My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s02e14 Episode Script

The Last Roundup

Applejack, you're sure to knock everypony's hat off at the Equestria Rodeo competition! Aw shucks, Apple Bloom.
I sure hope so.
Hope so? I know so! After all, you're the ten-time rodeo champion of Ponyville! Why, you got more blue ribbons than anypony in Ponyville ever! And I can't wait for my big sis' to win every blue ribbon in Equestria and bring home the title of Equestria Rodeo Champion.
Now, careful, Derpy! Don't want to do any more damage than you've already done I just don't know what went wrong.
It's a mystery.
Nice work, Rainbow Dash.
You okay, Rainbow Dash? Anything I can do to help? No! Nothing! In the name of Celestia, just sit there and do nothing.
My bad.
Applejack! Applejack! Everypony, can I get your attention? Attention please! Yes, we are all here to send Applejack to compete in this year's Equestria Rodeo competition in Canterlot.
And, I want to thank Applejack in advance for generously offering up her prize money to fix town hall.
Yeah, Applejack! Whoohoo! Speech! Speech! Oh, shucks.
I'm not much for speeches.
Alright then, no speech! But, this is the nicest send off anypony could ask for.
Y'all have been cheering me on in every rodeo since I was a little little pony.
So it seems only fittin' to use my winnings to fix up town hall.
I promise to make Ponyville proud.
I want you to show all them high-falutin' rodeo ponies what a real rodeo pony's like! You betcha, Granny Smith.
And bring back all that money! You betcha, Mayor.
And have fun.
And don't be nervous.
Or barf.
Use that nervous energy to do even better than you already would! And eat peanuts and popcorn and taffy and taffy gives lots of nervous energy! - Just do your best, Applejack.
- I'll do better than my best! The train to Canterlot is about to leave! All aboard who's coming aboard! Guess that means me.
See ya in a week! With lots of new blue ribbons! And lots of money! Darn tootin'! See y'all in a week, with a big bag full of blue ribbons! And drink sarsaparilla! What? It gives you extra sass.
I hope Applejack is surprised by this surprise party! Well, that is the point.
I know, but I hope she isn't so surprised she's startled.
Because while being surprised can be nice being startled can be very startling.
Surprise! Oh, Pinkie, you startled me.
Sorry! I was just practicing my "surprise!" for when we surprise Applejack with this super cool party for becoming rodeo champion of Equestria! Surprise! Quiet, Pinkie.
I think Applejack's coming! Don't worry, Twilight.
Got my lips all limbered up! SURPRISE! Surprise! Shoot! Wow, this is the best surprise ever! How did you know it was my birthday? Who's it from, Twilight? What's it say? It's from Applejack.
"Family and friends, not coming back to Ponyville.
" "Don't worry, will send money soon.
" That's all there is.
Applejack's not comin' back? What do you mean Applejack's not coming back?! She loves Ponyville! And she loves Sweet Apple Acres! And she loves her family! Something just dreadful must have happened to Applejack to make her not return! Maybe she's hurt, or sad, or scared! So, what are we waiting for? Let's go find her! Don't worry.
We'll search all of Equestria if we have to.
We'll bring her back.
Y'all are the best.
Thank you, girls! Our little bushel just lost one apple.
I hope this lead doesn't turn out to be a dead end.
I don't wanna go home empty-hooved after promising we'd find her.
I don't know how we'll break it to the Apple family.
I don't know how we'll break it to Ponyville! I don't know how I'll make it to the next stop! This is Dodge Junction, girls.
Applejack is supposed to have come here after the rodeo ended.
Let's fan out and try to find her.
Pickles! Hurryhurryhurryhurryhurry! Hurry it up in there! Some ponies.
Applejack! I found her, I found her, I found her, I found her, I found her! Oh, Applejack, thank heavens! We're so glad you're safe! I found her, I found her, I found her, I found her! Be right back.
Uh, hey, everypony.
What's up? Why didn't you come back to Ponyville?! Yes, why are you here? Are you okay? Do you have any snacks? Tell us what happened, Applejack! Applejack? Are these some of your Ponyville friends? Yes ma'am.
And you are? Why, I'm Cherry Jubilee, boss at Cherry-o Range.
Hasn't Applejack told ya? I saw her compete at the Equestria Rodeo.
Never saw anypony win so many ribbons in all my life.
Aw shucks, Miss Jubilee.
You don't have to go into all that.
Oh, she's so modest.
Anyway, I can always use a pony with quick hooves and a strong back.
So, when I heard Applejack was looking for a change of scenery I snapped her up as quick as I could and brought her to Dodge Junction.
Well, I'll let you catch up with your friends.
See you back at the ranch.
"Change of scenery"? What's that supposed to mean? No big deal, guys.
I thought cherries would be a nice change from apples so I took the job and came here.
That's it.
End of story.
That's it? Well, that's a terrible story! Sorry, but that's all there is to tell.
Thanks for checkin' on me, but y'all can go home now.
Tell my family hi, and that I'm doing okay.
Excuse me, AJ, but we didn't travel all over Equestria searching for you to come home without you! Well I didn't ask you to come lookin' for me! There is nothin' to tell and I am not going back to Ponyville! I don't care what she says, Applejack's not telling us something.
Twilight's right.
We gotta get her to spill the beans! What?! She had beans? I told her I was snacky! You ready to put your back into it, Applejack? Sure am, Miss Jubilee.
Come on in, girls! What are you all doing here? We're your cherry sorters.
- Shall we get started? - Fine! Red cherries go in one bin and yellow cherries go in the other.
Simple as cherry pie.
Just one teensy thing to remember – have fun! What are you five up to? You made working on a cherry orchard sound so delightful.
Well, just remember : no talking about Ponyville.
Fine! Why don't you quit talking and get walking? So, AJ how was Canterlot? Not talking about Ponyville, talking about Canterlot totally different town.
Canterlot was fine.
Was the rodeo fun? Yes.
Did you meet some nice ponies there? Some.
Really? Did you see Wild Bull Hickok? What about Calamity Mane? Yes, saw 'em both.
And how did you meet Miss Jubilee? Well, Miss Jubilee had a cherry stand at the rodeo.
Real good treats.
Um, excuse me? Cherry links, cherry cheesecake, cherry tarts.
We struck up a conversation being orchard folk and all.
So you told her about Sweet Apple Acres? Yes.
Did you tell her why you weren't going back? No, 'cuz it was none of her business! Can you please slow down? Is it because I made it rain on you that one time? No! Is it because you were insulted when I gave you that book on organized orchards? No! Is it because you were insulted when I insulted your hair? No, no, NO! I'm not telling you why, so just Stop! Well, girls, we seem to be striking out.
That's 'cause we're playing too nice.
Desperate times do call for desperate measures.
It's time to call in the big guns.
Hey Applejack.
Need some help? You promise not to ask me any questions? I promise.
Have you ever had a cherry chonga? Oh! Sorry, that was a question.
That kind of question is fine, Pinkie.
No, I never had a cherry chonga.
Well no wonder, because I made it up myself! A cherry chonga is mashed up cherries in a tortilla that's deep fried.
Cherry chonga.
Great name, huh? Oh, but maybe I should call it a chimmy cherry.
Oh, that's good too.
Which do you think sounds better? Cherry chonga or chimmy cherry? Or what if I combine them? Chimmy cherry chonga! What sounds the funniest? I like funny words! One of my favorite funny words is 'kumquat'! I didn't make that one up.
I would work in a kumquat orchard just so I could say 'kumquat' all day! Kumquat, kumquat, kumquat! And 'pickle barrel'! Isn't that just the funnest thing to say? Pickle barrel pickle barrel pickle barrel.
Say it with me! Pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat, chimmy cherry chonga! No! Make it stop, make it stop! The only way to make it stop is for you to spill the beans.
Never! Speaking of beans, did you ever realize how many words rhyme with 'beans'? - Lean, mean, spleen, I'm queen, bean - Alright, alright! I'll tell everypony what's goin' on! Just please stop talkin'! But can it wait 'til tomorrow at breakfast? I'm plum tuckered out.
Tomorrow, huh? I don't know Do you Pinkie promise? I will tell you the whole truth at breakfast.
Pinkie promise.
I'm glad we're finally gonna get some answers from Applejack.
Yeah, maybe.
Don't worry, Rainbow.
She's gotta 'fess up after making a Pinkie promise.
Good morning, Applejack.
You ready for Nopony breaks a Pinkie promise! Applejack! You Pinkie promised! Applejack, come back here! Giddy up, fellas, I gotta get the heck out of Dodge! She's gonna get away! Oh no, she won't! Look, girls! Follow that stagecoach! We have you now! What the hay? Pull over! Hey! Cut that out! I'll pay you double to outrun them.
We'll pay you triple to slow down! I'll pay you quadruple to leave them in the dust! That was rude! Get them! Get them! Come on, Fluttershy! C'mon, y'all! Go, go! Applejack, you broke your Pinkie promise! Apologize! Pinkie, I did not break my promise! Wha? If y'all reckon back, I told you that I'd tell you everything at breakfast.
But I didn't come to breakfast.
I couldn't come to that breakfast, not if it meant telling y'all what happened.
Well, I I I'm sorry, Pinkie, but I can't tell y'all the truth.
I just can't.
Well I heard a sorry in there, so that'll have to do for now.
I'll get a real apology later.
Rarity, catch me.
What? Pinkie! Rainbow, go back! No time! They knew what they were getting into! Lady, you're trouble.
Try and catch me now.
Oh, nuts.
Not so fast! Fine.
Now you know.
Know what? Well, just look! I am.
You won an amazing number of ribbons, just like Miss Jubilee said! Don't you get it? There's every color of ribbon down there.
Every color but blue.
I came in fourth, third, even second.
But I didn't win one first prize and I certainly didn't win any prize money.
But the telegram said you were gonna send money.
That's why I came here.
I wanted to earn some money.
After that big old send off Ponyville gave me I just didn't have the nerve to come home empty-hooved.
I couldn't come home a failure.
Applejack, you're not a failure.
And we're your friends! We don't care if you came in fiftieth place! You're still number one in our books.
So you're not upset, or disappointed? But what about the mayor? I don't think I can face her and tell her I didn't get that money to fix the broken roof.
Applejack, we can always find a way to fix that hole in the roof.
But if you don't come back, we'll never be able to fix the hole in our hearts.
Darn it! Now you got me acting all sappy! "Dear Princess Celestia" "it's a tad easier to be proud when you come in first than it is when you finish further back.
" "But there's no reason to hide when you don't do as well as you'd hoped.
" "You can't run away from your problems.
" "Better to run to your friends and family.
" What did you think, Rarity? Chimmy cherry, or cherry chonga? Chimmy cherry, cherry chonga? Chimmy cherry, cherry chonga? Chimmy cherry, cherry chonga? When I get back, you're gonna get it, Rainbow Dash!