Marvel's Cloak and Dagger (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

White Lines

1 TANDY: Previously on Cloak and Dagger EVITA: Voodoo is a diverse collection of religious and cultural traditions, that can either stand alone, or be added to your faith.
This is the boy I was telling you about.
AUNTIE: I don't know about this one, Evita.
He doesn't think he deserves help.
See you soon, Tyrone Johnson.
You miss it? Risking your life, saving the world? What were you thinking, Tyrone? I'm making the city a better place, O'Reilly.
- Yeah, not like this.
- TYRONE: You miss it? TANDY: Sure.
But I make knives of light.
What would I even do? [door slams] It's possible I'm not over my dad the way I wish I was over my dad.
I know, it's months of my work blowing up, too, I They're having a sit down where? - [thud] - Tandy! Shit.
[pages flipping] Far above enthroned in glory Sweetest Saint of Erin's Isle See thy children kneel before thee Turn on us a Mother's smile Sainted Mother, hear our pleading Faith and hope and holy love Sweet St.
Brigid, guide thy children To thy bright and happy Home [muffled dance music playing] Who would do this? I think the better question is: how? These guys came here unarmed, right? That was the deal.
Still, whoever did this took them out pretty quickly, or else we could've stopped them.
No, no, no, these guys are hard, Tandy.
Not the kind you just roll over.
And yet, that's exactly what happened.
VOICE: [on tape] Everyone, settle.
Okay, who's that? Brigid said there was going to be a mediator.
Someone both sides trusted.
[high pitched ringing] EDWIN DUNLAP: [on tape] Who the hell are you? [metal clanging, crashing] - [men grunting, groaning, yelling] - [glass shatters] - [metal scraping] - [man groans] [tape clicks off] Ty Tyrone, look, I know that this is every second that we stay here is another second we could be blamed for this.
Tandy, we can't leave.
- We have t - What? I recognize that symbol.
- It's Voudon.
- Voudon as in [door opens] We didn't know who else to call.
I distinctly remember telling you - to let the police handle this.
- That is what I was doing.
I-I was recording the meeting so you could have evidence BRIGID: You were recording it? We were the ones that organized this, Tyrone! To stop the gang war you started.
That's why I was trying to help.
BRIGID: Oh, yes.
Tyrone and his "helping," I know all about that.
Hey, that's not fair, he didn't kill anybody BRIGID: No, he didn't.
Just like he didn't kill Fuchs? But it doesn't really matter, does it? 'Cause they're all dead.
Raised by wolves Independent - Have you touched anything? - Only the recorder.
Civilized but A little restless Don't test my skills Don't doubt my bones Raised by wolves - [door creaks] - [wind rushes in] BRIGID: Get out of here.
I have a mess to clean up.
- Brigid - If you don't leave now, I'm gonna arrest both of you myself.
A little restless Don't test my skills Don't pick my brain I need your love I need your love Hey, she's got her own issues.
- She didn't mean anything - What she meant was pretty clear.
All this all this is on me.
Or, it's on them.
Who? All those people in the club.
A lot of them buy from those gangs, Ty, and they'll do it tomorrow, too.
No matter how much you steal, no matter how many dealers drop dead - everybody plays their part.
- Tandy, you can't blame people And why not? Why not? Those people choose misery and I'm sick of watching it.
People don't choose to struggle, Tandy.
They don't choose the hurt.
Doing nothing is not a solution.
Take you down Underrated Trained in the wild I'm back for answers, back for the crown [knocking at door] Come in, Tyrone.
- How'd you know it was me? - Goat ankle bones.
Seriously? So, what has you walkin' through my store like a sinner through church? Evita's out giving a tour.
I'm actually here to see you.
What about? Well, I, um I saw something a pattern, I-I remembered seeing it in front of the shop.
That is a veve.
A veve is a an invocation.
A kind of transactional prayer.
A method used for summoning so a question can be asked.
A request made.
Summoning what? A Loa.
The Greeks have their gods.
The Catholics their saints.
We have the Loa.
And each Loa has their own veve, particular to them.
And each line, each symbol - it has a meaning.
- And, uh, this this-this veve, it's It belongs to Maman Brigitte.
One of the death Loa.
- I'm sorry, death Loa? - [Auntie laughs] Death isn't a bad thing, Tyrone.
Not the way the Voudon see the world.
It's simply a path we must all walk to reunite with our ancestors.
Yeah, I think the guy who drew this, - he knew he was gonna die.
- Which means one of two things.
He either wanted to be guided from this life to the next, or he wants justice.
Justice? Maman Brigitte can be a powerful ally.
For justice or revenge.
What's going on with you, boy? Go on, spill it.
I don't know how to [sighs] [scoffs] Look, I'm trying to help.
To fix things in any way I can.
But every thing I try, every time I try I make it worse.
I-I don't know what to do.
Perhaps you should pray on it.
'Cause that always works Uh-uh Don't bring that narrow-minded nonsense up in here.
What do you think happens when you pray? Who do you think you're praying to? Well, I don't know that's the problem.
You have a wounded soul.
All that you've been through.
But if you let those wounds become scars, you're gonna look at yourself one day and not recognize what you see.
You think I don't know that? I'm trying.
But I-I can't talk to my parents.
My friends think I'm toxic.
And Evita, I God the universe whatever you want to call it the answers aren't out there, Tyrone.
Not in your parents, or your friends, or Evita, or me.
All the power of the universe is in here.
Prayer, when you do it right, is a way to quiet the mind.
So your soul can be heard.
The answers lie inside of you.
So what do you want to ask? Are you making a veve? - Whose is it? - Most know him as Papa Legba.
Keeper of the Crossroads.
I'm gonna ask him to protect you.
From what? EVITA: Please, Auntie, tell me those are biscuits I smell.
Hey, Evita.
[door slams shut] Evita! [sighs] Eight months, Tyrone, eight months! Look, I know, I know, and I'm sorry Even after I saw that mark on your arm, I believed.
Okay? Against all I was raised to believe, I believed in you.
I mean, when when your body wasn't found, I thought, good, you know, good, maybe he maybe he's just laying low.
I mean, as soon as he's able to let me know he's all right, he will.
- Evita, I - Every day.
Every week.
Every month I tried, Tyrone, I tried so hard to keep my mind from going to dark places.
Okay? The worst places.
I tried everything.
Only thing that worked? I had to convince myself that you had forgotten me.
That you didn't care about me.
You know why? Cause that was better than thinking that you were dead.
It's not that simple.
There's a whole police department out there looking for me.
- Any contact would be dangerous - Yeah?! What about now? I mean, a-a-all of a sudden it's okay for you to be out in broad daylight? 'Cause that's where you are, Tyrone.
So, why now? I had to ask your Aunt a question about Voudon, and Wait, wait, so it wasn't even to see me? - You wanted to know about Voudon? - No, that's not [sighs] Look, I-I mean, it is why I'm here, but it's because people are getting I opened the can of worms and people got hurt.
So once you got your questions, you were gonna what? Just let me continue to worry about you?! No, that's not Evita! You have nothing to worry about! - The police can't catch me.
- [chuckles] Come on.
The police can catch all of us.
You, out of anybody, should know that.
Look, I know, that's not what I meant.
So, what do you mean? I mean that there are things that I can do.
What are you talking about? Look, come on Come on! All right, here should be good.
You ready? For what? Did I just Did you just - That's that's what I can do.
- How did you ju Okay, how long have you been able to do that? It all started around state semis, but I got, you know, better at controlling it around the time the city went crazy.
So like, eight months ago? Are you serious?! You're telling me you could just do that this entire time? And you didn't think to come and tell me you were safe?! - Evita, I - Tyrone, no! Just no.
Just another one-night stand Anything to feel something 'Cause I'm just so numb without you Anything, I just gotta feel something Yeah we gotta deal with things in life to find the one thing Now I'm huntin' for the one change to function Or the situation that the love brings But the situation, not the reason, I decide to be This one-on-one thing If I die today I would get my way But I need you more than I need myself I cannot fake No I can't hide the fact [exhales] Now we send a message right away Put a penny to her name I want justice, too.
I wanna help.
I need you like you need the sun I'm just so numb without you [rattling] [panting] Help me.
Please they drugged me and I don't know where they're taking me.
You gotta get me out of here.
[breathing heavily] - [Tyrone shushing] - [Mikayla panting] [Mikayla whimpering] [panting] PASSENGER: Hey! What the hell are you doing?! - Please, please, get me out of here! - I'm trying, I'm trying! - I'm gonna try to - [gun cocks] [gunfire] Cause I'm just so numb without you Oh, oh I'm just, I'm just so numb without you Oh, oh Cause I'm just so numb without you - [door creaks] - [wind rushes in] BRIGID: Get out of here.
I have a mess to clean up.
- TYRONE: Brigid - BRIGID: If you don't leave now, I'm gonna arrest both of you myself.
TANDY: She didn't mean anything by what she TYRONE: No.
It's pretty clear what she meant.
All this it's on me.
Or it's on them.
Who? Those people in the club.
A lot of them buy from those gangs, Ty, and they'll do it tomorrow, too.
No matter how much you steal.
No matter how many dealers drop dead.
Everybody plays their part.
- Tandy, you can't blame people for - And why not? Why not? Those people choose misery.
And I'm sick of watching it.
People don't choose to struggle, Tandy.
They don't choose the hurt.
Doing nothing is not a solution.
Like Brigid said, we're not helping anything, Ty.
We're not doing any good! And maybe people don't want to be saved.
By us, or at all.
I'm not kidding myself.
He's hurt me.
And I'm not pretending like it didn't happen.
But Jeremy knows he was wrong.
He said that? MIKAYLA: And he said he's gonna ask around for names of counselors.
That he knows he might need help.
LIA: Well, that sounds like progress, but, Mikayla, we talked about how important it is for you to stay on track MIKAYLA: I told Jeremy that I'm in therapy.
How much it's helping me.
And he said I absolutely need to keep working on myself.
He totally supports it.
LIA: I think retaining your independence is important as well.
You should think about staying at your friend's longer before moving back home.
Jeremy says it's better if I move home.
That being away from him for so long - is what winds him up.
- And, what? You're gonna take life advice from the guy who hits you? [scoffs] - Is nobody here gonna call bullshit?! - Tandy LIA: We're not here to offer judgment on anyone.
We're here to listen, and offer guidance.
Well, your guidance has her going back to that creep.
What's the point of this if you're not gonna tell her the truth? I'm trying to figure things out.
Well, why don't you figure this out he hits you, you leave.
And anything else is a choice.
It's your choice! Just leave! It's not that hard, you just get up, you walk out, and you never look back! [Katie Garfield "I Know Your Secrets" plays] LIA: Mikayla! [door closes] You stand and watch the motion Watching from on high Cutting all your treasures MELISSA: What the hell was that?! TANDY: She needed to hear it! Come on, Mom, it's like she's volunteering to get hit again.
MELISSA: And where do you think she is now? I bet you she's at home with that boyfriend of hers.
TANDY: She was gonna go back, anyway.
MELISSA: Probably.
But now, he doesn't even have to try to isolate her, you did it for him! [power flickering] JEREMY: I don't know where Mikayla is.
TANDY: You sure about that? Cause I talked to her friend Grace.
JEREMY: Trust me, all right? Bitch has my red El Cam.
Thing's worth more than she is.
You find her, tell her there's gonna be hell to pay if she doesn't return it.
- [power flickering] - I know your secrets TANDY: Yeah, you've been on quite the streak, huh? Mikayla told me about the guys that broke in and tore up your place.
There were three of 'em.
But, I handled it.
TANDY: It's impressive.
Especially for a guy who drools when he's passed out and after six beers.
Tough tough guy.
I know your secrets I know where you keep them [inaudible] [power flickering] [lights emit ringing sound] [ringing gets louder] - [power blows out] - [Tandy grunts] [panting] - Next meeting's at six.
- Has Mikayla been back? Even if she had, the last thing I'd do is let you talk to her.
- She never went home.
- I thought that's what you wanted.
Can you stop telling me what a bitch I am and listen to me? Something is wrong! Ladies, it's getting a little loud in here.
Is everything okay? Fallout from some amateur counseling.
Maybe I can help.
I'm Andre Deschaine.
I run the outreach programs here.
- I'm Tandy Bowen.
- I know.
So, Mikayla you know, when she finally left her abuser, she went to stay with a friend.
- I might have the number - Grace.
Yeah, she works at Cafe du Monde.
I already talked to her.
She hasn't seen Mikayla.
Well, Lia was wrong about one point.
She said you barely paid attention in group, and, clearly, the opposite is true.
If she's been gone all night, she could be anywhere by now.
Our incoming clients get information on Cascia House, a shelter in the Upper 9th.
Mikayla would know it was a safe place to go? Maybe your words did the trick.
[men talking, laughing] So you're, like, Mr.
I spend a lot of time in this part of town.
Why's that? Sometimes people don't know how to ask for help.
So you spend time with them, get to know 'em, sometimes, small miracles can happen.
Yeah, if you believe in that sort of thing.
You don't? I lived in an abandoned church for years, and still somehow escaped - unmolested by spirituality.
- [Andre chuckles] How 'bout you? You don't seem like the godly type.
I was a jazz musician, damn good one, too.
Buzz around town was I was the next big name to come out of Frenchman Street.
So what happened? Drugs, alcohol, or women? It was migraines.
So bad I could barely draw a breath.
It's kinda hard to blow a horn when the vibration from the note - knocks you on your ass.
- That's harsh.
And I took it out on the world.
All bitterness and rage.
Then you found "New Andre" and put him on the straight and narrow.
I met someone in more pain than me.
A young woman who needed my help.
So, I reached out and to my surprise, it made a difference.
All that misery I endured, it gave me an appreciation for other people's suffering.
Now that you know mine, - tell me yours.
- [scoffs] So, why are you here looking for Mikayla? If you're of the mind that people only do good things for selfish reasons what's your angle here? MAN: Hi, Pumpkin.
[heartbeat] [beating gets faster] [power surges] [power blows out, glass shatters] [distorted] What? What happened? Tandy? [indistinct bar chatter] May we get what we want.
May we get what we need.
But may we never get what we deserve.
[sighs] [cellphone vibrates] [cellphone vibrates] Detective O'Reilly.
[muffled dance music playing] - Have you touched anything? - Only the recorder.
- [door creaks] - [wind rushes in] Get out of here.
I have a mess to clean up.
[breathing heavily] [panting] [line ringing] DISPATCHER [over the phone]: Hotline.
I need to make a report.
There's several dead bodies inside the Club Rougarou.
DISPATCHER: And who are you? I'm nobody.
[phone vibrates] Another.
It just took one look And you pulled me right in If pleasure and pain Mixed lies with the truth [retching] [breathing heavily] Pathetic.
Look at yourself.
Look at yourself! Just absolutely pathetic.
- Who are you? - I always knew that you were weak.
Just a scared girl, pretending to be brave.
Pretending to be police.
Well, you've had your chance.
It's my turn now.
[loud dance music] HARD-ASS 1: O'Reilly.
You better watch your back.
Watch commander's pissed about you ducking her calls.
You two got a plausible story, yet? It's not that hard to figure out.
No guns allowed.
Things got hot.
They went full cage match.
Everyone dies.
Or someone got in ahead of time.
Beat the security sweep.
Pulled a surprise move mid-meeting.
[sighs] Took out the gang bangers first, most likely to fight back.
Mediator, next.
Former gang member, so he was also a threat.
Last, was our dead mystery body, 'cause who was afraid of the man in the sweater? - You forgot the bodyguards.
- Nope.
Bodyguards heard a noise, - came in - [smack] killer had the advantage.
One person did all that, without gettin' spotted by anyone? HARD-ASS 2: Bullshit! You get an I.
on our dead mystery man? Yeah, prints were on file.
Record? He owns a liquor store, so he was printed for his permit.
Name? CRIME SCENE TECH: Brett LaTour.
[doorbell rings] I've already spoken to your friends.
Please come back another time.
Uh, now works for me, thanks.
[door closes] [indistinct chatter] STEPHANIE LATOUR: Like I told the other detectives, I have no idea what Brett was doing in there.
- He's a businessman, and he - And what? Just wandered into a gangland summit by accident? I honestly have no idea.
Well you have some idea.
That's a Govinsky, right? It is.
Good eye.
It was a gift What the hell are you doing?! STEPHANIE: That's a $100,000 painting! - [canvas rips] - [both gasp] Owned by a man who declares $60,000 a year in gross income.
I'm gonna tell Chief Duchamp about this outrageous behavior.
I'll let you know when I give a shit.
This house was built on dirty money, I can practically smell it.
Hubby already paid for his sins, so who's gonna be next? Tell me what I need to know, or I'll go Sotheby's around this whole goddamn house.
[whispering] One of his businesses is a salvage yard near the industrial canal.
Someone's paying him to store vehicles there.
A lot.
Off the books.
- Stolen cars? - No.
Nothing stolen.
It was ambulances.
Private ambulances.
[chains rattling] You get lost on your way to prom? What are you doing here? I'm a cop, I can be wherever I want.
- [gunshot] - [lock breaks] WOMAN: [singing] Far above enthroned in glory Sweetest Saints of Erin's Isle See thy children kneel before thee Turn on us a Mother's smile Sainted Mother hear our pleadin' Faith and hope and holy love Sweet St.
Brigid, spouse of Jesus Sent to us from Heaven above I'm not a stalker.
- [singing continues] - You just seemed really rattled, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.
- Are all those girls from here? - ANDRE: Or right nearby.
These folks come together pretty regular.
To share information, keep people looking.
To find hope.
That's more than a dozen girls.
Where are the cops? The reporters? They should be all over this.
They would be if you went missing.
Pretty blonde girl with a beautiful white mother to cry all over the TV? Breaking news and updates every few hours.
But here where the people in trouble are poor, brown girls - TANDY: That's awful.
- That's the world, Tandy.
Someone has to be looking for them.
Someone is.
These folks right here.
- [singing continues] - [phone vibrates] Hey, Lia.
No, we're not at the shelter yet.
Okay, I'll tell Tandy.
She's right here.
Mikayla showed up? She was found.
Rushed to Church of All Saints Hospital.
I'll go over with you, if you like.
[panting] Hi Lia? Lia.
She's unconscious, but she's stable.
Doctors don't know when she's going to wake up.
Do me a favor, when she does Don't yell at her, I know.
Seeing one of my girls shot up so full of heroin has me on edge.
- [phone ringing] - [indistinct hospital chatter] I'm so sorry.
I wanted Mikayla to to do something to help herself, [sighs] and I completely messed it up.
Your mom said you had a big heart.
You're still just a work in progress.
Welcome to the club.
See you at group? Yeah.
[sighs] [monitor beeps] [ambient music] [breathing heavily] No no, no, no, no, no, no, stop! Hey, hey, hey, my friend, Mikayla.
I need to talk to the person that brought her here.
Well, you and me both, sis.
But the jerk didn't even sign the damn paperwork.
What paperwork? My records? But who cares about me, right? You know, private ambulances still gotta follow rules, but try telling them that.
Like I said, jerk.
[car door opens, closes] You get lost on the way to prom? - What are you doing here? - I'm a cop.
I can be wherever I want.
- [gunshot] - [lock breaks, chain rattles] You coming? I thought me and Ty were menaces to society.
Well, bad guys still got to get caught.
Wait wait, wait, wait, that's that's the guy.
That's that's the guy that kidnapped my friend.
Police! Freeze! Okay, I'll cut him off at the exit, you keep him contained.
You got it.
[panting] [power surges] I'm alone again No one here to be my friend I said please son, tell 'em tell 'em Now my love is gone No one here I'm lost in translation I need my mates in It's horrific It's making me sick - It's making me -[ambulance starts up] [tires squeal] A freak of creation - [tires squeal] - God give me patience - [tires squeal] - It's horrific It's making me sick It's making me [inaudible] I'm dreaming of you, I'm dreaming of you Of you, of you, of you [tires squeal, crash] [metal clanging, scraping] - [grunts] - BRIGID: I'm tired of people who can't own the bad they do, so just confess and get it over with.
I know you took Mikayla.
- You shot her up with heroin, too.
- She was already like that.
I just drive.
- It was a job.
- TANDY: Yeah, well, I hope that paycheck was worth it.
The other girls, where are they? [straining, choking] I-I don't know.
PASSENGER: Tomorrow they're moving more girls.
But I-I don't know where.
Keep a lookout, make sure none of his cronies roll up to help him.
I'll get him cuffed and in the car.
Yeah okay, you got it.
[grunts, labored breathing] [forced exhale] That's that's all I know.
I swear.
You know what? - I believe you.
- [squish, groans in pain] [exhales sharply] - [chalk breaks] - [sighs] [chalk thuds, shatters against wall] - [sighs] - EVITA: Don't worry, it takes most people months of practice to get it right.
Evita? What're you doing here? I came here to apologize.
I mean, not for what I said, because that was right.
On all of it.
But I mean, I was yelling at you when you were opening up to me, and I was acting like I knew what it was like to be in your shoes, and the truth is [scoffs] nobody got kicks like those.
Sometimes they're not great shoes to be in.
Believe me.
Auntie told me you wanted to know about veve.
Well, yeah, I I was lost, and then she put me onto a path.
Then I tried this.
I ended up in the back of an ambulance with this this girl.
I think she was getting kidnapped.
- She said she needed my help - What? Look, I-I can go all kinds of places at the blink of an eye, but I don't know how to take someone with me.
This this guy in the ambulance, he had a gun.
And I had to [sighs] Look, I can't just leave her out there like that, Evita.
Okay, so The veve, I mean, doin' it made you Yeah, but I-I can't do it again.
I-I don't know if I'm not doin' it right, or It's the breathing.
I mean, the veve, the trick is in the breath.
It's what takes people a long time to learn.
Tight as you are, your breathing is a mess.
[sighs] Come on, I'll help you.
But you're the one looking for answers.
You have to be the one to do it.
Okay, now, just close your eyes.
Now, take a deep breath.
Just clear your mind.
[Tyrone inhales deeply] Now, as you draw the veve, breathe out slowly, as if the chalk were your breath, as if it were your soul.
Close your eyes.
- [thud] - Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ty, are you okay? - Yeah - Okay.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Now, come on.
- What just happened? - [curtain slides open] - EVITA: Whoa! [indistinct hospital chatter] TYRONE: That's her.
She's in a hospital.
So, are you sure she wasn't just crazy? No, no, no, the guys driving they had guns and they came at me.
- No way that was legit.
- Okay.
So, you found her.
- [police radio chatter, indistinct] - EVITA: Now what? EVITA: Sorry.
I was trying to hide you from TYRONE: Been hidin' too long.
Tyrone, seriously, you should you should get out of here.
Okay? It's not a safe place for you to be.
- What about you? - I'll be fine.
Okay, look, I'll see if I can learn anything.
- Evita.
- Tyrone.
Go! Brigid.
Brigid, it's Tyrone.
Look, if if you're in there Look, if you're in there, I know you're pissed, but there's something you should know.
All right? I think I found a link between [muffled yelling, crash] BRIGID: [muffled] Tyrone! - Brigid? - [Brigid yelling, muffled] - Brigid! - [door shakes] I'm coming home, I got some things to say [Brigid yelling, muffled] Brigid! Brigid! Brigid, are you Scissors, on the desk.
[panting] - We have to get out of here.
- What happened? Who did this to you? [panting] She's coming back.
And if she finds you here Who? Who are you talking about, Brigid? Me.
Wh what are you t We're in danger, Ty, you, me, and Tandy.
She knows what I know.
That puts us all in danger.
[breathing heavily] - What're you doing? - Aiming for Tandy.
Ty? TANDY: Ty, what Wait, Brigid? If you're here, then who There ain't a casket strong enough for me, me [squish] When the reaper comes knocking at my door Whoa We'll be going 12 rounds Tell the Devil I'll be coming back for more Whoa We'll be going 12 rounds 'Cause I fight for everything I die for Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag.
When the reaper comes knocking at my door