Lost in Space (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Danger, Will Robinson

This is Will Robinson of the 24th Colonist Group.
I'm making a record of this because it seems I'm the first human to discover evidence of an alien intelligence.
This appears to be the first known work of art of an artificial intelligence of alien origin.
What would you like to call your masterpiece? Danger.
Let's try something else.
- That's the low oxygen warning.
- Yeah.
So we've only got two hours of air left.
That's right.
How'd we all get caught up in the idea that launching into space like the most primitive astronauts in history was somehow genius? - Are we doing this again? - If only you'd gone left.
Look, Maureen didn't answer, which isn't like her.
Left or right.
It's a 50/50 shot.
In my world, those are great odds.
A 50% chance of dying are terrible odds.
You never eject a man into outer space without his permission.
It's common courtesy.
We still have a couple of hours.
We had a 50/50 shot.
Hey, we got work to do.
Pick it up.
Ready? One, two, three.
- The tremors are getting worse.
- Yeah.
That's all of them.
Almost all of them.
Hiroki's gonna be pretty upset when he figures out we snuck off his ship.
Well, Robinsons stick together.
Once Mom and Judy get back, we'll be all set to go? They haven't called in a while.
They should be back by now.
Is that Dad back in range? Yeah.
- It's Morse code.
- What's he spelling? - F.
- Okay.
- U.
- "FU"? That's his message? "FU"? This is how your kids talk? E.
Okay, that changes everything.
- Fuel.
They have fuel.
- Hey, they got fuel! Yeah.
If we'd waited a couple of hours, we wouldn't be here.
Do you hear that? - Mom, Judy, I have amazing news.
- No, it can wait.
- Stay calm.
- What is she doing here? I live here, in case you've forgotten.
There's four of us and one of you.
Actually, there's two of me.
You're alive.
I want you to restrain Dr.
Will, he's not the same.
Robot, come here.
Stop! I said stop.
Will, are you okay? It's hers now.
I saved him this time from what you did to him.
Friends don't make friends walk off cliffs.
- Leave him alone.
- I'm just being honest.
Right, Will? That's how we've always been with each other.
So what now? What do you want? What we all want.
To fly up to the Resolute.
I'm not holding any grudges.
And you shouldn't either.
Will? What is that annoying noise? - Will, is it - Yeah.
- Is it what I think it is? - Yeah.
Think what is? It's Dad.
He's okay.
He and Don are up there in orbit.
That's such great news.
My Morse code's a little rusty.
What's he saying? M-U G-U.
" - Point Mugu.
It's a state park.
- I used to love that place.
But why is he talking about it? It's a message.
He's trying to tell us something.
What do you guys remember most about going there? Uh, we used to build bonfires on the beach.
- Yeah, I remember that.
- Okay, bonfire.
Why would that have anything to do with anything? Could he build one up in space? Yes, I think so.
He's trying to tell us where he is.
Let's search the atmosphere for a heat signature.
We had a plan.
- Same plan, slight detour.
- I've had enough detours in my life.
You said that you didn't want to hurt John.
Was that true? Be honest.
How long before the Resolute leaves for good? 88 minutes.
So exactly what is the plan to make this signal fire? Still got some fuel oxidizer in the lines.
I can rig it to blow a stream of burning gas.
You think it'll be enough for the Jupiter's thermal sensors to pick up? Ow! Ow! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, what's wrong? There's something in my eyes.
Stings like hell.
Okay, let me see.
Oh, yeah.
Some of the anti-fogging agent must have dried up and flaked off.
Yeah, well, I can't see.
I'll just have to feel around and wing it.
Whoa! Hey, you can't do this blind.
- Then who's gonna do it.
You? - Yeah.
I assume you're comfortable identifying compression-loaded orthogrid cylinders.
Just gonna have to talk me through it.
Okay? How hard can it be? There are four hexagonal bolts.
Start unscrewing.
You do know what a hexagon is? Launch will commence in T-minus ten minutes.
It's okay.
Remember this? Hey.
You and me are still friends.
So that means you and the robot can still be friends.
It's not my friend.
You said "it," not "he.
" I guess I did.
We're gonna fix him, okay? We'll get him back to the way he was.
It's not coming back.
Pop-outs secured.
Smith really gonna let us rescue Dad and Don? - She hasn't said no yet.
- I wish we could leave her here.
Launch will commence in T-minus seven minutes.
Be thankful she's not leaving us.
Be thankful she can't pilot the ship.
Can we really let Smith bring that robot to the Resolute? With all those people there? Who knows what she's gonna do.
We'll deal with one problem at a time.
Volcano? Where did that come from? It was always there.
It was just disguised as a mountain.
- Strap in now.
- Will.
The volcano's gonna create significant top winds.
Liftoff's gonna get pretty bumpy.
How bumpy? The hub is the safest place on the ship.
You're free to stay here or you can ride up front with me.
Your choice.
I go where you go.
Not that I don't trust you.
Okay, helmets on.
Launch will commence in T-minus two minutes.
Excuse me, I need to perform pre-launch checks.
It's okay.
I usually have a co-pilot.
You seem to be doing fine on your own.
But then, you've had years of practice of having to do everything all by yourself.
Are you sure we need to go out of our way to pick up your husband? Do you ever feel guilty about anything you do? Launch will commence in T-minus one minute.
Guilt is like a stomachache from overeating.
You make all sorts of promises while you're feeling it, but once it passes, you just get hungry again.
Most people are not like you.
Everybody's like me.
I'm just not in denial.
Denial about what? I just wanna look out for myself.
You think you're so different? You love John because he protects you.
You fight for your kids because it gives you purpose.
Even Will, all that sweetness it's only because he's scared and he wants to feel safe.
Don't you dare talk to me about my son.
Launch will commence in T-minus 30 seconds.
He's a perfectly fine kid, but he's no angel.
He's not selfless.
Nobody is.
Launch will commence in T-minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five - I'm not gonna miss this place.
- four, three, - two, one.
- Well, we've got that in common.
Okay, planet that we never bothered to name, this is between us now.
We're leaving.
Judy, Penny, Will, we're clear.
It's pretty up here.
But I guess everything looks pretty from far enough away.
- Isn't it supposed to float? - Yes.
Mom, things just got weird.
Are we in orbit? Yes, we are.
And no, I don't know why there's gravity on the ship.
Jupiter 2, this is Victor Dhar calling you from the Resolute.
I repeat.
Jupiter 2 this is Victor Dhar calling you from the Resolute.
I don't know if you can hear us, but every one of the other Jupiters made it here safely.
And for that, we owe you a debt of gratitude.
However, as you're well aware, there's a black hole making this section of space extremely treacherous.
You now have 63 minutes to join us.
I hope you will.
Because after that time, we simply can't wait any longer.
Resolute, out.
63 minutes? - That's plenty of time to get John.
- Oh, yeah, that's right.
I'll program in a search pattern now.
Course correction required.
Insufficient fuel.
"Insufficient fuel"? Don't pay any attention to that.
The system isn't properly calibrated.
Because it sounds a lot like we won't have enough fuel to go find your husband and still make it back to the Resolute.
- I'll tighten the search perimeters.
- That's insufficient.
It's time for you to put aside your personal feelings and get your priorities straight.
Sometimes you have to let people go.
Set a course for the Resolute.
Set a course for the Resolute and you and your kids can go there with me.
Or I'll throw you off the ship and find a way to get there myself.
- You think you hold all the cards? - I know I do.
- Are you sure? - I have a robot.
Ahhh! Warning.
Entry angle exceeding parameters.
- Mom? - Trust her.
Five hundred.
Approaching minimums.
Are you crazy? You'd commit suicide with your kids? Four hundred.
Approaching minimums.
We're Robinsons.
Live together or die together.
- Would you do something? - Danger, Dr.
- What're you doing? - Danger, Dr.
She's bluffing.
- Out of the hub, now.
- Let's go! One hundred.
Approaching minimums.
Danger, Dr.
Stop it.
This is what she wants.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Come on.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Pull up.
Orbit stabilized.
Open the door! Get me out of here! You're in the safest room on the ship.
It was designed to survive an asteroid collision.
It was designed to withstand solar flares.
It was designed to repel temperatures that drop to absolute zero.
And do you know who designed it? Me.
So don't expect to get out any time soon.
Break the glass.
- You can't keep me in here forever.
- That's true.
But you'll be in there for long enough.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find my husband.
You do realize you can never criticize us for being reckless again.
Of course I can.
I'm your mother.
You and Judy get the harpoon ready.
Wait, we have a harpoon? Will, you're with me.
We're almost there.
Find the green wire? - There is no green wire.
- Okay, find the black wire.
- There's no black wire.
- What do you see? Whole bunch of wires, none of which are green or black.
Whoever installed this must've swapped out this unit with another controller to cut corners.
It was probably that Williamson, - that cheap son of a bitch.
- So what do I do here? There are a thousand possible scenarios to choose from, only one of which would work.
I'd know if I saw it.
You're just gonna have to see it.
As it happens, our eyes have the ability to generate liquid.
They're called tears.
- You want me to cry? - Yeah.
Well, how? Well, I don't know, I mean, I Think of something sad.
- That seems to work for most people.
- I can't cry out of nowhere.
Okay, okay.
Picture all your family and friends that you left behind on Earth that you may never see again.
There's no one I really care about.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have left.
I've been on my own ever since before I could tie my shoelaces.
Which I taught myself.
I've seen a lot of orphans.
Who says I'm an orphan? My parents are alive and well.
Somewhere, I guess.
I'm sorry they ditched you.
Must be tough knowing that they never loved you.
That they thought you were a worthless piece of Hey, what the hell, man? Why do you Oh, I see what you're doing.
Trying to make me cry.
You have to do better than that.
You know what? Forget about it.
I'll figure it out myself.
We actually have a harpoon gun.
All my life, I feel like I've been missing out on harpooning things.
All this talk of harpooning reminds me, we never got to finish Moby-Dick.
- Only got to, like, page 30.
- The whale kills Ahab.
Spoiler alert.
It was written in 1851.
You had your shot.
Diving towards the planet must have used a lot of fuel.
Do we still have enough to find Dad? I'm starting another infrared sweep.
If he can get that bonfire lit soon, we should be okay.
I never should have saved him.
Should have let him die in that tree.
The robot is only as good as its master.
You are a very good person.
The robot saved Judy because of you.
- Because of me? - That's right.
Judy was trapped in the ice because of me.
No one blames you for that.
I should have been able to swim down.
If I would've swam down and gotten the battery, everything would have been fine.
We have plenty of problems to solve now without rehashing the past.
- I didn't pass the test, did I? - What test? The stress test to get accepted into the colony program.
I didn't pass.
No, you didn't.
Then how am I here? You deserve to be at the colony.
There's no test that could convince me otherwise.
But how am I here? I pulled some strings.
- You did something wrong.
- No, not wrong.
There's a big difference.
You would have been better off if I'd stayed behind.
Can't you hit it any harder? I know you, Maureen.
You didn't design this as a cage.
You designed this to protect your children.
You would absolutely have built in a way for them to get out.
"Jupiter Class Interplanetary Craft Manual of Operations.
" I may have skipped orientation, but I am a quick learner.
If you make yourself throw up, you're gonna have a bigger problem than blindness.
It's not working anyway.
So let me guess, we're down to what? One hour of air? Look, there's not enough time for me to try every combination of wires.
I need your eyes, Don.
Hey, seriously though, the thought of dying doesn't make you feel sad? Don't you have any regrets? I don't believe in looking back.
That's how you crash into things.
There was a time all I ever thought about was the things I never did.
Birthday card I forgot to mail.
Birthday card I forgot to buy.
Birthdays just came and went.
But then, I came to realize it was all the days in between I was really missing out on.
Breakfast before school, driving carpool to soccer practice, skinned knees that I was never there to put Band-Aids on Regular days.
Yeah, that's what really mattered.
I had three great kids that I thought I'd lost forever.
But you know, crashing on this planet is the best thing that ever happened to me because it helped me find them again.
I love Penny 'cause she gives me lip.
But she tries harder than anyone will ever give her credit for.
I love Will 'cause he sees things that I can't see.
Anyway, he's smarter than I am.
I love Judy 'cause even though I'm not her biological dad, she's exactly like me.
I mean, she's strong, fearless.
Maybe I just wish I was more like her.
I wish I'd had a father like you.
Why don't you quit blubbering and get our signal fire lit, huh? - What the hell did you do here? - Yeah, sorry about that.
Give me a minute.
- Hang on to something.
- Yeah? Why? We might blow up.
Whoa! I'm picking up something hot.
- You girls ready with the harpoon? - Ready.
I see them! Hey.
Nice hydrazine fire you've got there.
Hey! I knew you'd find us.
It was a group effort.
Say hi to the group.
Hi, there.
- Dad? - Dad.
- Hey, Dad.
- Dad.
Hi, Dad! You're not allowed to do that to us again, okay? I knew you'd be fine.
Um Hey, everybody.
- Are you Were you crying? - No.
I mean - Tears of joy.
- Yeah.
So what happened? Where to begin? Let's just get you out of the cold.
- We close enough? - Almost in range.
Target in range in 30 seconds.
When did the pounding stop? Target in range - in 20 seconds.
- Come on, come on.
Eight, seven, six - Target out of range.
- We gotta run.
It doesn't reach.
Hey, Maureen! Maureen! You stabbed me in the back, Maureen.
Our fuel's gone.
The Resolute's gone.
I'm stuck here, drifting nowhere till I die.
Hey, Maureen! You missed.
And all because of you.
You and your family.
Come on.
- Hurry.
- Hey.
- What happened? - Get in the Chariot.
What do you mean? What's going on? - It got out.
- What? - Mom? - Get in now.
Seal the doors.
It'll maintain pressure long enough.
- Mom, we can help you.
- Stay in there! Hey, where's Will? No, get out of there! No! Will! Hide! You know who I am.
It's me.
- It's Will Robinson.
- What do we do? And we're friends.
No! Get away from my kids! Go! Tie yourself onto there.
- Hold on tight.
Okay? - Yeah.
No! No! No! Air pressure stabilized.
Maybe I can jump for it.
No, wait! Look.
What the hell is that? - Did the seals hold? - Yeah.
Yeah, Mom.
They held.
What is that? Judy! - Why is it pointing at us? - Go! You stay away from them! - Mom! - Mom! I knew it was still you.
Friends, Will Robinson.
Yeah, friends.
Ship's oxygen loss will reach critical levels - in T-minus two minutes.
- Mom.
- Will, are you okay? - Yeah, I will be.
Mom, Will! There's a crack in the glass.
We're losing air.
It's not gonna hold.
- The ramp won't close.
- The hydraulics are damaged.
There's a manual crank outside.
Will, you can't.
- I have to.
- Will, you can't! What good is protecting me my whole life if I can't grow up to protect you? You be careful.
Once I shut the door, I'll climb over to the rear airlock.
That's a long climb.
He knows.
It's gonna work.
Oxygen loss evaded.
You did it.
I did do it, didn't I? I'll be waiting for you at the hatch.
Ah! No! No! Will, are you okay? Will? - Dad! - I gotcha.
I gotcha, buddy.
Come on.
Let's go home.
I think it's kind of cool.
I have a scar too, buddy.
Wraps all the way from my waist - All right.
- No! Seventeen stitches.
Used my best bottle of whiskey to clean it up.
- I was passed out.
- Story time is over now.
Blood everywhere.
No, listen to me.
There's no sign of the Resolute.
They're long gone.
We're on our own.
At least we're all together.
We almost weren't.
- If you hadn't caught Will - I wouldn't have been able to if you hadn't shot the harpoon the second time.
Second time? Why did you do that? Do what? Shoot the harpoon again so John could climb back on the ship.
Because I was sorry.
I still am.
About everything.
Are you, really? I said it 'cause it was the right thing to say.
It's what I do.
There's no way I'm letting you out again.
We'll see.
So, what are our options? If we ration our supplies, we could maybe survive long enough for the heat to subside and we could land again.
Land back down there? It would actually be more of a crash.
It's the Resolute! Robinsons, Jupiter 2, you are clear to dock.
You waited for us.
John, I represent every member of this colonist group, even you.
Victor thank you.
You're welcome.
Sir, we're near the orbit Quickly, please.
We've stayed longer than we should.
Actually, we're out of fuel.
Hold tight.
We'll come to you.
It's the noise the robot's ship was making.
So why is our ship making it? What's going on? Why Why are we turning around? Jupiter 2, is everything okay? I don't know.
It's like we lost control of the ship.
Ahhh! - Wait, where are we now? - I have no idea.
I do.
I think we're here.
Where's "here"? Danger.