My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic s06e03 Episode Script

The Gift of the Maud Pie

? ? We're going to Manehattan! We're going to Manehattan! ? We're going to Manehattan! Yes, yes.
The height of sophistication, elegance, culture.
Since my boutique in Canterlot has been doing so nicely, it only makes sense for me to open one there as well.
Eee! We're almost there! Why doesn't your face look like this? Eee! Oh, Pinkie, dear.
This is just a business trip for me.
I need to scour the city for the most perfect location for my new shop.
And while it's lovely how excited you are, there's absolutely no chance of me getting swept into the energy, the beauty, the majesty of the greatest city in all of Equestria! ? [majestic theme] This city is simply amazing! It's just everything.
And it's about to get everything ever-er because guess who I see! M-A-U-D! You know what that spells? It spells Maud.
[poof!] MAUD-MAUD-MAUD! Yay! ? My little pony, my little pony ? ? Aaaahhh ? My little Pony ? I used to wonder what friendship could be.
? ? My Little Pony ? Until you all shared its magic with me.
? ? Big adventure! ? Tons of fun ? A beautiful heart! ? Faithful and strong! ? ? Sharing kindness ? it's an easy feat ? And magic makes it all complete! ? ? To have my little pony ? Do you know you're all my very best friends? ? ? Rarity: Oh, you Pie sisters have just about the sweetest family traditions.
Every year you set aside a special day to spend with each of your sisters? Yep.
I do separate trips with each one.
And we make it super-fun by picking a different location every year.
We see the sights all day and then swap gifts at sunset.
And since Maud's getting her Rocktorate nearby, we figured this would be the perfect spot for psssd.
What's the secret? Huh? You just said pssst! No, silly.
Not pssst, psssd.
Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day! [snort] [giggle] Maud? Boulder promised his cousin a postcard.
Well, I'll just leave you two to your PSSSD.
And now I am off to scout possible locations for my new boutique.
Before you go, can I ask you a quick question? Oh, of course.
Will you please help me? Only if you let go of my leg and stand up.
Every year Maud's PSSSD gift always blows mine away.
But this year is going to be different.
For the first time, I'm finally getting her a gift that's as good as the ones she always gets me.
There's a specialty store here in Manehattan that sells nothing but rock pouches.
A rock pouch would be perfect for Boulder and I know Maude will love it! Why, Pinkie.
That really is the perfect gift for Maud! I know, right? The problem is, I still need to buy one and the store's downtown.
Hmm and you want to get a pouch for Maud, without ruining the surprise.
Well, luckily for you, I know exactly what you should do.
Why not sight-see in a path that leads right to the pouch store? That way, Maud won't get suspicious.
I'll come with you and distract Maud so -- I can sneak away to pick out a rock pouch.
And if you're coming with us, you can look at boutique locations along the way! It's the perfect plan! [echo: Perfect plan! Perfect plan!] Yes, yes, yes.
Let's not get too excited until you actually get a pouch for Maud.
Of course.
Got it.
Nothing moved him.
Maud, I'm giving you the greatest PSSSD gift in the history of ever! [poof!] ? Rarity: What a spectacular view! You really can see everything from here.
Especially the glaciation of the sloping strata.
It's breathtaking.
But not half as breathtaking as the gift I'm giving you.
[poof!] ? It certainly is "cozy", but this simply won't do.
Working in a space this small would make me lose my mind.
Just like Maud's going to lose her mind when she sees the gift I'm giving her! [poof] ? Whatever you were about to say isn't nearly as good as the gift I'm giving Maud! [poof] You'll be pleased with yours, too.
Pinkie, put down that crayon.
The Cantering Cook isn't that kind of restaurant! Oh, a pony could get used to eating at places like this.
I know.
It's the only restaurant in the city with nepheline syenite in their bathroom tiles.
[nervous laugh] Well, isn't that something.
You know what, Pinkie Pie? Uh, maybe you could help me figure out what to order.
We're so close to the pouch store! It's just a block away! I could practically smell it from here if I knew what a pouch store smelled like! OK, remember the plan: I will stay here and distract Maud while you go get a pouch.
Gotcha! Oh, why thank you for the kind assistance, Pinkie Pie.
And now I know exactly what to order.
You are very welcome, Rarity.
Now pardon me whilst I go wash my hooves.
[crash] Sorry! So, Maud.
That Boulder of yours is such an interesting character.
You must tell me.
How did the two of you first meet? It was a dark and stormy night.
Little did I know that my life was about to change forever Look at that hand-stitched ten thousand-thread-count- velvet-lined rock pouch! Maud will love it! I NEED it! Huh.
Must be stuck.
"Took a sudden vacation to Canterlot with my grand-niece.
Back in a few moons.
" Oh, no.
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Well, maybe, just maybe, he's already back from vacation and just forgot to take the sign down.
Hello, Mr.
Pouch Store Owner! I'd love to hear all about your sudden vacation to Canterlot with your grand-niece while buying a pouch for my sister, please! [smashing] Miss? The store's clearly closed.
But it can't be! It just can't be! If I can't get that pouch, then not only am I not getting my sister the greatest present in the history of PSSSD, but now I have no PSSSD present for my sister at all! And Boulder's been by my side ever since.
What a surprisingly suspenseful and compelling story.
I completely get what you see in him now.
Pinkie Pie! You're back! Oh, your hooves must be sparkling clean.
Huh? Oh, right.
[groan] Garçon, one Super-Deluxe Two Mile High Hot Fudge Sundae, STAT! [crash] What happened? Did you get a pouch for Maud? Tell me everything! The door to the rock pouch store was locked because the owner's on a sudden vacation to Canterlot with his grand-niece for a few moons and so there's no way I can get the perfect present for Maud and now I don't have any present for her at all so it'll be the worst Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day ever! [blubbering] Oh not to worry, dear.
I'll just have to help you find a new present for Maud.
We have plenty of time before your gift exchange at sunset and all of Manehattan to explore.
We're bound to find something Maud would like.
Maybe even more than a rock pouch! You're right! Thanks, Rarity! ? [piano notes] Maud, I can't help but notice you're staring at that marvelous giraffe.
I was just wondering, any chance you could see yourself with it? Only if I had a mirror.
Now Maud, I know you're a big fan of rocks, so get your camera ready because these are the most spectacular rocks in all of Manehattan.
Surely there must be something here that catches your eye.
Boulder says they're all too "stuck up".
[whistle] All right.
You and me, Maud.
You and me.
What do you think about this? Or this? Or this? Or this? O this? Or this? Or this? This? This? This? This-this-this-this-this -this-th is-this- I like that.
What is it? You have to tell me! Was it this bike? This lamp? This grappling hook? What do you like? I like that fissure in the sidewalk.
It's an elegant example of thermal expansion and soil settlement.
[mumbling] WHAT!? But I all of this and she likes a crack?! Did she like anything? That sister of yours is simply impossible to shop for.
There's nothing she needs or wants.
Boulder? Boulder? Where'd you run off to? There you are.
Sure wish I had something to carry you around in.
A rock pouch was a perfect gift for Maud! And I know she would have loved the one I saw in the window! It had double stitching, a red drawstring-- --and ochre-flecked velvet lining with reinforced triple crosshatched seams? Yep.
That's the pouch.
How'd you know? Because I'm looking at one just like it.
Maybe if you catch up with him, you could ask- Excuse me, Sir.
I couldn't help but notice your nifty rock pouch.
Is there any chance you'd be willing to part with it? I really need it.
Like, really, really, REALLY! So lemme get this straight.
You really, really need this pouch, huh? I believe I said, really, really, REALLY! Well, you know pouches like this are really hard to come by these days.
But I might be able to part with it for the right price.
So you'll sell it to me? And I'll finally be able to give my sister the perfect Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day present? Ooh, thank you, thank you, thank you! [poof!] Hmmmmm.
That's one sweet party cannon you got there.
Tell you what.
I'd be more than happy to give you the pouch for the low, low price of that cannon.
My, my party cannon? Well, if you really want to give that sister of yours the perfect present, then you'll have to give up your party cannon.
So what do you say? The pouch for the cannon.
Do you see the exposed chalcedony in the fissure? Probably? Whatcha guys looking at? Oh, you're back.
Darling, I want to get one more picture of you and that astounding fissure in the sidewalk.
And the inspiration just struck me for the perfect shot! Be a dear and go stand behind it.
OK, now just back up a little bit.
Little more.
And now just a little twenty yards more.
Perfect! Hold that pose! I think we found your new holiday card! So, how did it go? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Well, I got the rock pouch for Maud.
That's really the only thing that matters.
Oh, I am so glad to hear that! She's going to absolutely LOVE it.
Yep? That's it? You got your sister the greatest PSSSD present in the history of ever and all you have to say is 'yep'? Yep.
But you're Pinkie Pie.
You're supposed to be all-- I'm so excited I got the rock pouch! And I know I say 'excited' a lot when I'm actually just kind of excited, but this time I'm really excited about how excited I am about being this excited over the rock pouch! And then you fire off your party cannon.
Say, where is your cannon? [gasp] Did you lose it? Is your party cannon lost somewhere in the big city? Well, I wouldn't say it's lost.
I mean, I know where it is, it's just [sigh] I can clearly see that something's bothering you and I want to help.
But I can't help you unless you tell me what the problem is.
Oh there's no problem.
It just turns out that the going rate for a rock pouch in Manehattan is one party cannon.
Who knew? YOU GAVE AWAY YOUR CANNON? B-but that party cannon is your everything! You absolutely love that cannon.
How could you possibly part with something that means so much to you? Well, I finally got Maud a gift that's just as good as the ones she always gets me.
And that's all that really matters.
Well, I guess I understand.
Maybe? Maud's going to be so excited.
I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees the pouch! I know.
The camera loves Boulder.
After the day we've had, I'm probably looking forward to the "swap" part of the Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day even more than the two of you! And I'm not even a Pie sister! I can't wait one more second to see the wonderful gifts you've gotten each other.
Well, you're going have to.
We don't just swap, silly.
We always sing the Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day Song first.
Ready, Maud? As I'll ever be.
? It's the Pie Sister Swap Day Song! ? Hey.
Time to swap presents! Hmmmmm.
? [music intensifying] Just open them already! Thanks.
I knew you'd love it! It was all worth it! Look how happy she is! And I couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you, Rarity.
OK, time to open your present to me! Uh! You did it again! You got me the best present in the history of PSSSD! This is perfect.
This is amazing.
This is incredible! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! What is it? It's little pieces of cupcake-scented paper.
You know.
For your cannon.
Maud, you know me so well.
You really are the most thoughtful gift-giver in the world.
I'm going to love it five-ever.
That's even longer than forever.
You're right.
That is impressive, but it's no fissure in the sidewalk.
Play nice.
Oh, I'm so relieved to see that you like the pouch.
Especially considering what Pinkie Pie had to give up for it.
[gasp] What? I mean, forget I said that.
I'm-I'm glad to see you like pouch.
You can remember that part.
Just forget the second part.
You know, the second part where I said Pinkie Pie had to give something up for it.
[gasp] I should just stop talking now.
Nothing! Hee-hee! Yay! I love my sister and my new confetti! Why isn't she using her party cannon? Uh.
Ooh wow, look how filthy my hooves are.
I really should go wash them.
Where's her cannon? No, no stop giving me that look! I can't take it.
Pinkie Pie feels badly that the gifts she always gives you are never as good as the ones you give her.
What? That's why she was willing to give up her party cannon for the pouch.
She gave up her party cannon? Pinkie Pie? You might want to come over here for a second.
I think I know what this is about.
You guys want to ride the swans.
Well, they're swan boats, but there are real swans here we can ride.
You gave away your party cannon? She broke me.
It's just it's just You always give better gifts than me! That's why I had to get you the perfect gift.
Are your hooves dirty? Where ya going? To get your cannon back.
? There.
That sure is the pony I got the pouch from.
That's amazing! How did you know where he'd be? Maud sense.
Runs in the family.
I'd like to return this pouch for my sister's party cannon, please.
Sorry, missy.
All sales are final.
I'd like to return this pouch for my sister's party cannon, please.
I've never seen her like this.
Look at the fire in her eyes.
You better do what she says.
Fire in her eyes? Oh, did she just clench her jaw? I think she clenched her jaw.
I didn't see.
Oh, no.
When she clenches her jaw, you know what that means? What? What's it mean? Trust me; you do not want to know.
I'd like to return this pouch.
[frightened whimpers] Here! Take it! Take it! Please! Just relax that jaw of yours! And turn down that fire in your eyes! [whimpers] Maud, I'm so happy you got me my party cannon back! Yay! [poof] Uh-oh.
I just realized something.
Because you gave back the pouch for my cannon, this is now the second gift you've gotten me today! And it's something I really, really wanted! You did it again! Your gifts are always better than mine! Next year, I'm going to have to really step it up and- Pinkie, gift-giving isn't a competition.
It's an expression of love.
And you always make sure to give your gifts with lots of love.
That's why I'll always love them and you, five-ever.
That's even longer than forever.
There you are.
You've sure been washing your hooves for a long time.
We've got a train to catch here.
I know, but there is one more sight you two simply must see before we leave.
? Voila! Welcome to the future home of "Rarity For You.
" What do you think of the place? Is this the right location? Did I pick a good spot? No.
You picked the perfect spot.
You know, I think this might be my favorite PSSSD ever! But I can't wait until next year's PSSSDWR.
PSSSDWR? What's that? P.
It's a new tradition that Maud and I came up with Pie Sister Surprise Swap Day- -With Rarity.
Ooh! Why, that's the sweetest Oh, no.
No, no, no! I know how good you two are at giving gifts.
I'm going to have to get you both something amazing.
And I only have a year to do it! Oh Rarity, it doesn't matter what you get us.
As long as you give your gift with love, it'll be perfect.
Why thank you, Pinkie.
But, now that you mention it, I could use more confetti for my party cannon.
You wouldn't believe how much of that stuff I go through in a day.