Law & Order Special Victims Unit s06e10 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
Sun's up.
This freak doesn't hit after dawn.
You want to call it a night? Yeah, one long-ass night.
You know what? Bodega's open.
You want another cup of coffee? No, I'll get it.
Call Elliot.
Mobile One to base.
Mobile One to base.
Base here.
Hey, I think we're gonna pack it in.
See you back at the house.
75 Give me two coffees, one black, one regular.
You got it.
75, $2.
00, $2.
25 Empty out the register, pops! You think I'm playin'? Shots fired.
Bodega at the corner of 115 and Lexington.
Be advised, plainclothes detectives on scene.
Multiple shots fired, bodega, corner of 115 and Lexington.
Police! Fin.
Fin My partner's been hit.
I need a bus now.
Copy that.
All available units are responding.
Fin Thank God.
Two minutes out.
You okay? You stay down.
Fin, you all right? Stay with me.
Stay with me, Fin.
Stay with me, baby, stay with me.
GSW to the left upper thorax.
Copious blood loss.
Gave him two liters en route.
Vitals? BP 70 over palp, pulse is thready.
GCS 5, responds to pain.
What does that mean? He's in shock from the blood loss.
Bullet hit an artery.
We've got to get him to the O.
But he's gonna make it, right? As soon as I know anything, I'll tell you.
How is he? They won't tell me.
He's going into surgery now.
I didn't see the perps go in.
It's all right.
How many times have you gone in for a cup of coffee, I didn't have your back, huh? It's all right.
What went down in that store? I don't know.
When I walked in, Fin was already unconscious.
The shooter and the bodega guy were all DOA, this little kid survived.
What did the kid say? He didn't see a thing.
Fin got between him and the gunmen.
Let's make sure that's what happened.
Head over to the scene, work with CSU and the shooting team.
Captain, I'd rather stay here.
All right, fine.
I'll go.
You notify Fin's next-of-kin.
Only family he's ever mentioned is his son.
Head back to the squad.
His contact information's on his 10-card.
And get changed.
Can I help you? Are you Kwasi Tutuola? I'm Ken Randall.
I use my mom's name.
No one calls me Kwasi except Your dad? You work with Fin.
Detective Olivia Benson.
What happened? There was a shooting, and your father was injured.
He's in surgery right now and I'd be happy to take you to the hospital.
Did he ask for me? He's unconscious.
It's been a long time since I've seen him.
We're not exactly close.
You're the only one listed as his next-of-kin, and I think he'd want you there.
Captain Cragen, is it true Detective Tutuola shot an unarmed kid? No comment.
Come on.
You got two dead boys and only one gun was found.
Did he kill an innocent bystander? No comment.
They're gonna make this a bad shoot.
What do you have to say about that, Captain? Press is saying one of the kids was unarmed.
Tell me they're wrong.
Don't know yet.
We recovered this MAC-10.
Punk number 1 over there emptied the clip.
Fin's lucky he wasn't a better shot.
Where's the other shooter's gun? Can't find one.
How's Fin? There's no word.
What've you got? Too soon to say.
We're just starting the reconstruction.
Well, tell us what you've got so far.
The guy at the register was shot twice, once in the right hand and once in the head.
By who? Our friend here with the MAC-10.
We figure he started it off.
He sprayed the area from left to right.
See where the rest of the rounds hit? Okay, what happened next? The shooter takes one to the chest.
Based on the blood spatter pattern, bullet was fired from over there.
That's Fin's blood.
All right, so Fin takes out the first guy.
What about the other? Single shot to the heart.
Says it would've killed him instantly.
Could it have been a stray round or a ricochet? I'm waiting for ballistics, but based on the angle of entry, I'm pretty sure Fin shot him.
There's no way Fin would shoot an unarmed kid.
He had to have been packing.
That's why I did a gunshot residue test on his hands.
And? The kid didn't fire a gun.
There's a possibility he wasn't involved in the robbery.
Media's gonna go crazy.
Look, if Fin took out the second kid, it's because he had to.
And what makes you think the press is gonna take our word for it? Hey, I got something! The gun? Maybe better.
Hidden security camera on the back wall.
Get the tape over to TARU for enhancement.
You stay here, find that gun.
I'm going back to the hospital.
We'll have more information for you when it becomes available.
Thank you.
Captain? Captain Cragen.
How's Detective Tutuola? He's still in surgery, Chief.
Those damn reporters.
They're more interested in the gun than in a cop fighting for his life.
The vultures want to crucify him, sir.
Captain! You gotta see this.
Let's go.
Here's where the perps enter the store.
The punk whips out the MAC-10.
I'm gonna slow it down.
First shooter took out the counterman.
Then Fin shoots the little son of a bitch.
Then he clips Fin.
Watch the second guy.
Fin waited until he drew down.
I enhanced the tape.
Watch his hand as he falls.
Yeah, the gun flies over the freezer case.
I'm gonna call Elliot and tell him where to find the gun.
Grab the tape and follow me.
I'm gonna share this with the press.
Keep me updated.
Yes, sir.
Stabler, please.
Tell me it's good news, Doc.
Detective Tutuola's out of surgery.
Bullet nicked an artery but missed the lung.
Is he gonna be all right? He should make a full recovery.
Thank you.
They capped the boy in the store? Not a scratch on him.
I really screwed up.
They shot that man in the bodega before I could even pull my gun.
Store had a security camera.
You did everything by the book.
I shot two kids.
Who were going to kill you.
And you saved an innocent child.
Hey, how're you doing? I'm okay.
Listen, half the department's outside.
You up for some company? Yeah, I guess.
Why don't you come on in? Hey, Ken.
You gonna be all right? I'm fine.
I'm glad.
Hey, can't you stay for a little while? Why? You're not dying.
I don't blame you for wanting to leave.
I did a lot of that when you were growing up.
No big deal.
Yes, it is.
I could blame it on this job, or being undercover.
But the bottom line is I put my work ahead of my family.
Don't worry.
I turned out okay.
Take care, Dad.
Hey, way to go, man.
You drilled those guys.
Hey, can I have your autograph, Mr.
Hero Cop? Hey, really, it's good to have you back, man.
Come in.
Department surgeon said you could take the week.
I'm not staying.
I just needed some things out of my desk, and I wanted to show my face.
How're you feeling? Fine.
Captain, those boys at the bodega, how old were they? Sixteen.
Look, if you need to talk, you can always come I want to talk to somebody about him.
Please, calm down.
I know this guy.
I've seen him before.
You can't go in there.
I know.
He's no hero! He's a dirty cop.
Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
I'm not going anywhere till I speak to someone in charge.
I'm Captain Cragen.
Can I help you? The detective in the paper.
I want to make a complaint about him.
Remember me? No.
I remember you.
I could never forget your face.
I just didn't know your name until today.
You put a gun to my head.
There must be some mistake.
Oh, no, there's not.
I'm Sandra Knowles.
You're Tricia's mother.
I wanted my daughter back home where she belonged, not living with that drug dealer.
I was working undercover.
But you put that pistol here and said, "Leave, bitch, before I kill you.
" I had no choice.
Oh, yes, you did.
You chose not to help my baby.
Some hero.
I thought you were going home.
Just trying to handle some unfinished business.
It wouldn't be that woman downstairs, would it? Yeah.
Sandra Knowles.
Oh, she takes me back.
When I was working Narcotics, it was all about getting the dope off the street.
We'd bust any strung-out skell if it meant gettin' to the guys at the top.
There were no victims, just dealers and users.
What happened with Sandra's daughter? I was undercover.
The target was a coke dealer named Vance Dennis.
I worked my way up to body-guarding him.
His girlfriend was a young kid from Yonkers.
Tricia Knowles.
Was she a runaway? Yeah, but she was 18 and she didn't want to go home.
Had herself a nasty coke habit, too.
So one day, Tricia's mother shows up and wants to see her daughter.
Vance orders me to make Moms go away.
Well, you couldn't blow your cover.
I never felt right about it.
Not a trace of Tricia Knowles in the system.
But your pal Vance Dennis was easier to find.
He's in Attica, doing a hard 20.
When'd he go down? Last year, Narcotics raided his place and found 20 keys of uncut coke.
Were they acting on a tip? Yeah, an unnamed woman inside Vance's house.
That had to be Tricia.
If she dimed Vance, she's hiding out.
You planning on finding her? I'm gonna go see Joey Bosco.
He was my handler when we were working Vance.
If he flipped Tricia, he knows where she is.
So you can talk her into going back to Mom? It's been five years.
That's a long time not to see your kid.
Maybe you should wait until you're 100 percent.
I think her mother's waited long enough.
Do what you gotta do.
Far as I'm concerned, you're still on leave.
Hey, I heard about the shooting.
I wanted to stop by, but I hate hospitals.
Me, too.
Someone shot me, I'd be out on three-quarters, sipping mai tais on the beach.
Yeah, but I got some unfinished business.
You remember Tricia Knowles? Vance Dennis's junkie girlfriend.
You flip her? After we pulled you out, the case went dead.
Until Tricia got picked up muling coke into JFK.
What happened? We didn't arrest her.
Next shipment came in, she tipped us off, and Vance went down.
He know she turned him in? Probably guessed.
You give her any kind of relocation or protection? Tricia didn't want it.
Said she was going back home.
Well, she didn't.
I guess she changed her mind.
The girl risked her life for you, and you left her out there all alone.
Damn, Fin.
Working in SVU's made you soft.
You think everyone's a victim? Tricia Knowles was a cokehead.
She ratted out her boyfriend.
She made her choices, she's gotta live with them.
You have any idea where she is? Not a clue.
Vance is up in Attica.
Why don't you ask him? What's up, Vance? I liked you better when you were Terry Brown.
We had some fun back in the day.
But you didn't come here to reminisce.
Where's Tricia Knowles? I don't know.
When's the last time you seen her? Beats me.
One day she's shacked up in my house, spending my dough, doing my coke, the next I'm in here and she's in the wind.
Makes you wonder.
Sure does.
Why're you looking for her? 'Cause I feel like it.
That little coke whore put me in here.
How would I know where she is or how she is? What's this? You think you're a big man now? You think your friends in the Brotherhood can protect you while you're in here? Anybody can get got.
You want her so bad? You're a detective.
Go dig her up.
PIZZELLl: Sorry, Fin, but the last time I checked, this was Narcotics, not Missing Persons.
Tricia Knowles put Vance away.
We owe her.
I want to help, but I don't have the resources to put a team on a missing witness because her mother laid a guilt trip on you.
Look, I know Vance.
He didn't have to come right out and say it.
I got the message.
He killed Tricia.
Bring me proof, I can make something happen.
How many cases did I bring in for you? The Maldonado posse, the Pitkin Avenue Boys.
You looked really good taking all the credit at those press conferences.
What do you want? Just one body for a couple of days, check out Vance's old crew, see what I can find out.
Sandoval! Who's that? New kid.
White shield.
No rookie.
How about Melendez? Retired.
Jamal? Transferred.
You want a body, I'm giving you Sandoval.
Fin Tutuola, Miguel Sandoval.
It's a pleasure.
PIZZELLl: You guys get to know each other.
What happened to Vance's crew after he got locked up? The Murphy twins are peddling Ex to the club kids downtown, and Fat Tony's selling a little H for the Moro brothers.
If Vance reached out to anyone to put that hit on Tricia, it'd be those psycho Murphy boys.
I know where they hang.
Let's pick them up.
No, no.
They too loyal, they'd never talk.
Now Fat Tony, he can't stop talking.
We can wire up his place.
I've got this brand new transmitter I've been wanting to test out.
Listen, Gadget Boy.
Microburst relay I don't have time to spend a whole month listening to Fat Tony bitch about his life, hoping he says something about Tricia.
How do you want to do this? Old school.
Get him on a buy and bust, drag his ass in and sweat him.
Let's go.
Hold up.
They know my face.
We gotta send somebody else in.
Who's the best undercover in your squad? I'm your guy.
No offense, but my grandmother wouldn't sell an aspirin to you.
Where the hell you think you're going? Hey, man, get off the court, man.
Hey yo, Tony.
I know you? Man, why you got to play me like that? 'Course you know me, I'm Jose's cousin.
You know Jose, the guy with the funny hat.
Yeah, that is one ugly-ass hat.
Yeah, yeah.
But I still don't know you.
C'mon, man, can't you see I'm hurtin', man? I need to get straight.
Come on, help me out, man.
How much you want? Gimme three.
Here, that's 30.
It's all there, trust me.
Yeah, right.
Oh, yeah.
All right, all right, all right.
Good lookin' now.
What's up, Tony? Long time no see.
Go on, finish your hot dog.
Where you think you're going? In there to sweat him.
No, you're not.
I'm doing this solo.
I proved myself on the street, and now you're shutting me out? Fat Tony and I have history.
I need information.
I don't have time to school you.
Fat Tony.
Man, you have definitely come down in the world.
You used to have kids out there slinging for you.
Now you gotta do your own dirty work.
Got you cold, man.
Dope, marked buy money You got nothing but a cop with a grudge, planting drugs on a solid citizen enjoying a sunny day in the park.
I won't do more than this one night in jail.
May not even have to do that.
How? Talk.
About what? Tricia Knowles.
Vance Dennis's little slut? Oh, you like them young and strung out.
You think I'm playin'? Mmm.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Police brutality.
My lawyer, she's gonna love this.
I smell a million-dollar lawsuit.
Before you start spending your money, you might want to take a look at this.
Fiber optics.
Camera's so small you never notice them.
Sound quality so clear you can hear a cockroach piss.
Juries love 'em.
What's this got to do with me? We got you wired.
Your crib, your ride, last three weeks, 24l7.
See, those dime bags add up.
We're talking major time.
Could be 10, maybe 15 years.
Like my friend says, we got you dead and stinking.
That deal still on the table? For the next 10 seconds.
Start talking.
Vance knew Tricia gave him up to you guys, so he sent the Murphy twins to pay her a little visit.
They kill her? The way I hear, they took her into that abandoned building on St.
Nick's Terrace and gave her a hot shot.
Some crackhead found the body, and you all thought it was just another junkie OD.
Why didn't anyone tell me? There was no way to identify your daughter's body.
We didn't know it was Tricia till today.
Well, then how can you be sure? Maybe this informant lied to you.
We retained the personal effects found with the body.
Do you recognize this? That's Tricia's.
I gave it to her when she made her first holy communion.
She never took it off.
When can I bury my daughter? She's in a city grave on Hart's Island.
We'll exhume the body right away.
Just have the funeral home contact me.
We're very sorry, Mrs It's too late.
Doc, is there any way to prove that Tricia didn't inject the drugs herself? I read the autopsy report.
No bruises, no evidence of force.
But I'll check when the body comes in.
There's no way the D.
's gonna charge the murder with Fat Tony as our only witness.
Come on, man, I'll take you back to the squad.
There's something else.
Tricia's autopsy report noted a recent scar, partially healed, from a C-section.
She had a baby.
"And they bought the potter's field to bury strangers in.
" Matthew 27, verse 7.
You didn't have to come out.
Yes, I did.
It's peaceful here.
Nothing but graves.
Hart Island once had a plague house during the yellow fever.
Then became a boy's reformatory, then a jail for Confederate soldiers.
The city even used it during World War II to hold the crew of a captured German U-boat.
There's still a whole bunch of Nike missile silos out here, even the old bleachers from Ebbets Field.
Mostly dead people nobody remembers.
Close to a million.
Set her down easy.
All right, guys.
We've got 6919132.
There's your body.
What's going on? What's up, Captain? Just checking out something on the computer.
Looking for Tricia's baby? How'd you know? Warner called.
There's nothing I can do to fix what happened with Tricia, but if I could find her little boy Turn it over to Missing Persons.
I can't do that, Captain.
And I can't have you out there cowboying it up.
What am I supposed to tell Tricia's moms? "I'm sorry I got your daughter killed.
"By the way, you have a grandson, but I don't know where he is.
" You're too close to this.
I turned my back on Tricia once.
I'm not gonna do it again.
You need help, you call.
I didn't know you were back.
How're you feeling? I'm getting there.
I need a favor.
You name it.
I'm looking for a baby.
Birth certificate says he was born at Mercy Hospital.
Mother's name is Tricia Knowles.
Might be a lead in the charts.
A missing child? I just talked to Captain Cragen, he didn't mention it.
It's not an SVU case.
I'm helping out Narcotics.
Mike Sandoval, A.
Casey Novak.
Come to order, court is now in session.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
I gotta arraign this case, but then I'll fax a subpoena over to the hospital for the medical records.
If it turns into something, you'll let me know? You got it.
You're helping me? Why didn't you tell her the truth? We're working off the books.
She'd ask too many questions.
You're playing fast and loose because you've got a guilty conscience.
What's that supposed to mean? Tricia Knowles died because you screwed up.
Listen, rookie, you don't often get a chance to make things right and when you do, you gotta grab it.
Now, you give me the word and I'll call your CO and tell him I don't need you.
C'mon, let's take a ride to Mercy.
When Tricia came in for her first pre-natal exam, she was a mess.
High as a kite, and already in her second trimester.
Let me guess, the baby was born with a positive tox screen, got sent to foster care.
I read her the riot act.
Tricia got clean.
Baby was born perfectly healthy.
See? That's Tricia and Austin.
When was the last time you saw her? About six months ago.
Her appointment cards came back, "Moved, no forwarding address.
" I'd hoped she'd gone home.
To her mother? I kept telling Tricia to, but she was so sure she could make it on her own.
Did she have a job? Waitress, in a diner down in Chelsea.
I can't believe she's dead.
Such a good girl.
When did she quit? She didn't.
She left early one day last spring and never came back.
She sent her roommate to pick up the baby.
Austin was here? Every day.
My mother watched the kid.
She lives upstairs, fell in love with that boy.
Tricia's roommate, did she say anything when she picked up the kid? Yeah, that Tricia had a family emergency and asked her to bring the baby up to her mother's.
This roommate, did she have a name? Uh Lizzie Jones.
Tricia asked me to hire her, but it didn't work out.
Why not? She was nasty to the customers, shorted the busboys on tips.
I think maybe she was high.
You let an addict take the baby? She was Tricia's best friend.
Why, did something happen to little Austin? That's what we're trying to find out, sir.
You know where we can find Lizzie Jones? I don't know, up in Yonkers, maybe.
Well, she grew up there with Tricia.
Of course I know her.
Lizzie used to live across the street.
She and Tricia both went to Cardinal Newman.
They look pretty close.
I tried to separate them, but Tricia thought Lizzie was cool.
When Lizzie started smoking, so did Trish.
Then it was cutting school, getting tattoos.
When Lizzie started doing drugs, I put my foot down.
I told Tricia she couldn't see Liz anymore.
They ran away.
Do you have any idea where Lizzie might be? I ran into her mother at the supermarket last month.
She said Lizzie was in rehab.
New Dawn, New Day, something like that.
Lizzie's involved in my daughter's murder, isn't she? We don't know.
Then why are you looking for her? Mrs.
Knowles, before Tricia died, she had a baby.
A child? Yeah, he'd be about one years old right now.
His name is Austin.
Where is he? We think Lizzie may have him.
Please, you've got to find him.
I will.
I promise.
Why the hell did you tell that woman you'd find her grandchild? I got a good feeling about this.
No, what you've got is post-shooting trauma.
We studied it in my police psych course at John Jay.
After a fatal, guys sometimes feel guilty Have you ever killed somebody? No.
When you do, I'll let you tell me how I feel.
Let's go find this rehab spot.
It's in the 50, up in the Bronx.
But you know the folks who run it will just cite confidentiality.
They're not gonna tell us jack about Lizzie.
You got a better idea? Ask someone without scruples.
One of my informants is in that program.
Couple of bucks will get us Lizzie's life story.
She hangs in a park across from the clinic.
Sure, I know Lizzie.
She used to work the program, but she backslid.
Still came here to cop.
From who? Crazy Jim, nut job with a guitar.
Thinks he's the white Jimi Hendrix.
Lizzie come here to score lately? No, she don't need me no more.
Got herself this new boyfriend, dealer by the name of T.
He said he's gonna be around here the next couple of days, got some good new product coming in.
Lizzie usually come here with him? No, but she'll stop by when she's working.
Working? The girl's a booster.
That Lizzie could steal anything as long as it ain't nailed down.
You see these sneakers? Two hundred retail.
I give her my size, the next day they're on my feet for 35 bucks.
You ever see her with a baby? Never seen her without.
You know, it's sort of like a gimmick.
She uses that stroller like it's her own private shopping cart.
Where's she living at? With T.
I went over there to pick up a new TV she got me for my mom's birthday.
Money talks.
Little house over in Kingsbridge Terrace.
Couple of possession collars, one for sale, did a nickel upstate.
How you want to do this? Well, no violence on the priors, I say we just do it straight up.
Knock on the door, ask for Lizzie.
You got it.
No movement inside.
So what, we're just gonna sit on the house, and wait for someone to come home? Let's take a look in back.
Might find something to give us probable cause for a warrant.
This place is a dump.
You surprised? I'm surprised he's got a pole cam.
The back door doesn't look locked.
Gonna take a quick peek, see if we see anything inside.
Tripwire! You should have EMS check out your shoulder, make sure you didn't bust your stitches open.
They'll just try to send me home.
Fire department's taking a while.
If Lizzie and the baby were inside Don't even go there.
I tripped the wire.
You didn't rig the house to blow.
I just want to know why some low-level drug dealer's got his house booby-trapped.
With Claymore anti-personnel mines.
Serious military ordnance.
Bomb squad says other entry points were also wired.
You're lucky you spotted it.
A few feet closer, the shrapnel would've got you.
I didn't see any shrapnel Embedded in the wood.
Guy's willing to blow up his own house, he's got something serious to hide.
Guys, we're secure now.
Come on in.
You find anyone? No bodies.
Claymores were set on top of those gas cans.
Made sure the place would burn.
I know why.
Check this out.
Cold pills? Yep.
And matchbooks.
Thousands of them.
You need both to cook crystal meth.
Well, that explains the pole cams and the booby-traps.
Meth makes you paranoid.
Beyond paranoid.
I once collared a heavy tweaker who shot his dog because he was afraid he was gonna rat him out to the cops.
So this is a meth lab.
I doubt it.
Chemicals you need to make meth were stored here, explosion would've taken out half the block.
In a clandestine lab, you don't even turn on the light.
One spark, the whole place blows.
That's why this house didn't go up.
They're storing supplies here and the lab is someplace else.
's a chemist? Could be.
Download a recipe off the Internet, it's as easy as making pancakes.
Junkies used to use meth when I was working Narcotics, but they didn't cook it.
Is using the red phosphorous method.
The striker plates off the matchbook covers start the process.
The cold pills contain pseudoephedrine.
That's the main ingredient in meth.
Plus starter fluid, antifreeze, drain cleaner.
Extract the chemicals they contain, purify it, boil it, strain it through a coffee filter, you've got crystal meth.
That stuff is all easy to get.
You don't need a fancy setup to make it.
This is a replica of a portable lab we found in the trunk of a Buick.
So if T.
's cooking on wheels.
How're we gonna find him? Geographical profiling.
I studied it at John Jay.
The FDA limits the sale of pseudoephedrine to one box per customer, so meth cooks have to shoplift from lots of stores.
So that's why he needed a girlfriend who was a booster.
Now, we search the 61s for stolen cold pills, crunch the data, we got a target area for the lab.
You think they'll hit the same place again? Perps tend to steal in their comfort zone.
Lizzie needs pseudoephedrine, she's gonna go where she can get it.
I heard about the explosion.
What the hell is going on? A rookie got ahead of himself.
Listen, the other night, what you said about helping out What do you need? The girl who took Tricia's baby is stealing supplies for a meth lab.
They were getting ready to cook.
The explosion wiped out their stash of ingredients.
And you figure she's stocking up? This is a list of larcenies reported by mini-marts and drug stores all over the Bronx.
The problem is the list doesn't show what got stolen.
What are we looking for? Over-the-counter cold pills.
We'll man the phones, call the results in to you.
No, we haven't made an arrest for your stolen condoms.
We're a little busy.
But we'll get right on it.
The only thing missing was the cold pills? Right, 26 boxes.
Thank you so much.
I've got two more, both stores ripped off by a female booster with a baby carriage.
One at Corlear, the other at 238.
And Olivia found a store at Broadway and 234.
That makes 13 hits in Kingsbridge.
Lizzie's gotta be working this neighborhood.
Last time I talked to Fin, they were close by.
Yeah, Fin.
We found two more stores, but you're definitely closing in.
You recognize this girl? You know how many people come in here, man? Come here.
I know you got Slurpees to sell, but I got a missing boy.
You need to look again.
All right, there was a chick in here a little while ago, could be her, but she don't look like that now.
She's a total crack-ho.
Shelf's bare.
Fifth store so far without a box of cold pills left.
What? My boss is gonna kill me.
She have her baby with her? I don't remember.
Think! She asked if there were any auto supply stores around here.
Shopping for starter fluid.
They need the ether in it for the cook.
You tell her where to go? Yeah, all the way down on Putnam Avenue.
She was bitching about the long walk.
There's the auto supply up ahead.
There's Lizzie.
Who the hell are you? Where's the baby? What baby? Austin Knowles.
Tricia's baby.
I don't know.
Ask Tricia.
She's dead.
You sold her out to Vance.
What'd he give you, couple grams of crack for your best friend's life? I didn't do it.
You set her up, then you stole her kid.
Leave me alone! Get off me! You reek.
I can smell the stink of death all over you.
You wanna kill yourself, you go right ahead, but you are not gonna take that little boy down with you.
Now tell me where he is.
With T.
Where? His sister Paula's place.
He uses her kitchen for the cook.
Lizzie Jones, you're under arrest for petty larceny.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you ESU and HazMat are on their way.
ETA 15 minutes.
Miss Paula's Day Care.
There's gotta be kids in there.
We better get them out before T.
Starts cooking.
Could be cooking already, man.
Let's go.
We can't.
We need Tyvek suits, airpacks, full level-B protection.
The cook produces phosphine gas, we breathe it, we could die.
Those kids could be breathing that right now.
Someone's coming out.
Come on.
Let's go.
I just want to go home.
Come on.
Smell that? T.
's cooking.
No telling how long the kids have been exposed to those chemicals.
They're gonna need medical treatment.
Those kids are a lot older than Austin.
Bet you he's still inside.
Let's go.
We can't.
We've to wait for HazMat to make it safe.
Screw HazMat.
Hey, hey.
All right, don't make any noise, okay? All right, everybody come with me.
Let me see some bubbles.
I need that ether.
Where the hell is that bitch? Austin, I'm gonna kick Lizzie's ass if she's not back here in five minutes.
Police! Don't move.
Put the pot down and step away from the stove! You ain't gonna shoot me.
You wanna bet? If you do, this whole place will go up like a Roman candle.
I don't care about the drugs or you.
I just want Austin.
What's the kid got to do with you? I know his mother.
Tricia's dead.
I know.
Back off.
This stuff will melt your face off.
Just give me the baby and I'll leave.
No! That's not how it's gonna go.
Me and this kid, we're walking out of here.
I can't let that happen.
How're you gonna stop me? You stay there.
What took you so long? Screw you! Screw all of you! You have no idea who you're messing with! Let go of me! I said let go! Doc said we're clear to go.
You did good.
Please, please! Look, please, my grandson's in there.
You've got to let me in.
Captain! Captain Cragen! Hey, ma'am, please Captain.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I've got this.
Knowles, this area is off limits.
You can't come in here.
But Detective Tutuola called.
He found Austin.
They're being decontaminated right now.
You cannot see them until they're cleared.
Come on.
Come with me.
Thank you.
Fin! Look, there's Grandma.
Look, look.
Thank you.