My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s03e08 Episode Script

Apple Family Reunion

Ah, found them! Gesundhoof.
Why, thank you, Applejack.
I still can't believe it's been almost 100 moons since our last family reunion.
Oh, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Well, you have been talking about it pretty much every day since then.
Apple Bloom, how are them RSVPs coming along? Who's showing their muzzle at the reunion? Everypony! Everypony? Feathers on a goat.
Are you sure? Well, I got RSVPs from Apples from Yonderhill, Hollow Shades, Galloping Gorge, Foal Mountains, Apples from Fillydelphia, Tall Tale Town, and all the Apples from Appleloosa.
Oh, and how could I forget? Manehattan! Babs is coming.
I get to see my favorite cousin! I think we're gonna need a bigger cider trough.
Season 3 | Episode 8 Apple Family Reunion Looks like the family's grown tenfold since the last reunion.
I'm gonna be busier than a worm in a rotten tomato trying to get everything ready.
I could always help out.
- Me too! - Eeyup.
Oh, I sure would appreciate that.
Granny's a little rustier in the giddyap since the last time the Apples all got together.
You may be a tad old, Granny, but you're as feisty and full of spark as ever.
Who you calling old? I-- I just meant, why don't you let me take over putting the reunion together this time around? Then all you'll need to worry about is enjoying yourself.
All right, young 'un.
You got yourself a deal.
You are in charge.
I won't let you down, Granny.
You just tell me what the reunion needs, and I'll take care of the rest.
I'll do better than tell you what the reunion will need.
I'll show ya! We've been hosting these things at Sweet Apple Acres every 100 moons since we first planted roots here in Ponyville.
Hey, who's that? That'd be your great great Auntie Applesauce when she was just about your age.
Now she used to go by another name, but everypony started calling her Applesauce after half her teeth fell out when she was making apple jam.
Never did find them teeth in all those jars.
Hey, that's you, Granny! Sure is.
Apple family's been working on that same old quilt since our first reunion.
I can do it! Oh, fingle-fangle! Well, nopony told me I actually had to knot the end of the thread! Okay, so I'll need to get new quilting materials.
Fabric, needles, thread.
You've really been working on the same quilt since the first reunion? Surely have.
I don't think we're ever gonna finish that doggone thing.
Hey, what's going on here? Well, you know us Apples enjoy a good fritter.
Hot, hot, hot! Hey, where'd all them apple fritters go? And, who are you, little one? I'm Applejack.
More apple fritter? That's how we figured out your sister had the appetite of a full-grown stallion.
Better get twice as much honey and flour, then, more oil, wood for the fire.
Now, stick an apple in my mouth and roast my rump! This one sure brings back memories.
You know how Babs is your favorite cousin? Well, Apple Rose is mine.
The two of us entered the seven-legged race every reunion.
We're gonna win this one, cousin.
You bet your hot diggity derriere we are! Come on, cousin, speed it on up! Never won a single one of them races.
We'll need cloth ties, a finish line.
Not much to a seven-legged race.
And of course we can't forget to take the big family photo.
We always snapped a photo in front of the barn at the end of every reunion.
It lets us see how our family's grown.
Photo in front of the barn, got it.
You sure have some great memories of these reunions, don't you? Indeedy, and I'm looking forward to making more at this one.
Oh, I'm sure everypony is, and I do mean everypony.
We got the whole family together this time around.
Who knows if they'll all be able to make the next one? That's true! Busy as everypony's lives are getting these days, chances are pretty slim we'll be this lucky next time around.
Don't worry, Granny, I'm gonna make sure this is the most memorable reunion we've ever had.
I better get started.
I've got some planning to do.
Oh, hootenanny, would you look what your second cousin is wearing on her head.
Apple Bloom, what are you doing up? I was gonna ask you the same thing.
I can't sleep.
My gears are turning in my head about this reunion.
Yeah, I can't wait to see my cousin Babs.
We're gonna do so many fun things together.
Fun? That's just the beginning of it.
Granny Smith handed me the reins of this reunion, and I'm gonna make the most of it.
Apple Bloom, I've got so many things planned, you won't even have a minute's rest! Trust me, little sis.
This reunion I'm putting together is gonna be worth the wait.
Rise and shine! We don't have much time! Don't forget the glitter! - Think that'll do it! - And just in time too.
They're here! Apple Rose! Oh, this is more exciting than when it rained frogs! Howdy, y'all! And welcome to the Apple Family Reunion! My name's Applejack, and I just wanted to let y'all know that I got a real big day planned for you.
We're gonna start off with an obstacle course for the young 'uns and some fritter making and quilting for the not-so-young 'uns.
And there's lots more to come after that.
Hope y'all enjoy it! Where is she? - Babs! - Coz! I know it's hasn't been that long since we've seen each other but-- - It felt like forever! - It felt like forever! I can't wait to tell you about my new school! I can't wait to hear all about it! Jeepers, where do I start? Okay, so first day-- Babs! So glad you could come.
What am I, gonna miss out on spending time with my favorite cousin? Forget about it! Why don't you two head over to the obstacle course? We kinda want to catch up a little bit first.
Don't you worry.
There'll be plenty of time for family bonding while you're racing against your other cousins! All righty, ponies, ready to have some fun? Wow, is that the finish line?! It's like a mile away or something! Actually, that's just the marker where you go on to the next leg of the race.
- There's more? - Much more.
Trust me.
I have put together something you are never gonna forget! After the seven-legged race, you're gonna want to hurry up and head over here where you'll be bobbing for apples.
Then you'll run around these trees 50 times until you're real good and dizzy.
Then you'll jump these big wooden hurdles, and then there's the final leg where you'll balance plates on your head while saying, "pappy pony picked a pluck of pickly pluffnuggets" over and over and over again.
The last pony standing wins.
Seriously? Seriously.
Come on, y'all, let's start making some memories.
On your mark, get set, go! Looking good, everypony.
Better go check on the quilt.
How long you had those new chompers, Auntie Applesauce? A lady never reveals the age of her teeth.
Don't you roll your eyes at me, Miss Apple Rose.
I imagine you two think I have forgotten what you did to my parasol six reunions ago! We were just using it to help break open that pinata! Applejack, delightful to see you.
Are you gonna join us in some quilting? Sorry, Auntie Applesauce, I am busy, busy, busy.
Y'all should get started though.
We couldn't find our rocking chairs.
I got rid of them to make room for these.
This is the year y'all are finally gonna finish that quilt.
Finish it? Won't that be exciting? What's that? I said, won't that be exciting? I suppose, although I have been told that too much excitement can wreak havoc on this youthful complexion of mine.
That's the spirit! What did she say? What? Good gracious! Golden Delicious? I think he's racing with his cousins.
How is Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle? Great! You all right? So dizzy You've got eight now, don't ya? Oh sure do.
Tell you what, my Apple Tart may just be a baby, but he is a hoot! - Having fun? - Sure are! Better pick up the pace on these fritters though, huh? Roll, fold, crimp, slide to the left.
Roll, fold, crimp, slide to the left.
Now you try! That's it! Gotta keep this assembly line moving, gals.
We want every Apple here to get the chance to taste the best darn fritters in Equestria! Pappy pony picked a pluck of pickly pluffnuggets! Any other blankflanks at your new school? Yeah, two.
Pappy pony picked a pluck of pickly pluffnuggets! - Do they want to be Crusaders? - Totally! Great! Pappy pony picked a pluck of pickly pluffnuggets! Pappy pony picked a pluck of pickly pluffnuggets! I can't feel my tongue.
Me neither All right, Apples, break! Finally Ooh, can't forget to capture all these memories for Granny's album! Nothing all that memorable there.
Or there.
Or there.
Come on, Applejack, think.
You gotta kick this thing up a notch.
I get that my big sis wants this to be like a super awesome reunion, but that was ridiculous! I thought we'd never get a minute to just hang out! And your minute's up! Your fellow Apples are waiting for you to join them.
Applejack, I haven't had any time with Babs! We were so busy with that obstacle course we didn't even get to talk! There'll be plenty of time to bond with Babs when we do the hayride.
Hayride? All right, everypony, step right up, take a seat, and leave the driving to these stallions.
Now, I know y'all have been working real hard making some awesome memories, and in all of our past reunions, we always had a nice and relaxing hayride around the farm.
Which is why I decided to change things up a bit and try something just a wee bit more exciting.
So let's get this show on the road! Giddyap! I just had those professionally polished.
Where in the world does that girl have us headed? The west orchard? Eeyup.
What?! I was joking.
Why, we haven't tended those fields since all the trees went and got filled up with-- Wowsa! I've never seen real fruit bats before! Everypony, jump out! Ruined.
Everything is ruined! Oh, Granny, I'm so, so sorry Oh, it's all right, child.
But it's not all right.
Just look at this! The barn, and all my plans for the perfect family reunion are completely destroyed! Maybe that's a good thing.
How can that possibly be a good thing? Applejack, you've had us so caught up in all the doing, we haven't had a second to enjoy the company of the folks we've been doing it with! Really? Oh, Granny Smith, here, you let me be in charge of creating great memories, and the only thing anypony's gonna remember about this reunion is that it was the worst one we ever had.
Hey, now, everypony's still here, ain't they? Still plenty of time to make good memories.
You just gotta give everypony a chance to actually make them.
The family photo! Guess we can't take it in front of the barn this year.
Unless Everypony, I have one more activity! Applejack Trust me, Granny Smith, this'll be one we'll remember for all the right reasons.
Raise this barn Raise this barn One, two, three, four Together, we can raise this barn One, two, three, four Up, up, up Go the beams Hammer those joints Work in teams Turn 'em round quick By the right elbow Grab a new partner Here we go Yeah! Come on, Apple family! Let's get to it! Whoo-hoo! Raise this barn Raise this barn One, two, three, four Together We can raise this barn One, two, three, four Finish the frame Recycling wood Working hard You're doing good Turn 'em round quick By the right elbow Grab your partner Here we go Yeah! Raise this barn Raise this barn One, two, three, four Together We can raise this barn One, two, three, four Slats of wood Come off the ground Hold 'em up And nail 'em down Turn 'em round quick By the left elbow Grab a new partner Here we go Come on, Apples! Get her done! Look at us We're family Working together thankfully We Apples We are proud to say Stick together the pony way Bow to your partner Circle right Get down If you're scared of heights Forward, back And twirl around That barn's gonna be The best in town Yeah! Yee-haw! Attagirl! Alright, let's get to it! Raise this barn Raise this barn One, two, three, four Together We can raise this barn One, two, three, four Take your brushes Young and old Together Paint it bright and bold Turn 'em round quick By the left elbow Grab a new partner Here we go We raised this barn We raised this barn Yes, we did Together We sure raised this barn Yes, we did Being together Counts the most We all came here From coast to coast All we need to strive to be Is part of the Apple Family Yeah! I can't wait for the next reunion! Me neither.
I mean, obviously we have to get together before then.
Oh, you did it, Applejack.
You put on a reunion that everypony will remember.
Just had a couple minor hiccups along the way.
Yeah, just a couple.
That's a good one.
Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned a great lesson about family, which if you think about it, is really the first group of friends you ever make.
Turns out that when you are with folks you care about, you don't have to do much to make that time memorable.
Even the simplest of activities can take on a whole lot of meaning, and you'll find that you remember the who long after you've forgotten the what.
Your humble subject, Applejack.