It was just one more thing I thought could save me.
Like, uh, being famous.
Or, uh getting you back.
We've spent all this time getting me ready.
What about you? My knee is fucked up.
But look, as always I will be ready.
This is Jane we're talking about here.
It's not your physical weaknesses she's gonna go after.
The thing you're trying to run from, it's inside you.
So, I hate to tell you, old friend, but if you ever want to find peace, you're gonna have to punch a ticket to the one place you've never been willing to go your own fucked-up head.
I know it's a bit of a dump.
After all, it's never gotten the TLC it needs.
And the faces.
- Hmph.
- Some you've tried to forget, some you're scared to remember.
Old friends.
Fake friends.
The women you loved or maybe I should say the women who loved you.
Your shower uses coconut water? And, of course, all the men you've killed onscreen and off.
Can you even tell them apart anymore? You have to face them all, if you ever want to see what's waiting for you.
Ah, yeah.
I put a spell on you 'Cause you're mine Hi, Jane.
I was starting to worry about you.
Come on in.
Drink? No.
You sure? Artisanal toilet wine smuggled out of Rikers Island.
50K a bottle.
I was hoping you'd come to celebrate with me.
Celebrate what? You.
My number one operative coming in from the cold.
You used me, Jane.
When I met you, I was nothing.
Just a movie star, making millions of dollars.
You gave me a purpose.
You made me the hero I was flawlessly pretending to be.
- Oh, honey.
- No, no, stop, Jane.
You knew exactly what I needed.
And you used it against me.
For what? Drugs? You're no better than Dragan.
Oh, please.
Wasting a perfectly good drug empire to build a weather control device so he could take over the world.
Christ, listen to me.
I sound like an idiot just saying it.
It's 2017.
The world is entropy, chaos, decentralized networks.
There's nothing left to take over.
JC, you did the world a favor and you can again.
It's not what you thought.
What job is? Hmm? How long? Mm? How long? How long what? How long has it been like this? When did you stop using me for justice and start using me for profits? Jane? When did it switch? JC, it never switched.
I've never been a hero.
Oh, honey, there are no heroes.
So why did you let me take the job if you had Brown in place? Because if anything went sideways, no one is going to miss Jean-Claude Van Damme.
But i it doesn't have to be like that, okay? No, we could change this, together.
Yeah, we can build you back up.
the fame, the fortune.
I don't need those things anymore.
Tell me what you need.
I need to do what's right, Jane.
I am sorry to hear that.
All units to Queen's station.
We have a visitor who has overstayed his welcome.
When I was retired, I had a dinner with an old friend; an agent from CAA.
We shared a bottle together.
A small batch of Japanese toilet wine.
Brewed in a World War II P.
Aged 75 years.
It was spectacular.
I should call him.
All units confirm location.
I repeat, all units confirm location.
Toilet wine? No, thanks.
I'm trying to quit.
You don't get it.
We've got poppy fields on six continents.
Shipping warehouses, growing operations.
Interconnected, automated, and totally untouchable.
Even the sun can't get within 100 miles.
You do what's right.
You can kill me, you can take down the entire agency if you like.
The machine will still keep churning.
Nothing you do can stop it.
That might be true.
If we didn't have a weather control device.
Where is she? Shit.
The tennis court.
Oh, my God.
A fucking helicopter garage? - She can't escape.
- There's no way to stop it.
Yes, there is.
My gift.
JC, what are you doing? It'll tear you apart.
I can hold it.
Don't worry.
You're ready.
The world still needs its hero, JC.
I know.
I'm looking at her.
Go! Are you mad because you didn't account for her or because you wish it was you? It's not too late for you, you know.
I know what you want, what you've always wanted and it can still be yours.
It's already mine.
What a fool believes.
Take care of that, will you? I tried to tell you.
If you had been doing my hair, you'd be standing next to me right now, getting ready for the next job.
Instead, you're standing across from me getting ready to die.
I'm a trained operative.
Do you really think you can take me? Fuck around and find out.
I thought you were a strong woman.
I guess I was wrong.
Just give up.
I'll make it fast.
You think you can hold it, but I promise you, you can't! - You can't.
- Can't.
Oh, yes, I fucking can! Damn it.
Hey! Hey.
Oh, you ungrateful bitch.
I made you.
- And I made him.
- Yes.
You made him what he was, a monster.
But he's something different now.
Something better.
They say there's a special place in hell for women who don't support other women.
I've heard that, too.
I'll see you there.
I love you.
JC, are you okay? We'll get help.
Don't need help.
This is the best I ever felt in my life.
Jane? It's been handled.
Nice to see the real you.
You, too.
What now? And now I live.
Thank you for coming.
I know you're busy.
We flushed all the snakes out of the agency.
There's just one left and he's in Mumbai.
And you were on the way.
Truth is, we would've come even if you were on the moon.
It's beautiful.
But you know "memorial" means you're dead, right? Jean-Claude Van Damme is dead.
But Jean-Claude Van Varenberg is alive.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, finally.
Vanessa? Well? What the fuck are you doing just sitting there? JC, we have to hurry.
The time war is coming.