My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s05e19 Episode Script


Happy Hearth's Warming Eve! Shucks, Twilight! Y'all done it up nice and cosy in here.
We're about to hang our Hearth's Warming dolls if you wanna join us.
Well that's mighty sweet of you but we're just stoppin' in to wish y'all a happy Hearth's Warmin' before we go.
I think it's sweet that your families are spending the holiday together.
Picture the most fun-tacular thing you can think of.
Now multiply that times infinity! Whoo, it's gonna be great! That's us! See you later! Now can we open presents? But tonight is Hearth's Warming Eve.
Everypony knows you don't open presents 'til tomorrow.
When Spike and I spent our first Hearth's Warming Eve together he couldn't wait all night to open his presents! Ever since then, we've always opened them the night before! It's kinda like our tradition! That's not how our family does it, and I reckon it can't be how Pinkie's does it.
Is it? No sir-ee! To each their own, I suppose! Agh! Gotta go, bye! Just what I always wanted! A book Chancellor Puddinghead puddings! How 'bout a Windigo-frosted snow cone? It's so excitin'! Related or not it's gonna be a hoot havin' our families together under one roof! Apples and Pies together again for the first time! Maybe.
Unless we're related! Which maybe we're not.
I think I just confused myself.
Friends or family, this here's about togetherness.
Have you tried the Equestria fried crepes? The blue is blueberry! And don't tell Granny I saw but her trunk is full of presents! Now hang on, sugarcube.
You know Hearth's Warmin' ain't just about candy and presents, right? Uh-oh, that's your boring sisterly lecture voice.
'Fraid so! A long time ago the Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, and Unicorn Ponies weren't friends.
I don't like you! I don't like you either! But then, the icy chill of the Windigoes almost iced up everythin' so the ponies decided to work together and their friendship drove them magicky critters away.
Beat it, Windigoes! Triumphant, they raised a new flag to celebrate all three tribes and Equestria was born.
What happened to the flag? I don't know Is that why we celebrate with a flag raisin' tomorrow? Mm-hm! And tonight, we'll have the traditional Hearth's Warmin' Eve dinner to remember the shared values of our ancestors.
We do that too! Then we'll hang our Hearth's Warmin' dolls over the fireplace to remind us of the warmth shared on that fateful night.
That's what our family does too! And tomorrow, we open presents! Ah, we do that too! Sounds like the Apples and the Pies do everything the same way! Of course! We might be related! Hey, I was gonna say that! Stop sayin' what I'm sayin'! You stop it first! I'm so happy, I need to make up a new word for how happy I am! What about rooftastic'! Rooftastic'? As in I'm gonna stand on the roof and yell to everypony how rooftastic this is! What if our families don't like each other? We are friends, Applejack and after tonight our families are gonna be friends too.
Do you know what that means? Number of Apples times number of Pies is twenty four, minus my three existing friendships plus one for Maud and you makes five from twenty four is nineteen new friendships! Maud! I'm so excited to see you, Pinkie Pie.
And you, Applejack.
I hope you had fun sledding yesterday.
How'd you know that? Isn't it obvious? There are specks of extrusive andracite on your hoof.
It's a mountain rock.
Oh, she's good.
How's school going? If you thought quartz was hard on the most-hardness scale wait 'til I tell you about corundum.
I missed you so much! Mm-hm.
This place looks amazin'! Come on, everypony! Meet my super-mega-wonderful family! Everypony, meet everypony! Surely thy name is not but Granny Smith.
I am called Igneous Rock Pie, son of Thelmspar Granite Pie, Thou shalt know me as Cloudy Quartz.
May Providence favor thee well and to thou comfort our humble homestead bring.
Y'all gabbin' with words real funny-like.
Wh, wh, what'd you say them names were? Iggy? And I'm just gonna call you 'Big Momma Q'! Gaze into the eyes of Limestone Pie.
Ma and Pa Pie own this farm, but I keep it running.
Cross me and- Aye aye, Captain Grumpy! No-one's gonna mess with your precious mine! Or Holder's Boulder! Everypony stay away from Holder's Boulder.
There, you happy now? And you must be- This is Marble Pie, my baby sister who's only a few minutes younger than me but she'll always be a baby to me, isn't that right? She's so excited to meet everypony! Oh, and she wishes you all happy Hearth's Warming! Mm-hm.
Guess Pinkie Pie always did the talkin' for her.
Attention! What'd I say about the boulder?! I'll just be a second! Everypony get settled in! There's plenty of room upstairs.
And then it's time for Hearth's Warming Eve dinner! So far, so good, cousin! Hee-hee! Oh, I can't wait to taste their fresh sweet rolls! They're my favorite part of Hearth's Warmin' Eve dinner.
I'm more of a six-layer bean dip filly myself! I love that too! Oh, Applejack do you think theirs'll be even better than ours? Well, that's a mighty tall order but it wouldn't surprise me in the least.
Are you excited for dinner time? Because guess who is! Spoiler alert – it's me! What about hot rolls, and malt cider, and double-baked pot pie? Or what about six-layer bean dip? We have rock soup.
Potato, po-tah-to.
Double baked pot pie, rock soup! Dinner is dinner, am I right or am I right? Yeah, um, you know what? This is what we were expectin'! Right, everypony? Is everything alright, Applejack? O'course, I'm just being a rusty fiddler.
Do me up and let's get back to dinner.
More rock, please! Eat up, so we can get to our Hearth's Warming dolls! Now that's somethin' I know all about! Who wants a Hearth's Warming doll? Are you sayin' that rock is a Hearth's Warmin' doll? Don't be silly, silly! Our dolls are these little pieces! Isn't that right, Marble Pie? Mm-hm.
Our dolls are rocks? Uh y'all don't have traditional crochet dolls passed down in your family? Aww, you're just a frown factory 'cause you got a weird rock.
Cheer up! I'm sure you'll do great in the flag finding mission! What findin' what now? Limestone Pie, you're the judge! Big Mac, Marble Pie, you're team one! Apple Bloom and Maud, you're team two! Ma, Pa, you're gonna be with Granny Smith.
Don't think of it as team old, think of it as team three! And I'm with Applejack of course, since we might be cousins! So now that we're all split up, mind tellin' us what we're doin'? As everypony knows- Stay off Holder's Boulder! Sheesh.
When the three tribes united to form Equestria, the first flag was sewn by Nimble Thimble.
It's tradition to raise a flag on Hearth's Warming to celebrate that famous day.
But who gets to put the flag on Holder's Boulder? You mean on the flagpole? No, silly, it goes on the highest point! And who's the lucky pony? Traditionally, it's the youngest- On your marks get set, go! Pinkie Pie, will you please tell us what's goin' on? I'll explain on the way! I still don't understand.
Earlier today, Limestone Pie hid an obsidian stone.
Whoever finds it gets to raise the flag! It's all just so complicated, and rock-based.
Well, how else would we do it? I don't know I sure hope everypony else is havin' a better time.
So, you'd you meet your diddy feller? We were chosen by the Pairing Stone, and betrothed within a fortnight.
The choosing stone decreed thou shalt love one another', and lo, it was so.
Hooee, I gots to look into this oldfangled choosin' stone thing.
You reckon it knows any apple fire-red hunks? Indeed so.
What does the rock look like? It looks like something that formed when volcanic lava cooled quickly.
Have you ever wished you could turn into a rock? I had a dream once I was an apple.
We have a lot in common when it comes to thinking about turning into things.
Found it found it found it! A picture? I've been lookin' for a real stone, Pinkie Pie! Um, that would be weird.
Do you know what this means? I get to raise the flag, and now it's time to hide the presents! Y'all hide your presents? Of course! What's more fun than getting a present? Finding a present! Although, most years, nopony finds one.
So nopony gets presents? Eh, not usually.
So lemme get all this straight.
You're only allowed to eat rock soup for dinner then the pony who finds this rock gets to raise the flag, but not really 'cause you don't got no flagpole, and to top it off, you don't even get presents? Well, it doesn't sound very fun when you say it that way.
Well, how 'bout you picture this? Both our families, openin' presents, raisin' the flag? Picturing it Loving it! Goodnight, everypony! Goodnight, Pinkie Pie! We gotta do somethin', y'all! Pinkie Pie's family never had a real Hearth's Warmin'! Is that really what she said? Well, I, I'm sure it's what she meant.
These are their traditions.
I know they have their traditions and we have ours but I just want them to see how much better theirs could be.
Hearth's Warming! Hearth's Warming! Hearth's Warming! Hearth's Warming! Oh my.
Farm! It's Hearth's Warmin', Apple-style! We've been doin' everythin' your way, I thought we could mix it up a bit! Marble Pie, you could raise the Equestria flag up this pole because you're the youngest Pie! Ma and Pa Pie, we'll cook you up a meal you'll never forget! And look, we all get presents, without havin' to find 'em! Yeah, this is gonna be great! All this stuff she's, uh, right everypony? Pinkamena Diane Pie! Truly thou cannot favor this madness! Well, I wanna be one big family! But what about what we usually do?! I, um, well, I don't know! Don't make me choose! I didn't mean to cause a fuss Why don't we just open presents around the flag pole? It'll be fun, you'll see! Excuse me.
You planted your pole on a fault line.
Nooooooooooooooo! Oh boy.
You didn't have to ask them to leave! They wanted to go! We don't need anypony forcing their way into our family! This was all a misunderstanding, everypony! I know Applejack and she'd never do anything bad to anypony! Look around, Pinkie Pie! It's gonna take me ages to get this rock farm back on track! And how are we gonna lift Holder's Boulder?! This is all her fault! Then it's my fault too Prob'ly best if we head back to Sweet Apple Acres.
Maybe in time we'll be friends again but for now it's best to give them a little space.
I wish we didn't have to.
I really like Maud! She's sweet once you get to know her.
They all are.
Worst Hearth's Warmin' ever.
Eh, has anypony seen Applejack? I really cracked the corn this time.
I really popped the piñata this time.
Pinkie Pie? What are you doing here? I came here to think! You did? So did I! Aww.
I'm too ashamed to go back up there.
Your family, my family, they all must think I'm such a nincompoop.
Aw, no-one thinks that! Pushy, aggressive, mean Oh, I'm not helping.
I'm sorry I forced my traditions over yours.
I don't want you to have to choose between the family you were born into and friends who love you like one.
I really hoped we could be one big happy family.
I guess not.
Don't say that! I wish I could stay, but I have a train to catch.
Then ha happy Hearth's Warming.
You too.
You want to know why Holder's Boulder's so danged important? Well, now their great-great-great- great-great-great grandfather Holder Cobblestone he found that boulder in a dragon's nest, older than time itself! He built the family farm around it, even though it was just an ordinary rock.
It always brought him good luck.
Aw, crickets! That is important! I got so caught up in the things they were doin' I never asked why they did it! To Applejack, from Pinkie Pie.
Cousins forever.
You just found your first Pie Hearth's Warmin' present ever! Only Pinkie Pie could hide a present on a movin' train.
What a great tradition.
Stop the train! Come on you boulder come on agh! I'm pushing as hard as I can too.
Rrrgh, it's hopeless! Need a little help? Apples! What do you want?! I wasn't tryin' to take your traditions away, I was tryin' to share ours.
I was so focused on us bein' one big happy family I thought we needed the same traditions right away.
What I should've done was learn about yours, and teach you about ours and over time, we'd make new traditions together.
I'm sorry, y'all.
Well, don't just stand there! We got a boulder to move! But I'm in charge.
I think we've just invented our first combined tradition! Pushing Holder's Boulder out of the quarry'! I can't wait for Applejack to knock it over next Hearth's Warming! Marble Pie, you want to wish Big Mac a happy Hearth's Warming, don't you! And you too, right Big Mac? Mm-hm! Eeyup.
Eh, lemme see here, um if thou ask-eth me, thou two art, eh, okay-eth in my book'.
Happy Hearth's Warming! Happy Hearth's Warmin', Pinkie Pie.
Attention, everypony! Maud wants to sing some Hearth's Warmin' carols that she wrote! The first one is about rocks.
They're all about rocks.
Hearth's Warming is great.
Like calcium silicate.
What a wonderful day.
As good as michre, or clay.
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