Longmire s05e05 Episode Script

Pure Peckinpah

1 [mid-tempo music plays] I don't have much money I got lots of time I got lots of time [Vic] So, did your girl find a pack to take her in yet? [Pyper] Nope.
[sighs] It appears the world still doesn't know what to do with an alpha female.
Which is why us alpha females need to take matters into our own hands.
You want to buy my crappy old motor home? I do.
[laughs] Yeah.
I mean, um Do you have somewhere else to go? Well, maybe I could go live with her.
She could use a roomie.
If you wish you were me don't you wish you were me Don't you, boy? [music continues] [blower whirring] [whirring stops] [Joe-Mega] Mm, mm.
Ethel's over in Lot 64.
- Ethel? - Yeah.
Her granddaughter called you guys about a stolen Social Security check? Oh.
Yeah, no, I'm not here about work.
I'll bite.
What are you here for? I was wondering if you have room for one more caterpillar.
[laughs] Come on.
[knock on door] [knocking continues] [pounding on door] [pounding continues] [sniffles] Sorry, Bob.
No, I'm I'm sorry to be bothering you.
I just need [sniffles] your help.
[sniffles] It's Billy.
It's It's my boy.
[crying, sniffling] [grunting] Ah, it's a mega-shitstorm up inside here! Yeah.
Not exactly like building the Barbie Dreamhouse, is it? I had no problem installing the water pressure monitor and the gray water hose, but for some reason, the black water hose doesn't want to connect.
Why don't you let Joe-Mega slide under there and apply his magical hands to your undercarriage? You need to keep your magic hands on your own undercarriage.
All right? I got this.
Okay? [Joe-Mega] Yes, ma'am.
[sighs] Barbie House is not that easy.
God damn Aah! [whimpers] What exactly do you want me to do, Bob? Billy needs to get into rehab.
- His drinking's gotten that bad? - It ain't drinkin'.
It's heroin.
Since when? [Bob] I'm not sure.
But it's gotten worse.
Everything has.
I think we did the wrong thing, Walt.
What do you mean? Billy's never forgiven himself for that drunk driving accident that just about killed Cady.
I thought I was doing the right thing by taking the fall for him.
Turns out it was the worst parenting mistake I've ever made, and that's saying something.
Billy should have done his time, Walt.
Maybe then he would have stopped punishing himself.
[man coughs] [vehicle approaching] Shit! Let's get out of here! [woman] Come on! [Walt] Okay, that's enough.
Oh, shit.
Hey! We're here to help you, Billy.
[Bob] You're sick, son.
You need to get well.
You son of a bitch.
[panting] You God damn son of a bitch! Hey.
Hey! Get off him! [sighs] - Okay, Bob.
- It's all right.
It's okay.
It's all right.
I'm good.
What the hell's wrong with you, boy?! What are you doing? [Henry] We have a problem.
Joey Takoda showed up at the Red Pony.
- Dead.
- Whoever you are, I hope you know this call can be traced.
I am on a pay phone.
The call is secure.
What are we going to do about this dead drug dealer? Well, that depends.
Did you kill him? Did I kill him? Did you kill him, is the question.
Is this your latest way of setting me up? Don't be paranoid, Standing Bear.
I'm on your side.
Then tell me what am I supposed to do? If you really have nothing to hide, then you should do what any upstanding citizen would do.
Call your local sheriff.
[cell phone beeps] [Billy] You know, you can't make me go here.
- You need help.
- Why? Why? Because I like to party on my days off? I got a job.
I pay my bills.
That's more than you can say.
Damn it.
Look at your arm.
- You're a junkie! - So what? I'm an adult.
In fact, this is kidnapping.
And I am leaving.
That's true.
You have every right to leave this place.
Just as I have every right to arrest you for possession.
Now, you're gonna get clean either here or at the Tri-County Jail.
It's your choice.
[sighs] [sniffs] [sighs] Fine.
Let's go sign in or whatever.
Hey, Dad.
Yeah? You sure you don't want to do my rehab for me? Save me the trouble? You're doing the right thing, Bob.
[engine shuts off] [camera shutter clicks] [Walt] What do we have? Looks like an O.
Seems like our friend here had his own little party.
Found a detergent pod with what I assume is heroin inside, a blackened spoon, and a lighter in a sunglasses case, and a syringe on the floorboard.
You find an injection mark? Uh, yeah.
In the crook of his right arm.
Why don't you give me a hand? We'll lay him out on the ground.
[Ferg] Okay, now You recognize him? Maybe.
Not sure from where.
[Vic] His name's Joey Takoda.
Looks like he lives on the Res.
I'll call Mathias.
See if he knows anything.
Hey, Walt.
You're gonna want to see this.
That's quite the arsenal.
That's interesting.
You want me to find a ball so we can play catch? Well, if this Joey Takoda's glove means he's right-handed.
If you're right-handed, do you inject your left or right arm? - Left.
- Left.
So why is he shooting up into his right arm? Maybe somebody else injected him.
What are you two doing? Looking for more needle marks.
Sometimes users shoot up between their toes to hide the injection marks.
So far, he's just got the one injection mark in his right arm, so No marks on this foot.
This one's clean, too.
Which makes me think Joey wasn't a user.
Then what was he? [Malachi] Well, now.
Looky here.
Tickle his toes all you want, Victoria.
I don't think he's gonna wake up.
[laughs] And there he is.
Red Pony's own cigar store Indian.
[chuckles] Let's make sure we get plenty of pictures of everything.
We need to get the victim's car to the shed for prints.
I'm gonna send that syringe to the lab in Cheyenne.
[trunk lid closes] [sighs] [keyboard keys clacking] So, did you call the sheriff like I suggested? Walt is at the Red Pony now.
Which he has already deduced to be a murder scene.
[Mathias] So the scumbag was murdered.
Presumably, that's not a problem for either of us.
Not until Walt starts asking questions.
What do I tell him? How about the truth? That Joey Takoda was a drug dealer who got what was coming to him.
But I already acted like I did not know him.
Then don't say anything.
Who cares if Walt figures out who killed some heroin dealer? We both should care.
I torched Joey's entire stash, and when I did, he was scared for his life.
Clearly, he had good reason to be.
I think whoever killed him may be coming after Hector next.
Why? Days after I burn Joey's drugs, he shows up dead in my parking lot.
Coincidence? I'm the only one who knows you're Hector.
And even if someone else did know, how would they guess that Hector was the one that burned up that heroin? Maybe because I spray-painted "Hector Lives" across the house.
Well, that was stupid.
I never intended to be a criminal mastermind.
And now we have a problem.
I am sure that Walt will go to Joey Takoda's house to investigate, but we might be able to paint over Hector's name before he does.
[intercom buzzes] [Woman] Mathias, Sheriff Longmire's here to see you.
Or maybe not.
[Vic] Hey.
So I got the coroner's initial results back.
Hey, uh, so, what did he say? Joey Takoda died from respiratory failure and cardiac arrest due to a large dose of heroin.
- Was he a user? - Can't tell yet.
But the coroner couldn't find any more injection marks on his body, so he's gonna do a more thorough autopsy.
He probably wants to look at the lungs.
Oxygen deprivation damages the tissue.
It's a telltale sign of long-term abuse.
It's so cool that you know that.
What'd you find out in your questioning? Yeah.
Uh, so, um there's no evidence of any bad batches of heroin making the rounds, but there has been a significant uptick in, uh, heroin overdoses.
Heroin's exploded over the last couple months.
It's a rare shift not to have a few heroin cases coming through the E.
It's not just here.
It's small towns everywhere.
[chuckles] Awesome.
Ferg, let's go.
So, I sent the syringe off to the lab in Cheyenne, but we're not gonna get the results back for a while.
Oh, shoot.
I think I left my phone back there.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me, sir.
Can I ask you a question you might be able to answer? I'll try.
What's wrong with my black water hose? Black hose.
I have absolutely no idea.
Did you forget something? I did.
[sighs] I appreciate you letting me search the victim's house.
You know anything about him? [Mathias] Well, by the looks of things, I'm thinking he didn't have a girlfriend.
[Walt] Have any enemies? Yeah.
Why's that? I arrested this asshole three separate times for dealing drugs on the Res.
But I couldn't hold him.
All I was allowed to do was charge him with a misdemeanor.
Well, it looks like he died of a heroin overdose.
- Do you know if he used? - No idea.
Do you know everyone who's using hard drugs in your jurisdiction? Well, there's, um no needles no pipes, no bent spoons anywhere in this place.
No track marks on his body.
It's odd for a non-user to die of an overdose, don't you think? Honestly, I don't care.
All I know is that there's one less person peddling drugs on my land.
But if you're so concerned about solving the lonesome death of Joey Takoda, why don't we head back to the station so I can give you my files on him? Thanks.
We'll do that.
Looks like I have a suspect.
Hector doesn't kill.
The real Hector didn't kill.
I'm not so sure this new Hector has the same kind of self-control.
And as much as I understand how the law works against your people, I just can't look the other way.
If Hector killed someone in my county [sighs] Well, whoever this Hector is, I'm not gonna play any part in helping you arrest him.
You've investigated the victim's house.
- Favor's finished.
- That's fine.
Now I know what I'm looking for.
Pain in the butt.
You guys look like a couple of pros.
If I'm gonna be in sportsman country, I'm gonna be a sportsman.
Not a tourist.
I, uh understand that you might be a little upset.
So you got my message? Message? Oh, the the kid in the parking lot.
Joey? Um, it's a little excessive, don't you think? He lost $10,000 worth of product.
What do you expect? Time-out chair? Well, could have been some kind of mistake.
How does a kid go and lose that much heroin? [Shane] He didn't lose it.
He said some guy named Hector burned it up.
Well, then, why didn't you kill Hector? We couldn't find him.
But we found the kid.
Turns out he couldn't reimburse our losses, - so - I see.
Well Careful now, Wahoo.
I've got a little over two grand on me.
[chuckles lightly] I'll give you two weeks to come up with the rest, plus 20% interest.
You do know that I can, uh, get you something much better.
Like what? Like the head of Hector himself.
You mean instead of the remaining eight grand? Yes.
Plus, uh going forward, I want another 5% on everything you run through the casino that's drugs, whores, everything.
If this Hector is still, uh, lurking around, he'll at least be that much of a drag on your business.
So, if we, uh, if we move him out, everybody wins.
And there won't be anybody here to match you.
Except maybe you, old-timer.
I've run into your kind before.
Yeah? Where? Belfast.
So, is it a deal? You're still breathing, aren't you? Do you know this man? Probably not.
His name's Joey Takoda.
Have you heard anything about him? Yeah, I heard that you were looking for him.
[Bob] Knock it off, Billy.
You owe the sheriff.
Now answer him honestly.
Honestly, the sheriff can kiss my ass.
[Bob] Now you can talk to me like that, but not him.
He deserves your respect.
Now look at this picture and tell him You tell Walt if you've seen this man before or not.
[Walt] I know you got some connection to him.
I found the same heroin pod in your pocket that I found on him.
All right.
All right.
He's a Res guy.
He's a dealer.
Anything else? Yeah.
If he knew I was talking about him, he'd probably show up at my door with a baseball bat and a .
[Walt] Joey's dead, Billy.
Did he have trouble with anyone? Anybody ever talk about sending Hector after him? Look, I don't know anything about Hector, but there was a girl who tried to get me to steal a bunch of smack off of Joey, which I refused to do because I'm not an idiot.
You think she may have recruited somebody else to rip him off? Yeah, that was her plan.
Is she Cheyenne? Could she have sent Hector? No, she's not Native.
But she is persuasive.
- Her name's Jule.
- Jule what? I don't know.
It's not like we spent a lot of time talking.
Is this Jule the same girl that we found you with this morning? I was with somebody this morning? [paper rustles] One last question, Billy.
Have you ever run into anybody wearing a black hood and a red sash around their neck out at that party site or on the Res? No.
I think even I'd remember seeing something like that.
Walt wants us to go through mug shots and arrest records.
We're looking for a woman named Jule as a possible murder suspect.
- Jule what? - Don't know.
Walt says she's a known heroin user, probably in her mid-20s.
[sighs] Okay.
"Jule" could be short for Julia, Juliana You know, we should call the high school and have them send over their most recent yearbooks.
The last time heroin swept through Philly, it hit the good kids as hard as it hit the bad.
I saw cheerleading honor students O.
at 17.
Since heroin is new to Durant, this Jule probably doesn't have a record yet.
Any hits on Jule? No, you just called from the road like a minute ago.
What you looking for? Well, Ferg and Zach, uh, put together a list of possible Hectors a while back, so Yeah.
It's in my desk.
Think there's a Jule or a Julie on it? No, but, uh, it's possible this new Hector could be another suspect in this murder.
I found "Hector Lives" spray-painted at the victim's house.
Here's the list with the names on it.
Zach checked into most of them.
Do you remember what he said the last time we were looking for Hector? "A badge and a gun doesn't make you flawless.
" - Yeah.
- Well, it wasn't too long ago that you thought that he was the one that shot Walt, so going by that logic You think that Zach is Hector? Just saying that that the dead guy is a drug dealer.
We can't rule out the idea that the killer has a badge and a gun.
Zach doesn't have a badge anymore.
Does he have a gun? I-I know what I said before, but I really think Zach just wanted to help people.
Yeah, I'm sure that's what the new Hector thinks he's doing, too.
I just feel like we shouldn't discount people because we feel like we know them.
Especially if they're feeling powerless.
We shouldn't.
[bag crinkles] Fellas.
I'm guessing you may have missed out investing in Apple and Google stock.
So allow me to introduce a genuine business opportunity.
What opportunity is that, boss? Early retirement with a big, fat bank account.
And all you have to do is is bring Hector to me.
Dead or alive.
Hector's already dead.
Everyone knows that.
He's just a ghost story now.
No way.
I saw him.
Or I almost did.
Anyway, he's alive and very real.
As fascinating as this philosophical debate may be, somebody's sticking their hand in our business and signing it "Hector.
" Now, this has got to stop.
We'll keep our eyes open.
You'll keep your eyes open? This isn't a bunch of Indians sitting around type of deal.
This is "Get off your asses or else" type of deal.
I can't do it.
What was that? I'm sorry.
Hector's a spirit, a descendant of the Dog Soldiers.
I can't do it.
[sighs] So you're saying you're more afraid of Hector than you are of me.
I'm saying if Hector is really speaking for our ancestors [gunshot] [gasping] Well if Hector really is a spirit, you tell him hello for me.
And let him know that I'm coming for him.
[gasping] Anyone else have any more issues they want to settle? Good.
[Walt] Henry.
- Malachi's put fish on the menu? - No.
A couple of tourists asked me to cook their fresh catch.
So, uh the man you found today was actually murdered.
Turns out he was dealing on the Res.
And "Hector Lives" was spray-painted on the side of his house.
Which makes me think that Hector may have had something to do with this murder, so I need to ask you something about this new Hector.
Fire away.
Is Hector actually Mathias? Mathias.
What makes you think he has become a vigilante? Mathias tried to arrest Joey for dealing, but he could never hold him.
So he was frustrated.
Just like he was when he couldn't arrest Gab's rapist.
Now, becoming Hector would get him around all that.
Mathias is not the only person who is frustrated by the limits of Reservation law.
[Walt] No.
But Mathias is the only person to come to me with notes taken from Hector's jar.
Now, one of those notes called for the death of Gab's rapist.
Mathias claimed that he intercepted those notes, but if he did, how would Hector know to show up at the bonfire unless Hector is Mathias? [sighs] You said you found "Hector Lives" graffiti at the victim's house? I did.
And Mathias tried to keep me from finding it.
But the body was found here in the parking lot.
If it was Hector that killed him, why not write "Hector Lives" on the car or on the side of the Red Pony? Why do it all the way back at the victim's house? I don't know.
Is it possible that this murder is unrelated to Hector? Either way, this new Hector needs to be stopped.
But given all the attention focused on you with your civil suit, you should probably rule out all other suspects before you make an accusation that serious.
[fish sizzling] So, what abuse of authority is on the menu today? Harassment? Entrapment? I'm actually investigating a murder, so if you'll excuse me.
My son is not a murderer.
- Where are you going?! - To talk to your son.
Hey, Travis! Are you up yet? Vic? Is that you?! Uh, yeah.
Of course I'm up.
Um what are you doing here? [Vic] I need to ask you something.
Uh, yeah, sure.
The The door's unlocked.
Not this time, missy.
Um your mommy won't let me in.
Mom! Answer the question through the door, Travis.
[sighs] [Vic] Um Do you recognize that guy? I don't think so.
Who is he? [Vic] His name's Joey Takoda.
He's a drug dealer that was found murdered at the Red Pony.
I was thinking maybe you'd seen him there, at the casino? I don't recognize him.
[Vic] What about a girl named Jule? - You ever run into her? - The singer? Oh, I wish he would meet someone like that instead of Mom.
Damn it! I think I can handle this.
[Mary Jo] Of course you think you can.
But I'll be watching.
I see everything.
I'm sorry.
Um I don't think I know any Jule.
I'm sorry.
I-I wish I wish I could help you.
Um you might still be able to.
Yeah? You used to have a trailer home, right? Yeah.
What the hell is wrong with my black water hose? [knock on door] Come in! I got your message.
What did Walt say? Walt thinks Hector murdered the heroin dealer.
Well, we knew that would happen.
And he thinks Hector is you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Me? Shit.
Well put.
So, what's Walt gonna do now? [Henry] I imagine he will keep digging until he proves his theory.
But if we can get Walt off the idea that Hector is a killer, he might stop.
He'll still be suspicious of me.
And that'll put him awfully close to discovering the truth about you.
Well, then maybe we should start with the truth about me.
Walt needs to realize that all that Hector did is burn Joey Takoda's drugs.
Well, how are you gonna manage that? Very carefully.
And with your help.
[grunts] How are you feeling, Billy? Like warmed-over shit.
My deputies have, uh, put together some pictures.
Are any of these women the Jule that wanted your help ripping off Joey Takoda? Um [sniffs] Man, I don't know.
I just see her at parties.
She'd show up whenever I scored dope.
Uh I think that's her.
Well, she's changed, but I think that's who you were with yesterday.
Is that Is that a yearbook photo? [Walt] It is.
Junior year.
How many years ago? [Walt] Last year.
So Jule would be 18, at most.
[exhales sharply] [Vic] All right, ma'am.
I understand.
Can you at least tell me where to find Jule? [keyboard keys clacking] And do she and her grannie share the same last name? Hello? Hello? [thudding] [sighs] Any progress? Oh, I don't know.
Does completely solving your entire damn problem count as progress? Are you serious? You fixed it? How? Good ol' American stick-to-it-iveness and ingenuity.
Also, uh I went up to the hardware store.
Your Your adapter well, it was all busted.
It turns out the, uh, male end and the female end weren't exactly, uh, simpatico.
I guess I have intuition when it comes to stuff like that.
So, um, you're welcome.
How about you? Any luck on your your Jule search? Uh, all Jule's mom would tell me was that after she kicked her daughter out of the house, Jule moved in with her Grannie Ethel.
[tool thuds] What is it? Um Lot 64.
Yesterday, I heard about an Ethel and her granddaughter, and they live on Lot 64.
Oh, Walter.
There you are.
Bob Barnes just called, and they're kicking Billy out of the rehab facility.
Kicking him out? What for? Well, Bob can't afford it.
I've been calling around to see if the state facilities can take him, but they've all got wait lists.
I remember what a sweet little boy he was.
Do you know anybody with some pull that could maybe help him get moved up the list? Actually, I do.
[clears throat] [Ethel] Can I help you, hon? Yeah, I-I'm Deputy Moretti from the sheriff's department.
Oh, did you find my Social Security check? Well, my granddaughter called you about it last week.
No, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
- We haven't found it yet.
- Oh.
But I am looking for your granddaughter.
Jule, is it? - Juliette.
Well, I think she's in the bathroom.
I hear the water running.
She'll just be a minute.
Come on in! Thank you.
Come on in.
I'll just check and see if she's out of the shower.
Juliette, someone is here to see you.
[knock on door] [Ethel] I'm sure she'll be right out.
Can I get you a ginger ale? - Uh, yes, please.
- Okay.
Have a seat.
[Travis] Hey.
Jule! Can we Can we talk? No.
- Hey! - No! Hey! Come back! Stop! - No! - Citizen's arrest! So does your granddaughter live here with you? Yes.
But I barely see her anymore.
She's a very busy young woman.
Halt in the name of the Absaroka County Sheriff's Department! [Ethel] With her job and her friends, we always called her our overachiever.
[chuckles] Get away from me! [grunts] Get away! Agh! Get away from me! - Calm down.
- [screams] You know, she's been in there a while.
Do you mind if I go check on her? Well, I I suppose that's fine.
Thank you.
[knock on door] [Jule screams] Let me go, you asshole! I really hope this is the girl you're looking for.
- [Jule] Let me go! - [Travis] Just chill out! [Jule groans] [Walt sighs] Do you know this man? Nope.
[Walt] Really? I heard that he was your heroin dealer.
And you were planning on robbing him.
[chuckles] Sounds like junkie talk to me.
Drop the attitude, Jule.
We know Joey's dead.
We're investigating his murder, okay? And the junkie talk that we're hearing is more than enough to make you our primary suspect.
Well, I didn't kill him, and I wasn't planning on robbing him, either.
I was just planning on getting what was mine.
He owed me.
What'd he owe you? Money? Let's say, hypothetically, a girl needed medicine.
But that girl has no money.
So, hypothetically, this girl becomes really friendly with the guy with [chuckling] a lot of medicine so she could get more.
You slept with a drug dealer for heroin? [Jule] Yeah.
It's not actually something you would put in your annual Christmas letter.
But, yeah, I did.
[Walt] You said that Joey owed you.
Did something go wrong with your arrangement? You could say that.
[sighs] We were at Joey's, the usual arrangement.
After we'd spend some time together, he was gonna hook me up.
But we got interrupted.
By who? I don't know.
This redheaded dude.
I didn't get a name, but [chuckles] Joey was scared of him.
Anyway, this redhead told Joey that he was short 100 bucks this week and that if it happened again, he'd get "emotional.
" After that, Joey refused to give me any more from his stash after I'd completely satisfied my end of the deal.
So, did you get someone to help you rob Joey? I didn't rob Joey.
I didn't need to.
I found another way to score.
You find someone else to sleep with? Grannie Ethel always said I was a very clever girl.
Hello! Got a Meat Lovers, half-order of garlic knots! [sighs] [engine starts] [screaming] Brought over those files on Joey Takoda I mentioned.
[clears throat] Take a seat.
In your many run-ins with Joey, did you ever encounter a redheaded man? No.
Why? Because a redheaded man seems to have been Joey's heroin supplier.
He also threatened his life when he was short on a payment.
Does that mean you're off your Hector theory? Is that why you're really here? To see if I'm off my Hector theory? [knock on door, door opens] Walter, excuse me.
Jamie DeBell is on line one.
- What does he want? - I couldn't tell.
He was hyperventilating.
[panting] He s He said his name was Hector.
He held me up and then took my car.
- Who would want to steal my car? - Nobody.
Found it down the road.
[groans] - So, what'd this Hector look like? - I don't know.
He had a black hood covering his face and a red string around his neck.
Which honestly seemed like kind of a safety hazard.
How tall was Hector? He was tall.
About as tall as you.
- Hector again? - Sounds like it.
- Did he say anything to you? - Yeah.
Said I was spreading poison on the Reservation.
Then he took my merchandise and burned it.
- [Mathias] What kind of merchandise? - Tell him.
I'm a cannabis enthusiast.
So Hector burned your pot? He said, "You stay on your land, I'll stay on mine.
" I told him, "You got a deal.
" If Hector's going around destroying drugs, maybe he just burned Joey Takoda's stash.
Well, like I said, Hector doesn't kill.
I noticed a burn barrel in Joey's backyard.
You should go back and check for heroin residue.
You ever run into a redheaded heroin dealer? Yeah, actually.
H-How did you know? He offered me a job dealing heroin.
I turned him down 'cause I-I don't do the hard stuff.
Too much stress makes me nauseous.
[Walt] You get his name or anything? I got a business card.
There's no name, but a number.
So you've kept it? I didn't want to litter.
I need you to call him back.
Tell him you've changed your mind.
You want to meet.
I assume that's preferable to a drug-dealing arrest.
I thought you and I had an arrangement.
[Mathias] But you and I don't, and this is my jurisdiction.
Your grandmother thought I was visiting her about a lost Social Security check.
She said that you'd reported it missing.
But I checked.
You didn't report it.
Because you're the one that stole it, aren't you? Yeah.
I stole my own grandmother's Social Security check so I could go and get high.
And I've always been her favorite one.
Have you stolen any more from her? No.
I found that having sex with a drug dealer was easier to live with than stealing from her.
[clears throat] Come on.
I'll walk you in.
You okay? You know, she's actually, uh She's more than okay.
She just helped us with an important investigation.
And that actually entitles her to a reward.
[clears throat] But your granddaughter here she wanted me to make the reward check out to you because she thought that that might help you with the loss of your Social Security check.
[Ethel] Thank you.
And thank you, my precious Juliette.
Why wouldn't he meet at the location we suggested? Why's he got to meet out here? What's it mean? Jamie.
You need to relax.
All you got to do is get the heroin and leave.
- We'll take care of the rest, okay? - Okay.
Um, I'm guessing you want me to record the conversation? That would help.
You You need me wired up, right? Uh, just hit record and you're wired.
And while you're at it, see if he'll give you any syringes.
The victim had a large yellow syringe on him.
I was just at the hospital with Travis, and they use different syringes.
So if this redhead has a yellow one, that could connect him to the murder.
Murder? You You didn't say anything about a murder.
Is that who I'm gonna meet? A killer? Jamie.
Come here.
Come here.
Now, you were very good to my wife during a difficult time.
I don't forget that.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, okay? Okay.
[sighs] [engine starts] You sure we have enough evidence to convict this guy of the murder? If we don't, at least we can get him for selling heroin.
So, are we in the clear? [Mathias] You are a criminal mastermind.
Walt seems to be off Hector as a murder suspect.
And off me as Hector.
Now we just have to keep him off of me.
[cell phone beeps] Looking for something? Yeah.
[bottles clink] He does not seem to be here.
Yeah, I know.
But he's been here.
I've seen "Hector Lives" graffiti in here before.
If you hear any Hector rumors, let me know and I'll cut you in.
On what? The bounty on Hector's head.
Remember me? We just talked.
I'm here for my supply.
I-I'm, uh, pretty excited about I mean, it's a real gr-growth opportunity for me.
It may take me a while to to move the heroin, though.
A lot of my regulars don't don't use it.
Just don't come up short.
First time you're short, you get a warning.
The second time I get emotional.
It's in there.
[Jamie] Oh.
Okay I take some of these? [Eddie] Knock yourself out.
[Ferg] Hands up! Down on the ground.
On the ground.
Kiss my ass, you filthy pig! [grunting] [Ferg] You're under arrest for possession and intent to distribute! Get away from the water! Easy! Easy, Sheriff.
You got nothing on me, pig! [Ferg] Easy there, Pacino.
Don't oversell it.
Is there some kind of problem here? Not if you come over here right now.
All right.
I got it.
On your knees.
Whoa, now.
That hurts.
That's the idea.
Come on.
My dad loved his Westerns.
Ride The High Country, Pale Rider, Fistful of Dollars.
He loved all that redneck shit.
So, that deer up there.
Did you kill that thing yourself? What about you, Eddie? Did you kill this man? I I don't know what you're talking about.
So, there's what, just you and that deputy here? [imitates gun firing] [chuckles] Or are there others out there wrangling up steers somewhere? Mr.
Harp, I don't think you're understanding the situation.
This man was drugged and killed with a heroin overdose from a large yellow syringe, which matches the drugs and syringe that we just found on you.
Nah, nah.
I think the guy that you got in your cell had the heroin and syringes on him.
I was just out there fishing when he offered me the drugs.
I turned him down, of course.
The guy in my cell got the drugs from your creel.
No, no, no.
Hold on.
Y-You found drugs in my creel? No.
'Cause you kicked it over into the river.
I'm not too sure that I agree with your version of events, Sheriff.
I'm not too sure a judge will, either.
You know, that that Bronco that's your official police car? That is awesome.
Oh, wait.
Wait a minute.
I get it.
[laughing] It's a Bronco! You're a cowboy and [laughing] that's your horse.
You really think a judge is gonna believe your version of events? I guess it just depends on what you can cook up against me.
Oh, sweet.
A "WANTED" poster.
Cowboy Bill.
The bank robber.
Can I keep that? Hot damn.
Look at that cell.
There better be a harmonica waiting for me in there.
You're next, tough guy.
Come on.
That way.
Let's go.
Guys, I-I'm sorry if I laid it on a little th-thick out there.
Truly, I respect you.
I just don't want that guy to think that I'm in on any of this.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't.
- So, did he confess? - No.
No, he insisted Jamie had the drugs on him the entire time.
Which doesn't matter, since we have the transaction on tape.
[Ferg] Yeah.
About that.
I just listened to the recording.
[water rushing] Now we know why he wanted to meet Jamie by the creek.
Can't make out a thing they're saying.
[knock on door, door opens] [Vic] Hey.
I just got off the phone with the FBI.
- What do they want? - Eddie Harp.
Soon as I punched his name into the database, I got a phone call from an FBI agent saying they wanted to pick him and transport him to Montana to question him in an ongoing federal investigation.
I don't like the FBI being involved any more than you do, but maybe they've got more on this guy than we've got.
And it's never a bad idea to get a drug dealer out of the county.
- No offense, of course.
- Oh, none taken.
Vic, um, tell the FBI they can have Harp, but I'd prefer to transport suspects myself.
Walter! Donna just called.
She's found another clinic for Billy Barnes.
If you can get him there within the hour.
[Ferg] Walt.
You should go help Billy.
I can drive Harp out to the feds.
The landscape out here is stunning.
It really is.
The depth of color, the scale of it all.
Not to mention that John Ford sky.
We like it here.
[Eddie] That's it.
I've made up my mind.
I've been threatening to take up watercolors for years, but I'm gonna do it now.
Get myself some nice brushes, an easel.
What do you think? I think having a hobby like painting might help pass the time in prison.
[tires squeal] That's weird.
What's going on? [laughing] Who knows? It's like the Wild West out here, ain't it? My dad would love this.
Pure Peckinpah.
It's like they're cutting you off at the pass.
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