Law & Order (1990) s19e18 Episode Script

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In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups, the police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Couple of locals on their way to fish saw him from the overpass.
Looks like a hit and run.
He's alive.
For now.
EMT says he's likely.
Any ID on our gentleman? Just a wallet.
No reason for him to be walking down here.
Eh, he's either lost or drunk.
It's auto glass.
I'm no expert but I don't know any laws of physics that says the glass from the car that hits you finds its way into your pant leg.
There's some broken glass on the road up here.
No ID.
Thirteen bucks, bad luck and a family picture in front of Iglesia de Santa Maria del Puerto Lempira.
I'm guessing this man isn't local.
Here it is, a trail of broken glass about 20 feet long.
It broke while the car was moving.
Yeah, and somehow finds its way inside our man's pants.
Well, try this.
If he was kicking out the window from inside, then glass might fall down his pant leg, meaning he jumped out of or was thrown from a moving car.
Either way, when he landed on our shores, I bet this wasn't the landing he anticipated.
He suffered traumatic brain injury.
He's in a grade 3 coma.
The odds he'll come out of it? Considering he has no spontaneous respiratory function and his cognitive brain activity is nil? Got it.
What about his other injuries? Fractured arm, fractured ribs, lacerations on his hands, bruises on his back and neck.
From an impact with a vehicle? From impact with the roadway.
Oh, and there's a fresh second-degree burn on his left cheek, about the size of a quarter.
I'll email you photos.
He's got auto glass embedded in the tread of his right heel, same as the glass on the road and a can of juice.
Naranja, a little taste of home.
Oh, wow.
That's appetizing.
What is that? Smoked sturgeon.
That stuff's 50 bucks a pound.
Irv's on Rivington.
Even money.
Our Juan Doe here works in the kitchen.
I can barely see his face with all that mishegoss on his head.
Is he okay? What does it look like? It could be one of my dishwashers.
It's his day off.
Oswaldo who? Oswaldo You're-not-gonna-bust- my-balls-'cause-I-didn't- check-his-papers, okay? We're murder cops, okay? So a last name? Don't know it.
He shares a place with Hey, Tomas! Talk to these cops about Oswaldo.
Hmm? It's mi amigo, Oswaldo.
He okay? He's not okay.
He's in the hospital.
What's his last name? Morales.
And these people? His family, in Puerto Lempira in Honduras.
He send them all his money.
He work hard.
When did you see him last? This morning.
I come home from night job, 5:00.
And he get up, I take the bed.
He go look for day work.
Where does he look? Under Highway 155.
He wait for the cars to come and they give him a job.
Looks like it's the dawn patrol for us.
Hey, hot coffee here for the working man.
If you don't hurry, he's going to eat it all.
Anyone see Oswaldo yesterday morning? I see him.
You did? Step forward, please.
It's okay.
He go in a car for a job.
What kind of car? Dark green Toyota.
I tell Oswaldo be careful.
Why? It was three white kids in the car, and they say they got a job for one man.
I see one of the kids take a picture of us with his phone so I do not go.
You think you'd recognize these kids? No.
It's dark, they stay in the car.
All right, thanks.
White kids taking pictures of Hispanic day laborers.
Yeah, I don't think it's to send to their girlfriends.
One thing for sure.
Nowadays everything ends up on the web.
The auto glass is the same make Toyota uses.
We figured he must've kicked the side window out trying to get out.
Probably when those kids burned that hole in his cheek.
Any idea what this was done with? Lab says it wasn't a cigar or cigarette, more likely metal or ceramic object.
Branding, a new twist on hate crimes.
Well, here's a newer twist, a video called "Beaner Hunt: "Taking back America one street at a time.
" It was posted last week.
Hurry up! Behind the mail box! We're going to nail your ass! I count three voices.
Guy on the corner said three kids.
Yeah! New York Islanders hat.
Good chance we're in the right place.
What is that, a.
22? Go, go, go! Bagged a beaner, baby! It sounded like a BB gun.
Bagged you, beaner! I got him! I got him! It's gotta be the same kids.
Go back to where they first pulled up.
Freeze it.
See if the lab can read the ID number on that mail truck.
You found this on the Internet? I'll be a son of a gun.
Yeah, and that mail truck's from the Peconic Post Office.
You didn't know this was going on in your town? We've had nine bias incidents against Hispanics in the last month.
Nine in one month? With unemployment, the economy, people blame the illegals.
All those illegals who made subprime loans to people who couldn't afford them.
Any of these incidents involve a green Toyota? Three with a green sedan, two drive-bys with a BB gun.
The third one, the kids put a beating on the victim.
You got descriptions? Three white kids, one with blond hair.
We stepped up patrols where the illegals congregate.
That's probably what pushed these kids to find new hunting grounds.
We're going to need a list from you, your local automobile glass shops.
A kid came in Saturday with a green Camry four-door.
Back window on the right side was busted out.
Okay, we need his name and his plate number.
I got nothing.
He didn't have the $180 for parts and labor.
How about a description or identifying marks on the kid or the car? Sixteen, 17, average height, dark hair.
You want to come with us to the local high school, look at some pictures? Now? I guess.
Jimmy, I gotta go with these guys.
So what'd this kid do anyways? Him and his buddies put an illegal immigrant into a coma.
You know, I got, like, 10 people that think they're getting their cars back today.
Yeah, they thought wrong.
Come on.
We need to know if there's been any Hey.
Start with the seniors.
This is what they did to him.
This ain't right.
Issues with race or immigration.
Peconic's Latino population has grown 25% in five years.
We've had to accommodate students who are here illegally and speak English as a second language.
So that's where all my tax money's going.
What about your legal students? Any of them in particular been acting out? We've cut back on our sports teams, so there's been resentment among our athletes.
There've been fights, some graffiti.
Tony Stratton.
Point guard, Varsity basketball team.
Is Tony here right now? No.
Dismissal was at 3:00.
Green Toyota.
Looks like plastic taped over the right rear passenger window.
I got the tag number.
Is Tony Stratton here? No, no, Tony no here.
Do you know where he is? Oh! No, no, sé.
Okay, sí.
Gracias, señora.
You see her shoes? Yeah, open-toe pumps.
Not too many housekeepers do the laundry in high heels and a sweater set.
Toyota's registered to a Juanita Stratton, this address.
I think we just met Mrs.
She's probably on the phone with her husband, wondering why the cops were asking about their son.
I wonder how the Stratton kid sorts it out in his head.
Huh? Him being half-Hispanic and beating up on illegals.
The way people feel in this town, he probably figures it's all normal.
I get it.
What? The anger.
Back in South Central, the young black man can't get jobs because the bosses know they can pay an illegal four bucks under the table with no benefits and know that man is too scared to complain.
So sure, treat them humanely and put them on a bus and send them home.
And that fence? Dig it deep and build it high.
Don't worry, I think we found a solution for illegal immigration.
It's called the depression.
Believe me, all those illegals are heading home now.
Hold up.
Stop the car, please.
Stratton? Soy Juanita.
Juanita Stratton.
Do we still need an interpreter? What do you want? Interfering with a criminal investigation is a felony.
I'm not interfering with anything.
What happened to your window? It got broken at the Tastee Freez on Hempstead Turnpike.
Mom? Go back inside, Tony.
Tony? Tony Stratton.
I'm calling Mr.
Mosely, he's a lawyer.
I said go back inside.
Hey, we want to talk to you.
Come out of the house! Probable cause is set out in the warrant application.
The victim was last seen getting into a green Toyota.
In Manhattan.
Your search warrant is for a car 60 miles away.
The car's window was broken out.
The glass at the crime scene Can't be matched with this specific car.
Maybe we should play you that video again.
No need.
The car in that video doesn't have a broken window, there's no telling what color it is, and nothing connects it to this Stratton kid.
Judge Montaldo That's the real bottom line.
Right there.
You had your pick of judges but you brought this to Judge Montaldo.
You figure a Latino judge is more likely to grant a search warrant on a hate crime against a Latino man, no matter how flimsy the probable cause.
If I grant your warrant, the defense will call it a gimme and I wouldn't blame them.
This is an important case.
Get it right.
He's not wrong.
Everything about this case will be under a microscope.
So, forget about the car for now, and work on identifying the other two occupants.
There was a blond kid in the passenger seat? And the one with the BB gun.
Well, check Stratton's entries in the yearbook, for shout-outs to his buddies.
Let's see "Throwing out a bump to my man, Bird.
" Stratton's on the basketball team.
Good chance his accomplices will be too.
A blond basketball player.
Bird as in Larry Bird, maybe.
Or Big Bird.
Timothy Moore, shooting guard.
Tim's upstate today, visiting colleges with his dad.
Looks like he's going to have his pick.
Now why do you want to talk to Tim? We need him to identify a BB gun pistol that was used in a robbery two weeks ago.
The suspect said he bought it from a student at Peconic High School.
Yeah, the people at the school think they remember your son had one.
His father bought it for him for target practice when he was 11.
But he hasn't used it in years.
Is Timothy in trouble? For selling his BB gun? No.
He had a game last Friday night, yeah? Yeah.
You know where he went after? He went out with his friend Tony.
What time did he get home? He has a midnight curfew, and he's never late.
Moore, there are some people lying comes to naturally.
You're definitely not one of them.
My husband and I were visiting friends in Maryland for the weekend.
I'll write down his number.
From now on, you should talk to him.
Well, now we know Timothy owns a BB gun and he was with Stratton on Friday.
And we know the attack video was uploaded from a computer at the school.
From my computer? No way.
Well, it's easy enough for us to check, Coach.
Do you mind? So who has access to your computer? I want you to know I don't tolerate that crap.
Racial stuff, gay stuff, I hear it from my players, they run laps.
Well, that's good to hear.
The video itself was deleted from the computer once it was uploaded to the net, but the AVI footprint's still here on your hard drive.
So again, who has access to your computer? My team manager, Kyle Chase.
He uses it to keep the team stats.
That makes three.
"People v.
Tony Stratton, Timothy Moore and Kyle Chase.
"Attempted Murder in the First Degree.
" The People serve notice we'll be seeking a hate crime enhancement.
So noted.
What's the plea? Not guilty as to each defendant.
The People ask for remand.
Silence! Silence now! Your Honor, my clients attend school and play team sports, they should be ROR'd to their parents.
The police have uncovered four videos of the defendants attacking Hispanic men in the past two months.
Those videos have nothing to do with the charges they're facing here today.
They prove that their parents are unable or unwilling to supervise them.
Then let's make sure we get their parents' attention.
Bail is set at $150,000 for each defendant.
I don't know how you can talk about a hate crime, since Tony Stratton's half-Hispanic.
His mother's from Argentina.
Your clients targeted their victims because of their ethnicity.
Oh, right, the videos.
About the videos Motion to suppress.
The judge granted the defense motion.
Videos are out.
Yeah, so the videos proving the kids are prejudiced are tossed out because they would prejudice the jury against the kids.
You sure you still want to be a lawyer? There goes our proof this was a hate crime.
Well, what's left is no great shakes either.
We have an eyewitness who can identify the car but not the occupant and some broken glass.
Homeless guy, found him under a mattress.
I saw the burn on his face, and him looking Hispanic, I thought about the other guy, so I called you.
You did the right thing.
Any idea how long he's been here? About a week.
The cold temperature slowed down the decomp.
I found blunt-force trauma on his head, defensive wounds on his hands.
Going by the shape of the injuries, I'd look for a baseball bat as the murder weapon.
Can we get a picture of this? There's a Mexican peso jammed into the end.
Looks like it's been heated.
This is what they've been branding these guys with.
A Mexican peso.
Real subtle.
Rey Alvarez.
What country is he from? Detroit, Michigan.
UAW card, stubs from an unemployment check.
They thought they were bagging an illegal alien, instead they got an out-of-work auto worker.
That's what anger gets you.
What the deplorable events in Peconic and New York City underline is that people are scared and people are angry.
All right, bottom line, under Jack McCoy, has New York become a sanctuary city for illegals? If Mr.
McCoy actually enforced the law, our schools and our workplaces wouldn't be filled with illegals.
There you have it.
Where are you with these deplorable events? The unemployed auto worker was living with his sister.
He has recently found a job working as a night watchman in East Harlem.
It looks like he was grabbed and killed 24 hours after Mr.
Morales was thrown out of the Toyota.
The same kids? Mm-hmm.
Both victims had a similar burn, or a brand, on their face.
These kids had been escalating their violence.
They finally got a scalp.
How good a case against them for the murder? No witnesses, no forensics.
We have a somewhat better case against them for the assault on Mr.
Then join the two cases.
Prove both victims were branded with the same device.
And let the assault bootstrap the murder case.
Or let the murder case tank the assault case.
I say we proceed with the assault on Mr.
Morales, hold off on the murder, see what the police turn up.
I say we prosecute the assault of an illegal alien while we back-burner the murder of an American citizen.
I can write the editorials myself.
Now political image even trumps legal reality? Here is the legal reality.
We're joining the two cases.
Clear? Mr.
Cutter is seeking to piggy-back two cases that have no connection.
Except the same defendants, similar victims An illegal immigrant allegedly thrown from a car, and an American citizen beaten to death with a baseball bat? Both men were Hispanic and both were branded with the same crude instrument.
How do you know it's the same? That evidence will be provided at trial.
Your Honor, this claim that the same device was used is Mr.
Cutter's only basis to join the cases.
I get it, Mr.
Cutter, I'm not granting you this joinder until you show me evidence that the victims were branded with the same instrument.
The defense has the right to examine that evidence firsthand.
Fair enough.
Cutter, you will make both victims available to the defense.
Let's get Oswaldo Morales examined as soon as possible.
You're here for Oswaldo Morales? Uh, yes, Connie Rubirosa.
Rodgers is with the M.
's office.
She's here to conduct an examination of Mr.
Morales' face.
Morales is no longer here.
He was discharged last night.
Discharged? He was in a coma on life support.
Who was he discharged to? Well, pursuant to hospital policy, patients who are undocumented aliens are repatriated as soon as they're stabilized.
Morales was medevaced to his home country of Honduras.
Medevaced to where in Honduras? To their main airport in Tegucigalpa.
And what, you just left him on the tarmac? Pursuant to policy, he was turned over to the Honduran authorities.
He's their responsibility, not ours.
Shipping a critically ill patient out in the middle of the night, without telling anyone.
What's the matter with these people? It's simple math.
Seventy grand for a flight to Honduras versus 200 grand a month to keep him on life support.
Well, for 100 bucks, they could've just put him in a rowboat off Jones Beach.
Do we know where he is in Honduras? It doesn't matter.
No judge is going to require the defense to send their expert there.
We needed him here.
Then let's get him back.
We'll issue a material witness warrant and pay for his care out of our discretionary fund.
I hope your passport is up to date.
It is.
I'll get started on the warrant application.
Paying for an illegal immigrant's medical bills with taxpayer's money while millions of Americans can't afford health care.
I'm sure you know what you're in for.
Since when are you worried about my political image? All things being equal, Jack, I do want you to win this election.
You want to take my son where they try to kill him? If you let him come with us, he can fight back against the ones who did this to him.
They say he will never get better.
Is that true? He'll be in the best hospital in New York.
The city will pay for his doctors, his medicines.
Hey, we'll pay for you to come too.
Your son won't be alone.
I'll go with Oswaldo.
I want to see the boys who did this to my son.
I'll sign the papers.
The diameter, shape and depth of both burns are identical.
And both exhibit the same irregularity on the outer perimeter of the burned skin.
To what do you attribute this irregularity? There's an indentation on the edge of the coin.
It lines up perfectly with both irregularities.
In my opinion, the same heated coin was used to make both burns.
Thank you.
All right.
Thank you, Doctor.
Your Honor, I have questions.
Save them for the trial.
I'm granting the People's motion to consolidate the indictments.
The defendants will be tried for both, the assault on Mr.
Morales and the murder of Mr.
The D.
's got to prove he's tough so he's scapegoating our kids.
It's our children who need protection from these illegal immigrants.
Like that girl in Washington who was killed by an illegal from El Salvador.
Or those Mexican drug gangs that are coming across the border.
What are we going to do about it? Mr.
Are you aware of the complaint that has been filed with the attorney general about your expenditure of public funds to fly an illegal immigrant back from Honduras and pay for his hospital care? Mr.
Morales's presence serves the defendants' rights to confront the witnesses against them, Mr.
Pewls? It doesn't bother you that Mr.
Morales is being afforded medical care that's beyond the reach of more than 75% of the residents of this city? It bothers me that most people in this city can't afford high-quality medical care.
It should bother you too.
One last question, Mr.
The Ledger is coming out with a story that you hired an undocumented alien as a household worker and nanny for your children.
You care to comment? I'll comment after I read the story.
I'm here to talk about this case.
I intend to make justice available to everyone in our jurisdiction.
Justice is not a finite resource.
Because it's given to one doesn't mean that it will be denied to another.
But if it is denied to one, it's denied to all.
Nicely handled, but what about this nanny? Oh, great.
As to the allegations against Mr.
McCoy concerning an undocumented household worker, well, that's That's a matter for different agencies.
However, I understand I was going through my divorce in '91, Ellen and I were separated.
She hired a nanny.
She was stressed out, overwhelmed by everything.
She never thought to check the woman's papers.
We didn't find out until a year later, we let the woman go, paid her taxes.
So someone's been going through your divorce records.
Mike, my problems are my problems.
The work here goes on, regardless.
Well, we set a trial date for the Peconic kids.
Keep the pressure on.
Kyle Chase, the kid who uploaded the videos, his new lawyer wants to talk.
I'm not going to prison for a murder I had nothing to do with.
No, we certainly wouldn't want you to do that.
After what happened with the guy who broke the window, Timothy and Tony, they wanted to go back out Saturday night to find another beaner but Sorry.
I meant a Hispanic.
I didn't want to go with them.
So I bagged out.
Kyle will plead to the assault on Mr.
Morales and he'll testify against Moore and Stratton.
Assuming, of course, we get a satisfactory offer from you.
He doesn't have an alibi for the murder or we would've heard it by now.
And since his friends haven't exculpated him, we only have his word.
I I wasn't there, I swear.
I was home.
Why are you sweating him? He'll give you everything you need against his friends.
First he testifies, then we'll talk about a sentence recommendation.
We were driving around Peconic.
Tony saw this Mexican walking along.
And so we came up on him, and Tim capped him with the BB.
The guy, like, jumped.
And that's all you did, shoot Hispanic men with a BB gun? At first.
But then one of them flipped us off, so we put a beat down on him.
And how often did you and the defendants go looking for Hispanic men to attack? Not a lot.
Maybe once a week.
Did there come a time when you started looking outside Peconic? We were afraid of being caught by the town cops, so we went into the city.
Tony heard on TV about this place where the illegals went to get work.
Tim had this Mexican coin from his sister who'd been to Cancún on spring break.
Kyle, what did you and the defendants do with this coin? Tim and Tony wanted to pick up an illegal and burn the coin on his face, so everybody would know he was illegal.
And what happened that Friday night when you came into the city? We, uh, waited for the illegals to start showing up.
This Mexican came over.
This man? Yes, sir.
That's the Mexican.
Oswaldo Morales is Honduran.
Okay, whatever.
He came over.
We told him we had a job for him for 50 bucks.
He got in the back with Tim, we drove away.
Tony talked to him in Spanish to make him feel comfortable.
What were you doing? I had this pipe that Tim rigged up with the coin jammed in the end.
People's 17.
Is this the pipe? Yes, sir.
I heated it with a lighter.
When it was glowing red, Tim put his arm around the guy's neck.
With his other hand he pressed the coin into his face.
The guy screamed, he was fighting back.
Tim started wailing on him.
The guy kicked out the window.
Tim pushed him out the car, we drove home.
Did something happen later that night? Tim was, like, let's go back and do it right.
What did that mean, "do it right"? Him and Tony wanted to kill one of them.
But I wanted nothing to do with that.
So I just stayed home.
No further questions.
Did Tim and Tony brag to you about killing Mr.
Alvarez? No.
But didn't they show you the bat they used or describe how Mr.
Alvarez died? No, they didn't say anything about that.
You don't know for a fact they killed Mr.
Alvarez, do you? No, I don't.
It's pure speculation on your part and the more you speculate, the lighter your sentence.
Isn't that your deal with Mr.
Cutter? No.
Aren't you afraid to go to prison, Kyle? Yes, I sure am.
So afraid that you agreed to testify against your friends! Your Honor, if Mr.
Mosely Mr.
Mosely, do you have a question? Kyle, isn't it possible you let your fear color your testimony here today? I don't know.
Maybe you did.
No more questions.
Redirect, Your Honor.
Kyle, when you just testified about what you and the defendants did to Mr.
Morales, did you tell the truth? Young man, answer the question.
Chase, answer or I'll cite you for contempt.
Okay, sure.
I told the truth.
My name is Ramiro Lopez.
I am from Mexico.
I live in Peconic, on Long Island.
Are you here legally, Mr.
Lopez? No, sir.
I come across the border one year ago.
Can you describe what happened to you in Peconic in March of this year? I was walking home.
A green car stop on the road.
Three boys got out.
They scream, "Where you going, you stupid beaner?" I try to run.
But the boy with blond hair catch me.
He hit me in the face.
The other boys kick me.
They broke my nose and my ribs.
They say if I do not go back to Mexico, next time they will kill me.
Do you see any of these boys in the courtroom today? Two of them sit at the table.
Tony Stratton and Timothy Moore.
Thank you.
Who do you work for, Mr.
Lopez? I don't want to say.
My boss might get in trouble.
And you don't pay taxes, is that right? I'm sorry but I cannot find a job in Mexico.
You admit you cheat our government, you steal from everyone here Mister, if people came to my country with no papers and took jobs, I would feel bad too.
But I have to feed my family.
Yeah, that's all fine and good, but you're an admitted thief and liar.
How do we know you're not lying about my clients? Your Honor, I move that this witness's entire testimony be stricken.
Lopez, you're excused.
You may step down.
Thank you, Judge.
Your Honor, the People rest their case.
Mosely, are you ready to call your first witness? Uh What's going on there? Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Your Honor.
We're taking Mr.
Lopez into custody.
Your Honor, this man is the People's witness.
He is subject to recall.
It's not my jurisdiction, Mr.
But If I were you, I'd get on the phone to the U.
Attorney and make sure they don't deport your witness.
Mosely, call your first witness.
I came here from Argentina as an exchange student 23 years ago.
I met my husband here.
I became a citizen, raised a family.
I'm very proud to be an American.
But I'm also proud of my Spanish heritage.
I raised my son Antonio to be proud of his heritage, too.
My son does not hate Spanish people, he doesn't hate immigrants.
It would be like hating his own family.
Thank you, Mrs.
Stratton, has your son ever come home and told you someone called him names like, and please forgive my language, a spic or a beaner? Yes.
He knows those words hurt.
That's why he doesn't use them.
Has he ever complained that he was excluded from social activities because of his heritage? Sometimes, but it doesn't bother him.
What? It's not important to your son to belong, to have friends? Yes, like any teenager, but he wouldn't do anything bad.
I told you, Tony doesn't have hate in his heart.
So you say.
When you first spoke to the police at your home, you pretended not to understand English.
You let them believe that you were the housekeeper, correct? I didn't say I was the housekeeper.
No, no, you pretended to be, to deceive them.
It's them who made a mistake.
How could anyone look at me and think I'm a groncho? I beg your pardon, what's that word you used? A groncho? It's an Argentine word.
What does it mean? It means a simple person, a campesino.
Oh, no, no.
That word I know.
That, uh, means a peasant? Yes.
But a groncho is more than that.
It's a derogatory term for a poor person, an unemployed person, isn't it? It's just a word we use in Buenos Aires.
By upper class people to describe the lower class, correct? Do you use that word around your son? I never taught my son that word.
No, but you taught him that attitude.
That gronchos, people like Oswaldo Morales and Rey Alvarez are bums, garbage, sub-human Objection.
Asked and answered.
I have no further questions, Your Honor.
We've got nothing to hide, Ellen.
Just tell the truth.
I'm sorry you got dragged into this mess.
Me, too, Ellen.
My ex.
The case is with the jury.
Four hours and counting.
Better lay in the provisions.
It's going to be a long one.
Judge wants to see us.
Apparently, a court officer saw jurors watching a Len Pewls special on illegal immigration.
Who let a TV into the deliberation room? This was on an iPhone.
When is this country going to wake up to the fact that we have been invaded? When are the junket-softened wimps of Washington gonna quit kow-towing to the great god of NAFTA and start throwing our weight around? Amnesty, ladies and gentlemen, is not reform, it is surrender.
Di Grappa, where did you get this podcast? My cousin e-mailed it to me.
I only showed it to four of the jurors.
I'm replacing you with an alternate.
You're dismissed from jury duty.
Have a nice day.
Replacing one juror isn't enough, Your Honor.
Cutter, I'm not declaring a mistrial.
I not going to put this city through another month of this.
The other jurors have sworn to me that they can maintain their impartiality, despite what they've heard from this race-baiting gas-bag.
The jurors will resume deliberations.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
As to Rey Alvarez, a count of Murder in the First Degree, how do you find? We find the defendants not guilty.
As to Oswaldo Morales, on a charge of Attempted Murder, how do you find? We find the defendants not guilty.
As to Oswaldo Morales, on the lesser included offense of Assault in the First Degree, how do you find? We find the defendants guilty.
How much time? The judge said five years.
Five years for what they did to my son? Oswaldo survived the attack, Mrs.
He's still alive.
This is not alive.
Look at him.
No change, no change.
That's what doctors say.
There are other ways to make them pay for what they did.
We can find you a lawyer who can sue their families.
I don't want money.
I just want my son to wake up.
I want to see him play with my grandchildren.
But he never will.
He never will.
Thank you for what you did.
Thank you.
Stanhope is a good precedent, you should cite it sooner.
Paragraph 3.
Mike Cutter.
When? All right, thanks for letting me know.
Maria Morales signed a DNR order for her son this morning.
He was taken off life support and declared dead 20 minutes later.
Send Mrs.
Morales our condolences.
Then re-charge Timothy Moore and Tony Stratton with first-degree bias murder.
Jury found them guilty of assaulting Oswaldo, stands to reason they'll convict them of his murder.
You think she knew? Oswaldo's mother? Maybe somebody told her his death would give us a new cause of action.
Why not? Everyone games the system.