My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s04e06 Episode Script

Power Ponies

Spike, you really need to go to sleep.
Two more minutes, Twilight.
I'm just getting to the good part.
The Mane-iac is about to… The Mane-iac? The Power Ponies' most evil nemesis.
She was the power-mad owner of the haircare products company.
A tragic accident at her shampoo factory in Maretropolis not only gave her mane strange new powers, but also caused her to go completely insane! She and her henchponies are planning to break into the Maretropolis museum and steal the electro-orb, so she can use it to power up her doomsday device! Of course, the Mane-iac wouldn't have even known if Humdrum hadn't slipped up and told her all about it.
Humdrum? The guy in blue boots and pointless red cape.
The Power Ponies' bumbling and totally useless sidekick.
The Power Ponies have to stop a Mane-iac or Maretropolis is doomed! Believe me, Spike, if any pony understands, what it's like to get caught up in a really good book it's me.
But if we're going to make any progress fixing up Luna and Celestia's Old Castle tomorrow, we all have to do our part.
We don't want to be too tired to lend a hoof or claw.
Okay, okay.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
Two more minutes.
Yes! Looking good, everypony.
Let's keep this magical makeover moving.
You got it! Good old Spike is here ready to do his part.
A little more to the left! No, the other left! Awesome, that's perfect where it is.
On to the next painting! You sure you don't need any help? No, that's okay.
We got everything under control.
Dash? I'm good.
Isn't there anything I can help you with, Twilight? Don't worry about it Spike 's'all good! I think she's right.
It looks like we've got it Spike.
Looking great, everypony! Why don't you find a quiet spot and finish reading your comic? Weren't you right at the part where Humdrum was about to stop the villian? Humdrum never stops the villian.
He's just there for comic relief.
Rarity! Let me give you a hoof with that.
I can do it! That's okay, Spike.
Pony power! Mane-iac breaks into the museum Okay, here we go.
What a surprise.
Humdrum is in the way again while the Power Ponies do all the work! I guess I know what that feels like.
What? How can that be the end? What's that? You can retra What You can return I know I saw a magnifying glass laying around last time I was here.
Spike! Where are you, Spike? We're breaking for tea and biscuits! Spike! You can return to the place you started when the Mane-iac is defeated.
You can return to the place you started when the Mane-iac is defeated.
Take a closer look to join the adventure in this book? What does that even mean? Cool! Spike! What do you Help! Spike! Is this Maretropolis? Somepony wanna tell me what the hay is goin' on? Wholly new personas, ponies! You're the Masked Matter-Horn! Filly-Second! Zap! Radiance! Mistress Mare-velous! Saddle Rager! You're the Power Ponies! Power Ponies! How kind of you to join us! Did she just call us Power Ponies? You're the superheroes from my comic book! It somehow zapped us all in here! So somepony zap us back out! My comic book.
It said the way to get back to where we started was to defeat the Mane-iac, her arch-nemesis! Time for the mane event! Pinkie! Where did she go?! She could be miles away from here by now.
Pinkie is Filly-Second, the fastest pony in all of the Maretropolis! Twilight, freeze her mane! Do what? You're the Masked Matter-Horn! You can shoot all kinds of crazy power-beams from your horn! You know, I'm beginning to enjoy this! Dash, quick! You're Zap, and your superpower is controlling the mighty forces of nature! Unholster the lightning bolt! Lightning, not a tornado! Fluttershy, you're Saddle Rager! Loose your temper, it will turn you into a huge super-strong monster! Oh gosh, that wouldn't be very… polite! Rarity, use your jewelry to create attack constructs! What's an attack construct? Just think of something! Anything! And your bracelet makes it appear! Something useful! The electro-orb! Well, this has been quite the mane-raising experience, but I really must be going.
Why, thank you, Humdrum.
I'm Humdrum? Oh no! Applejack! You gotta help stop the tornado from destroying the city! But every time I move, this darn lasso gets tighter! You're psychically connected to it! Move it away and want it to go! And it will obey you! That was spin-tastic! Let me get this straight.
We've been sucked into some kind of comic book world? Technically it's called Maretropolis, and if we want to get back to Ponyville, I think we have to stop the Mane-iac from using her doomsday device to destroy it! No biggie, I was already awesome.
And now we've all got superpowers! Almost all of us have superpowers… But you must have them too, Spiky-boo, the character is wearing a cape! Yeah For absolutely no reason.
He's pretty much useless.
Good thing you're not really Humdrum then.
Yeah Good thing.
So, the six of us Power Ponies take care of Mane-iac and get us back to Poniville.
Spike, where is the Mane-iac building her doomsday device? Her top-secret headquarters.
But you better get there quick.
That glowing orb she just stole is what she's gonna use to power it up.
Lead the way, Spike.
Then leave the rest to us! There it is! Is that a shampoo factory? All right, Power Ponies, here's the plan.
Rarity, you, me and Come on out, Mane-iac! Or the Power Ponies are comin' in! So much for "element of surprise".
Guess I'll just stand back here doing nothing.
Oh, I don't think she's home.
Maybe, we should just come back later.
She's home.
Come to Power Pony up! Nice catch phrase! Freeze ray! It's an improvement, darling.
Oh, I do so love a functional accessory.
My hair! Seriously? You aren't even just a li-i-ittle angry right now? Nice work, Power Ponies.
Now let's take care of the Mane-iac and get ourselves home.
I don't think so.
I have a city to destroy.
And I'm not about to let the Power Ponies stop me.
Not this time! Just watch us! The Hair Spray Ray of Doom! It stops you in your tracks and renders your powers useless! We'll just see about that.
Please, just a little anger? Well, I'm not so much angry as I'm concerned, worrying or terrified.
Don't spray! Oh, Humdrum.
Why in all of Mare-tropolis would I use the Hair Spray Ray of Doom on you? Rather pointless, don't you think? What am I supposed to do? I'm useless.
No wonder my friends never need me to do anything important.
They are the ones with the superpowers.
They've probably already figured out how to escape.
Or not.
Congratulations, Power Ponies! You shall live just long enough to see me fire the instrument of your destruction.
Once the electro-orb has powered it up completely.
This cannon will amplify the power of my mane one million times.
Expelling an energy blast that will cause everypony in Mare-tropolis's mane to grow wild! You will be my weapon's first victims.
And there is no pony who can save you from this fate! I don't mean to interrupt, but aren't you forgetting about somepony? Humdrum? Little guy? No superpowers whatsoever? He's utterly useless! Please.
Everypony know you just keep him around because you feel sowwy for him.
Maybe in your world.
But in our world Spike… Humdrum always comes through when we need him! Always.
I'm not like Humdrum… When my friends really need me I do come through! And they need me now.
I see, dementia must be a side effect of prolonged exposure to the Hair Spray Ray of Doom Tonight we stand upon the brink of immortality, for we, collectively, (though, mostly me) have finally defeated our most hated nemesis.
We have hurled the brush af badness into the now fearful face of… goodness and have struck a blow for freedom in the name of opression and nothing will stop us! Way to go, Spike! Get mad! I'm trying! Take your rest! Over there! There! There, idiots! Need a place to put these guys! Holdy right there, partner! Fluttershy, where are you going? You seem to have everything under control.
Fluttershy, we need you! You have to power up! I'm sorry, it's just that nothing is making me mad Oh goodness, are you okay? Are you kidding me? I mean, I know you're evil and everything, but you hurt a teensy little harmless firefly? Really? Well, you're just a great big meanie! There! I said it! What makes you think you're so special… What, the rules of common courtesy don't apply to you?! Why don't you pick on somepony your own size?! My mane! My mane! Once again, the day is saved by… Awesome! Did you see how I was raining down the storm of justice at the end there? You catched how I was wielding that lasso? Cupcakes? How did you… Eh, we had a good half second before we got sucked back out of the comic, and the Maretropolis baker was only sixty five blocks away! I'm just glad to be back.
We wouldn't have made it without you, Spike.
And I hope you realize that just because we don't always need your help, it doesn't mean that we don't think you're helpful.
And that you don't have to have superpowers to be a super-friend! But I do have one question.
Where exactly did you get that comic book? This one I got in Canterlot at the house of enchanted comics.
Well, I didn't know it meant they were literally enchanted! I thought it just meant like, the comic is so… That it had really enchanting storylines! Hey, wait up! I'm an important part of this team, remember? СЧАСТЛИВЫЙ ПОНЕЦ anon2anon sunnysubs.