My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s05e17 Episode Script

Brotherhooves Social

Oh, snickerdoodle! Where is the darned thing? I wish for once I'd remembered to label these boxes! Oh, Big Mac, be a dear and help me move those, eh, maybe it's in that one on the bottom.
Oh dagnabbit, it's not in there either.
You can't catch me! Hey! You trickster! Sisterhooves Social is right around the corner! Thought it'd be nice to award the winner of the big race the ribbon from when we hosted the very first Social! If of course I could find the darn thing.
Oh, would you lookee here! My, how Apple Bloom used to love watching you make that thing fly.
It's like she thought you used magic.
Ah, right, enough reminiscin', gotta find that ribbon! If you would just help me- -this box then maybe I could, eh Uh, Big Mac? Found her! S-I-S-T-E-R-S! Which two sisters are the best? We are! Apple Bloom and Applejack forever! Yee-hoo! We're gonna win every competition at the Sisterhooves Social! Those other fillies aren't gonna know what hit 'em! Oh, hey there, Big Mac! Did you want somethin'? Eeyup.
Hold that thought.
Applejack, you are the most awesome sister ever! Aw gee-whiz, Well I think it's sweet that you hold that opinion, but- It's not opinion! It's objective fact! You saved Equestria like a gazillion times, you're smart, funny, strong, why you're the best sister of all time! Probably the best Apple of all time! Right Big Mac? Eeyup.
And with you by my side, I'm guaranteed to taste sweet, sweet Sisterhooves Social victory! Go Apples, go, go, go Apples go! Uh, Apple Bloom? I think Big Mac's got somethin' he wants to show you.
Oh hey! Is that the toy we used to play with when I was little? - Eeyup! - Neat! Alright then! Let's get back to practisin'! One more run-through of our jugglin' routine, make sure our harmonies are tight in our song, and see if we can't beat our best pie-eatin' time! Hold on, sugarcube, I need a minute to talk with Big Mac.
Mind if I go ahead and start eatin' this pie?! Hey Big Mac, you all right? Yup.
You sure? You seemed a little down back there.
Come on now, you can tell me.
You feelin' a little left out? Apple Bloom and I have been spendin' a lot of time together gettin' ready for the Social.
What in the Your cutie mark! You're being summoned, Applejack! This is so cool! Eeyup.
Wonder what you're bein' called to? Wonder what you're supposed to do when you get there? Obviously to somethin' awesome because you're awesome! But, if you're bein' summoned to solve a friendship problem, that means you'll have to miss the Sisterhooves Social, and if you have to miss the Social that means I'll have to miss the Social, which means I won't be able to taste sweet, sweet victory! Now calm down.
Let me just go over to Twilight's castle and see what's what! Maybe it's just a false alarm? But you said it was a false alarm! I said maybe it's a false alarm.
Well, it's not.
Rarity and I have to go to Manehattan.
Can't you just tell that map it'll have to wait a couple days? No can do, sugarcube.
When duty calls, I gotta answer right away.
What kind of example would I be settin' for my little sister if I didn't? This can't be happening! Your extreme awesomeness is backfirin' on me! I'm sorry, Apple Bloom.
Try and cheer her up, won't you? Eeyup.
Breakfast, come and get it! Oh, it's no use, Big Mac, if I know my Apple Bloom, she won't come out of a funk this funky til her big sister gets back.
Hey Apple Bloom, the Social's gonna start in a few hours.
Thought you might want to go with us.
Since Rarity and Applejack are out of town, you and Sweetie Belle can cheer on me and Rainbow Dash instead! Pretty great they're letting you participate even though you're not technically sisters.
Well, the Social's always had a pretty loose definition of what constimatutes a sister.
As long as you share a bond that represents the spirit of the Social, you're in! So what do you say? You coming? Why not got nothin' better to do lemme wash up and I'll meet you in a little bit.
Oh, such a shame we don't live closer to all your second cousins.
You could maybe do the Social with one of them instead.
What is it, Big Mac? Y'all got an idea? Eeyup! What? What is it?! Today is our big day! We have so got this.
I'm gonna go sign us in.
I guess I'm just a little jealous you two get to compete and I don't.
But, at least I get to be here and cheer you on! I thought Apple Bloom was gonna be here too? Guess she changed her mind.
Hey, there you are! You ready to cheer on me and Rainbow Dash to victory? Uh, not exactly.
Seems I'm gonna get to participate after all.
Applejack is back from Manehattan already? That must mean Rarity is back too! No, our sisters are still gone.
But it turns out my long lost cousin Orchard Blossom' was able to make it last minute.
Your cousin who what now? Well, I do declare! It's hotter today than the business end of a corncob pipe! Oh my! I'm so delighted to meet your little friends, Apple Bloom.
Would these be your dear and beloved Cutie Mark Crusaders? Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, cousin Orchard Blossom.
It is my extra-ordinary pleasure to make your acquaintance.
That's Big Mac in a dress.
Big Mac? Why, as charmed as I am that you find me in the slightest resemblance to such a, a fine and noble product of the Apple clan, I am astonished in equal measure.
However, I shall take this startling observation under advisement given that it's from such an astute and perceptive filly as yourself, Sweetie Belle.
That's awful nice of you to say, cousin Orchard Blossom! I've been told before I'm pretty observant.
I haven't the slightest doubt.
Pardon me.
My dearest cousin Applejack is regrettably unable to be here as planned, so I, her cousin Orchard Blossom, will accompany Apple Bloom in her stead.
I trust that's acceptable to all concerned? Cousin Orchard Blossom, huh? I know Applejack has a lot of relatives, but I feel like she would've mentioned you.
Why, you must be Rainbow Dash.
You're Scootaloo's say how are y'all related again? Hm.
Why don't I just let you finish signing in.
But don't think Scootaloo and I are gonna take it easy on you just 'cause you're a stallion! Now, where were we? Uh, excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.
You mean 'powder your muzzle', don't you, dear? Such a more feminine reference to nature's call, don't you agree? Have they called your brother's bluff yet? No, but they're about to! I can't bear to watch! Yoohoo! Apple Bloom! They've approved us as a pair! Hurry along now, precious! I can't believe they bought it! It's sweet he wants to help you out like this.
Weird, but sweet.
Bravo, bravo! Weren't those two sisters great? Now, where are our next competitors? Here we are! This one, please.
Excellent choice ma'am.
You sure you know all the words? Cause it took Applejack a pretty long time to get it down! Did it, now? We all love our brothers And our fathers and mothers We honor them like every family should But there's somethin' that's quite unique When my sister's there with me And we share that special bond of sisterhood - Sisterhood - Sisterhood Is a special kind of friend - Sisterhood - Sisterhood Is a bond that never ends It's not always perfect You might fight or be misunderstood But together you'll always have sisterhood - Sisterhood - Sisterhood - Sisterhood! - ood Are you okay, cousin Orchard Blossom? You sounded like you were catchin' a cold or somethin' else that would make your voice sound totally different, right at the end of the song! Just a frog in my throat, dear.
Probably just need to get a sip of water.
If you'll excuse us, we've another event at which to participate.
Oh my, that certainly didn't go as I had planned.
But don't you worry, we'll get you a blue ribbon yet, Apple Bloom.
You sure about that? As sure as my name is cousin Orchard Blossom.
But that isn't your name! C-O-U-S-I-N-S! Which two sis-, uh, cousins are the best! We are! Apple Bloom and Appleja- and Orchard Jac- Blossom, forever! Oh, I don't know why I didn't choose to wear something more casual, I knew that juggling routine like the back of my hoof! But never you mind, there is still the race to be run! I really appreciate all the effort, Big Ma- cousin Orchard Blossom, but maybe we just skip the whole obstacle course thing and call it a day.
Why, Apple Bloom! I wouldn't hear of it! Your cousin Orchard Blossom may be many things, but she is not a quitter.
I'm sure she's not, but, it's like Applejack said! There'll be more Sisterhooves Socials down the line, and I'm sure she'll help me get a blue ribbon next time round.
But you wanted to win it this Sisterhooves Social! And no matter what, I am gonna get you that win! Why, I simply have to.
Alright, Scootaloo, remember the parts where teamwork really comes into play! How could I forget? We've been training all week! Okay, hot stuff! What's our move on the grape squish? Me and you.
- Apple toss? - Flip-flop.
- Egg carrying? - Butter-ball.
Yeah! Oh dear.
Competitor sisters! Take your positions! And a-ready, and a-set, go! Nice jump, Scoot! Woohoo! Yikes, you almost squished me! Pick up those hooves, Apple Bloom! Why, you're barely movin' at a mosey! Come on, junebug, it's like you've never carried an egg before! I'm goin' as fast as I can! Woohoo! I mean, victory is ours, sweet Apple Bloom! Uh oh.
Uh oh indeed! I should've known you'd eventually get busted for bein' a stallion! Oh no, we've known all along.
The Sisterhooves Social has always had a loose policy when it comes to what counts as a 'sister'.
But we do have a strict policy when it comes to sportsponyship! In your 'sister's desperation to win, he used brute strength to physically take out the competitors, and that behavior is not just unbecoming of a lady, but frankly, of anypony! And for that, you two are hereby disqualified! Hah! Looks like we win, squirt! Woohoo! Yeah! I told you I should've just waited until the next Social to win with Applejack.
You know I'm not mad, right? Eeyup.
I mean, let's face it.
you dressin' up as my cousin Orchard Blossom was a pretty crazy idea in the first place.
And it's not like you got me disqualified from the Social forever or anythin'.
I can participate next time with Applejack.
Everythin's fine.
I just don't understand why you went so crazy there at the end of the race.
I mean, I know you like to win an' all, but you wanna tell me what's goin' on? Nope.
Well, it's getting late.
You comin'? Nope.
See you later, I guess - Apple Bloom? - Yeah? When you were little you used to look up to me, thought I was the best thing since Zap Apple Jam.
Things are different now.
Applejack's the hero of the Apple family, always runnin' off to save Equestria, an' I'm just here on the farm, doin' chores, helpin' out the way I can, nothin' special, nobody's hero, I guess I just thought oh, never mind.
Here I am about to start blabberin' on about my feelin's.
You don't wanna hear all this.
Yes, I do! I guess I just thought if I could fill in for Applejack at the Social, and get you a blue ribbon, well, I could be somepony you looked up to again.
Be your hero again.
Even if it was for just a day.
It was foolish, an' I'm ashamed.
Please, I just wanna be alone right now.
Yeah, well, too bad, you big goof! Cause I'm not goin' anywhere.
An' I always know you're gonna be here when I need you.
Heck, you'll do a whole obstacle course in high heels if you think it'll get me somethin' I want.
You're my big brother.
You've always been a hero to me, Big Mac, and you always will be.
I'm just sorry I haven't been lettin' you know that's how I feel.
Guess both of us have been holdin' back when it comes to expressin' ourselves, huh? Eeyup.
Big Mac! Apple Bloom! Your sister's home! She can't stop blabbing stories about her trip to Manehattan! Be there in a bit! I'm spending some quality time with my big brother! Hey, Big Mac? Eeyup? How do you think cousin Orchard Blossom would describe this sunset? Why dear, I do declare this is the most beautiful sunset my eyes have ever looked upon, though sitting here on these tree roots is a trifle uncomfortable for my hindquarters.
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